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Integrating Interactive Features in Your Restaurant Website

Interactive features can make an otherwise dull restaurant web design livelier. They can also provide valuable services to the visitor. For example, many people put contact forms up on their websites that allow people to get in touch with the business owner without having to write an e-mail. Interactive elements that allow people to make reservations, make take-out orders and perform other tasks certainly have their value, as well. There are some elements of interactive features that require serious consideration, however.

Security The more complex a website is the more likely it is to have security holes. When you are adding interactive elements to your website, make certain that your restaurant web design expert is the only one who does it. It’s quite common for web design shops to turn over administrative control to the website owner after the site has been brought online. This is a great feature, in that it allows you to control your own site, but it also allows you to add things to your site that might not be safe. Always run interactive elements by a qualified web designer or programmer before you add them to your own site. Another thing you’ll need to consider is whether or not people will be able to even see these elements. Many interactive elements on websites rely on scripts. Many browsers block any sort of scripting as a way of protecting the user against being exploited by malicious programs, adware or other Internet threats. Be aware of the fact that some people will not be able to see the interactive elements that you add to your restaurant web design at all. Again, a professional programmer can make certain that whatever you add to

your site will have the highest level of cross browser compatibility and that it will be in compliance with most people’s browser security settings. Accommodating people who are using mobile devices to view your website is imperative to making certain that you get the maximum possible value out of the site that you paid for. Many mobile devices will not run interactive elements. Crowding the page with interactive elements can also make sites completely unusable on mobile devices. If you’re trying to think of things to add to your restaurant web design, consider adding a feature that allows your site to automatically format itself for mobile devices. This is not expensive to do and it’s much more useful than many of the interactive elements you’ll find on sites. The most important thing to consider when you are in a mood to expand the functionality of your restaurant website design is whether or not you’re doing your visitors a service or simply presenting them with a security risk. Your designer should be the only one who ever add anything involving programming, scripting or interactivity to your website. Ask them if they think it’s a good idea to add a particular feature to your site. If they have reservations about the technology you’re thinking about adding, they may be able to present you with alternatives that are safer for your customers and safer for you.

Integrating interactive features in your restaurant website  

Interactive features can make an otherwise dull restaurant web design livelier. They can also provide valuable services to the visitor. For...

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