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diversity, search out excellence, compassion and commitment, open to contrary opinion, communicate effectively, mature, manage energy not time, vulnerable to skills and talents of others; intimate with the organization and how it works, storyteller, sees the broad picture, and business literate. Closing engagement reception was held at the Ayala Museum sponsored by the Ayala Land. I particularly enjoyed this event as I had the chance to mingle with the delegates in a more socially enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere. The experience was well worth the miles that I traveled and the money that I spent. The organizers definitely did a marvelous job!


Jet Zabala, PRO and Dr. Rey Rivera, PNAA President during the 8th International Nursing Conference held in Manila, January 26-27, 2012.

A dose of Broadway by the bay Creates environment that promotes communication, trust, cooperation, and respect for differences. To evaluate our project, we invited participants to send us their feedback from the show and to give us some thoughts on their experience. “Beyond enjoying the show is the joy of seeing my colleagues and friends from PNA. Thank you for always inviting me.” - Joy L. Barlaan “My participation helped our fundraising event. It did not only raise our funds but increase the awareness that we, as an organization are united to achieve our goals, and it will bring others to our organization. This activity is worth my time and effort. It helped our organization, gave me some refresher and a break from my routines. I had great time dining with my friends afterwards. I will participate in this activity again. Thank you.” - Tess Ebrada “I enjoyed the show very much (Les Mis is one of my faves). We made good money and had fun at the same time. Indeed this is a smart way of raising funds! I wouldn't hesitate to attending another occasion.” - Nennette Apostol “I like the whole theme of it. Hope it brought good $$$ to the organization.” – Gwen Iyog Places team goals above personal goals in achieving a distinctive result or


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innovation. Due to the success of this project, we decided to continue this endeavor for the next season of Broadway shows that are coming to Tampa. To be fair in the selection process of which shows that have the most appeal to viewers, we sent a survey electronically not only to our officers but to all our members as well so they could have a voice in the decision-making. Seventy percent of our members participated in the said survey. Sister Act and Wicked are the two shows in which we are all excited to see this December and January, respectively. We have already submitted the form and we will wait for the date of the release of tickets. Conclusion This project had brought not only revenue ($1024 for Les Mis and $300 for Mamma Mia!) but also joy to our members and supporters. As we gather around before and after the show, you could feel the excitement and enthusiasm of our members and guests. This is our way of promoting the positive image of nurses in our community by our visibility in events involving the appreciation of arts. Finally, to keep the team spirit alive, Julie Lindsey, one of our Board Members organized an after-show dinner in a nearby Cuban restaurant to extend the camaraderie among team members.

2011 – Fall/Winter  

2011 – Fall/Winter

2011 – Fall/Winter  

2011 – Fall/Winter