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The Morashah Educational Organization is happy to announce a Bar and Bat Mitzvah trip to Israel. The Israeli trip of Morashah has become over the past several years, very popular as an interesting and inspirational trip that is full of attractions and unforgettable Jewish experiences. This is a onetime opportunity for European parents to provide their son or daughter with a traditional Jewish experience combined with attractions and places of entertainment that are offered in Israel. It consists of seven days of association with the Jewish tradition, entertainment and fun. There will be a Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration at the Western Wall together with Israel’s Chief Rabbi and senior Israeli cabinet ministers. In its course, the boys will receive a pair of tefillin, and the girls, a silver candle stick that will accompany them throughout their lives. The children will tour Israel’s historical sites such as Tiberias, Safed, Massada and others.

Ages of participants: The trip is intended for boys between the ages of 12 and 14 and for girls between the ages of 11 and 13.

Date: The trip will take place from February 19- 26, 2012.

Schedules and Safety:

Additional details and registration: For additional details please contact your local Rabbi promptly.

The schedule will be loaded with everlasting experiences and overnight stays in quality guest houses and hotels. There will be two or three guests per room, as well as high-quality kosher and nourishing meals will be served.

You may also be in touch by phone +32-488-620284, by e-mail: or at our website at

The matter of safety and responsibility for the children and for the staff for the entire duration of the trip is the primary concern of the organizers of the trip.


The trip will be insured by the “Menorah� Insurance Company. In addition, all the sites and attractions that will be visited are licensed and secured. The tour bus is modern, supplied by a longtime and organized company. The Fleischman Peles VIP Company which will organize the trip is known by its capability of organizing successful events, excursions and projects that are enjoyed by the participants.

Menachem Mendel Pevzner, Project Coordinator

Sunday 2\19 Reception at Kfar Chabad, tour and lunch Promenade at the sea shore Supper at Tel Aviv Overnight lodging at the Prima Hotel, Tel Aviv

Monday 2\20 Breakfast in the hotel Departure for Tiberias Sailing on the Sea of Galilee The Rambam’s Tomb Lunch at the city’s Promenade Sightseeing at the Center of Holy Scriptures in Safed Sightseeing in the Old City Barbeque supper in the Old City Overnight lodging at the Rimonim Hotel

Tuesday 2\21 Breakfast in the Rimonim Hotel Departure for the Golan Heights Jeep excursion Kesem Hagolan Lunch at Kesem Hagolan Paintball The Tomb of the Arizal Supper in a restaurant at the Safed Promenade Overnight lodging at the Rimonim Hotel

Wednesday 2\22 Breakfast at the Rimonim Hotel Hamat Gader Lunch at Hamat Gader Leaving for Jerusalem Supper in Jerusalem at the Ben Yehuda Promenade Overnight lodging at the Prima Melachim Hotel

Thursday 2\23 Prayer at the Western Wall Bar Mitzvah celebration at the Western Wall with the participation of the Chief Rabbi of Israel and Israeli Government ministers Breakfast/lunch at an adjoining restaurant The Old City King David’s City Time elevator and lunch Tour of Jerusalem Leaving for Biankini Evening activities and supper Overnight lodging at the Biankini Farm at the Dead Sea shore

Friday 2\24 Prayer at Massada Breakfast The land of Bereishit – a biblical experience, show of our forefather Abraham’s welcoming of guests. The special view, the camels and the goats provide an experience of bygone times. Departure for Jerusalem Kabalat Shabbat in Jerusalem is a very special experience. The city’s residents throng through the streets of the Old City toward the Western Wall. We shall have Kabalat Shabbat at the Western Wall and then march to the hotel for the Shabbat meal. Overnight lodging in the Prima Melachim Hotel

Shabbat 2\25 On Shabbat morning we shall go to experience the prayers at the Great Synagogue of Jerusalem. The prayer there is lead by a world-renown cantor accompanied by a special choir. After the Shabbat meal we shall go out for a guided tour through the special Jerusalem neighborhoods. On Motsaei Shabbat we shall go for bowling + pizza Overnight lodging in the Prima Melachim Hotel

Sunday 2\26 Breakfast Departure at the Ben Gurion Airport. On the way to the airport we shall pass through the Hasmonean’s Forest and will learn about the struggle of the Maccabees against the Greeks and Jewish valor.

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It consists of seven days of association with the Jewish tradition, entertainment and fun. The children will tour Israel’s historical sites...