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We hope this guide has enabled you to discover the finer points of holiday lettings. If you would now like to arrange a free noobligation visit from one of our Property Managers we would be delighted to hear from you. We know there is a lot to think about and we are happy to answer any further questions you may have.

The ‘Nitty Gritty’ We request a small commission fee of 15% of the advertised letting fee (NO VAT charged). A one-off registration fee of £45 (NO VAT charged). We operate a Cancellation Protection Scheme which is built into the price the customer pays. This means homeowners are guaranteed payment in the event of any cancellations whilst allowing us to refund guests if they have a genuine reason to cancel (injury or death of a party member). The brochure price and the owner price vary by these charges and it is the owner price upon which commission is calculated. We ask holiday home owners to sign our Letting Agreement which will appoint Cascade Property Services as the sole agent. This ultimately reduces any risk of double bookings and disappointed customers. We understand that many owners will want to use their holiday home themselves. To this end we are happy for you to book as many weeks as you wish between October and April and just a four week limit between May and September. Please give as much notice as possible of the dates you would like to reserve. We are pleased to say that most of our guests take good care of the properties, but unfortunately, accidents do happen. In this event we will support you in seeking compensation from the guests. It is imperative that you provide us with details and dated photographs as soon as possible together with any invoices within seven days of the guests’ departure. Later than this and it becomes difficult to prove responsibility.

Exmoor & Surrounding Areas: To arrange a visit or call, please telephone 01884 820309 or e-mail or alternatively you can visit and complete our enquiry sheet.

A Guide To Letting Your Property

Why choose Cascade Property Services?

Marketing At Cascade we know that the successful and effective marketing of your property plays a huge part in securing bookings for you.

Newspapers and Magazines A helping hand Our dedicated team are here to offer a personal and friendly service tailored to your individual needs; whether you are just dipping your toe in the water or a well established property magnate, we will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Advice From your initial enquiry, one of our Property Managers will be happy to come along and advise you on all aspects of holiday lettings and outline the statutory requirements involved. They will provide you with a full and honest appraisal and answer all your questions. Advice and guidance on pricing and forecasts of projected income will be provided. They can also advise you on decor, design and furnishings.

Customer Service At Cascade we believe that we should be available to all when you need us. Our friendly team are available 7 days a week; 8am – 9pm Monday to Friday, 9am – 8pm on Saturday and 10am – 6pm on Sunday. We also operate an out-of-hours emergency telephone service.

Administration Behind the scenes we will be processing all the administration relating to your bookings. We will ensure that all deposits and payments are collected efficiently, confirmations are sent out and directions sent to holidaymakers. We will promptly forward your monthly statement providing you with a full breakdown of your earnings together with details of any future bookings.

Advertisements placed regularly in the good ole fashioned newspaper both locally and nationally. Each property is different and we therefore endeavour to find the correct marketing strategy for you. It may be that your property is perfectly located for horse riders, walkers or cyclists and thus we would advertise your property in magazines targeting these pursuits.

Thinking of buying a holiday home? When buying a holiday home you will need to consider a few things. We offer free advice on all aspects including location, type of property, proximity to facilities, sea views and parking to name but a few. We would be happy to advise you on every aspect of your potential purchase and hope that in return when your property is ready to let you will make us your first choice of agent. Letting out your property means that the health, safety and welfare of all your visitors is paramount. There are a few regulations that need to be adhered to;

The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994 This states that all electrical equipment supplied for use must be safe and any risk reduced to a minimum. At Cascade, we do insist that all electrical appliances are PAT tested annually.

Direct Mail

Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations 1994 as Amended 1996

Targeted direct mail will be sent regularly to past and present holiday makers held on our extensive database.

This requires that if the property has gas or LPG installed for heating, cooking or lighting then any work carried out or any appliance installed must be carried out by registered personnel recognised by the HSE. All gas appliances and systems must be checked annually by an approved engineer. We require a copy of the gas safety certificate for our records.

Website With the majority of people now having access to a computer, the internet is a vital tool and very effective way for us to market your property. We are able to convey an abundance of information, including property descriptions together with lovely photographs and area information.

E-marketing Regular newsletters detailing new properties and special offers will also be sent to our database of loyal customers on a monthly basis.

Twitter & Facebook We use both Twitter and Facebook to chat to our customers. It is a fantastic way of promoting our business, holiday ideas and telling stories.

Property of the Month Putting the spotlight on your property. Each month a chosen property will be featured on our website and also in the local paper.

The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988

This sets fire resistance standards for furniture and furnishings. The regulations only apply upholstered furniture which includes sofas, armchairs, dining chairs, beds and divans including bases and headboards, mattresses, sofa beds, futons, children’s furniture, scatter cushions, seat pads and pillows. The regulations also apply to stretch and loose covers for furniture and garden furniture. The regulations DO NOT APPLY to bedclothes, duvets, loose covers for mattresses, pillowcases, curtains and curtains. Furniture that has been purchased since 1st March 1990 should already meet these standards. Always look for the permanent labels headed ‘Carelessness Causes Fire.’

Disability Discrimination Act 1995

This Act makes it more important than ever that the proprietors of accommodation businesses recognise the importance of accessibility. It is unlawful to discriminate against disabled persons and you may not refuse to serve or accommodate him/her, offer less favourable terms or offer a lower standard than would normally apply. You must accept a guide or hearing dog even if you do not normally accept pets. The Act states that you must take reasonable steps to ensure your property is accessible to all. Some properties, which are suitable or equipped for disabled persons, can apply for an accessibility rating from the Tourist Board. We will require you to carry out an Access Statement. All holiday homes must have public liability insurance together with buildings and contents insurance for holiday lettings. Legally, you are required to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment. We also require you have a minimum of two smoke alarms installed, one on each level of the property. A minimum of one fire blanket and one fire extinguisher should also be installed.

A Guide to Letting Your Property  

Exmoor & Surrounding Areas: A guide to letting your property