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Vol. 8, Issue 3, December 5, 2011

The Real Life I-Robot

One Student’s Answer To A Deadly Allergy Takes A Trip Into The Future Of The 21st Century ethandayton

Walking through the halls of a typical American high school, one will see plenty of jocks, nerds and in-betweens. However, if one walks through the north wing halls of FRHS, one might just see something from a 21st century science fiction film. Taking a trip through Will Smith’s 2006 blockbuster I-Robot, the fictional world of robots is something that has begun penetrating the walls of FRHS. Lauren Robinson, freshman at FRHS, is one of the few examples that have begun opening doors to the future of real-life science fiction. Robinson stays at home and attends school remotely through a fully functioning robot. Robinson has a deadly allergy to dairy products. Her allergy is so severe that she can’t be in the same room with someone who has had a glass of milk earlier in the day. Nearly all of last year, Robinson was homebound due to her allergy. “I have always had my allergy to dairy,” said Robinson. “I was home schooled last year when my allergies started to get worse.” Up until her 8th grade year, Robinson was enrolled in public school, attending Warner Elementary School and then Preston Junior High School. When her allergies began to enflame, there was no other option besides taking her out of public school and forcing her to be home schooled. Going directly to school for Robinson wouldn’t make her sneeze. It wouldn’t give her a stomach ache either. Unfortunately, going to school for Robinson could potentially kill her. “As


EVENTS Orchestra Concert 7 pm – 8 pm PAC Monday, 12/5/11 Choir Concert 7 pm – 8 pm PAC Tuesday, 12/6/11 Jazz Band Concert 7 pm – 8 pm PAC Thursday, 12/8/11 Blood Drive All Day Wrestling Room Monday, 12/12/11

Concert Band Performance 7 pm – 8 pm PAC Tuesday, 12/13/11 Wednesday Night Live 6 pm – 8:30 pm PAC Wednesday, 1/25/12 Lauren Robinson’s, freshman at FRHS, robot sports a mini FRHS letter jacket to show off her individuality and her school pride. Photo by Ethan Dayton. I began to think about it, there wasn’t a single place on campus that is safe for her,” said Dr. Dierdre Cook, the principal at FRHS. Losing an energetic social life was definitely not an easy undertaking for Robinson. Robinson’s mom, Melissa, contacted Dr. Cook about how much Robinson want-

ed to go to FRHS, “We thought: what can we do for the social aspect?” said Dr. Cook. “Then we asked the question: can we virtually have her here?” One day, her home bound teacher Troy Krotz – who is also Poudre School District’s student outreach administrator and is

in charge of all of PSD’s homebound students – stumbled upon a magazine article that would change how Robinson lived her next four years. “[Krotz] saw an article about a kid who had an immune deficiency in Texas and went to school through a robot,” said Robinson. article continued on page 19

Annual Adopt-A-Family Brings in New Policies annaschneeberger

On November 16th, Adopt-Ais bringing in. Key Club members Family began in advisories and will check each advisory every week to write down what items will continue for the reminder were brought. If some advisories of the semester. During these don’t bring in enough items and months, FRHS students will be buying gifts for local families in some advisories have an overflow the area that are unable to have of gifts, the advisories with too much will spread their gifts to the a nice Christmas. This year FRHS advisories with not enough. Also, will be helping 65-70 families, a Key Club has a budget to purlot of whom are from Timnath chase gifts for families if an adviand Bacon Elementary schools. Adopt-A-Family was started in sory is seriously lacking. 2006 in Key Club, an internationCampbell believes that Adopta-Family is an important program ally known service club, by Laura at FRHS because it makes stuHarter. This year, advisories will be dents aware of all the families in given the list of what the famineed, including some FRHS families are asking for Christmas. In lies. Campbell considers this propast years, some families got a gram to be very impacting. “One little carried away with what they year a mom brought her little two asked for in their wish lists, in- Aron Rodriguez, Alex Chiramonte, and Ever Lopez help give year old son and her six year old Photo by Diane Campbell. daughter. They both got bikes and cluding TVs, iPods and laptops. last year’s gift to the families. “This year we asked families to the little boy sat on his tricycle focus on need-based items like food, toiletry items and things for the and didn’t get off. He started screaming and having a fit. It was really house.” Diane Campbell, counselor and Key Club advisor, said on the sweet,” Campbell said. FRHS students really have a chance to give back to the community new procedure. Another new thing about the Adopt-a-Family program is an on- with Adopt-a-Family and should take advantage of this great program line inventory system that keeps track of all the items each advisory during the 2011-2012 holiday season.

Sadie Hawkins Dance 8 pm – 11 pm Commons Friday, 2/10/12



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EiS 12.05.11

Sounds of the Seasons


Zoe Koppenhofer, junior, plays Autumn by Antonio Vivaldi on the violin during a Symphony Orchestra class. Photo by Kelsey Cook.


Mrs. Karen DeVries, choir teacher at FRHS, is leading the choir concert on Tuesday, December 6 in the Performing Arts Center (PAC). It starts at 7 P.M. and is projected to last an hour. There are 6 FRHS choirs performing at the concert, including Jazz Choir, Chamber Choir, Mixed Choir, Select Women’s Choir, Men’s Choir and Beginning Women’s Choir. At the concert, the choirs will be singing a repertoire, a little bit of everything. The students chosen for Colorado’s All-State Choir will also be announced at choir concert. “FRHS students are passionate about music and want to share their excitement and joy about music with the rest of the community,” DeVries said. She would love FRHS students to come to the concert. “It’s always good to have a full house,” said Travis Binder, junior at FRHS and a member of Mixed Choir. Her students attended a choral celebration in Denver on November 3rd. At the celebration, each

choir performed in front of over 15 schools. They also performed for guest clinicians, who direct college choirs and gave the choir students advice on how to improve. Binder said, “We messed up a little, but the only advice the guest clinicians gave was to have more expression.” Then they watched all the other choirs perform. This is the first year for Select Mixed Choir to go to this festival, but the Select Women’s Choir has gone every year. Many guest clinicians from CSU also visit the choir throughout the year. According to Mrs. DeVries, the choir group this year has had great progress. “The leadership and teamwork has been outstanding and the students have continued to develop positively,” DeVries said. DeVries thinks her first 3 years at FRHS have set a strong foundation for the future of the FRHS choir program. “Mrs. DeVries pushes me to do my best,” Binder said, “she really knows what she is talking about.” DeVries said, “The choir program has really started to take off this year.” Last year, there were

only 7 periods in a school day, so there were only 5 choir classes. Jazz Choir had to practice before school and many students didn’t take choir classes due to lack of room in their schedule. However, the new schedule allows the choir to have a full period for Jazz Choir during the day and allows the whole choir in general to grow exponentially. According to DeVries, this improves the delivery of the program. While more separate choir classes are taught, there is less teacher face time. “Mixed Choir this year has been a lot harder compared to previous years because the schedule forces the students to practice more outside of class,” Binder said. He also says that the guy’s section and the choir in general have gotten much bigger in comparison to his previous two years at FRHS. Although the choir is large compared to previous years, DeVries would like it to grow even larger. “I would love for students interested in singing to audition,” DeVries said. “Everyone has an open invitation.”

Julia Sanders, senior, sings alto during a Women’s Select class.

Photo by Ethan Dayton.


Mr. Louie Silvestri, orchestra teacher at FRHS, will be conducting the orchestra concert tonight (Monday, December 5) in the Performing Arts Center (PAC). It begins at 7 P.M. and is projected to last one hour. Holiday favorites will be played with the uplifting and upbeat sounds of the seasons. Songs composed by Ernest Manheim, a famous holiday composer, will be played by all three orchestral groups (Freshmen, Concert and Symphony Orchestras). “The Holiday mood will remind the audience of their childhood,” Silvestri said. “Classical music has the ability to transport us to a different world,” Silvestri said. “We live in a time of financial crisis and a world full of problems. By going to this concert people can step into a fairytale and relax for an entire hour.” Many audience members have found that orchestra music is soothing. “We have been working hard this entire year and we would love to share our success with family and friends as a group,” said Julia Sanders, senior at FRHS and a member of the Symphony Orchestra. The group feels they have been doing very well this year. According to Silvestri, the freshmen have been very strong, the sophomores and juniors have been stepping up to the plate, and the seniors will leave a lasting mark on FRHS orchestra. “This may be the strongest year for violins and violas ever,” Silvestri said. There are 21 violins in the Symphony Orchestra and 13 violas in all three orchestras combined. Sanders agrees and claims that this year has been better than previous years because each individual has been less focused on where they are sitting, but rather focused on playing well for the entire orchestra. “We are really close as a group. Sometimes that makes us unproductive, but it is also one of our greatest strengths,” Sanders said. “Silvestri is an overall good conductor. He helps us focus on what we need to do instead of socializing,” Sanders said. “We have a lot of really good players and we all get along really well. We are very excited for our December concert,” saidAnna Sherman, junior at FRHS and member of the Concert Orchestra. It will be family friendly and Silvestri hopes all seats are filled in order to support the musicians of FRHS.


Mr. Dan Berard, band teacher at FRHS, will be conducting a Jazz Concert on December 8th and a Concert Band performance on December 13th in the Performing Arts Center. Both are predicted to last one hour. The Jazz Concert will focus on jazz tunes, whereas the Concert Band will focus on improving technique as a group. “This concert is the first one following marching band,” Berard said. “It’s a good chance for people to see the band stuff instead of just the music we play at football games.” The FRHS marching band got 3rd place at the Colorado Marching Band 5A State Championship. In addition to this accomplishment, the FRHS Wind Ensemble was invited to the All National Festival, which will take place in Indianapolis, Indiana over Spring break on March 15-17. High schools sent in an audition CD and were evaluated by a panel of music educators. Then, FRHS’s Wind Ensemble was picked as one of the top 13 bands in the country. They are the only band from Colorado. In addition to class time, the FRHS Wind Ensemble meets every Monday for a two hour practice after school. “The band group has been doing very well,” Berard said. “Music groups build on each other from year to year. This year’s group continues to capture the energy from last year’s group.” “We have grown in talent, numbers, and friendship,” said Amy Pape, junior at FRHS and a member of the Wind and Jazz Ensembles. “I think both Berard and Mr. [Aaron] Vogel [assistant band director] are the reason we have done as well as we have. They are great leaders and really inspire us.” “We have dedicated a lot of time to make the concert awesome just for you!” Pape said. The band members would love for FRHS to watch them at the concert. Berard said, “FRHS has a great music program. Come support the performing arts!”

Andrew St. Denis, junior, plays the trombone during a Jazz Ensemble class. Photo by Kelsey Cook.

news 3

Marching Band Places 3rd at State

EiS 12.05.11


FRHS Marching Band at the state championships that were held at Hughes Stadium. Photo courtesy of Maureen Bailey. On Saturday, Oct. 22, the FRHS Marching Band and Color Guard performed at the Colorado Band Master Association State Marching Championships at Colorado State University’s Hughes Stadium. The band and color guard worked hard during the summer and almost every day after school to prepare for this event. Students at FRHS have seen the band and color guard perform at football games during halftime. At State, the FRHS marching band and color guard placed third in their 5A division. They received the same place last year. Dan Berard, marching band director at FRHS, was extremely pleased with the marching band season and the bands performance at State. Berard said, “We had an incredible season! The band continues to get larger and more accomplished each year, and this year was no exception.” Even though they had a great season, it was not all that easy. “Each year has its own challenges,” Berard said. “This year we really asked a lot of the kids, in both their musical performance the visual demands for the show, so combining the two at a high level made the kids really have to dig in. You couldn’t just go through the motions and be successful. You had to work very hard.” The marching band and color guard worked hard during the year to attain the performance that they gave. “For us it’s never about the final

placement or the score or a trophy. It’s all about having great performances and continually setting the bar higher. It’s about the journey, not the destination. For the top three bands in the state to all be within 1 point of each other shows the quality of the competition. We know we did everything that we could this season.” Berard said. Berard is already looking ahead to next season and how he will prepare his band and color guard for next year’s state competition. “We are always looking at things to improve from concert to concert, year to year. The Band has grown to be very successful because we spend a lot of time and effort to ensure the students receive the best information, have a great program to perform and then have the tools necessary to achieve the highest levels of performance. Just as for the students, each year the bar gets raised for the staff, so we will continue to strive for higher levels of excellence in our performance as well,” said Berard. The marching band and color guard could not do this alone. They needed the help and support from the school to get them to where they are today. Berard added,“We would really like to thank Dr. Cook, the FRHS Administration team, the parents and the student body for all the support the band receives throughout the year!”

Special Time For Shivering Red Donations tylerconlon The time of year begins to role around when senior advisory service projects involve the student body. On December 12th, Melinda Neal’s and Elaine Bejcek’s advisory are hosting a winter blood drive. Last year’s blood drive was for sickle cell research, in honor of Kinard Middle School teacher Robert Lewis, who is inflicted with said condition. The upcoming blood drive has a general cause for blood donations overall. The requirements for this year’s participants is that they must be18 years of age, or 17 with parent permission, a minimum of 110 pounds and in good health. The drive begins at 7 am and runs until 2:30 pm in the Wrestling room. Snacks will be provided for those who participate. But if you meet these requirements and would like to donate blood for a cause, the Winter blood drive is all day on the 12th of December in the wrestling room. Come at anytime and just don’t be afraid of needles.

Know Your District:

The Mill and


Upd ate ethandayton For the 2011-2012 school year, Poudre School District received nearly $120 million in the Mill and Bonds act. This act is meant to be used for maintaining and upgrading school facilities or properties that are in desperate need of repair. With this $120 million budget, there are nearly 900 adjustments and fixes that are planned to happen in the 2011-2012 school year for almost every school all across the district. Among these 900 items are tasks that have been completed and have instantly helped the students, staff and surrounding communities. More than $14 million was spent before the first quarter of the 2011-2012 school year was completed. That money was spent on projects such as: • A Bond that we all can feel here at FRHS is all of the new computers in the flex labs and common areas. An important piece of the Mill and Bonds is keeping all schools up to date with technology that will better help them transition into a 21st century world. • Also, in the 4th quarter of this year, all freshmen at FRHS will be receiving brand new laptops. In 4 years, every student at FRHS will have their own laptop. There is a $50 insurance fee for the students if it is lost or broken, but besides that, they are virtually free. This is the same at Poudre High School, Fort Collins High School and Rocky Mountain High School. Poudre and Fort Collins freshmen have already received their laptops. • Fort Collins High School received brand new carpet all around the school. • Several elementary schools have received new playgrounds, new asphalt and brand new irrigation systems to better help their students at recess and the communities nearby to help utilize their available outdoor facilities. • The tennis courts at Poudre High School were completely torn up and reconstructed. article contined on page 19

EiS 12.05.11 Counselors Announce Adaptations To Schedule Change Process In previous school years, we have seen students and parents spend time making careful selections during the registration process and then make detrimental choices in the fall during the Add/Drop window. During Add/Drop students seem to forget about important requirements and placement advice. Careful course planning is ‘thrown out the window’ and students dash in to wait in long lines to request to be in class with their friend, change their off period so they can sleep in late, determine that their athletic schedule is more important than their academic schedule, or decide that they must have one particular teacher. This Add/Drop process does not reflect the best interests of students and their educational goals. After doing extensive research on how other high schools in our district, state and nation handle registration and schedule changes, we have made improvements to our system. For the 2012-2013 school year, the Fossil community will use the following process and guidelines: • January & February: students will make their course selections. This part of the process will not change • February – April: Create master schedule • May: Students will receive a copy of their schedule for the following year • May: schedule repair window. Students will have an opportunity to make repairs to the schedule to correct mistakes. (read further for details)

news 4

• August: at check-in students will receive the final copy of their schedule. If students took coursework over the summer, they can make repairs to their schedules due to that coursework. • August 20: school starts & no further changes will be made to schedules by students Repairs will be limited to the following criteria: 1. Class on the student’s schedule that the student has already passed (including summer school) 2. Scheduled in the same class twice (ex: 2 Chemistry classes) 3. Student is not meeting a graduation requirement 4. Incorrect level placement (teacher approval required) 5. Change in Multiyear Academic Plan that impacts college admission – approved on an individual basis Repairs will not be made for the following reasons: • Change of mind • Work/job schedule • Athletic schedule • Request for a specific off period • Request regarding a specific teacher We cannot stress enough how important course selections are during registration. This is the opportunity students and parents have to make choices that will lead to successful completion of high school and to post graduate goals. We will do everything within our power to make sure those selections are on your student’s class schedule.

Rescheduling Students sebastianpoe

According to an email recently issued by the school district to parents, the schedule will alternate the schedule daily; with the addition that Advisory will be on Thursday.


s t a C r e ab


from all of your fans at

1343 East Prospect Rd. · Fort Collins, CO · 80525 · 970.484.3959

EiS 12.05.11

5 sports

Full House - The Story of the 2011 Cross Country Team amberbaack “If you set Coach Vaughan up with a girl, you get a letter,” joked Ben Hartman, sophomore athlete for the FRHS’ Junior Varsity Cross Country Team. When running for FRHS, it isn’t just about speed. It isn’t all about getting a personal record or kicking it hard for the last 200 meters of a race. The most important thing is the team. It’s about the jokes and laughter shared between athletes during stretching. It’s about eating otter pops in ice filled trashcans together to mend the sore muscles. It’s about running in packs during the race and never letting a teammate quit or fall behind. It’s about always pushing each other during a workout even when those last 800 meters feels unbearable. Erin Johnson, sophomore Junior Varsity runner at FRHS, said, “The people on the Cross Country team are really funny. We are all like a really big happy family.” How can a team compete if it isn’t just about their speed and running? How can they win The Junior Varsity girl’s Cross Country team when they aren’t solely focused ning of the Regional Race. on their own personal record? The point is this, when the FRHS athletes run as a team, they continuously prove at each meet that they succeed. Individual personal records are met every meet because the athletes weren’t just focused on themselves, but the entire team. This 2011 season was Johnson’s first and she stated that the Pre-State Meet - the first meet of the season - was the most difficult for her. She ran a 26:00 minute 5k race and didn’t feel good about it. But throughout the season she worked alongside her teammates to improve. Johnson said, “It was hard to stay motivated during meets, but I always told myself that the faster I ran, the faster I’d be done. I became increasingly positive and by the end of the season, my personal record was 23:52 minutes.” Johnson believed that she could succeed because of the push from her teammates during practice; that gave her confidence to continually and consistently run faster in the races. Hartman has been running Cross Country for two seasons. “This season was a lot

of fun and the team as a whole really improved. All of the awesome people continued to push me through each week, especially during the first three when all I wanted to do was quit because everything hurt,” Hartman said. “This season, I got an overall personal record of 22:58 minutes for my 5k race which I was really proud of.” The chemistry of the team was demonstrated most at the season end banquet in the roundhouse of FRHS. Parents brought delicious, carb-loaded food for the athletes as they enjoyed their final event together of the 2011 season. That night, awards were given to each individual to recognize their accomplishments throughout the season. The supportive woots and cheers rang through the roundhouse as each person ran up to receive their certificate. There wasn’t a single athlete that was announced without a loud round of applause. The underclassman girls presented their heartfelt scrapbooks and gifts takes off as the gun shoots at the beginto the senior girls while they attempted to hold back tears. The underclassmen boys combined their senses of humor which led to a personality filled nutcracker for each senior boy. An astronaut, a ballerina, a hippie, a mouse, and others were presented to them. The meaning of each nutcracker pertaining to each senior was understood by every athlete in the room. That begs the question: how well did this team thing actually workout for FRHS? Well, the Girl’s Varsity team placed 16th at the 5A State Meet while the Boy’s Varsity team placed 14th at the 5A Division. They didn’t do as well as they had hoped, but making it to State for FRHS’ second year in 5A was a huge achievement in itself for the team. Ed Cleary, senior at FRHS, placed 5th overall in the state meet at the Varsity level. The seniors completed this season filled with pride and a legacy that will challenge all of the underclassmen runners to achieve such a high success. How’s that for a good working team?

Girl’s Sof tball

Success jjbissell

The FRHS Girl’s Softball Team feels that they represented the school great this year. The team made it to the Colorado High School State Playoffs for the first time while being in 5A. Not only did they make it to the playoffs, but they also did better than all of the other city teams in the tournament. The team finished the season with a record of 17-6 (9-2 in the Front Range Conference) and finished 3rd in their conference ahead of all the city teams. The team believes they had a great season, and the turn around from last can be credited to all the hard work each player did and to the new head Coach Dave Philop. “Coach Dave has helped out our softball program a lot because he changed and reformed many things. He is a great teacher and coach. I think we all learned a lot from him this year, and I think he and the coaching staff had a lot to do with it [making it to state for the first time in 5A],” said, Courtney Medina, sophomore at FRHS, and varsity softball player. This year the team’s strength was hitting. They had a team

batting average of .436. The team was led by Brittany Younan, junior at FRHS, with the best batting average in the entire state at the 5A level; .711. Courtney Lecher, junior at FRHS, led the team with five homeruns. With all the success, the team still believes there is space for improvement. “I think the only thing we need to work on next year is fielding and working under pressure,” said Medina. Working on the weaknesses and improving with a young group, the team believes they have a promising future. “Having a new coach can be hard on a team,” said Medina. Most teams it can take a couple of years to adjust but the girls did it in less than a season. They have to adjust to the new style of coaching and the new style of play that the coach wants to do, but it can also help if the coach knows what they’re doing and the results show at the end of the season. Congratulations to Coach Philop and all the FRHS softball team for turning the program around and making it to state.

EiS 12.05.11

Boy’s Basketball Preview

sports 6

jjbissell & alexsemadeni

The FRHS Boy’s Varsity Basketball cess from last year because of the team is getting ready to square off for loss of six seniors, including their another season. The big question is: leading scorer, steal leader, assist how will they match last year’s results leader, and rebounder. In contrast, of 24-2 and making it to the Great people may think they will match Eight (top eight teams left in the state and/or come close to the amount tournament)? They have been workof success from last year, because ing hard for 12 weeks since school has of the hard work they have done started by conditioning and lifting so far and all of the young talent weights. that is arising. For 12 weeks, the players went “As a team, we’ll be able to through vigorous conditioning and spread it out [scoring, rebounding, weight training. The team has been etc.] and we’ll see who steps up. working hard so they can do great We change our offensive around and come out on top. “The mental to fit our personal. We need to aspect of the conditioning is what take advantage of the skills that has really helped us a lot because we our kids have,” said Johannsen. are able to know where our boundarThe team might have there ups ies are and push through them,” said and downs, but they will still give Head Coach Matt Johannsen. The it “their best efforts,” said Bryant. boundary of being tired will be the “We have to come into the gym biggest aspect to push through. “It is everyday with the thought that more being mentally tired than physiwe are going to leave everything cal because the mind is what tells the on the court during practices and body is tired even when there is still in games,” said Bryant. energy left,” said Johannsen. With all This year’s team has some major the training the team has been doing, obstacles they have to overcome, it will help them come out on top of The FRHS Varsity Boys Basketball team scrimmages Poudre in a pre-season game. and some very high standards set close games, because they know they Photo by Alexa Smith. from last year’s team. The 2011can push through the part of being 2012 team is trying to rebuild from tired. losing six key players from last Losing the six seniors from last year, (Adam Tynan, Brett Baeverstad, Alex Blum, Clayyear. The team is getting ready for another season, and will attempt to do the best job ton Kuchta, Zach Levett, and Chris Hansen) might be the hardest thing to replace from possible. last year. Each one of them contributed greatly to the team in some way. Come support the boys basketball team all year. The next game is December 5th, The team has to start to rebuild with new players and returning varsity players will 2011 against 3A power house Faith Christian. have to fill some spots that they did not have to before. “It will just take that much more effort from six new players to fill those spots,” said Garrett Bryant, senior. People might not think the team will have anywhere near to the amount of suc-

Gir l ’s Ba s ke t b a ll

Pre v i e w alexsemadeni & jjbissell The FRHS Girl’s Basketball Team is heading for a new direction under new coach Chad Salz, student liaison at FRHS. Salz was hired in the early summer to direct the program after the previous coach, Coach Shannon Randles, resigned after the season. Last season, Salz coached the FRHS JV team for the Boy’s Basketball Team, and the decision has led to friendly gabbing from the boys. But Salz knew it was the right decision. “After I had many conversations with Coach [Matt] Johannsen, Coach Randles, and Mr. [Ken] Denning, that’s when I knew it was going to be the right fit,” Salz said. The first thing Salz did was to organize a summer schedule, including tournaments and open gyms. This created a lot of chaos for him. “It was crazy, because I

finished up with the boys, and started with the girls,” he said. “We did two team camps. We did great. We kept getting better.” Hailey Murphy, junior guard at F R H S , agrees. “ T h e summer helped us get to know each other on and off the court. It also helped us improve our individual skills, but also work as a team.” The beginning of school also marked the beginning of preseason conditioning, which they

did with the boys. It lasted twelve weeks and consisted of rigorous conditioning and weight lifting. “They worked on weights, speed and agility,” Salz said. “They got better; they got faster; they got stronger.” Salz hopes to bring many changes this year that differ from last year’s style of play. “We’re going to increase the tempo and run a faster paced offense.” he said. “We’re also going to full court press a lot.” article continued on page 19

    


        

Girl’s Swimming

Preview alexsemadeni

The FRHS Girl’s Swim Team has high hopes for a great season after a 4th place finish at the Colorado High School State Championships last year. Even though the expectations are high, the team is ready to meet them. “We have a strong sophomore and freshman class,” said Coach Carolyn Fries. “We graduated a lot of seniors, but I think our incoming class will help with the girls we lost.” One of those underclassmen is sophomore Sammie Guay, who last year as a freshman, won the 200 Individual Medley state title. “Winning state was my biggest achievement so far in my career,” Guay said. “I can still remember the atmosphere, it was so incredible. It felt amazing to win for my team.” Guay cannot wait for the meets to allow her and her teammates to showcase their abilities. “We have super fast freshman coming in, but we still have that upperclassmen depth,” Guay said. “All

the other teams better watch out, that’s all I have to say.” Captain Danielle Spieler, senior at FRHS, also has large expectations for the team. “I expect to go undefeated in our dual swim meets, win conference and do great at state,” Spieler said. Spieler, along with Emily Campbell, Linde Carmack and Mo Bailey are the captains for the team this year. They are diving head first into the leadership role. “We are trying to build close bonds with all of the girls on the team,” Spieler said. “I also want to show the new girls how swimming has affected my high school life, and to teach them how to enjoy it and get the most out of it.” A team with such high expectations needs a coach who can train them well, but also serve as a role model. “[Coach Fries] is an awesome teacher and coach. We get along really well and she is an excellent role-model,” Spieler said. “I am excited to be a captain under her.”

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Wrestling Isn’t For The Faint-Hearted amberbaack & kelseycook November 11, 2011 wasn’t just Veteran’s Day or a day to make wishes; it was also the first official day of the 2011-2012 wrestling season. Official is a key word because the wrestlers have been preparing during off season since the last match of the 2010-2011 season. “We wake up. We lift. We go to school. We practice. We do homework. We go to sleep,” said Matthew Jensen, junior at FRHS. No wonder it’s so hard for wrestlers to balance the rest of their lives. During wrestling season, a wrestler normally wakes up at 5:45 A.M. and starts lifting at 6:00 A.M. Each morning has a different workout, whether it’s a lower body workout (squats, dead lifts and cleans), upper body weights or core workouts (abdominals). Throughout the day, wrestlers attend their classes and go to lunch like every other student. The only difference is that they barely eat any food. “Have you ever seen a malnourished African child? That’s how we feel,” said Jensen. “But every time I think about eating food, I think about my goals and it helps me stay motivated. There is a saying, ‘Wrestlers live off of gold medals.’” After school, it is time for another workout. From 3:15 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. they work on technique, conditioning and live wrestling. “With such a busy schedule, it’s hard to balance everything,” said Elliott Smith, junior at FRHS. “I want to do well at wrestling, but I need time to keep up my grades and I want a social life. Doing it day in and day out really takes its toll.” “It takes a tough guy to wrestle. It is one of the toughest sports in the school. You’re constantly battling, your noses are busted and you are covered in sweat,” said Coach Brian Killion. The athletes compete in approximately 40 matches and seven tournaments throughout the season. “There are no tryouts. Only the toughest kids make it through the season. Last year, 40 kids started the season. By the end, only 18 were left,” said Smith. During a match, one point is given for an escape, two points for a take down, two points for a reversal, and back points are given depending on the amount of time the athlete is held down. If the wrestler is held on his back for two to three seconds, two points are given and for five seconds, three points are given. The wrestling team’s goal this year is to be one of the top five teams in the state at the 5A level. “I have been wrestling for 14 years and coaching for 26 years, but I love doing it every day,” said Coach Dave Schlehuber. “It’s a good group of kids. We are hoping to qualify seven or eight of them for state and bring home some medals.” If a wrestler makes it to state, he knows that he is Austen Lindsay, junior, does a pull-up dur- one of the top 16 wrestlers at ing morning lifting. Photo by Amber Baack. his age division in Colorado. “I hope to do pretty well this season. Hopefully I will be ranked top five in the state,” said Payton Tapia, sophomore at FRHS. Five wrestlers made it to state last year including Tapia, Taylor Killion (junior), Cody Melcher (senior), Preston Blackburn (senior) and Austen Lindsay (junior).

Gus Bean, senior, and Cody Melcher, senior, engage in live wrestling during an afterschool practice. Photo by Kelsey Cook. Even though the team’s eye is on state, each individual still has to face some losses. “Losing is the worst thing in the world. It is a combination of anger and sadness that you can’t do anything about. You just have to go back into the room and work harder,” Smith said. Jensen had similar views, “It sucks losing, but it is one of the most motivating things during the season.” The team is hoping to have an undefeated season, but some teams will be hard to beat. “Rocky will be some of the hardest competition this season. They have good kids and a good program,” said Coach Killion. When asked what his favorite wrestling memory was, Taylor Killion, junior at FRHS, said, “I won the Midwest Nationals when I was eight years old and I got to meet Dan Gable.” Gable is famous for losing only one match throughout his entire career as a wrestler at Iowa State University. He also won a gold medal at the Summer Olympics in Munich Germany and was also Iowa State’s all-time best wrestling coach by leading his team to 15 national collegiate athletic association wins. Killion was very proud that he had the opportunity to meet Gable. When asked how he was inspired to join wrestling, Smith said, “My dad wrestled in high school and at the Division III level in college. In 7th grade in Gunnison, Colorado, my dad watched me for the first time. He drove out from Utah for just that weekend to see me wrestle in my first tournament. I lost my first match and he wasn’t mad, but I felt like I let him down. The next match I got my first pin and my first win. All I wanted was to win for him.” The season started on December 2nd with a match facing Rocky Mountain High School. Please come out and show your FRHS spirit for our wrestling team at the next match on December 9 against Thompson Valley High School at home. “A lot of support means a lot of respect,” said Killion. “The more people there, the louder the cheers are when you win.”

Food Journals

Taylor Killion

Elliott Smith

Breakfastsmall bowl of oatmeal


Midmorningsmall portion of yogurt


Lunchturkey on a wheat bread sandwich

Lunch3 baby carrots and an apple



Midafternoon- Midafternoonsmall amount yogurt of crackers Dinnerchicken

Dinneran orange

Tucker Helm, junior, and Gus Bean, senior, practice a brand new move.

Photo by Amber Baack.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review Multiplayer Is Back With A Friend stevenerickson

Infinity Ward and Sledgehammers’ Call of Duty on how much you use the weapon. These weapon (CoD) Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer is back along proficiencies (how much you use a weapon) are the with Special Ops. The award winning series and key to getting better stuff for your weapons. Say you best selling multiplayer of all time is back with a use a weapon a lot. You can get red dot sights, grefew tricks up its sleeve. This tradition was made nade launchers, and other little goodies for the gun with the first CoD Modern Warfare game and is and new proficiency perks for the weapon. These are certainly upheld here. The multiplayer is vast and things like reduced kick on a weapon or two attachis one of the best that the Call of Duty series has ments for one gun. For the M4A1 Carbine you have seen. some bad kick and sway, but when you get these new Right from the start with the default weapon’s little perks you can get rid of those problems and make classes, you are thrown into a move fast or die type the M4A1 Carbine better. Plus there are class specific/ of an environment. You get a simple set of playlgun specific proficiency perks. SMG’s (sub machine ists to choose from to get started. However, like guns) have a faster melee perk so you recover from Black Ops., you get the option between two sets of knifing faster. LMG’s (light machine guns) have a run playlists-Standard perk so you and Advanced. The can move Standard playlists faster with (game modes) are the weapon all you can play unrather than tylerconlon til you hit level 10 be limited when you can go to a slow Call of Duty is a series that is constantly criticized for into the Advanced. jog. You trying to reinvent itself in every iteration with a new camStandard will alalso get paign and multiplayer. Recent additions have included colow you to play CoD new camos op modes like Special Ops and Zombies, but Activision is regulars such as out of rankgoing to need something new and fresh to keep the series Team Deathmatch, ing up the from getting stale. Infinity Ward, one of the two main Call Headquarters (capweapon inof Duty developers (the other being Treyarch) returns alongture a point to get stead of getside industry newcomer, Sledgehammer Games, to deliver points), Sabotage ting headanother high-quality game to the market. (Take a bomb and shots. The Modern Warfare series has created a controversial plant it), DominaKill story throughout the past two games. Modern Warfare 2 tion (Capture three streaks are ended with a Russian terrorist at large and an American points and hold the also overGeneral dead. Hours after the end of its predecessor, Modpoints) and others. hauled to ern Warfare 3 (MW3) throws you straight into the action. There are two new The multiplayer in COD: Modern Warfare 3 is the reason that be different No tutorial. No introduction. It is assumed players know game modes that people buy the game altogether. Photo by Steven Erickson. p a c k a g e s ; the story up to here. gamers can sink three to be The setting is New York, where the Big Apple is under their teeth into-Kill exact. attack from Russian Ultranationalists. The player takes conConfirmed and Team Defender. 1. Assault: People who want to get the most kills trol of Derek “Frost” Westbrook, a member of the American Kill Confirmed is basically team deathmatch with a and get the big destructive Kill Streaks, but these kill Delta squad Metal. The Russians have seized the Stock Extwist; to make kills count for your side you must first take streaks wont stack (won’t be replaced) after you die. change and have built a long-range jammer (all electronic out a member of the other team and then pick up the float2. Support: People who want to help the team out communications within a range are met with static) on the ing yellow or red dog tags. Yellow means it is a kill conwith UAV’s or stealth bombers these will stack and roof. Frost must fight alongside fellow Team Metal comfirmed for your team and red means it is for the other side. only reset after you get to the end of the streak even rades Sandman, Grinch and Truck to find and destroy the You can pick up the red ones to deny the other team the if you die. jammer after navigating rubble-strewn office buildings. kill. Make no mistake, you still get points for taking some3. For the lone wolf people there is the specialist This one grand example of many set pieces describes one down, but you get more points for getting the dog package. 2 kills get you another perk same at 4 and 6 the beauty that is MW3’s campaign. Many locales that the tags. Also if you take a person down and can’t reach the kills. Then at 8 kills you get all the perks you have unplayer will visit offer impressive views of both recognizable tags of that person first, you still get points for the tag. This locked. However, this streak will reset after you die. landmarks and the unfamiliar dirt streets of Africa. game mode is only played up to 65 confirmed kills, but still Each of these packages have streaks specific to their The new MW3 engine, an improvement on the Infinity plays like a normal game of Team Deathmatch. purpose. Ward’s IW 4.0, allows for larger areas of the game to be genIn Team Defender, your team has to get the flag and hold However, if multiplayer isn’t your scene, then you erated with higher quality models. Everything flows fluidly onto it for dear life. The longer you hold onto the flag, the can check out multiplayer’s friend-Special Ops. Sure, at a 60 Frames per Second. more points you get. It is basically Capture the Flag and you can still do the missions with a buddy and still The sights help to distract from the seemingly forgettable Domination in one game mode. have a good time. But the new survival mode is story. In light of Treyarch’s attempt at a character driven stoThen you have the Advanced playlists that have games where the new fun kicks in. Survival is a single or two ry in Black Ops, the characters in MW3 play a larger role in like Barebones (no kill streaks) and Hardcore (more damplayer mode where you just try to survive wave’s and the story while focusing on the World War III situation. The age and no HUD (mini maps, kill counter, clip gauge ect.)) waves of enemies with no end. This is not like zomreturning characters have already established their personfor the people who want to have a little more of a chalbies from Black Ops where you just have to kill zomalities in the series, but the newcomers of Team Metal don’t lenge. bies and they get tougher every round. These people have the luxury of time to define their reputation in the seAs for the weapons and perks systems, they were comhave guns, claymores, grenades, gas and dogs trying ries. The voice acting is splendid, but a too-serious tone and pletely gutted and started anew. The perks are mostly to eat you. Then, every now and again you get to face chalk full of military jargon doesn’t help the situation. Don’t new except for certain series long ones like Sleight of Hand a juggernaut (heavy armored guys with either a LMG expect a funny line anytime in the story. (faster reload) and Hardline (kill streaks require one less or riot shield). It really gets fun when you have four of Though most of the campaign is boring and lifeless, kill). New perks include Recon, which makes targets apthem to deal with; plus they get stronger every round. there are a few moments in the story that are memorable pear on your mini map when they are hit with explosive But, as the game tips will tell you, they aren’t so tough and actually have emotion. Later missions are centered on damage. Quick Draw allows you to bring up your weapon when you cram a missile down their throat. characters and their relations to others. The ending is well faster while aiming down the sight of the gun. Then you The missions are fun as well and offer a wide vaworth playing all the way through to. As expected, most of have Stalker which allows you to move faster while aimriety of things to take on. From jumping out of a helithe campaign features plenty of explosions. ing down the sight of the gun. Then you have a returning copter and running to the roof, going through a blown In addition to all the explosions and action, most of perk, the Overkill perk, from CoD World at War, which out German building with a friend covering you with the campaign you will be travelling around in a squad. allows you to carry two primary weapons at the same time. a sniper rifle and a machine gun, to storming a submaThis encourages you to work as a team. Treyarch’s World at The weapons system was overhauled and instead of just rine to stop a nuclear meltdown in New York’s harbor, War brought a co-op campaign feature to the series for the getting kills to get new attachments and camos, it depends the missions take a wide range. first and only time. Unfortunately, it’s a Overall, Multiplayer and its friend shame. A game like this would be enjoySpecial Ops make a great package. Beable to blast through with a buddy. tween the new perks, weapons, maps And for the achievement/trophy and features, multiplayer can offer somejunkies, this game has the standard fare thing for all skill levels. Special Ops is for any Call of Duty game. The camfor the more relaxed, single and coop paign based achievements are rewardpeople and are definitely fun to play. ing, and the Special Ops one are equally However, while it is fun, it can get stale so. Some achievements can be accomand repetitive when waiting for the new plished in either mode, however no DLC (downloadable content). Multimultiplayer achievements appear. player has 10 levels of prestige with 80 Face it: no one buys Call of Duty for levels per prestige and it can get drainthe campaign. This is not the exception, ing. Survival Mode and Special Ops can and a run-time of four hours isn’t helpget old fast when you run out of missions ful. The campaign is a satisfying experiand have no new survival maps to run ence for series fans, with action steamaround on. rolling like a freight train of doom, but If you have 60 dollars to spend or a this isn’t the high-quality story that was gift slot open on your wish list, definitely promised in the trailers. The Modern Bombs destroy a building in the Big Apple during the Campaign mode in have this game in your mind. Warfare 3 campaign receives a 4 out of COD: Modern Warfare 3. Multiplayer: 4.5 / 5 Photo by Paranerds. 5. Special Ops: 4 / 5

A Frosty End To A Popular Trilogy

9 technology TV Tropes Will Enhance Your Life

Changing the Way That Story Tellers Develop Inspiration sebastianpoe

Ever wonder how some authors, video games and television shows come up with their plots? Wonder no longer—take a good long look at the marvel that is, a website devoted explicitly to the various tricks of a storyteller’s trade. A trope, according to the site (not necessarily Webster’s definition) is “a convention. It can be a plot trick, a setup, a narrative structure, a character type, a linguistic idiom.” Basically, the commonalities between good stories—and even some bad ones—are present and accounted for here. is a site like Wikipedia— individual users update information, construct pages, develop on examples and get pictures for pages. A modified wiki format is used to express information (examples of tropes in specific works occur near the bottom on certain page works). As time passed, the information on the site became broader. Initially created as a way to spend spare time, the site quickly grew beyond that into a massive, variegated section of the web with plenty of ideas expressed. While someone must be a user to post and edit data, the site is firstly free and secondly useful even if not used as a user. The system is excellent and produces great details. Although it was initially intended as a small site, it developed over time very quickly. As the screenshot indicates, the site is invariably filled with jokes, humor and various crossreferences to other works. Pages are divided into three types—discussion, trope and work pages, each of which is a significant portion of the site’s interaction with users. Trope pages identify a specific characteristic of works that pervades many works, for example the inevitable happy ending following every Hollywood story, regardless of genre or setting. Such tropes are tropes because they exist across many works and many genres in equinamity. The importance of such things is that

t h e y are utilized to improve or discuss stories in detail. Other ‘tropes’ include The Obi Wrong, in which a powerful character is demoted to a mentor character; and If You Die I Call Your Stuff—well, that one’s Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Exactly What It Says on the Tin, by the way, is a trope that is Exactly What It Says on the Tin—a trope which describes everything needed to understand it right there in the title. A discussion page indicates a page in progress or a page whose validity as a page is sorely debated. The original pages are argued over, contested, and deeply complained about by those who believe the page should not exist. Such discussions go in discussion pages. To this day, Marvel’s Deadpool’s and DC’s the Joker’s pages both have a devoted discussion page, due to the page Breaking the Fourth Wall (a characteristic, according to the above site, that occurs “when a character acknowledges their fictionality, by either indirectly or directly addressing the audience”). The pages both open with the characters in question addressing readers. One side argues for a page that discusses the works as a singular piece of fiction and wishes for an academic tone. The other points out that in-universe the characters possess this trait as well, frequently talking to the reader of the work. Currently the pages have reached a standstill, the sides having agreed to leave the pages alone until a more definitive item can be presented. Individual work pages, as pictured below, discuss tropes related to a specific work of fiction. While it’s not as detailed as SparkNotes, some of the explanations on these pages of the works make more sense than the original story—plus, they’re funny. On this one quote from the site on the Incredibles: “Dash can see the future to a certain extent,” speaking about Dash referring to an incident in which Mr. Incredible throws a car… that happens five minutes in the future. Theories abound as to possible other explanations for a story. Without a doubt, it’s one of the greatest websites known to man, thanks to its growth over time. Current pages number over one million. The notability of the site is such that it has been cited on Wikipedia and other sites on the web.

EiS 12.05.11 iCloud Takes iTunes to New Heights stevenerickson

iCloud has come to iTunes. This is a system that will allow you to save time and energy. With the new iCloud you will be able to download things from iTunes and then have the songs, episodes, books and other items that you downloaded instantly added to your other devices. Say you have a Mac and you download a new album to the Mac’s iTunes. With this new system, you will be able to have it upload the album to your iPad, iPod, iPhone and your iTunes at your home PC if you have one. This is a system designed to save you time by assuming you want to transfer all of your iTunes purchases to all of your devices. This is all accomplished by Wi-Fi or 3G that is on your devices. All you have to do to get this feature is to download the new iOS5 update and you will be able to use this. Now if you don’t want to have your entire iTunes library on all of your Apple products, you don’t have to. There is an option to only download to one device, but still have it all in iCloud’s storage. While this may take a longer time to do, you can have greater control over what goes on each of your devices. Now one may ask what about the CD’s that I have uploaded? Another program will be available soon but it will not be free as the iCloud is. Instead it will cost you $24.99 a year. This is what is being called iTunes Match and it will take the items that you have put on iTunes from other mediums like CD’s and automatically upload them to your internet ready devices via Wi-Fi and 3G. So get ready to have a lot more to listen to and play with. The iCloud has come and is settling in over iTunes in the foreseeable future.

How To Use Naviance sebastianpoe

Most people are unfamiliar with the program Naviance, a program designed to help with online college planning, getting through high school itself and graduation. It’s plenty useful, but if the process is misunderstood or confusing, trouble ensues. To tell the truth, most people have had issues with this bizarre and confusing set of programs. Still, log-in will be a cinch with this set of directions! Go to the FRHS homepage. Scroll to the middle right of the page. As of post date, the student login is listed on the side of the page. Login (use your student ID as username and full Pin number as password to log in). What you might need to do: Add colleges: Go to the Colleges tab. Click on either Colleges I’m Thinking About or Colleges I’m Applying To. Click Add Colleges after entering tab. Find the colleges you want to add. Click the checkboxes beside them. Manage course plans: Go to the Course tab. Click Manage my multi-year plan. Select the FRHS multi-year plan. Select the classes that are required or that you wish to take as electives over the next few years for the multi-year plan. That covers most common applications of the program. If the task is more complicated than that, ask your Advisory teacher or your counselor about how to do whatever bizarre and confusing task has been lined up.

Fair Use: Your Friend, the Copyright Law A Charlie Brown trope from

SENIORS (tell your parents!)


this is your we have extended our

Senior Recognition Ad yearbook deadline to December 16

If you have already purchased an ad, thank you. If you haven’t, don’t be left out.

for more information, please visit for forms or call at 951.274.9561

Photo by TV Tropes.


Writing a paper is a simple thing. All you have to do is write about the prompt and turn it in. But first you need some information. Say you use the information that you find on a website and you don’t give credit to that website’s copyrighted works. You not only face the risk of your teacher calling you on plagiarism, but you could also be fined or even put in jail. The amount of money and the length of time spent in jail will be up to the company suing you and the court system that will prosecute you. If you are thinking that “Oh, this will never happen to me; I never get caught for that,” you’re wrong. Copyright violation of books, TV, video games and other mediums are a serious offense. In addition to a fine and jail time, you could be banned from using the certain website or product that you had violated copyright law. However, there is a simple way to protect you from these lawsuits and fines. You must become aware of the fair use laws that are in place. For purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. This is a direct quote from, the government’s official website for copyright laws. If I am going to use this information, I must be using it in one of the ways listed above (in this case, education/news) and make sure I have a bibliography to go along with it. This bibliography must be in MLA format and be presented on the page or at the end of the work you have made with the information gathered. This is very true with essays. article continued on page 19

Holiday Blitzkreig tylerconlon

Most Americans take Christmas for granted: food, family and gift-giving. The cultural idea of Christmas is easily influenced by others around the world, and Germany has contributed ideas like the Christmas tree and Santa Clause. But the Germans are more or less cultured in the American tradition. Julian Lorenz, a junior foreign exchange student at FRHS, has “no idea what Christmas is like here.” He hasn’t even seen A Christmas Story. Though he may have no idea as to the American holidays, how his family celebrates isn’t all too foreign. “We go skiing in the Alps and visit other countries.” The Germans also celebrate on December 6th, known as Nikolaustag (St. Nicholas Day), where German children place a shoe or a boot outside their door for St. Nicholas to bring treats to the good children and twigs to the naughty children. This tradition has spread through to many other European countries, and the idea of

stockings in America is influenced by this. Germany is also responsible for creating the popularity of advent calendars. Advent calendars are holiday-specific, often December 1st to Christmas Day, commonly with little panels to open, often containing a small treat. Other advent calendars involve decorating a small tree, day by day. Prior to the Second World War, advent calendars were strictly German. After the war, one German popularized the idea around the world. There’s also a large Christmas tradition for Christian families to visit a Church service on Christmas Eve. “We’re Christian, but don’t I go to church often.” Lorenz plans to continue these traditions in his future. Though every Christmas celebration is different in each country, many traditions have spread from and into the American tradition. Every culture has the power to influence another.

A Divided Holiday katymorrison

Christmas lights, wreaths, presents and Christmas trees are all hallmark characteristics of Christmas and families who celebrate it. But among these decorations, the Glasser house also has a lit menorah. Unlike many other students in the United States, Tori Glasser, freshman at FRHS, is in the middle of both holiday spectra; the Glassers celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah. Glasser’s parents are of two different religions, Christianity and Judaism. Glasser’s mom is Christian, while her father is Jewish. Her mother is 100 percent Lebanese, and her father is part Russian and part Spanish, which means Glasser is of mixed cultural and ethnic background.This creates an interesting dynamic in her household, when both religions are practiced and both holidays are celebrated. Each year, Glasser celebrates each holiday separately. “We do Hanukkah right before we leave on Christmas break. We keep our presents under a tree and open them during the eight nights. We then fly to the east coast for Christmas to spend it with my mom’s family and I get a stocking,” Glasser said. Some of their Christmas traditions are setting up a tree, lacing it with white and blue lights, and placing a Star of David on the top. For Hanukkah, the Glassers light the menorah each of the eight nights. “Every night of Hanukkah we say something we are thankful for, and then something we wish for the next year,” Glasser said. Traditionally, Hanukkah is the celebration of the rededication of the temple, Hanukkah meaning “dedication” in Hebrew. The Greeks had taken over the Jewish temples, forcing all

Jews to worship their Greek gods. Once the Jews revolted and reclaimed their land and sacred places of worship, they purified their temples with holy oil which they put in the menorah. The oil lasted for eight days, which is why the celebration takes place during that time. Despite the significance of this holiday, Glasser said that this is not even the most important of the Jewish celebrations. “Hanukkah is mostly about having family time and being thankful,” Glasser said. Hanukkah is the winter-time holiday that is celebrated in depth in Glasser’s house. “Hanukkah is more for my household family,” Glasser said. Christmas is for her extended family. She goes to the east coast to celebrate with her mom’s side of the family, where Christmas is the biggest celebration. Her many relatives get together and enjoy the holiday. Glasser has several aunts and uncles, as well as cousins ranging from ages five to 27, so this makes the holiday very special to her when she gets to be with all of her relatives. Her fondest memory of Christmas is what her uncle does every year: dresses up like Santa Claus and has the kids help distribute presents to each other. Glasser enjoys both holidays equally, because she enjoys being with her extended family as well as her mom and dad. She also likes “the fun feeling of running downstairs Christmas morning and opening my stocking.” Even though Glasser’s family celebrates both holidays, neither parent is particularly religious. They explained it as being “more for understanding than devotion.” However, Glasser has followed Jewish traditions more closely than the Christian views. “I used to go to synagogue every Sunday and I’ve never been to church,” Glasser said. But she described


One of the most widely-known American ho the winter season is Christmas. Christmas is evident in America. Taking a walk down most shop-filled holiday season, one will see an abundance of deco ing the effects of this popular holiday. Santas, ang Christmas trees, Christmas lights and holiday common occurrences in any American town Cullen Aulwurm, sophomore at F ily’s traditions are very close to the typic American Christmas. They decorate inside of their house with Christma synagogue as being not the most important part scenes. They buy an evergreen t of the Jewish faith. “The Jewish religion has less Bath’s Nursery. Decorating of an idea of a personal relationship with God. top it with an angel, rather t So it isn’t frowned upon to not attend,” she said. Then they fill the undersid Glasser hopes to continue her Jewish tradiHis mom always bakes 30 tions in the future. “It is nice to have an open her friends. On Decemb eye to many aspects of life,” she said. always attends the Chr Her parents have had a few challenges in raisat the Spirit of Joy ing her, but they let her chose her own path to on Harmony and take, and are very open to whatever she chooses 25th they gener to believe, which Glasser is grateful for. “I have have family tim never had to face the conflict [of choosing bebounty of Chr tween religions] because I was never pushed Although into a certain religion,” Glasser said. “Just becontinuing t cause I speak Hebrew doesn’t mean I believe 100 his future percent in the Jewish ways.” the societa Seeing as Judaism is not celebrated by a wideChristmas. is looked a spread majority of people in the U.S., Glasser should be feels somewhat left out when her friends talk pect is los about their Christian experiences and tradiabout Jesu tions. In this way she feels that it is hard to about the recognize both holidays. It is also a challenge said. for her because she said that schools tend to be Christm geared more towards Christmas projects and celebration Christmas break. But no matter what, Glasser cording to is proud to be who she is and celebrate what she Jesus was does. “I am proud of my heritage and enjoy my Bethlehem unique circumstances,” Glasser said. prophecies Testament. was born, it gels appeared fields nearby. Th God and told t

“Christmas is the time of year that brings the nation together for a commercialized ‘joyous occasion.’ However, most Americans over look the fact that Christmas is not the only reason to celebrate in December. Through the eyes of Jewish Americans, Buddhist Americans or International students, the holidays that take place in December are experienced completely differently than those of typical Americans.

These less common forms of celebration are evident in America, even at FRHS. Looking at December’s festivities from different perspectives is something that can open eyes to different ways of life, different types of people and even different regions of the world.” --Ethan Dayton, Content Editor in Chief

for Etched in Stone

s With Cullen A Buddhist Christmas abbiehanawalt

Minuri Gamage, junior at FRHS, celebrates the Christmas holiday from the perspective of her religion, Buddhism. Only, as opposed to celebrating the traditional American Christmas, she and her traditional Sri Lankan family celebrate Vesak. The religion of Buddhism was founded by Buddha Shakyamuni. People who follow after Buddha’s footsteps follow the Four Noble Truths and the Nobel Eightfold Path. The Four Noble Truths include the truth of suffering, the truth of the cause of suffering, the truth of the end of suffering, and the truth of the path that frees of from suffering. The Noble Eightfold Path includes right understanding, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration. In Sri Lanka, the celebration of Christmas differs in many ways from a traditional American Christmas. “In Sri Lanka, Christmas is just a time to spend with family and exchange gifts. It doesn’t have much significance,” said Gamage. Since Sri Lanka is a primarily Buddhist country, Christmas is still recognized, but not truly celebrated. With that being said, not the entire country is Buddhist. There is a very small percent of Christians that live in Sri Lanka and they celebrate Christmas from the religious perspective. Vesak is a holiday that Gamage, her family and most Buddhists celebrate more religiously than Christmas. Vesak is celebrated on the first full moon in the month of May. The focus point of the celebration is Buddha’s birth, death and enlightenment. “Vesak is a combination of Christmas and Easter for us,” said Gamage. In Sri Lanka, Vesak is a huge celebration that includes parades, flame throwers and people on elephants. “When this holiday comes around, the

whole country celebrates. Buddhist flags hang everywhere and streets and stores are decorated. Everyone there is very public about it.” People always look forward to the holidays so that they can take part in celebration of their family traditions. Gamage and her family have some traditions of their own that are directed to the commercial aspect of how some American’s celebrate Christmas. “Our decorations are pretty typical, but nothing religious. We’ve got a tree with an angel on top and we decorate it with ornaments and things that my brother and I made as kids. We put lights on the house but again, we don’t decorate with anything religious.” Around the Christmas season, it is typical to give gifts to others and receive them from family and friends. Gamage said, “In Sri Lanka, gift giving isn’t big,” still a Sri Lankan Christmas doesn’t differ too much from an American Christmas. One difference is that, “In the U.S., everyone puts lights up on their houses and in Sri Lanka, we make lanterns,” she said. In Sri Lanka, making lanterns is a tradition that continues every Veask. “In Sri Lanka, lanterns are a huge thing. The lighting of the lanterns is an offering to the memory of Buddha. When I was little, my mom and I made them and hung them around our house,” said Gamage. Different people can celebrate a religious holiday differently. Differences have stories behind them and each family has a story to tell. Traditions and family are what count to Gamage and she hopes to continue them when she is has a family of her own.

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the baby Jesus. When Jesus was born, it is believed that there was a star above his stable. Several months later, wise men that had been following the star arrived at the stable and gave gifts to Jesus. This is how the nativity scene originated. However, Christians did not celebrate Christmas until about 200 years after the birth of Christ. The holiday was still not seen as important in those days because Jesus’ resurrection was stressed and celebrated significantly more. The date December 25 was picked in the 4th century as the Roman Empire had been converting to Christianity. “Christmas is a really important holiday because we are celebrating the one who died for us,” Aulwurm said. “We are celebrating Jesus’ love and Christmas is a time to really express that love.” St. Nicholas is the main inspiration for Santa. Nicholas was a famous 4th century Turkey bishop who was known for his generous gifts to the poor. On December 6th, a feast for St. Nicholas was celebrated in many Dutch countries, including the Netherlands and Belgium. It gradually moved to Christmas Eve during the 16th and 17th century. As the folklore says, St. Nicholas would carry a big book with him that says whether each child has been naughty or nice throughout the year. Then he rides over the rooftops on a white horse, dropping presents, like chocolate and spice nuts, through the chimneys to the children. “Giving gifts is a good way to celebrate Christmas because it gives happiness and love to everyone around you,” Aulwurm said. Santa Claus was created in North America in the early 1820s. On December 23, 1823, a poem called A Visit from St. Nicholas (more popularly known as The Night Before Christmas) by Clement Clarke Moore was published in the New York’s newspaper The Sentinel. In the poem, St. Nicholas rides in a sleigh that lands on the roof and enters through the chimney with a bag full of toys. Thomas Nast, an American cartoonist for Harper’s Weekly, later popularized the idea by giving Santa a home at the North Pole and by drawing countless cartoons of him. But Santa Claus is not a part of the Christian beliefs; he just became popular in Christian dominated countries. “Most people think of Christmas as a time of year for presents and fun,” Aulwurm said. “It’s hard to change that point of view when it is so concrete in our culture, but I want people to realize that Christmas originated from a religious stand point and is a celebration of Jesus’ birth.”

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Star Student Shines in and out of School katymorrison Along with the blood, sweat and tears, there are amazing rewards as a result for busy body student Topanga McBride, sophomore at FRHS. McBride’s life never slows down, but that’s just the way she likes it. Both her drive to achieve her lifelong goals and her passion match her unique personality. When she’s not at school being a stellar student, she can be found showing animals, playing her tuba, or cranking out some stories for journalism. Her crazy schedule has its ups and downs, and is anything but average. “There’s really no such thing as a ‘typical day’ for me,” McBride said. “It all depends on what time of year it is, what day of the week and what’s going on in my life. I wake up every morning around 5:25 A.M. I get ready for school, eat breakfast and feed the animals. Then I leave for school around 6:50, including late start days. Twenty minutes later, I arrive at school and go through my day.” Despite her early mornings, McBride zips out of her last class and prepares for a long evening, consisting of many after school activities which inMcBride stands with her cow who lovingly nuzzles her after a showing. clude band, tuba lessons, Science OlymPhoto courtesy of Topanga McBride. piad, and 4-H, a youth activity gourp geared towards home economics and and true to herself. “I liked the dark, rich, low sound of the tuba and agricultural studies. It is a rare occasion that McBride returns home I always wanted to be unique. I never wanted to follow the rest of the immediately after school. “Mondays I have wind symphony rehearsal. girls, so tuba and I fit perfectly,” McBride stated. Tuesdays and Wednesdays I have Science Olympiad. I also have tuba Under the stadium lights and on the field, McBride is no ordinary lessons on Wednesday. Thursdays I stay after school strictly just to marcher; she is a member of the Band Leadership Team, or BLT. She practice because it’s a pain lugging a tuba back and forth to school,” loves having more tasks and being able to help the other kids in her said McBride. Luckily, she gets Fridays off from activities. section. She humbly stated that she is “just another marcher on the One of McBride’s fascinating hobbies is showcasing farm animals field. But when the staff isn’t there to help or when they hand off the in competitions. She usually shows pigs or dairy cattle. Preparing the responsibility, [members of the BLT] get it.” She sets her goals high, cattle is no easy task. They must be fed, trained, groomed, clipped and and aspires to one day become the tuba section leader. washed prior to the showings. During the showing, the contestants Another incredible feat that McBride has accomplished is being chowear all white, and walk backwards around the ring until the judge sen as the only seventh grader (then) in the state, and one of 30 in the stops them and instructs them to pose, depending upon which type nation, to be a journalist for Scholastic, the book publishing company. they are. McBride shows two different types of cattle, heifers and cows. She was known as a part of the Scholastic Kids Press Corps. She had to Cows are fully grown female cows, and heifers have not matured yet. compose various pieces of writing in order to enter the contest. “I had According to McBride, there are to write a 400 word article about various reasons that people show what makes my town unique, so their animals. “As kids, we show I wrote about the Windsor torthem to learn the art of showing, to nado [2008] and interviewed some learn to take care of animals, and to students. I also had to write a 150 show off our offspring. When adults word article on myself and why I’d show, they do this as advertisement make a good reporter. In 8th grade, for their herd, for profit, and also for they told me I was accepted as the fun,” McBride said. only one in Colorado,” McBride While these showings may be exsaid. She then proceeded to post citing and fun, there are challenges personal blogs and book reviews and not-so-pleasant experiences that for Scholastic, and some even more come with it. McBride’s least favorsignificant events, such as Michelle ite chore is clipping “That’s when we Obama’s mentoring program, the shave the hair off of the cow, though senatorial election between Ken we leave the topline (back) to spike Buck and Michael Bennet, as well up to make the back look straighter as a feature on Ellen Ochoa, an asand the cow slightly taller,” she said. tronaut, for Scholastic. McBride described it as being very Amazingly enough, McBride has hard work and can take hours to not started any journalism classes complete. The person clipping gets until this year where she is taking covered in shaved hair and sweat, McBride plays her beloved tuba on the field at a marc- Journalism One. “In the Windsor which are not a pleasant mix. This ing band competition. school district, we didn’t have jouris also her least favorite part because Photo courtesy of Topanga McBride. nalism classes in middle school. The it can be very dangerous. “I’ve been little I learned was from English and kicked in the face clipping, so I really don’t enjoy it,” McBride said. reading classes. Scholastic didn’t teach me too much either, just sent However, all of this hard work and frustration pay off. McBride me out to write for them. I plan on being on the newspaper next year,” has been recognized as an excellent cattle shower, and has received McBride said. She loves interviewing and uncovering stories, describawards. “My favorite memory from showing was last year at the Little ing them as being a lot of fun and interesting to experience these events American Royal. There’s this thing called showmanship, where they firsthand. judge you based off of how well you show, instead of off of your cow,” McBride’s favorite types of stories to write would be either features McBride said. She explained that when you win this, you are advanced or news. “They’re the easiest to get into,” she said. But one of her least to a portion of the competition called Round Robin. In this event, all favorite types of news stories are those pertaining to politics, which are species of animals are shown: pigs, sheep, goats, horses, dairy cattle mainly what she wrote about for Scholastic. “I was one of the oldest on and beef cattle. Her experience turned out to be rewarding. “It’s a little the staff and that’s about all that came to Colorado, so I got stuck with scary at first, because I only knew about dairy and pigs, plus a little those. I just had a hard time understanding it sometimes,” McBride about beef since they’re similar and a little on horses because one girl said. taught me an hour before the show. Either way, I had a ton of fun showFor now, journalism doesn’t seem to be a main part of McBride’s fuing the different animals; it’s a great experience,” she said. She was ture. Instead, she would like to major in music, and some day become very surprised when she won Round Robin showmanship, which is a a band director. big honor. She has won various other awards including premier exhibiAmidst her organized chaos, McBride said that her friends are the tor and herdsman. She has even won a cow. She would be pleased to most important thing to her, they and keep her grounded. “I found a do it all again next year. great group of friends with people who really get me, and it’s nice to Another of McBride’s passions is playing her tuba and being in- be somewhere that you can just be yourself. They mean a lot to me,” volved in marching band. It was in sixth grade that she decided to pick she said. If she’s not with her friends, or at another activity, her little up the tuba. When some students came to her school to help other stu- amount of free time is dedicated to the Food Network, because even dents figure out which instruments to play, she had it narrowed down though she doesn’t have time to cook, she finds it fascinating to watch. to clarinet or tuba. Try as she might, she made no sound using the After high school, McBride has set her hopes high, hoping to attend clarinet. When she went to try tuba, she had to sit on phone books either Arizona State University or Indiana University. She wants to mabecause the instrument was bigger than she was. But despite this fact, jor in music education and possibly do something with journalism or she chose it because she loved its sound and she loves being unique; teaching. Beyond that, she has plans to have a family, including her not many girls play tuba, and she wants to stand out and be different farm friends. “I’ll probably have some cattle and pigs too,” she said.

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Since the beginning of the year, the FRHS Student Council (StuCo) has been working hard to meet the standards that FRHS is known for. The question is: what have they been doing now that Homecoming is over? Keenan O’Reilly, sophomore and STUCO member of one year said, “StuCo has many tasks, we never get bored and we try to think of everything to make this school better.” StuCo is an organization whose members are really close because most of them have gone to school together for a number of years. StuCo is more of a team than anything; they have to work with each other for a number of hours, working around the clock. They have to put in a lot of effort everyday to try and improve this school as much as they can. Haley Tyler, junior at FRHS and StuCo President said, “As Student Council we love to make school events that everyone can enjoy,” Tyler said. “Our main goal is helping the community and student body.” Even though the members are busy it doesn’t mean that they can’t have fun with each other. The students do whatever they want and need to, to help each other. They are all friends in and out of StuCo; and that’s what makes their friendships so tight. Tyler said, “We are all so close as a team and as individuals.” StuCo has a variety of jobs that they have to maintain. In the beginning of November, they have been helping to set up Peach Fuzz and Powder Puff leagues for students to participate in. They have more obligations than students give them credit for. StuCo has different committees; those individual committees have to set up, organize, and fill out forms for the activities such as Peach Fuzz or Powder Puff. Austin Edgar, junior at FRHS said, “Not only are we doing Peach Fuzz and Powder Puff but, we were just at Fall Conference.” Edgar also added, “It was fun getting to see 50 different councils and it was a great opportunity for me, as a StuCo member.” Fall Conference was held here at FRHS. The StuCo members put in 10 hours to make this a memorable opportunity for other 50 Student Councils from all across Colorado. The point of the Fall Conference is to meet other Councils and share their ideas and see if those would benefit each others’ schools in any way. Haley Tyler and Jamie Thill have been setting up for the conference since May of the 2010 school year. Tyler said, “We set up for the conference two hours a day for a couple of weeks” Tyler said, “StuCo was very organized with this conference. We had different people setting up tables, handing out food, and it was a huge success.” Everything went smoothly; StuCo didn’t have any problems whatsoever with the 50 schools attending the Fall Conference.

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Shakespeare from a Different Perspective

makers behind Anonymous truly impressed me with their creative idea to juxtapose both theatre and film. By including these two contrasting themes in the first 5 minutes of the film, it foreshadows the the rest of the film which also consists of two concepts that have been merged together. The setting is London, England. The time period is the late 1590’s. Queen Elizabeth I (Vanessa Redgrave) has control over England. In this time period, plays and theatre were considered by most to be foolish works of the devil. However, Queen Elizabeth I enjoyed nothing more than dipping her hands in the vibrant life of theatre. This fancy arose from her life in the 1550’s, where she constantly watched plays as the young Queen of England. Both Queen Elizabeth’s eldest and youngest years as the Queen of England were depicted in this confusing, two storied take on the Shakespearean controversy. Director Roland Emmerich decided to simultaneously intertwine two time periods and several stories: • 1590’s/1600’s – Playwright Ben Johnson had been losing his popularity in the theatre scene. Not to mention, he had recently been arrested for sedition. Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, (Rhys Ifans) bails him out. In return for bailing him out, he requests that Johnson publish some plays that

de Vere has written under Johnson’s name. Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and Othello are a few. William Shakespeare (Rafe Spall) eventually announces to the public that he is the writer of such plays. • 1590’s/1600’s – Queen Elizabeth I has a constant struggle with her citizens as there is an uprising in England against her. This foreshadows the Essex Rebellion that happened in 1601. • 1550’s – The young Queen Elizabeth I is impressed by de Vere’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Being forced to live with a constricting puritan family, de Vere is told that he is not allowed to write. Whilst being spied on, de Vere ends up killing a servant who was trying to uncover his secret writings. The head of the house, William Cecil (David Thewlis), black mails de Vere into marrying his daughter, Anne Cecil (Helen Baxendale). In a mind blowing twist of events, de Vere eventually has an obvious affair with the Queen of England. This affair eventually results in a child, the Earl of Southampton. Intertwining these stories simultaneously created an oddly irritating experience on the screen. Yes, all of the stories were told. Yes, the stories added depth to both the Queen of England’s character and de Vere’s character. However, cutting between both time periods created an utterly confusing and inconsistent view-


William Shakespeare has been a household name all over the world since the post-Renaissance Era. With his quick-witted comedies and heart wrenching tragedies, Shakespeare’s classic plays have sparked laughter and produced tears from countless people over the past 400 years. However, some literary scholars believe that there is not one play or poem that can actually be traced back to Shakespeare himself. Since the beginning of Shakespeare’s influence on the theatre world, these scholars have been skeptics. These numerous skeptics question whether those 38 plays, 154 sonnets, and other countless poems were actually written by Shakespeare himself. The recently released historical drama and political thriller Anonymous addresses those skeptics’ ideology with a fictional take on the Shakespeare story and an eminent tagline; Was Shakespeare A Fraud? The film started with one of the most creative, original and intriguing opening scenes that I have ever seen. The scene opened with a theatrical prologue delivered by famous Shakespearean actor Derek Jacobi. It then seamlessly transitioned into a shot of Elizabethan London, where the main protagonist, Ben Johnson (Sebastian Armesto), was introduced. Blending the mixture of modern filmmaking with the halfmillennium old theatre, the film-

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Tod Huckaby, or as I call him, the “Huck-Master,” used to practice law for a living. Yes, your favorite history teacher used to be a lawyer. He practiced civil law for most of the late 80’s and early 90’s. When I asked him why he quit law and became a teacher he told me this: “It boils down to this--you can’t be afraid to lose when you’re a lawyer, and I was afraid I was going to lose.” He expressed the fear that an innocent client could have gone to jail if he had made the wrong move. “That pressure was just too much for me,” he said. And I thought to myself, “This is the evil Mr. Huckaby? It has feelings?” So one day the Huck-Master saw an ad in the paper regarding teaching. This was an ad for something called “Project Promise”, a program operated out of CSU that allows anyone with business world experience the chance to become a teacher. Obviously, Huck had that. So he went to college at CSU for a year and got certified to teach Social Studies. And with that and a history degree he had before he went to law school, he started teaching. His first job was as a substitute teacher. Then he taught at Front Range Community College. He taught advanced classes on politics, government, and international relations. He then moved on to Poudre High School to teach in the IB program for two years. Then to CLP and then to Fort Lupton for seven years and now, Fossil Ridge. Now it is this--Huckaby’s Horde. On almost any day of the week you can find Huckaby hosting a club in his room after school or during lunch. There is this swarm of students who absolutely adore this man and the clubs he provides. And I witnessed this horde first hand. Ladies and gentlemen of Fossil Ridge, I present to you--Huckaby’s Horde.

EiS 12.05.11 ing experience. Even though all of the stories were addressed, the moments in which the time period would switch left the viewer questioning what exactly was going on throughout the entire 130 minute film. With that being said, the two stories came together in an unpredictable, Shutter Island-esque ending. As I was literally sitting at the edge of my seat with about 20 minutes left in the film, I felt disgusted at how disturbing the last timeless minutes of the film actually were. The finishing scenes depicted an age-old scandal that involved incest and incomprehensible government corruption. Both the beginning and ending of the film resided heavily on the fact that the Globe Theatre was destroyed. Giving fictional reasoning to what actually happened in 1613 when the Globe Theatre burned to the ground, this film can easily be compared to the fictional take on how Adolf Hitler died in the 2009 blockbuster Inglourious Basterds. In actual history, a canon was mistakenly fired during a performance of Shakespeare’s Henry the Eighth. In the film, Johnson was chased by English soldiers. Making his way to the Globe Theatre and hiding in the pit underneath the stage, the soldiers are unable to find him and decide to set the Globe Theatre ablaze. What I thought was the most

interesting aspect was how they portrayed Shakespeare himself. He wasn’t a main character. Heck, he was barely a supporting character. The few times that he was shown on the screen, he was portrayed as loud, obnoxious and absolutely irritating. This film offers plenty of sex, Elizabethan sword fights and theatrical performances. One may ask, “what more could a film need?” In my opinion, the only thing setting this intriguing film aside from modern cult classics was the choppiness in how Emmerich simultaneously switched between several story lines. Unfortunately, those switches were what the entire story’s plot was based off of. However, Anonymous’ ending left me satisfied and questioning what I just watched, much like the ending sequences of Shutter Island and Fight Club. Although it may not be the greatest film of 2011, in my book it definitely goes down as one of the most intriguing and interesting. With this being said, Shakespeare is a legacy for his collection of works, rather than for his last name. Regardless if he wrote his plays or not, the Shakespearean works are masterpieces that have influenced the creation of our culture and will continue to do so for many years to come.

without looking at me, he said, “Yes you did.” It seems like an unrealized rebellion--Game Society. As Conlon said, “We’re the people that go against everything.” And they do, they just don’t all know it yet. Almost every Game Society member I spoke to, for example, told me that there is no real structure to their club. Because, there doesn’t need to be. They just have a leader, Huck. Huck guides the way. And the rest is an unrealized rebellion. ROLE PLAYING GAMES The Role Playing Club. They’re made up of many of the same members of Game Society, but they’re not really the same people. Not only do they assume the roles of different characters for the role playing game, but they are different people altogether. This is how it works: they sit around a table with something that resembles a board game, and they become different characters. They just take on different roles. You get it? Role playing. They no longer have common names, now they are eccentric soldiers and devious women. They walk around on a foggy film noir movie set, like they’re Humphrey Bogart or Grace Kelly. And they treat this world that they have created as if it was real. They argue, they negotiate, they scream. Here they are no longer the underdogs, they are the kings! Huck sits in the center. He laughs with the students. He screams with the students. He’s one of…well…whatever they are on a given day. He guides them, teaches them. Just by watching him here it seems like he could negotiate world peace amongst the different nations. And in this game, he very well may. The thing about Role Playing is that it doesn’t matter that it’s not real. That’s the point. Life sucks, let’s role play! The kids in this club; they’re not jocks or Homecoming Queens, they’re the underdogs. But now, it’s not that they become jocks or Homecoming Queens, it’s that they’re free. They’re not trying to fit into a preconceived commercial “Hot Topic” definition of cool, they’re just being themselves. Because they truly are warriors and devious women and detectives. The world could just never see it. And they probably never will, outside of Huck’s room. And that...that is the key. Huck’s small room allows for more freedom and imagination than this big world.

GAME SOCIETY At the beginning they gather around him like a swarm of bees. Huck. The Huck-Master. Then, they slowly spread out around the room, choosing their weapons. Some go for the X-Box controllers, while others grab the miniature board game pieces. Yes, the bees have flown out of the hive until there are only a few left, and then even less, and then, well--let the games begin. They are passionate about what they do. They will yell these things, these phrases, these words. One video game player yells, “suck it, ahhh!,” at the T.V. screen he is at war with. Another yells, “I will not be vanquished!” There Huckaby preparing for the Knowledge Bowl in the KNOWLEDGE BOWL is a truth to what they do. They are like soldiers Horde. I don’t know many people who could answer trivia Photo by Anthony Galliano. at war with…well…anything outside of Huck’s questions about Locus in one minute, and then Trigonometry room. in the next. But that was of course before I met the Knowl But what is this fortress that has been created here in the Huckmaster’s room? edge Bowl team. Where did it come from? Obviously, it’s been spawned and hosted by gaming enthusi- Knowledge Bowl is a competition where teams from different schools compete asts, but what about these gaming enthusiasts? And why Huckaby? Well, as co-presi- on...well....knowledge--academic trivia about a vast, and what seemed to be an infinite dent of the club, Tyler Conlon said, “he’s one of us.” And he is. I watched Huck trans- number of topics. If they didn’t call it “Knowledge Bowl”, I would be inclined to call it form from a large, imposing history teacher into a little boy. I observed him closely as he “Sadism On a Massive Scale” or “Masochism For Sport.” read the pamphlet of a new Star Trek board game as if it was the stone tablets that bore I watched the Fossil Ridge Knowledge Bowl Team practice one day after the Ten Commandments, because for him, those are the only commandments he needs school. They sat around a table made up of connected desks with this thin little strip to know. of yellow wire laid out across each desk--their buzzer. A volunteer college student Then one of the Game Society members invited me to play a video game with from CSU is the one who asks the questions. His name is Coady Sahacroft. He started him. I think it was Halo. His name was Daniel Wright. We played for about 10 minutes. helping out the Fossil Ridge Knowledge Bowl Team after hearing about them once he It was actually quite fun. I didn’t expect to like it, but I really did. At some point my char- transferred to CSU. acter in the game was killed. I asked Daniel if I died. There was a short silence. Then, article continued on page 19

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He Said, She Said, We Say... What? abbiehanawalt and amberbaack you possibly choose? 7. We think that “The Afterlife” should be the name of the newest album to be released by the deceased singer Amy Winehouse this year. Too bad she said, “No, no, no” to rehab.

Whether its Jake Gyllenhaal’s piercing blue eyes, or Miley Cyrus’ latest outburst, gossip never fails to entertain. Look at our world. It’s filled with crazy antics, drug busts, relationships that are far from simple, not to mention Kim Kardashian’s 72 day marriage. Let’s face it, celebrities have issues but we can’t look away. Did we mention Jake Gyllenhaal’s piercing blue eyes? Some news is rather average like Ke$ha’s newest shade of lipstick. But, there’s more interesting news that keeps us talking or in our case, gossiping. 10. Natasha Bedingfield inspires people not only with her music, but her view on physical appearance. Curves are to be embraced… not erased. 9. Lindsay Lohan’s nasty teeth were recently altered into beautiful pearly whites. At least this rotten actress finally has something clean about her… 8. Rumor has it that Ryan Reynolds has a new attraction to Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex love Blake Lively. Girls, if you had the choice of these two men…how could

6. Our “Innocent” country girl, Taylor Swift, was in a world of controversy when a nude photo of another girl was said to be her. All we can say is that gossip blogger will most likely have a fiery song coming her way soon. 5. Prince Charles of England recently visited Romania where he learned that he was a descendent of Vladimir the Impaler (aka the ancient Dracula). We’d rather Edward Cullen suck our blood. 4. The Kardashians were spotted bringing toys to a children’s hospital in Los Angeles. Their hearts may be almost as big as their butts. 3. Vice President Joe Biden’s daughter is engaged. At least Obama will have a wedding to attend if he’s not re-elected. 2. Looks like Gaga can’t make up her mind. The animal rights activists might be transforming her from a meat wearer to a veggie lover with their proposal of a new lettuce dress. Maybe at the next awards she’ll be clad in Poptarts. 1. Mr. Rypma: We are wondering why you are not currently in England with your love Princess Kate on your first six month anniversary? Your students missed school to watch your wedding and yet here you are at FRHS away from your wife. We are appalled.

features 14 The Facts About Lucid Dreaming Context On How To or Why Not To ethandayton

Starting November 4th, I began experiencing a very personal phenomenon: lucid dreams. A lucid dream is when someone is dreaming and then they realize that they are dreaming. While still staying asleep, this person simply becomes consciously aware that they are in fact experiencing a dream. This is what has begun happening to me. Some common misconceptions about lucid dreams are that a person can actually control what they are dreaming about - think Inception. A lucid dream is not controlling your dream, rather, just having the ability to realize that you are in a dream and be consciously aware of your surroundings. When studying psychology, this can become very confusing. The definition of being awake is that one is aware of his or her surroundings and thoughts. If I am aware of my surroundings and thoughts in my dreams, then, by definition, am I awake? Lucid dreaming is largely based on the theory of Rapid Eye Movement Sleep (REM), basically where your eyes flicker quickly as you transition to the last stage of sleep. There are four stages to sleep: 1. Falling asleep (5-10 minutes) 2. Light sleep (20 minutes) 3. Deep sleep (30 minutes) 4. REM sleep (20 minutes) Depending how a person’s brain fluctuates, the entire sleep cycle - all four stages - can take anywhere from 70-90 minutes. Typically, it takes around 90. In those 90 minutes, someone is only dreaming for about 20 minutes, during the REM sleep. Being a lucid dreamer is having the ability to be conscious during that REM sleep, but still remain in a state of sleep. Some can become lucid naturally, whereas others need to constantly work on becoming lucid if they want to experience dreams the way that they were meant to be experienced. Tips to learn how to lucid dream: 1. The sleep cycle is quite possibly the most important part to lucid dreaming. Start setting your alarm clock in multiples of 90 minutes (ex. 11:00pm to 6:30am, this is 7 hours and 30 minutes, a multiple of 90 minutes. As opposed to 11:00pm to 7:00am, which is 8 hours and not a multiple of 90 minutes). This not only will wake you up right after a sleep cycle, but it will make your body feel much better and eventually, your body will become accustomed to waking up after REM cycles and you might not need an alarm clock anymore. This is what has happened to me. I go to sleep at 11:00pm and wake up at 5:00am without an alarm clock every morning. 2. When you get your body on a natural cycle of waking up at the end of an REM cycle, try the hand technique. What this means is, before you go to bed, look at your hands for 10-30 minutes and say to yourself “I am going to lucid dream about (whatever you want to dream about) and I will remember this dream in the morning.” The theory behind this is that in the middle of your dream, if you look at your hands, then you will realize that you are dreaming and

become lucid. 3. While continuing constant application of the first two steps, during your conscious day repeatedly ask yourself, “Am I dreaming?” If you repeat this enough times during the day, then it will become a habit and might eventually continue into your sleep. Thus, when you ask yourself, “Am I dreaming?” during your sleep, then you might become lucid. While the idea of being conscious when you are physically unconscious may appeal to some people, you need to understand that there are certain risks that are involved in attempting to lucid dream. One example of something that may frighten many is looking in mirrors. In one of my experiences while lucid, I looked into a mirror and saw all of my teeth brown and brittle, much like a burnt saltine cracker. Looking in mirrors may not only freak you out, but it may show you what your subconscious truly thinks about the way that you look. Be warned that mirrors may show your face or body incredibly disfigured and possibly frightening. Not only can a mirror freak you out, but it also may spiral your dream into a seemingly never ending nightmare that you are, unfortunately, fully conscious to experience. This thought alone makes the hairs on the back of my

neck stand up and goose bumps span over the entirety of my body. Think about your greatest fear whether that is clowns, or heights, or spiders - come to life in a frightening, horror filled experience that you have no control over. This is not Harry Potter, there is no counter acting Riddikulus spell to show a boggart off. It is your mind at its most frightening time, whether you are ready for it or not. In my experiences with lucid dreams, I have encountered physics-less worlds that are so abstract and confusing that even my conscious mind cannot comprehend every aspect of those dreams. The world in which we live in has boundaries. Lucid dreaming eliminates those boundaries. If one can eliminate boundaries and surpass the expectations of reality, then why don’t we just live in lucidity and stop caring about reality? Those questions, and fears, can come up when discussing the idea of lucid dreaming. Not to mention the frightening thought of experiencing a terrifying nightmare in full consciousness. With that being said, the experiences that I have had with lucid dreaming have been abstract and thought provoking. Hopefully others will have the opportunity to experience this curious phenomenon.

A Letter from Santa anthonygalliano

Dear Children, This is Santa. I do exist. Your parents’ attempt to lie about my existence is just a cover up to a cover up. You see, they cover me up in order to cover up our declining economy. You see, what would you say if you knew Santa Claus was broke? As you now know, I’m broke. So obviously I can’t afford to make your gifts anymore. And if I had any money I would have to pay the utilities or buy some scented bath oils. Santa likes his bath oils. It’s not like I didn’t try. I tried to sign some free trade agreements with China. I couldn’t get a loan from Bank of America so I went to the Easter Bunny, but his interest rates were just too high. Any chance of a government bailout for Santa? And I’m still trying to pay my medical bills. You know, after eating all those cookies I finally got diabetes. Mrs. Claus was right--*****. So I began to collect the cookies and used them to pay the elves. But then the elves got sick of it so they went on strike and said that they wanted a share of the wealth. Hell, I was so angry that I joined them. Then, after I joined, we all realized that we had no one to protest against, so we went back to working and forgot about the whole thing. I guess I just invested in the wrong stocks. And you know for a while there I really thought the former prince of Nigeria was gonna help me out, but that just blew up in my face. Then I maxed out my credit card on wrapping paper. So yeah, I’m pretty much screwed. But hey, can you really be angry with Santa? I mean for years I’ve been delivering your toys. And it’s not like I asked for much. A couple of cookies? Hell, I got paid better when I was working for Fed Ex. I was really doing it for you, from the heart. It was a tough job. And I didn’t even have insurance. They told me I was too much of a risk. They called me a “compulsive over-eater who spends too much time around wild animals.” And I’m still dealing with those charges of breaking and entering. Do you know what it’s like living out here in the North Pole with a bunch of elves? You can’t get up at night without tripping over one of them. You can’t go on the porch to pick up the paper in the morning without the fear of losing my snowballs to frost bite. And when I applied for welfare, they told me I was an illegal alien and reported me to immigration. Now I’ve got the “La Migra” on my butt. So you know what....screw you. I voted for Nader. Love, Santa P.S. Rudolph’s nose is red because he snorts “Nose Candy”. I have no money to send him to rehab. Please send donations to the “Save Rudolph” campaign.

EiS 12.05.11

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Behind the Scenes at Blithe Spirit One Cast Member, One Crew Member, Working for One Play annaschneeberger

Blithe Spirit crew gathers after their performance on November 18th.

Photo courtesy of Nicole Smith.

On November 18-19th, the FRHS Theater Department performed the play Blithe Spirit. Blithe Spirit is a story about a rich British novelist, named Charles Condomine. Charles’ first wife comes back from the dead after a séance and disaster ensues when he becomes trapped in-between his wife of past and wife of present. Blithe Spirit had a very-talented cast and crew who worked very hard to make it the absolutely best it could be. This is the story of one cast and one crew member.

Savannah Lloyd Savannah Lloyd, junior at FRHS, has been in love with theater since she was in fourth grade, “I caught the ‘bug’ after my first solo as a dog in fourth grade.” She even plans on continuing her participation in theater into her future, “I can’t picture myself doing anything else,” Lloyd said. In this year’s play, Blithe Spirit, Lloyd played Ruth Condomine, the British novelist’s living wife. Lloyd’s character was a proper lady who loved having a purpose. She was the definition of put-

together until her husband’s late wife entered the picture, but in the second act Ruth slowly began to lose it, leading her to her death. Lloyd was very pleased with her casting, “I was so excited! Especially once I discovered that I was the one that got to die. I couldn’t wait to see how my make-up and costume were going to change,” she said. Lloyd felt the auditioning process, which includes reading a bit of the script and acting out an optional monologue to the director, was easy and familiar, because it was her seventh audition she has ever done at FRHS. Last year, in the play Tall Story, Lloyd was the supporting lead. After the auditioning process, the rehearsals started. Lloyd would figure that they did around 20 rehearsals, in which they performed, memorized lines, and discussed the concept of the production. Rehearsals were held after school. Lloyd’s hair and make-up were designed by the make-up crew, but after that, Lloyd was the one who applied her own make-up and did her hair; this consisted of her curling her hair and apply-

ing face and eye make-up. Her costumes were thought-up by the costumer, Lloyd adds, “Our costumes were amazing this year.” But all the auditioning, getting ready, and practicing, were nothing compared to the performing. “It’s indescribable. I feel completely free when I’m on stage. It’s almost a release for me. Some run, others punch pillows, I perform,” Lloyd said. Even though she is passionate about performing, Lloyd still gets nervous. “Instead of freaking out, I use my nervous energy and channel through my performance,” said Lloyd. She loves being on stage because she enjoys making people happy through her performances. Lloyd believes that theater has made her more confident and says, “in order to successfully portray a character one has to be content with oneself.” Lloyd had many good memories from the play, including the time when one of the cast members, Emily Ward, senior at FRHS, started impersonating an “angry cuckoo”, and Lloyd could see her flapping her arms on the side of the stage. Although Lloyd had fun dur-

While the obvious answer may be yes, many students at FRHS beg to differ. “It’s my personal opinion that the Dress Code needs to be relaxed somewhat in the case of an event that is after school hours and suggests wearing a costume,” Everett Randle, junior, said. Randle is arguing that school functioned events are supposed to be fun, especially for costumed events, where the goal is to be as creative as possible. While the costumes are definitely not “disruptive to the educational process,” and not a “threat to the safety and health of others,” is it offensive to members of the school community? “A male not having a shirt on is something that is completely acceptable in public,” Randle said. “As teens, I’m sure that every single student at Fossil, boy or girl, has seen a guy without his shirt on. I’d be extremely surprised if [a student] was offended.” He continues, “If FRHS sponsored a day at a public pool, would everyone have to wear shirts while they swim?” Tara Oswald, Student Council

Advisor, offered her insight: “Adherence to the [Dress Code] policy creates a more positive environment for all students and attendees. While coming up with costumes that are school-appropriate might require more creativity, it is something that is completely possible.” Oswald argued that even though the events are held after school, the events are school sponsored, so they must oblige with school rules. She acknowledges that there may be some disagreement, and she encouraged students to address them in an appropriate way. “I would encourage students to find positive ways to engage in dialogue with administration about disagreements they have with any rules and expectations,” Oswald said. While tension between administration and students still linger about Dress Code policies in events such as Peach Fuzz, one thing is certain: the overall experience was not ruined. “It was fun to see everyone’s costumes and the volleyball was fun and competitive,” said Johnson. “It was really fun overall.”

Dress Code alexsemadeni

Grant Johnson, junior at FRHS, was ready. Wearing headbands, booty shorts, long colorful socks and aprons for his Peach Fuzz team, Skillz that Killz, Johnson couldn’t wait to play. However, right before the competition, he and his teammates were asked to change, due to a violation of dress code. “Mrs. Oswald said that we must put on shirts because our team uniforms were too inappropriate,” Johnson said. “She said that we had to cover up more, even though it made our uniforms really lame.” Lately, FRHS has been cracking down on Dress Code violators, especially during school functioned events, including Peach Fuzz and the Homecoming Assembly. The student planner says the following: “Students at FRHS should dress in a way that is not offensive to members of the school community, not disruptive to the educational process, or a threat to the safety and health of others.” The question becomes this: Is a school functioned event still obligated to follow these rules?

ing Blithe Spirit, she admits that she likes the musical more because, “I love to sing, so the musical has a special place in my heart,” said Lloyd. Lloyd was in the past two musicals; in Little Women she was Aunt March, and in Brigadoon she was a chorus member. She is planning on auditioning for the upcoming spring musical, Guys and Dolls. Lloyd has a strong love for the FRHS theater department but feels like more students need to give them recognition. During Blithe Spirit, Lloyd would guess that only 130 total people came to the production. This was a very big disappointment in her eyes, because so little people supported all the hard work that they accomplished. As a final note, Lloyd would like to say, “Mom, dad…I’m a thespian.”

Kelsey Easton Kelsey Easton, junior at FRHS, watches Blithe Spirit from the dark sidelines, waiting until a character comes off stage to do a costume change so she can do her job as a costumer. An hour before the performance she was making sure that all costumes were put together before going to “Circle Time,” the ritual that has been a tradition in the theater department for awhile. During Circle Time the cast and crew meet in the Black Box to do “one or two acting warm-ups, a tradition throughout the entire Poudre School District called ‘gypsy robe,’ which acknowledges a specific cast or crew member that went above and beyond, and more,” Easton said. Although Easton originally auditioned for a role in the play, she was extremely satisfied with being an understudy for the role of Edith and a costumer. “Although being an understudy is never as satisfying as getting the role itself, I was more than grateful that I was accepted in the play, especial-

ly as I enjoyed acting the character of Edith. I’m perfectly satisfied with the recognition I received for the play, and I can’t find a reason to be unsatisfied,” she said. Easton also helped with finding the right costumes from the time period for each actor. Most of the costumes were from the cages, meaning they were used in past plays or musicals, or from the actors’ homes, or from the Goodwill store. This is not the first production that Easton has ever helped with; she has been in various plays and musicals before this, including last year’s musical Little Women, in which she was a chorus member. Easton prefers acting over being on the crew. “I enjoy being able to be another person and explore my character: how she would react to a certain situation, how she would think, walk, stand, etc,” Easton said. But, with that being said, Easton enjoyed the play more than the musical because she was more involved. Easton will be auditioning for One Acts, short one act plays, and the spring musical, Guys and Dolls. Easton loves being in the theater program at FRHS: “[It] keeps me from boredom. It helps me expand the horizons of my ambitions, so that I don’t focus on only one career or one major in college, and I must be flexible and open to more than one possibility”. She also loves how comfortable she is around all her theater friends. “Theater people are often honest with each other and unafraid, and always have the best sense of humor. My favorite part is being able to talk to them, or have jokes with them,” she said. With the drama department, Easton has been able to become a better person, one who is more flexible, funnier, and less shy. Easton loves how serious FRHS takes all their performances and notes that the crowd loved Blithe Spirit and that everyone should come to the musical in spring!

EiS 12.05.11


Abbie abbiehanawalt Dear FRHS, For this issue of Sincerely Abbie I would like to write a “letter to the editor.” I am responding to the column that was written by Anthony Galliano in the October 24th issue about abortion. Personally, I found his tone rather hateful and hurtful. When I read it, I cried. I cried because it was personal as well as painful. I am adopted. It is very possible that my birth mother could have decided to have an abortion and I would not be writing these words and sharing this story with you because I would not be here. Here’s my story. My adopted parents were not able to have children but that is all that they wanted. They filed papers into the Bethany Adoption Agency and my birth mother, Gina McCaw, selected them to talk about adopting the child she was carrying. That child was me. My parents drove down to Aspen, Colorado the night of my birth and held me when I was two hours old. Gina was very grateful that she chose people who would care and love me for all of my life. Now that I am older, I stay in touch with Gina and she loves me just as much as my parents love me. I am loved by Gina, my parents, and by God. I have a brother who is also adopted and Gina has a son as well. He is my half-brother. Abortion is not the only way out of an unwanted pregnancy. There are many organizations out there that want to help women explore their options and see that there are other ways out of her situation. Alpha Center in Fort Collins Colorado, for one is a good agency that does exactly this. They help women make choices that they could not make on their own. One of the choices that they give women is the choice of adoption. The suicide rate of women goes up once they decide on the devastating choice of an abortion. According to an article published in 2005 on World Net Daily, women who have had an abortion are six times more likely to commit suicide as opposed to women who have given birth. Many women are just not emotionally ready to deal with the burden of the effects that an abortion can bring upon them in the future. If an unwanted pregnancy comes into the life of a woman, she truly needs to think. She can either get rid of the unborn child and pretend like none of this ever happened and deal with the emotional pain later, or she can be brave like my birth mother and give a child a life. Abortion is not the only option for women. Adoption is a choice that requires a large amount of courage and a loving heart. I believe that the gift of life comes from God. Sincerely,

Is Censorship Appropriate?



When checking out at the local Safeway or King Soopers, there are magazines plastered with celebrity pictures and exploding with gossip covering each and every checkout line. It is a common sight to see children resting in carts and holding their mother’s hands as they swipe their credit cards. The magazines can be viewed by these children and families because the most scandalous picture is a young celebrity in her hottest new bikini. Now here’s the question of ethics, should there be censorship on everything? Is it really necessary to keep swear words and nude pictures away from children? Well let’s pretend that censorship didn’t exist. Nude photos cover the entire aisle and inappropriate information pertaining to these photos can be viewed by all ages. Words ranging from the low degree of D*** to the highest of F*** are printed on every newspaper and shared openly on commercials. Due to possibly changing the morals of young children and exposing all people to inappropriate material, lack of censorship is wrong. Without censorship, people will be exposed to information at much too young of an age. For the majority of our society, it is normal for children to be kept away from vulgar language and images as much as possible. Television programs and movies have ratings ranging from G to R. This is intended to keep the more inappropriate information away from the young ages that our society views as unable to handle it. If swearing was allowed to be done on all television networks and radio programs, children might start to believe that this language was appropriate for them to use as well. If Miley Cyrus was constantly dropping the F - bomb on Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana television series, little girls would most likely start to follow in the footsteps of their favorite pop star. Some people could argue that others, especially parents, swear constantly and we can’t try to protect children from that unfortunate reality. But, would it be appropriate if children who were exposed to this language changed their morals and be led to believe it was okay for such usage in their kindergarten class? From my experiences, many Americans don’t desire a generation of young children filled with vulgar language. Nude photos are inappropriate for many ages because they can be demoralizing to young people. Especially for those that don’t even have the basic language to express their confusion or ask questions. If censorship was nonexistent, than those nude and inappropriate photos would crowd the aisles of every commercial superstore. Viewing these images from a very young age might lead kids to have different morals than what the American society dictates as acceptable. Many teenagers have a desire to experience a rush, many times from sexual experiences, without thinking about the consequences of those situations. With uncensored sexual content in regularly visited stores, a higher desire for sex might be accepted at a younger age. This might directly lead to a higher number of teen pregnancies due to an increasing amount of young people yearning to have sex. Some people believe that it’s okay for teenagers to take part in these activities. But, when looking at the big picture, do people really want to possibly increase the number of young, pregnant girls who can no longer pursue a bright future or even go to college? Because of the demoralizing qualities that a lack of censorship might ensue, the current levels are in place for a reason. By no means am I saying that sexual content and crude language should be cut from our world completely. article continued on page 19

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Free expression and speech exist so that we, as a society, can voice our opinions and express ourselves without the fear of persecution. But when we allow certain groups to decide what should be expressed and what shouldn’t, we let them inflict their ideas of morality on the whole society, and we lose our fundamental rights. At that point we no longer have freedom of speech, but rather a dictated system of thought. Free speech is an all or nothing deal. It’s like a baked pie, not the ingredients that you mix or modify while you’re baking it. Free speech is there so that all speech, popular and unpopular, is protected. And what censorship does is allow powerful groups to strip those with less power of their fundamental rights because they don’t agree with the speech at hand. That destroys free speech and creates a system where popularity is valued above freedom. Only popular speech should be expressed. Only popular speech should be available to the masses. And in this system, those with unpopular views are silenced because of the status imposed on them by censorship. Censorship is an art of fear. We’ve all heard that porn and sex will hurt children. We know Hugh Hefner is the antiChrist. Blah blah blah. Fear. If we let this into the open, it will corrupt the minds of the youth. It will damage the moral fiber of our society--which is so strong, right? Throughout history we have seen how fear and perceived “threats” have driven people to take away each other’s freedom. We saw how Joseph McCarthy went after the left-wing in the 50’s by making communism a threat. We saw how the Puritans went after women by making witchcraft a threat. And that’s what censors are doing. They turn “objectionable” content into a threat so they can gain the support of the masses to censor it. But what the monkey-say, monkey-do masses don’t understand is that the content that they want to censor is already a part of our society and culture. And if they believe that it is wrong, they should let the content out into the open and address it. If they hate Playboy Magazine, they should use their first amendment right to express those feelings, not ban it from grocery stores. In order to have a serious dialogue about aspects of our society, we have to let those aspects out, not hide them like a 14 year old with a failing report card. A great example of this is the photos of prisoners being tortured at Abu Ghraib, a former prison in Baghdad, which the Bush administration attempted to censor. Many of the prisoners were civilians, including women and teenagers. The photos showed prisoners being raped and tortured by U.S. soldiers. In a report by Major General Antonio M. Taguba, some of the acts described were: “Breaking chemical lights and pouring the phosphoric liquid on detainees; beating detainees with a broom handle and a chair; threatening male detainees with rape; allowing a military police guard to stitch the wound of a detainee who was injured after being slammed against the wall in his cell; sodomizing a detainee with a chemical light and perhaps a broom stick, and using military working dogs to frighten and intimidate detainees with threats of attack, and in one instance biting a detainee.” The egregious acts of torture included forcing male detainees to perform sexual acts on each other, which is especially bad since homosexuality is against Islamic law. So I’m sure this was more than culture shock: “two naked detainees, one masturbating to another kneeling with its mouth open.” If the Bush administration had succeeded in censoring these photos, we would not have been aware of the situation. And we could not have addressed the issue of torture. article continued on page 19

Response To: Sincerely


anthonygalliano Dear Ms. Hanawalt, I am sorry if my last column made you cry or caused you any pain. That was certainly not my intention. My intent was to expose right-wing hypocrisy on abortion, and to express my concerns with reactionary and sexist policy that has infiltrated state legislatures. Your birthmother, Gina, sounds like a very brave woman. Her decision to give birth was a tough one, like you said, and does take courage, but when you say a woman “can either get rid of the unborn child and pretend like none of this ever happened and deal with the emotional pain later, or she can be brave like my birthmother and give a child a life,” and imply that having an abortion is uncourageous, that I don’t agree with. It takes courage. It’s a tough decision that should not be undermined or treated as an easy way out. And with all the pressure applied to women considering an abortion, it has to take bravery. As far as your statistics about abortion and suicide, there are studies that draw different conclusions. For example, as early as 1989, the American Psychological Association concluded that abortion for an unwanted pregnancy “does not pose a psychological hazard for most women.” I will also point to another study by the Guttmahcer Institute in 2006 that said, “Psychological problems that develop after an abortion may not be caused by the procedure itself, but instead may reflect other factors associated with having an unwanted pregnancy, or those unrelated to either the pregnancy or the abortion, such as a history of emotional problems or intimate partner violence.” That same study also concluded that “the mental health of women who have had an abortion appears to be no worse than that of women who have carried their unintended pregnancy to term or of sameaged women overall.” Also, not everyone is in the same situation as your birthmother. People come from all different life situations. They belong to different religions, socioeconomic levels, and cultures. Abortion is different for everyone. While your personal experience is an example of a choice that turned out well for you and your family, it does not necessarily equate to the best choice for others. What if a woman is raped, for example? Unintended pregnancy affects so many people, and as I said, they’re all different. Ultimately, I’m not arguing for or against abortion. The argument is about choice, and respecting women enough to let them make choices about their bodies. The fetus is inside of her body, not yours or mine. And who are we to tell her what she should do with her body? Sincerely, Anthony Galliano

EiS 12.05.11

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PETTM - People For The Ethical Treatment of Taxpayers’ Money With Regards To The Freshmen Laptops ethandayton $120 million. From the no third party email access. Mill and Bonds act passed The laptops are nearly last year, this money was identical to the computers given to Poudre School in the flex labs. District for the 2011-2012 The decision to buy all school year. The Mill and laptops for freshmen was a Bonds are meant to be morally generous one, but spent on maintaining and an ethically unacceptable upgrading schools that one. It is ethically unacneed it. Key word: need. ceptable because millions Needs are projects such of precious taxpayers’ dolas new roofs, new tennis lars are being spent on an courts or new carpet. For unnecessary luxury. The the 2011-2012 school year, flex labs are more than PSD decided to spend enorsuitable for students to mous amounts of money work on projects, complete on laptops for the freshmen homework and browse – nearly $2,000,000 – that the web. Giving students should not have been spent laptops is no different than on them. giving them all brand new Every freshman from Apple iPads. Heck, that this year forth is getting a would’ve cost less to do brand new laptop. This anyway. means that in four years, Speaking of millions every high school student of taxpayers’ dollars being in PSD will have their own spent unwisely, did I menpersonal laptop. This tion the dwindling state also means that this is not budget? Since the 2008-09 a onetime cost, but PSD At the state level, the funding for the past several years has been far from sufficient. This year, there is an expected school year, school diswill be spending approxi- $400 million growth in expected student costs. Those costs will not be met with the ever declining state budget. tricts in Colorado have mately $2,000,000 per year not been receiving enough on laptops for freshmen. money to compensate for According to Monique Flickinger, PSD’s Technology Integration Coordinator, there are their projected activities. As shown in the graph, last year the state of Colorado had an approximately 2,000 freshmen enrolled in PSD this year. Flickinger also said that “the $800 million shortfall in paying for district funding state wide. That projection has grown laptops cost a little under $1,000 each.” So, 2,000 students x $1,000 = $2,000,000. immensely since the nearly equal projection of the 2008-09 school year. As costs for educaLooking at this problem from a district standpoint, there are students who go to every tion rise steadily and total funding continues to drop, what will happen next year? There high school and don’t have access to a computer at home. However, all of those schools is an expected $400 million growth in students’ costs next year. With a steadily decreasing have recently upgraded flex labs – recently as in the last four years – and internet access budget, it is frightening to think exactly what programs will have to be cut in the next directly from school. Looking at FRHS, we just got all new computers in every flex lab in school year. the school. That begs the question: if our schools are equipped with more than enough Since the state budget is giving significantly less funds then what school districts actunew computers, why does every freshman need their own? ally need, why are we buying freshmen laptops and not spending our money ethically? Yes, this may expand the number of students who have computer access at home. Every penny that is being given to us from the Department of Education needs to be spent However, those students will still not be able to use the computer personally. These lapwisely. And buying all of the freshmen laptops when there are perfectly fine flex labs tops were made to be run on PSD’s network. So if you take the laptop home, you will is not an acceptable use of that extremely valuable and, unfortunately, seemingly scarce have the same internet restrictions that you have at school; no Facebook, no Youtube and money.

Guest Editorial

The Pressue To Go To College emmapettit

My dad didn’t think he was going to college until the very end of his senior year. The same would never be true today, considering college preparation starts practically the minute you set foot in high school. There’s the college level courses that are supplied to get a head start, the college visits, the college planning on Naviance and, last but not least, all of the speeches that our counselors give about preparing ourselves for the future; that future is assumed to be our attendance in a postgrad institution. But for my dad, it was different. His parents hadn’t gotten a college degree, nor did they have the money to send him. And going to college wasn’t as widespread as it is now. According to Gregg Tobbo and ANthony Debarros of USA Today, only about 40% of high school graduates attended compared to the 70% of high school grads that attend today. Now it is expected that the majority of high school seniors apply and look for places to spend the next several years to gain even more education. The process of preparing and getting in to college is incredibly stressful, not to mention the additional stress that many students don’t believe they could survive in the real world without a college degree. The idea that it is impossible to make it without going to college has become incredibly popular. The question is why? There seems to be a widespread perception that a college education will lead to a better life. Politicians like President Obama use strong rhetoric about the importance of a college education, saying that, “We should be doing everything we can to put a college education within reach for every American…..College isn’t just one of the best investments you can make in your future. It’s one of the best investments America can make in our future.” College has traditionally been seen as the gateway to success, and the majority of political figures have been praising college while simultaneously stressing its importance to a healthy life. This is all well and good until you look at the facts. According to Walter E. Williams in the article , “Too Much Higher Education”, over 1/3 of currently working college graduates are in jobs that do not require a

college degree. This means that the supply of jobs that require a college education is much smaller than the number of people attaining that education, and those people might have been better off getting their current job straight out of high school. Author Charles Murray says the problem isn’t just about the artificial demand for jobs, it’s also about the change that’s occurred in the level of education received at post-grade institutions. He says, “The number going to college exceeds the number capable of mastering higher levels of intellectual inquiry. This leads colleges to alter their mission, watering down the intellectual content of what they do.” Murray is arguing that a lot of kids are attending college because they feel they have to, not because they have the actual drive or want to get more education. And the admittance of lesser students has led to a general dumbing down of courses in order for students to pass. The delusion of the college education is a major problem, especially for students who want to compete in a global market where Japanese and Korean students are ranking higher in math and reading skills than the United States. Pressure to go to college also translates into an economic problem. As stated before, the demand for a college education is artificially high while the supply of college educated jobs is comparatively lower. High demand means higher prices, and students all across the United States have definitely been affected. Toppo and Debarrros also wrote that College tuition is up an average of 8.3% at public institutions just the last year alone. And the average student graduates about $25,000 in debt because of student loans. The pressure to go to college is making the prices high, and the experience less valuable than it has been in the past. Which is not to say that college isn’t the answer. For many people attending college and even getting graduate degree is the right way to go. But students shouldn’t be fooled that it’s there only option. Jobs are out there that don’t require a degree, and it is definitely possible to live a great life without article continued on page 19

Over Crowding: Hallway Edition stevenerickson

There is a serious epidemic in the hallways at FRHS. These hallways are filled with people who have been afflicted with a condition that renders them into zombie form. The worst part is when it occurs in the middle of the hall. The blocks remain motionless and moaning even when hit forcefully and repeatedly by people trying to get to class on time. This is a serious problem and must be addressed by the EPA, the NRA, the CDC and other three lettered organizations. Please remain calm. There is a solution for this condition. I know the idea, going straight to class, has been discussed in hushed tones in dark alleyways for the past few years but never been attempted. This is due to fierce public opposition by the people who have this condition but will not admit it. The process for reversing this condition is similar to a twelve step program much like Alcoholics Anonymous. You, yes you the reader, need to be the one to admit that you have a problem. This condition is your fault and not that of your friends or your classmates; it is entirely your fault. The second part of this three part process is to refrain from small talk. This is the direct root of the condition of standing around like grazing cattle. I have observed several of these conversations at close range (putting

myself at risk for contracting this horrid disease). Warning: read at your own risk. “Hey” “hey” “what’s up?” “nothin’ you?” “Nothin’” “Where do you want to go for lunch?” “I dunno where do you want to go?” “I dunno.” This is a conversation of such dangerous infectiousness that any person reading it will be prone to catch this disease. The last step is to find a sponsor to aid in your recovery. You need to find a sponsor who does not have the condition or whom is now cured. This is the most important step to recovery and the only way to succeed. As a sponsor you need to follow your new friend through the halls and make sure they don’t stop, except at their locker – only their locker – and not allowing them to engage in small talk until they are in their seat in the next class. This is the only way to become cured of this condition. But in all seriousness, everyone needs to take initiative to make the hallways less crowded and flow easily. This will alleviate headaches and rubbing up against other people and having one of those little awkward moments.

EiS 12.05.11

opinion 18

Guest Editorial

Beavis and Butthead: Still relevant?


They’re back! As I’m sure most of you know, MTV brought back our favorite metal-head morons on Oct. 27th at 8:00 pm. Sadly, the network does not plan to bring back the Beavis and Butt-head spin-off Daria anytime soon. Yet, as glad as we are to have these idiots back, can we accept how anachronistic Beavis and Butthead have become? But, in order to examine the answer to that question, one must bring up an extremely important point: Beavis and Butthead were, by definition, an anomaly of their time. This is to say that though the pair was broadcast on MTV they weren’t created by the company itself. It was because of this that the show enjoyed a greater degree of creative freedom and so, perhaps inevitably, came to represent the culture of the time. What was that culture? One where the grunge movement was at its peak, with such acts as Nirvana and Pearl Jam topping the charts. In addition, these bands espoused a very anti-corporate ethos that the B&B show took to heart. However, B&B was just one sign of a larger trend in the 1990s. Indeed, this trend was one where individuality was celebrated for clear thinking and an awareness of how the world really turns. What Beavis and Butthead represented to their generation were two Metal-heads, who, through there stupidity, rebelled against the marginalizing society they inhabited. Also during this time, MTV, as it has always done, reflected the attitudes of that time by covering different genres of music with separate TV programs such as Headbangers Ball for heavy metal fans or The Real World for those of lower taste. Yet, B&B had a deeper meaning than just mocking the generation that watched their idiotic antics. How? Because these minstrels of air-guitar proved a cathartic experience to their audience i.e. that stupidity can teach when demonstrated by the indoctrinated. Yes, you heard right. Beavis and Butthead actually taught Gen. X something about themselves that they may or may not have found on their own. Just what was that something you ask? It showed just how hypocritical and cruel society and the media can be. For example, in one episode Beavis and Butthead decide to emulate Franklin’s “lightening-key” experiment. Needless to say, the pair wind-up in the hospital for

electrocution and the press wants to know why they thought this was a good idea. So, one presswoman asks B&B what gave them the idea for their amusement. The pair say that they got the idea from television and, ironically enough, from an educational program. However, upon hearing that, the presswoman reports to the media that Beavis and Butthead got their inspiration from those horrible music videos! Or in another episode, Beavis develops a rash while working at a fast-food joint and ends up tainting the beef supply of the restaurant. Incidents like these are what made this show such an icon of its generation because it taught its audience important lessons without talking down to them. That, in no uncertain terms, is the essence of genius. But, it must be asked, where has the culture B&B lived in/represented come to? In short, it is dead and gone. Their audience out-grew the pair while still keeping them around as a fond memory. In addition to this, grunge and it values were dying due to the death of the genre’s most celebrated prodigy, Kurt Cobain. And so with the culture of grunge receding, the values Beavis & Butthead represented, those being rebellion and individuality, became a casualty in the inexorable devolution of popular culture. So, now we arrive at today’s point in time with so many questions and so few answers. Yet, the one major question that comes to mind is why MTV decided to bring the pair back after all this time? Seriously, logically speaking, they can’t exist because of their anachronistic values and nature putting them at odds with a culture (ours) that celebrates Justin Bieber and the iphone. Yet, weren’t they always at odds with their time? Yes, they were and that gives us as audience a grain of hope for creativity on the increasingly derivative “idiot box.” Why? Because if Beavis and Butthead can survive and endure a decade of corporate-produced B.S. then creativity has a chance, once again, to blossom. So, will this incarnation of Beavis and Butthead sink or swim? And, far more importantly, could their return herald the end of an era of conformity and mediocrity not just for MTV but pop culture as whole? As with most things, only time may tell.

Flounder jongalliano

Dog Food Saved My Life

The Politics of God Life is a Killer

Join the Dialogue

anthonygalliano “If Jesus had been killed twenty years ago, Catholic school children would be wearing little electric chairs around their necks instead of crosses.” -Lenny Bruce In the light of his sex scandal, Herman Cain has revealed some new information about his candidacy. Cain has recently announced that God has asked him to run for president. He said this to the Georgia Young Republicans in Atlanta on Saturday November 12: “I’m a man of faith, I had to do a lot of praying for this one, more praying than I’d ever done before in my life. And when I finally realized that it was God saying that this is what I needed to do, I was like Moses. ‘You’ve got the wrong man, Lord. Are you sure?”” God has also endorsed other Republican candidates such as Michelle Bachman and former candidate Christine O’Donnell. Apparently God is not only a Republican, but indecisive too. Now it’s quite clear that this new information is coming out since Cain might have let something else out, if you know what I mean. But there’s a danger to mixing religion with politics; because it’s like mixing pills and booze. Ever since the 1980’s, Republicans have taken conservative Christian social values and co-opted them into their party platform. Sure, religion was present in American politics before the 80’s, in both parties, but it has gained control of the Republican Party. It was Ronald Reagan who first took ideas like family-values, sexual morality, and other very personal things, and made them public matters. Even though things like sex and family are by definition personal, religion has politicized them and opened up the door for religious political candidates and religious people to step in and project this image of moral superiority because of the stance they take on these issues. And to many conservative Christian voters, this equates to political credibility. The problem isn’t that conservative politicians use religion as a basis for their political ideas, but rather as a mechanism to endorse themselves and manipulate voters who agree with their image. And with most of these Christian family-values politicians, it’s just an image. Because when you look at a guy like Ronald Reagan, he didn’t really act like the Christian that he presented himself as. I don’t think Jesus would have supported arming the Contras so they could kill revolutionaries in Nicaragua. Revolutionaries, you know, like the founding fathers. But what Reagan knew and capitalized on was the power of religion and the authoritative nature of religion--the whole concept of doing exactly what God says and never questioning it--because Reagan didn’t want to be challenged or questioned. And with the stuff that he did, I don’t blame him. And this is what Cain is doing. He is hiding behind God. Cain knows that there is nothing that has the potential to receive the kind of devotion that God can. And as a presidential candidate, that’s exactly what he’s looking for--devotion. So he associates himself with God, not to make himself seem Christ-like (because let’s face it, no politician could do that), but to excuse himself from his sex scandal, by claiming that he has the support of God. The truth is that so much of religion is the antithesis to democracy. Political discussion is supposed to be a serious dialogue based not only on ethics, but on facts to determine policy and action that would best suit a country. And religion is based on faith in something that ultimately cannot be proven or disproven. So when you introduce faith into politics, it destroys any possibility for real political debate, based on verifiable facts and evidence. If you support politicians based on religion or faith, in the way that Herman Cain wants you to support him, he and every other politician with the support of God could do and say whatever they want because they are associating themselves with a perfect God that can never be challenged, and then people will not challenge them. It’s kind of like they’re kings, huh? How democratic is that? But we need to question politicians, because we the people are part of a check and balance system. We have to watch them and hold them accountable for what they do--not have blind faith in them. article continued on page 19

We are lucky enough to ive in a country that protects the rights of its citizens to speak their minds. In order to honor and utilize those rights, we, the 20112012 Etched in Stone staff, feel it is our mission to provide a forum for dialogue about issues of interest to our staff and readers; therefore, we invite our readers to join that dialogue. We will not shy away from writing about the issues that shape our school, community, nation and world—even if those issues are controversial. We believe that through shared dialogue about the issues that affect us, we can come to a greater understanding of those issues and affect positive change. Consider becoming a part of the conversation by reading the opinions expressed on our editorial pages and responding either in a letter to the editor or by submitting a guest editorial. By exercising your rights as a citizen of this country you strengthen the foundation those rights are built upon.

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EiS 220 Main StreetUnit H Windsor, CO 80550 12.05.11 Phone: 1-970-674-1155 Fax: 1-970-674-5182 continued from page 3 continued from page 13 • Lesher Middle School received completely E-mail: new lockers to replace the old In high school, he played on his own Knowledge Bowl team and has also lockers that have been in use since the school opened in 1960. This was a much Web: coached at Palisade High School. needed maintenance upgrade for the students at Lesher, who have been using

19 continuations

To educate and empower drivers in auto safety continued from page 16 and They are a natural part of life, but they shouldn’t be available for every age to compliance experience. So, instead of being pro-

Censors h i p : Ye s

claimed to all ages at a local grocery store, they should be kept in PG-13 and R rated movies that only allow people of a certain age to view them. Censorship protects the younger generations that are perceived by Americans to be too immature to be exposed to that kind of content. So when answering the question: “Is censorship appropriate?” the answer can only be yes. It is more than appropriate; it is necessary.

C eMission nsors hStatement: ip: No continued from page 16

To educate and empower drivers in auto safety and compliance

The biggest issue with censorship is this; who is to say what should be censored and what shouldn’t? Who is to say what is dirty and what isn’t? Who decides? Why should one person be able to take away another person’s right to their freedom of speech? And that’s really what it’s about. Not sex or drugs or dirty magazines. Rights. And if you want to keep your rights, you better protect somebody else’s.

College continued from page 17

setting foot on a college campus. The important thing is for students to think about what they’ve enjoyed about high school, if they’re interested in furthering their education, and ultimately making the right decision for themselves.

G iMission r l ’ s

Basketball Statement: continued from page 6

To educate and empower drivers in auto safety and compliance

Gabbi Smith, junior at FRHS, agrees. “We’re going to be tougher physically,” she said, “And we’re also going to push the ball, which unfortunately means a lot more conditioning.” With Salz comes a new coaching staff as well. Mr. Bruce Holbert, a social studies teacher at FRHS, will take over as C Team Head Coach. Kenny Smith, father of Gabbi and sophomore Savannah Smith, will be the JV Coach, and the varsity assistant coach will be Nate Hass, owner of Krazy Karl’s pizza. With this new coaching staff brings many new experiences for the team. There’s no reason we shouldn’t be top 5 in our conference,” Salz said. “We should win more than we should lose, let’s put it that way.”


To answer the questions that the Knowledge Bowl team answers, it seems like one would have to be a Greek god--a being that has been watching the earth since its first rotation. Or else, a person who studies trivia like an anorexic vomits. The Huck-Master brings in a bag of Cheetos and hands it to one of the girls. He tells them that they can each have three. It’s one of those healthy bags of Cheetos, the ones that won’t take quite as many years of your life, but you know will still kill you eventually. And if I didn’t know any better, I’d say that would be the subconscious goal of the Knowledge Bowl team. You can really see the nurturer role that Huck has taken on. And the interesting thing is that on this particular day that I visited Knowledge Bowl, Huck wasn’t even really participating in it. At the beginning he was conversing with the students, but during the actual practice he was testing out a new game with a Game Society student. This game was really absurd. Huck and the student took four desks and put them together. They laid out a large mat across the whole table and game pieces that resembled characters from the Middle Ages, although they actually were characters from Star Wars. They stood at two different ends of the table, and I couldn’t tell if what they were doing was a post-modern dance ritual or playing a board game. But even while at Knowledge Bowl practice, he was still working on the Game Society. As Coady put it, “Huckaby brings an enthusiasm that a lot of teachers don’t necessarily have in after school activities, and it’s pretty refreshing.”

Mill and Bonds

broken, trashed and bent lockers for decades. A large portion of the lockers were donated to other school districts. The scraps of lockers that couldn’t be donated were recycled. • Blevins Middle School received a brand new roof. Typically, every school needs a new roof at minimum every 10-15 years. For the upcoming budget cycle, PSD Superintendent Dr. Jerry Wilson projects a $135 million budget reduction. However, the Board of Education will have a better idea later in the month when the Department of Education makes an announcement about the upcoming budget in relation to Mill and Bonds.

opyright Mike’s Driving AcademyC“LLC” Mi ke Ka merzell

continued from page 9

There are websites to make these bibliographies for you, but the best site is This site will take things from books, TV, websites and other mediums and put them into and MLA cited work. So the next time you write a paper on a video game, book, TV show or other medium, make sure you use it fairly and ALWAYS cite your sources.

Instructor & Owner

220 Main StreetUnit H Windsor, CO 80550 continued from page 1 Phone: 1-970-674-1155 “I was interested in it, so he bought it for me.” With help from Dr. Cook, Krotz purchased the VGo Robot for Robinson. Retailing at $5,995 and with a $1,195 annual service fee, the VGo Robot was a large Fax: 1-970-674-5182 investment by FRHS just for Robinson. “In this district, we are so set on the basis of educating every child everyday,” said Dr. Cook. “Not giving the child E-mail: a high school experience is much more costly than buying a $6,000 robot.” The robot sports a small screen where Robinson, sitting at home in her pajaWeb: mas, appears. Standing several feet tall, Robinson’s robot rolls

MODEL UNITED NATIONS It’s kind of like the Role Playing game, but much less nerdy. The Model United Nations is...essentially...a student model of the United Nations. These students represent countries through delegations and negotiate with other countries at meets. Huckaby, a veteran of college and law school Model United Nations, says that he “loved” Model United Nations so much in school that he brought it with him to Fossil Ridge. And you can really see Huck’s passion for this club. I came in and visited Model United Nations during lunch one day for their practice and found that these kids are pretty professional. They act like real delegates meeting at the United Nations building in New York, except for the fact that their lunch consists of french fries, pudding, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I must admit that I got a little excited myself at one point when I found out about a country that was partially anarchistic. Yeah baby! The club meets during lunch to prepare for the meets with other schools, which occur about every quarter or so. At the real meets the delegations will discuss world events from the perspective of their country. There are usually specific topics that they discuss. One of the upcoming ones pertains to Africa. They receive points on things like how many resolutions they pass. While I was speaking to one of the officers of the club, Jim Kahler, he told me how some of the delegations from other schools deliberately try to sabotage the meets. “They pick an extreme country that has views that no one likes and they just mess up the entire meeting,” Jim says. These delegates will do things such as refusing to pass agreements. Besides the trick or treat food, these kids aren’t bad. I can’t wait to see them as real delegates. I just hope they pack a different lunch. In Huck’s high school, he described himself as part of a “faceless mass.” He wasn’t a jock or a “socialite”, as he called them, just a part of the faceless mass. The amazing thing is that Huck has transformed from a member of the faceless mass into one of the most colorful and passionate people I know. This man not only has a face, but he has a big old body of Huckaby loving. He runs four different clubs. He plays weird board games that makes him look like a cult’s reject. And Huck has taken the faceless mass of Fossil Ridge and given them a face. And I call them Huckaby’s Horde.


around in the north wing so that she can attend her classes. The robot connects through WiFi from Robinson’s house to the school. Talking to Robinson is just like talking to anyone else in class. “When you’re looking at the screen, it’s like she’s right there with you,” said Nick Pallotti, freshman at FRHS. When having a robot in the classroom, one begs the question: what do the teachers think about Robinson’s robot? “I don’t mind it in class and the kids seem to enjoy it,” said Bruce Holbert, Robinson’s World History teacher. “It can be a little bit of a distraction to the students, depending on what class you are in. You don’t know whether or not the kids can handle [Robinson’s robot]. You have to do a lot of pre-teaching with the robot so that the students know the expectations.” In terms of having to adjust his style of teaching, Holbert doesn’t think that her robot affects classroom activities at all. He believes that the biggest aspect that he has to focus on is not forgetting about her in the room and occasionally asking her questions, just like any other student. Holbert, as well as Robinson’s other teachers, want to treat her like a normal student as much as possible. Dr. Cook believes that giving Robinson the ability to take part in a real high school is a great achievement for the administrative staff of FRHS and PSD. “It truly brings tears to my eyes,” said Dr. Cook, “To see her in a room makes me proud of the educational system. We can and did make this possible.” The funny thing is, Dr. Cook has never met Robinson in real life. In fact, the first time that she met her was through the VGo Robot. Holbert enjoys Robinson not only as a student, but as a person. He believes that giving her that high school experience, regardless of her condition, is truly incredible. “It is a great thing for her to be a part of class and still be here with her medical condition,” said Holbert. “I think it is a great avenue for her to have instead of just having the option to be home schooled. It’s great to have that high school experience.” “I like it,” said Robinson. “Obviously I would like to go to school, but it’s good enough. It’s much better than being home schooled. [The process of obtaining the robot] been interesting and it’s been difficult. But it’s nice to actually be able to see people and truly learn with a class.” “It’s basically just Skype on wheels,” said Holbert. “Who knows, maybe three or four years from now, this might be a typical thing.” Robinson has been covered by the Fort Collins Coloradoan, the Denver Post and nearly every other newspaper in northern Colorado. ABC News is currently shooting a feature story for the Oprah Winfrey Network about Lauren Robinson and her VGo Robot. It is expected to air sometime in January 2012.

Mike’s Driving Academy “LLC” Mi ke Ka merzell

Instructor & Owner

220 Main StreetUnit H Windsor, CO 80550 continued from page 18 Phone: 1-970-674-1155 The founding fathers understood this; that’s why they made sure we have a separation of church and state. Because they knew about history--things like Fax: 1-970-674-5182 the formation of the Anglican Church, The Inquisition, The Crusades, and the Salem Witch Hunt. They understood the danger of mixing government with E-mail: religion--for both institutions. They fled from religious persecution themselves. And today we see the power of religion that they feared. Look at how priests in Web: the Catholic Church got away with sexually abusing children using their status

Politics of God

in the church. Look at how Osama Bin Laden justified his violence and hate through religion on 9/11, and then how George Bush justified his greed in Iraq through the same mechanism. We’ve seen it all. We should know better by now. So the next time you see a politician try to hide behind God, realize that they’re hiding. They have such a lack of credibility and morality, that they have to pretend that they have the support of God. So in that case, I would like to announce here, in Dog Food Saved My Life, that God wants me to run for the presidency and Jessica Alba has to be my first lady. Now, how many of you believe me?

Mike’s Driving Academy “LLC” Mission Statement: To educate and empower drivers in auto safety and compliance


Mi ke Ka merzell

Instructor & Owner 220 Main StreetUnit H Windsor, CO 80550 Phone: 1-970-674-1155 Fax: 1-970-674-5182 E-mail: Web:


Sagittarius (November 22- December 21)

You might feel like you are underappreciated, but this holiday season you will finally find your niche. You are like Rudolph, and everyone will see your true potential, but just try not to get discouraged as you are waiting to let it shine.


(December 22 - January 9)

This holiday season won’t go well for you. You’ll get terrible gifts – like fuzzy, pink, bunny pajamas – your holiday dinner will be burned, you’ll get your tongue stuck to a pole – but, no worries, this holiday season will make one awesome story.



Talks kelseycook Cody Carlton Freshman

Joey Ginsborg Freshman

Jameson Leggett

(January 20 - February 18)

It seems you’ll be spending a lot of quality time with your eccentric family over winter break. You will have a house decorated so brightly, that it is almost blinding, and you’ll also have the biggest tree stuffed into your living room. Although your family is a little weird, when the break is over you will all be closer than ever.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

It looks like you’ll be leaving Fort Collins this December to find your long, lost dad – or some other family member on a long adventure through the seven layers of the Candy Cane forest... This journey to reconcile a damaged relationship will need all of your festive cheer and your immense love for the holiday season to warm your estranged family member’s heart.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)


W ha Th t is an yo ks ur gi fa W vi v ng or he Sa n d fo ite od nt i d a ? y C o la u us fi W w nd ha as ou C td n’ t hr o tr is yo ea tm u l? H ow as? wa nt re m fo in a n r na de e y o m rc fS e a W ? n y a nt ha ou a’s vo t is ri y m te C our as h f so ris ang t ?


Mashed Potatoes

When I was 7

new iPod


Santa’s not real?


(Rudolph, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet)


a couple years ago


(Rudolph, Donner, Vixen)


(a real one)



Jingle Bells

(Prancer, Blitzen, Rudolph)


Santa Claus is Coming to Town


I don’t like Christmas music


Kelsi Shannon Junior

Katelyn Cook Senior

Mark Dyrek Senior

mashed potatoes

Last year


mashed potatoes

I never believed in Santa

leather jacket

Gummy Worms

When my Christmas mom told dinner with the me Sartuches

(Rudolph, Vixen, Dasher, Dancer, Comet, Blitzen, Donner, Cupid)


(Prancer, Blitzen, Rudolph)


(Dasher, Rudolph, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner)

Feliz Navidad

All I want for Christmas is You

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

You know that all your little brother wants for the holiday season is a new superhero action figure. Don’t wait until a couple of days to get him his dream present because they are all going to be sold out. It might boil down to you going to extreme measures to get him what he truly wants.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

This holiday season you are in for the biggest surprise of all. When homework causes you to stay up late every night, there is a chance you’ll catch Santa Claus in action this year. Please be wary when you approach him, you don’t want him to fall off the roof and be forced to become the next Santa.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

You are bored with the same old holiday spiel. This might be the time for you to experience new traditions. Remember to keep an openmind and you’ll be able to spice up your holidays.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

This year, you aren’t excited to celebrate any of the holidays. You don’t want to do any of the traditions, and you are overall bitter. You are being just a regular, old scrooge. Try to think back to holiday pasts and you’ll be able to remember the importance of this special season.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Your family has so many plans this year that you might accidentally get left behind. The time to your self might just make you realize how important your family really is.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Ever since the tragic accident, you keep seeing a certain snowman everywhere you go. Just know that the snowman might be your loved one in a brand new form, trying to reconnect with you.

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Your next door neighbor never decorates his house or ever has any family over to celebrate the holidays. He stays in house all day and curses about everything that is holiday related. Maybe if you reach out to him, he’ll be able to start enjoying the season as well.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Something terrible happens and you start claiming that you are Santa Claus, causing many people to believe that you are going a little crazy. But your persistent cheer might bring everyone a little closer this year, even if you are becoming a little obsessed with your alter ego.

Etched in Stone Staff

Et ha n D a yt on - C o nt e nt E d it o r in C hie f K el sey C ook - Des ign Ed it o r in C hie f A nt hony G a l l i a no - B u s ine s s Ma na ge r A nna S c hneeb erg e r - N e w s Ed it o r K a t y Morri son - F e a t u r e s Ed it o r JJ B i ssel l - S por t s Ed it o r A mb er B a a c k - O p inio n/Ed it or ia l Ed it or Tyl er C onl on - S taf f Wr it e r D yl a n C ox - S t a f f Wr it e r A b b i e H a na w a l t - St a f f Wr it e r S eb a st i a n Poe - St a f f Wr it e r A l ex S ema deni - St a f f Wr it e r S t even Eri c kson - St a f f Wr it e r Todd F orkner- A dv is o r Special Thanks to: Nicole Smith Jon Galliano Emma Pettit Kendall Moore

EiS 12/5/11  

The December 5, 2011 issue of Etched in Stone featuring Robot Student, Adopt a Family and Cave Paintings: Festive Festivities

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