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South Street Journal

September 27, 2007

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Vol. 13 No. 32

September 27, 2007

Nailah O. Franklin Nailah (Nigh-eel-luh) Oliani (Ohlee-ahni) Franklin, 28, has been found dead, after disappearing for almost ten days from her University Village (near south side of (Continued on page 7)

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Story by SSJ writer Ms. La`Shea Monique ―Take your clothes off medical history has to be done, blood drawn, pap smear, squat, cough, raise your nipples, spread your ass cheeks wave your fingers through your hair. Open your mouth and lift your tongue!‖ As in the description above, this is what one would encounter upon entering the Cook County Jail Department of Corrections. ―Do you know where you are DOC? Except in this case swabbing without consent runs deep into The Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution and are the basis of the law suit being brought about by Robert Jackson, Joseph McGrath and Derrell Smith. ―It‘s no wonder that

All because of a rope hanging from the above tree, it has been a grueling nine months for the six young men from Jena, LA charged with attempted second-degree murder and conspiracy. (Continued on page 3)

Debut of Reggae Link Radio brings refreshing sound to Chicago Airwaves

Listeners who were tuned in to Power 92 (92.3 FM)

Cook County Inmates Swabs used for cytology Cook County maintains that detainees are processed through the Department of Corrections intake area for health which inmates consider unsanitary and disease ridding, therefore they are suing on the basis of poor health treatment

they have filed a class action law suit against the Sheriffs of Cook County and the Cook County of Illinois,‖ says former inmate Bryan Jones. This is not the first suit against the Department of Corrections for or by inmates. According to the plaintiffs Jackson, McGrath and Smith, the swabbing done by the alleged staff member of the Cook County Sheriff‘s Department was done without

Parents Testify for charter schools Members of the parent group, Parents for School Choice, is calling for more quality public school options for the city‘s Southwest Side when state legislators meet Thursday, September 27th at the Oak View Community Center, 4625 W. 110th Street in Oak Lawn, seeking residents‘ comments on Governor Blagojevich‘s $463 million cuts to the state budget. The parents ask legislators to reinstate $3.5 million to the state budget that was to go to fund 34 charter public schools in Chicago. The funds were overwhelmingly approved by the General Assembly, but were removed from the budget by the Governor‘s veto. ―We need more money for quality public charter schools, and we need more quality public school options in our communities,‖ said Kim Ambrose, a member (Continued on page 12)

consent. The plaintiffs also contend that the manner in which the procedure had been done was , ―A calculated way of spreading disease,‖ stating that, ―No gloves were changed after each swabbing.‖ Swabs used for cytology The Lawyers of the plaintiffs Thomas G. Morrissey and Kenneth N. Flaxman are alleging that this was a blatant form of disregard of the Illinois Constitution. Cook

County Bureau of Health Services, states that they provide an array of on–site ambulatory and infirmary health services. They maintain that detainees processed through the Department of Corrections intake area receive medical and mental health screenings. Based on the information collected, the detainees are sent to the general population or to special medical housing in (Continued on page 8)

The Black United philosophy of ‗helping peoFund of Illinois (BUFI) ple help themselves‘. BUFI announce that enterhas chosen the torch symbol tainer and jazz virtuoso as a traditionally significant extraordinaire, and icon representing our rich Grammy-award winner heritage. Ramsey Lewis will Among those to be honheadline the entertainored in recognition of those ment for the 7th Annual Black Chicagoans who have ―Living Legends – made outstanding contribuPassing the Torch tions as members of the Awards©‖ ceremony community and enlisted and concert, to be held Torch Award Honorees in 2007 includes: the their energies in ways that Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., Senior Pastor, on Saturday, September Trinity United Church of Christ as he passes the would provide inspiration, 29, 2007, 6:00 p.m. – touch to Rev. Otis Moss III as the new Pastor motivation, and hope for the 10:00 p.m., at the Harnext generation of young old Washington Cultural Center, 4701 South King leaders are the following Torch Award Honorees in Drive. 2007:the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., Senior This years Passing the Torch©‖ ceremony is a Pastor, Trinity United Church of Christ; and Rev. magical evening of elegance recognizing BUFI‘s Otis Moss III, Pastor, Trinity United Church of more than two decades of continuing service, supChrist; Roger F. Salter, CFP®, CLU and Roger J. port and commitment to the organization‘s strong (Continued on page 5)

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Salem Church and Chicago Urban League launch and grow 400 Black businesses th

4 Annual event expands with new partners and opportunities such as franchising. Kwame Jackson (Continued on page 11)

The construction industry is booming in the Chicago area and qualified contractors are needed to fill the many opportunities now available, for residential and commercial development. But for Blacks in the construction industry, discontent continues.

Grants Awarded to Thirteen Organizations to Increase Diversity A familiar site in the Black community is the lack of Black tradesmen in their respective communities; rather it is residential or commercial. The reasons range from racism to improper trained, for why it is hard for Blacks to compete

in the construction industry. Over the years organizations have been attempting to address the issue. An on-going cry with Blacks in the construction industry continues in the 2000‘s with protest and demonstrations by many Black organizations striving for parity. Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich announced $6 million in grant funding to expand employment opportunities for minorities and other targeted

populations in the building and construction fields. This funding comes from the Employment Opportunities Grant Program (EOGP), a new workforce initiative which is providing grant dollars to 13 community-based organizations and educational institutions in Cook County and statewide part of Opportunity Returns, a comprehensive economic development strategy to create (Continued on page 13)

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September 27, 2007

Fact & Commentary Round Up of

Mark Allen SSJ Associate Editor

Democrats create 83’ Washington like Victor scenario for

Brookins as States Atty. Whether party leaders or the candidates themselves want to admit it, the Cook County Democratic Party's open primary for the Democratic nomination for Cook County States Attorney does indeed look like the 1983 scenario that led to the election of Chicago's 1st Black Mayor Harold Washington. The upcoming February election will have two qualified and popular White candidates, 38th Ward Alderman Tom Allen, and Cook County Commissioner LarrySuffredin, and the Black candidate, 21st Alderman Howard Brookins. All three candidates, Brookins, Allen, and Suffredin have said that racial attitudes have changed since 1983 and this election would not be a repeat of the 1983 Chicago democratic primary where Harold Washington gothistoric Black voter turnout while Jane Byrne and Richard Daley split the White vote. The reality is that while all three candidates have mixed racial support, Brookins can surely benefit from the heavy Black voter turnout that the Presidential campaigns of Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama are surely going to generate. The Black empowerment movement has surely been igniting the campaign of Barack Obama, and it's only going to increase as we get closer to the primary. The Black vote is also going to be heavily targeted by Senator Clinton, so there will indeed be a historic Black voter turnout. The historic local scenario of Alderman Howard Brookins being able to make history as Cook County's first Black elected Cook County States Attorney. Like Harold Washington, the Brookins campaign will soon become a crusade to rally many of the local Black community grassroots level supporters. And like Washington, Brookins is not just a Black candidate, but one with excellent legal credentials. Harold Washington wasn't just a Black candidate, but had the experience ofan Attorney, State Representative, State Senator, and U.S. Congressman. Brookins is not just a Black candidate, for he comes uniquely qualified as an Attorney, assistant public defender, assistant states attorney, and special assistant attorney general. Brookins is in a good position to be the Democratic nominee, and if he faces Republican Tony Peraica in the general election, Peraica will once again know that a majority Democratic Cook County will once again retain the office of States Attorney for a Democrat. The historic candidacies of Obama and now Brookins will be the foundation of the voter registration campaigns that are now being planned by the grassroots voter registration coalitions and the campaigning parties. Again, while the candidates do not want to compare their upcoming election scenario to the 1983 Chicago Mayoral campaign, it sure looks a lot like it to me.

Mark S. Allen is the Associate Editor of The South Street Journal newspaper. He is a veteran community/political activist with over 30 years in public service on local, state, and national levels, including 7 years as a national staff member to the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.)

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News Briefs


Three Harvey officials indicted in $144,000 credit card

UnZip it at

The elected president of the Harvey Park District and its two top administrators were arrested by FBI agents on federal charges for allegedly misapplying approximately $144,000 in park funds for non-public purposes by using district credit cards to pay for personal expenses. In addition to the credit card misuse, the defendants allegedly illegally obtained personal services and cash payments from park district vendors. All three defendants were charged in an 11-count indictment that was returned by a federal grand jury on Tuesday and unsealed following the arrests this morning, announced Patrick J. Fitzgerald, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, and Robert D. Grant, Special Agent-inCharge of the Chicago Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Each defendant was charged with three counts of wire fraud and one count of theft of government funds.

Washington Park Chamber kicks off

Washington Park Chamber of Commerce On Tuesday, August 28, 2007 the Washington Park Chamber of Commerce hosted its first annual Giving Back to Our Hereos Event in conjunction with the DuSable Museum of African American History. The event honored the Beat Officers of the Washington Park Community. The community house the namesake park proposed site of the Olympic Stadium if Chicago's bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics in honored. The Washington Park Chamber of Commerce formally the Washington Park Community Coalition was established in July of 2006 for the purpose empowering the community through economic growth and opportunity, and to stimulate interests among the residents. The chamber first presented its economic platform during the 2007 City of Chicago budget hearings. From there, it started to map out areas within the community in order to foster a more inclusive and cohesive alliance among the businesses within the community. To date, the Chamber has established relationships with various organizations including the Chicago Youth Programs, DuSable Museum, JJC Business Resource Center and several others. The Chamber will be holding its first membership drive in the near future offering local businesses an opportunity to join the chamber and benefit from its resources and alliances. In honoring the police officers, Donna Hampton-Smith, President of the Washington Park Chamber. Said, ―Just like our military personnel are called to defend our nation, our officers are called into active duty everyday defending our communities, and we want to show our support and appreciation for them. It isn‘t easy to put yourself in harms way everyday or to hear the community in an uproar due to a few bad examples.‖ ― Our officers have been diligent in their duty and we want to honor them,‖ The Chamber also has a network of elected officials that are among its supporters. In addition to local businesses, residents, especially home, (Continued on page 6)

“If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” ~Malcolm X

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Roger Mosley is heading the Young Professionals for Obama on October 18th, a group of politically conscious, young professionals will be at the Victor Hotel to show support for Presidential candidate U.S. Senator Barack Obama. They want to show that their generation, when effectively organized, can be a viable force and a catalyst for change. The members of the host committee are as follows: Josh Mercer, Ed Neequaye, Larry Howard, Darius Beck, Kevin Whittier, Boyede Sobitan, Ashley Jackson, Ben Jones, Muhammad Shabazz, Isaiah Andrew, L. Michael Flanagan, Nic Crite, Jamal Pope, Alexis Cossiey, Michele Watkins, Darren Armstrong, Oliver Hatchett, Jr., Sharonda Glover, Kim Watson, Jamille Barnes, Sharon Latiker, A. Jackson, W. Imara Canady, Jourdan Sorrell, Paris Tyler, Kurt A. Summers, Jr., Keith Horton, Nora-Lisa Malloy, Erica N. Bland, Jessica Rhau, Jarvis Houston, Roger Mosley, My'Ron McGee. The following Friday will be South Street Journal’s Office Subscription drive at their office 449 East 35th Street hosted by the Best Music of Your Richard Pegue. Look for other supporters of SSJ as the newspaper celebrate its 14th year in business and its publisher’s birthday, Ron Carter. We will be having a journal good time again, as food and music is provided, bring your friends with a must (RSVP and BOYB.). Now telling who may show up including …….... Talking about friends, Honoring 20th Ward Alderman Willie B. Cochran with his CO-CHAIRS: Andrew Mooney of LISC, former CHA and under Daley and Burne, now CHA head Valerie Jarrett, Andy Schcolnik, Dorothy Appiah, Margaret Garner and of course Mr. Woodlawn himself Bishop Arthur Braizer and his next door Mr. Washington Park community the Reverend Richard L. Tolliver and developer Larry Huggins (all have one thing in common, they share the Daley bread) joining the chairs are; Eric J. Griggs, Alex Seith, Rudolph Nimocks, April Steels, Benjamin Van Horne, Kenneth Grant, Donald L. Seals, Sr., Freddie L. Griffin, Rev. Walter Bauldrick, Ranj Mohip, Eddie J. Gillis, Jr., Kenneth G. Smith, Brand Wilson, Mark J. Wallace, William Miceli, Joshua Glazier, Rev. Roosevelt Walker, Jr. As SSJ associate JoAnn Fastoff-Blackman has a new book out, The Gordian Knot, The Pact. The Pact will be in bookstores November 29th. Also an associate of SSJ DaVetta Collins is asking everyone who love her or hate her to give a minimum$20.00 DONATION TO DaVetta Collins Ministries towards the services provided the Empowerment Entrepreneur Transition Home - or call (708) 3312880. John Paul Jones will be a guest on radio station AM WHPK3:00 PM .subject will focus the FCC Public Hearing on Media Ownership. Joining the media is former Alderman Dorothy Tillman on WVON Tillman, who is now on WVON 1690 in the mornings. Word is she will not be seeking reelection as third ward committeeman and more than that she has stepped down and reports are she appointed a staff member to the post. It that a good move in behalf or Third Ward Alderman Pat Dowel or a calculated move by Tillman. Hooray for homeboy Kanye West for beating out the President Bush lover, 50 50 Cent, Kanye West Cent, who mislead the public like as the president did on the war, saying he would get out of the rap business if West out sells him. *Based on numbers from Nielsen SoundScan West has beaten his rival 50 Cent in first day sales of their respective new albums. That’s like 50 Cent betting a dollar and he is only 50 cent. Hmmmm. After eating dinner at a famed Harlem restaurant with Rev. Al Sharpton, Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly told a radio audience he "couldn't get over the fact" that there was no difference between the black-run Sylvia's and other restaurants., Huh does that mean he never eat at McDonald’s. Karl Frisch, a spokesman for Media Matters, called O'Reilly's comments "ignorant and racially charged."

South Street Journal

September 27, 2007

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County Deficit Driven by Structural Shortfall in Revenue Sources

Mychal Bell's release came hours after a prosecutor confirmed that he will no longer seek an adult trial for the teen. Bell, one of the six teenagers now known as the "Jena 6," walked out of the LaSalle Parish courthouse Thursday afternoon, still facing trial as a juvenile in the December beating. Above photo by Alex Brandon AssociatedPress

(Continued from page 1)

As national attention focuses on them being jailed for fighting addressing their rights, and suffering mental abuse their incarceration, By Sarai Graves Staff Writer It has been a grueling nine months for the six young men from Jena, LA charged with attempted second-degree murder and conspiracy. Being jailed for fighting for their rights, and suffering mental abuse prior to their incarceration, Mychal Bell, Jesse Ray Beard, Robert Bailey, Jr., Carwin Jones, Bryant Purvis and Theo Shaw have done what many Afro-Americans need to do today worldwide- standup for their Civil Rights. The town of Jena has a population of less than 4,000 residents which is 12.02% Afro-American, and 85.56% Caucasian; with these odds it is extremely hard for the community not to have a bias judgment placed upon the Jena Sixes cases. There have been reports of mostly Caucasian male jurors making the decisions regarding the verdict and future of the Jena Six. Within less than two days of last week an all Caucasian jury convicted Mychal Bell, (17), of aggravated battery and conspiracy charges leaving him facing 22 years of imprisonment and to be the first of the Six to trial. Although, he was recently placed on house arrest, due to adult charges being dropped, Bell still has no concrete answers as to will he be sentenced or not. AfroAmerican locals of the town explained that there have always been racial issues, mainly due to the AfroAmerican to Caucasian ratio. It seems the former generations of Jena Afro-Americans knew all too well the pains of racism suffered because of the racial tensions the town has

    

neglected to solve. Many believe that the out come of each of the Sixes trials will reflect their current communities racial struggles and stigmas. It would seem that the initial cause of Jena‘s present nuisance was a shady spot under a tree; a tree that symbolized oppression to many of the AfroAmerican students at Jena High School. Being that only Caucasian students where allowed to sit under the tree- not by school rules, but student body stipulations- one afroAmerican pupil decided to change

the laws, and was rewarded with

Rev. Al Sampson says the national support for the Jena 6 only confirms marching works. “It was the young and the old with T-Shirts proclaiming victor, with Fanny Mae Farmer, “Enough is Enough.” ”Now we return to address the criminal justice system of Jon Burge here in Chicago for those innocent of an unjust justice system.”

Lofts Residential; Homes, Condo & Apt. Commercial Offices

Yes! Reliable and Dependable Call Mal @ 312-794-5647

what was believed to be nooses on effigies representing lynching‘s. With the atmosphere of Jena already being divided, it was not a surprise to students when the inequalities came to a head and erupted in violence. Since last December 0f 2006 there have been reports of young Afro-Americans being harassed and ignored by the police when they opted for help. In July many, including Jesse Jackson jr., went south, and made it their business to see justice prevail in the town of Jena. One of the first steps taken was having the tree cut down, next began the protesting. Social conscience leaders such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson sr., have used their public image to bring the people of Jena and abroad together in hopes of making a transformation throughout the U.S., and around the world for racial tension procedures. Jackson was quoted to have said, ―Jena is not just Jena; there is a Jena everywhere,‖ Rev. Jackson said. ―This is not the start of a new civil rights movement – it is an extension of it. The battle with Jena is not over. Jena must inspire us to go back home and fight the criminal justice system.‖ A statement in which many of the demonstrators expressed of such truth has and will remain to be true in Chicago and all across the U.S. of A.. As many stress to take action and change the physical treatment here in America. One protesters said ―We as a people often speak of the racial problems of Rwanda, and will not take on issues that need concern on our on terrains of the U.S., thus we in up where we are- rallying in Jena, LA. For there to be a total evolution in our community we must make that effort. Jena has just been a horrible reminder of how far we really have come.‖

The Center for Tax and Budget rate greater than local revenues, Accountability – the CTBA – has resulting in expanding annual defiissued a report that concludes that cits. .Public health care providers Cook County‘s revenue system is like Cook County have seen demand structurally unable to support the for their services grow at the same essential public services it is tasked time that cuts in the federal Medito provide. caid program have resulted in the The CTBA analyzed Cook loss of millions from the pool of County's entire fiscal system, focushealth care dollars nationally, say ing specifically on the ability of the the report‘s authors, Heather O‘DonCounty's revenue base to keep up nell and Ralph Martire. According with the inflationary costs alone of to their research, federal Medicaid providing public cuts cost Cook services. The reCounty $139 port's principal million between finding is 2005 and 2007. that the At the same time, County's em p loye r annual revesponsored health nue growth care coverage has falls far declined and pubshort of lic safety- net annual exproviders like penditure Cook County are growth, taking into filling the gap. . account only infla- County Board President The authors tion and holding note that this Todd Stroger public services at increase in dePhoto by Vincent Walker 2007 levels into mand has octhe future. curred during a period when Cook The report notes that state and County‘s revenue sources have relocal governments across the United mained flat or actually declined in States are facing significant fiscal recent years. ―This ongoing fiscal challenges, particularly the fact that mismatch between revenues that the cost of public services provided under-perform inflation and service by local governments is growing at a (Continued on page 11)

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September 27, 2007

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Xpressions of You is a time for young lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, queer, and allies/supporters of these women of African descent to enjoy a safe space and address issues they may be facing at school, at home, in church, and in the community. Age: 18+, Every 1st Friday - Dropin, 6-9pm @ Affinity 5650 S. Woodlawn, Garden Level. Affinity provides a safe space for game night, movie night, networking and community involvement. Food provided. Every 3rd Friday - Doors open @ 7. Showtime 8-10pm @ Affinity, 5650 S. Woodlawn, Garden Level. Music-n- Discussion, Art-n-Discussion, Words-nDiscussion. Performances and post discussion. Energy-Efficient Light Bulb Giveaway. The bulbs use two-thirds less energy than a standard bulb to produce the same amount of light and last ten times as long. Over the next month, they will be distributed through: Aldermen's offices, The Chicago Department of Environment, 30 N. LaSalle St., 25th Floor The Chicago Department of Housing, 33 N. LaSalle St., 2nd Floor The Historic Chicago Bungalow Association, 1 N. LaSalle St., 12th Floor, The Department of Aging's Senior Centers, or call 311 to learn the nearest location that distributes bulbs. Mens Any given Sunday, anyone, any team can be defeated. Do YOU have what it takes to be "In the Zone?" iTZ's Flag

Football leagues are now taking registrations. Full Contact Flag Football Or Co-Ed Recreational Flag Football Nationally Sanctioned Flag Football 8 on 8 mens league 7 on 7 Co-ed Linemen Eligible League 8 Weeks of Play Include: Stats for each team and individual Regulations

Fields Certified Refs Individual and Team Trophies Championship Team Gets Cash Prize TO SIGN UP EMAIL: GENERALMANAGER@OFFICIALINTHEZONE.COM VISIT WWW.OFFICIALINTHEZONE.COM CALL (773) 936-5422 Also visit myspace page. In The PaintYouth Basketball Camp Fall Basketball Camps on Southside enrolling! In The Paint Basketball is enrolling campers for our Fall Basketball camps at Morgan Park Methodist Church,andCommunity Church. These camps will begin on Saturday September 15th and continue until December 1st. The times will be from 10am to 12pm each Saturday. The camp is for boys/girls ages 8 to 13 years. The camps will be held at the following locations. The cost is $249.00 for the entire 12 weeks. The cost includes basketball fundamentals, mentoring session and a t-shirt. Viewpoint, 6pm channel 21. Pat Hill guest, September 28th @ 8pm channel 21. Phillip Jackson guest

Thursday September 27 B r on ze vil le Ch am be r P re si den t , Johnnie Blair will Co-Host the 2nd District Police Business September Caps meeting, along with 2nd Dist Police Liason Officer, Arterio Sykes at the 2nd police District meeting room, 5101 S. Wentworth, 9:00AM - 10:15 AM. An Area Wide Business audience will attend and present Q/ A's with a focus on Issues of concern in the community. Direct any event querie with your Rsvp.

September 28, 29 & 30 an intimate fundraising performance of AquaMoon UnPlugged: The Womyn Behind the Poetry, September 28, 29 & 30, at Alpha II Omega, 1838 W. 95th, 8pm (performance space in the back of this Black-owned establishment). Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door. Tickets can be purchased online

September 29, Torch ©” Awards ceremony, from 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. at the Harold Washington Cultural Center, 4701 S. King Dr. Entertainment will be provided by the Grammy-award winner and jazz virtuoso

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Ramsey Lewis Trio and a special guest. Marion Brooks, WMAQ-NBC 5 reporter and anchor and Cliff Kelley, WVON-1690 personality and host of the provocative ―Cliff Kelley Show‖ are the co-emcees for this year’s event. Call 773.324 – 0494 or Book Signing @ Da Book Joint 9527 S. Jeffery Ave. On 2007, Tracy Gray Author of Thug's Passion will appear from 3:00p.m.-7:00p.m. to sign her bestselling urban novel which was published on Precioustymes Entertainment African Presence in Venezuela given by the Delegates of the Mission to Venezuela 3:00PM - 6:00PM at the Barbara A. Sizemore Academy, 1540 West 84th St. Delegates James O. Gross, Karen Bozeman-Gross, James (Jack) Childs, Esq, Webb Evans, Garnet Hall, Stacy (Nzinga) Hill, Doris Lewis, Gwendolyn Martin, Patty Nealon, Demetrice Pearson. For information please call:773/908-9372 or 773/9089384, RSVP by signing the guestbook at The Chesterfield Community Council 3rd Annual SILAS PURNELL COLLEGE EXPO, 11: 00 a. m. -2:00 p. m., Tuley Park Field house, 90th & King Drive, Admission: FREE to meet representatives from Colleges and Universities. throughout Illinois and Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Financial Aid/Scholarship information will be available. Register to Vote at the expo. For More Information: 773-6513958 or visit us at www. chesterfieldcommunitycouncil. org. Sponsors: Nike, Inc & Seaway National Bank

Thursday, October 4, The Partners for Latino Youth Summit that will be held at Chicago State University from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. The summit will bring together stakeholders, community leaders, governmental agencies and individuals working with and on behalf of Latino youth who are involved in the juvenile justice system. DMC (Disproportionate Minority Contact) is a major issue for Latino youth and their families nationwide. Illinois is among many states that does not maintain accurate records on the number of Latino youth who have contact with the justice system.

Saturday, October 6 Authors and Artists Chicago. The reception will begin at 11 am at Little Black Pearl Art Design Center 1060 E. 47th

Street. Meet and greet the 35 authors and artisans and VIP guests that make up this years event. Enjoy refreshment courtesy of Hidden Pearl Cafe. And win prizes in our special VIP only raffle. at 12:30 kick off Authors and Artists 2007 with a panel of Self Help Authors and Motivators led by Kelly Williams, author of Singlemommahood. At 1 PM the Book Fair Begins hosted by Art "Chatdaddy" Sims. Keynote speaker will be author Janis F. Kearney. Special Performances by contemporary Gospel Sanctuary, Charity prize giveaway totaling over $3000 in prizes including a cruise vacation. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Black Star Project. Ride The Calumet 9:30 am - 12:30 pm begins at 10 am sharp. Please join us on a bike ride to explore the remarkable natural areas of the Calumet region. Learn about Lake Calumet and follow the Burnham Greenway and adjoining paths through natural lands across two states. SETF 13300 S. Baltimore (at 133rd) Hegewish neighborhood in Chicago. call 773646-0436 for more information.

Sunday, Oct. 7 MPAACT’s PRODUCTION OF ―MiLK‖ Written by Nambi E. Kelley · Directed by Chuck Smith, 3:30 PM, Victory Gardens Greenhouse 2257 N. Lincoln Ave · RSVP · 773-288-8776, Kensey & Kensey Communications

Thursday, October 25, Provident Foundation will host its annual Scholarship Reception on the Southside. Each year the group honors what they call the "medical miracles of tomorrow," by giving scholarships to local college students pursuing careers as doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals. At the Washington Park Refectory, 5531 S. Russell at 5:30 promptly. Keynote address will be Monica Peek, M.D., an Internist and Assistant Professor. For information call Dubra Lazard 773-363-4272. Monique Caradine Kitchens, 708-720-4252

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Low Income American Citizens Subject to Raids By, Ms. Beauty Turner

From left to right: Dr. Charles Smith, Carol Wallace of Dearborn Public Housing, and Beauty Turner discusses police harassments on Black youth Photo by Mayble Johnson


or over three years military helicopters armed with gun carrying police officers have constantly been circling high above the Dearborn homes public housing development on 24th and State Street, which is located about three blocks from the heart of downtown Chicago. Federal Officers dressed in Black-DEA agents and Chicago Police-trample on what was left of the emerald green grass in steel toe booths marching up into the Dearborn homes searching apartment by apartment, all decked out in heavy gear with guns drawn doing all kinds of operational raids and drug stings. Guess what, the people that live there are low income, Black African American citizens most of whom are law abiding citizens. They were not selling fake identification cards, they didn‘t jump over a fence to get here, or highjack a plane, and they were born and raised here. One has to question, where are the protest and rallies up holding American citizens rights against these types of raids that the Federal agents and police officers did on the residents of in the Dearborn Homes, like it was for illegal immigration and the residents of Little Village. ―An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere!‖ Someone once told me that two wrongs don‘t make a right, but which side are you standing on the right or the left. From here there seems to be no right only wrongs either way it goes. ―This is wrong for them to invade our homes like they often do,‖ Carol Wallace a ten year resident of the Dearborn Homes said. She goes on to say ―our children can‘t even go outside to play without being harassed by the Chicago Police Department‖ in addition to that Wallace commented ―we can‘t sit outside on a bench where we pay rent at, the way we are being treated is ridicules, and it is in our own homes.‖ Wallace continues to say, ….―Many of our visitors are being arrested for trespassing; now CPD is making us fill out contact cards, so that they can keep tabs on us, and I‘m an American citizen‖! ―Yesterday they took two young boys to jail for trespassing, they were two young men that every body in the development knew,‖ Wallace continue raising her voice angrily, ―those young men were only visiting

their grandmother, and they told the police officers but that didn‘t matter they took them in any way‖. ―We are living as if we are in a third world country somewhere; we are being treated as if we are living in a concentration camp‖. ―Didn‘t Hitler make the Jews show papers during the holocaust?‖- Another resident comments from the back ground while Wallace is interviewed via phone- on April 25^th 07. ―Where are our policy makers, our so call leaders, why aren‘t they addressing these issues that are affecting many low income poor African American people?‖ Wallace asked. Curiosity regarding CPD making people fillout contact cards, made a reason to called CPD spoke person Pat Camden, and asked him is there any truth to the allegations of the Chicago Police Department making Dearborn homes residents fill out contact cards every time they are stopped by an officer? He responded, ―Yes that is true we are asking people that we stop who come into the Dearborn Homes to fill out contact cards‖. Why are you asking people to fill out contact cards? ―If we received a call about a crime that has been committed in that area or near by and someone describe a suspect and we see that we have someone on the contact card that matches that description we will investigate that person,‖ Camden retorts. Are you making people all over the city fill out contact cards even on the Gold coast? Camden exclaims, ―Yes, all across the city and by the way the officers fill them out not the person‖. ―Which way do you want us to go, we are dammed if we don‘t do anything to detour crime and dammed if we do!‖ Camden added. While speaking to Chicago Housing Authority Spoke person Derek Hill, the contact cards were mentioned; and did he see anything wrong with Chicago Police Department making residents of public housing fill out contact cards in their own development? ―The Chicago Housing Authority pays the Chicago Police Department money to patrol our properties,‖ CHA spoke person Hill explains. …―And if that is what the Chicago Police Department felt that they needed to do, to keep our residents safe than they should do that!‖ added Hill.

“Didn’t Hitler make the Jews show papers during the holocaust?”

September 27, 2007

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Torch©” awards Continued from page 1 Salter, Jr. CFP® and Toi L. Salter, CFP®, Sanmar Financial Network; Rev. Dr. Willie Taplin Barrow, Co-Founder and Co-Chairman, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition and Attorney Michelle Hurley, Assistant Counsel, Chicago Public Schools; and a special ―Living Legacy‖ award is given to Philanthropist and Civic Activist Juanita Passmore. The torch sculpture award, magnificently comprised of brass, amber and semi-precious stones, created by renowned sculpture artist Mitch Melson, further highlights the vision and hope illustrated by those who walk the illuminated path to make outstanding contributions to the African American community. The 2007 event, co-hosted by emcees Marion Brooks, WMAQ-TV Channel 5 anchor and media personality, and Cliff Kelley, WVON Radio 1690-AM personality and host of the ―Cliff Kelley Show‖, will feature a catered reception, silent auction and a fabulous awards ceremony honoring exceptional African -American luminaries in the fields of business, politics and the media arts. The 2007 event is co-chaired by Gregory Hinton, U.S. Cellular Corporation and Attorney Larry Rogers, Sr., Power, Rogers & Smith PC, who with his son, Larry Rogers, Jr. were past recipients of the Torch Award. Presenting sponsor is Jewel-Osco with additional sponsorship provided by U.S. Cellular Corporation, Power, Rogers & Smith PC, WellCare, Harmony Health Plan, Mesirow Financial, Gardner Rich & Co., Nielsen Media Research, The Boeing Company, WVON AM 1690 Radio, Chicago Defender, N‘Digo, South Street Journal, and Chicago Communicator News. According to BUFI President & CEO Henry English, ―The Torch©‖ awards gala is an outstanding example of BUFI‘s mission to inspire, prepare and mentor future generations of African-Americans for excellence in leadership.‖ The ―Living Legends – Passing the Torch©‖ awards project was conceived as a visionary project dedicated to recognizing the achievements of local luminaries, as well as promoting the development of future generations of young people and the fulfillment of their dreams and aspirations. This vision was first executed by BUFI in 2001, and has since become a muchanticipated, high profile annual gala awards event. Over sixty stellar individuals have been bestowed with this mark of distinction. During 2007, the Black United Fund of Illinois (BUFI) will celebrate its twenty-second year of dedicated service to the community. Founded in 1985, BUFI is a 501. (c) 3 organization founded on the principles of self-help and determination, mutual aid and volunteer-

Ramsey Louis

ism. The BUFI is the only fund of its kind controlled by African Americans, and is committed to the concept of Black philanthropy as a guiding force at every economic level to strategically address the critical needs of African American communities throughout the State of Illinois. Since 1986, BUFI has assisted over 500 grassroots organizations through funding and technical assistance, generating opportunities for economic empowerment and self-sufficiency. For information on the BUFI ―Living Legends – Passing the Torch©‖ awards, contact the BUFI offices at 773 – 324 – 0494 or log onto their website: ABOUT RAMSEY LEWIS Ramsey Lewis, a true Chicago and International Jazz Legend, with three Grammy‘s®, five gold records, performances at the White House and numerous musical awards and honors, will delight attendees at the ―Living Legends – Passing the Torch©‖ awards ceremony. Composer and pianist Ramsey Lewis has been referred to as ―the great performer", a title reflecting his performance style and musical selections which display his early gospel playing and classical training along with his love of jazz and other musical forms. A native Chicagoan (born May 27, 1935), Mr. Lewis represents the great diversity of music for which Chicago is noted. To his credit, he has been honored with three (3) honorary doctorate degrees, the Recording Academy Governor‘s Award in 2000 and he was ―Person of the Week‖ on ABC Nightly News in February 1995. In addition to recording albums and performing live, Mr. Lewis hosts WNUA-FM Chicago‘s weekday morning drive-time radio show for which he has been awarded R&R‘s 1999 and 2000 Personality of the Year Award. He also hosts the syndicated ―Legends of Jazz with Ramsey Lewis‖, a two-hour radio program which airs in over 65 cities throughout the U.S, and airs on radio station WNUA, 95.5.

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September 27, 2007

News Briefs (Continued from page 2)

condo and property owners Smith reported the community will have the opportunity to join as well. The Washington Park Community boundaries are 51st Street South, to 61st Street North) and West on Cottage Grove, to East on the Dan Ryan Expressway, (except between King Drive and State Street where it extends South to 63rd Street). To find out more about the Washington Park Chamber of Commerce,, or write them c/o A.J. Wright at 1634 E. 53rd, St. Suite 174, Chicago, IL. 60615, call 773-955-0199.

U.S. CHARGES 22 DEFENDANTS changed in alleged Fraudulent I.D.s IN CHICAGO’S LITTLE VILLAGE COMMUNITY The bustling counterfeit identification document business – which allegedly generates profits between

approximately $2 million and $3 million a year for one entrenched Mexican-based crime organization alone – in and around the Little Village Discount Mall at 26th Street and Albany in Chicago‘s Little Village community has become ―competitive and violent,‖ according to federal criminal charges unsealed today. In fact, it turned deadly recently for one of four former members of the organization who apparently stole computer equipment and/or software from the organization to begin their own fraudulent identification document enterprise in Indiana. Yesterday, federal agents led by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested Julio Leija-Sanchez, the alleged Chicago cell leader the organization in Little Village, on federal charges for allegedly paying $3,000 and conspiring with co-defendant Gerardo Salazar-Rodriguez, a fugitive believed to be in Mexico, and others to kill two of the fledgling competitors known as “Montes”

South Street Journal

Election 08 “It’s Going to Be an interesting race”

Jefferies up for challengers

Phillip and Tatum On the February 5, 2008 election day the wit of calculating votes in the race for the 26th District State Representative‘s seat is the key to high level candidates. The first term incumbent, Elga L. Jefferies was appointed to serve after the death of, Lovana ―Lou‖ Jones, who Jefferies served as a staff member. Jeffries could potentially face at least five other candidates. Entering the race is Phillip Jackson and Ranoulè Tatum in his third attempt for this seat. And allies of Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. State Senator Elmer Jones, and The Woodlawn Organization, Rev. Leon Finney wife has been reported to run for the office. Tatum a TV talk show host, business consultant and member of the Black Wall Street steering committee, reported this race will rest with him winning. He stated that the old style political machine may deem necessary to maintain control of the 26th District and there is a number of Alderman and a US congressman who are backing their own candidates. Tatum acknowledging he faces one of the most powerful men in the Illinois General Assembly, Michael Madigan who has supported Jefferies. Adding he will not be drawn into the political mudslinging that some of the other candidates may resort to. ―So the months leading up to election will be very interesting to observe‖. The 26th District is very diverse which runs through 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 20th, 42nd and the 43rd Wards, includes the neighborhoods of South Shore, Woodlawn, Hyde

The late Rep. Lovana “Lou” Jones, was the icon for the 26th State Representative district. Her staff member Elga L. Jefferies (photo l) was appointed to replace her. Active organizers of the community Ranoulè Tatum and Phillip Jackson is eyeing to give the district a new icon of representation.

Park, Kenwood, Oakland, Bronzeville, the Near South Side, the South Loop, Downtown Chicago, North Michigan Avenue and the Gold Coast. Jefferies won the election in her own right Nov. 7, 2006. Prior to her appointment, She served as Jones‘ legislative aide for 19 years, overseeing office management, constituent service and legislative development. In 2002 Jefferies was appointed to fill the remainder of State Senator Margaret Smith‘s term following her resignation due to health problems. "Elga Jefferies will carry on the tradition of Lou Jones, who was concerned about the individuals in the streets as well as the individuals in the suites," said Wallace "Gator" Bradley, a community activist. Jefferies has been involved in community activities since her young adult years in organizations such as the Palmer House for Boys, the Near

North Organization, Operation P.U.S.H., the Task Force for Black Empowerment, the National Democratic Organization, and the Bronzeville Merchants Association as well as Deputy Mayor of Bronzeville. ―I believe people need to see that government works for them. That‘s why I‘m committed to working every day to make government more accessible and effective at solving the problems facing our communities‖ said Jefferies. Entering the race Phillip Jackson, best known for his role as Founder and Executive Director of The Black Star Project, Jackson ran for Congressman against Rep. Bobby Rush in the last election, giving the race an interesting twist with his blunt statements of accountability. Jackson says from a product of Robert Taylor's, from teaching children martial arts to serving as the Chief of Staff for the Chicago Public Schools. Assistant Budget Director for the City of Chicago, Deputy Chief of Staff and Director of Intergovernmental Affairs for the Chicago Public Schools, Chief Executive Officer for the Chicago Housing Authority and Chief for Education for the City of Chicago. All these candidates have a long history of community involvement and leadership, including the three other candidates no confirmed by SSJ at deadline. This race will be based on calculation votes, leadership and accountability oppose to qualifications.

Candidate Profile: Westside Activist Runs for U.S. Legislative nity concerns. She is the host for the Phyllis M. Logan NAACP‘s cable talk show. A board member Candidate 78th District As the Housing Chair for the Chicago Westside Branch NAACP, she has volunteered her time (for the past six years) to educating adults on the subjects on building wealth through home ownership at Dawson Tech (south side of Chicago) and Malcolm X Learning Center (west side of Chicago). Logan is an Advocate for many social and commu-

on Cong. Danny K. Davis‘s Housing Advisory and Foreclosure Advisory Committee.

Logan says she has the ability to present complicated legislative and business decisions to the community in a way that the community will be able to process how those same decisions are made by ‗big business or government officials‖ may either negatively or positively affect their everyday lives. Contact us at (708)612-8518 VOTE for PHYLLIS M. LOGAN, State Representative February 5, 2008

South Street Journal

September 27, 2007

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NAILAH O. FRANKLIN (Continued from page 1)

Chicago) condo and her job as a pharmaceutical sales representative for Eli Lilly & Company since Tuesday evening, Sept. 18, 2007. Police found her car in Hammond, Ind., last Friday night near an abandoned building. Police interviewed a man the week before last week but have not named him a suspect. Franklin filed a police report about threatening phone calls she said she received from the same man. The man was said to have to reporters that he had nothing to do with the disappearance. The alleged suspect has past of criminal acts according to police. These acts include a 2001 escape from a federal courthouse and two orders of protection against him by his ex-wife and a girlfriend. The

search for Nailah was aided with a web page, a $10,000 reward for anyone who found her, and various posters and media agents headlining her story. The last friends and family heard of Nailah was an eerie text message saying that she was having dinner and that she'd call later. The calls were never made and Nailah was not seen again. It was not like Nailah, family and close friends exclaim, to vanish without a word of salutation. Several jurisdictions, including Chicago, Hammond, and the Cook County Sheriff's department, were searching for Franklin, along with divers who were involved in the search. It was a community alarm for Chicagoans, as weekly prompts mention the missing Southside native. Locals were not use to this sort of crime shock being committed or attempted

in their community. After a body was found on this passing Thursday morning, not to far from where Nailah‘s car was found, it was all too surreal of a plot for CPD and other policing officials to declare the body to be Nailah‘s. And, shortly after the discovery, dental records were used to identify the body as the body of Nailah Franklin. Family members had already leaked the info to the media, but it had yet to be confirmed. The body was said to be badly decomposed, still leaving no word or evidence of a culprit. Prayers and condolences have been sent city and state wide to the Franklin family, while police continue to search for a suspect. Franklin‘s memorial service will be 0ct. 3 at Trinity United Church on 400 W. 95th St.

Parents charged CPD cover up in son’s car accident

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The Program has started

Steve Womack was killed on March 25, 2007 at 5:30 am on 61st and Bishop from a car accident. There are many unanswered question from the family expressing of police involvement in a hit and run and then a cover-up by the Chicago Police Department. Upon SSJ contacting the CPD a Freedom of Information Act request would be need to receive a commit, no information was available due to the incident happening a while back. Steve family is seeking the community support with witnesses (in which they say many in have been intimidated by the police not to be a witness. The Facebook Group: Justice 4 Steve Womack will be holding a prayer Vigil/March will be held October 6, at 11 am, 6157 S. Bishop.

449 East 35th St. Chicago, Illinois 60616

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Jail Suit (Continued from page 1)

Divisions III and VIII. These special units are staffed by an on–site physician and nursing personnel 24 hours a day. Detainees requiring hospitalization are sent to the Bureau hospitals: John H. Stroger of Cook County, Provident and Oak Forest. However, revealed by source, Bryan Jones a former inmate of Cook County Jail, to The South Street Journal in detail Cermak Health Services is not where the true processing nature of the intake procedures takes place. I quote, ―There is a makeshift doctor‘s office directly inside of The Cook County Jail separate from the Cermak Clinic.‖ According to Bryan Jones, inmates are taken through a series of degrading stations for processin g. Th e y a re searched, finger p r i n t ed , photographed and sent to a bull pen. The inmates are held in their bull pens for the duration of the processing period. Inmates were taken to the doctor‘s office where they were tested by means of swab insertion (cytology) and blood drawn then taken for xray ―No gloves are changed, because he don‘t touch your penis,‖ exclaimed Jones. Jones also states,― you‘re standing close enough to see and when he finishes he just says next.‘ Then the inmates are taken to ―the tunnel‖ where they were told to strip from head-to-toe in order to be searched for contraband i.e. drugs and weapons. Inmates are packed into small bull pens by security level waiting to be taken to their housing unit. Upon reaching the housing unit they were then able to change into jail uniforms. Seeing the look on

September 27, 2007 Jones‘s face as he spoke of the demoralizing time he endured while detained in The Cook County Jail, you could feel his anxiety as he spoke of his pride being stripped away. This law suit contends for the rights of prisoners, says Bryan, although they are detained it‘s good to know that someone is willing to fight for what little rights they have as a detainee. The Cook County Department of Corrections stands by their mission, to ensure the safety of the citizens of Cook County, correctional staff and inmates; to provide a central location for the screening and classification of all defendants and a secure, humane, efficient corrections department. The Cook County Bureau

of Health Services state the reason for the swab test is for possible STD‘s and to treat or prevent the spread. After many attempts to reach The Press Office of the Cook County Sheriff‘s Department, all that Bill Cunningham of the press department would say were,‖ Is this a new case?‖ ―I‘ll get back to you after I talk to the legal department.‖ Attempts have been made to also reach the suing parties in this class action law suit to no avail. Anyone that was a former detainee of The Department of Corrections and feel that they maybe a recipient of this class action law suit go to: for any additional information regarding this case.

Re: Double Standard at Gately Stadium September 17, 2007 Dear Editor Attn: Calvin Davis, Director of Sports and Sports Facilities n Friday night, at Gatley Stadium, there was a game between long time catholic school rivals Mt. Carmel vs St. Rita. At this game, as at other catholic school and suburban school games, the fans are basically given the run of the stadium and surrounding neighborhood. Cars can park without fear of getting ticketed or towed. Fans are allowed to stand along the outside fence and along the sideline fences. Children were allowed to run unaccompanied. I even saw a few fans entering the playing field. I saw people drinking, urinating under the stands, and just basically doing whatever they wanted to do. On Saturday afternoon, at a Chicago Public School game between Morgan Park and CVS, there was an incident of trash talking, school rivalry between members of CVS‘s team and Dunbar‘s football team. No punches were thrown, nobody was hurt, and besides the verbal confrontation which actually was between young people that have played together since they were 11 and 1 2 years old, there was no conflict. Security or I should say a supervisor of security decided to teach the Dunbar players a lesson by banning them from the following game between Hubbard and Hyde Park. The initial incident involved approximately five of Dunbar‘s players. The punishment was aimed at all the Dunbar players regardless whether they were involved or not. Two groups of Dunbar players arrived at Gately during halftime of the Hubbard vs Hyde Park game and were told that they could not come in wearing their jersey‘s. They were then told they would have to purchase tickets to enter as were the initial players that got into the confrontation. To my knowledge, a player or players are allowed to attend games free if wearing their school jersey and accompanied by a coach. I find it disappointing that Dunbar was singled out. I find it more disappointing that their seems to be a double standard when it comes to CPS schools and Private/Suburban schools. I have seen people escorted from the stadium in handcuffs for behavior that was blatantly displayed Friday night. I also have seen this sort of behavior displayed at almost every football game involving Private and Suburban schools. I am not against discipline, but I believe that it should be across the board. If the whip is to be cracked, crack it on everybody. Our young people are not blind, they see the disparities. . Are we to


South Street Journal Chicago Police announcement: Homicide: 9000 blk of S. Paulina 16 Sep 07 @ 0215 hrs M/35 pronounced at LCM at 0252 hrs with a gsw to head. Victim was seated in his vehicle at above location when 3 male offenders dressed in black clothing approached vehicle, demanded he exit vehicle and then shot the victim. The offenders then fled southbound from that location.

Young Black men seems to be lost to the future of their race as they feed the conspiracy of them being a tool to:

Dr. Henrie M. Treadwell

ineligible to vote, by 2004 the number rose to 5.3 mil it continues to climb.

hen men and woman are incarcerated for crimes, the jail and prison time is meant to be their penance. But in many states, prisoners and former inmates find that another severe penalty awaits -- disenfranchisement. For decades, America has struggled with how to reintegrate prisoners back into society. As the inmate population has exploded, so has that challenge. Clearly, the stigma of being an ex-convict impacts their ability to gain acceptance in their communities, and makes it difficult to find a job. But should these men and woman also lose their right to vote, which is such a fundamental part of our society? Moreover, with African Americans comprising half of the nation's prison population, yet only 12 % of the general public, disenfranchising felons has emerged as a modern version of the Jim Crow era's poll tax -- an effective way to suppress black votes. When a handful of votes and Supreme Court intervention decided the presidency in 2000, it underscored the importance of everyone's vote. But about six million people can't vote today because of state laws restricting the voting rights of former convicts. In 2000, nearly 4.7 million Americans were

A large number of disenfranchised former convicts four southern states -- Alabama, Florida, Kentucky an ginia. In those states alone, nearly 1.5 million people vented from voting. To put that number in perspectiv is roughly the same number of people whose votes counted because of faulty voting machines in the shen surrounding the 2000 presidential election. America's discrimination against former inmates is in the world. Most other Western democracies have n voting standards, rather than leaving it to states or pro other countries also don't restrict voting for men and woman who have served their prison time. By cont America, there are 35 states prohibiting felons from v while they are on parole; 30 states preventing felony tioners from voting; and 14 states precluding former f who have completed their sentence from voting. The state laws are so varied that from jurisdiction t diction there is no consistency on what convictions w a loss of voting rights. Only 1.4 million of the people franchised in 2004 were actually behind bars. The res living in communities, trying to re-establish their live role, probation or after completing their sentence.


expect them to act accordingly when they can see they are being discriminated against? When a simple case of school/team rivalry is blown out of proportion, but white students and their fans are allowed to blatantly disregard the policies that are strictly enforced in regards to CPS schools, there is a problem. I think the players from Dunbar deserve an apology. I also think they should be reimbursed for their ticket purchases. I counted 15 Dunbar players that had to buy tickets for the Hubbard/Hyde Park game. I also feel that the same policies and procedures that are in place for CPS teams and games should be enforced with Private/ Suburban school teams and games to the letter. It is time for this practice of double standards to end. If you need additional information, feel free to give me a call at (773) 414-6402 Respectfully Keith Harris Cc: Mayor Richard M Daley Dana Starks, Interim Superintendent Chicago Police Department Arne Duncan, Superintendent Chicago Public Schools Rufus Williams, President Chicago Board of Education Anthony Beale, Alderman of the 9th Ward Tim Mitchell, Superintendent of Chicago Park District Ron Carter, South Street Journal Mary Mitchell, Chicago Sun Times Mark Brown, Chicago Sun Times

Open Letter to Jodi Kantor

The New York Times


ear Jodi: Thank you for engaging in one of the biggest misrepresentations of the truth I have ever seen in sixty -five years. You sat and shared with me for two hours. You told me you were doing a "Spiritual Biography" of Senator Barack Obama. For two hours, I shared with you how I thought he was the most principled individual in public service that I have ever met. For two hours, I talked with you about how idealistic he was. For two hours I shared with you what a genuine human being he was. I told you how incredible he was as a man who was an African American in public service, and as a man who refused to announce his candidacy for President until Carol Moseley Braun indicated one way or the other whether or not she was going to run. I told you what a dreamer he was. I told you how idealistic he was. We talked about how refreshing it would be for someone who knew about Islam to be in the Oval Office.

Letters From Your own question to me was, Didn't I think it would be incredible to have somebody in the Oval Office who not only knew about Muslims, but had living and breathing Muslims in his own family? I told you how important it would be to have a man who not only knew the difference between Shiites and Sunnis prior to 9/11/01 in the Oval Office, but also how important it would be to have a man who knew what Sufism was; a man who understood that there were different branches of Judaism; a man who knew the difference between Hasidic Jews, Orthodox Jews, Conservative Jews and Reformed Jews; and a man who was a devout Christian, but who did not prejudge others because they believed something other than what he believed. I talked about how rare it was to meet a man whose Christianity was not just "in word only."I talked about Barack being a person who lived his faith and did not argue his faith. Out of a two-hour conversation with you about Barack's spiritual journey and my protesting to you that I had not shaped him nor formed him, that I had not mentored him or made him the man he was, even though I would love to take that credit, you did not print any of that. When I told you, using one of your own Jewish stories from the Hebrew Bible as to how God asked Moses, "What is that in your hand?," that Barack was like that when I met him. Barack had it "in his hand. " Barack had in his grasp a uniqueness in terms of his spiritual development that one is hard put to find in the 21st century, and you did not print that. As I was just starting to say a moment ago, Jodi, out of two hours of conversation I spent approximately five to seven minutes on. You and your editor proceeded to present to the general public a snippet, a printed "sound byte" and a titillating and tantalizing article about his disinvesting me to the Invocation on the day of his announcing his candidacy. I have never been exposed to that kind of duplicitous behavior before, and I want to write you publicly to let you know that I do not approve of it and will not be party to any further smearing of the name, the reputation, Your editor is a sensationalist. For you to even mention that makes me doubt your credibility, and I am looking forward to see how you are going to butcher what else I had to say concerning Senator Obama's "Spiritual Biography." Our Conference Minister, the Reverend Jane Fisler Hoffman, a white woman who belongs to a Black church that Hannity of "Hannity and Colmes" is trying to trash, set the record straight for you in terms of who I am and in terms of who we are as the church to which Barack has belonged for over twenty years. The president of our denomination, the Reverend John Thomas, has offered to try to help you clarify in your confused head what Trinity

South Street Journal

With race playing such a significant role in the criminal justice process, this added penalty is another blow to black communities. Data shows that blacks are prosecuted more often than whites who commit similar crimes, and blacks are offered less attractive plea bargains, leaving large numbers of disenfranchised men and women. By taking away their voting power, it weakens the clout of black communities not only on election day, but every time the communities advocate for policy changes. Even more troubling is evidence that the laws governing the restricting of voting rights to former inmates have been manipulated specifically as part of a pattern to suppress the votes of African Americans. Throughout the south, several states have revised their constitutions and criminal codes to target minorities by linking voting restrictions to crimes committed predominantly by blacks. Amazingly, in some states the most hideous crimes, such as robbery and murder, are excluded from disenfranchisement. Thus far, Congress has steadfastly refused to address this injustice, while legal avenues have produced little success. Proving to the courts that the state laws establishing disenfranchisement constitute intentional discrimination against blacks has been a difficult hurdle to overcome. The burden falls upon communities to push their local legisllion and lators to advocate for reinstating voting rights to prisoners and those formerly incarcerated, especially the non-violent offends reside in ers. Moreover, the states must also establish simple procedures for restoring the voting rights, so that people from poor comnd Virmunities won't be intimidated. These men and women encounare preter many physical and mental health challenges as they reve, it unite with their families and communities after serving prison s weren't nanigans and jail time; stress, depression and loss of self-esteem create tremendous barriers to their overall health and wellbeing. The added blow of losing their right to express themselves through s unique voting is yet another hurdle that must be overcome. national This is America in 2007, long past the days of slavery and ovinces; Jim Crow. Such blatant discrimination against blacks should not be allowed to persist, and it will fall upon our communities trast in to push state governments to correct this grave voting wrong. proba(Dr. Henrie M. Treadwell, associate director of Developfelons ment at the National Center for Primary Care at Morehouse School of Medicine, is also director of Community Voices, a to jurisnon-profit working to improve health services, and healthcare will trigger access, for all Americans.) e disenst were es on pa-


the People

And now for, the kiss of Death?


ow can a south suburb Mayor of County Club Hills, Illinois outside of Chicago sport a confederate army picture in his office and call Black Ron Carter people out of their names. And then get reelected? Then systematically control who Publisher and Editor African Americans can and will not do business with. Mayor David Welch has not denied the reports of stories in SSJ on him in disrespecting its citizens. It seems the mayor has got a grip on the people of Country Club Hills to the point that a friend of SSJ upon asking for advertising was blunt to say, ―We respect you but, well, you all are the kiss of death.‖ Now should we ask if our economics are tied up in our stories; and at times it is not just Country Club Hills, it is Chicago as well. If we are to challenge Mayor Daley with all the questionable ―Kiss of deaths‖ that comes with addressing him, surely Country Club Welch must be addressed as well. The philosophy of South Street Journal involves a progressive platform in the community in regards to representation. The community is in a vise in the same manner people like Mayor Welch would like to put this newspaper as well. The south suburban press did not get denounced for following up on SSJ story. Mayor Willie Lynch (we meant Welch) has won a battle with his Willie Lunch hydrogen bomb on the people of County Club Hills. So there is a truce among voters until the next election for the only place where action can take place is on the battleground of the press, if money is the determining factor over racism. However we are one who doesn't believe in deluding ourselves. If you don't take a stand, the children will grow up and look at you and think "shame."… Representative owes you, not only his best in the office, but in his judgment as well; and he betrays it instead of serving you if he sacrifices for power to control. So the position of every church, in every civic organization, in every fraternal order, of Country Club Hills, it's time now for you to prove us wrong, that race is not an issue in Country Club Hills with 80% black population, and that is in our own conscious of the importance of controlling the economy, relationships and the press. Join us for our subscription drive October 19, 2007.

The New York Times became George Bush and the Republican Party's national "blog."

English: Is it well said? Ndugu Noah

Church is even though you spent the entire weekend with us setting me up to interview me for what turned out to be a smear of the Senator; and yet The New York Times continues to roll on making the truth what it wants to be the truth. I do not remember reading in your article that Barack had apologized for listening to that bad information and bad advice. Did I miss it? Or did your editor cut it out? Either way, you do not have to worry about hearing anything else from me for you to edit or "spin" because you are more interested in journalism than in truth. Forgive me for having a momentary lapse. I for-

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From the Publisher

got that The New York Times was leading the bandwagon in trumpeting why it is we should have gone into an illegal war. The New York Times became George Bush and the Republican Party's national "blog." I do not know why I thought The New York Times had actually repented and was going to exhibit a different kind of behavior. Maybe it was my being caught up in the euphoria of the Season of Lent; but whatever it is or was, I was sadly mistaken. There is no repentance on the part of The New York Times. There is no integrity when it comes to The Times. You should do well with that paper, Jodi. You looked me straight in my face and told me a lie! Sincerely and respectfully yours, Reverend Jeremiah A.Wright, Jr., Senior Pastor Trinity United Church of Christ


September 27, 2007

Champlin, MN

have no problem admitting that English and Grammar are not my forte. However, I can and do present grammatically correct writing depending on the audience. I will proof read, use spell check and the likes. Its not that I cannot write correctly, its that it is not natural for me to do so because having been reared in the hood by parents who only finished middle school, my natural inclination is broken English. I feel no shame for this, English was a subject that never interested me, I excelled in courses that interested me. That having been said, your attempts to discredit me by focusing on my grammarian skills are an often-used strategy of whites. It‘s a argument fallacy like the straw man, fallacy of composition, appeal to authority, add homonyms and the likes. Its akin to trying to discredit the basketball prowess of Michael Jordan by noting his inability to play football or soccer very well. One should very well ask why the hel1 are people brining up soccer when the issue at hand is MJ basketball skills. By the same token, one should ask what does my spelling and grammar have to do with Egypt, its location in Africa and the fact that early dynasty rulers were Nubian? The answer is nothing; it just serves as an obfuscation of last resort. It‘s an attempt to suggest

that since I did not use proper grammar that such implies a lack of intelligence, which should therefore discredit everything I have said. Right? That was your intentions I am sure….LOL. Is that not an argument fallacy? It‘s the fallacy that attempts to say that if you were wrong about ―A‖, then ―B‖,―C‖,―Z‖ are wrong also. There is no logical basis for that reasoning and it is used disingenuously as an attempt to refute an argument when truth and facts are not on ones side. That‘s cool though…. because I had that fallacy used against me so many times its not funny. Sometimes I will even purposely use poor grammarian to prove a point. It works like this. Understanding human nature, if a person points out and demonstrates how I am wrong in regards to spelling or grammar, yet fails to point out how I am wrong in regards to facts and reasoning, its because I am right. If a person is confident that I am wrong and knows what is right, they will demonstrate it. When a person corrects my grammar at that point they have demonstrated such a proclivity and desire to do so. So when they fail to counter my other assertions, that is usually an indication that I am correct or that they don‘t know what is correct (and if that is the case why the hel1 are you debating…. you should be listening and learning).

A true player Dear Editor ne evening Mike went over to his friend Terry's house to play cards with some friends. Mike sat directly across from Terry's wife. Mike dropped a card on the floor and bent down to pick it up. When he looked across the table he saw that Terry's wife had her legs. He sat up and was flushed. He went into the kitchen to get a drink of water. To this surprise Terry's wife had followed him into the kitchen and said "Did you like what you saw?" Mike said yes I did. She said, "Well you can get more than that but it will cost you $500." So Mike thought about this financial situation and said O.K. She said come here tomorrow at 2:30 because Terry will be at work then. Mike said, I'll see you then. "The next day, Mike came over, they had sex, he paid her, then he left. Later, Terry came home and asked, "Has Mike been over here today?" She said, thinking she had been caught, "As a matter of fact, he did." Terry said, "Good because that fool came by my job this morning and asked to borrow $500 till this evening, and he said he would leave it with you." NOW THAT'S A TRUE PLAYA!!!


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September 27, 2007

South Street Journal

MiLK, the story of three girls living in the shadow of a Chicago housing project.

Call for upcoming locations

Pictured is the cast of MPAACT's critically acclaimed, award-winning MiLK, the story of three adolescent girls living in the shadow of a Chicago housing project. Press opening is 3:30pm, Sunday, October 7 (through Sunday, November 11, 2007) at the Victory Gardens Greenhouse, 2257 N. Lincoln Ave. Show times are 8:30 pm Thursday and Friday, 8 pm Saturday and 3:30 pm Sunday. General admission is $19.50 - $ 22.50 with reduced rates for groups, seniors and students. For tickets and information, call the box office at 773 871-3000.

Tyler Perry at it Again Tyler Perry, producer, writer, actor, director, artist and philanthropist, now takes on the role of TV channel owner. Perry, widely known for redefining the traditional Hollywood model, will add a new portal to reach his fans--an online TV channel featuring his own content, powered by Narrowstep's technology, telvOS. The 24hour channel, TPTV, will be available through Tyler Perry's website, At launch, TPTV will offer fans exclusive access to Perry's new and exclusive to the Internet talk show The Tyler Perry Show--in high-quality and full-screen on the

pc. TPTV is the first project resulting from the recently announced partnership between Narrowstep and the William Morris Agency (WMA), which represents Perry. Narrowstep and WMA are working together to develop broadband-based celebrity TV channels for the agency's clients that will offer fans hours of high-quality original content and the best viewing experience available of their favorite celebrities on the Internet. Perry said his objective with TPTV is to share his story with as many people as possible and motivate others with his extraordinary climb to the top. Perry came from poverty, growing up in New Orleans, in a world of abuse and dejection. However, he took his pain and turned it into inspiration for his art. He said TPTV will inspire others to follow in his footsteps on a path to success.

Caribbean musics’ in the air Continued from page 1 on Sunday night probably tried to adjust their frequency when the sounds of Caribbean music blared through their radios, followed by the distinctive Jamaican accents of ―The Untouchable‖ Chico, DJ Lenky and the ―Ladies of Reggae‖ Petina and Silky—collectively known as Radio Link Radio (RLR). RLR made Chicago radio history by becoming the city‘s only mainstream radio program dedicated to promoting Caribbean music and culture. The debut of RLR was a historic moment for Chicago radio, which marked the first time in recent memory that a major radio station has a timeslot dedicated solely to featuring Caribbean music, artists and news. Chicago businessman Joe Neish, owner of the popular South Side restaurant, Uncle Joe‘s Tropical Cuisine, spearheaded the development process that brought RLR to life, and will serve as executive producer. With the support of standout deejays and sisters, Petina and Silky, internationally known as the ―Ladies of Reggae Radio,‖ who will anchor the entertainment segments, RLR will offer a refreshingly diverse blend of late-night programming every Sunday from 9 p.m. to midnight filled with live interviews, Caribbean news, sports and events. ―I‘ve been in Chicago 20 years and there‘s never been reggae on mainstream radio,‖ says Neish. ―I would hear it on college stations but never outside of that. With Reggae Link Radio, we have the opportunity to be the first.‖ The highlight of RLR was the anticipation of ―The Untouchable‖ Chico, and DJ Lenky--two reggae music masterminds who‘ve spent

more than 20 years collectively, immersed in the music. Chico and Lenky, both natives of Kingston, Jamaica, are the featured deejays of RLR and will play the hottest music in reggae, dancehall, hip-hop and soca. Chico gained popularity as a DJ in Miami, hoping to follow in the footsteps of legendary Jamaican radio icon and mentor Barry Gordon, who gained fame in the 1980s on JBC Radio One. Lenky built a reputation as a talented DJ while spinning reggae music in the parish of St. Mary, Jamaica, before coming to Chicago in 1996 where he met Neish, and later began working for Neish‘s Fireworks Sound, a sound system company. Chico accepted Neish‘s invite to come to Chicago to work with RLR. ―I‘ve been traveling to Chicago since 1992 and there has always been a need for a medium that reaches out to the English-speaking Caribbean people,‖ says Chico. ―So it wasn‘t brain surgery for me to know I wanted to be a part of Reggae Link Radio. Chicago‘s Caribbean community needs it. It is so lacking that it hurts.‖ ―The Midwest has never experienced this before,‖ says Lenky. ―This show will open up a lot of doors for the Caribbean listeners as a whole.‖ According to most recent estimates from the Consul of Jamaica for Chicago, there are approximately 70,000 Jamaicans in Chicago, which does not include the entire Caribbean population. With mainstream reggae artists like Elephant Man, Sean Paul and Sizzla helping to increase the popularity of their genre, RLR is

expected to become an immediate draw for listeners. In addition, it will provide a much needed outlet for local artists who‘ve long sought a medium that will enable them to reach a larger audience base. Until now, reggae has been relegated to college radio stations like WNUR, WKKC, and WLUW, which have been the primary carriers of reggae music for more than a decade. ―This is something we‘ve been wanting for years,‖ says Petina, who, along with Silky, has co-hosted the award-winning ―Reggae Vibrations‖ show on Northwestern University‘s WNUR, 89.3FM, for seven years. ―Reggae Link Radio will give us the chance not only to fill a need for the Caribbean community in the Chicagoland area, but also to bring reggae to an entirely new group of people— an amazing opportunity for all of us.‖ ―It‘s very important to the community, because it‘s introducing reggae music to a generation of people to whom the lines between musical genres are often blurred,‖ says Silky. ―I like to think the program that we‘re doing does something for the community,‖ adds Chico. ―My whole aim is to use music to touch the lives of people in whatever way I can. When I‘m done and old on the verandah with no teeth I want people to say Chico contributed something.‖ For more information or to schedule an interview with someone from Reggae Link Radio, please contact Jason Maymon at 773-5735900 or Please visit the Web Site at

South Street Journal

September 27, 2007

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County Deficit (Continued from page 3)

costs that grow at rates above inflation has resulted in chronic annual budget deficits,‖ write O‘Donnell and Martire. The report includes a number of key findings: Without a significant change in either revenues or expenditures, Cook County‘s structural deficit – the gap between the cost of preserving current services and the annual revenue the County actually collects to pay for those services – will continue to grow over time; The County‘s structural deficit has contributed substantially to its total deficit for FY 2008, which the reports authors estimate to be $288 million. Without additional revenue, that total deficit is expected to rise to $568 million in 2010, $808 million in five years (2012), and to $1.5 billion in a decade (2017). The FY 2008 estimate does not include cost of living increases approved by the County board earlier this summer, according to Heather O‘Donnell. While the cost of providing public services increases annually with inflation – roughly 7.5% for health care and 2.5% for other services – Cook County‘s revenue is projected to grow at a rate of only one-half of one percent per year. Cook County‘s revenue system is fundamentally flawed – that is, most of its revenue sources do not grow with the economy while costs do. Federal Medicaid dollars, which fund 16% of the County‘s total operating budget and 51% of the County‘s health care system, declined by $139 million between 2005 and 2007 – a number that is expected to top an additional $500 million between 2008 and 2012.Flaws in Cook County‘s Medicaid and Medicare billing practices inhibit the County‘s ability to recover all federal and state funds to which it is entitled. At the same time, nearly half of patients in the system do not qualify or are not enrolled in Medicaid or Medicare and have no private health care

coverage – leaving the vast majority of the care provided by Cook County un-reimbursed. Unless Cook County undertakes fundamental fiscal reform that ensures that its revenue sources grow with the economy and the pace of inflation, it cannot sustain current levels of service. The report did not take into account the increasing financial pressures on the County‘s public health system from a spike in the number of uninsured low- and moderateincome families. The Center for Tax and Budget Accountability is a non-profit, independent research and advocacy think tank committed to ensuring that tax, spending and economic policies are fair and just and promote opportunities for everyone, regardless of economic or social status. Cook County Board President Todd H. Stroger commissioned the Center to produce this analysis in the wake of last year‘s severe budget deficit, as a way to develop strategies to tackle what is anticipated to be a persistent and significant deficit for FY 2008 and the coming years, as well. CTBA's mission is three-fold: to identify and analyze issues; develop policy options; and promote fair, efficient and progressive tax, spending and economic policies that improve the well-being of low and moderate income families in Illinois. Cook County is the 19th largest unit of government in the nation representing more than five million residents in 128 municipalities and 30 townships. The County is the largest provider of indigent health care in the state and the third largest provider of such care in the nation. Like other local governments, Cook County uses a mix of revenue sources to fund public services, including sales taxes, cigarette taxes, a variety of fees for specific services delivered, and a property tax levy which has been frozen for the last ten years, effectively losing 23% of its value since 1997.

Inland buying hotel group: $920 million lands unit of black-owned investment company As reported in the Chicago Tribune cash-rich Inland American Real Estate Trust Inc. of Oak Brook has agreed to pay about $920 million for an affiliate of the largest AfricanAmerican-owned hotel investment company in the nation, RLJ Development LLC. RLJ Urban Fund is among the lodging investment vehicles founded by Thomas J. Baltimore Jr. and Robert L. Johnson, who started the Black Entertainment Network. RLJ Development owns about 130 hotels across the country, valued at about $3.5 billion. Among its properties are RLJ Urban's 22 hotels that carry the flags of Hilton and Marriott. In Chicago, RLJ Urban owns the Marriott at the University of Illinois-Chicago Medical District, 625 S. Ashland Ave. "Inland American, a member of the privately held Inland Real Estate Group of Cos., anticipates the deal will close by year's end, said a spokesman. said Bruce Ford, a senior vice president at the research firm Lodging Econometrics Inc. in Portsmouth,

N.H. The timing of the sale is good for RLJ, Ford noted. During a time when real estate financing is very scarce, Inland intends to pay $460 million in cash and will consider leaving RLJ Urban's debt in place, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, which did not specify the amount of debt. However, the filing said that "in light of the recent volatility in the financial markets generally, and the commercial lending market in particular," there is no assurance Inland will be able to "leave existing debt in place on terms" that it deems acceptable or that the deal will close. Times aren't quite as tough for Inland and RLJ as for some others in real estate because these two companies historically have used modest amounts of debt for their transactions. Inland Real Estate Group has $17 billion in assets under management.

(Continued from page 1)

of NBC-TV’s “Apprentice” will keynote luncheon on September 29. Donald Thompson, the first African American president and CEO of McDonald’s USA will keynote the November 17 business expo and career fair. Salem Baptist Church of Chicago in collaboration with the Chicago Urban League announced plans today to help spur the growth and sustainability of Black owned businesses through its A.R.I.S.E. (To Actively Raise and Inspire People to Successfully Build Businesses with Excellence) Entrepreneur Program, beginning with a kickoff luncheon on Saturday, September 29, 2007 from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. at the House of Hope, 752 E. 114th Street, Chicago. The keynote speaker for the lunch will be Kwame Jackson, a finalist from the hit NBC-TV show, ―The Apprentice.‖ Free General Admission, but pre-registration is required. ―We set a goal this year to help 400 Black owned businesses get off the ground and compete in a robust marketplace because we should not be limited to just having dreams,‖ said Jamell Meeks, director of the A.R.I.S.E. Entrepreneur Program. ―We are here to make Black owned businesses a reality and through our partnership with the Chicago Urban League‘s project NEXT initiative, the groundwork is set.‖ ―The Chicago Urban League is proud to support Salem‘s A.R.I.S.E. Entrepreneur Program,‖ said Cheryle R. Jackson, President and CEO of the Chicago Urban League. ―The League‘s sole focus is growing Chicago‘s African American workforce and business community through our project NEXT initiative. This partnership with Salem Baptist Church and our Entrepreneurship Center is a great example of our mission in action and will have a lasting impact on generations of African American business owners.‖ A.R.I.S.E. is a 6-week entrepreneur-training designed to equip individuals with the education, resources, and preparation necessary to launch successful businesses. A.R.I.S.E. was launched in 2004, by Salem Baptist Church of Chicago, under the leadership of Reverend Senator James T. Meeks and the direction of his wife, Jamell Meeks.A.R.I.S.E. began as an agent

Sheldrick & Felecia Fine Body Oils QUALITY SMELL GOOD! Over 100 Different Fragrances Men & Women Free Delivery Low Prices 925-9581 312-316-8763

to empower women to overcome the barriers associated with launching, financing and sustaining successful businesses. In 2006, A.R.I.S.E. expanded its focus and curriculum to also include men. Classes run October 2 - November 6. The fee is $125. The Chicago Urban League Entrepreneurship Center, a key component of the League‘s project NEXT economic empowerment initiative, opened its doors on June 28, 2007. The Center provides essential tools, resources, and high-level hands on training to African-American companies in the service, retail, franchise, and construction industries. Through its partnership with A.R.I.S.E, the Entrepreneurship Center will provide a myriad of business development services to aspiring business owners, including: Business expertise through credit

repair and management sessions Business development and organizational training. toring to A.R.I.S.E. program participants for the duration of the program. -depth business coaching to participants who complete the program and rank at the top of their class. A.R.I.S.E. will conclude with a business expo and career fair on Saturday November 17, from 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., which serves as a venue for A.R.I.S.E. students to officially launch and showcase their businesses.The keynote speaker for the expo/career fair is Donald Thompson, the first African American president and CEO of McDonald‘s USAAt the culmination of the program, the top 10 businesses will be acknowledged and awarded seed money up to $10,000. A.R.I.S.E. offers continued support and education to alumni through monthly workshops, networking events and a monthly newsletter. Last year, the U.S. Census Bureau released a report, which highlighted Cook County as having more blackowned businesses than any other county in the nation, citing the years of 1997-2002. Nationally, blackowned firms are among the fastest growing in the nation. There were 54,758 black-owned businesses in Cook County back in 2002, which generated $3.9 billion in sales. Current trends in entrepreneurship by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics note a surge in aging boomers as entrepreneurs. The ranks of selfemployed aged 55 to 65 rose 33% in 2006 while the number of selfemployed 25-25 year-olds fell 2%. For more information about the luncheon, classes or the business/ export and career fair, call 773-3712327 or visit under events.

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September 27, 2007

South Street Journal

Business Brief

"How to Obtain an SBA Loan" Thursday, October 4, 6:15pm 8:45pm, This Training will address the various SBA loan programs, the fundamentals of borrowing, credit, financing options, owner's injection, collateral, loan restriction and limitations, loan application process, and standards lenders utilize to evaluate the application. Thursday, October 11, 6:15pm 8:00pm "Real Estate Properties: Buy It, Flip It, Rent It" If you have ever considered the business of real estate investing, this Information Session is for you. Learn from industry expert on tools and information on how to find, buy, flip or rent real estate. Space is Limited. Registration Fees: $20 For further information, please contact: Janeen Callum at 773.624.8804 or Free Parking is Available

ACE Business Network, Ace‘s Business Network A‘Fair (ABNA) now begun ACE‘s West,‖ says Morgan Carter a founder. It meets at Cathy‘s Restaurant 5638 W. Chicago Ave. every 2nd and 4th Wednesday from 8 to 9:30 am, Ace‘s South meets every Monday 7:15 to 8:30 am at the Chatham Pancake House, 700 East 87t Street. There is a $2.00 mandatory room charge per person at each location. For information, contact Morgan Carter II, ―The Worlds. Conversation Starter‖ at 773.420.3645, or email

New Loan Fund for Chicago's Small Businesses The City of Chicago, LaSalle Bank and Chicago Community Ventures announced the launch of a new loan program for Chicago's small business owners. The program is targeted to businesses with less than $5 million in revenues and who are seeking capital to grow their business. Term loans and purchase order financing between $25,000 and $250,000 with extremely favorable interest rates and low origination fees will be a va i lab le to qualified businesses. Minority and womenowned businesses are encouraged to apply at

loans. Or call 773.822.0320. —————————————-


———————— Monroe Foundations received Grant The Chicago Community Trust African-American Legacy Fund has announced that the Monroe F o u n d a t i o n is a 2007 grantee of the Fund. The Monroe Foundation will receive funding to support capacity building of emerging not-for-profit organization's serving the African-American community, and community organizing support for its' Community Reinvestment Organizing Project (C.O.P). Grant presentations will be formerly presented at a reception for 2 0 0 7 g r a n t e es on O ct o b er 30th. Moroe gave a special "thank you" to Marquette Bank, Thomas J. Bamfod, and Financial Bank, Tamika Harding (Oak Lawn) and Angel Beltran each of whom have allowed the Monroe Foundation to develop strategies that have resulted in this honor for us and several of our community partners, which I cannot disclose without their permission.


Ron Carter publisher and editor of South Street Journal will be the host on TRICK CITY on Sept.28th, with guest Cheryl Calvin and Walther Brooks, 9:30pm, ch. 19.

Business Morning Network October 6 - Saturdays at Chamber 1st Saturday, Good Morning Bronzeville Breakfast Meeting at the Marmon Grand's Historic Event Facility, 2230 S. Michigan. Breakfast:00AM, Program begins at 9:30. We will feature Banks and Finance Centers, who will display Information tables. Featured Speaker is Michael Rochelle, Branch for National City Bank, Bronzeville Area's newest Bank and our newest Chamber

Charter Schools (Continued from page 1)

460 E. 35th Street

of Parents for School Choice, a Bronzeville resident whose child attends a new public school in Englewood. ―Every child regardless of their family‘s income or address deserves an education that will prepare them for college and a career,‖ continued Ambrose, ―and that is why we are calling on our legislators to reinstate the charter public school funding and to give us more quality school options on Chicago‘s South and West sides.‖ Chicago‘s nearly 16,000 charter public school students are 84 percent low income, 66 percent African American, and 28 percent Latino, according to the Illinois State Board of Education. PSC reports that Chicago has used its charters to give parents and children in underserved communities the option to attend high quality public schools. Chicago charter public schools have a 93.1% attendance rate, 7% higher than the district; charter public schools have an 89% gradua-

member. October- Wednesday's 4th Wednesday, "Business After Hours Networking," 5:30 PM - 7:30PM at site to be announcedat and become a member. He's a well-respected and established child psychiatrist, but Dr. Carl C. Bell had never expected to see his books sitting out front on display at major bookstores with more popular authors who target African-

Third World: 40 years in business

As reported in the tribune, wellrespected and established child psychiatrist, Dr. Carl C. Bell had never expected to see his books out front at major bookstores with popular authors that targeted AfricanAmericans. In many ways, just getting his ideas on the mental health of African Americans published was a miracle, Bell said. Even in an era when opportunities seem plentiful for black authors, there is a group of writers who say they are still overlooked. AfricanAmerican scholars and critical thinkers say it's tough to get books published about serious, non-traditional topics related to the black community. South Side-based Third World Press has thrived while staying committed to only publishing work that empowers and uplifts the black community. Last year, the company hit a milestone when it became the first African-American-owned press to place a book on the New York Times Best Seller list with "The Covenant with Black America," a collection of essays with an introduction by popular commentator and social justice activist Tavis Smiley. This year's milestone is reaching 40 years in the business. But the company stayed alive and relevant without bowing to popular sentiments or compromising its ideals. Third World was started in a basement apartment by Haki Madhubuti and now has a staff of 14 in it‘s own building. . Slowly, the operation grew into its own institution. It was kept alive over the years by some writers with wide appeal who decided to have their work published there. It helped that the press was supported by other well-known artists such as actors Ruby Dee, Ossie Davis, Wesley Snipes and Danny Glover. tion rate compared to a 73% graduation rate for other district schools; and charter public schools outperformed their comparable neighborhood schools on 79% of relative student performance measures, according to the most recent CPS Charter School Performance Report. The city‘s South and Southwest Sides have seen the opening of a number of successful charter public schools in recent years, including: Urban Prep Academy for Young Men Charter School at Englewood High School, Perspectives Charter School at 8131 S. May Street, the Architecture, Construction and Engineering Technical School at 5410 S. State Street, Betty Shabazz International Charter School at 7823 S. Ellis, UNO Charter School – Rufino Tamayo Campus at 5135 S. California, and UNO Charter School – Donald J. Marquez campus at 2916 W. 47th Street, among others. To find out how to choose a high quality public education for your child or to get more information, call 1-888-7-MYCHOICE or go online to

South Street Journal

Tradesmen Grant

(Continued on page 16)

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Webb Evans, President United American Progress Association

(Continued from page 1)

even better jobs and greater employment opportunities across Illinois. ―These grants will provide a greater opportunity for AfricanAmericans and other improvised populations to enter the building and construction industry; since a key sector of the workforce is filled with good-paying jobs. By opening these doors, we are increasing the diversity within this industry and preparing more people for careers in this field, which will help keep our workforce strong and competitive providing better opportunities for our working families,‖ Gov. Blagojevich said. These populations often face significant barriers to entering the workforce and have not had access to the necessary skills training needed for entry into the wealth of jobs available within the construction trades. The Capital Development Board (CDB), the state‘s primary construction management agency, is also a key partner in this initiative. Grants were awarded to education institutions, grades 11-14, and community-based organizations to assist in expanding the number of people in targeted populations who enter and complete these apprenticeship programs. All of the funded projects will provide participants stipends and support services while they participate in the program, helping members within these targeted populations provide for themselves and their families, while gaining new, valuable skills. (CDB, which is responsible for capital improvements and construction worth more than $3 billion annually, including elementary and high schools, college and university facilities and public safety centers, will also serve as a partner in providing employment opportunities to qualified candidates through the program. Since January 2004, Illinois has gained more than 186,000 jobs, which is best in the Midwest. Illinois led the nation in new job growth in January with 19,100 new jobs and in June of this year with 12,400 new jobs. In 2006, Illinois gained 71,000 new jobs, which is the best calendar year gain since 2000. Over the last 4 years, from January 2003 to December 2006, Illinois had the second largest unemployment rate drop in the nation. The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Illinois Department of Employment Security compiled these statistics. However, with the State of Illinois contracts, it has been reported blacks received 2% of its contracts and is 13% of the states population. Cook County is at 2% and Chicago is at 8% with 40% of the population. There has been a consistent decline in African American involvement since the Federal Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) program went into effect in 1982, Black contractors were over 6% of the work funded by the Federal Highway Administration. Presently, it is less than 1.4% of the work. "It's extremely important that we open the doors of opportunity for underrepresented groups to obtain the skills needed to access these jobs. Working together with the Governor, this new program will enable more people to receive the training they need to obtain good jobs that pay the wages needed to support their families," State Senate President Emil Jones Jr. (D-Chicago) said.

September 27, 2007


o All African Americans: are we waking up or are we still sleeping? From Little Rock’s Nine to Jena’s Six, when will enough be enough for us? We as a people must embrace the idea of a self-ran social and economic community that is not defined by its outside constituents. Growing our industries of expertise and moving into technological innovation should be our focus for the 21st century. Things like the digital divide, lack of property ownership, and poor leadership are reasons for why we are not yet where we should be. But, who will we pattern ourselves after?


have had the pleasure of traveling to Israel. In addition to seeing many biblical places I witnessed much success of blacks in the Holy Land. I went to the bakery where blacks made all the bread they eat. I was carried to the Ice Cream place where they made all the ice cream they ate. I went to two clothing factories where they made all the clothes they wear. I was told that

turned from Venezuela, South America. I have never seen as many people living in tin top huts in my life as I saw in South America. But, I have they create over 80% of their jobs. never seen people interested in the I was also told that there is so much welfare of each other as the poor love amongst them and that they are people of Venezuela. One indicatrying so hard to help each tion of the concerns of the poor other until there has not been for the poor was witnessed while a murder, we were riding robbery or through a rape in over wealthy area thirty years. of Venezuela; These are one person the Hebrew wanted to buy Israelites of they have decreased unemploy- s o m e t h i n g , Israel. I was ment from 24% to 8% among although, the part of a deleperson was told the poor. I came back to Chi- to wait and get gation of Educators, Busi- cago and received information w h a t they ness persons from the Harvey Institute in wanted from a and social business in Washington that in Boston, workers who their area- the Pittsburgh and Detroit unemrecently repoor area.

ployment is 45%, New York 51% in the black community.

It is truly difficult for A f r o Americans in America to live within their means, because even the bargains are in a high spending bracket margins. It is evident that it will take large sums of money plus equity to increase the whole community’s profitability. Of course, this is a long-term goal that will take immense dedication and micro-planning. The Hebrew Israelites have exemplified an attempt toward economical control, and will reap from it; it is up to us as Afro-Americans in North America to do the same. I wish we had that type of spirit among African Americans in Chicago. With that type of interest they have decreased unemployment from 24% to 8% among the poor. I came back to Chicago and received information from the Harvey Institute in Washington that in Boston, Pittsburgh and Detroit unemployment is 45%, New York 51% in the black community. I believe if we do what the people in the poor area of Venezuela are doing we would decrease unemployment as they are doing. Let us try it. Buy Black!

WaMu helps CEDA build affordable housing plan CHICAGO (Sept. 21, 2007) – Washington Mutual, a long-time partner of the Community and Economic Development Association of Cook County, Inc., donated $65,000 to help CEDA fund its community development, financial education and affordable housing initiative. WaMu presented the check during CEDA‘s board of director‘s meeting, demonstrating its continuing commitment to affordable housing in the Chicagoland area. ―Washington Mutual is a longtime partner of CEDA‘s, providing a lot of support to our initiatives and mission,‖ said Robert L. Wharton, CEDA president and CEO. The WaMu donation will provide $25,000 to CEDA‘s Community Development Fund, $15,000

to CEDA‘s Housing Counseling and $25,000 toward the organization‘s May 2008 fundraising event. WAMU‘s support will allow CEDA to solicit other sponsors for the fundraiser, Wharton added. The relationship between CEDA and WaMu developed five years ago when the financial institution first entered the Chicago market. WaMu immediately began searching for community-action agencies to partner with to provide financial services in underserved communities. Terri Decker, Washington Mutual‘s division executive for retail banking in Chicagoland, said the bank was attracted to CEDA because of the numerous services it offers, including affordable housing and low-interest loans.

―CEDA is a great group to partner with because it touches so many people,‖ Decker said. CEDA is a nonprofit community action agency serving 375,000 individuals annually with a budget of more than $150 million. A nationally acclaimed leader in the quest to eliminate poverty, CEDA operates many innovative, highly

effective family- and communitybased programs throughout Cook County. To learn more about CEDA’s programs and impact on Chicago and Cook County, or to schedule an interview with CEDA president Robert Wharton, please contact Jerry Thomas of Jerry Thomas Public Relations at 312285-5166.

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12201 So. Halsted

Quality parts for over 20 years Monday—Saturday 8 am—8 pm Sunday 9 am—5 pm Open 365 days a year

Phone (773) 778-8100 Fax (773) 778-8102

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September 27, 2007

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Bronzeville Urban Green house

“Overwhelmed! Ecstatic! Overjoyed! Describes how Lotten Yeaney felt moments after she and fiancé Kevin Hampton won first dibs on purchasing Bronzeville’s groundbreaking Urban Green House at a lottery held September 4 by the developer, Genesis Housing Development Corporation. The couple was among five finalist pre-approved as financially qualified for the $300,000 sale price and who had agreed to terms related to resale and publicity of the prototype house at 448 E. 44th St. valued around $500,000. The house is the brains and hands of Illinois Institute of Technology’s College of Architecture. Genesis Housing Development Corporation Executive Director Donnie Brown (left) and Board Chairman Rev. Robert Miller congratulate Lotten Yeaney, who lives in Oak Park , while fiancé Kevin Hampton resides in the South Loop. The couple can expect the public to continue visiting their unique. As for the house the couple says, ―it’s very modern, but unique. Nobody else can say they hae a home like ours. GHDC expects a mid-October closing on construction and transfer of the home to the new owners. Group tours of the house will run through October 15. to schedule a tour, call Steeve Kidd at 773-285-1685.

3330 South Indiana

Condo 5610 –12 S. Prairie Ave. $169,900 $239,900 Formal dining rooms, 3br/2baths, Hdwd flrs. thru-out, fireplace, parking incl. Walk-in closet, Stainless steel appliances in units, laundry, $3,000 closing costs to buyer,

Open House Sat-Sun 12-3 or Call Sharon at: 773-704-6784 for an appt.

Condo Vintage Bldg. near Lake 3 Pvt. Deck, $5000 closing credit, Formal dining room + family room, Near Trans 3735 S. Lake Pk, Unit 2 $399,900, Parking space Beds: 3, Baths 2.1, Appox. Sq. Ft: 2300, Rooms: 7. or Call Sharon at: 773-704-6784 for an appt.

For appointment Call: 773-



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Place you help wanted or help available call SSJ at 773-373-7000 Quality Improvement Coordinator- Someone with a working knowledge of child welfare/ foster care practice, who also also has a background in program evaluation, quality measurement, peer review, regulatory/ accreditation standards, etc. h ttp :/ / jobs.htm Foster Parent- Full time, salaried position. Starting at $22K + benefits, a home, a minivan and more. Positions available in Chicago (76th & Parnell) and in Lockport, IL. ht tp:// a contract employee with a proven record in foster parent recruitment/ Licensing. This is a 6 month contract with benchmark requirements. It may transition into a full time position in January. Joel K. Johnson, COO, SOS Children's Vill a g e s I l l i n o i s .

Job Opportunity Health Systems Research is soliciting resumes for three HIV/AIDS Regional Resource Coordinators for US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in Region IV (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee), Region V (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin) and Region X (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington). The HIV/ AIDS Regional Resource Coordinator position will be a full-time employee of Health Systemsan HHS contractor. will be one HIV/AIDS Regional Resource Coordinator assigned to one of the HHS Region Offices in Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL or Seattle, WA. If you have questions or need additional information contact Dr Jamie Hart by sending an e-mail message to Mildred Hunter Regional Minority Health Coordinator Office of Minority Health, Office of Public Health and Science U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Region V 233 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 1300 Chicago, Illinois 60601 PH: 312-3531386 Fax: 312-353-7800 Website:

Online Work Would you like to work online temporarily and get paid weekly? which you could earn a lot. This is a part time job based on contract and commission, it involve quite a handful of trust and honesty. If you have interest in part time job we would be glad if you work with us. You can c o n t a c t u s : while I will brief you more about this wonderful offer. Thank You Best Regards Mr. Charles

REGISTRATION INFORMATION Registration for the Electrical Construction Program will take place at the IBEW-NECA Technical Institute D&G HOLDINGS, an Illinois estab6201 W. 115th Street, is Alsip, lishment that deals in the Import on the following days and times Monday through and export of Friday Art & crafts, anSeptember 17th to September 28th tiques, textiles and fabric materi2007We are looking for a trustals, 9:00 A.M. until Noon worthy representative in the All applicants must report in perunited states thatfollowing will aiddocuas a son and bring the link between us andan ourapplicacustommentation to receive ers tion:in the USA. Respond only if



you will like to work from home One photo identification card. part-time and get paid weekly Original leaving Social Security (You without or it Card. affecting must prove legal eligibility to work in your present job. (PAY IS the U.S.A.)Please if you are interGOOD). A $25.00 application ested, fillnon-refundable the require below and fee. (Money Order only, payable to forward the following info to: EJATT). E m a provide i l All applicants must copies of: the following documents to be kept 1.Full names.................... by EJATT. Birth Certificate. (You must be at 2.Phone number/fax........ least 17contact years ofaddress.... age at time of ap3.Full plication).to hear from you soon. Hoping A High School transcript, official or Mr. Allan Bluman

unofficial, required for proof of the following: TELEMARKETING. PAID TRAINHigh School (HS) graduation, or ING. No cold calling. Full-time or part G.E.D. (G.E.D. Certificate must be -time, days or evenings. Excellent provided), salary plus bonus. Students and One full year of HS level Algebra retirees also welcome. Touhy/ with a grade of at least ―C‖, or one Cicero, Lincolnwood. 847-675-3600. post HS level Algebra course with a grade of at least ―C‖. Higher level courses may be accepted to satisfy the Algebra requirement at the discretion of the Trustees. Upon an offer of apprenticeship, you must be able demonstrate that the ComEd hasto commissioned you can perform the essential funcDawson Skill Center to train tions of an apprentice electrician electrical linea men. One must with or without reasonable accomapply to In get into the education modation. addition, a drug screen program at Dawson. starts and a background checkItwill be this required. so they must jump on it. August, The recruitment, employApplicants haveselection, to call 773-451ment, and training of apprenticesIt's a 2100 to get an application. shall be without discrimination 10-month program, you bedon't cause of race, color, religion, naneed any college and either Com tional origin, or sex. EJATT will proEd oneopportunity of its subsidiaries videor equal in the ap- will hire you after successful compleprenticeship program, and will opertion ofrequired the program. You must be ate as under all applicable laws and regulations. comfortable with heights, read Residential and write at the Construction 10th grade level, and pass aProgram drug and criminal OFFICIAL INFORMATION background check to getREinto the GARDING APPRENTICESHIP OPprogram. After successful comPORTUNITIES pletion and hiring, you start with I. B. E. W. Local 134 and the Electri$65,000 yr andAssociation elevate within 6cal Contractors’ sponsor 8an months up toprogram S100,000 with apprenticeship in Cook County, Illinois through the Electrical overtime. Joint Apprenticeship and Training Trust EJATTishas permis- If The (EJATT). Post Office hiring. sion theofU.S. Department you from know anyone who of is inLabor to open a registration for new terested, Have them call 866applicants for its Residential Con999-8777. Follow theResidential prompts struction Program. In the and an application be Sent Construction Program, will apprentices to them. You applypower, online learn to install andcan maintain at http://ww w .lighting u s p s .syscom/ communications, and tems in residential settings. Appliemployment/ This must be done cants who are selected into the before May 31. Hiring for full program from this registration time positions at $17.00will per begin classes in 2008. For more hour information on this program, please go to our website at

Employment Opportunity

Writer Position Sales Position

ABC Newspaper Circulation, Inc. is a recognized leader in the newspaper Circulation industry. ABC, a growth oriented company, provides a wide variety of circulation services for The Wake Up Newspaper, Chicago Sun Times and other prestigious national and regional publications. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Bring us your knowledge, skills, enthusiasm and team spirit and we will provide you with the training, tools and support you need for career success. Whatever direction you want your career to move in, ABC is right there, providing a unique and friendly work environment. Sales Representatives Chicago land and Indiana Area Part time positions with Full-time pay Commissions, bonuses and Daily Cash Rewards No experience necessary! Paid Training! Earn up to $20 an hour! Human Resource Personnel Salary $8-$10/hr Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm Data Entry Clerks Salary $8-$10/hr PM Shift Monday-Friday 9am-2pm and 2pm-7pm Telephone Service Representatives Salary $8$10/hr Am Shift Monday-Friday 9am2pm Hire Yourself Today!!!ABC Newspaper Circulation, Inc. P.O. Box 209141, Chicago, IL 60620 Please Email or mail your resume to:

Jones Academy is searching for preschool teachers with great knowledge of classroom, management, , 2yers experience sanitation, and sixty (60) college Credit hours, teachers, assistants with one year experience, head teacher with type 04 Early Childhood Certificates. Applications can send resumes to Jones Academy, 4344 S. Wentworth Ave. Chicago, Il 60609

News America Marketing is seeking p/t merchandiser, 21+ yrs, w/ reliable vehicle, M-F, up to 32 hrs per wk + miles. Background check required. S.Chicago territory 1-800-285-3333,press 4, & then extension 8316, leave your name and phone number

YTB (Your Travel Biz) is a leading company in the travel and network marketing industry and is experiencing significant growth. Explore becoming a referral travel agent and marketing representative with a company that is literally creating millionaries. Let me show you the way to financial freedom. visit and for more information or call Andrea M. Thompson at 773-655-2033. Travel for less. To book flights, car rentals, hotel reservations, resorts, and cruises please visit midwest2south

Chicago Post office

accepting applications for motor vehicle operators, tractor-trailer operators, custodial laborers. The Chicago district of the U.S. postal services will accept applications online for motor vehicle operators, tractor-trailer operations, and custodial laborers from monday, August 27 through Monday, September 10, 2007.. Salaries begin at $19.16/hour for motor vehicle operations, and $19.57/hour for tractortrailer operations. Candidates must apply online at employment or br calling 1-478-7573199 on a touch-tone phone (tty 1800-800 8776 ) during the application period. Applications must use the correct announcement number for each position: motor vehicle operators, tractor-trailer operators #205711, Laborers, Custodial #205706. Motor vehicle operator and tractor=trailer operator applications will complete a new online assessment questionnaire; applications who previously established eligibility for these positions using a hard-copy paper application must re-apply online. Laborer, custodial applications will be required to take a multiple choice exam, and will be sent a scheduling package with complete exam information. Applicants being considered for employment will be scheduled for urinalysis drug screening. Equal Opportunity Employer.

September 27, 2007


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to place an ad 773.373-7000

Are you between jobs or starting your own business? Are you a college Student? City Central | Full-time, Parttime, Temp/ Contract | $10.00 $17.00 per hour. Inside Sales and Marketing Projects: $10.00 - $17.00 per hour.

Call Jeff Davis 773 373-7000 To place your ad here

RN Nurses -- Chicago As Chicago's first hospice, Horizon Hospice and Palliative Care is a leader in providing high-quality end-oflife care. We're a fast-growing not-for profit dedicated to diversity and providing a work environment that fosters teamwork and support. We are currently looking for talented nurses to join our team in providing the best in end-of-life care. Responsible for the care of hospice patients in accordance with care plans established by the interdisciplinary team. Plans, coordinates, and manages services provided primarily at the patient's residence. Monitors the effects of care on patient/family health, evaluates care, and determines the need for revision. Acts as a liaison between patient, attending physician, Horizon medical director, volunteers, and members of the interdisciplinary team. Fax resume to Jan Martins at 312-733-8952 or email to

THE ART INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO Museum Shop is Hiring...for Temporary seasonal help in our Retail and Warehouse departments 35 hours per week at $7.50 per hour To apply: You may complete an in-person application at Human Resources 116 South Michigan Avenue, 12th Floor Monday-Friday from 9am4 p m O R E m a i l : Fax: (312) 857-0141 Help Wanted! i.c.stars delivers an intensive four (4)-month paid internship focused in Technology, Business, and Leadership.. We are recruiting for Cycle 12! Register at: Minimum requirements: high school diploma/GED and 6 months work experience at any point. If you have someone you'd like to refer, call Thressa Thomas 312.640.3855.

NURSING PROGRAM FREE TUITION. If you know of anyone between 18-28 years old, interested in the Nursing field, University of the District of Columbia (UDC) is offering FREE tuition, FREE books, a $250 monthly stipend, and guaranteed job placement as a nurse at Providence Hospital upon graduation (it's a 3 year program) with a starting salary of $40,000. The program is recruiting new students now!! Contact Ms. Beshon Smith (202) 2665 4 8 1 o r e m a i l Illinois’ #1 website for finding Blackowner businesses and Black Sales Professional is hiring! We’re looking for friendly people to provide great customer service and reach out to Black-owned businesses and place them on our growing site! Whether you’re a seasoned sales professional or you would like to turn your relationships with Black-owned businesses into a great full-time or part-time career, we would like to meet you

WANTED!!!! SALES REPRESENTATIVES (Sales Experience Required), · Excellent Earning Potential, · Fundraising Opportunities, · Flexible H ours P art Ti m e, Ful l T im e Commission & Bonuses, E-MAIL YOUR RESUME DETAILING YOUR S A L E S E X P E R I E N C E Or For Appointment Call Today! 10 am – 5 pm, Tues – Fri. 773-846-3091 or 773483-9608, THIS IS A PERFECT OPPORTUNITY FOR MOTIVATED INDIVIDUALS TO DETERMINE THEIR OWN HOURS & EARN $300.00 TO $1000.00 A WEEK COMMISSION. SO, IF YOU…JUST GOT LAID OFF…CAN’T FIND E MP LO Y ME N T … N E E D E XT R A INCOME, HIRE YOURSELF TODAY!

U.S. Census Bureau Hiring Field Representative Positions available to conduct household interviews. $10.82-$13.07 per hour depending on location 44.5 cents per reimbursable mile (must be available 3 weekdays, 4 weeknights and all day Saturday) For more information and testing locations and times, call 1-888-722-8995. Job Requirements: 2 forms of ID, 3 Personal References Valid driver's license, Working automobile Land-line telephone. YOUTH COMMUNICATION Title: Technology Advisor Job Description: Below is a comprehensive and composite of technology needs that we are hopeful of securing either through the CTC VISTAs education, experience and adapted skills. Applicants need not possess all skills as this was just an initial attempt at looking at broad role for Technology Advisor. Design and execute Technology Plan Create infrastructure and training for organization web site uploads Develop community partnerships with agreement toward discreet; investments, actvity and deliverables Project evaluation for community news portal Produce Management Handbook for procedures and systems, Design press kits, media database Develop stakeholder database Projects to address & certain preferred traits to offer: 1. versatility to adapt stand-alone PC with multiple levels of functionality and limited connectivity to design and network and Internet access and prescribe and provide project management over technology plan. 2. ability to rebuild and upgrade web site * access from audience, * schools and stakeholders to manage and * administrate web site functionality * accessability to promote community youth news portal 3. design relational database to: * collect participant skill development, * archive contributed work for postsecondary education portfolio * build organizational capacity create user guides for maintaining and updating. Contact Information: Phil Costello, B 312 922 7150 / C 847 732 6484,

Community Organizer COFI is seeking to hire an experienced organizer to continue to build and grow the movement of low-income parents as they campaign to make their communities and Chicago a more just place for all families. This organizer will work with COFI / POWER-PAC parent leaders at the local community and citywide levels on campaigns identified and led by the low-income parent of color - primarily mothers and grandmothers. POWER-PAC, (Parents Organized to Win, Educate and Renew - Policy Action Council) currently has a campaign to stop the criminalization of youth of color and has emerging campaigns around access to early learning opportunities and women / family health care issues. COFI is a family friendly work environment with flexible hours and familysupportive benefits. Organizers of color and women organizers are strongly encouraged to apply. Please see attached job description for more information on how to apply, and please respond by September 20th. Interested applicants please send letter and resume to Ellen Schumer, COFI, 954 W. Washington, Box 42, Chicago, Illinois 60607;; or fax to 312/226-5144.

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September 27, 2007

South Street Journal

Below is a full list of the grant recipients:


from page 13)

―The Employment Opportunities Grant Program will go a long way to create a stronger, more diverse workforce. Gov. and I will continue to support these efforts that are helping more people build better lives across the region and statewide,‖ Senator James Meeks (DChicago) said. ―This new grant program will help to link our many men and women who have not traditionally had the access or opportunity with the advanced skills training needed for goodpaying jobs in the building trades. I commend Gov. Blagojevich for stepping up to help address this important need,‖ State Senator Kwame Raoul (D-Chicago) said. ―In order to expand employment opportunities for minorities, we must invest in targeted skills training that will lead to better paying jobs. This program will provide services directly to populations where this training is needed most, and I look forward to continue working with Gov. Blagojevich, labor and expand these opportunities,‖ State Rep. Marlow Colvin (D-Chicago) said ―The best way we can help create better jobs for more people is by making this type of investment in our greatest asset. Gov. Blagojevich and I believe that this new program is going to lead to better and lasting opportunities in an important and growing Illinois industry,‖ State Rep. David Miller (D-Dolton) said. "We are very pleased to be working with Gov. Blagojevich and a number of other elected officials on this innovative program that is going to continue our other strong efforts to diversify the building and construction trades," Chicago and Cook County Building and Construction Trades Council President Tom Villanova said. "Through this new program, we will be better able to tap into a greater cross-section of the population and increase the number of skilled workers in this field.Gov. Blagojevich continuesdemonstrate his commitment and support for labor by providing the resources needed for a more competitive workforce," said Mike Faron, President of W.E. O'Neil

Organization Chicago Interfaith Committee on Worker Issues Chicago Public Schools Department of Education Chicago Women in Trades Coalition for United Community Action - O.R.T.C, Inc Construction Careers Council of ACE Tech Dawson Technical Institute OAI, Inc Saint Paul Church of God in Christ Community Development Ministries, Inc United Services of Chicago Lincoln Land Community College Neighborhood Housing Development Corporation Peoria Educational Region for Employment and Career Training (P.E.R.F.E.C.T.) Southwestern Illinois College

Address 1020 W Bryn Mawr, 4th Flr 125 S Clark St, 12th Flr

City Chicago

1455 S Michigan, Suite 210 2100 S Indiana Ave, Suite 218 5410 S State St


3901 S State St


180 N Wabash, 4th Flr 4526 S Wabash

Chicago Chicago

330 E 37th St 5250 Shepher Rd, PO Box 19256 1468 East Wood

Chicago Springfield

2000 Pioneer Parkway, Suite 19C


2500 Carlyle Ave

Construction Co. and Chair of the Builders Association Industry Task Force. Program participants will be members of one or more historically underrepresented populations, which can include AfricanAmericans, Hispanics, females, and AfricanAmerican and Hispanic youth, including new high school graduates, and ex-offenders. The will also build career awareness and exploration, address basic reading and math preparation and provide mentoring, so that this sector of the workforce will be more diverse. To learn more about the program please visit: "With the awarding of these Employment Opportunities grants, Gov. Blagojevich is helping to create a stronger pipeline of trained workers who have the skills set to obtain and keep jobs in the construction trades. This is

Grant Total $500,000


Chicago Chicago



Emil Jones Jr. Kwame Raul an important investment not only to significantly increase the diversity within this industry, but also an investment in our economic future," DCEO Director Jack Lavin said. Spathes Construction a white company working the new 23 luxury homes on 72nd and Vincennes says ―We want to hire from the

community. But it‘s a matter of bonding, union, and financing to do a job. Cheap $225,000 labor with quality work. We have to think of our own $650,000 pockets.‖ ―Bonding, unions and $500,000 banks are part of the racial institution of the construction industry. Along with the gov$450,000 ernment sitting up barrels of the process in getting work.‖ $400,000 Explained Shanklin. A Black contractor Charles $750,000 Shanklin says it‘s not as easy as that. Racism is alive and $400,000 kicking. But the diversity means spreading the black pie $600,000 around among home con$300,000 struction and private developers as well. In the communi$419,000 ties most of the construction workers are non-black, said Shankin. ―Most blacks think $350,000 because they are of another race the prices are cheaper, and the work is better. $450,000 "It's a matter of a fight that is going on in this city over ending affirmative action. If we're going to be in a fight for work, we want the community to be in this fight with us.‖ Shanklin suggested for Blacks to address the cry of imparity of Black contractors, ―We not only should reach out to use Black contractors but report jobs that lack our own and report it to elected officials and organizations that should be accountable to the community.‖ "The Capital Development Board has an impressive record of ensuring opportunities for minorities on state construction projects. We are pleased to have been chosen, based on our past performance, to work jointly with DCEO on this new initiative. This program will help close the gap between real opportunities and a scarcity of trained minorities in this important industry," CDB Director Jan Grimes said.

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