The Eiteljorg Museum 2017 Annual Report

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Resilience, Impact, Opportunity


The Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art is one of the focal points of White River State Park in downtown Indianapolis.

Profound gratitude: That’s the only way to describe our appreciation for the donors, patrons, members and volunteers whose generosity made 2017 such a memorable year at the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art. Our museum fulfills the dream of our late founder — businessman, collector and philanthropist Harrison Eiteljorg — who sought to create a place in Indianapolis where everyone could enjoy and appreciate the art, history and cultures of Native America and the American West. To get the Eiteljorg Museum off the ground, he donated his personal collection of art and objects he had acquired over decades. Since opening in 1989, the museum has benefited tremendously from many other art collectors, donors, corporate sponsors and foundations. These key supporters shared Harrison Eiteljorg’s vision that the full story of the American West should be told in all its beauty, diversity and complexity. The far-sighted vision of Mr. Eiteljorg and other supporters and collectors can be appreciated in our Western art galleries, where works by some of America’s best-known artists — Frederic Remington, Georgia O’Keeffe, Thomas Moran — are exhibited. You also can appreciate their vision in the Native American galleries, amid beautiful and fascinating objects created by Margaret Tafoya, Maria Martinez, Charles Loloma and other Indigenous artists from across North America, such as jewelry, pottery, basketry, beadwork, quillwork, Katsina carvings and contemporary Native art. Consistent with the vision of our founder and other donors, the Eiteljorg is a vibrant, ever-changing institution with new exhibitions rotating through our special exhibit gallery and new objects in core galleries. Visitors, especially families, enjoy the museum’s café, art studios, the child-friendly R.B. Annis Western Family Experience and our annual holiday train display, Jingle Rails: The Great Western Adventure. Our exhibits and programming emphasize the contributions of all groups in the West, including women, Native Americans, African-Americans, Latinos and the LGBT community, through historical and contemporary art. Our hope is that every visitor walking through the museum’s doors will find inside something with which they identify.

Resilience, Impact, Opportunity

Visitors enjoy the Art of the American West Gallery.


Through the strategic planning of our board, the work of our committed staff and the inspiration of enthusiastic supporters such as our Eiteljorg Eagle Society, the museum constantly delivers outstanding experiences that inspire an appreciation for Native American cultures and the art of the American West. Donors and sponsors are absolutely essential to our efforts. We know that many of our donors also support other worthwhile organizations that, together with the Eiteljorg, make our community an exciting place to live, work and play. In the following pages, we demonstrate how donors’ gifts to the Eiteljorg resulted in important achievements. And we make the case for why donors will want to offer new or continuing support. The Eiteljorg’s annual report for 2017 is titled Resilience, Impact, Opportunity to underscore our mission and the role of our supporters in the museum’s success. Thank you for your past support of the Eiteljorg Museum, and we hope we can count on you in the year ahead.

John Vanausdall President and CEO

(Top) Dr. Scott Shoemaker (Miami Tribe of Oklahoma), the Thomas G. and Susan C. Hoback curator of Native American art, history and culture, leads visitors on a tour of the Helen Cox Kersting Collection in the Native American galleries. (Center) Families enjoy the child-friendly R.B. Annis Western Family Experience, including the Concord stagecoach. (Right) Eiteljorg President and CEO John Vanausdall, left, and Chairman of the Board Thomas G. Hoback, right.

Consistent with the vision of our founder and other donors, the Eiteljorg is a vibrant, ever-changing institution with new exhibitions rotating through our special exhibit gallery and new objects in core galleries.


Thomas Hoback Chairman of the Board


Donors through their generous gifts to the Eiteljorg Museum make possible outstanding exhibitions that showcase world-class work by Native American and Western artists. The support of Lilly Endowment, Inc. and other funders allows tens of thousands of people to experience the art, history and cultures each year. Visitors are inspired every day by the permanent collections in the Art of the American West Gallery, Gund Gallery, Hurt and Harvey galleries, the Gerald and Dorit Paul Gallery and Native American galleries. And some temporary exhibitions at the Eiteljorg in 2017 explored the West in innovative and relevant ways.

The exhibit In Their Honor explored the works of five Eiteljorg Fellowship artists, now deceased, including Allan Houser (Warm Springs Chiricahua Apache), whose 1992 cast-bronze sculpture Migration is seen here.



Titan of the West: The Adams Collection of Western and Native American Art Nov. 12, 2016–Feb. 5, 2017 Businessman Kenneth S. “Bud” Adams (1923-2013), a Houston oil magnate of Cherokee descent, was owner of the NFL Tennessee Titans football team. Bud and his wife Nancy Adams were enthusiastic collectors of Native art and traditional Western paintings and had amassed a stunning personal art collection. A Culver Military Academy alumnus, Bud Adams in his later years became acquainted with the Eiteljorg; and in his will, he bequeathed the entire collection of hundreds of art works and cultural objects to the museum. As with earlier artworks donated by Harrison Eiteljorg, the George Gund family and Helen Cox Kersting, the Adams gift enriched the museum’s permanent collections. The Adams collection exhibit Titan of the West — including paintings by Frederic Remington, Thomas Moran and William R. Leigh, and Native beadwork and quillwork — continued into early 2017. Many of the Adams paintings have been integrated into the Western art galleries, and some have traveled to other museums on loan from the Eiteljorg. (Left top) Thomas Moran (American (born in England), 1837-1926), The Grand Canyon, 1917, oil on canvas. Bequest of Kenneth S. “Bud” and Nancy Adams (Left bottom) James Nottage, left, vice president and chief curatorial officer and the Gund curator of Western art, history and culture, was interviewed about the Titan of the West exhibit by journalist Yael Ksander, right, of WFIU Bloomington Public Media.

Dogs: Faithful and True March 4-Aug. 6, 2017 Visitors of all ages delighted in a fascinating exhibit exploring the many roles dogs play in the American West and Native cultures as companions, workers and heroes. Dogs: Faithful and True featured beautiful paintings, historic and contemporary photographs and objects such as a Yup’ik dogsled and General George A. Custer’s dogcalling horn. Partnerships with other organizations allowed the Eiteljorg to host dog-themed programming, including talks by faculty from Purdue University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, opportunities to meet trained therapy dogs from Paws and Think and pet-adoption days with the Indianapolis Humane Society. With donor support from the Eli Lilly and Company Foundation and the Capital Group, Dogs: Faithful and True was one of the Eiteljorg’s best-attended shows, drawing 75,000 guests. (Right top) Shelly Mosman (American, born 1972) Animal Child: New Vest from Aunt Sue, 2013, photograph on fiber. Gift from the artist. (Lower right) The exhibit included special programming Saturdays. Volunteers from Paws and Think brought therapy dogs for visitors to meet.



The 12th annual Quest for the West® Art Show and Sale Sept. 8–Oct. 8, 2017 Art collectors converged on the Eiteljorg to see contemporary Western art and meet 49 top artists. Quest for the West® featured nearly 200 spellbinding paintings and sculptures collectors could purchase in a luck-of-the-draw sale. Presented by The Western Art Society and Cardinal Contracting, the 12th annual Quest featured an open-house excursion to see a private collector’s art collection. New in 2017 was a popular early sale of miniature art, for which Quest artists created smaller paintings and sculptures. More than $1 million in art was sold during Quest; and purchased artworks remained in the gallery for another month so museum visitors could experience the creativity of Robert Griffing, Michael Dudash, Gladys Roldande-Moras and many others.

John Moyers The Way to Sacred Water, 2017 Oil, 36 x 36 inches

(Top) Attending the Quest for the West ® festivities Sept. 9, 2017, were, left to right, Rose Linda Martinez, artist P.A. Nisbet, artist John Moyers and Terri Moyers. P.A. Nisbet was the 2016 Quest Artist of Distinction, and John Moyers’ work The Way to Sacred Water was named the 2017 Harrison Eiteljorg Purchase Award winner.

Jerry Jordan Footsteps in Footsteps Make Eternity, 2017 Oil on canvas 40 x 40 inches Winner of the Victor Higgins Award of Distinction

(Center) At the 12th annual Quest for the West ® Art Show and Sale opening weekend, artist Gladys Roldan-de-Moras, center, and Rafael Moras, second from right, chatted with Eiteljorg Museum board member Pat Anker, right, and Bob Anker, left.

Light, Space, and Power: The Art of P.A. Nisbet Sept. 10–Nov. 19, 2017 Nationally recognized artist P.A. Nisbet was honored as the 2016 Quest for the West® Artist of Distinction, and that led to a 2017 exhibit of his stunning landscapes and seascapes. Nisbet’s paintings communicate the extreme beauty of the American West, and the Quest-related exhibit showcased his work to new audiences.



(Far left and far right) In the Native Art Now! exhibition gallery, visitors experienced 39 compelling works of contemporary Native art created by artists who received the Eiteljorg Contemporary Art Fellowship. (Center left) Attendees at the Native Art Now! opening celebration Nov. 11 watched a video greeting from prominent artist Kay WalkingStick (Cherokee Nation).

Native Art Now! Nov. 11, 2017-Jan. 28, 2018 Home to one of the nation’s best collections of contemporary Native American art, the Eiteljorg showcased some of its most compelling pieces during a retrospective exhibit. Native Art Now! featured 39 fascinating artworks by 29 artists, all past recipients of the Eiteljorg Contemporary Art Fellowship which is supported by Lilly Endowment, Inc. In the exhibit, installations, paintings, sculptures, textile and glass art conveyed the broad continuum of Native expression and sparked dialogue among visitors. The Native Art Now! project included a WFYI documentary that premiered Dec. 14, 2017, and a 368-page full-color scholarly companion book. A nationally known art and social justice expert, Betsy Theobald Richards (Cherokee Nation), facilitated a convening of 22 Fellowship artists at the museum the weekend of Nov. 11-12 to deliberate on the future of the contemporary Native art field and the Fellowship.

(Center right) Betsy Theobald Richards (Cherokee Nation) facilitated the convening of past Eiteljorg Fellowship artists Nov. 11-12 that sparked insights about the future of contemporary Native art and of the Fellowship.

The exhibit In Their Honor featured the works of five deceased Eiteljorg Fellowship artists.

Kay WalkingStick (Cherokee Nation) Wallowa Memory, 2003 Lithograph Gift: Courtesy of the artist

In Their Honor April 21, 2017-April 22, 2018

The Geometry of Expression June 2017-Spring 2018

As anticipation built for the opening of Native Art Now!, the museum opened two other special exhibits where visitors could see beautiful artworks by past Eiteljorg Fellows. In Their Honor featured works of five groundbreaking Fellowship artists, all now deceased: Rick Bartow, Harry Fonseca, John Hoover, Allan Houser and George Morrison. Their work has been shown in numerous museums, and they opened doors to the art world for a new generation of contemporary Native artists. The Geometry of Expression featured prints by three living Fellowship artists: Wendy Red Star, Anna Tsouhlarakis and Kay WalkingStick.



Nataly Lowder, vice president for advancement

Frederic Remington A Buck-jumper, ca. 1893 Oil on canvas Bequest of Kenneth S. “Bud” Adams and Nancy Adams

The Future: Reinstallation of Western Galleries Grand reopening November 2018 The support of donors committed to the museum’s long-term future makes it possible for the Eiteljorg to completely renovate and reinstall its Art of the American West Gallery and Gund Gallery on the first floor. When opened in the fall of 2018, the two Western galleries will be beautifully reimagined. New experiences and technology will help convey the history and meaning of the art to visitors. The reinstallation will showcase the best works from the collections of Harrison Eiteljorg, George Gund and Kenneth S. “Bud” Adams, among others. This project is prelude to the reinstallation in 2021 of the second-floor Native American galleries that will present our major collection of art and cultural objects from across North America in full context and the best light, including a special focus on Native cultures of the Great Lakes region.

Looking Ahead: The Reel West March 3, 2018-Feb. 3, 2019 The Eiteljorg’s latest exhibit explores the themes of morality, diversity and American identity as depicted in Hollywood Westerns, on film and television. The Reel West features cowboy hats, costumes, props and interactive film clips from the silent era to the classic era up to today.


HOW TO DONATE Many options are available for financially supporting the Eiteljorg and its annual fund and capital/endowment campaign. Planned giving in an estate plan empowers donors to make charitable decisions years in advance and specify their wishes. Supporters also have benefited the Eiteljorg through donations of stock, real estate or art collections, or by naming the museum as beneficiary on an insurance policy. In acknowledgment of some gifts, certain generous donors have been recognized with naming rights to particular locations, positions and programming in the museum. Gifts of any amount, tailored to the donor’s circumstance, can be discussed with the museum’s vice president for advancement, Nataly Lowder, at or (317) 275-1311.


Thanks to donors who made thoughtful and timely gift decisions, the Eiteljorg presented important programming and cultural events in 2017 that highlighted diversity, showcased Native American cultures and drew new visitors into the museum.



25th annual Indian Market and Festival June 24-25, 2017 One of the top artistic and cultural events in Indianapolis, the Indian Market and Festival celebrated its 25th year in 2017. More than 5,000 visitors converged on the Eiteljorg grounds to meet Native American artists from more than 60 cultures, purchase beautiful jewelry, pottery, beadwork, baskets, paintings and sculpture and enjoy music, dance, cultural presentations and storytelling. Indian Market weekend is a treasured time for artists from across the U.S. and Canada to renew friendships with longtime collectors and meet new collectors who appreciate the opportunity to purchase Native art from the artists. Coinciding with the 25th market was a temporary retrospective exhibit in the Gerald and Dorit Paul Gallery showcasing artworks that were signature images or received the Harrison Eiteljorg Purchase Award at previous markets, or were donated by Harrison Eiteljorg himself. Sponsors of the 2017 Indian Market and Festival included Ice Miller LLP, the Margot L. and Robert S. Eccles Fund, a fund of the Central Indiana Community Foundation; and Bob and Pat Anker and Friends of Indian Market, among others. (Top left) Artist Bruce Joe (Navajo) sold his handmade jewelry at the Indian Market and Festival. (Top right) At the Indian Market Preview Party June 23, 2017, artist Dana Warrington (Prairie Band Potawatomi/Menominee), left, won Best of Show for his beaded and quilled pipe bag, Family Traditions. Eiteljorg President and CEO John Vanausdall, right, presented the award. (Center) Artist and sculptor Kathleen Wall (Jemez Pueblo) sold her sculptures at Indian Market. (Bottom) Champion hoop dancer and flute player Tony Duncan (Apache/Arikara/ Hidatsa) performed at the 25th annual Indian Market and Festival.

The Freetown Village Singers perform at the Juneteenth Community Celebration.

Visitors to WestFest learned about life in the West from Cowboy Paul Ross and Cameo the horse.

Juneteenth Community Celebration June 17, 2017

WestFest Sept. 23, 2017

An annual celebration of freedom brought families to the Eiteljorg on a summer afternoon for live music, historical presentations, storytelling, re-enactors, chuckwagon food and a community fair. Also known as Freedom Day, Juneteenth commemorates the day in 1865 at the end of the Civil War when news of the abolition of slavery reached Galveston, Texas.

An educational family festival with sights and sounds of the Old West, WestFest featured blacksmithing demonstrations, live music, a trick roper, chuckwagon grub and stagecoach rides. Sponsors of WestFest were The Sunrise Foundation, the Margot L. and Robert S. Eccles Fund, a fund of the Central Indiana Community Foundation, and Wells Fargo. 10


One of the Eiteljorg’s artists in residence in 2017 was DG House (Cherokee of Northeastern Alabama), who shared her paintings, prints and talent in the Eiteljorg studios.

Artists in Residence Autumn 2017

(Top) The Midtown Madmen perform at Summer Under the Sails. (Lower left) The Eiteljorg Museum’s outdoor shade structure, The Sails, is the site of a free summer concert series in June and July. (Photo courtesy of Zach Malmgren) (Lower right) The band il Troubadore and the Wookiee Cellist perform a “Star Wars”-themed set at Summer Under the Sails.

Summer Under The Sails concert series Summer 2017 From Memorial Day to early August, folks strolling along the Central Canal and museum visitors alike could experience a variety of outdoor activities under The Sails, including gold panning, games and activities related to the Dogs: Faithful and True exhibition. Even our four-legged friends could cool off in a dog splash park. Every Wednesday evening and Thursday midday, the Eiteljorg offered free outdoor concerts which helped attract first-time visitors as well as the regulars. Guests enjoyed free admission to the museum from 5–8 p.m. on Wednesdays, and stayed for concerts with local and regional bands playing New Orleans-style jazz, rock and roll, oldies, bluegrass, and folk under The Sails. On Thursdays, the lunchtime crowd strolling the Central Canal was drawn onto the grounds to enjoy midday music with their lunch. The Margot L. and Robert S. Eccles Fund, a fund of the Central Indiana Community Foundation, is a generous sponsor of Summer Under The Sails.


The Artist in Residence program at the Eiteljorg is an integral piece of the offerings supporting the overall educational role of the museum. From September through November, Native American and Western artists are in residence at the museum. During their three-week residencies, these artists share their cultures and art with area schoolchildren and community and adult groups, both on- and off-site. These experiences enable the museum to foster cultural understanding by engaging our audiences through multiple methods including hands-on art production workshops, studio demonstrations, gallery tours, musical and storytelling performances and one-on-one conversations. In 2017, the Eiteljorg hosted artists Tim Blueflint Ramel (Bad River Chippewa/Comanche), DG House (Cherokee of Northeastern Alabama), Richard Gabriel Jr. of Tijeras, New Mexico and Karen Ann Hoffman (Oneida).


Day of the Dead Oct. 28, 2017 Día de los Muertos or Day of the Dead is a festive holiday in Mexico, Latin America and many parts of the U.S. where families gather to celebrate the lives of deceased loved ones. The multicultural arts organization Nopal Cultural partners with the Eiteljorg for the annual Day of the Dead community celebration. Families and children enjoyed a Mercado (market), art-making opportunities, creating tinwork with artist Richard Gabriel and performances of live music and dance, including the Catrinas fashion experience which enchanted the audience in Clowes Court. Elaborate ofrendas (altars) exhibited in the Lilly Auditorium honored friends and relatives who have passed on. The López Law Firm and The Penrod Society sponsored the Day of the Dead celebration.

Catrina fashion show models enjoy the Day of the Dead celebration at the Eiteljorg.

At the Out West™ event Oct. 21, independent curator Gregory Hinton, left, and film director Michele Josue, right, held a discussion at the screening of the documentary Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine. Professor Ch. Didier Gondola, right, signs books for visitors who heard him deliver the Leon Jett Memorial Lecture.

Leon Jett Lecture Series Feb. 18, 2017 As part of the Eiteljorg’s commitment to diversity, this annual series — named in honor of the museum’s late programs manager — brings to the Indianapolis community engaging speakers who highlight the contributions of African Americans in the West, historical and contemporary. Professor Ch. Didier Gondola, Ph.D., chair of the IUPUI history department, gave the 2017 Jett memorial lecture: Buffalo Bill Cody in Kinshasa: Westerns, Violence and Masculinity in the Heart of the Tropics.

The Alfred Jacob Miller painting Snake Indians was the focus of the Gund Lecture delivered by Mary Peterson Zundo, second from right, seen here with James Nottage, right, vice president and chief curatorial officer and Gund curator of Western art, and Johanna M. Blume, left, associate curator of Western art, history and culture.

Gund Lecture Series Oct. 14, 2017 Scholar Mary Peterson Zundo presented the annual Gund Lecture, named for Western art collector George Gund. Her talk, Fantasia on the Prairie: Plains Warriors, Arabic Equestrians, and Art on the American Frontier, 1800-1850, was sponsored by Indiana Humanities.


Out West™ at the Eiteljorg Oct. 21, 2017 Developed in conjunction with independent curator Gregory Hinton, the Out West™ at the Eiteljorg programming series explores the positive contributions of the LGBT community to the history and cultures of the West. In 2017, Out West™ featured a screening of the film Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine, a documentary about the young Wyoming man whose murder in 1998 inspired national legislation against hate crimes. The event included a discussion with the film’s director, Shepard’s childhood friend Michele Josue.


The Eiteljorg’s mission of showcasing art, history and cultures of Native America and the American West through fascinating exhibits and programs at a downtown Indianapolis museum continues to draw and motivate donors. The sustainability of the Eiteljorg is reflected in the major grants it receives, in the support of donors who attend gala events and contribute to the life of the museum, and in the enthusiasm of the museum’s staff, volunteers and the youngprofessionals auxiliary, Agave. In conjunction with these efforts, the museum’s profile is heightened through high-quality publications and widespread positive media coverage.

Members and guests of the Eiteljorg young professional auxilliary, Agave, enjoyed the “Bourbon, Jingle & Mingle” event at the museum in December.



In 2017, Cowpokes & Cocktails netted more than $110,000 for the museum’s educational programming. Eiteljorg President and CEO John Vanausdall, left, joined co-chairs of the event planning committee, Whitney Trede, center, and Kimberley Eck, right.

Cowpokes & Cocktails April 29, 2017 A new tradition was launched in 2017 when the Eiteljorg hosted a reimagined, unforgettable Westernthemed charitable gala. Cowpokes & Cocktails was a memorable evening with guests sporting their best tengallon hats and cowboy boots to enjoy a Texas-style barbecue, cocktail contest, live and silent auction and entertainment from the Hunter Smith Band. Proceeds from Cowpokes & Cocktails supported the museum’s programming and education department, including outreach Hunter Smith efforts that bring art to children regardless of socioeconomic status.

(Top) Film industry landmarks of Hollywood were the latest scene added to the Jingle Rails holiday model train display in 2017. (Right) Volunteer and model train “chief engineer” Tom Bromstrup, left, was interviewed by WFYI reporter Jill Sheridan, right, about the electric trains and allnatural backdrops.

Jingle Rails: The Great Western Adventure Nov. 18, 2017–Jan. 15, 2018 The Eiteljorg’s annual holiday train display, Jingle Rails, returned for its eighth year in 2017. Families were captivated by model trains rolling past whimsically realistic backdrops depicting landmarks of the West in miniature. Donors, including The Indiana Rail Road Company, have made Jingle Rails the most affordable holiday tradition in Indianapolis. Continued support from donors such as the Kortepeter Family allows the Eiteljorg to offer a new display scene each year. For 2017, a newly created backdrop portrayed film industry landmarks of Hollywood; and like the other scenes, it was painstakingly created out of all-natural materials by Applied Imagination of Alexandria, Ky. A team of model-train enthusiast volunteers kept the nine electric trains running smoothly. More than 34,000 visitors experienced Jingle Rails during the 2017-18 holiday season.



GRANTS AT WORK Foundations from across the nation support the work of the Eiteljorg Museum, and in 2017 alone they contributed more than $2 million toward the mission. The Eiteljorg Museum is enormously grateful to the many foundations and endowments, such as Lilly Endowment, that historically have supported the museum, both for general operating support and in supporting specific events or projects. Among others, noteworthy grants received in 2017 highlight community connections and conversations: • Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust grant to support partnerships and programming for the special exhibition, Dogs: Faithful and True, including dog wellness and adoption programs, obedience, mushing and herding demonstrations and a free vaccination clinic at Indy Humane Animal Welfare Center in the nearby Haughville neighborhood. Other partners included Paws and Think, Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine and the Humane Society of Indianapolis.

(Top) Eiteljorg marketing intern and volunteer Emily Sabens, left, helps a young visitor with an art-making activity in the museum studio during the 25th annual Indian Market and Festival weekend. (Right) At the annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner, those who donated their time to the museum in 2017 were honored: Intern Audrey Ladd, left, who volunteered 362 hours, is seen here with volunteer services coordinator Deborah Kish, center. Volunteer Sharon Mills, right photo, volunteered 632 hours.


• Indiana Humanities INCommon grant to spur public conversations on important, difficult issues. At the symposium, Water is Life: Conversations about Native Peoples of the Great Lakes, Native scholars addressed how water has shaped the histories and identities of Native peoples of the broader Great Lakes region.

In 2017, a total 352 volunteers, ranging from retirees to college students, donated 13,826 hours of service to the Eiteljorg, guiding tour groups and interpreting objects for visitors, and assisting artists during events such as Indian Market and Festival and Quest for the West ® Art Show and Sale, thus enhancing visitors’ appreciation of the museum.

• Margot L. and Robert S. Eccles Fund, a fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation, grant to provide experiences that connect with the people around the museum on foot or especially on bicycle. Outdoor events included movies, Dogs programming, performers, music, family activities, a stagecoach and a chuckwagon.

In December 2017, young professionals attended the “Bourbon, Jingle & Mingle” event hosted by Agave at the Eiteljorg Museum, where they explored Jingle Rails, tasted samples from Heaven Hill Distilleries and enjoyed delicious hors d’oeuvres from Kahn’s Catering.

• Christel DeHaan Family Foundation grant to support entertainment at the 25th annual Indian Market and Festival. Awarded in honor of the children and families of Christel House, the grant made possible performances by Native American musicians, dancers and a storyteller.

Agave The Eiteljorg’s auxiliary for young professionals ages 2140, Agave develops the next generation of Eiteljorg supporters and leaders. Agave hosts special events and social gatherings throughout the year, including happy-hour receptions and movie nights, where members can hone their leadership skills and connect with fellow professionals. Agave had approximately 50 members in 2017, led by an executive board of six. Two former Agave members now serve on the Eiteljorg board of advisors. 15


MEDIA COVERAGE: In the Headlines The Eiteljorg was consistently in the news in 2017, reaching future guests through social media, broadcast and print media: USA Today, “The best museum exhibits in the U.S. this spring,” April 18, 2017 The Indianapolis Star, “Indian Market and Festival: Celebrating 25 Years,” June 26, 2017 video: photo gallery:

Publications Each year, the Eiteljorg releases a number of publications to support and supplement visitor experiences and to contribute to the world of scholarship in our fields. In 2017, we released the annual Quest for the West® Art Show and Sale catalog, as well as a separately printed catalog authored by associate curator Johanna Blume to expound on the Quest artist of distinction. The latter is entitled, Light, Space, and Power: The Art of P.A. Nisbet and it includes color images of the many beautiful exhibited paintings by this favorite Quest artist. This year’s most prominent publication is the scholarly work released to critical acclaim with the opening of the 2017 Eiteljorg Fellowship exhibition in November. Native Art Now! Developments in Contemporary Native American Art Since 1992 was edited by Veronica Passalacqua and Kate Morris, and features essays by leading academic authorities including professors, curators and artists. The volume, designed by the Eiteljorg’s director of exhibit and graphic design, Steve Sipe, has 368 pages and 210 color plates. Under development for a number of years, the book serves as both a textbook and as a readable and absorbing exploration of contemporary art by Native artists. The Eiteljorg’s collection is heavily represented in the book, along with notable art from important collections elsewhere in the world. Eiteljorg publications are available for purchase in the Frank and Katrina Basile Museum Store.

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Impressive Acquisitions of Art Keep the Museum New and Vibrant Collections and Acquisitions, 2017 by James H. Nottage, vice president and chief curatorial officer and Gund curator of Western art It seems as if each passing year involves more activity in the areas of acquisitions, collections care and exhibit changes, and 2017 was no exception. A grant from a federal agency, the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), allowed the Eiteljorg to continue conservation on paintings being readied for changes in the Western galleries in 2018. As usual, we conserved outdoor sculptures to protect them from the elements. For the Dogs: Faithful and True exhibit and other projects, we had about 60 incoming loans from museums across the country. Outgoing loans, although smaller in number, were of some importance. The Georgia O’Keeffe painting Red Hills Beyond Abiquiu concluded its 2016-2017 travels to London, Vienna and Toronto. A number of Jim Denomie paintings traveled to a major E. S. Curtis exhibit at the Muskegon Museum of Art while important jewelry donated by Helen Kersting went to the Albuquerque Museum. Finally, the Frederic Remington painting A Buck-jumper left for a significant exhibit at the Denver Art Museum and then to an additional venue at the Montreal Art Museum. Acquisitions included 234 works that add quality and depth to the Eiteljorg’s holdings in all areas. In contemporary art, we continued to benefit from the generosity of artists including Rick Bartow, Shelly Mosman, Elizabeth Knight, Corwin (Corky) Clairmont and Joe Feddersen, along with gifts from galleries and collectors. The collection of Native American objects was richly nourished with gifts from the Robert U. Sandroni and Lora A. Sandroni Family Trust, while longtime supporters Mel and Joan Perelman gifted an especially notable collection of baskets, predominantly from California and the Southwest. Steve and Jane Marmon donated beautiful Western paintings of note and gave a large collection of contemporary pottery by masters such as Nathan Youngblood, Susan Folwell and Tammy Garcia. While purchased acquisitions are not frequent, we are pleased with the biennial purchases through the Eiteljorg Fellowship program, the annual Quest for the West® purchase prize and the annual Indian Market and Festival purchase prize. Finally, visitors are increasingly aware that the museum resource center includes a growing library of books and other printed material that can be used by researchers visiting the museum. Late in 2017, Quest artists John and Terri Kelly Moyers donated nearly 70 cases of art and history books that will be invaluable tools for the work of staff and visitors alike.


Select Native American baskets donated by Mel and Joan Perelman


Anonymous Gift Roy De Forest Hunting for the Vicious Sportsman, 1978, polymer on canvas Gift of the Estate of Rick Bartow and Froelick Gallery Rick Bartow (Wiyot of Northern California, 1946-2016) Shiho Nao, 1997, mixed media (watercolor, graphite) on paper Self, 1999, graphite on paper Bone Breaker, 2006, drypoint on handmade Japanese paper Floral and Crosses I, 1995, mixed media (graphite, watercolor, pastel) on paper Rodeo Tom, 2015, acrylic on canvas Buck III, 2015, acrylic on canvas Museum Purchase through the generosity of Harrison Eiteljorg Grafton Tyler Brown (American, 1841-1918) Castle Geyser, Yellowstone, 1891, oil on canvas Gift of Mary Jane Rodgers In memory of John McDermond Gillinder & Sons (American, founded 1861), Round Compote, Westward Ho, 1879, glass In memory of Richard Rodgers Gillinder & Sons (American, founded 1861), Oval Compote, Westward Ho, 1879, glass In memory of Inez McDermond Gillinder & Sons (American, founded 1861), Water Pitcher, Westward Ho, 1879, glass Gift of Steve and Jane Marmon Donald Crowley (American, born 1926) Light and Shadow, 1993, oil on board Denis Milhomme (American, born 1954) Sierra Splendor, 2010, oil on board Mian Situ (American, born in China, 1953) Wind on the Plain, 2012, oil on board Daniel Smith (American, born 1954) Waterlogged, 2012, acrylic on board Craig Tennant (American, born 1946) Eyes on the Master, 2013, oil on linen Autumn Borts-Medlock (Santa Clara Pueblo, born 1967) Oblong red jar with flowers and butterflies, 2006, pottery Jar, Taos Poppies, 2008, pottery Susan Folwell (Santa Clara, born 1970) Bowl with Butterflies, 2006, pottery Jar, buffalo motif, no date Canteen, Curiosity, 2012, pottery

Rick Bartow (Wiyot of Northern California, 1946-2016), Rodeo Tom, 2015, acrylic on canvas Gift of the estate of Rick Bartow and Froelick Gallery

Tammy Garcia (Santa Clara Pueblo, born 1969) Red jar with turtles, lily pads, and inlaid turquoise, 2016, pottery Black wedding vase with carved bird and Avanyu motif, 2003, pottery Brown-red canteen with carved bird and bird tail motifs, 2002, pottery Red and buff tile with deer dancer, 7/10, 1997, pottery Jennifer Tafoya Moquino (Santa Clara Pueblo, born 1977) Jar with incised road runner, lizard, and mountain lion with lizard finial on lid, 2014, pottery Jar with incised parrots and parrot finial on lid, 2015, pottery Les Namingha (Hopi-Tewa/Zuni, born 1967) Late Mirovian Period Pueblo Jar, no date, pottery Johnathan Naranjo (Santa Clara, born 1987) Lidded Jar with Koshari and Kiva Ladder, 2015, pottery Al Qoyawayma (Hopi, born 1938) Three-sided polychrome lidded bowl with bird, feather, and butterfly motifs, 2009, pottery Russell Sanchez (San Ildefonso Pueblo, born 1966) Black Kiva bowl with bear motif, 2015, pottery Water vessel with turquoise and heishi bead inlay, no date, pottery Jamie Zane Smith (Wyandot, born 1980) Tree of Life, 2009, pottery Richard Zane Smith (Wyandot, born 1955) Canteen with corrugated spiral, 1999, pottery Chris Youngblood (Santa Clara, born 1989) Black jar with birds and melon swirls, 2010, pottery 18

Nancy Youngblood (Santa Clara Pueblo, born 1955) Black vase with Kiva steps, no date, pottery Black vase with Avanyu motif, 2008, pottery Nathan Youngblood (Santa Clara Pueblo, born 1954) Long-neck jar with Avanyu and cloud motifs, no date, pottery Jar with bear paws and medallions, no date, pottery Black plate with water serpent and rain cloud motif, no date, pottery Red vase with bear paw on neck and carved avanyu band, no date, pottery Tri-color water jar, 2012, pottery Tri-colored water jar with oval mouth, no date, pottery Tri-colored jar with Pueblo scene, no date, pottery Black bowl with mica lid, no date, pottery Two-plate set, 2014, pottery Black tear-drop plate with dragonfly motif, 2012, pottery Red tear-drop plate with Avanyu motif, 2012, pottery Two-plate set, 2014, pottery Black tear-drop plate with dragonfly motif, 2012, pottery Red tear-drop plate with Avanyu motif, 2012, pottery Verma Nequatewa/Sonwai (Hopi, born 1949) Black carved bowl with sterling silver lid and inlaid stone finial, no date, pottery

Nathan Youngblood (Santa Clara Pueblo, born 1954), double plate set, undated Gift of Steve and Jane Marmon


Harrison Eiteljorg Purchase Award, 2017 Indian Market & Festival Tyra Shackleford (Chickasaw) The Lady, May 2017, soy silk yarn, commercial dyes Geo Neptune (Passamaquoddy) Ceremony of the Singing Stars, June 2017, black ash, sweetgrass, birchbark, commercial dyes Gift of Andre Lacy in memory of Margot L. Eccles David Albert Boxley (Tsimshian, born 1952) Welcome Song Puppet, 2005, cedar, paint, twine 2017 Quest for the West ® Harrison Eiteljorg Purchase Award John Moyers (American, born 1958) The Way to Sacred Water, 2017, oil on canvas Gift of Mel and Joan Perelman Basket, Tohono O’odham, ca. 1960, yucca Basket, Apache, ca. 1920 Basket, Apache, pre-1920 Basket, Barbara Juan, 1988 Basket, Hopi Second Mesa, no date Basket, Western Apache, ca. 1920 Basket, Apache, ca. 1900-1910 Basket, Tohono O’odham, no date Basket, Tohono O’odham, no date Basketry Tray, Hopi Second Mesa, no date Basketry Tray, Hopi Second Mesa, no date Basket, Rachel Pablo, no date, plant fiber Basket, Tohono O’odham, ca. 1960s Lidded Basket, Tohono O’odham, no date Basket, Yokuts, ca. 1915 Basket, Tolowa/Wiyot, 20th century, plant fiber Basket, Yavapai, ca. 1920 Basket, Yokuts, ca. 1890-1900, Deergrass, epicampus, sedge root, redbud, dyed black bracken fern Basket, Maggie Juaquin, ca. 1925, plant fiber Basket, Jennie Shaw, ca. 1910 Basket, Carrie Bethel, ca. 1960, willow, glass beads Basket, Peggy Brennan, no date Basket, Washoe, ca. 1920 Basket, Ida Bishop, ca. 1930, plant fiber Basket, Lena Dick, no date Basket, Panamint, no date Basket, Magdela Augustine, ca. 1914 Basket, Maggie Mayo James, ca. 1920 Basket, Yokuts, no date Basket, Panamint, ca. 1920 Basket, Lucy Telles, ca. 1918, sedge root, redbud, bracken fern

Basket, Lucy Telles, ca. 1930 Basket, Panamint, ca. 1925-1930, willow, bulrush, yucca root and juncus Basket, Annie Lake, ca. 1930 Basketry Hat, Washoe, ca. 1890’s Basketry Hat, Karuk, ca. 1890-1910 Basketry Hat, Yurok, no date Basketry Hat, Karuk, ca. 1890-1910 Basketry Hat, Yurok, 1882-1886, fiber Basketry Hat, Yurok, ca. 1930’s Basketry Hat, Unknown, no date Basketry Hat, Hupa, no date Basketry Hat, Yurok, no date Basketry Hat, Hupa, 1900-1920 Basketry Hat, Melissa Meyers, no date, plant fiber Basketry Hat, Karuk, ca. 1930’s Basketry Hat, California, no date Lidded Basket, Makah, pre-1950, plant fiber Container, Bernard Parley, 1995, porcupine quills, birchbark Container, Bernard Parley, 1995, porcupine quills, birch bark Basket, Panamint, ca. 1910 Lidded Basket, Attributed to: Panamint, no date Basket, Lillian Wiser, 1995, birch bark, pinecones Basket, Minnie Dick, ca. 1920-1925 Basket, Hupa, ca. 1900 Basket, Apache, ca. 1900 Basket, Apache, no date Basket, Rosie Brown August, no date Basket, Pomo, ca. 1910-1920, sedge Basket, Luiseno Mission, no date, plant fiber Basket, Apache, pre-1920 Lidded Basket, Ben Shinos, no date, split back ash, American black walnut husk dye Basket, Maidu, ca. 1900, willow, bracken fern, redbud Basket, Tootsie Dick Sam, no date Basket, Maggie James, ca. 1910-1920 Basket, Ethel Stewart, ca. 1950-1960, Pomo cane, sedge root, glass beads Basket, Elizabeth Juan, ca. 1991, horsehair Miniature Cradle, Hupa, 1950s-1970s, wood, leather, shell, glass beads Basket, Yokuts, ca. 1900-1920 Flat-Twined Bag, Nez Perce, fiber, leather, wool, silk Basket, Klamath, no date Basket, Modoc, no date Basket, Mono, no date Basket, Modoc/Klamath, no date Basketry Hat, Ms. Miner, ca. 1970’s, plant fiber, wood Basket, Pomo, no date Basket, Rose Anderson, grass bundle, ring-necked pheasant feathers


Grafton Tyler Brown (1841-1918), Castle Geyser, Yellowstone, 1891, oil on canvas Museum purchase through the generosity of Harrison Eiteljorg

Lidded Basket, Unknown, no date Lidded Basket, Tohono O’odham, no date Basket, Pit River, ca. 1920’s Basket, Tolowa, no date Basket, Tlingit, ca. 1900’s, plant fiber Basket, Apache, 1918 Basket, Sally Black, no date Cradle, Jeanette Harry, 1990, wood, shell, feathers Cradle, Sue Coleman, no date Basket, Myra Marks, no date Basket, Sadie Marks, plant fiber Basket, Tohono O’odham, no date Basket, Panamint, ca. 1925 Basket, Apache, pre-1900 Basket, Maidu, ca. 1870 Basket, Apache, ca. 1900 Basket, Sue Coleman, 2000 Basket, Desert Cahuilla, ca. 1900 Lidded Basket, Yokuts, ca. 1915, plant fiber Basket, Sue Coleman, 2000 Basket, Makah or Nuu Chah Nulth, ca. 1920 Basket, Attributed to: Cahuilla, no date Basket, Washoe or Paiute, no date Basket, Lorraine Thomas, ca. 1970, plant fiber, glass beads Basket, Navajo, no date Basket, Lucy Wilcox, ca. 1920, plant fiber, quail topknot feathers, woodpecker scalp feathers Basket, Unknown, ca. 1930 Basket, Ginny Beecher, no date, plant fiber


Basket, Tootsie Dick Sam, 1910-1915, willow and bracken fern Basket, Unknown Mission artist, ca. 1915 Basket, Mono Lake Paiute (Ranch Band), ca. 1920, plant fiber Lidded Basket, Yup’ik, ca. 1920 Basket, Yokayo Pomo, no date Basket, Tubatulabal, ca. 1905, plant fiber, quail’s topknot feathers, wool Basket, Havasupai, no date Basket, Washoe, ca. 1930’s Basket, Paiute, 1920-1930 Lidded Basket, Tlingit, ca. 1900, plant fiber Basket, Mary Sampson, 1900-1930 Basket, Mary Britcher, ca. 1900 Basket, Attributed to: Paiute, no date Basket, Konkow Maidu, ca. 1885-1895, plant fiber Lidded Basket, Yup’ik, ca. 1930’s Basket, Dat So La Lee, April 1917, willow and bracken fern Basket, Sierra Miwok, ca. 1930-1940, plant fiber Basket, Laura Somersal, no date Basket, Josephine Harrison, plant fiber Basket, Klickitat, no date Basket, Thompson River, ca. 1900 Basket, Panamint, ca. 1910-1930, plant fiber Basketry Tray, Mrs. Hyde, no date Basket, Yavapai, 1900-1930 Basket, Washoe, ca. 1930 Basketry Tray, Emma, ca. 1900, willow, redbud and bracket fern root Basket, Makah, ca. 1920 Basket, Yokuts, no date Beaded Jar, Audrey George Fralinger, 1995, glass (bottle), beads Beaded Jar, Unknown, no date, glass (bottle), beads Basket, Southern California Mission, ca. 1930’s Basket, Southern California Mission, ca. 1930’s Basket, Maidu, 1910-1930 Basket, Pomo, ca. 1890, beads, sedge Basket, Yokuts, ca. 1900 Basket, Pomo, ca. 1900, plant fiber, clam shells Basketry Tray, Salish, ca. 1930-1940 Basket, Quinault, 1983, plant fiber Basket, Unknown, no date Lidded Basket, Tarahumara, ca. 1980 Basket, Tarahumara, ca. 1980 Basket, Tarahumara, ca. 1980

Museum Purchase: Eiteljorg Fellowship Marie K. Watt (Seneca, born 1967) Companion Species (Canopy), 2016, reclaimed wool blankets, embroidery floss, and thread Gift of Lisa Anne Schlenker in memory of Emily Catherine Diehl Schlenker Harry Fonseca (Maidu/Nisenan, Portuguese, Hawaiian, 1946–2006) The Discovery of Gold (unknown number) Gold & Souls painting (unknown series number) Cloud Kachina Untitled, ink, pencil, small sketch of coyote on note paper Gold & Souls series catalog cover Gift from the artist Shelly Mosman (American, born 1972) Animal Child: New Vest from Aunt Sue, 2003, photograph on fiber paper Animal Child: The First Pistol, 2003, photograph on fiber Gift of the Robert U. Sandroni and Lora A. Sandroni Family Trust Pictorial tobacco Bag, Lakota, 1880-1890, quills, hide, metal, feathers Pictorial pouch, Lakota, ca. 1890, hide, glass beads, metal, cotton Bag, Lakota, 1880-1890, beads, hide Pictorial valise, Lakota, ca. 1900, glass beads, metal, hide, commercial leather Man’s Coat, Lakota, early 20th century, hide, pigment Pouch, Lakota, ca. 1890, beads, hide

Bequest of John H. Holliday Will James, (American, born in Canada, 1892–1942) Both Knees on the Neck, Charcoal Olaf Carl Seltzer (American, born Denmark, 1877–1957) Indian on Horseback, watercolor Charles Marion Russell (American, 1864–1926) The Sentinel, bronze, after death casting Gift of Dr. Robert Stephens Navajo weaving, early 20th century, wool, dyes Gift of Thomas Hutsell in memory of Patty Hutsell Penobscot basket, early 20th century, black ash Micmac basket, no date, black ash Northeast basket, no date, black ash, sweet grass Penobscot basket, early 20th century, black ash, sweet grass Micmac basket, ca. 1900, black ash, sweet grass Micmac basket, black ash Gift from the artist Corwin (Corky) Clairmont (Salish/Kootenai, born 1947) North Crow Canyon, August 2017, lithograph, photo Gift of Joe Feddersen George Longfish (Seneca/Tuscarora) And Baby Makes Three in My Blue Heaven, 1984, acrylic on canvas Thunder Stick Mask #1, 1983, mixed media Portrait of an Artist, 1985, mixed media on paper Jean LaMarr (Paiute/Pit River Tribe) Untitled (from Brandywine Portfolio), 1988, lithograph Some Kind of Buckaroo, 1996, serigraph Tom Huff (Seneca/Cayuga) Untitled, no date, marble Gift of Frank & Barbara Batsch T.C. Cannon (Caddo / Kiowa, 1946–1978) Waiting for the Bus (Anadarko Princess), 1977, lithograph

Gift from the artist and PDX CONTEMPORARY ART Elizabeth Knight Stall Work, 2012, felted wool and mixed media

Geo Neptune (Passamaquoddy), Ceremony of the Singing Stars, 2017, basket Harrison Eiteljorg Purchase Award, 2017 Indian Market & Festival



Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art BOARD OF DIRECTORS Pat Anker‡ Sue A. Back‡ Frank Basile Charles Blair Mary Beth Braitman‡ Steve Cagle Phyllis Cockerill Wendy Cooper Angie Darlington Chris Eck L.G. Edwards‡ Roger S. Eiteljorg‡ Richard Feldman, M.D. Tim Garnett Karen Glaser Fred Green Polly Horton Hix Tom Hoback‡ Cindy Hoye Sandy Hurt Stan C. Hurt‡ Chris Katterjohn‡ Carla Leppert Gita Osborne Gerald Paul Mel Perelman, Ph.D. Bonnie A. Reilly A.H. “Hutch” Schumaker, II Joan SerVaas John Timothy, Jr. M.D. (Muscogee Nation) Chris Trede Cathy Turner Tim Wright Don Woodley (Ojibwe) C. Daniel Yates Ex-Officio Ben Blanton‡, Counsel ‡ members of Executive Committee

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MEMBERSHIPS AND DONATIONS We express our sincere appreciation to all 2017 donors for their generosity and commitment to the Eiteljorg Museum. Without your help, 2017 would not have been as successful. Due to space limitations, only gifts of $100 or more are listed — except for annual fund gifts given in honor of or in memory of someone. If your name is not listed correctly, please accept our sincere apology and call (317) 275-1311. 2017 MEMBERSHIPS Vision Circle Cumulative 2017 gifts of $25,000 and above Anonymous Mary Beth and Robert Braitman Steve Cagle L.G. and Alyce Edwards Roger and Mindy Eiteljorg Gordon and Llura Gund Tom and Sue Hoback Stan and Sandy Hurt David Jacobs Steve and Jane Marmon Bill and Roberta Witchger Chairperson’s Circle Cumulative 2017 gifts of $10,000–$24,999 Bob and Pat Anker Charles and Helen Coghlan Angie and Dick Darlington Nancy Dunn Michael Eagle Tom and Patty Gibbs Polly H. Hix and Tony J. Fair Chris Katterjohn and Dona Stohler Henry and Louise Leander Joseph and Gita Osborne Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Reilly, Jr. Joan SerVaas and Larry Roan Cathy and Robert Turner Donald Woodley President’s Society Cumulative 2017 gifts of $5,000–$9,999 Caryn and David Anderson Dr. Elizabeth A. Beck Russell Breeden and Katharine A. Walker Dr. Edward and Phyllis Cockerill John and Karen Colglazier Robin and Susan Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Russell Fortune, III Karen and Joseph Glaser Geoffrey and Sarah Gund Betsey Harvey Allan and Kathy Hubbard Ann W. King Dr. and Mrs. John C. Lechleiter Ralph G. Nowak

Myrta Pulliam Ellen M. Reed Nancy M. Russell Thomas and Evelyn Seeley Charles and Peggy Sutphin Deborah and Randy Tobias Martha and John Tynan Marion Wolen

Visitors explored the gallery and learned about the role of dogs as workers, companions and heroes in the West during the 2017 special exhibit, Dogs: Faithful and True.

Golden Eagle Society Cumulative 2017 gifts of $2,500–$4,999 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Appel Sue and Michael Back Frank and Katrina Basile Elaine and Eric Bedel Deborah and Bart Bell Standiford H. Cox Chris and Kimberley Eck Lori Efroymson-Aguilera and Sergio Aguilera Mr. and Mrs. William L. Elder, Jr. Dawn M. Fazli Tim Garnett and Peter Slaymaker Earl and Vicki Goode Fritz R. and Sandy Gordner Fred and Angie Green James and Sara Gutting Needham and Mary Lou Hurst Charley and Sheryl Hutchins James Kincannon and Charles Goad Donald B. Korb Terry and Connie Marbach Kelly and Stephan Masoncup Susie and Howard Maxwell Beth Meloy and Robert Oppelt Charlotte Mittler Jim and Jackie Morris Dr. Daniel H. Mowrey Thalia Nicas and Louis Jungheim Dr. and Mrs. Randall G. Rowland Robert and Lora Sandroni Hutch and Kevina Schumaker Robert and Barbara Shortle Jerry and Linda Stark Michael and Maureen Surak John Vanausdall Gil Waldman and Christy Vezolles Robert and Helen Whipple Mr. and Mrs. C. Daniel Yates Mr. and Mrs. John D. Zinser

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* Deceased

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Contributing Member $100–$249 Mr. C. Willis Adams, III Bill and Susan Allen Amy and Michael Alley Viki and Bruce Anderson H. Dean and Donna Andrews Jennifer Anker Andrew and Susan Appel Dr. Charles R. Bantz and Dr. Sandra Petronio Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Baxter Dr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Belt Steve and Debbie Benefiel D. Eugene Bennett Peter and Lisa Blaser Jesse Brand and Geri Handley Dr. Nancy Branyas and Mr. Vernon Petri Scott and Maryann Bridge Daniel and Elizabeth Brock Doug Brooks and Mary Gambone Gregory and Marsha Brown Mark Brown and Polly Muckenfuss-Brown John E. Burns, III Robert Burton Philip and Roberta Caito Howard and Karen Campbell John and Barb Chirgwin Nancy Christy Ronald and Claudia Clark Dr. and Mrs. Michael R. Cohen Joe and Eleanor Columbe Charles Costa and Tonicia Smith Carl and Janice Wheater-Cowen James Craig Wayne Craig Hanni and William Cramer Troy and Heather Crum 24

Richard and Gwen Knipstein R. Edward and Nancy Koskie Steven and Kathy Krusie Mr. and Mrs. Dwight E. Lamb, Jr. Katie and Camron Land L. Lang and Jean Brownlee Dr. and Mrs James Lawrence Robert and Sara Le Bien Jack E. and Karen Kay Leonard Rebecca Lomax-Sumner Bob Lucid Sandy and Greg MacAllister Lucy and Marshall Magruder Barbara Masters Zygmunt and Karen Mazanowski Norman and Ginny Mazurowski Sandra and David McCabe Richard and Cheryl McDonald Mrs. Lee McDougal Tim and Ann Miller Myles Minton Tausha and Almedia Mockabee Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Moore, Jr. Christina Morris Arlene Mueller Carolyn and Gary Mueller Ms. Sherry Mueller Jane R. Nolan Patt Norton David and Sheila Ogden Thomas Ordway The Honorable and Mrs. Max F. Page

On Aug. 27, 2017, the Eiteljorg hosted the world premiere of the song cycle Songs of Clay and Stone, composed by Kenneth Frazelle, front, and performed by mezzo soprano Kathryn Findlen, upper right, and pianist Robert Brewer, upper left. The piece was inspired by the Hopi potter Nampeyo and by landscapes of the Southwest.

* Deceased

MEMBERSHIPS AND DONATIONS 2017 DONORS Due to space limitations, only gifts of $100 or more are listed — except for annual fund gifts given in honor or in memory of someone. Annual Fund and Other Designated Gifts David S. and Mary R. Allen Amy and Michael Alley Robert M. and Sally G. Anderson Bob and Pat Anker Anonymous (22) Andrew and Susan Appel Colleen Bailie Carol Barmore Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Baxter Bessemer National Gift Fund Fred and Annette Biesecker George and Susan Black Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Blackwell, II Ted and Peggy Boehm Donald P. Bogard Linda Bolden-Smith Robert and Terry Bowen Mary Beth and Robert Braitman Laura E. Bramble Gina and Jim Bremner Barbara J. Briggs Alice Brown and Randy Trowbridge Stephen and Bonnie Caplin George and Linda Charbonneau Family Fund, a fund of The Indianapolis Foundation Peter Chen Carl Copfinger and Steven Weitzenhoffer Linda Darr Phillip E. Darrah P.R. Davis Carol Derbin Rollin and Cheri Dick Federico and Rosa Maria Dies Robert and Sharon Doiron Mary Downey Jan Eason Julia Ehret Roger and Mindy Eiteljorg Dr. Judith Erickson John and Elizabeth Fawcett Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Feigenbaum Dr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Fess Joan Fitzgibbon Mr. and Mrs. Max Gibson Mr. and Mrs. John Clark Gray Eric and Pamela Hinkle Polly H. Hix and Tony J. Fair Tom and Sue Hoback John and Marilyn Hoffman

At the 25th annual Eiteljorg Indian Market and Festival, visitors could meet and get acquainted with Native American artists from across the U.S. and Canada and purchase their beautiful art.

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Pauloski Carolyn Percifield and David Bowker Nancy Peterson and Dennis Drews Scott and Tracy Phillips Joel and Karen Piassick Margaret Drew and Craig Pinkus Doug Poe Dr. and Mrs. Robert Pribush Monica and Gus Pulos William K. Ransom Robert and Martha Ravensberg William A. and Mary Redmond Robert and Janet Redmond Gayle Reed and Todd Felgen Pamela K. Reinert Robert and Jan Reynolds Robert and Carol Reynolds Darrell and Karen Richey Marjorie and Victor Riemenschneider Julia Ritter Tim and Linda Robb Dale and Mary Jo Roberts Arthur Rosen James and Maureen Ross George Rubin Mr. Michael Sawyers Phillip Scarpino and Virginia Garner Art and Christine Schildbach Warren and Jill Schimpff Michael and Kathleen Schneider Dianne Seibert Adrianne Singer Deborah and Don Small James W. and Nancy C. Smith Ann and Steve Smith

Sheryl A. Sostarich Joann and Steven Stapleton Dr. Frederick B. Stehman and Helen Stehman Steve and Santina Sullivan Mary Tanner John and Marcy Taylor Donna and Ben Taylor Howard and Marlies Terpning William and Sharon Theobald Gerald and Judith Thomas Charlene K. Timothy Mr. and Mrs. William Tindall David and Susan Tittle P. Michael and Carolyn M. Tolson Robert and Barbetta True Timothy L. Tyler Larry and Nancy Van Arendonk Mary and William Vens James K. Vinton Patrice and John Waidner Cheryl and Raymond Waldman Frank and Jane Walker Nicholas and Terry Watson Annie Weinblatt Courtenay and Emily Weldon Dena and Dennis White Dr. James and Barbara Williams John and Janice Williams Prof. Marianne Wokeck Y. Rosalind Wolen Ms. Gretchen Wolfram Bernard and Lisa Wood Bryan Woodruff Patrick and Laurie Wooten H. David and Jane Wright Doug Yost and Kim Mathews Dr. Don Zimmerman


Stephen and Elizabeth Holmes Barbara and Bob Humes Needham and Mary Lou Hurst Catherine Hurst and Philip Meyer Roger and Francine Hurwitz Charley and Sheryl Hutchins Holly Jaycox and Andrew Brightman Mr. and Mrs. John C. Jenkins Kahn’s Catering Larry and Connie Kane The Charley and Carrie Kirk Family Foundation, a fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation Dr. Daniel and Vicky Kittle Steven and Sharon Klusman Kay F. Koch Chris G. Krok H. Jean Cline Jones Kyle Ms. Modupe Gloria Labode Elizabeth and J.A. Lacy Connie Latas Lezlie Laxton Hitch and Sandy Learned Binro and Fred Lee Dr. and Mrs. R. Stephen Lehman, D.D.S. Norris and MaLes Lineweaver Nataly and Jonathan Lowder L. Robert and Nancy Lowe Truman and Nancy Lowe Mr. Steven A. Loy John Ludwig Jon D. Marhenke, M.D. Marigold, Inc. Steve and Jane Marmon Marnie Maxwell and John Krauss Norman and Ginny Mazurowski Jayme and Rod McComas MET Foundation Inc. Richard and Cynthia Miyamoto Christina Morris Martha and Alfred Mosemiller Dr. Daniel H. Mowrey Col. James Mutter and General Carol Mutter Donald and Gail Nelson Blake Lee and Carolyn Lytle Neubauer Charitable Fund, a fund of Legacy Fund Teresa Noice Jane R. Nolan Patt Norton Eloise Paul Erik Peterson and Elee Wood Margaret Piety and Josef Laposa Brad and Cindy Quinn Mr. Hilary Raab, Jr. William K. Ransom Robert and Carol Reynolds

* Deceased

MEMBERSHIPS AND DONATIONS Bob and Gail Richards John Lawrence Richardt Mr. and Mrs. Randall D. Rogers Jeffrey Roller Nancy Ray Ross Diane and Randall Rowland Hilary and Ron Salatich The Saltsburg Fund — Karen Lake Buttrey* and Donald W. Buttrey Dr. Yocheved Samson and Mr. Joel Samson Robert and Lora Sandroni Thomas and Linda Sands Rod and Anne Scheele Rev. and Mrs. Robert A. Schilling Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Schloss Roger and Barbara Schmenner Don and Kathy Schreiner Thomas and Evelyn Seeley Edward and Carol Smithwick Jeffery and Christy Soldatis Ieva Straatman Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Taylor Howard and Marlies Terpning The Indiana Rail Road Company Judith and Joe Thomas Wendy Igleheart Walker Kay Walkingstick Roberta and Robert Walton Randall M. Watson and Barbara A. Koewler David and Cherie Webster Dr. and Mrs. Don C. Weiser Philip and Shandon Whistler Jack and Julia Wickes John D. Wilson Marjorie P. Zeigler Robina M. Zink Mr. and Mrs. John D. Zinser Steven and Susan Zumdahl Gifts in Honor and Memory In Honor orf Emily Ahonen’s birthday Maryann Lacey In Honor of Daniel Bradford Howard and Anita Harris In Honor of Noble and Barbara Cala Kathy A. Cala and Danny R. Cala In Honor of Michael Eagle Teddy Guzman In Honor of the Wonderful Development Department at the Eiteljorg Museum Sarah and Evan Farthing In Honor of Eiteljorg Museum Staff John Vanausdall

In Honor of Kristin and Sergio Gigli Sue Hittle In Honor of Alice and Boyd Hovda Liz Hourigan In Honor of Nataly Lowder Mickey’s Camp In Honor of Amy McKune Harry Nungesser In Honor of James Nottage John and Heidi Farkash In Honor of Tom and Evelyn Seeley Jacqueline and William Kingston In Honor of Chris Trede Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation In Honor of Chris Trede’s Volunteer Work Capital Group In Honor of John Vanausdall’s Birthday Susie and Howard Maxwell In Honor of John Vanausdall Leslie Clumb Lynnette Hanes Tammy and Chris Holmes Mr. and Mrs. R. Michael Leppert Thomas and Sally Lugar William L. Scott In Honor of Tim Wright Gary and Hannah Hirschberg Goldman Sachs Matching Gift Program In Honor of Donald F. Woodley Florence and Charles Cooper In Memory of Tony Altermann Jim and Jackie Morris In Memory of Robert and Elmira Annis Becky Vermillion In Memory of Richard Lewis Bloch Lorenzo Clayton In Memory of Juanita Eagle Teddy Guzman In Memory of Harry Fonseca Harry Nungesser In Memory of Julia Lacy Susie and Howard Maxwell In Memory of Rev. Clarence McConkey Clay and Amy Robbins In Memory of Eiteljorg Storyteller and Potawatomi Culture Bearer Teresa Webb Kay Hinds

During the 12th annual Quest for the West ® Art Show and Sale, Eiteljorg President and CEO John Vanausdall, right, greeted Phoenix residents Gil Waldman, left, and Christy Vezolles, center. Waldman is a member of the museum’s national board of advisors.

In Memory of Jerry Zink Susie and Howard Maxwell Ella Kay and John W. Timothy Family Memorial Fund Charlene Timothy John W. Timothy, Jr., M.D. Western Art Society Ryan Fuhrmann Endowment Mary Ann Roman* James E. Schroeder* Thomas G. and Susan C. Hoback Curator of Native American Art, History and Culture position Tom and Sue Hoback Project 2021 Endowment pledges and payments Jungclaus-Campbell Co., Inc. Chris Katterjohn F. Timothy and Nancy Nagler Mr. and Mrs. Timothy T. Wright Drs. Susan and Robert Stephens Artists in Residence Endowment Dr. Robert Stephens In Honor of Frank E.* and Nancy M. Russell Gannett


Project 2021 capital campaign gifts and pledges Sue and Michael Back Frank and Katrina Basile Ben and Sandy Blanton Anonymous Mary Beth and Robert Braitman Russell Breeden and Katharine A. Walker Capital Group Ronald and Claudia Clark Charles and Helen Coghlan Wendy Cooper L.G. and Alyce Edwards Drs. Richard and Becky Feldman Walter Fitzsimmons and Yvonne Dutton Bill and Jennie Forehand Tom and Patty Gibbs Fritz R. and Sandy Gordner Lynnette Hanes Polly H. Hix and Tony J. Fair P.T. and Jane Hodgin Cindy and Robert Hoye Mary Huggard Stan and Sandy Hurt Chris Katterjohn Ms. Modupe Gloria Labode Dr. Joanne Martin Kevin O’Connell Gita and Joseph Osborne PHD, Inc. Noreen and Alan Poorman

* Deceased

MEMBERSHIPS AND DONATIONS Marvin L. Recht Robert and Barbara Shortle Robert and Sheila Snider Cathy and Robert Turner Donald Woodley Mr. and Mrs. C. Daniel Yates Project Silver Moon capital campaign Steve Cagle The Gordon and Llura Gund Foundation Ralph G. Nowak Bill and Roberta Witchger Project New Moon capital campaign Mary Beth and Robert Braitman Foundations, Corporations and Government $500,000 and above Lilly Endowment, Inc. $100,000–$499,999 Arts Council of Indianapolis Efroymson Family Fund, a fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation The Margot L. and Robert S. Eccles Fund, a fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation $50,000–$99,999 Allen Whitehill Clowes Charitable Foundation, Inc. Anonymous Capital Group David H. & Barbara M. Jacobs Foundation PHD, Inc. The Indiana Rail Road Company $25,000–$49,999

Cardinal Contracting LLC Ice Miller LLP Indiana Arts Commission Institute of Museum and Library Services The Eugene and Marilyn Glick Family Foundation The Forest Fund, Inc. The Sunrise Foundation $15,000–$24,999 Indianapolis Colts Nicholas H. Noyes, Jr. Memorial Foundation, Inc. The Swisher Foundation $10,000–$14,999 Gannett Katz, Sapper & Miller, LLP National Endowment for the Arts OneAmerica Southwest Airlines $5,000–$9,999 Ayres Foundation, Inc. Barnes & Thornburg LLP Butler Family Foundation Christel DeHaan Family Foundation Faegre Baker Daniels LLP Indianapolis Power & Light Company National Endowment for the Humanities Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C. Oxford Financial Group, Ltd. $2,500–$4,999 Arthur Jordan Foundation Booth Western Art Museum Indiana Humanities López Law Office, PC Nordstrom

RL Turner Corporation Sycamore Advisors LLC The Eugene and Marilyn Glick Family Foundation $1,000–$2,499 Fifth Third Bank Gregory & Appel Insurance High Noon Western Americana Joanne W. Orr Charitable Fund, a fund of The Indianapolis Foundation JPMorgan Chase & Co. Jungclaus-Campbell Co., Inc. London Witte & Company, LLP Paul I. Cripe Charitable Foundation Telamon The Clean Bedroom The Finish Line The Lacy Foundation The Penrod Society Vision Communties, Inc. $100–$999 Irish Mechanical Services, Inc. Kahn’s Catering Minnesota Historical Society Pacers Sports & Entertainment Pawsitive Partners Agility Training Center Pet Valu Matching Gift Companies Ayres Foundation, Inc. Deluxe Corporation Foundation Eli Lilly and Company Foundation, Inc. Goldman Sachs Matching Gift Program JPMorgan Chase Good Works Employee Giving Program The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation Gifts In Kind Faegre Baker Daniels LLP Heaven Hill Brands Honeymoon Image & Design Darin Lawson, Wickliff Auctioneers Indiana City Brewing Co. Metazoa Brewing Company Monarch Beverage Pita Pit Roberts Camera Stuart’s Household Furniture Moving and Storage, Inc. Sun King Brewing Co. The Fresh Market The Great Frame Up Trader Joe’s Utopos Gardens Vision Three

At the Frank and Katrina Basile Museum Store, Eiteljorg guests can purchase Native jewelry and art, books, clothing accessories and other mementoes of their visit to the museum.


2017 EXHIBITIONS Dogs: Faithful and True Presented by Eli Lilly and Company Foundation Sponsored by Anonymous (2) Barnes & Thornburg LLP Capital Group Ice Miller LLP Indianapolis Colts Sycamore Advisors LLC Animal Welfare Programming Underwritten by Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust Additional support provided by Animal Hospital of Avon Pawsitive Partners Agility Training Center Pawsitive Partners Obedience Training Center Pet Valu Rockville Road Animal Hospital Interactive Educational Programming Supporter Vision Three Programming Partners Paws and Think Humane Society of Indianapolis Faculty members from the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine In-kind Supporters Monarch Beverage Sun King Brewing Company 12th annual Quest for the West ® Art Show and Sale Presented by Cardinal Contracting LLC The Western Art Society Sponsors: Wagon Master Anonymous Trailbosses Stephen and Jane Marmon Patsy Solinger Bill and Roberta Witchger Drovers Ice Miller, LLP Angie and Dick Darlington L.G. and Alyce Edwards Alan Gerry Tom and Patty Gibbs Gita and Joe Osborne Mel and Joan Perelman

* Deceased

MEMBERSHIPS AND DONATIONS Mavericks Caryn and David Anderson Roger and Mindy Eiteljorg Tom and Evelyn Seeley Buckaroos High Noon Western Americana Stan and Sandy Hurt Indiana Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates — Dr. and Mrs. John Moenning Mickey and Janie Maurer Bob Oppelt and Beth Meloy Patte and Frank Owings Eiteljorg Keepsake sponsors Stephen and Jane Marmon Catherine and Robert Turner Harrison Eiteljorg Purchase Award The Western Art Society Henry Farny Award for Best Painting Steve and Jane Marmon Cyrus Dallin Award for Best Sculpture Carla and Mike Leppert Victor Higgins Work of Distinction Award Catherine and Robert Turner Patrons’ Choice Award Booth Western Art Museum Artists’ Choice Award Dr. Edward and Phyllis Cockerill In-Kind Donations Honeymoon Image and Design Monarch Beverage Sun King Brewery The Empty Vase Additional support provided by Drs. Richard and Becky Feldman Ieva Straatman Barbara West Native Art Now! Eiteljorg Fellowship for Contemporary Art Presented by Lilly Endowment Sponsored by David H. & Barbara M. Jacobs Foundation Efroymson Family Fund, a fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation Mr. David Jacobs Southwest Airlines Additional support provided by Minnesota Historical Society

On Aug. 29, 2017, Eiteljorg visitors and employees gathered on the Kincannon Learning Circle to safely observe the rare solar eclipse that captivated the nation (bottom). Eiteljorg registrar Christa Barleben captured this image of the partial eclipse (top).

2017 Jingle Rails: The Great Western Adventure Presenting sponsor The Indiana Rail Road Company Sponsored by Anonymous Butler Family Foundation L.G. and Alyce Edwards Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis Power & Light Company Katz, Sapper & Miller, LLP OneAmerica The Kortepeter Family Additional support provided by Faegre Baker Daniels LLP The Clean Bedroom In-Kind Support Stuart’s Moving and Storage

WestFest Sponsored by The Sunrise Foundation 2017 Day of the Dead Presented by López Law Office, PC Sponsored by The Penrod Society Nopal Cultural Out West Sponsored by Ice Miller LLP Artists in Residence Sponsored by Barbara Masters Water is Life: Conversations about Native Peoples of the Great Lakes Sponsored by INcommon grant from Indiana Humanities, in cooperation with the National Endowment for the Humanities, a federal agency

The Reel West Sponsored by Ice Miller LLP 2017 SPECIAL EVENTS Juneteenth Ice Miller LLP Nordstrom

Fantasia on the Prairie: Plains Warriors, Arabic Equestrians, and Art on the American Frontier, 1800-1850 Sponsored by Indiana Humanities, in cooperation with the National Endowment for the Humanities, a federal agency

Under the Sails summer programming The Margot L. and Robert S. Eccles Fund, a fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation


25th annual Indian Market & Festival Sponsored by Bob and Pat Anker Ice Miller LLP Paul I. Cripe Charitable Foundation Mel and Joan Perelman Southwest Airlines The Margot L. and Robert S. Eccles Fund, a fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation Entertainment sponsored by Christel DeHaan Family Foundation, in honor of the children and families of Christel House Additional support provided by The museum’s Mrs. Robert S. Eccles Fund Harrison Eiteljorg Purchase Award Bob and Pat Anker Michael Eagle Gita and Joseph Osborne Ellen M. Reed Ella Kay and John W. Timothy, Sr. Family Memorial Fund Helen Cox Kersting Award Helen Cox Kersting Margot L. Eccles Youth Prize Anonymous Friends of Indian Market & Festival Advocate Mel and Joan Perelman Associate Cathy and Robert Turner Contributor Pat and Bob Anker Mary Beth and Robert Braitman Needham S. and Mary Lou Hurst Lacy Foundation Ella Kay and John W. Timothy, Sr. Memorial Fund Fan Sarah Barney Steve Cagle Ed and Phyllis Cockerill Roger and Mindy Eiteljorg Tom and Patty Gibbs Dawn Fazli Polly Hix and Tony Fair Tom Hoback Bob and Cindy Hoye Joe Husar — Kahn’s Catering Larry and Connie Kane Chris Katterjohn Kay Koch

* Deceased

MEMBERSHIPS AND DONATIONS L. Robert and Nancy Lowe Steve and Jane Marmon Jim and Jackie Morris Tom and Bonnie Reilly Hutch and Kevia Schumaker Tom and Evelyn Seeley Joan SerVaas and Larry Roan Mike and Maureen Surak Martha and John Tynan Christy Vezolles and Gil Waldman Brian West Don Woodley Supporter Steve Cagle Angie and Dick Darlington Leslie Donchetz and Michael Dick Martha and Michael Hill Catherine Hurst and Philip Meyer James and Mary Jackson Susie and Howard Maxwell Gita and Joe Osborne Mr. and Mrs. Randall D. Rogers Gas Cards for Artists Roseanne Bonjouklian Michael and Rochelle Cohen Gayle and Carl Cox Wayne Craig Tom and Patty Gibbs Tom Hoback Deborah Hyndman Norbert and Katherine Krapf Steve and Jane Marmon Chris Reading and Juliet Port Ellen M. Reed Linda Stark John W. Timothy, Jr., M.D. Brian West Marion Wolen

In-Kind support provided by Baskin Robbins Bee Coffee Roasters Duos Honeymoon Image & Design Becky and David Hostetter Indiana Department of Administration Indiana State Fair Commission Indianapolis Department of Public Works Indianapolis Fire Department Indianapolis Fruit Company Monarch Beverage Old West Food One Source, LLC Priority Press Ray’s Trash Services Red Frazier Bison Securitas Inc. Sun King Brewing Company Tad Fruits Photography The Fresh Market Trader Joe’s White River State Park F.A. Wilhelm Construction Co., Inc.

Entertainment Sponsor RL Turner Corporation Table sponsors Barnes & Thornburg Steve Cagle Capital Group Chris and Kimberley Eck L.G. and Alyce Edwards Fifth Third Bank Whit Grayson Fred and Angie Green Hoover Hull Turner Ice Miller, LLP JPMorgan Chase Gita and Joe Osborne A.H. “Hutch” Schumaker, II and Kevina Schumaker Evelyn and Tom Seeley Whitney and Chris Trede Donald Woodley Additional gifts from Anonymous Bud and Karen Colglazier Stan and Sandy Hurt Chris Katterjohn and Dona Stohler Steve and Jane Marmon Mandy Miller Dr. and Mrs. Randall G. Rowland Clara Trusty Becky Vermillion Mr. and Mrs. John D. Zinser In-Kind supporters Darin Lawson, Wickliff Auctioneers Forrest Lucas Hunter Smith Sun King Brewery The Empty Vase Utopos Gardens

Cowpokes & Cocktails Fundraiser Sponsored by: Cattle Herders Cathy and Robert Turner Cowhands Angie and Dick Darlington Fitness Farm Tom and Sue Hoback Indianapolis Colts Steve and Jane Marmon Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C. Oxford Financial Mel and Joan Perelman

IN MEMORIAM The Eiteljorg fondly remembers museum supporters who passed away in 2017 and thanks them for their long support.

Tony Altermann, March 12, 2017 Texas native who supported Quest for the West ® with early sponsorship and membership

Andre B. Lacy, Nov. 30, 2017 Philanthropist, longtime Eiteljorg supporter, member

David A. Banta, June 10, 2017 Longtime Eiteljorg member, volunteer and guide

H. Roll McLaughlin, April 20, 2017 Longtime member and supporter, served on Board of Advisors

Lydia Brasher, Sept. 21, 2017 Longtime Eiteljorg member Marilyn C. Burger, May 7, 2017 Longtime Eiteljorg member, volunteer, supporter and former development director

John B. Rinck, June 11, 2017 Jingle Rails volunteer George Seybert, May 19, 2017 Longtime Eiteljorg supporter and member

Marla K. Dankert, June 26, 2017 Longtime Eiteljorg member and a former curator

Ruth Skillman, July 26, 2017 Longtime member, volunteer and supporter

William Jackson, Aug. 21, 2017 Longtime Eiteljorg member

Teresa Webb (Anishinaabe), Dec. 26, 2017 Eiteljorg storyteller, artist and culture bearer 29

BECOME A MUSEUM MEMBER Membership in the Eiteljorg includes free admission into the museum, plus invitations to special events such as exhibit openings, cocktail receptions, guest speakers and curator talks. Members receive a free subscription to the Eiteljorg Museum magazine, Storyteller. To learn about the benefits of membership, contact Sheila Jackson at 317.275.1360 or

Joe Feddersen (Colville Confederated Tribes, born 1953), Changer 3, 2012, blown and etched glass

Holly Wilson (Delaware Tribe of Western Oklahoma/Cherokee, born 1968), Enough, 2015, bronze

Museum Purchase: Eiteljorg Fellowship

Museum Purchase: Eiteljorg Fellowship

President and CEO John Vanausdall

Graphic Design Honeymoon Image & Design

Vice President for Advancement Nataly Lowder

Contributing Writers Kay Hinds James Nottage Christa Barleben Sally Dickson Molly Sass

Director of Marketing and Communications Bert Beiswanger Editor and Writer Bryan Corbin

Front cover image: George Carlson (American, born 1940) The Greeting, 1989 bronze, cast number 1 of 3 Gift: Courtesy of Harrison Eiteljorg

Photography Unless otherwise noted: Eiteljorg Museum staff Hadley Fruits Photography

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