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WiVision End-Point Solutions

Securing wireless endpoints that connect to corporate networks and travel outside the office is more complex than ever. Hackers, malicious code and common end-user mistakes can place business communications, critical infrastructure, and IT infrastructure at risk.

WiVision™ Client, featuring AirSafe™ technology, protects wireless endpoints against known and unknown threats without inhibiting users or slowing performance. Prevent Wireless Hacking

To prevent wireless hacking at its source, AirSafe automatically turns off the wireless adapter whenever a laptop is connected to a wired network port. This addresses the security deficiencies in standard Windows® XP and Vista wireless clients and prevents Wi-Phishing attacks that enable a hacker to bridge the connection between a wireless laptop and the corporate wired network.

Enforce Wireless Connectivity Best Practices

By enforcing the wireless connectivity policies defined using the WiVision Policy Manager, WiVision Client seamlessly protects business communications, critical information, and IT infrastructure. The software allows administrators to control how, when and if users can connect to wireless networks. As a further precaution, WiVision Client limits wireless connectivity to the office network whenever it is within range – completely eliminating the possibility of users connecting to a rogue access point or other non-sanctioned wireless networks while at work. Tel: 866.430.4227

With over 300 million wireless laptops currently in use – each susceptible to wireless attacks – and over 100 million more shipping each year, it is critical for network administrators to have the right tools to enforce endpoint security, whether or not they have a wireless network deployed.

WiVision™ Policy Manager offers proven, world-class protection without added resource burden, so organizations can efficiently manage security for all wireless enabled endpoints and gain confidence that corporate assets and business operations are protected— all while controlling costs. Create Policies and Maintain Industry Compliance

WiVision™ Policy Manager allows administrators to create security policies for laptops and mobile devices and maintain compliance with industry regulations. Using the intuitive WiVision™ Policy Manager interface, network administrators can define wireless connectivity policies to control how, when, where and if users can connect to wireless networks. Policies can be documented as required to comply with industry mandates such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)", Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), and Payment Card Industry (PCI) using the convenient reporting tools. Streamline Administration of Endpoint Security

Key Benefits and Features:

Through seamless integration with WiVision Client, administrators can efficiently enforce wireless connectivity best practices to provide comprehensive endpoint protection for business communications, critical information, and IT infrastructure.

Efficiently manage endpoint security from a single interface Control how, when, where or if users can establish wireless connections Prevent wireless bridging, ad-hoc connections, and more Ensure users only operate approved hardware Set minimum security requirements for Wi-Fi connections Disable connections to potentially dangerous SSIDs Customize policies based on location Require use of VPNs or other security measures Tel: 866.430.4227

Enforce Endpoint Best Practices

With WiVision™ Policy Manager, network administrators can ensure that employees only connect to authorized Wi-Fi networks and force users to implement adequate security including changing the default SSIDs of home networks.

Comprehensive Threat Management

When used in conjunction with WiVision™ WLS Platform, the joint solution offers advanced threat protection combined with location-based network access control to provide unprecedented security for systems and networks.

Configuration Options Include:

AirPatrol Corporation Enterprise Sales:

Require the use of Check Point™ or other popular VPN clients

228 Hamilton Avenue 3rd Floor Palo Alto, CA 94301 USA Phone: 604.637.2069

Enforce minimum levels of security (WEP, WPA PSK or WPA)

Public Sector Sales:

Prevent connections to potentially insecure access points (such as hotspot, wireless, linksys, default etc.)

11951 Freedom Drive Two Freedom Square Suite 550 Reston, Virginia 20190 USA Phone: 703.850.7880 Jack Chungo

WiVision™ Policy Manager can also enforce the presence of a Check Point Integrity firewall or other end-point firewalls before a connection to a wireless network can be made. In addition to these restrictions, administrators can choose to only allow manual connections to certain wireless networks (such as trusted hotspot providers) or to completely disable connections to potentially dangerous SSIDs. Administrators can configure which of the control settings can be changed at the client level – or hide the client software altogether – so that all aspects of how and whether a user connects wirelessly are dictated by sanctioned corporate policies.

Research & Development:

203-8525 Baxter Place Burnaby, BC V5A 4V7 Canada Phone: 604.298.4227 Tel: 866.430.4227

AirPatrol End-point Security Solutions  

Securing wireless endpoints that connect to corporate networks and travel outside the office is more complex than ever. Hackers, malicious c...

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