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The Use Of Candles In The Orthodox Church Candles and lit up lamps have a significant place in most faith based traditions, and none more so than the Orthodox Church, as candles symbolize more than just room lighting. Paraffin or beeswax are what the Orthodox candles can be found in. Paraffin wax is derived as a byproduct of the petroleum refining progression, and beeswax is produced by honeybees to create storage areas for their honey. In talking about using candles for orthodox purposes, church leader typically mean the beeswax variety, mostly because the paraffin wax produces carcinogens and other pollutants when burned, which is particularly unsuitable in a church setting. Candles represent what are known as the six symbolic representations actually devised by Saint Symeon of Thessaloniki, the archbishop of Thessalonica who had lived between 1380 and 1420. He composed numerous hymns and discourses throughout his lifetime, and many of his ideas are adhered to today, including the significance of the candle. The first three representations tackle the concept of purity. Like beeswax, the heart needs to be pure. The suppleness of a pure candle must be reflected in the suppleness of the heart. The soul needs to reek of God's grace just like the candle wax is made sweet from the pollen of flowers. The burning of the candle is also said to signify the fight to attain what is known as theosis, or a direct union with God. The candle's light represents Jesus's own light within each person. A different Saint Nikodemos the Hagiorite offers his personal six reasons for lighting of the Orthodox candles in addition to the other six symbolic representations. His belief was that the candles should glorify God above all others. He also points to the idea that candlelight destroys darkness and by extension fear, since darkness is a metaphor for fear. Maybe equally important, candlelight signifies the joyfulness within the soul of each and every person. The light signifies the physical manifestation of this joy. External along with inward ideas are represented in the candle. For instance, lighting candles reenacts the activities of the first Christians who lit them within the tombs of martyrs to honor them. Favorable works of man echo the teachings of Jesus where all good is observed in others. The light of a candle fires up the light of Christ put simply. Saint Nikodemos believed at the same time the candles represented forgiveness and atonement. The sins of the devoted burn away as the candle's flame burns away all the wax. For the above reasons, orthodox candles are burned ceremoniously during many rites and traditions. For instance, during the Presanctified Divine Liturgy, a candle is lit and held toward the congregation, at which point the liturgist declares, “The light of Christ shines on all†and Jesus is “the true light who enlightens and sanctifies all men." By seeking enlightenment, the worshippers are motivated to follow the demonstration of the saints and light a candle thus signifying their beliefs.

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The Use Of Candles In The Orthodox Church In the Orthodox Church, candle lighting at the same time has a more practical purpose. Lighting candles is certainly entwined with the practice of the offering to God. People are reminded to make a personal financial contribution anytime adherents light a candle. When praying at home or each time a priest makes a visit to bless your home, followers are inspired to light a candle. Upgrade the lighting in your meetinghouse with hand-dipped Orthodox beeswax candles. For more particulars on San Jose Candle are obtainable on the corporation's site,

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The Use Of Candles In The Orthodox Church