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Design Inspiration

Design goal: My mobile design is going to be an outdoor project expressing Samoan culture through movement. The Samoan culture I want to express is movement that our dances express and how the meanings that they have behind it. We have a variance of different tempos of dances so the wind plays a great part in the movement of this mobile project.

Research: Looking at the different kite videos showed me different ways of being mobile and how free motion works. For the indoor kite examples I was so fascinated by the movements that they were able to conduct while being indoors, and how they were able to avoid hitting everything around them. What I got from the indoor kite movements is that even though we don’t have to worry about the fact of wind currents we still need to be careful with everything surrounding our mobile project. The outdoor kite videos appealed to me more than the indoor kite videos. Reason for that is because my inspiration is basically Samoan culture, and Samoa is an island with connection to all the different parts of nature. As I was researching how I can connect Samoan culture to my mobile project I found our different dances that we have and how the stories behind them our pertaining to the way live in Samoa, and with these different dances it connects to the wind and how the weather would be.

Fire dance: The fire dance is a very fast motioned dance with them spinning fire on a stick. With the San Francisco wind being strong during the winter time it plays a great connection because fire is something that keeps us warm, and the fire dance is a fast pace dance. So as the wind is blowing the movement of the mobile project will show the speed of the dance, but also will tie together to the warmth of the fire.

Siva Samoa (Samoan Dance): Siva Samoa is connecting to more of the slow intricate dances that we have that show motion of the island and tell stories of love and respect for our culture. So with my mobile project being outside it will play to the culture of San Francisco as in the way the weather and climate is. Samoan culture connects to nature with no problem because that is the way we were brought up by using everything around us as the means of living so the meaning behind my mobile project is a very connectible meaning.

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