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Bodil Eiterstraum studio blog: Born: 21/02/1996

Adress: fiskergade 38, 8000 Aarhus

Mobile: +4527516946


Hello! I am a norwegian student of Aarhus school of Architecture, under the study program ’sustainability’. The program, which highly reflects my interests and working methods, deals with the social-political aspects of architecture, and has an experimental and contemporary approach to developing architecture. I am engaged and motivatet in my studies, and in general I have a positive attitude that ables me to be well-performed in the work/projects that I take on.

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Upper secondary school 2012-2015 (Exchange year in Thailand 2013-2014) The Scandinavian design college 2015-2016 Aarhus school of Architecture 2016 - 2019 The Scandinavian design college 2016-18 - Guest teacher in architecture and cityplanning Aarhus school of Architecture 2016- 17 - Recording and scanning for lectures Helgelandskraft (waterplant) 2016 - Media director (+ social media) Parks and recreations 2017 - Seasonworker Architecture workshop in Copenhagen 2016 - Idea: competition for transformation of Copenhagens main library. English tutour 2013 - Tutouring and teaching at several ’English camps’ in Thailand META Learn international programme 2015 - Exploring and developing ICT based learning and teaching Rhino Autocad Photoshop Illustrator Premiere pro QGIS