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ccelerating times cause for progressive steps in the flow of what God is doing. Therefore, in the upcoming year, it’s imperative for the church to turn its face towards Him. Recognize that the days of Heaven are breathing upon us. See that it is a time of change and transition from old mindsets into an apostolic mindset. It’s time for spiritual repositioning. The church has to be in a position where supernatural functioning can take place in our churches and in our lives. Where we’re headed, your ego will not stand a chance. Any priorities you have managed to put before God will not survive this shift. In this hour, there’s no time for playing. It’s time for the church to move out of a state of organized predictability and move into the days of Church Unusual. Let’s stop peeping in the Bible searching to find something for ourselves. Seek His face. Within this covenant lifestyle, we have to find out what our part is and do it… until all of the families of the earth be blessed. It’s the time to die to our own agenda and come alive to His agenda. God is looking for a people whose heart is perfect towards Him. We are the perfect candidates!

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Parenting by Faith with Wisdom Dr. Leroy Thompson, Sr.


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Parenting by Faith with Wisdom


s a parent, there are many situations and obstacles that are going to come forth in the process of you trying to mold your children into what you want them to be, and into what God has called them to be. In God’s eyes, parenting is stewardship and you are held responsible and accountable for your parenting. God requires you to be a good steward over your child, but in order to do this, you need to know what to do and how to handle these situations when they arise. Parenting by faith, with wisdom is the only way. Trying to do it academically or in the sense realm will not yield the same results that seeking God by faith and using His wisdom will. Hebrews 11:6 says, But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. When you seek God by faith, He will give you the ability to deal with everything else. He’ll give you the ability to have peace in your most troublesome moments with your child, but you have to know what to do.

Hiding Your Child Do you have the kind of love for your child where, in spite of what may happen, you still see the good in them? When you look at your child, what do you see? Let’s look at this biblical example to show us how seeing the proper things in your children will help you be a better parent. Hebrews 11:23, By faith Moses, when he was born, was hid three months of his parents, because they saw he was a proper child; and they were not afraid of the king’s commandment. If you reference, Exodus 1 and 2, you will see that Pharaoh had issued an order to kill all the son’s that were born during this time. In meditating Hebrews 11:23, I noticed this, Moses’ parents first saw that he was a proper child, then they hid him. There are some things that only a parent can see in their child, when no one else can; but if you don’t look for it, you won’t see it. Every child has something proper in them and parents need to nourish that. You don’t need to keep telling them their

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faults, instead find something to compliment them on. Use that which is good to encourage your child, and dwell on those things to encourage you to protect them. God, by his tremendous grace, showed Moses’ parents the goodness in him, then, by faith, they decided to do something none of the other parents decided to do, by not throwing him into the slaughter. I believe the Holy Spirit wants me to emphasize this point: Don’t you come to regret never seeing the goodness in your child. Seeing the goodness in your child, does not mean that there won’t be any challenges. No, it does not mean that at all; but when you find those good things in your child, you will be encouraged to fight for your child no matter the situation. You’ve got to hide that child in prayer, understanding, wisdom, and love. The more you hide that child, the better chance that child will have. Moses’ parents physically hid him for only three months, but in actuality a parent needs to spiritually hide their child for all of their childhood. The Bible says, He that dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty. (Psalm 91:1). Get that child in there, in that secret place. That’s what you call hiding your child. You are hiding your child when you speak words of faith, courage, and love; in spite of them making a mistake. You are hiding your child when you walk by faith and not by sight, even if everyone and everything else says something negative. Choose to see what they’re going to be. Never side in with what the devil, a negative situation, or what anybody else is saying about your child. Always remember, you are responsible as a parent, to hide your child from the onslaught of this world. Even if they fall off the truck, you turn that truck around and tell them “Get back in! You’re my child!” You cannot be afraid of neither Satan nor sin. You cannot be afraid of anything bad that is trying to transpire. Without fear, in faith, you must deal with it. This world’s system tends to bring fear upon parents but when they ask ‘Who’s going to make it?’ You answer them and say, “My child is! MY child is going to make it!”

Moses’ parents were not afraid of the command Pharaoh gave and they knew their lives were on the line for what they decided to do. You have to be willing to give your life to save your child. Get rid of pride and don’t make the mistake of dumping your child just because they have a problem in order for you to save face. God will not honor that, because, as a parent, you are a steward over your children and you are accountable to God for them. No matter how old they are, when it comes to right and wrong, your children will never be too old to straighten out. You may say, “well I hear you saying this, Dr. Thompson, but I don’t know how to do this or what to do.” Do it by faith. Everything under the realm of God has to be done by faith. If you train a child properly, hide that child properly, see them properly through the eyes of God and do all of these things by faith, God will take it from there. Now, look at Hebrews 11:24-25. – By faith Moses, when he was come to years, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter. Choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season. Moses made that choice because his parents, who hid him by faith after they saw that he was a proper child; trusted God to take care of him when he came of age to make his own decisions. Notice, he chose. Put your child in a position to make a choice but let them know that the pleasures of sin only last for a season and honoring Christ is the only method of success. Moses’ refusal to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter represents everything this world has to offer, every pleasure, every sin and every worldly activity the devil can offer. Moses refused, so don’t tell me in this day and age our children can’t live right and turn down what this world has to offer if you put the right things in them. It doesn’t matter what it is, a child who is properly trained, in due season, will refuse what the world has to offer because of the instruction you have previously instilled in them. You have to use wisdom to instill this instruction into your children, not by just slamming it in their faces but by settling down, talking to God so He can tell you how to do it.

Effective Methods In order for you to raise your children properly, you have to be enlightened and educated Spiritually yourself. Most parents, parent the way they saw their own parents raise them but that is not always a good thing. Here are a few methods that I have studied and found to be successful in raising and instilling proper values in my own children. First, let’s deal with being aware of how you communicate with your children. Some of you can picture that shoe flying or hear yourself saying, “I’ll kill you!” We say and do these things because that’s how our parents disciplined us but when you know better, you do better. The most effective way to get something you need from others is to give it freely yourself. Therefore, if you want your child to talk to you properly, you need to talk to them properly. I’ve seen great friendships between parents and children. That is an amazing thing because when something goes wrong that child will always go to their parents for help. If you are always flying off the handle when they do wrong, eventually that child will stop coming to you for help.

Proverbs 25:28, says, He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls. In other words, you have to let the Holy Spirit have rule over your spirit. If He doesn’t, you’re going to break out in anger every time something goes wrong and eventually tear down the whole parent/child relationship where the enemy can have free course. This is why it is so important to let the Holy Spirit have rule over your Spirit. He knows exactly what that child needs; what type of chastisement, how far to go, and when to stop. The Holy Spirit can touch you, the child, and the situation but you can’t leave the Holy Ghost out in raising children. When you yield to Him, He’ll reveal to you what’s before your child so that you can deal with things ahead of time. Job 6:25 says, How forcible are right words! Words spoken right carry a force with them. How you communicate with your words are important. Sometimes it may not seem like your children are listening to you, but they are. If they always hear you cursing or raising hell, they may lose respect for you. One thing about words is that you can’t take them back. Know this, our children judge our love by what we say and do. Children are like mirrors, they reflect what they see. How many times have you lost control of your temper because of something you felt your child should have already known? Don’t assume that child knows; think about when you were younger and how much you didn’t know. Yeah you may know now, but you’ve lived longer. Most of us are guilty; truth is, if you haven’t lost it at one point or another you haven’t been parenting. Flying off the handle when something goes wrong is not beneficial to you nor your child. Read 2 Peter 2:24, where it talks about being gentle unto all men, apt to teach, and patient. Apply that scripture to your child. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you should let your children run you, but communicating properly, with the anointing on you, will destroy the yokes and remove the burdens causing that friction between you and your child. Some other scriptures that are beneficial to meditate are Ephesians 4:29 and Ephesians 6:4. Now, let’s deal with direction or parental guidance; basically meaning, giving your children what they need. Proverbs 22:6 says, Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Giving direction to your child is a lot like driving down a really steep street, you know that car is going to pick up speed, that’s gravity at work. Now compare that to life, you know your child is going to test his or her limits, that’s just human nature at work. No matter how “saved” your child is, they are going to test the limits. Your children need and want your guidance so give it to them. Give guidelines, set boundaries, and model the kind of behavior you want your child to emulate. One of the most important things you can do when guiding your children is taking the time and effort to discover, in detail, what is going on in your child’s life. Find out what’s going on at school, with friends and at home when you’re not there. Pray this prayer: expose, remove, reveal, and replace anyone and anything that is not right in their lives. An unsupervised child is a prey. Check what their reading, listening to, and watching; not with an “I don’t trust you” attitude but with an “I love you and I want to know what’s going on with you” attitude. If you find something that’s not right, don’t go ballistic. Remember, earlier I discussed letting the Holy Spirit have rule over your spirit, so you need to

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rely on the Holy Ghost to instruct you on how to properly correct things. Of course, I believe in Proverbs 23:13-14, a good spanking will not kill anyone. However, correcting does not always mean punishment, even though that may be what is necessary. Sometimes, the best correction may simply be encouragement. You can correct by words, admonishment, prayer, and always by example. In this battle that all parents go through in trying to get their children to choose the things of God over the enticement of Satan, you have to instruct your children by telling them why they should make the right choice and then replace it with something better. If you don’t tell them why, it’s just going to increase curiosity for Satan’s enticement. Take heed to this principle, it takes something better to give up something bad. You need to understand this and why it is so important to give your child something more valuable than what the world is trying to give. Not stuff, but insight. You will never be able to teach your children to refuse trash until you first teach them to choose treasure. Know that you will never be able to change the world; you can only change the way you live in the world and show your children the truth that they can live in a perverted society with pure hearts. How can you do this? By Romans 12:2, you’ve got to teach that child how they can renew their mind. Don’t get so Spiritual that you forget to train your child’s mind. The renewing is not going to happen the few hours they spend in church, you have to do what you need to do at home. Spend time with your children; develop a friendship without confusing boundary lines or losing respect. Sometimes you just need to sit down and talk to your children. So many parents fall back on forced Bible Studies, these are good but they should never be punishment. You can’t force the Lord on your children; instead, put them in the position to realize that their wisest choice is to accept God in their lives. In essence, you want your child to think like Moses. He was put into a position to choose and he refused the things of the world. Let’s delve into the concept of parental stewardship. Your children need proper Spiritual management and ultimately God holds you responsible for the deeds of your children. Read the story of Eli, in 1 Samuel 3 beginning in verse 11, where God punished Eli and his household because he knew what his sons were doing and did not correct them. One of your stewardship requirements is that your child grow strong. We can look to scripture to prove this is possible. In Luke 2:40, referring to Jesus, it says, And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon him. If you want your child to be strong in the Spirit, feed them Spiritual food: the Word. The only way you can do this is if you are Spiritually strong yourself, so build yourself up in the Word first, then teach your children. You are the steward God uses; but He is the one who is going to build your child. God is expecting you to go to Him for direction, revelation, information, know-how, insight, faith, confidence, and boldness to train that child. When you do what you are supposed to do, you can rest assure that the same God who built your child, will keep your child. Another aspect of parental stewardship is developing the ability to give your children good advice. The quickest way for Satan to get to your child is through your own mouth, by bad advice. Why? Because the average child will believe their parents

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faster than anyone else. However, in order to give good advice you have to have good advice to give. Know that we have a good Holy Ghost who is qualified to give us good advice every time. Talk to Him about your child because he is a “knowing center.” He knows, beforehand, everything you need to know and is willing to tell you about it when you consult Him. Good or bad, the Holy Ghost knows about it and He knows how to correct it. Today, parents need solutions to situations even they don’t understand, but don’t worry, there is nothing the Holy Ghost can’t handle. Don’t be afraid to find things out either; fear attracts what you don’t want. One piece of bad advice can be the cause of your child missing out on a fabulous life. In the Bible, we see a mother, Herodias, who advised her daughter to choose the head of John the Baptist over receiving half of a kingdom. (See Matthew 14:8). Now that could possibly be the most selfish thing any parent has ever done to their child. This girl had the chance to be blessed, but her mother was so selfish and in so much hate, that she didn’t even stop to think what she was robbing her daughter of. See, you can’t be selfish as a parent; you have to deny yourself. As a parent, there are some things that you will have to sacrifice. And by sacrificing I don’t mean penny-pinching, but as in not making decisions that will hurt your child. One time a man came to me for advice about taking a higher paying job, but he would have to travel a lot and be away from his family for weeks at a time. I told him not to take it because no amount of money is worth you being away from your children for long periods of time. Eventually there will come a stage in your child’s life where your stewardship has to back off and God’s stewardship takes over. Every child has a purpose and potential, your job is to just nurture that purpose and potential until they get to this stage. Satan’s job is to try and smother their potential; even though he will fail, he will still try. Why do you think the devil told Pharaoh to kill all the children during Moses’ time? He knew Moses’ potential. Same thing with Jesus, Satan told Herod to kill all the children in the time he was being born. Satan knew Jesus’ potential as the Messiah. The devil cannot stop what God starts, so from the cradle, tell that baby about Jesus and put that into their ear. This way the devil will never be able to stop that child. You have nothing to worry about. There will be challenges, but when the dust gets through flying, that flag will come out saying you’ve won. No matter how it looks right now, God is going to do something for your child. Some of your children look like they have turned their back on you, but God built something in them to honor you. You just walk in love and God will bring them back to you because every prodigal son has to come back some day! Parenting is not always easy, but with God’s wisdom and your faith it can be. It is so important to know what to do and what not to do, because if you don’t, you may end up assisting Satan when he is trying to lead your children astray. Study the Word, train up you spirit, rely on the Holy Ghost, and the wisdom of God to help you be the best parent you can be. When you do what you are supposed to do, expect God to take it from there! Our children can make it in today’s society because with God ALL things are possible!


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[ SPOTL IG H T ] LTMA How Did You Come in Contact with Dr. Thompson & LTMA? Bishop Robertson: I remember coming years ago to some of the meetings, like ministers’ conference and a few of the other conferences and I just recognized what was on Dr. Thompson. And I was really attracted to it so I really wanted it to stick so when he asked me to be one of the master vision bearers, I gladly accepted. Actually it was kind of funny because he told me “Do you want to pray about it?” and then, I think within 30 seconds I said, I’ll do it and I will be glad to be a part. So that’s how I was introduced to Dr. Thompson. How Has Dr. Thompson and LTMA Affected Your Life? Bishop Robertson: It really has affected my life in a very tremendous way. Words cannot even express the level of wisdom and impartation that we get on the call every time we have one, once a month. And being around a general, a true general of God, it helps somebody young like myself, who is young in ministry. God has called me to do a lot, but having somebody with wisdom and insight that can give me tutelage and a father’s special touch; it has greatly, greatly helped my ministry. Co-Pastor: How Has This Connection Affected Your Personal and Family Life? Co-Pastor Elena: First of all, I want to say I am so grateful for the connection. I always want to be in a position or place where the people that I’m connected to challenge me to go to another level and I can honestly say that this connection does that. Being connected to LTMA, under the leadership of Dr. Thompson, challenged me to want to love God more and to serve him with sincerity in my heart. I always hear Dr. Thompson’s voice in my mind when there are different things I encounter during the week or the day, whether I’m in church or not, where he is my voice of reasoning in measuring [what I’m dealing with] up against the word of God to challenge me and say, okay, I need to do it God’s way.

In my family, it has blessed my family in such a tremendous way, because in this day and time, you ‘re looking for examples; people who are living epistles of people doing it the right way. And it’s sad to say that you don’t see living examples like that often in the body of Christ. Even with my children, sometimes there’s a fine line, as far as, when you’re in ministry and wanting them to go along that same way but you don’t want to push them because they’ve seen good, bad, and ugly. But being connected to LTMA, they’ve seen that example of a family in ministry together, whole, not being out of balance, not ministry taking over and taking over the family. They’ve seen that wholeness, not only in the church but behind the scenes and that has been a major blessing to our family. What is it About Dr. Thompson and His Ministry that Makes You Follow and Stay Connected? Bishop Robertson: Dr. Thompson is very sincere and transparent. Some things are taught and some things are caught. Just being real and allowing people to get close enough. And you can hear it in the messages, Dr. Thompson really wants the people who hear them to get a hold of some things and really wants to see them blessed. He makes it easy for people who want to connect,to connect. If You Could Only Name One, What is One Trait That Stands Out About LTMA? Bishop Robertson: I would use the word integrity and so often today there are so many examples, particularly in ministry, that are not good. The integrity that Dr. Thompson walks in is something that is unfortunately rare in ministry these days. Co-Pastor: As a Wife in LTMA, What Are Some of the Benefits of the Organization? Co-Pastor Elena: As a co-pastor, I’ve found that being connected to LTMA, that women are affirmed in ministry and the call they have on their lives is acknowledged and encouraged to go forward in ministry. Then as a wife, I think it’s been a major blessing, because seeing different arenas where being a wife to just a pastor, or bishop or just someone in ministry, can be a lonely place. And sometimes even in the midst of a crowd of people or in the midst of the organization, you can kind of get lost and feel like you’re out of place; just not knowing where you belong. I feel like in LTMA, it’s the total opposite. Where you can connect to people that have that kindred spirit, where you can feel like you have a place alongside your husband, that you’re not just an afterthought or just a tag-along, but you’re definitely someone who brings an enhancement to ministry. And then connecting to the other women of God, the wives in the ministry, where we encourage one another. Also, what’s a blessing to me is to see even Mom Thompson connected to Dr. Thompson and being submitted to him in the

way that she is. How she’s that role model to us of: submission, supporting [your husband] in ministry, and being a balance between the ministry and the family. And so it’s been a major blessing to be able to operate in that role and being connected to LTMA. To a Minister Considering LTMA, What Would You Say to Them? Bishop Robertson: This organization has personally changed my life. I’m not basically encouraging you to join something that I’m not familiar with myself. I’ve been a part of this ministry for two and half a years, maybe a little longer, but it definitely has changed my life. The connection, the prosperity, the wisdom, the insight, and what God has placed in my life is on another level because of this connection. I encourage you to join if you are really serious about ministry and if you really want to go to the next level. I already had a certain level of success when I joined, but things in my life have gone to levels far beyond anything I ever imagined because of the anointing. So I encourage you, if you are trying to go to another level, hook up with LTMA.

Are you a minister and ready to take your ministry to the next level? The Leroy Thompson Ministerial Association is an elite organization of ministers and ministries that stand on the principles consecration, sanctification, and dedication. Led By Dr. Leroy Thompson himself, this great company of leaders has been lighting the torches of ministries nationally and internationally! Don’t let this opportunity pass by you! To Inquire more or to receive an application, just go to It will be one of the best choices you’ve ever made!

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ome of the important factors or characteristics of a Christ-centered family would be for you to stay close to one another and always keep Christ in the center. Recognize that as you grow and develop there are more things that you have to deal with. We just loved our children and one another and spent plenty of time in prayer and taught them principles of life, lessons on life, and lived before them. Also, another important factor is to respect each other. In the positions that you are in, matriarch or patriarch, respect them and just as you would love God, you love your family. It is only through the love of God, which is the only way you are going to stay together. My wife trained the children diligently from when they were small to separate the difference between me as a father and as a Pastor, and it came up in their heart because they all have great respect. Our children never had a physical fight but they might have said one or two things to one another, but never physical because they knew we didn’t teach them that. One of the main things we did was live before our children. We didn’t live a separate life at church and we come home and it was something different. The way we were at church is the same way we were at home, and they were able to see an integrity that was in our lives and they followed that example. We didn’t do a lot of bible study as they were coming up, but we did it sporadically and their Dad would have a particular subject and just start talking to them about it. We didn’t have a set bible study every Friday night or Monday night, but we did teach them by precept and example. Also, we didn’t stand for them to live any kind of way, talk to each other any kind of way, or do things that are unbecoming of a Christian. We always taught them to be honest, don’t steal, don’t lie, just to be honest all the time. Now I don’t know if they ever told a fib or something here and there, but we taught them and they knew right from wrong because of what we taught them. As being the mother and father, we are one in Christ and we recognize that. Having Christ in the center and the Holy Spirit to give us guidelines of what marriage is, has glued us together because as long as we stay in the Spirit and not just float off in your mind, the Spirit is always unity, oneness, and harmony. We will be married 41 years this June and we have had some

splendid time together and we never separated, it’s just God. We are not perfect and the children are not perfect but we reach for perfection! We know if it’s a time to repent we will repent, and so God has kept us on a clear trail continuously and we just love one another. I love Carolyn and Carolyn loves me, we were made for each other and I recognize that. I’m thankful because with what I do, I need a wife like Carolyn to respect me and honor me and let me do what the Lord wants me to do. We have a tremendous marriage and family. Our family is so close together, we spend every holiday together, we eat together every Sunday, and we are not doing it under rest, it’s just in the fiber of our being. We recognize that we need to be together and they have under girder me in the ministry. Ministry can get a little lonely sometimes if you don’t have somebody who has the same spirit you have, so I don’t go out that much, but my family has been a covering and a surrounding all these years. All of those things make our marriage what it is; the Spirit of honor is the key factor to marriage. These things produce the oneness with us, and then that oneness causes us to have a united front, and be united in the decisions that we make concerning the children. One child cant pent one parent against the other; we always had a united front. I always told them whenever they come to me, and they usually come to me before their Dad, “Well, what did your Daddy say about it?” If he said no then it’s no and that’s the way it has always been, we never disagreed before them. One of the major things, it’s a material aspect of being united, is that we never separated our money. We always put it together and we knew what we had to do. Before we had any children and we were younger, we never separated our money and that’s an important part. It was never, “The man has his checking account and she has her checking account, and she takes care of this bill and he takes care of this one.” No, we always put it together and that has worked out wonderfully for us through the years. We knew if we didn’t have it we just didn’t have it. When we got to the point where we have it, there is still no separation of money. In a lot of families that is where the major problem comes in at, or they don’t get along because of the financial part. One of the characteristics we instilled in our children is the Spirit of honor. Carolyn always told DEC 2012/JAN 2013



them, “Watch the anointing. The anointing is on your dad, when he is speaking, listen. Don’t let everybody else get it and you don’t get it.” We instilled in them prayer, we told them they have to pray, and sometimes we prayed with them, but they know they are supposed to pray and study the Word and that they cannot make it without the Word of God. They have seen me study day and night all their lives and what we stand for. They seem to have caught a hold of it and when things try to enter into their lives that is not right we deal with it. We don’t deal with it publicly, we deal with it privately. We know because of our assignment, like the enemy with Moses, he tried to take Moses out and Abraham out, we recognize that and we just deal with whatever we have to deal with. God has really blessed us, we are happy and the children have really followed order. Because of that Spirit of Honor they have never talked back to us or ran up against us and have always submitted themselves as men and women. By the same token we must realize that we must not abuse that privilege that God has given us with them and recognize how far to go and how far not to go in dealing with them because they are so tender under our care, they will do almost anything we ask them to do. We taught them respect because we respected each other, and in doing that, they grew up respecting us and that respect also turned into love for the position that God has called us to, and they joined in to see that the calling is fulfilled. It’s just wonderful, I would like every family to experience this, it just heart touching to be able to be around one another and want to be around one another, and all my grandchildren. What you see is what you get, we are not putting on a show for anybody, we are just who we are. Around the country, because of the Spirit of Christ, men of God have recognized the closeness of our family, and I can think of four right now who have actually spoken about our family and how we stick and work together. My good friend Jesse Duplantis, said,” Man, your family really is a blessing to be around.” I have had three other ministers ask me to write a book about family and I haven’t gotten around to it, but they just recognize my children and the grace that they carry; it’s from the anointing and the spirit of togetherness. To help a child that has veered away, you will need to have patience, love, spend time with them, and show them the right direction. It’s like the prodigal son, the youngest son got away, but the father still loved him and still ministered to him and opened his arms. You just have to have patience and plenty of love. If a child makes mistakes, you don’t form to the world, you just keep calling them back and say,” No, this is not the way to go. This is the way to go.” I do that with my grandchildren also. God has a built in revelation, a built anointing, and a built in wisdom. Wisdom will correct a child just like a rod will correct them and finally when they see the light, they will step back in place and do what they are supposed to do. A lot of people when their kids go wrong, especially preachers kids, they want them all to walk a chalk line and think they are going to 12 EIWM | DEC 2012/JAN 2013

be little angels, but they are not. You are going to have to deal with them and if you see them going astray then you have to get in there with them and make sure they recognize what’s going on and turn it around. It can also be caused by the expectations of other people, they expect the ministers’ kid to be perfect and they will use them as an example in front of the other children and then that’s embarrassing to them. They are all children and they are going to play, be mischievous, and do things from time to time, but if that child continues to go astray, then you have to have the patience to love them back. Love them with the love of God and not just your love because your love will get impatient. Patience and proof; I have proof with my personal life. When the Lord called me I was 26 years old when I got saved, so I know what he called me out of and I know what he can do if you are hungry for him, then he can change the situation. Like they say, “The proof is in the pudding.” You can look at something and it looks good, but it might not be as good as it looks. Once you have evidence, evidence increases the awareness of the right thing to do. If you are new to Christ and you want to install Christian values in your children now, you must first get it in yourself and then began to practice the principles and from there you will be able to share the principles with them as you grow. Pray for them and ask God for wisdom and the Holy Spirit to help you and he will help you. It’s never too late with the Lord, he will always make a way. Children will not say anything but they will watch you and they will see a change in your life. They’ll say, “Something happened to Dad or Mom, he or she is not the same way they use to be.” Therefore you have their attention and will be able to minister to them from that aspect once you get it in you. The main thing is don’t take the Word of God and whip them with it, it will turn them against you. Let the love of God slip into your children, sometimes you don’t have to speak, the atmosphere will be enough. Never underestimate God, he will meet you wherever you are in life and start to minister to you and give you what you need. The favor of God is on us in so many ways and if you properly study the Word you will come to the place of easy yokes and light burden. You must pursue God and his presence, any family can go there but it will cost you to deny yourself and yield to the Holy Spirit to lead you into the presence of God. When you really fall in love with God it’s really easy to tell Satan no, the world no, and the system no. The institution of family is very important because God instituted the family and marriage and in order to be able to lead people you have to lead them in every way. The Pastor and his wife should be together and his children under subjection, in order to be able to lead other families in the church. The couples and singles can learn from examples that are set by the families in the church. Family is God’s divine order and he will help a family, no matter how far they have fallen, they are his main project. A family shows the unity of the

Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. That same unity God creates in the family so they can become one in Him and have a stewardship of that relationship guided by His spirit and walking in his love. You must pray and intercede for your family and trust the Lord to help you. You can live the Bible; Romans 5:5 says, “Hope maketh not ashamed because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost.” When you have the love of God in you He will lead you, guide you, and protect you, and sometimes hide you. Sometimes your outer family is not locked into you because they might not understand what you are doing. My wife, Carolyn, and my children, Leroy Jr, Shauna, Montrell, and Darnell, they are my inner family. We will go through thick or thin and if I am in trouble, if I can get one of them on the line I can get this thing handled. If I give them an assignment I know it’s done and I thank God for how he has been so good to us. We don’t have one public life and another private life, our lifestyle is real. Your private life is so important because someone is always watching you and that makes a tremendous impression upon your children more than anybody else. Always be that example where they can always say, “Mom was a good mom and Dad was a good dad and they stuck with me.” For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death” (Rom. 8:2). We brought that same law here. With our imperfections and short comings, grace and the love of God have made up for it. We know the enemy is against the Christian family, but we also know that we have someone that can handle him, the Lord Christ Jesus, so we walk in Him, in the Spirit and by faith.

I just want to take the time to encourage you and exalt you that you can do this, no matter where you are in life, just get in a good church where the family is setting an example, and the Word is being preached and taught. I know a lot of people that are suffering and hurting and their families are not what they want it to be, but you can start right where you are. I pray Gods’ blessings upon families who read this and pray to God that you catch a hold of it and that it be a blessing to your family. God wants all families to be happy; He is a good God and wants us to be free. Don’t get more concerned about the materials than the relationship; if you pursue God then the rest will come. Matthew 6:33 says, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.” Within the content of all these things being added unto you, he is talking about a loving family and relationship, which comes first, and the rest of the stuff will come because you know how to handle it and it won’t break your family up. The Spirit of God keeps you in the spirit of humbleness and meekness and know that you can’t lean on your own understanding and that everything you have comes from God and you give it all back to God. I give back to God constantly what he has trusted our family to handle, the ministry. I’m excited about Word of Life and about all the aspects, and my partners around the world. I love what I do, I love my family, and it’s just a love affair going on all the time and God has just been so good to us! All interviews can be read in their entirety online at DEC 2012/JAN 2013






s I look back on growing up in the Thompson household, there were 3 major principles that were instituted that set a foundation for the success that we have as a family today. First, an insatiable love for God was established. Secondly, obedience wasn’t used as a form of control but as tool to teach us how to make the best choices for life. Thirdly, honor was established as a means to self govern. Any family that can at least establish these three principles will set a foundation for legacy and not just survival. These 3 principles are now being established in my household. I have 3 children and their ages are 12, 10, and 9. I have no problems in my house with disrespect, dishonor, and disobedience because it began with what was established in the homes of my wife’s parents and my parents. My parents highly value their relationship with God as their father. In other words, they love God more than anything or anybody else including each other. They are willing to do whatever it takes to protect their relationship with God. They don’t want to displease God in any way. As my siblings and I were born, they looked at us as creations from God and didn’t want to do anything that would block us from becoming children of God. I’m 36 years old and there hasn’t been a day to go by that I haven’t seen my father spending time with God or telling me about the time he has spent with God. My mother isn’t as vocal as my father, but the way she carries herself, you immediately realize that she’s been with God. This created a culture for the love of and for God to permeate in our home. We didn’t and still don’t have family bible studies, but what we do have is Family life discussions. Bible studies may work for your family, but it didn’t work for ours. Bible studies for us were very legalistic and controlling. There’s one thing we loved to do as a family and still do til this day is eat together. We ate at least one meal a day together. Of course today, because my sister and I have our own families we don’t eat together everyday but we still do it at least once a week and sometimes more. That’s when

14 EIWM 2012/JAN 14 | Eiwm| |DEC Spring 2008 2013

family life discussions take place. What is a family life discussion? I’m glad you asked. A family life discussion is dialog between parents and offspring about everyday life. What was special about our family life discussions is my parents purposefully interwove the word of God in our discussions. This exposed us to a whole new reason for the Word of God. The word of God actually could help us deal with everyday life. It had answers for mundane or significant situations and everything in between. These discussions led my siblings and I to develop our own passion for God. This is important and you must catch this concept. We had family life DISCUSSIONS. That means our discussions weren’t a Sunday morning service or Wednesday night bible study. It was a dialogue not a monologue. In our younger years, our parents had to initiate our end of the dialog by asking us what we thought about certain scriptures and situations. This built a confidence in us that our parents valued what we thought. Were we always right in our interpretation of scriptures or analyzing situations? No indeed not, but that’s not important. What was important is that our parents were creating in us a passion for God and His word, not just for memorization but life application. We began to develop an ability to hear God for ourselves. This did not develop overnight but over time after time of family life discussions. Today, when we have family life discussions, answers to any problem we may have or just insight to make a good situation better can come from anyone at the table. The most valuable thing that I learned growing up with my family is honor. Today’s society is void of honor. We see the lack of honor in our schools, workplaces, churches, and, most importantly, our homes. I grew up seeing how my parents honoring God, each other, my siblings and I, the members of our church, their colleagues, and everybody they came in contact with. Honor as a verb means to regard with high respect or revere publicly and privately. Let’s use a plain definition that we can apply to our lives. To honor means valuing the relationship I have with a person enough to be willing to protect the relationship at all costs. That means I’m not willing to make a decision that will hurt the person that is in relationship with me. If you can establish these 3 principles, you begin to create a legacy for your family. It doesn’t matter if you are a single parent, grandparent, or you got teenagers. This works!




rowing up in ministry was normal to me. Ministry is all we have ever known. So I never saw it as anything different than any other kid when I was young. Now when I say that, don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of differences. But as a child I didn’t feel like we were in an odd position. Looking back I can see where growing up in a true ministry home made a difference in my life. Reading the bible, learning scriptures, praying was a normal way of life but it was more to it than that. Our parents lived God before us. We knew our parents were walking with God. We were taught right and wrong and expected to follow instructions. Did we try things as kids? Of course! Who didn’t? But I always tell people we had the fear of our parents until we were old enough to have the fear of God. My brothers and I always said we felt that if we tried to do the wrong thing or go the wrong place we know God was going to show dad a vision or something to tell him where we were. We still laugh about that to this day. I can appreciate all of that because it gave us a clear view of how to raise our kids to fear God. One thing is for sure. We always saw ministry as a good thing. Ministry was never put before us as a struggling lifestyle. We always knew no matter what God would provide and that dad had that connection. We felt our dad and God was tight like that. A lot of times things that are established with you as a child sticks with you. So really we still feel our dad and God are just tight like that! In short my childhood was great! Our family has always been close. We were raised to be that way. Division amongst siblings was NEVER tolerated. And the fruits of it all has and still is paying off. Some of the most important things that our parents instilled in us were to trust God! Be Honest. Be a person of your word. We grew up knowing that walking with God was the only way to go. And because of how we were raised as siblings we are able to work together on a daily basis. Do we always see eye to eye? Of course not. But we always were taught to respect each other and the others opinions. Fighting and fussing was not tolerated then and it is never tolerated now! We have an assignment and a job to do so everyone must step up to the plate. I am administrative assistant in the ministry. I also work in accounting and oversee the children’s ministry. All in all you have to be prepared to fill whatever position is needed at any time. Ministry is our life. It is what we do. We don’t know anything else. Couldn’t see myself doing anything else. Is it business? Yes but it is also fun. We are very close so we are always

laughing and talking with each other. I can get together with those brothers of mine and they will have you laughing until you cry! I’m also very pleased and privileged to have my husband, Jesse, working in ministry with us. But in the course of considering marriage, There were certain things that I had to pay attention to and look for in his character. You know I looked for the same things any other woman wants in a mate. Someone who was kind, loves God, had a good heart, was honest… But also he had to be someone who understood the calling and assignment God had given to My Father, My family and myself. It had to be someone who was willing to take on this assignment as his own. Someone who was man enough to not be threatened by the closeness of my family but was willing to become a part of the family. It takes a real man to come into a setup and know that God has placed him there for a reason. And God did it. Yes he did! All by himself! God sent my husband out of nowhere. Women always say they want a good man. Well God sent me my good man. God had been preparing this person all his life to help with this vision and calling. But first and foremost be the husband that I needed and the father our three boys needed. Yes three boys! Joel, Jeremy and Joshua. So you probably already know my house is very active. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I always sit back and realize God has assigned Jesse and I to raise three men of God. Three men that will one day be prepared to run a Godly household and be the high priest of their home. We will have to teach them to know God to carry on this vision. Our boys are taught now to love each other. You don’t fight your sibling. Believe me it will pay off. Read the word and pray as a part of their lifestyle. Know that God will provide. It worked for us and God hasn’t changed so I know it will work for them.

DEC 2012/JAN 2013






he most important thing I learned from my parents was how to love God and how to serve God. To know God for who He is; not to just know about Him, but to know Him. How to serve in ministry. How to love God and love God’s people. How to commune with Him. How to have a personal relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. I’ve felt that “middle child” pressure. I have an older brother, my sister’s the only girl, my younger brother is the baby, and so I’ve felt awkward. I had to find where I fit in, besides being the middle child. There’s no special phrase or tag for the middle child, but “middle child.” With that being said, sometimes it’s hard to find your spot. So, I literally talked to God and said, “Lord, what am I supposed to do? I’m floating here. I’m floating there. All of these different talents are trying to come out, and I need to find where my place is. I need you to show me what to do. I need you to give me something to do. I don’t want to just be riding the boat or floating around. Give me something to do.” And that’s what He did. The Holy Spirit just started opening up the [WOLCC] vision to me and clearing it so that I could see the things I needed to do and needed to go towards. He gave me the opportunities for those things. [Now], if I sit down, and start listing the responsibilities that I have, there’s so much to do: Music Department Director, Membership Care, Youth Pastor, LTMA. On the list goes… And that just came from me asking God for something to do. People still clown me a little bit, but I think I’ve beat the Middle Child Syndrome! LOL Our parents weren’t overly strict on us or trying to force Jesus down our throats. They instilled so much in us from a young age. The scripture says, “train up a child in the way that he should go and when they are old, they won’t depart from it.” And so, I’m a firm believer that where we are now as a family, and as grown children, is solely because of the training we got from them. My parents didn’t make church look whack or boring. They just lived it, and they flowed. Their flow just funneled down from them to us.

16 EIWM | DEC 2012/JAN 2013

I have a firm and clear respect for spiritual authority. I have a clear understanding of spiritual authority. And so I know that it flows from the top to the bottom. As the anointing goes on from Dad, we receive it from being submitted to him. I’ve seen it over and over, from Moses to Joshua; from Elijah to Elisha; David and Solomon. We can go over and over different stories where the submission had to be in place. I’m very clear about it. And so I understand that everything I have done, or am doing, is by the grace of God and the anointing on Dr. Thompson’s life. Any leadership or authority that I have, is only by the grace of God. I’ve realized that it’s not about me. It’s about God’s will being done. It’s about me finding my place, and doing what I’ve got to do. In the Bible, the Centurion man said, “I’m a man of authority, but I’m also a man under authority.” That makes me understand that though I may be in authority in certain areas, there are some points where I must submit and listen. My mom has sat down with us [kids] collectively and I’ve had talks with her as an individual where she has told us, “You have to not just see your dad as your dad; but you must see him as your man of God and as your Pastor.” When we’re at home, we laugh, we talk, we have fun, we have a good time; but at any minute it can transition. I really don’t let myself get to the point where I’m just like loose with it. Anybody that knows me knows that I clown and like to have fun more than anybody. But at any moment, I can *snap* and realize that it’s not just me and my daddy sitting here watching the game, but my Pastor is speaking into my life, and give me some direction. He’s my leader. I know he’s my physical daddy, and we have our real light-hearted father/son talks, but on top of that, he’s also my man of God- and at any moment, I can switch. I sit at home and laugh with my mom. We have our mother/son talks. I know [Mrs. Carolyn] is my mother, but she’s also my woman of God. So when words come out, or when direction comes, or whatever I need to do comes out, I’m able to receive it as a submitted son, as opposed to just being a physical son. I’m submitted. It’s just obedience. Obedience is better than sacrifice. Learn those things. Respect [your parents’] office. Respect the place that they’re in. It’s not that they’re “just” mama and daddy. At any moment they may be Pastor and First Lady. It’s a heart issue. I have set it in my heart to do that. What have you set in yours??




y salvation experience is an open love letter to Christ…. and to my parents. I’m twenty three years old now. I was seven years old when I realized I wasn’t saved. I was sitting down thinking about things, which wasn’t much since I was seven. My dad’s office was right next door, so I yelled out to my dad, “Dad am I saved?” And he yelled back, “No son, I don’t think you are.” So, I went to my dad, I bowed my head, and asked Jesus to come into my heart. I asked my dad that question because I had been around my parents, siblings and others when I was younger. There was this energy all around them that I knew I wanted and had to have. I’ve never seen my dad do anything outside of the Gospel. He’s down to earth. We hang out. He’s not sitting inside of a closet somewhere, but he does have a connection with the Holy Spirit. I would hear about how people had gotten saved and how they lived this great life, and I thought “Am I saved? I know I was born as the pastor’s son, but am I saved? I don’t remember praying the sinners prayer, but I know I want that life!” From my parents I learn so much- how to act, how to spiritually study. I’m still in training with my dad. I am his armor bearer for a year, and under his wing constantly. Wherever he went, I went. Whatever he was doing, I’m doing. It’s my job. My dad studies with me every day. We would study the Word of God for hours on end and how to stay connected to the Holy Spirit. He is teaching me how to study in the Word. It’s fantastic and I love it! Everything that my dad teaches is amazing, but the one thing that’s made the greatest impact, that helps me focus, and really hit home with me, is putting my faith in the Cross and what Christ did on the Cross. That was one of the most powerful things I’ve ever heard. When my dad said that, it was like a light just shined on everything else that he taught in the past and now. Those teachings on the Cross, just made everything so much easier. Christ died for our sins, which made us free and liable to work with the Holy Spirit - everything works from that. The Cross is the source for everything that we’ve learned. My dad is my mentor and my friend. He’s everything to me, and I want to be just like him. A lot of preachers’ kids (PKs) resent the church, but resenting the church or the Gospel has never occurred to me because the Lord has been so good to me. Look at everything we’ve done, and how we’ve grown. How could I not like

this? How could I not love it? THIS is love, and it’s actually the greatest thing that I’ve ever been in - in my life. I can’t have a hate for that- it’s impossible! Our family was raised to do ministry, it’s in our blood, and I don’t feel any pressure at all. I know that the Holy Spirit will guide me and lead me. God can use me and he’s going to use me- of this I’m confident. My dad, mom, brothers, sister, and brother and sister in-law are amazing and I’ve seen the Holy Spirit use them. I’ve seen each of them do some amazing things, so I’m confident that the Holy Spirit will use me as well… It’s helpful to follow behind them; I’m honored to follow their lead. I’m the youngest and my family supports me. We support each other. We’re a regular family and of course we get mad at each other but, when it comes to ministry, we just brush all of that aside because we have work to get done. We don’t have time for bickering. We get on each other’s nerves; I’m the youngest brother, so of course I do - and I know that. We’ve learned to deal with the situations, and then get back to work. Word of Life Christian Center is a family experience. Ever Increasing Word Ministries [partners] and LTMA are my family too. My siblings and I don’t look at it like our [nuclear] family has to be shared. WOLCC, EIWM, and LTMA are our family. To me, everybody [feels like] a cousin, so it’s not like I’m losing my parents or siblings in any way. That’s just how it is with me. There is nothing negative at all. Come to the church. See how we are. If you come, you’ll know the truth. We’re not all about money. We’re not a money grabbing, money-laundering church, and no we don’t have an ATM machine here. Of course, the main thing my dad teaches on is finances, but that’s not the only thing we teach on. We teach on deliverance. We teach on healing. We teach on wellness and being. He’s cultivating us here, and we’re also getting our health, and our deliverance. It’s a well-rounded church. We get everything here. There’s no favoritism to what my parents teach. We all learn the same thing.

DEC 2012/JAN 2013



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18 | Eiwm | Spring 2008

Seed Training 101


would like to begin by sharing my personal experience with you. I was born into an impoverished family of farmers and was called out by God into the world for major ministry. During this time, I was given the prophetic word “Money Cometh”. I learned to work God’s system for prosperity and became a multimillionaire in the process. I don’t hide anything God has done for me. My prosperity is a demonstration and manifestation of my assignment to the body of Christ. During this Seed Training, I will show you how Seed Sowing is the Master Mystery of the Kingdom, How to Embrace the Seed Sowing Grace of God, and I will assist you in Building and Developing Your Faith for Increased Seed Sowing. It is astounding how something as small as a seed can lead to a large end-result. Sowing seeds is a mystery in the physical realm. On the surface, it looks as if nothing is happening. Sowing is something that those who have not been illuminated by the Holy Spirit would call foolishness. In Mark chapter 4, beginning at verse 9 and through verse 32, Jesus is explaining to His disciples how the Kingdom of God works. He highlights in verse 26 “so is the Kingdom of God as if a man should cast seed into the ground”. Through His parables of the sower sowing the word, the sower who planted His seed into the ground, and the parable of the mustard seed, Jesus taught His disciples that the entire Kingdom of God works by the seed principle. It’s the foundation of how Jesus works. Jesus was a seed, the Word is a seed, and so is money. Matthew 6:33 asks us to seek first the Kingdom of

God, which is God’s way of doing things and being right. God’s way of doing things is by seed time and harvest. The seed is the way God set this world up. It is also the only access to your harvest. It’s amazing to know that with all the dynamics of the Kingdom, the seed is the way God chose to carry out His business. Don’t think for one moment you have a financial problem! If anything, it’s a seed sowing problem. You don’t have a seed problem, because God said He will give seed to the sower in 2 Corinthians 9:10. God is not trying to get something from you! He’s trying to get something to you. You have been given a bypass of the world’s system. Use it! In Acts 20:35, the latter part of the verse quotes Jesus as saying, “It is more blessed to give than to receive”. It is a necessity that the Body of Christ take heed to these words and get on the correct end of this message. For the most part, the body of Christ has been trying to work themselves into prosperity. Working at a job won’t ever deliver the same results as sowing, because sowing is a grace from the Lord. Due to this grace of giving your receiving will be activated. Many people have not developed their faith to sow and don’t realize it’s a blessing from God. Look to Luke 6:38 and Ephesians 3:20 as examples. These scriptures show us that sowing and reaping is unlimited. They also show that we will receive “exceeding abundantly, above all that we ask or think according to the power that worketh in us.” Sowing is a grace, because if you ever start giving, you’ll never stop receiving. The seed will activate prosperity, wealth, and abundance. There’s an exceeding grace from God toward you! DEC 2012/JAN 2013



It’s a divine privilege and goes beyond the world’s system. You must embrace the power of a grace sown seed. When you mix sowing grace and sowing faith properly, just as faith and grace were mixed when you were born again, you will receive financial salvation. One of the most beautiful things to remember is that you aren’t alone in this. The Holy Spirit will help you access this grace (Romans 5:2), and then you will give cheerfully and joyfully. Don’t be weary in well doing, for in due season you will reap if you faint not (Galatians 6:9). It won’t happen overnight, but if you embrace faith for seed sowing grace and remember to give with expectation, sowing will elevate your stewardship. Afterward, you will come to a point where sowing becomes a finished work (2 Corinthians 8:9). In the beginning, seed sowing is a test. It will eventually turn into a testimony. Every time a seed is sown, you make an investment into God’s Kingdom. That investment then draws Kingdom interest. It’s a spiritual transaction. It’s the master key to prosperity, wealth, abundance, increase, God’s surplus, and overflow. The seed leads you to green financial pastures. Sowing has seasons. Don’t be discouraged if there are seasons when it looks like nothing is happening. Continue sowing and you will eventually be elevated more and more. Settle within your heart that you are going to sow. I want you to be in a position where you can purposefully begin to sow exactly how and where

the Holy Spirit leads you without needing someone to validate you. 2 Corinthians 9:6-8 states that He which soweth sparingly shall reap sparingly; and He which soweth bountifully shall also reap bountifully. It also talks about giving cheerfully and not grudgingly or of necessity. Be encouraged from verse 8, which states that “God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work.” The sowing process aides you in not becoming attached to material things, because material things are coming. Sowing your seed systematically will ultimately take all of the financial pressure off of your life. Don’t do anything crazy with your seed! Do realize however, that sometimes when The Lord prompts you to give, the amount He’ll tell you to sow may make you nervous. Know that you can never increase the seed without increasing the harvest. Begin to look behind the curtain of the seed and you’ll see the harvest. Once you have done this, you will have no problem sowing and no problems receiving. One of the most “Egyptlike” aspects in Christianity is the topic of money and the world is the task master. You won’t get from under the world’s jurisdiction until you get some money. By sowing your seed properly, you will conquer your wants because sowing is God’s way of doing things, and being right. It is a grace, favor, and spiritual blessing.

Need to get caught up on the

Seed Training 101


Just go to to order all previous Seed Training 101 CDs or DVDs or just call 1-888-238- WORD (9673).

20 EIWM | DEC 2012/JAN 2013

The Key to Financial Freedom is in the SEED!

Seed Training 101 Dr. Leroy Thompson, Sr.

Upcoming Classes:

January 4th February 1st

Word of Life Christian Center 40066 Hwy 22 | Darrow, LA 70725

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WINTER 2012 ITINERARY December 6-7 Love Covenant Word Center 661 West Lancaster Rd. Orlando, FL 32809 407-438-2222 Pastor Andrew Loyd

January 10-11 Light of the World Church 2818 South US 1 Ft. Pierce, FL 34982 772-465-5800 Pastor Joyce Leiphon

January 24-25 Spirit of Life Church 6717 Stuebner Airline Rd. #101 Houston, TX 77091 713-691-7752 Pastor Kenneth Skelton

February 21-22 Straight Truth Faith Church 1725 Cherry Ave Birmingham, AL 35214 205-798-4087 Pastor Tommy Givner 22 EIWM | DEC 2012/JAN 2013

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Spring 2008 | Eiwm | 23

weapon of



od has commissioned Ever Increasing Word Give or pledge your gift today! Ministries (EIWM) to call, train, and send out qualified people from the North, South, To give online, please log onto You East, and West as ambassadors for Christ that they may may also call us at (225) 473-8874, or mail your gift to: call sinners to salvation and teach them how to live and Ever Increasing Word Ministries share in the victorious, abundant life provided in Christ PO Box 7 Jesus. To that end, EIWM has recently acquired a new 40066 Hwy. 22 Falcon 900B, a state-of-the-art, intercontinental-range Darrow, LA 70725 aircraft that will facilitate Dr. Thompson in his travels around the world as he ministers the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Falcon 900B is designed to bring the world within our reach. It can cruise up to 500 knots and has a range of up to 4,400 nautical miles nonstop. With its trijet engine design, it is one of the most versatile and safe aircrafts of its kind, offering uncompromising quality and capability to perform and execute at peak levels while en route.   We encourage you, our Covenant Partners, to share in this great blessing by sowing into the Ever Increasing Word Ministries Jet Project. It is because of your partnership that EIWM is able to take the light of the Word of God and the life of Jesus Christ to millions of people around the world! The provision of this aircraft is a promotion from the Lord, and we want you to share in the harvest! Your seed will effect exponential growth within the Kingdom of God and eternal change within the lives of countless people around the world. Thank you for your continued prayers and support for Ever Increasing Word Ministries as we move ever forward in fulfilling the call of God throughout the world. Inside of the “Weapon of Prosperity 2” Falcon 900B aircraft

24 EIWM | DEC 2012/JAN 2013

6 I want to talk about six words that can change your life:

God; His Word; the Anointing; the Covenant; Abundance; and You!


Pt. 2

by Dr. Leroy Thompson, Sr.

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 3 John 2


n Part 1, I laid the groundwork for my subject: “God, the Word, the Covenant, the Anointing, Abundance, and You!” I talked about the believer’s need for a revelation of God and His word before he or she can appropriate the anointing to prosper and the abundance that God has in store for each of us. In Part 2, I’m going to focus on “you”! I’m going to focus on the role you play in experiencing divine prosperity. First, I’m going to review two verses I used in Part 1, Philippians 4:13 and Ephesians 3:20. Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Ephesians 3:20 Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us. We could read Philippians 4:13 as, “ I can do all things through the Anointed One and His anointing __ His yoke-destroying, burden-removing power.” But I want you to notice something else about this verse. It says , “I can do all things through Christ…” Many want God to do everything for them. They’ll say, “Well, I’m just waiting on God.” But, no, God is waiting for someone to believe this verse__ to believe in the Anointed One and His anointing __ and then step out and accomplish something. The anointing is always present. The anointing, the ability of God for the believer, is always present to bring success and victory to every area of life. But, as I said, there is a part we must play. Let’s look at Ephesians 3:20. The last part of that verse says, “…according to the power that worketh in us.” Many want to claim the first part of that verse: “…unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think…” They like the “exceeding abundantly above” part, but God does exceeding abundantly above according to the power that works within us! My question to you is: How much power are you allowing to work within you? How much time do you spend seeking God and His Word, reading it, studying it, and meditating upon it? How much time do you spend praying in the Spirit, building yourself up in your most holy faith (Jude 1:20) and praying out the divine will of God for your life (1 Cor. 14:2)? The anointing, the ability of God for the believer, is always present to bring success and victory to

26 EIWM | DEC 2012/JAN 2013

every area of life. Doing these things is how you get more of the power of God working in you.

And the more you get the power working in you, the more God will be able to blow your mind with what He can do exceeding abundantly

above all that you can ask or think!

You can go places you’ve never gone before and receive things you’ve never received before through the anointing! That power Ephesians 3:20 talks about is the anointing that can usher you out of the natural into the supernatural__ into the Presence of God and the provision of God. That anointing empowers you to tap into the resources of God that you have not previously been able to tap into. It enables you to see from God’s Word things you’ve never seen before and hear from Heaven things you’ve never heard before. You can go places you’ve never gone before and receive things you’ve never received before through the anointing! God wants you to cultivate an intimate walk with Him. He wants you to understand and experience the covenant, the anointing, and an abundant life in Him. But you are the link between all of these. As you apply yourself to receive understanding from the Word, you will begin to understand and act on your covenant rights. And the anointing___ the power of God__ will enable and empower you to prosper in a greater way than you ever have before!

Are you struggling financially? Are you frustrated and don’t know how you are going to get out of this world’s rat race? Are you wondering how you are going to pay your rent or mortgage on the first? Well, you don’t have to worry any more. “Money Cometh to the Body of Christ” will inform you of your covenant rights to financial abundance through Jesus Christ. After reading this book, you will be on your way to never being broke another day in your life!

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Book: $14.99 (BK-01) 16 CD Series: $85.00 (CD-01) DVD Series: $35.00 (DVD-24) Order online at APRIL/MAY 2012



28 | Eiwm | Spring 2008

NEW YEARS’ EVE Ser vi ce with Apostle

Leroy Thompson, Sr.

DECEMBER 31st 10:00pm CST

Word of Life Christian Center 40066 Highway 22 | Darrow, LA 70725

Spring 2008 | Eiwm | 29

World Partnership Reaching the


“For who will hearken unto you in this matter? But as his part is that goeth down to the battle, so shall his part be that tarrieth by the stuff: they shall part alike.” Samuel 30:24

As a Partner, Your Benefits are: * Regular prayer from EIWM for your individual needs * Anointed monthly letter from Dr. Thompson with inspiring words to advance your life * Monthly partner CD with a life-changing message * Effective affirmations given by the direction of the Holy Spirit will be sent to you * An Official EIWM FINANCIAL PARTNER “Lapel Pin” *An Official EIWM FINANCIAL PARTNER membership card that enables you to receive a 20% discount on products ordered from the ministry or purchased at one of the “Money Cometh To You” conferences. As a Partner, Your Commitment is to: * Pray for this ministry regularly. * Support this ministry with a monthly financial commitment. * Support Dr. Thompson in being present at meetings in your area * Constantly uplift the ministry with positive words. So, become an EIWM covenant partner. Your life will be blessed beyond measure. Moreover, If you need prayer feel free to call us at 225-473-8874 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. (CST) Also, you may log on at -- click the partner tab and fill out the form.

30 |EIWM 2012/JAN 30 Eiwm| | DEC Spring 2008 2013



I had a car repossessed 3 years ago. After trying to get them to help me, they ended up taking it. I owed Wachovia bank $8,000.00. I am a partner and I watch you on the Internet. After praying about it and still giving my tithes and offerings, I got a letter in the mail. The letter was from Wells Fargo stating that I had debt cancellations of $8,449.42!!! Praise God and thank you Dr. Thompson for everything that you do! A. Lee

Since I started got under the teaching of Dr. Thompson. The Lord have paid off my chapter 13 bankruptcy and not even a year later I’m in the process now of building a home that is 45 hundred square feet at 87 dollars a square foot. Currently a student online at EIWTC and my understanding and knowledge are growing at a rapid rate. Thanks and God Bless everyone that’s apart of this awesome ministry it has truly blessed my life!!!! M. Dove

Dear Dr. Thompson, please accept my seed enclosed within this letter of $11,553 into your life personally. I have been preparing this past year for my seed by continually listening to your WOLCC service and Money Cometh 2 You Conferences 2009-2010 archives of your partner section from your website repeatedly for many hours as I did before. As well as your new

Seed Training classes, which are life changing for me. You are the only one who teaches with such heart-felt humility and immense passion for the body of Christ to receive their covenant right to their wealth. As I listen, I’m transported into another realm of faith; a realm of faith that I never knew existed. As a result large seeds came to me again! Your very life, along with your precious family, are a tender gift given from the heart of God to us. I pray for you earnestly! Jodie

On February 12, 2012, Pastor prayed a fervent prayer to get rid of back pain. The choir was about to sing and I was standing against the wall with the rest of the choir members. As he began to pray, I began to Dr. & Mrs. Leroy Thompson, Sr. feel a tug on my lower back. The pain was stubborn Word of Life Christian Center and Pastor prayed even more fervently, the pain was released from my back and casted out. I received my healing and began jumping and crying because I felt it go away. I rejoice because the prayer of the righteous avails much. The year 2011 was a year of many trials for me. I made choices that were neither ordained nor anointed. These were choices which caused me to have many spiritual and financial trials, stumbling throughout. These choices were represented to me as God-sent, when they really weren’t; they were temptations and traps of the enemy. By mid-year I was stressing almost every day, towards the end of 2011, I was broken, embarrassed, and torn. I was being attacked on the job almost daily. I allowed it to affect my tithe and offering. I would go to the church and I felt like Pastor Thompson would read my mail frequently, almost every message felt like

DEC 2012/JAN 2013



a warning or a conviction, it was disheartening to me. I even got angry and asked God why would he allow this to happen to me. I told Him, I’ve been a faithful servant, was very frequent at bible study, active in the helps ministry, believing in the “Money Cometh” message, and always ready to praise. One night I was so broken, I could hear Pastor Thompson saying, “God is your only source, no one else”. I could hear repeatedly the words, “I plead the blood, the blood, the blood”, “It is Finish”. I fell to my knees and screamed, “JESUS, JESUS, JESUS”, calling out asking Him to please have mercy on me, please forgive my disobedience and to please bring me out of my despair and to please give me favor. It was then that he told me to confide in only one person. I did, a family member whom He had given a special anointing, wisdom, and favor to help people and do it without judgment and without spreading my business around. She was able to assist me in ways I could not imagine, both spiritually and financially. She was the avenue that the Father sent to get me back on track. The first thing she told me was you must start tithing again, despite anything, the very thing I was hearing in church all along. I could not stop praising God. I confessed my faith daily; I professed my position as a believer, recognizing who I am in Christ. I could hear Pastor Thompson, say “Read the book of Romans”, I read many scriptures but I dug deep into Romans, especially chapter 8. I also professed 1 Peter 2:24, John 14:14 to loose angelic protection, John 1:2, Deut. 8:1 for financial healing. I started to pray and call my debts paid in full, gone, dematerialized, and ceases to exist. I asked God for a new start, and this time he would never have to worry about me tithing. I received the prophecies that Pastor Thompson prophesied over us. I can’t tell you how many doors were opened for me, especially financially. I began getting calls to do contract work from home. Money was pouring in, checks coming in the mail. I’m now tithing with a “GLAD HEART”. I was paying one bill off after the other. I couldn’t wait to write my tithe checks and I’ve been doing so ever since. I had been a consistent tither for years but never convinced of the total relevance of tithing, only that is required. But now I truly realize and understand that the seeds that are given to us by God (everything belongs to HIM) must be put back into the kingdom and I gladly do so and “my money is flowing”, another word from the Lord, via Pastor Thompson.

32 |EIWM 2012/JAN Eiwm| |DEC Spring 2008 2013

I have been blessed with a 3 year contract making almost twice as much as my current full-time job (6 figures). I’ll be working for a company that is and has been a global success for decades. I’ve been promoted to higher levels spiritually, professionally, and financially, attaining much wisdom in the process. Several years ago when Pastor Thompson laid hands on us, I requested that my blueprint be changed and that I get more wisdom, his response was, “God give her what she ask for”. Although it was a tough transition, my blueprint has been changed totally. I got more wisdom and have more patience. This is what I asked for and I praise God for it every day! Cassandra

I am so grateful to God for raising up Dr. Thompson. I have been listening to his teachings for about 3 years and I have seen prosperity demonstration take place in my life. Since listening to him I have seen money cometh into my hands unexpected! I have seen this on more than one occasion. I remember one day leaving my house on a payday and having lint in my pocket and coming home to a check for $15,000. Another time I came home to a check for $32,000. I would have never imagined that God would do that for me until I started to read, understand, and receive His covenant… speaking prosperity, demonstration, and speaking money cometh to me frequently and easily. Just recently a job I had been believing God for 3 years opened up out of nowhere! I was flown to the job site and was taken care of as a queen. The favor of the Lord was upon me. The hiring manager knew who I was and in 30 days the job with prosperity demonstration was put in my hands! For anyone that doubts the covenant of God, let me tell you I would invest in CDs and DVDs that Dr. Thompson teaches and I listen to him in my car and at home. I am becoming saturated with the covenant and what God says I can have and do. Don’t doubt, sow the seed, and watch the harvest come into your life. Line your mouth and thoughts up with God’s word and what God says about you and watch things happen for you! Wonda

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Crossing boundaries, crossing genres, crossing ethnicities, crossing lifestyles…

Get your “God Can’t Fail” band today at Spring 2008 | Eiwm | 33

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34 | Eiwm | Spring 2008


Word of Life Christian Center

INTERNETFELLOWSHIP The Word of Life Christian Center (WOLCC) Internet Fellowship is a gathering of people from all walks of life and geographical locations to experience the ministry of Dr. Leroy Thompson, Sr. by means of live web casting. More importantly, the WOLCC Internet Fellowship is an extension of the Word of Life Christian Center, which is the local church that Dr. Thompson pastors. With the advancement of technology, it’s now easier to minister the Word of God to a vast number of people that are hungry for more of God. It’s very important to constantly hear and meditate the Word of God to keep your mind and spirit going in the direction that is pleasing to God. The only thing with technology is that, if it’s not handled properly, personal contact can be lost. One of the most important things about church is fellowship with people of like minds and spirits. No matter what people say, technology can’t replace personal contact. It’s not good for anyone to be on an island by themselves. Sometimes, you may be forced to be on an island by yourself because of what you believe, but there is a solution for that dilemma. The Internet Fellowship was born to deliver the personal contact we need, as humans, to grow spiritually. Dr. Thompson and his staff have developed a unique way of having personal contact despite long distances.

television Daystar Network Word Network

Check your local listing

WLFT – Baton Rouge


Sundays @ 11:30pm (CST) Saturdays @ 8:00pm (CST)

Monday – Friday @ 8:30am (CST) Spring 2008 | Eiwm | 35



than you think!

Come Worship With Us

Sundays at 9am & Wednesdays at 7pm (CST)

Word of Life Christian Center 40066 Highway 22 | Darrow, LA 70725

36 | Eiwm | Spring 2008

Happy Holidays  

The power of a Christ-Centered Family

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