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Volume XIII Spring/Summer 2007

Table of Contents PNAA 28th Annual Convention President’s Message Editor’s Notes PNA-Tampa Celebrated Philfest “Beautiful Me” Herbal Products: What You Should Do Chapter Report 2007 South Central Regional Conference Spotlight Potpourri Committee Reports News Around the Nation Around the Town Remembering Father’s Day Challenges in Cardio-Thoracic Nursing Calendar of Events PNA Tampa Officers 2006-2008 PresidentPres.ElectVice- Pres.SecreataryTreasurerPROAsst. PROAuditorBoard Members: Chairperson-


Gwen Iyog Tess Ebrada Cris Hermano Beth Morris Nennette Apostol Geal Irvine Elena Garcesa Emma Barrido Flo Magsakay Roy Covarrubias Letty Mascarinias Bernie Montilla Ana Resulta Ning Bonoan Mila Germino Emma Salamanca Rebecca Mendoza Liw Villagomeza

PNAA 28th Annual Convention Held in California Gwen Iyog, RN, BSN, MSHSA The 28th National PNAA convention was held last July 11-14, 2007 at the Sheraton Park Hotel, Anaheim, California. There were 23 local chapters represented and participated in the event. There were four attendees from PNA-Tampa namely; Geal Irvine, Tess Ebrada, Rhodora Haight and Gwen Iyog. The convention brought light to some of the dilemmas that a nurse faces today. The nursing profession has changed dramatically through the changes and challenges of health care delivery. Some of the changes are reflected on patient safety, privacy act, severe nursing shortage and the aging baby boomers. The Philippine Nurses Association of America is one of the major contributors in shaping the health care delivery system. Our organization has earned the trust and respect from the public and policy makers. The convention brought in the best speakers who spoke about the academic and practice setting needs as nursing professionals in America. Dr Burnes Bolton, who is one of the advisory committee members for the whole Total Care at the Bedside (TCAB) project, was one of the guest speakers during the convention. She shared her TCAB update through a power point presentation. James A Haley Veterans Hospital is one of the facilities who joined the TCAB project. Some of the documented outcomes of TCAB are nurses spend more time in direct valued added patient care resulting in improved patient and staff satisfaction and error prevention and care delivery transformed so that it benefits patients, families, nurses, and other health professionals and society. PNA-Tampa was given recognitions for: Tess Ebrada, President Elect, received her scholarship award from PNAA 2007 during the Gala night. Beth Morris’ poster was presented by Gwen Iyog titled “Toileting Interventions to Reduce Fall in Long-term Care”. PNA-Tampa received a plague as recognition from the Phil. Nurses Association of America Foundation. The PNA-Tampa Pavilion was featured during the general assembly meeting which was heralded by everyone for its originality and being the only one built in America. PNA-Tampa brag album was presented during the general assembly meeting. This was created by Geal Irvine and it contained most the memorabilias of the organization. Lucky winners of different drawings during the convention are Geal winning an iPOD player and gift certificate andGwen for toaster oven and shirts. The vast knowledge of experts is mind-boggling. Learning is a continuous process and it never ends while you are living your day-to-day routine. The networking activity is awesome. If you are contemplating to change your specialty or nursing direction, this is a great opportunity to inquire information and received feedback from different experts. You never run out of new and old friends and they are willing to share their expertise in leadership in the nursing profession.


President’s Message From the Desk of the Editor Geal Irvine, RN, BSN, MSHSA

Greetings to all and wish you have an enjoyable and safe summer time. The hurricane season is here again so please be prepared and take all necessary precautions to protect yourself and your family. Wow, I can’t believe it’s already the middle of the year. Time really flies when you’re busy and have fun. Let me share some happenings that surround the success of our professional organization. The PNA-Tampa has been involved with various community services and scholarship fundraising activities. Everything has been in line with our goals and that of our mother organization, Philippine Nurses’ Association of America (PNAA). I am happy and proud of the recognitions and appreciations that the PNA-Tampa and its members received. The hard work and sacrifices invested by the members and officers towards community service had paid off. I graduated from my Masters of Science in Health Service Administration last May 5, 2007 in University of St. Francis, Joliet Illinois. This is one of my greatest lifetime achievements, and PNA-Tampa paddled my way to it. The Nurses’ Week was well celebrated by all members and friends with lots of fun and food. Our major scholarship fundraising was highlighted with the big raffle drawings and announcement of the lucky winners. We announced the five deserving scholars from Philippines and sent their awards. I attended the PNAA 7th South Central Region Conference in Atlanta on May-17-19, 2007 with Geal Irvine- PRO, Cris Hermano-Vice President, Elizabeth Morris –Secretary and Isabelita Fulton-Member. I salute the Executive Board and members of the Philippine Nurses of Georgia who demonstrated their excellent ability of planning and executing a successful conference. We also attended the 28th PNAA Annual Convention in Anaheim, California where we presented all of PNA-Tampa’s achievements throughout the year. Congratulations to President-elect, Tess Ebrada, for being honored as one of this year’s PNAA scholars. I have envisioned for the PNA-Tampa to sponsor one of the incoming annual convention. I believed that this organization would move towards the changing generations and needs of human race. I have faith that working as a team, we can move mountains.

This Spring/Summer edition of The Philippine Nightingale will not be like any other edition as PNA-Tampa soars to the top with awards, recognitions, fund-raising events and record-breaking attendance in conferences and other events. PNA-Tampa was recognized by the VA Hospital in Tampa during Heritage Day by honoring them with the Group Diversity Award as an outstanding organization. PNA-Tampa deserves the recognition for their volunteerism and active participation in different events of the busiest VA Hospital in the nation. The winners of the Grand Raffle Scholarship fundraising were announced during Nurses Week. The first prize went to Betty Covarrubias, second prize to Joy Clark and third prize to our President, Gwen Iyog. The proceeds of the raffle will be given to the financially needy nursing students in the Philippines. This successful fund-raising raised the bar for PNA-Tampa as an organization that does not turn its back from our native land and gives back to those who need us. PNA-Tampa was also recognized during the South Central Regional Conference in Atlanta and given the awards as the 2007 Outstanding Community Outreach Program, 2007 Outstanding Collaboration with Other Professional and Civic Organizations and the 2007 Outstanding Leadership Dedication and Commitment. The members of PNA-Tampa had given a lot of their hours and dedication to different community outreach programs and most of them are always ready to volunteer year after year without hesitation. We have also given donation to different organizations all over the world from Gawad Kalinga building homes for the poor in the Philippines to the Mustard Seed Organization helping the poor displaced children in Nicaragua to name a few. During the PNAA’s 28th Annual Convention, PresidentElect, Tess Ebrada was given a scholarship award. Our PNATampa Pavilion was recognized as the only PNAA Chapter that has reached this level of accomplishment in coalition with the other Filipino organizations in the Tampa Bay area in support of The Philippine Cultural Foundation. PNA-Tampa had shown the “Bayanihan” spirit at its best. These are only a few of the accomplishments achieved by our organization that proves PNA-Tampa is a dynamic group with outstanding leaders mentoring their members to achieve their maximum potential both professionally and reaching their individual goals. Browse through the pages of The Philippine Nightingale and one could not help wonder if we have reached the height of success as an organization or should we reach for more?

Gwen Iyog


Herbal Products: What You Should Do Before Having Anesthesia? By Anne Grajo, CNA Herbal products are also known as dietary supplements, alternative therapies, complementary medicine, and homeopathic healthcare. Some of the most common herbal products are: ephedra, feverfew, garlic, ginger, ginkgo, ginseng, Kava, and St. John's Wort. Herbal products are available as tablets, liquids, granules, or powders. They may be available in their natural state as well. The Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994 considers herbal products to be foods or dietary supplements. Therefore, the Food and Drug Administration do not regulate them. There are few instructions on proper use and dosage requirements, and little information about possible side effects, toxicity and possible drug interactions. While many herbal products offer noticeable health benefits when used correctly, taking herbal products right up until the day of your procedure/surgery may have an impact on the success of your anesthetic and procedure.

What You Should Do Before Having an Anesthetic

• • • • •

STOP taking the herbal product at least two weeks prior to the scheduled procedure or surgery to prevent side effects. Inform your surgeon and anesthesia provider that you are taking an herbal product. Offer accurate information about any herbal products you are taking. When asked about your medication history, include all herbal products, over-the-counter drugs, dietary supplements, minerals, and teas. If you are not sure of the contents of an herbal product, then bring the product and the container it comes in with you for the preoperative anesthesia interview. Make sure that someone close to you is aware that you take an herbal product. In the event that you need emergency care, this person will need to share this information with your healthcare providers. Realize that herbal products need to be treated as medicine. Even if the product is natural, it still may be harmful when combined with anesthetics.

Popular Herbal Products and Possible Side Effects when Interacting with Anesthetics Ephedra Blood pressure changes; exaggerated response to high blood-pressure medications; risk of heart attack and stroke Feverfew Migraine, insomnia, anxiety and joint stiffness; risk of prolonged bleeding Garlic Blood pressure changes; risk of prolonged bleeding

Ginger Sedative effects; risk of bleeding, especially if taken with aspirin and ginkgo Ginseng Insomnia and irritability; risk of cardiac effects Kava Sedative effects; potential liver toxicity; risk of additive effect to medications St. John’s Wort Sedation; blood pressure changes; risk of interaction with other medications that prolong effects of anesthesia

“Beautiful Me”, PNA-Tampa Theme on Nurses Week Tess Ebrada, RN, BSN

Last may 5, 2007, PNA-Tampa gathered in the PCFI Barangay Pavilion to celebrate Nurses Week. It was officially started with a welcome address from the President-elect, Tess Ebrada. She relayed the message of Gwen Iyog, current PNATampa President, who went to Illinois for her graduation ceremony for her Master’s degree in Health Services Administration. The members joined the Boholanos who had mass celebration for their fiesta officiated by Father Jerry Alcantara. Several vendors were invited to introduce their products or services and give each guest a “Beautiful Me” presentation. Rebecca Mendoza, Past President (04-06) presented the vendors with enthusiasm. There was Mary Kay cosmetics by Elvi Lamping, Artistic skin care and jewelries by Karen Townsend, Massage therapy by Roy Covarrubias, Healing Touch by Michelle and Kellie Leroux, Aroma therapy by Sylla Hanger, and facial make-over by Amy Estrada. Everyone felt good after a good massage, the healing touch and facial. There was a lunch buffet of roasted pig plus different specialties and entertainment was provided by the beautiful music of Joe Cosas. Barth Espino captivated everyone by his skillful art of being the master ceremony and dance instructor. Geal Irvine, Past President (02-04) presented the award to Elizabeth Morris as the PNA Tampa Nurse of the year. Elena Garcesa, Past President (00-02) presented the scholarship awards. Elizabeth Casero was honored as Ms. PNA Tampa 2007 and was presented with a gift. Betty Covarrubias was given a delicious cake for her retirement. The long-awaited drawing of the raffles started and winner were announced. Mr. Bautista drew the first prize and the winner was Betty Covarruvias for a round trip to Europe. It was but fitting for her to receive the prize as she just retired. She was joined of course by Roy Covarrubias and both were leaping with joy. Second prize went to Joy Clark for $2,000 and the third prize went to our dearest president for $500. We ended the affair with joy, contentment and satisfaction. We shared with one another the value of Bayanihan which means “many hands that work together, make the work lighter,” sacrifice, patience and perseverance. 3

PNA-Tampa 2006-2008 Chapter Report Mission Statement: PNA-TAMPA is a non-profit, professional, educational, and community-service oriented organization whose purpose is to uphold the positive image and welfare of its constituent members promote professional excellence and contribute to significant outcomes to healthcare and society. Goals: The Goals of the Association shall include, but not be limited to: A. Unify Filipino-American Nurses in the Tampa Bay area. B. Develop, implement and evaluate programs in nursing leadership, practice, education and research relevant to professional growth of its members and healthcare needs of the community. C. Promote a positive image of nursing to the community through health programs and projects, independently or in collaboration with other local, state and national nursing and other allied health organizations D. Participate actively in socio-cultural activities of the Filipino-American community. E. To encourage, assist and support worthy causes as determined by the Executive Board. PNA-Tampa- A quality organization PNA-Tampa is one of the most dynamic and cohesive organizations in Tampa Bay. We work hard to adhere to the missions and to attain the goals of our organization. We share precious time, talents and resources to the community and to our profession. The PNA-Tampa is involved with various community service and scholarship fundraising activities. PNA-Tampa and its members had gained recognitions and appreciations from different distinguished organizations. We built the first Nurses Pavilion in Florida or in the U.S.A. which is located at the Philippine Cultural Center property, Tampa, Florida. The Pavilion stands for our commitment and dedication to the community and to our profession. It is a multipurpose building which is use for meetings, parties, health services & fundraising events. It serves as our legacy for the nursing generation to come. Rooms for Improvement PNA-Tampa constantly monitors and assesses the needs of members. Plan various activities to better serve the members and to fit their schedules. Educational Programs- need to increase the number of educational programs and better planning to fit in the schedules of majority of the members. Memberships- need to increase memberships, more active participation of members in various activities and increase representation of Filipino nurses from various hospitals through appointed liaisons. Research- increase involvement in evidence-based practice research and publication. Newsletter- encourage members to submit articles in best practices, benchmark successes and inspirational topics. Educational Programs- need to increase the number of educational programs and better planning to fit in the schedules of majority of the members .•A New and Improved PNA-Tampa We launched the official PNA-Tampa website: One of our members will be training to be the PNA-Tampa Webmaster Increased participation of PNA-Tampa in various organizations around the Tampa Bay area: a. Florida Nurses Association- Partnership in Nursing Program b. American Cancer Society- Man-to-Man Prostate Cancer Education and Support Programs c. Continued participation in the VA Diversity Day, Veteran’s Standown, University Community Back to School Health Fair, and Homeless Feeding program d. Senior nursing students from various schools in Tampa Bay were invited to attend our EB meeting as part of their curriculum completion. Opportunities/Challenges Opportunity: PNA-Tampa has increased collaboration with other community and professional organizations. Challenge: Time constraints, expenses and number of volunteers to cover several community services, and family priorities. Encourage members to increase involvement and commitment to maintain their membership and to attract new members. Opportunity: Education given during general assembly meeting to keep a good attendance. Challenge: Difficulty in finding excellent speakers for the educational programs due to less attendance and financial constraints. Initiatives Launch/ New Projects 3-day Philippine Festival celebration in Tampa, Florida: Members provided First Aid and Health Education. PNA-Tampa won the 2nd runner up as Mrs. PCFI in 2006 and most beautiful gown in 2007 during the beauty pageant fund-raising event. We received donations from generous sponsor during the beauty pageant and we donated the money to the PCFI. PNA-Tampa donated money to the Phil Cultural Foundation Inc. (PCFI) for the building maintenance. Cultural Heritage Celebration at James A Haley Veterans Hospital in Tampa: PNA-Tampa received an award as the 2007 outstanding organization and received a plague and cash award. May 2007 Nurses week celebration: Theme: “Beautiful Me” with participation from various massage therapists and beauty consultants offering diff. relaxing activities. a. Awarded 5 nursing scholars to financially-needy students from the Philippines. b. 2007 PNA-Tampa Nurse of the year was selected and given an award. c. 2 members were given the Magnet Excellence Awards in the Administration category and Secretary’s Award for Excellence in Nursing at the Tampa VA. Gawad Kalinga: Cash donation was given to help build houses in the Philippines for the poorest of the poor. A PNA-Tampa member joined the marathon in Jacksonville to help with the fund-raising. Poor families in Mindanao: Balikbayan boxes full of toys and clothes were donated. Bicol Typhoon relief: Cash donation was sent Mustard Seed Organization: Bought children’s clothes and other items to the poor displaced children in Nicaragua Membership and Increase Participatory Initiatives: Every new registered member receives a PNA-Tampa pin, ID card and complimentary newsletters. Free membership fee for any member who recruits 5 additional members for that year. PNA-Tampa will refund $20 for each member/officer who attends a Filipino organization function ticket. Upcoming Activities: Election of new officers for the 2008-2010 term of office 4

General Assembly meeting with Educational CEU Offering/ Induction of New officers during the Christmas CY CY Chapter Performance Expectations 06 07

Descriptions and Narratives

Face to Face Meetings Held



Executive Board Meetings (6/year) and General Assembly Meetings (2/Year)

Chapter Educational Presentations (with CEU) 2


*The Philippine Nightingale Weave- 5/13/06- 2 CEU provided * Demystifying Nursing Research- 11/14/06- 1 CEU provided * Beautiful Me- 5/5/07- no CEU's

Community Involvement



(Health Fairs, PIDC, Parades, et al) Website Presence


Annual VA Heritage Day, Annual Philfest 1st aid providers, Annual University Community Back to School Health Fair, Annual Veterans Stand Down, VA Homeless Women BP Screen, Homeless Feeding program PNA-Tampa members gets food donations from grocery stores and feed the homeless 1 Creation of PNA-Tampa website-

Membership Growth


Human Rights Interventions


Consultative to Others


To increase membership- for every 5 members recruited, a free membership to the recruiter for that year, Other benefits- free newsletter, free CEU's, free PNATampa pin & ID card, encouraged members to publish in newsletter, new 15 members PNA-Tampa folder Provided food and shelter for the stranded Filipino exchange students in Tampa 0 Bay Area Current PNA-Tampa President serves as Director to the Phil. Cultural Foundation, Inc (PCFI) and one of the major supporting organizations to PCFI, a PNA-Tampa member serves as Professional Advisor to the Pilipino-American Political Aggregates (PAPAG), PNA-Tampa works in partnership with the Florida Nurses 3 Association

Fun Stuff-Dinner-Dance/Fundraising


Halloween Dinner-Dance Fund-raising Event, Annual Family Christmas Party, Cosponsored Jun Polistico Show as PCFI fund-raising event, Attended Sampaguita ball and other Filipino organizations Dinner-Dances, Grand Raffle Drawing for the 1 Scholarship Program

Initiatives Launch/New Projects


Nursing Scholarship Program for the financially needy students in the Philippines, 2 creation of the PNA-Tampa website

Comments Held every 2 months and as needed The educational program is given during the General Assembly meetings twice a year. Annual VA Heritage Day- serves food in the Asian booth, choir and fashion show participants, Annual Philfest- 1st aiders, fund-raising in support of PCFI, Ms. PNA-Tampa, UC Back to School- BP screening, H&P on children, Veterans Stand Down- health education & BP screening Homeless feeding program done every Thursday Updated by webmaster PNA-Tampa has member liaison for some hospitals in the Tampa Bay area PNA-Tampa officers took in 10 exchange students. PNA-Tampa works with these organizations as director, advisor and as partners. Members attend various activities of these organizations. PNA-Tampa Fund-raising events is use to fund different PNATampa programs- PNA-Tampa Pavilion, Nursing Scholarship Program for the financially needy students in the Philippines (6 scholars in 2006 and 5 in 2007), other free educational programs for the members and newsletters. To increase the funding of the Nursing Scholarship Program, a major Grand Raffle Drawing was launched and winners were announced on May 5th during Nurses Week

Remembering Father’s Day Cris Hermano, RN, BSN We celebrate Father’s Day every year, usually on the 3rd Sunday of June. Just like our mother, our father is a God’s blessing to all of us. Therefore he needs equal recognition for their contribution to the family as well. I had fond memories of my father. He was a man, truly dedicated to his children’s welfare .He made sure that his children were happy and all their needs were met. He worked hard to give good education and provide a decent living. Overcoming challenges, he managed to hold the family together. Family was his priority. Usually Father and daughter share a very specific relationship and I had a strong relationship with my father during my childhood and adolescent years. I remember giving him a hard time on several occasions, yet he stood firm, but loving on his principles. He was strict but I felt close and open with him. I promised him that I would not fail him with his expectation. He was worried that I would not finish my studies. As the years passed by, my vision gradually cleared and I came to appreciate his perspective when disciplining me. Now I am very thankful to have such a dedicated father and I know, I would never be what I am now without his support and guidance. I salute you my father for your greatness. May God bless all the fathers not only on this yearly celebration but also throughout the year.


PNAA Seventh South Central Regional Conference Held in Atlanta, Georgia By Gwen Iyog, RN, BSN, MSHSA PNA-Tampa attended the PNAA 7th South Central Region Conference in Atlanta on May-17-19, 2007. The PNA-Tampa delegates were Gwen IyogPresident, Geal Irvine- PRO, Cris Hermano-Vice President, and Elizabeth Morris –Secretary and Isabelita Fulton-member. The group was very grateful to Garry Fulton, (Isabelita’s husband) who drove them in his luxurious conversion van to Atlanta. Everyone had a great time during the trip and they stayed at the luxurious Sheraton Galleria, Atlanta. May 17th was the welcome night for all the delegations of South Central Region followed by dinner at the Canton House Restaurant. Food was delicious and the line dancing by our colleagues was non-stop. May 18th started with the South Central Chapter meeting with each president presenting a power point presentation on chapter updates, goals, strategies, barriers /solutions to overcome challenges, and accomplishments. The Nursing Leadership Workshop followed this. Everybody attended the fellowship night and the theme is “Gone with the Wind”. Everyone enjoyed the show by the Philippine Nurses’ Georgia and that of other chapters including the beautiful line dance presented by the Orange Blossoms of Florida (Cris, Gwen, Geal, Isabel & Beth). They captured the audience admirations and applauses. They won prizes from several raffle drawings. The theme of the educational seminar on May 19th is “The Future is here: Nursing Practice in a Culture of Excellence through Vision, Mission, Values, and Leadership”. The excellent speakers captured everybody’s interest. The group was so impressed with the robotics mitral valve repair that affects patient’s hospital stay and fewer complications. They met new friends from different chapters and bonded with some. The PNA-Tampa will pledge $1000.00 to Philippine Nurses’ of America Foundation, as the gold sponsor and will become as one of the founding organization to be written in the Philippine Nurses Association of America Foundation (PNAAF) history. The PNAAF provides funds for the PNAA projects and expenses. This valuable donation will serve as legacy of PNA-Tampa in the history of PNAAF for generations to come. The PNA-Tampa received three awards from the Philippine Nurses Association of America during the7th PNAA SCR conference. • 2007 Outstanding Community Outreach Program • 2007 Outstanding Collaboration With Other Professional and Civic organizations • 2007 Outstanding Leadership Dedication and Commitment as PNA-Tampa The Executive Board and members of the Philippine Nurses of Georgia demonstrated their excellent ability of

planning and executing a successful conference. A million thanks to PNA-Georgia for a wonderful experience of a lifetime!


PNA-Tampa President-elect, Maria Theresa Ebrada had been an outstanding member ever since she joined the organization. She gladly stepped up to the plate of filling in the vacant position of President-elect last year and the members were just as pleased to see her in one of the most important position of the organization. She graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1979 at Southwestern University in the Philippines. After she graduated, she worked at the Veteran’s Hospital in the Philippines in various areas such as ICU’s, pediatric unit, oncology and acute medical wards. This has laid the foundation of what she will become as a nurse later in life and contributed to her flexibility to adjust in different areas in nursing. She migrated to the United States in 1983 and worked at the prestigious Bellevue Hospital in the ICU and this jump-started her nursing in the critical care areas. Her analytical mind, excellent critical thinking and quick decision-making made her an ideal ICU nurse. Her patients do not easily forget the personal touch she placed in patient care when they needed her the most. She moved from New York to Pennsylvania to Tampa VA Hospital where she is currently working in SICU as rotating Charge Nurse. She just passed her Certification in Cardiac Medicine and currently enrolled in Master’s program in nursing which is one of her long-term goals in her profession. Besides this hectic schedule, she is also a PRN staff at Moffitt Cancer Research Institute in the Special Care unit. Her excellent organizational skills helped her juggle her very busy schedule being a full-time nurse to being a full-time mom/wife. She is very involved in her children’s activities and education. She has two children named Michael who is in USF and Michelle, 7th grader in Corpus Christi. She has the full support of her husband, Mel, who worked full-time in the Post Office and to supplement their income, he is also in the travel business ( With the full support of her family, Tess will surely succeed in every endeavor she planned to take on in the future.


technique. For details of this event, please read the

Around the Town Geal Irvine, RN, BSN, MSHSA The months of April to August had been busy for PNATampa Officers and members in celebrating the Annual Philfest, Man-to-Man Group Meeting, VA Heritage Week, PNA-Tampa Nurses Week and the Veteran’s Standown. Thank you all for those who volunteered and made these days a memorable one. Here are the highlights of these four major events: Annual Philfest 2007- April 13-15, 2007 Philfest is a yearly three-day celebration and gathering of all Filipinos around the state of Florida and beyond. PNA-Tampa is one of the organizations who supported this major event here in Tampa Bay. Members volunteered as first-aid consultants, joined the Mr. and Miss Philfest contest, gate greeters, sold food and admission tickets and as vendors selling food at our Pavilion. For details of this event, please see related articles on this edition. American Cancer Society Man-to-Man Prostate Support Group Educational Program- April 26, 2007 This organization support programs throughout Florida in providing information and encouragement to help patients battle prostate cancer. PNA-Tampa volunteered to help in their monthly meetings held at the VA Hospital, Tampa. The volunteers organize free monthly meetings where patients gain emotional support from other prostate cancer patients in a confidential forum and learn about treatment, side effects and how to cope with the disease from medical professionals serving as guest speakers. For more information, contact Nancy Nethery, Area Patient Services Representative, American Cancer Society, 813-319-5919 or VA Heritage Day- April 27th, 2007PNA-Tampa officers and members ( Ana Resulta, Tess Ebrada, Isabelita Fulton, Beth Morris)participated in the fashion show showcasing their beautiful and elegant Filipina gowns. They are PNA-Tampa's Next Top Models !!! Also, a million thanks to those who serve the food at the Asian Booth ( Gwen, Geal, Nenita, Minnie, Cris, Isabelita, Nennette, Ana, Eve, Tess, anyone else?)under such humid temperature... And the highlight of the day was the recognition of the VA Nurses who are members of PNA-Tampa and getting the Group Diversity Award for 2007. Beth Morris and Ana Resulta represented PNATampa during the award ceremony. Way to go, ladies and gentlemen !!!! PNA-Tampa Nurses Week Celebration- May 5th, 2007This was such a fun day and PNA-Tampa members were recognized and given appreciation for all the work they had done as a nurse and as volunteers to our organization. Everybody brought their favorite dish, had some games, dancing, singing, vendors who gave facial demonstrations, massages and relaxation.

Veteran’s Standown- August 17, 2007 PNA-Tampa volunteered for the Veteran’s Standown for the homeless veterans sponsored by the VA Hospital in Tampa with other supporting organizations. They provided health screening and education.

Around the Nation and Abroad Geal Irvine, RN, BSN, MSHSA Lansing, Michigan- Governor Jennifer Granholm of Michigan signed into law House Bill No. 4207 removing the CGFNS Qualifying Examination in the State of Michigan on June 14, 2007. Rep. Hopgood who introduced the bill witnessed the signing with PNA Michigan President Ellen Dioso and CGFNS Task Force Chairperson, Remy Solarte. For VISA screen, it is still a mandated requirement for foreign health workers certification to either pass an NCLEX exam or CGFNS predictor exam. Source: PNAA On-line News Tallahassee, Florida- Florida Governor Charlie Crist signed Senate Bill 248, Clinical Nurse Specialists, into law which became effective July 1, 2007. The law allows the Board of Nursing to issue licenses to Clinical Nurse Specialists in recognition of their advanced education and training. It also provides title protection to Certified Nurse Midwives, Clinical Nurse Specialists, and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists. Source: FNA Legislative Update Washington D.C.- PNAA President May Mayor attended a whole day meeting with the Academy Health McArthur Foundation Grant Advisory Group on September 13, 2007. This group had been working on developing ethical guidelines on the recruitment of internationally educated nurses. The grant has funded focus groups in several parts of the country. One of the feedback that May Mayor got from the group is that some of those with less savory practices are from the Philippines. Source: PNAA On-line News San Diego, California- NCEMNA will be holding its 4th Annual Conference in San Diego, CA on March 69, 2008 with the theme, “Creating Research Careers: Setting the Bar High- Aiming for Excellence”. They are inviting everyone to submit their abstract presentations especially studies focusing on expanding the knowledge base to alleviate health disparities of ethnic minority populations. The Mentee/Mentor program is on-going with deadline application on October 15, 2007 Source: NCEMNA News Update Manila, Philippines- The first NCLEX examination was held last August 23, 2007 in Manila and this is due to the untiring effort of the PNAA officers and PNA officers in the Philippines. This will save Filipino nurses thousands of dollars from going to other international sites. Source: PNAA On-line News 7

PNA-Tampa Participated in Philfest 2007 Geal Irvine, RN, BSN, MSHSA Filipinos all over the country came to celebrate the very popular Philfest of Tampa Bay last April 13-15, 2007 at the PCFI grounds. Philfest is a joined effort of the major Filipino organizations around Tampa Bay and the surrounding areas and showed the true ”Bayanihan” spirit of Filipinos. There were vendors selling local delicacies from different regions, arts and crafts, plants, paintings, and even cable TV featuring the local TV stations in the Philippines. There were the celebrations of Santacruzan, Yugyugan, and fashion shows of different Filipino costumes. There is also a singing contest called “Tawag ng Tanghalan”, the equivalent of the Filipino American Idol. The children were also featured in the program with their artistic dancing and singing. The Musikong Kawayan, a musical group that played musical instruments made of bamboo, entertained the crowd and some PNATampa members joined this group with their children. The teens enjoyed the evening and night hours with all different bands playing the “now” generation kind of music. The Barangay Arts Center displayed different Filipino artifacts showing the richness of the Filipino culture. PNA-Tampa had always been a major supporter of PCFI ever since its inception in the early 90’s. They had been serving as First Aid staff during the Philfest treating different kinds of emergencies. They volunteered at the gate selling admission tickets and food coupons. Every year PNA-Tampa is represented in the Mr. and Mrs. Philfest Contest. This year it is for Mr. and Miss Philfest and PNA-Tampa was represented by Elizabeth Casero, daughter of Vangie Casero and escorted by the son of Bernie Montilla. Elizabeth won the best gown during the Saturday parade.

Mr. and Miss PNA-Tampa

Nennette, Ana and Dinah enjoying the Philfest

The Philippine Consulate came to offer the dualcitizenship application to all the Filipinos who came for this event. The children of Liw and Aba Villagomeza, Gwen Iyog, PNA-Tampa President, and her husband, Emilio Iyog joined the oath taking for the dual citizenship on April 15, 2007. They are now the “new” Filipinos. There were about 140 “new” Filipinos who took their oath of allegiance to the Philippine Constitution. Philfest is always a three-day celebration of Philippine culture and its heritage enjoyed by Filipinos and Americans alike. It never ceased to wonder how the “Bayanihan” spirit is very much evident during these three days. Differences among the different ethnic regions were put aside to make this an event to remember.

The Santacruzan


Committee Reports Education Committee- (6) 2007 PNA-Tampa scholarships were awarded to deserving nursing students in the Philippines. Applications for the 2008 scholarships are now being accepted until Feb. 28, 2008. The fall educational program is planned for Nov. 17th with 1 CEU and the topic will be on Palliative Care. It will be held at TGH and the General Assembly meeting will be held at the same time. Finance Committee- PNA-Tampa had a very successful fund-raising with the raffle tickets making our organization more financially stable. Thanks to our supporters and to all the officers and members who worked hard to make this a huge success. Publication Committee- PNA-Tampa scrapbook depicting the time the organization was founded to current activities was finished in time for the PNAA Annual Conference held last July in Anaheim, CA. The newsletter will continue to be published in hard copy and will still be available on-line. Flyers for the next educational program will be distributed at the next meeting. Membership Committee- There are 69 paid members and members’ information are currently being updated. Creative ways to increase memberships are being channeled and always a big challenge to the organization. There is a need to activate the liaisons for the different hospitals in the Tampa Bay area to disseminate information from our organization.

Ad Hoc Committee- No ad hoc committee was formed at this time.

Potpourri Welcome to the new RN’s joining the Tampa VA familyFlorante Ouano, Verna Claveria, Darlene Hedriana, Caroline Chan, Sarah Diaz and Lolita Corpuz. Hope you join our PNATampa family, too. Birthday Greetings to Wilma Garay, Tess Ebrada, Gwen Iyog, Geal Irvine and Cris Hermano. May you have more birthdays to come! Congratulations to Tess Ebrada for being selected as one of the PNAA scholars for the year 2007 and for passing the Cardiology Medicine Certification(CMC) together with Wilma Garay, to Elizabeth Morris who received the Secretary’s Award for Excellence in Nursing, to Geal Irvine who received the Magnet: Partners in Excellence Award in the Administration category, and to Anna Resulta for being selected as Wound Care Specialist and will be taking graduate classes to become a certified Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurse. We will miss Isabelita Fulton just as we are just starting to get to know her more for her move to the VA Hospital in San Francisco, CA. We wish her the best for her promotion to nurse supervisory position.

Community Service Committee- Tambayang Pinoy is currently on hold but will be resumed later. PNA-Tampa took in several stranded exchange students when their contract expired and provided them with food and shelter. The volunteer PNA-Tampa members gave the students stipend and in return, the students helped them with some household chores. Socio-Cultural Committee- PNA-Tampa participated again in the annual Philfest as first-aid volunteers, joined the Mr and Miss Philfest contest, sold food, tickets and decorated the PNA-Tampa pavilion. Garage Sale fund-raising was held at Cris Hermano’s subdivision last spring and later the volunteers were treated to a Mary-Kay make-over offered by Flo Magsakay. Nurses Week celebration was held at the Barangay Pavilion last May. PNA-Tampa Nurse of the Year was awarded to Elizabeth Morris. The Grand Raffle winners were given to Betty Covarrubias for 1st prize, Joy Clark for 2nd prize and Gwen Iyog for 3rd prize. Everyone had a good time! Awards Committee- Prizes for games and awards were prepared for Nurses Week. A certificate was given to Nurse of the Year and a small token of appreciation was given to Mr. and Miss PNA-Tampa 2007.

Diversity Day at Tampa VA 9

The Challenges of Cardio-thoracic Nursing By Flory Magsakay, RN, BSN

After I graduated from a nursing school in the Philippines twenty-five years ago, I have no idea that I would be working as a cardio-thoracic nurse in a prestigious magnet hospital in Tampa Bay. Cardiothoracic (CT) nursing presents many challenges to both new and experienced nurse but the personal and professional satisfaction when you see the patient walk out of the hospital with a new or repaired heart is indescribable. Some of the surgeries included in cardio-thoracic nursing are coronary artery bypass graft, mitral valve and aortic valve replacement, abdominal aortic aneurysm repair, femoral-popliteal bypass graft, thoracotomy and lobectomy. Even a simple chest tube insertion, at times, could be quite challenging.

CALENDAR OF EVENTS Aug.15- Feb.28, 2008 PNA-Tampa Scholarship being accepted Send to: Ning Bonoan September 11, 2007 Nomination of new PNA-TPA officers candidates/ Exec. Board Meeting October 30, 2007 Election and Counting of Votes/ CEU Planning November 17, 2007 Educational Program- Palliative Care 9am-11am General Assembly Meeting Refreshment and CEU’s provided Tampa General Hospital

Staffing a cardio-vascular step down/telemetry unit requires highly specialized staff from the technician to the nurse manager. I had been fortunate to be able to work in a unit that is fully staffed with experienced nurses and technicians. Specialty training is required in the areas of EKG monitoring, advance cardiac life support, pain management and infection control.

December 9, 2007 PNA-Tampa Christmas Party 1pm-6pm The Lodge, Wilderness Lake Preserve, Land O’ Lakes 1p-6pm

One of the most challenging aspects of working on this floor is dealing with pain issues of the patient and unexpected complications. Each patient will have a different threshold of pain, so each individual case has to be managed with care. The different types of pain management include PCA, epidural pumps, and intravenous and oral pain medications. Other alternative pain management method is the use of relaxation techniques and repositioning to relieve additional pain. Unexpected complications may arise and the CT nurse should be alert to detect worsening vital signs and dangerous cardiac rhythms early enough to provide life-saving interventions.

December 2007 PCFI PASKO Exact Date and time TBA

Another important aspect in the post-operative care is the prevention of infection. The operative site is cleaned with an antiseptic cleansing cloth preoperatively and post-operatively. In addition, the use of Bactroban is required to reduce the number of bacteria found in the nose, which has to been linked to surgical site infections.

Potluck/ Games/ Santa/ Karaoke/ Induction of 2008-2010 PNA-TPA Officers

Jan. 29-Feb. 2, 2008 PNA International Conference- Theme: Caring for the World & Ourselves

Manila, Philippines February 8, 2008 PNA-Tampa Valentine’s Party Fund- Raising Event Bayanihan Arts Center PNA-Tampa website: Bayanihan Arts Center website: PNAA website:

Editorial Staff It is rewarding to work in the cardiovascular stepdown/telemetry unit because of the knowledgeable staff, the challenging environment, and helping with life-changing surgeries, as well as improving the overall health of the patients.

Editor-in Chief Geal Irvine Asst. Editor Elena Garcesa Contributing Writers: Anne Grajo Tess Ebrada Cris Hermano Gwen Iyog 10

PNAPNA-Tampa in Action 2007

Tambayang Pinoy with our Elders

Betty Covarrubias, the first prize winner of the Grand Raffle!

The Healing Touch during Nurses Week

Elizabeth Morris, PNA-Tampa Nurse of the Year

The “Orange Blossoms of Florida” at the SCR Conference in Atlanta

Posing for more pictures prior to the SCR conference 11

The Philippine Nurses Association of Tampa Bay, Inc. Membership Application Form MISSION STATEMENT: PNA-TAMPA is a non-profit, professional, educational, and community-service oriented organization whose purpose is to uphold the positive image and welfare of its constituent members, promote professional excellence and contribute to significant outcomes to healthcare and society.

GOALS: A. Unify Filipino-American Nurses in the Tampa Bay area. B. Develop, implement and evaluate programs in nursing leadership, practice, education and research relevant to professional growth of its members and healthcare needs of the community. C. Promote a positive image of nursing to the community through health programs and projects, independently or in collaboration with other local, state and national nursing and other allied health organizations D. Participate actively in socio-cultural activities of the Filipino-American community. E. To encourage, assist and support worthy causes as determined by the Executive Board. Date: _________________________

( ) New Member

( ) Renewal

Last Name: ____________________ First Name: ________________________ Maiden Name: ____________________ Spouse’s Name: ________________________ Date of Birth: ____________________ Employer: ________________________ School of Nursing ____________________ Year Graduated: ________________________ Degree Attained: ____________________ Other Degrees: ________________________ Home Address: ___________________________________________________________________ Home Phone: ____________________ Work Phone: _____________ Best time to call: _______ E-mail: ____________________ Fax no: ____________ Cell Phone: ____________ Please indicate which committees you are interested in: Bylaws: ___________________________ Publication: ____________________________________ Education & Scholarship: _____________ Nominations and Elections: ________________________ Membership: _______________________ Awards: _______________________________________ Budget and Finance: _________________ Community Service: _____________________________ Socio-Cultural: _____________________ Ad Hoc: _______________________________________ Referred by: _______________________ Membership Fee: $30.00/ year

Make check payable to: The Philippine Nurses Association of Tampa Bay, Inc. C/0 Elizabeth Morris, Secretary 4208 Windtree Dr., Tampa, Fl 33624 “ Show

our nursing association its vitality, visibility, and viability by being a member and getting involved “ Visit our website:

Thank you very much for your interest and payment.

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