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The Saving the Stones Group Spring 2011

To intervene/conserve as much as possible to make it safer for visitors.

The safety of the building itself is needed; treating the problems.

Enhancing the aesthetics.

Support King David’s Tomb’s architectural authenticity and history.

The modern intervention [past intervention] is not truthful to the original architecture of the area. 

In other words, the methodology utilized in the recent past to treat the place has no direct relationship to that of the original architecture methodology. Some of the materials utilized here like cement, paint and plaster are not telling the real story of the place.  Cement: is a modern material not even known utilized in these past structures.  Stone: some of the stones were deliberately painted white.  Plaster: also painted white on walls.

Building Technology:  

Joints Material:  

Crusaders: No plaster on walls. Ottoman: More plaster on the ceilings. Byzantine: Mortar was dark due to the presence of charcoal in the mixture (more grayish mortar). Crusader: was white with small pieces of charcoal.

Reasons for the use of charcoal in the material:  

1. To preserve the original color of the ancient material. 2. To transport water through capillary action.

Helmet  Steel Toe Construction Boots  Eye Protection  Mask (nose and mouth)  Latex or Cloth Gloves ----------------------------------------- Masterinos & Masterinas  Hammers and Picks  Sponges  Water Pumps  Chisels  Trowels  Scaffolding 

(Certification Acquired)


1 Hydraulic Lyme (Type: NHL – 5z)

  

    

2 White Stone 1 Yellow Sand 1/8 Red Ceramic [5mm] 1 Pitt Lyme (Slate) Yogurt-Like 1 ¼ Crushed Limestone ½ Stone Limestone “Sesame” ½ Thick Ceramic ½ Charcoal


 

Beige Color Mortar Ratio of 1:3

Grey Color Mortar Ratio of 1:4

There is a third material that is being considered in this project, but approval is pending.



King david's tomb short presentation  
King david's tomb short presentation  

King david's tomb short presentation contains 4 main obejctive.