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The EITI strengthens governance by improving transparency in the extractives sector

The EITI Global Conference is the highest governing body of the EITI

600 leaders discussing transparency in the extractive industries

EITI International Secretariat Ruseløkkveien 26, 0251 Oslo, Norway Tel +47 22 24 21 05 Fax +47 22 24 21 15

Three and a half billion people live in countries rich in oil, gas and minerals. With good governance the exploitation of these resources can generate large revenues to foster economic growth and reduce poverty. However when governance is weak, such resources endowments may result in poverty, corruption and conflict. The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) aims to strengthen governance by improving transparency and accountability in the extractives sector. The 4th EITI Global Conference will be held in Doha, Qatar 16-18 February 2009. The EITI Global Conference is the highest governing body of the EITI. It provides an opportunity for the International Board and the EITI stakeholders to jointly take stock of the benefits and progress of the EITI, find common solutions for tackling challenges and chart next steps for supporting and advancing good governance in the extractive industries. Hosted by the Government of Qatar, the 4th EITI Global Conference will gather an estimated 600 leaders and officials from government, industry and institutions to discuss the future of transparency and good governance in the extractive industries. Venue: Ritz-Carlton Doha

Participants reflect the initiative’s multi-stakeholder nature

Attendance at the conference will reflect the initiative’s multi-stakeholder nature and assemble representatives from national governments; the extractive industries; investors; intergovernmental institutions; international civil society organisations; and local community groups.

2003 Lancaster House Conference - Pilot phase kicked off - 140 participants

Confirmed keynote speakers include:

Previous Conferences have been decisive in shaping the EITI

2005 Ellen JOHNSON-SIRLEAF, President of the London Conference Republic of Liberia - Development of EITI Criteria Ernest BAI KOROMA, President of the and Methodology Republic of Sierra Leone - EITI Sourcebook Louis MICHEL, European Commissioner for - 300 participants Development and Humanitarian Aid Festus MOGAE, former President of Botswana Jeroen VAN DER VEER, Chief Executive 2006 Oslo Conference Officer of Royal Dutch Shell Jesús REYES-HEROLES, General Director of - Transition from EITI design to EITI implementation PEMEX Donald KABERUKA, President of the African - International Advisory Group Report making recommendaDevelopment Bank tions for the future work of Obiageli EZEKWESILI, Vice President the EITI Africa, the World Bank - 400 participants Tony HODGE, Chief Executive Officer of the International Council on Mining and Metals George SOROS, founder of the Soros Foundation 2009

Doha Conference - From EITI implementation to EITI results and emerging lessons - Charting next steps for supporting and advancing this growing global initiative. - 600 participants (estimated)

Preliminary Conference Programme: Monday 16 February

All day Registration and pre-meetings 19:00 Welcome Reception hosted by the Government of Qatar

Tuesday 17 February

09:30 11:30 15:00

17:00 19:30 Wednesday 18 February

09:30 11:30

15:00 16:30

Opening Plenary Plenary 2: The impact of the EITI Panel composed of 1 moderator and 6 contributors. Plenary 3: The EITI in today’s world: How the EITI can improve the stability of energy supplies Expanding the role of the EITI in the Middle East Engaging emerging economies Plenary 4: Deepening the work of the EITI Panel composed of 1 moderator and 6 contributors. Conference dinner Plenary 5: Natural resources for development Panel composed of 1 moderator and 6 contributors. Workshops: Advancing the EITI The EITI and the mining industry Legislative efforts and parliamentary participation for the EITI Mainstreaming the EITI Brief statements of endorsement Closing plenary

"The Doha Conference will be a pivotal event in consolidating the EITI as the global standard for transparency in resource revenue management" - Dr Peter Eigen, Chairman of the EITI International Board

Who can come to the conference?

The Conference is open to all stakeholders of the EITI. Please note however that registration is a requirement for participation. Sessions will be held in the three official languages of the EITI, English, French and Russian. Interpretation to Arabic and Spanish will also be available in certain sessions.

How can I register for the Conference?

It is possible to register directly online at You may register individually or as members of a joint delegation. Members of the press are also asked to register for accreditation at our Conference webpages. There are no registration fees.

Want to know more?

A variety of publications on the EITI are available on our website or can be ordered from the EITI Secretariat. For questions concerning the Conference contact the Conference Manager at: Email Telephone Fax Website Address +47 22 24 21 12 +47 22 24 21 15 EITI Secretariat, Ruseløkkveien 26, 0251 Oslo, Norway

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