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Local Marketing for Restaurant Websites

Restaurants have an odd position in the world of online commerce. While a website reaches a worldwide audience, it’s necessary for restaurants to market themselves locally because of the need to have actual foot traffic in the establishment. Because of this, restaurants have to make sure that they have an effective local marketing strategy in addition to great restaurant web design. Even though you’ll be trying to attract customers into your physical space, you have to remember that seeing you online may be the first time they have any knowledge of your restaurant, even if they’re located in the same city as your establishment.

Print Media Print media, to put it mildly, has lost much of its prominence as far as an advertising venue. Newspaper advertising was never particularly renowned for its effectiveness and magazine advertising is expensive. There are some local print publications where you may want to consider advertising, however, and you’ll want to be sure to put your website address in the ad. Consider the following venues:    

Free presses Dining sections of local newspapers Travel publications for your state or city Business organization pamphlets and fliers

Putting your website address in the advertisement allows you to cut down on costs. Because the website address is provided, you don’t need to have a huge amount of information on the print ad. The point is to get your name in front of local clientele or visiting clientele from other cities. It also helps ensure that you get the most out of the money that you spent on restaurant web design. Sponsoring Events Sponsoring local events is an easy way to get your name—and website—in front of potential customers. Look for events that tend to attract people from out of town. These are fine opportunities for you to get people to come into your restaurant. You may want to consider incorporating your website address into the logo devised for your restaurant web design. That way, you don’t have to have a separate line of text below your logo to get your address listed. It’s also a great way to associate your restaurant’s brand name with your website address. Business Cards If you have business cards at the front of your restaurant, be sure to get them remade with your website address on them and to incorporate the best elements of your restaurant web design on them. Business cards aren’t quite as important as they once were, but they can still play a big part in making sure that people remember your establishment. If customers can make reservations on your site, be sure you advertise that fact on your business cards. You may want to consider partnering with nearby businesses to advertise, as well. If you’re in a particular district of town—such as an historical district—advertising your site on materials that advertise for that part of the city would be useful, in many cases. There are plenty of local marketing resources online, as well. Ask your customers to give you a good reference on them if they liked their meal. Chances are, it will help get people into your restaurant and may drive quite a bit of businesses to your establishment from people visiting your city and checking online for things to do, as well.

Local marketing for restaurant websites  

Restaurants have an odd position in the world of online commerce. While a website reaches a worldwide audience, it’s necessary for restauran...