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bigger than where you are. To get out of your comfort zone, and see, “where can I go front of us, we always somehow make “lusot.” beyond this?” Then, and only then, can you be We can always surpass and overcome anything who you want to be. Because obstacles are that comes in our way. only for those who allow them to be. I’d just like for you to remember three Third, “take action.” A lot of people have things. First, “believe in yourself.” That’s a wonderful ideas, but only 5% of them cliché, but really, I want you to know who you succeed. What’s the difference between the are. Have you ever tried to ask two? The ones who have the “You don’t need to be successful, what your strengths and what idea, and the ones who take your weaknesses are? It is then you just need to be faithful.” action about it. Be faithful - Mother Teresa not only to yourself but to and only then, you will be great. The greatest successful people your plans and to your have failed but the strength that they have is commitment. Always make a timeline on knowing what their weaknesses. what you want to do. Mother Teresa once When I first arrived in the United States in said, “You don’t need to be successful, you ‘83, it was very hard to adjust. I cried every just need to be faithful.” Faithful not only to day. People couldn’t even understand my God but faithful to your own self. Don’t let accent. There’s a culture shock from Manila to anyone else say who you are. Only you, will New York City. I was alone in a big city. So, I know you who are. These obstacles, these tried to understand who I really was in a very crises and what you do about it will mold your strange place. Twenty eight years later, I’m own character. Dare to dream big, I would standing in front of you, calling this country never have even imagined that I would be my home. My family is here, I have my own where I am right now. By the grace of God business here, maybe because I believed in above all, I always believe that our plans are who I really am. I recognized my weakness, according to God’s will for us. Believe in your then strived and worked hard to believe in my calling, it’s not all about jobs, money, and business. Believe in your calling, that’s part dream. of who you are. Second, “in every crisis, there’s always an Let me close by saying, that it is truly my opportunity.” There are lots of opportunity in pleasure to be here amongst you. I would be the midst of crisis. It was when I was pregnant with my second child and was put on bed rest. happy to be a mentor to anyone who just like I couldn’t even go to work during the time so I me, would like to dream, because you need decided to start my own business to recruit someone to hold your hand. I’ve been there. nurses. I worked from home, in my bedroom I know that there are some of you that I making calls to the Philippines. It was when would also like to be mentored by and I hope my husband was laid off from work, that I that you would open your arms to me as well. decided to open my own home health agency. As one community, I know that the PNA of It was when I got so sick of going to school at Tampa Bay can be a catalyst of change in the USF in my Master’s program, and working industry and in our community. Enjoy the fulltime in ICU at Brandon Hospital, when I evening and God bless all of you. decided that I have to change something. And This Inspirational Message was delivered that’s when, again, I opened my other during the 14th Induction of Officers company. So, when there is an obstacle in on January 15, 2012. front of you, look beyond what you see. Those Transcribed by Zadkiel Zabala Jesuit High School 2015 obstacles are your stepping stones to think THE



2011 – Fall/Winter  

2011 – Fall/Winter

2011 – Fall/Winter  

2011 – Fall/Winter