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FRHS MUN Club Defends Fiji at National Conference SABERCAT sethdrehle – ewan SNIPPETS Have you ever wanted to step into the shoes of a United Nations ambassador? Well the FRHS Model United Nations (MUN) Club allows you to do just that. Students in MUN debate the current issues facing the world today by learning to negotiate with supporters and adversaries to mobilize cooperation around the world. Participation in MUN allows students to gain a global perspective of the issues facing the world today and hone their skills in debate, cooperation and negotiation. This year, the FRHS MUN club not only has participated in several state competitions but has also had the opportunity to travel to Chicago for an international competition (MUNUC) sponsored by the University of Chicago. During this competition, FRHS was given the task of defending the position of the island nation Fiji. The first step to preparing for a competition like this The whole Model United Nations delegation at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago is research. The team must Photo courtesy of Julie Edler. learn to identify local community members who may ing a new constitution for almost Jim Kahler – Economic and Finan- conference was watch the Super offer a different perspective, they six years since the last coupe cial Committee; Steven Erickson Bowl and eat deep-dish Chicago must research the history and ended. With research complet- and Megan Sroufek – Disarma- pizza. Todd Huckaby later said, “I background of the country, and ed, the team headed to Chicago. ment and International Security am very proud of all my students they must get to know the counUpon arrival in Chicago, the Committee; and David Grapes III that attended, not only because try’s government, how it works team noticed many things that – Special Political and Decoloni- this is huge but because this was and what has been tried in the were different from Colorado. zation Committee. Again, on each a once in a life time opportunity. past. To prepare for the inter- First this competition was much of these committees, the FRHS And I am especially proud of Jim national competition, the FRHS larger with over 1,500 students team would be defending the Fi- who got a vocal commendation.” team first met with Calli Roche, from all over the world. At state jian perspective…so the team’s So to all that like debate and a local Fijian who is currently competitions in the past, only mantra was “think like a Fijian.” foreign affairs, Model United studying at Colorado State Uni- three to four U.N. committees After five long days of intense Nations is the perfect club for versity. Calli provided the team were represented, whereas at debate and compromise, the you. Especially with the incenwith insight into the Fijian gov- the international level there were MUN members were exhausted tive to travel, as Huckaby added ernment, its law0s0 and its peo- twenty-four. The FRHS team was and relieved to finally accomplish “Next year we are planning on ple. It was through Calli, that the split into the following commit- resolutions. As later on Sunday New York or San Francisco”. team learned the most important tees: Seth Drehle - Ewan – Food they all said with clear passion fact of all: Fiji had been promis- and Agriculture Organization; the best thing they did outside of

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FBLA Scores Big at Districts haleyosborn On Wednesday, Feb. 8, Fossil Ridge’s Future Business Leader’s of America competed in the District 1 competition at the Union Colony Civic Center in Greeley. Fossil had the most students who finished in the top ten with 72 and Roosevelt High School was second with 43. Fossil also has the most students who will be competing in the state competition in Vail in April, with a total of 37 students. Fossil finished with 11 firstt place finishes in Accounting 1, Business Law, Economics, Entrepreneurship, FBLA Principles and Procedures, Hospitality, Introduction to Business Communications, Introduction to Business and Sports Management. Congratulations to Connor Rhoades, junior, the team of Jazzy Hammond, senior, Nick Columbus, senior, Ellie Scott, senior, Cory Wood, sophomore, Jake Nelson, senior, the team of Julianne Primsky, sophomore, and Cole VanWhye, sophomore, Britta Mathiowetz, senior, Michael Reyna, junior, Elizabeth Mause, sophomore, Joseph Baan, sophomore, Tucker Lee, sophomore, and Aron Rodriguez, junior, on their first place finishes at the district competition.

The Fossil Bowling Team Goes to State sethdrehle – ewan

well prepared, especially Who knew that for the mental game that Fossil Ridge even was played by competitors had a bowling team? to beat out the competition. Let alone a team that With that, the Fossil team made it to the state played that mental game championships? Well to beat out nearly almost the five members of all the competition by comthe Fossil team: Braning into ninth place out of don Sharp, Michael 42 teams. This came after Black, Haley Ball, Lauplacing forth in the first ren Curtis and Seth round; and dropping out Drehle-Ewan all knew after third round with a because they went to loss to Arvada West, who the state championwent on to take sixth place. ships along side the However this isn’t the first Poudre team that adtime that the Fossil team vanced with them. has made it to state. In fact, But how did the in the four years that the Fossil and Poudre team has existed Fossil has team get to advance to gone to state every single state? Previous to state year. But why doesn’t anywhich was held Satone know about them? To urday, February 18th; put it simple as Coach Bill ten weeks of competiSchultz said “The bowling tion took place landcommunity in Fort Collins ing the top two teams isn’t really well connected being Poudre and with PSD as funding for Fossil. This however our program comes from wasn’t an easy task. Chippers Lanes and from In fact, competition to the Colorado High School go to the state chamBowling Federation.” pionship came down However the question reto the very last match. mains how did Poudre And with that both do? Well the Poudre team coach’s Bill Schultz took the state chamand Tom Weeks pionship by all of two The bowling team in a pre-game huddle before one spent the week pins! Coach Schultz before the state of their state champion matches left both the Foscompetition prePhoto courtesy of Kristine Ewan. sil and Poudre team paring the teams with this final comfor what is a ment after the long 12 hour competition, “Let’s very different experience from local competition. come back next year and do it all over again.” And when the 18th came, both the teams were

Friday, March 2nd, 3-6 PM Carnival Charity Event Monday, March 5th, 7-9 PM Choir concert Tuesday, March 6th Blood Drive in Wrestling Room Tuesday, March 6th Orchestra concert Wednesday, March 7th Regional Concert Band Festival Friday, March 9th End of third quarter Friday, March 9th to Sunday, March 18th Spring Break Sunday, March 11th Daylight saving Time Begins Saturday, March 17th St. Patrick’s Day Tuesday, March 20th to Friday, March 23rd, 7:30-11:30 AM TCAP testing Sunday, April 1st April Fool’s Day Sunday, April 8th Easter Friday, April 13th No school Thurday, April 19th, 12:30-1:30 PM DECA Prom Fashion Show Thursday, April 19th to Saturday, April 21st, 7-9 PM Guys and Dolls the musical

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File Sharing ACTA: A Step Too Far Protecting Sites: A Road Untaken sebastianpoe

Recently opponents of SOPA (Stop Internet Piracy ‘Internet’, which is, technically, a civilian property, Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Address) have banded shouldn’t those civilians have a say in its laws together once again to fight against the evils of the and punishment? However, that’s not the case. developed work of ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Furthermore, many of the member nations of the Trade Agreement). The primary issue with ACTA world who should have a say in the matter (India, is simple—it fails Brazil, et to properly deal cetera) have with the problem been ignored. it proposes to The same resolve. ACTA complaints proposes to end against ACTA intellectual theft apply as and the gamut of those dealing improper usages with SOPA, of the Internet, PIPA, and but uses an iron OPEN: lack of fist to accomplish s o ve r e i g n t y, this utopian goal. overpolicing The proposed and a intention of reduction in the agreement the freedoms is to deal with of those intellectual connected property freedom Image from with the and protect it, Internet. More according to www. i m p o r t a n t l y, (Electronic Frontier Foundation). However, however, ACTA throws up the flag of privacy loss. the site goes on to note, correctly, that significant Citizens may no longer have the freedom offered by risks exist with the process of the act as it stands. the constitutions of their member countries to free First off, its intent is to cover the problem of speech due to the constant scrutiny of a potential Internet piracy. This is indeed an excellent and noble observation of any government of its citizens. goal—but once again the governments have failed to According to these terms, the government can target the right problem. request that up to six months of Internet data be notes that the work of ACTA has a stored on anyone. Any government can do this… more overarching and dangerous series of provisions without needing to provide a reason for requesting than its predecessors in the Senate and the House this information—in other words, if the government of Representatives, including a requirement for feels someone is doing something wrong, they can Internet providers to store six months of data on declare a requirement for Internet providers to store users if so requested by the government. In other information on a person’s actions, habeas corpus words, anything you do on the web during those and innocent until proven guilty both thrown by the six months can become known by the government, wayside. including private information, instant messages, George Orwell’s argument regarding the validity what you read online, and even so far as what you of a society that too intently pursued stability over post on Internet boards. the goals of freedom seems an apt analogy for the, the official site of Forbes, an expert bill’s implications. Big Brother is just around the on business and finance, notes that, interestingly corner after the passage of this bill. enough, these negotiations have been conducted Regardless of the entirely proper and desired without the assistance of or input of civilian parties. course of action of protecting intellectual property, This is generally a sign that the government is doing removing citizens’ rights both to decide what to do something that is unacceptable within a normal about the problem and to privacy is certainly not the system of law—after all, in the basic interests of the way to resolve it.


Google-based sites and related sites are altering their privacy statements. The gist of the alterations to YouTube was basically as described for Google (limited policy of information, an increased desire to release personal information to other sites), and no commentary should arise over the matter. So, having said that—why have the sites changed their policies? Government is the simplest answer, but more complexity occurs in understanding what the meaning of that is. To put it simply, the government has pressured Internet providers to become more open about private information of users. This pressure comes from the desire to shut down copyrighted material sharing, yet it destroys the lifeblood of the Internet and many of its positive sides that originally benefited the consumer and corporations alike. Recently all file sharing sites altered their policies and methods. To access files hosted at now, for example, the owner’s username and password are required to download any file involved. This makes sense, in some ways. It does prevent illegal download of files—but at the same time it prevents the original purpose of file sharing sites, which was to share files. For example, many businesses used file sharing sites to ensure workers’ shared access to company documents— after all, in the interest of meeting deadlines, it’s most considerable to provide shared access to the documents. In lieu of this freedom to use such sites, companies must persist through

the use of emails and so on. And consequently, they’ve destroyed the original purpose of such sites. Admittedly, that purpose was tarnished earlier with the introduction of copyrighted material, but now, these difficulties persist through every line of the website. So the websites have lost their original purpose. Consequently, the websites are in danger of dying out. Strictly speaking, no definite proposal has prompted this response; it results more from the general trend occurring towards Internet selfcensorship. And that, in and of itself, is a good thing; the implications are the problem. By self-censoring, the Internet loses some freedom that led to good websites (Youtube itself, instant messaging, and so on) as well as bad. True, the interests of protecting intellectual property must arise as a consideration for the people, but regardless the file sharing sites weren’t always a source of that particular evil. Rather, file sharing sites were designed to help aspiring business owners and friends alike, sending files easier than through email and Facebook. By eliminating the ability of the file sharing sites to serve their original purpose, the government ensures that that positive side of such things will be eliminated. It’s important to remember that the Internet, in summation, is nothing more or less than a tool. What people choose to do with it is something that can be policed; however, inherently it is neither good nor bad.

Internet Privacy: New Rules stevenerickson

In the wake of many pieces of legislation to make the Internet a little safer, many sites have started to make new rules and policies, mostly to their privacy rules and regulations. Sites like Google, YouTube and Facebook have been making some changes to their privacy for the safety of their users and to avoid any prosecution that may be caused by SOPA, PIPA, ACTA or OPEN. This has caused a small change in the policy but many implications for the sites. Google only shares personal information with other companies or individuals outside of Google in the following l i m i t e d circumstances: We have your consent. We require optin consent for the sharing of any sensitive p e r s o n a l information. This is a required opt in form at the end of the agreement to continue to use

the services of Google or YouTube. This is from the new privacy policy that was released by Google in October of 2011, at the start of all the Internet piracy acts. This was made so that Google could not be taken down because of its users. From a business standpoint, this is a great idea; but from a moral standpoint is not good. This new small section added to the privacy policy can ultimately make all of your privacy on the web non-existent. This is made true by the fact that you cannot opt out of the new agreement

and that if you do something illegal, whatever it may be, they will report you to the authorities. This is one of the only new rules that Google has made to its policy but it can do all kinds of damage to the Internet if the OPEN, ACTA, SOPA, and PIPA acts pass. Although Google and its affiliate YouTube participated in the Internet blackout in November, Google and YouTube have implemented the new policy of turning people over to the authorities if you make a mistake, whatever it is, on the Internet. So before you click the accept button on the next privacy p o l i c y, you must read it and make sure you don’t sell your privacy away with just one click.

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Image by Sebastian Poe.

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There were many great video games in 2009. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Uncharted: Among Thieves and Batman Arkham Asylum were all released and all were fantastic games. But there were a few games that went under the radar. One such game was Mini Ninjas. Mini Ninjas came out as a non-serious game that many thought would just crash and burn. But quite the opposite happened. I got this game about a year ago for my dad and he didn’t play it much so I just put it on the shelf and didn’t think much of it. But then I wanted to play a game that was not a shooter or a serious action game. I then found this on my shelf and gave it a shot. I must say I was surprised. Mini Ninjas is far from serious for the entire game is filled with pint-sized samurai for you, as a pint-sized ninja, to go after. Plus when you take out one of the many samurai’s that you will face, they turn into little bunnies and frogs. And then you can possess these animals at will and try to sneak past enemies. At the core of the game, your mission is to save the valley that you call home from the evil samurai warlord who is changing the animals into pint-sized samurais. Your job is to make the warlord stop these evil acts. The valley is mainly grasslands with a few cliffs and rivers for you to go and explore. There are also snowy mountain levels later in the game. But you are not alone, you have your fellow mini ninjas to help you

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Mini Ninjas: Who Knew? along the way. When you find them in the wild after being captured they will be with you as backup for the rest of the game. There are five other ninjas with special abilities, like exploding arrows and giant hammers. You also have many spells to aid you in your adventure that you can only use when you are Hiro, the main character; for he is the only one able to use the kuji magic for these spells. These spells include devastating ones like fireballs and lightning storms. There are also some funny ones like possessing animals and turning into a bush. That’s right you can turn into a bush and become completely invisible and move as fast as you want to while in bush form. The enemies are fairly easy to take down but get tougher as the game goes on as usual. And sometimes you will have to face giant enemies and they are hard to take down and foolish to take on with just luck and muscle if you value your ninja’s life. Then you will have to take on fortresses from time to time and this is where the bosses are to be found. This game is far from realism and seriousness but that doesn’t matter the game is still fun. If you’ve got a bit of as time for a little game that will be challenging but leave you with a smile on your face, then look up this game. You may just like what you find while you lurk in the bushes-when you are a bush that is.

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Looking Ahead: The Fall of Earth tylerconlon

Bioware has created Mass Effect, the interactive story of Commander Shepard, a human Special Forces soldier in the late 2100’s. Alliances with alien species, like the Turians, Salarians, and Asari, are rocky. An ancient threat is returning. Cliché? This preview is absolutely biased by my unabashed love of the series. For the sake of spoilers, I’ll try not to disclose much, but some will follow. The Mass Effect 3 (ME3) Demo was dropped on February 14, a loving gift to the fans. Singleplayer was available from the start, but multiplayer was closed until February 17, unless you owned a copy of Battlefield 3. Singleplayer offered a quick look at the

opening escape from Earth and rescuing a Krogan female on the Salarian homeworld Sur’Kesh. The player gets a glimpse of the new modes: story, action and role-playing; the whole thing is a teaser for the story yet to come. What appeals to me as a fan and a gamer is the new multiplayer (MP) mode. Bioware has stated that it is supplemental to the outcome of the singleplayer story based on the new Galaxy at War mode, although it is NOT detrimental to play MP for the best single-player ending. Up to four players can cooperate on multiplayer missions, where the team must complete objectives and survive. Players can choose from

six different classes—Adept, Vanguard, Soldier, Sentinel, Infiltrator and Engineer— and seven species—Human, Drell, Asari, Krogan, Turian, Quarian and Salarian, though only humans can play as all classes. Each setup grants different abilities, though all classes can use every weapon, limited to two at a time. At first start-up, players only have the option to play as any human class. Other species are locked until gained through item packs, which are bought with credits earned by completing games. Only two maps are available: Firebase White, a Cerberus base on the returning planet

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Noveria, and Firebase Ghost, the slums of the new planet Benning. Objectives vary from eliminating certain targets, hacking/uploading data from a terminal, or defending a teammate while they deactivate a beacon. While Mass Effect is an amazing story—the third no exception—the combat system takes the stage here. The player moves quicker, moving in and out of cover is smooth, and melee plays a larger role. Each class and species has a different heavy melee, and players can even grab an enemy that’s on the opposite side of cover for a special execution.

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Enemies also demonstrate a higher level of intelligence, compared to the static take-cover-and-pop-outfor-a-few-seconds in the past two games. Enemies will launch smoke grenades at critical choke points, dodge incoming attacks, place grenades where the player is in cover, and work together to flank and suppress. When an infiltrator cloaks, the spot they were in is filled with bullets. The game is more than incredible. At the time of writing, less than two weeks remain. When you’re reading this, only four days will remain until release. The Reapers are coming… What will you do? “We FIGHT – or we DIE!”

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Caring Counselor’s Chronicle annaschneeberger


Pfeifer looks on as a student writes an answer to a problem on the board. Photo by Abbie Hanawalt. Julie Pfeifer, a new math teacher at FRHS, has been teaching right out of college and loves everything about it. Not only does she love teaching, but she also loves spending time with friends and family. Her husband teaches math at Rocky Mountain High School and her son is a freshman at Rocky. “I have been trying to recruit him to go to [FRHS],” Pfeifer said. “I studied Petroleum Engineering at University of Wyoming for a year and found that I really needed a more creative and socially based profession,” Pfeifer said. “I think I always wanted to be a teacher, but my parents are both teachers so when I first left home, I felt the need to strike out on my own and do something totally different than them.” Her sophomore year of college, Pfeifer decided that she wanted to be involved in changing lives and helping people like she’d seen her parents do growing up. “I graduated with a degree in Mathematics Education from University of Wyoming in 2007, and graduated with a Master in Science Degree from Walden University,” Pfeifer said. “I also studied Theatre and Dance as a Minor at University of Wyoming.” Pfeifer has taught in the Poudre School District her entire career. Her first job was teaching at Boltz Junior High School and only three years later, she was asked to help open Webber Junior High School. Many current FRHS teachers (Tom Catlow, Tyann Kuehnast and Kim Cohen) taught at Webber with her. Pfiefer said, “I have built lifelong relationships with both students and staff there.” She always knew that she wanted to move into a high school and teach and now that she’s at FRHS, she loves it. “Being at FRHS has been a huge blessing in my life!” Pfeif-

er said. Passions are what drive us to be the best that we can be and for Pfeifer, her passion is teaching. “Teaching is my passion and a critical part of who I am. It is hard for me to imagine not being a teacher. If I wasn’t teaching I think I would like to be traveling to third world countries and working with kids there,” said Pfeifer. “Of course, if I could be a marine biologist and study g r e a t w h i t e sharks, or be in a rock band, that would be cool too!” Outside of school, she is very active. “I have been a very active person my whole life from gym workouts and dance, to climbing, hiking and riding dirt bikes. I also like sitting on the couch, watching movies and eating brownies!” Pfeifer said. A good community in a school is very important, and Pfeifer has seen a good community throughout FRHS in her first year. “It feels really good to be such a part of a caring community of people. It feels like home,” Pfeifer said. She said, “What I love most about FRHS are the people! I have already created so many valued relationships with both students and staff. I feel that FRHS has a very positive and uplifting feeling. There are great things happening at FRHS every day.” Pfeifer loves it at FRHS and we will be seeing her around for a long time. Pfeifer said, “I have such warm spirited and genuine students. It has been a joy to know them and to teach them! I want to thank them for that. I also want to say a deep felt thanks to all the staff for making me feel so welcome and for always being there for me. I am very inspired by you all!”

“Teaching is my passion and a critical part of who I am. It is hard for me to imagine not being a teacher.”

New Counselor Jennifer Smela talks to a student during an off period. Photo by Anna Schneeberger. If you talk to anyone with the last names L-Ri, you will notice they all have one thing in common: how much they like their new counselor, Jennifer Smela. Smela grew up in Aurora, Colorado and went to high school there. Smela described herself in high school as “flirty.” Back then, Smela and her sister did not get along. When Smela was a senior, her younger sister was a freshman and they were very different. “She was always cooler than I was. I just tried to fit in, and we clashed,” Smela said. “She was the kind of kid who was always hanging out with the in-crowd and with people in my class that I didn’t even know. I was afraid to disappoint people and she didn’t care if she got caught doing anything. We were totally opposite, but now we’re best friends.” If Smela could go back to high school she would get more involved. “I was involved a little bit, but I would want to do more,” she said. Smela decided to go to CSU for both her undergraduate and graduate degrees. While at CSU, Smela majored in human development and got her master’s degree in school counseling. She said that her parents wanted her to go to CSU, but she was adamant that CSU was not her school. But one day while her parents and her where touring the campus, someone came up to her and was very friendly and open. This encounter changed Smela’s mind about CSU and she ended up loving the school. Smela knew that she wanted to be a counselor when she was in high school, she just knew that she wanted to help people. “Then I got into college I volunteered as a youth group leader and I realized what I totally wanted to do was work with kids. Then, as I went on I helped at a group home for boys and I loved it, but I wanted to be around all kinds of kids and I thought what better way to do that than by working at a school?” she said. Before coming to Fossil Ridge, Smela worked at

Mountain View High School in Loveland. Smela loves being at Fossil and she enjoys how the people here are so generous. Smela has become one of the advisors of Key Club. She knew she wanted to help out career counselor Diane Campbell because of how large the club is, but didn’t really know much about the club. “I wasn’t sure what it was all about. When I started to get to know all of the people on the executive board I realized that I loved it and how much it is community service based and it’s a part of something a lot bigger.” Smela has been married for ten years. Her husband is her role model because “he is the opposite of me in every way. He balances me out. I am always looking for something more and he’s not like that. I learn a lot from him,” she said. She has two kids, five year old Nicholas and seven year old Katie. Katie goes to Kruse Elementary School and her son will be entering there next year as a Kindergartner. Outside of school, Smela enjoys being outdoors, watching sports, especially football and baseball, working out and reading. Smela really enjoys baseball because her husband is a baseball coach. Her favorite teams are the Rockies and the Tigers, and for football she enjoys the Broncos. “[Tim Tebow] is winning me over. I totally would like my daughter to marry him, but I am still not sure he is a great quarterback,” Smela said. Before she dies, Smela would like to travel all over Europe, climb a few more fourteeners, scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef and go to the Super Bowl. Smela describes herself as outgoing, random, approachable, disorganized and active. But she failed to mention how kind and understanding she is. If you haven’t yet, go stop by her office next to the career center and say hello to Fossil’s great new counselor.

“Smela loves being at Fossil and she enjoys how the people here are so generous.”

7 features He Said, Happy Hens Hatch in Healthy Homes She Said, We Say... What?

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amberbaack & abbiehanawalt

The hens owned by Amanda Jones perch on a branch in her homemade chicken coop. Photo courtesy of Amanda Jones.

Whether its Channing Tatum’s adorably crooked teeth, or Adele’s latest hit, gossip never fails to entertain. Look at our world. It’s filled with crazy antics, drug busts, and relationships that are far from simple, not to mention Bruno Mars’ latest hair style. Let’s face it, celebrities have issues but we can’t look away. Did we mention Channing Tatum’s adorably crooked teeth? Some news is rather average like Adam Sandler’s newest terrible comedy. But, there’s more interesting news that keeps us talking or in our case, gossiping. 10. Adele is a legend. Recently she won six Grammy awards and had a breathtaking performance even after coming back from recent throat surgery. We are blessed that her voice wasn’t ruined like Julie Andrews’ after her vocal surgery. What a shame. 9. Lady Gaga isn’t afraid to express herself through unique fashion, but she also is willing to share her story of bulimia as a teen with her fans. She finally found her “Edge of Glory” by accepting that she was “Born This Way.” 8. Ne-Yo’s girlfriend adopted 48 African children that she saw pictured in a charity brochure. She immediately fell in love with all of them and agreed to pay to support them in Africa. She’s giving them everything for the rest of their life unlike Ne-Yo who only gives everything for one night. 7. What a jerk. Country star Rodney Atkins recently attempted to murder his wife by suffocating her with a pillow. There are so many things wrong with this situation. 6. Not only was the new “Footloose” filled with energetic dancing and music, it also featured quite an attractive star. We can’t wait until the DVD is released so we can sing and dance with Kenny Wormald all night. 5. Russell Brand may be hilarious but this funny guy isn’t laughing any more. Katy Perry recently split with him over irreconcilable differences. Looks like in this relationship, Perry was the “One That Got Away.” 4.We think it’s safe to say that we love Ryan Reynolds. A lot. The new movie “Safe House” only gives us another reason to write about him and go to the movies. Thank you Hollywood. 3. Hunger Games. Liam Hemsworth and his abs. Josh Hutcherson and his smile. Excited? Most definitely. 2. First of all, Zac Efron is beautiful. But besides the obvious, he can act. He will be sharing his beautiful body in the movie “The Lucky One,” and his beautiful voice in “The Lorax.” Basically, we will be at the movie theatre a lot. 1. Rest in Peace Whitney Houston. Your history-making voice and lively spirit will be greatly missed. Thanks for all of the talent that you shared with the world.

Did you know that you don’t have to live on a farm to have chickens? Many teachers at FRHS already own chickens, such as Amanda Jones. Jones first got her chickens, Betty and Deliliah, two years ago. According to Jones, Betty died because she laid an egg sideways, which caused her to bleed internally. Her and her husband ended up chopping off her head before she could suffer any longer. They then purchased five more chickens to reach Windsor’s city limit of six hens per household. Jones helped her friends get the city’s ordinance changed to allow backyard chickens. “After Fort Collins made it legal to have backyard chickens, we wondered why we couldn’t have them,” Jones said. In order to pass the ordinance, they needed enough signatures from people around the city to get the issue on the ballot. Then it was discussed in town board meetings and anyone living in the community was allowed to vote on the issue. After the city-wide vote, the individuals on the town board vote and then the majority vote is considered. “I thought it wouldn’t pass, so I wrote an essay on the benefits and education A Colorado oppurtunites and sent it to the town board home. chair, who is the mayor of Windsor. After reading the email, he changed his vote and the ordinance passed,” Jones said. Now Jones collects six eggs per chicken a week during the summer time and a slightly fewer number of eggs during the winter since chickens need a lot of light to lay eggs. “Chickens are awesome animals and easy to take care of. They don’t smell like cows or sheep, but they actually make the house smell nicer because they eat all of my table scraps [and those are no longer there to make my house smell bad],” Jones said. In addition to teachers having chickens, some students have them also. Kyler Cook, freshman at FRHS, is a part of a chicken coop business called Colorado Hen Hut. When Cook’s family had chickens given to them from a kindergarten class at Werner Elementary School, they needed a place to house them. The family began by constructing a coop made out of wood. “It was very cool, but the wooden house was too small and hard to move,” said Kyler Cook. The company was born as an effort to create the most comfortable and mobile coop for the chickens of Northern Colorado. Cook’s family has been fashioning innovative chicken coops since 2009. The goal is to guarantee maximum comfort for the chickens with minimum effort from the owner. “These coops really make managing the hens easier. They are light-weight and easy to keep clean,” said Jim Cook, general manager of Colorado Hen Hut Company. The coops include two levels of adjustable interior FRP floor grating, a spring-loaded hinged roof lid and a dropdown hen hop front door. They also have built-in roosts, handles and wheels, and an optional plastic wire mesh configuration around the bottom, so the chickens can play in the grass while still in the confines of the coop. The coops hold six hens comfortably and lists for a price of $590. “This seems like an expensive price until you add up the cost and time of building one yourself. And the high quality components I use are fully washable and never need to be painted,” Jim Cook said. “It is actually a great bargain.” These coops make having chickens in an urban area much easier. “Urban chickens are already becoming more popular because people want to reconnect with country life,” Jim Cook said, “and having chickens make people feel more eco friendly and green conscious.”

Hen Hut coop makes a great addition to a local Photo by Kelsey Cook.

Teens’ Clothes Closet-

Helping Teens One Shirt at a Time abbiehanawalt

Senior Katie Bring is behind the creation of the Teens’ Clothes Closet, otherwise known as TCC. TCC is benefiting all middle and high school students in Fort Collins, not just at FRHS, who are in need of clothing. TCC is basically an on-going clothing drive and its mission is simple: help out teens who are in need of clothes. Diane Campbell, college and career counselor at FRHS, came to Bring and pointed out the huge need for clothing in students at the high school and middle school age. “After brainstorming some ideas, pulling together a small committee (Bring, Kelsey Brady, McKenzie Osborn, and Ellsbeth Schmachtenberger) and collecting some inventory, TCC was formed,” Bring said. All the students need to do is fill out a request form for what clothing they’d like and the TCC sends it to them. “We collect clothing by holding clothing drives, personal donations, word of mouth, etc. And we always need more clothes so ALL donations are welcome!” Bring said. “Once we’ve collected the clothing, we distribute the clothes to teenagers all over Fort Collins. This way, teens have a direct way of accessing the clothing in the styles, colors and sizes that they wear.” “TCC is more of an organization but we might hold a clothing donation event later in the year. We keep ‘the closet’ (our inventory of clothes) at FRHS because we really don’t have a place for it to be set up. If students are in need of clothes, they can talk with Mrs. Campbell in the Career Center or talk to their counselor or whom ever they feel comfortable with,” said Bring.

EiS 03.02.12

entertainment 8

Entertainment: movies & Television Star Wars in 3D: Great or Fluke?

stevenerickson On February 10th geeks worldwide had a reason to go to the movie theater and dress up like Darth Maul once again. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace came out in 3D and it faces two questions. Was it going to be a great movie like it was when it was originally released in 1999? Or was it going to just be a way to get money out of fanboys and make your eyes hurt with the 3D glasses? A few friends and I decided to solve these questions ourselves. At first we were skeptical and didn’t give the idea of 3D much credit and thinking it was just going to be a dull re-release just to get money out of us. We also thought that the crowd would be light due to the fact that the movie was regarded as the worst one of the series. To our surprise there was a long winding line that almost went out of the

front of the Cinemark Theater from the ramp to get your ticket pulled. In the line there was a gentleman who had all the Darth Maul stuff you could ever want including a collector’s edition of the duel beam lightsaber. At one point was he challenged by an Obi Wan Kenobi look-a-like to a battle. This was an awesome sight until security broke it up, or until Obi Wan won per the script. It was now the moment of truth. We settled into our seats and said “impress us.” Oh it did that and much more. The sound was deep and as rich as the new movies that are coming out today. The composition by John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra is as wondrous as it was when the movie came out in 1999. The sounds of the lightsabers were excellent and the battles were epic in the full surround sound. The graph-

ics got a new coat of polish and were made to look like the whole movie was done with the avatar style of motion capture. The 3D wasn’t half bad either but a little bit of a let down due to fact that the 3D only showed up in little parts and you had to look for it. Also makers changed out the Yoda puppet for the Attack of the Clones version of CGI (Computer Generated Image) of Yoda. This was a little sad for fanboys, but not a bad change by any means. The movie had nothing new as you would expect in a re-release with the exception of the longer pod race in awesome 3D. If you are in the mood to hear Star Wars how it was meant to be heard, in the theater surround sound, then you must go see this movie. Plus, if you are a Star Wars geek, go see this movie but don’t expect much new.

The River

There’s Magic Out There...

alexsemadeni and dylancox The newest hit television series has finally come to ABC. The River, which debuted February 7, is a television show that keeps the viewers on their toes. From the makers of Paranormal Activity and Steven Spielberg, this show is advertised as a horror/ thrill, with tons of action, and no one will ever get bored. It is a unique show that has a lot of different styles. The series starts with a bit of b ack gro u n d to engage the viewers. Emmitt Cole is a longtime host of a wildly popular TV show that specializes in finding natural wonders of the world, or in other words, the “magic” of the country. All of a sudden, Cole decides to take one last expedition to the mysterious Amazon. While there, Cole goes missing for several months. After his disappearance, his former producer approaches his wife and wants to make a documentary of what the crew goes through

to find the missing explorer. Emmitt Cole’s wife, Tess, reluctantly agrees with this idea. Accompanying Tess and former ex-producer Clark will be: Emmitt’s and Tess’ son, the boats mechanic Emilio and his 17 year

old daughter Jahel, a body guard to make sure everything goes smoothly, and a total of two camera men to document the rescue mission. The characters also have special aspects to them. Lincoln, Emmitt’s son, is a doctor that will help the crew survive. His reluctance to go on the expedition plays a big part in the choices he makes. Minor characters include the others such as Jahel, she is a native and knows all the mysterious Amazon Legends, which

prove to be helpful to the group. You can already see the parallels between The River and Paranormal Activity. Both are filmed documentary style, with moving cameramen and boat security tapes. They both have intense scenes where you know something is about to happen. However, The River is advertised as a horror show, but the horror isn’t like Paranormal; this show will for sure not disappoint. The thrilling and action aspect is top notch, with intense cliffhangers and suspenseful nail biters between every commercial and at the end of every episode, drawing attention to the viewers. If you enjoy shows such as Falling Skies or The Walking Dead, you would definitely enjoy this thrilling series and everything else that it brings to the table. Tune in to ABC every Tuesday night at eight o’ clock to experience the thrill of your life. Don’t forget to catch up on the previous episodes because this was only a brief summary; the real thrill will begin once you start it.

Hunger Games

Fad Comes to Fossil alexsemadeni

The Hunger Games have come to FRHS. No, we aren’t going to call an assembly during advisory to randomly pick a boy and a girl from each grade to fight to the death against kids from Rocky, Collins, and Poudre (although that would be interesting.) The latest teenage novel fad has made the move to Fossil, where students of all grades can be seen carrying around any of the Hunger Games Books. There is a lot of talk about the release of the movie, which comes out in theatres March 23rd. The books take place in the future in the fictional country of Panem. In the books, the world has nearly destroyed itself in nuclear war, but the survivors in North America form a country, which they name Panem. Panem has a capital and 13 districts. However, the capital becomes greedy, and over time the 13 districts start a rebellion. The Capital overpowers the Rebellion, in the process destroying District 13. To prove that the Capital has control over the 12 remaining districts, they run an annual event called the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is a national televised event that features a boy and a girl from each district as they fight to the death. At the beginning of the book, there have been 73

Hunger Games. To make the books even more intense, there is a confusing love triangle. The main character, a teenage girl named Katniss, has a best friend named Gale, who has known Katniss since she was 12. Katniss also meets a boy named Peeta, who has secretly loved Katniss for forever. “I’m Team Peeta, all the way,” said senior Heath Rowley, who is a huge Hunger Games fan. “Gale is a jerk, while Peeta is so loving towards Katniss.” FRHS students, like Rowley, have taken the Hunger Games fad to the next level. Some students have made t-shirts, mockingjay pins, and several Facebook Status’s. Several students that have never even read any fiction books outside of school claim to have whizzed through the series in no time. “It’s hard to put down because of the constant cliffhangers,” said Rowley. “You’ll tell yourself that you will put the book down at the chapter, but then something huge happens and you can’t stop there. So then you say, ‘Ok one more chapter’ but then the same thing happens at the next one. You really can’t stop.”

9 features

The Dance Life of Haley Mayrose


EiS 03.02.12 A Letter from Newt Gingrich anthonygalliano This piece is intended to be satirical. Dear Republicans,

Mayrose (pink) leads the young dancers in the Nutcracker.

Photos courtesy of Stacey Mayrose.

Haley Mayrose, a senior at FRHS, has been dancing since she was four years old. Now she performs as a pointe dancer. Pointe dancing is a classical dance when the performers dance on the tips of their toes. It is a very difficult type of dance but with practice and motivation it becomes easier. Mayrose is a competitive dancer and also dances in many recitals in the Denver area. Mayrose started taking dance lessons when she was four and started performing in shows shortly after. Her sister was the one who inspired her to start when she was young “My sister was dancing at the time [when I was young] and I liked it so much Hayley Mayrose, senior at FRHS (middle) sits with fellow classmate Bethany my mom started me in it and I Kaiser, senior at FRHS, (right of Mayrose) as they get ready for the scene of stuck with it through the years,” Mayrose said. Her family has the play to begin. been supporting her throughout Photos courtesy of Stacey Mayrose. the years by going to her competitions and recitals. Being a dancer takes a lot of time out of someone’s life. Mayrose best, you get to show off all you’ve learned and you get to entertain has dance practice two to three hours every day besides Sunday. “I people. I also like the feeling I get when I perform [the butterflies in my probably get close to 13 hours a week of dance practice, and sometimes stomach feeling].” more, when there is a competition or recital that week,” Mayrose said. Through 14 years of dance, Mayrose has built up quite the memoWith practicing so much, Mayrose doesn’t get too much time during ries, but the one that sticks out the most to her was the was when she the week to do other fun activities, because she has to keep up with her performed in the Nutcracker at the Lincoln Center. “The time I was in school work also. the Nutcracker this last year, I got one of the solos, and all the ballets One of her least favorite things about dance is “how much I do it, it’s under me came on the stage and danced with me. They were all really too time consuming, and I don’t have as much time as I wish I could to young so I couldn’t mess up, or they would just copy what I do and go hang out with friends or especially go to the basketball and football we’d all mess up.” games.” But when she has the chance she makes the best of it. Mayrose has danced in a variety of shows: The Nutcracker, The JunThe price of practicing so many hours a week pays off when it gle Book, Swan Lake and many more. She still has many more to come. comes to her performance. “My favorite thing about dancing is getting In June, she will be performing in Snow White at the Lincoln Center. to dress up and perform,” Mayrose said excitedly, “Performing is the

Mayrose (pink) gets ready for the ballet with her friends.

Photo courtesy of Stacey Mayrose.

I realize that I’m losing some of my support in the Republican Party. So I would like to take this opportunity to speak to you— the average American. The ones who I’m fighting for. You’re the ones that truly inspire me. On a side note, I would also like to thank the billionaire casino mogul, Sheldon Adelson, who is funding my whole campaign. Now, many have called me racist. This is completely ridiculous. Absolutely absurd. I have always been opposed to slavery, unless you consider forcing poor children to work as janitors in their schools slavery. But that has nothing to do with skin color. I think poor kids of all color should work as janitors—white, black, yellow, and that weird caramel color that the “president” is. And I’m offended by those who call me racist. One of the things that many of us Republicans share is our love of the family. My wife Callista (who is a robot built in the same factory that constructed Mitt Romney) and I believe in family values. I have two children and a wife that I love very much. And I respect the institution of marriage. In fact, I love marriage so much that I’ve been married three times. I also believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman, not those “progressive” interracial gay couples. Those people could destroy our whole society. I would never let that happen. As you know, I support a constitutional amendment that says that marriage is between a man and a woman. I would get that passed right after I get elected. And as you also know, I would like to bomb Iran. So after I protect us from those sexual deviants, I’ll start dropping bombs on a country that might possess nuclear weapons. Now, the media, specifically those who report on my actions objectively, seem to be my biggest critics. These people consistently report the facts. It is ridiculous. Especially those journalists like Anthony Galliano of “Etched in Stone”—jerk. The media keeps taking my words, not twisting them, and reporting them exactly as I said them to the general public. By doing this they are scaring the voters. That’s one of the main reasons I’m losing support— people have become aware of my platform. It’s tragic. And to finish, I want you to know that I can beat Barack Obama (if that’s even his real name). The “president” can’t win against me in the debates. And it is there that I will prove to all of America that I can and will be a great leader. I will use my regular style of debating, where I say crazy things and then yell at the moderator when he asks follow up questions. But no matter what happens...I will win. Sincerely, Newt Gingrich P.S. This letter has been approved by me and my Super PAC.

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QUESTIONS: drummers from bands

1. What is your band name? 2. Who else is in your band? 3. How did you meet? 4. What kind of music do you play? 5. What is your favorite song you play? 6. What’s your favorite place to play?

Carson Clear

Gray Whitney

1. Just Another Day 2. Freshmen Aditya Kamath and Riley Thompson 3. Aditya asked me if I wanted to play. We originally had different people, but they left because of homework and other responsibilities. Then we brought in Riley Thompson. 4. Alternative Rock 5. “She’s my Hero” by Just Another Day 6. We haven’t played anywhere yet, but I am looking forward to play at Wahoos, Ramona Flowers, Everyday Joes and the Aggie.

1. Yellow Tape 2. Sophomores Paul Krech and Krech 3. I have been best friends with P met Ian in eighth grade. I have alw I have played the drums since I wa 4. Alternative Rock 5. “Whole Lot of Love” by Led Zepp 6. I like playing in open venues, l Park. I also like Hodi’s Half Note.

Freshman at FRHS

Sophomore at FRHS


the at am his n f I i r ed rd unio aid, “ all o volv .” a j ,s ild e he in of be Bell, club ause eing e gu h th g e ec b n th it in an w itt l i r c Josh of th er b fun a t i . r au lly him lent ne s utifu s. e u a b o ea un t an ea m a g nd m d grou me r. H en r fro ique cs in a b rst r felt n e g d M a ck e i n y o a S an by it’s b arnin a u lyr pla the fi se h er t a b e d u l ff H s d e e s l a d f l a w v po wi R ire an d c d o t an s o a e F r h l b p o u res ate ne b an s ss ita rr t om ll, ns gu o bo ntil i t i ucce him dent n c Be in o s clu e co inte ctu reat h t i a e t s s th stu r ca u flu g i e ot had d it usia ar d s, lik uita an th ique grea lub e is . g n w n n e h I it om ds a ther the g beg g un his he c ther o joi atio n t I sic. play c ent gu nd S a r t t y t o d n l o a h o I i o u g i l u t m s w ile on itia eth ue t ntly s b ents oun zati is nd mu ayin usic RHS y r a y i g a h h F e n k l t s n w lod er i som y d urr be stud n an t. T ng ac t d riti t firs and f p g m at F uer ’ g m d e s a r a i u s n r C e i b m na wa t bo ic. fi d w r a her y o ritin nts ana sion m iven em t o gra play rty a e e a s a n e c i t n e t h r t h d w i a H H t i de mu d v te c-d Bo rofi 000 thi rict a “T star ’s gu h te rst s of stu ity. tele g Th I o s , u t i t p h t t e 5 n s t I h r d is e s ess i four mu The non $37 uden gav l Dis and er ister ngl at fi yea wit mun any ludin l, an e h t g a H , w n st rn, hoo ents and cc il m nc na le s d E Th ny nts m su twee r ne ently a ock s u c b a tee litt sai uer. ma tale e co on ls i ree H ues. and fo ec ve s R ote ret re S trum ern ive c e ” y a e l n , o i h T b a i e D t v a t e c a d t R m k s d i i n e c n e d p d r n e C g m n i o Ha d i us nd tur me On co ay ’s L Ki pro d, i Pou ee in mo rec mus so ho br e l , 9 u y e a n l m l r l m e 0 e P o an t th of f te a wil for e al A nt Litt n de Tim ssom his e ar n f d co 9021 t eve ed nver e i r c c o re led zati usi hou llars crea HS ded ts a SD. in nw hy blo aring eopl bee , an stle, e lis tend s De o l i e g i w R P t o o m a s c an rn n rich he ou n d is t y, F inten um na ons, ake sh d p has vies , Ca . 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M t he C d t , o t e sai but e is a and ded wri mp state co sai tha ou mor oo. b r o n e t a r g e c he ow he ople ife. re earn age au s lov t the food atte son ave t n hr l l e p s i a a s i n p hi g d i ts h s to to t ritten c h H To ook i n t i s l o d s i d b of mu eem nclu Gu reste uden f tac ircle ng w ce s i Fa s s i ’ h it st ic o a c bei r s nte for HS, tion rite re i hese top t in are FR pira ng W ho a al. T the ill si rics ins e So S w ener from y w ile ly Th FRH in g ing The wh at sic rang gan. und mu ngs ichi s aro so of M idea

u a n a H of im de T d iga r B s ers it r gw

Mike Bruxvoort

Jordan pasquin

1. Catalyst 2. Juniors David McGraw and Katie Sackett 3. We met through mutual friends and just decided one day that we should start a band. 4. Rock 5. We never got to that point, we just jammed together. 6. We haven’t played anywhere yet.

1. Rome Incarnate 2. Kris Jackson, Thomas Rige, Kelsey Romero and Noah Khostam 3. The main members met at Hodi Half Note’s at a show three years ago. I have known the vocalist since third grade and I met the basist at the show, who got our other two guitarists. 3. Progressive Metal 4. “Marsellus” by Rome Incarnate 6. We have played at the Aggie four times, our most recent concert there was in November

Junior at FRHS Ian Latour and Senior Scott

Paul since fourth grade and I ways been musically talented; as 7.

pelin like on the top of Fossil Creek

Senior at FRHS

graphic by ethandayton

EiS 03.02.12

sports 12

Guest article:

FRHS Wrestling Has Best Finish At State In School History elliottsmith The Fossil Ridge wrestling team sent six wrestlers to the CHSAA 5A State Tournament, which was held from February 16 to 18 at the Pepsi Center. Three wrestlers placed fifth, one placed sixth, and the team placed 15 overall, ahead of Poudre, Fort Collins and Rocky. The six qualifiers were Keegan Lecher (113), Trevor Brown (126), Taylor Killion (132), Preston Blackburn (138), Austen Lindsay (145) and Payton Tapia (195). Brown, Killion and Tapia placed fifth and Lindsay ended up in sixth place. Much of Fossil’s title hopes rested on Taylor Killion, who had a record of 37-1 coming into

the tournament. But Killion’s run ended during a semifinal match against Pomona’s Raymond Robledo, who received the benefit of a close and debatable call in the closing seconds of the match, leaving Killion one point short of a shot for the state championship. “I couldn’t believe I didn’t get the points,” Killion said. “It was the worst feeling in the world knowing I wouldn’t be going to the finals.” He would lose his next match and win the following one to earn fifth place. Robledo would go on to win the state tournament at his weight class. The team had more misfortune during Payton Tapia’s quarterfinal

match against Poudre’s Roman Marquez. In the closing seconds of the match, Tapia willingly let Marquez escape to take the lead 5-4, mistakenly believing he was winning the match 4-3, when in actuality the match was tied 4-4. Time expired and Marquez edged out the win. “It was disappointing,” said Tapia, “because I beat him twice during the season and when I lost it was when it really mattered.” Tapia won three of his next four matches to place fifth. The team encountered some tough competition during the tournament. Trevor Brown faced the eventual state champion Emilio Martinez of Greeley West

in the quarterfinals, and Austen Lindsay lost a 6-3 decision to the eventual state champion Jordan Hendrickson of Loveland in the semifinals. Fossil had only one state placer in the program’s history coming into the tournament, and placing four wrestlers is by far the most successful year the team has had at state thus far. “We wrestled well, but we can always wrestle better,” said Austen Lindsay. “There were some matches near the end of the tournament that we could have won.” Five of the team’s six state qualifiers and all of the placers will be returning next year.

Games of the Gods: Track and Field dylancox

The FRHS Track and Field Team has been notorious for their hard work through the season. The athletes are being coached by Head Coach Pat Williams. There will be a total of 175 students starting out in track and field. The athletes choose what different events they want to participate in. All the student athletes have been in the pre-season for several months. Williams said about Track and Field “Track athletes are really unique to work with; they are intrinsically motivated and don’t whine or complain about playing time or the coach not giving them opportunities. They understand that it’s all about a measurable performance.” The FRHS track team has been with each other for a while. There’s a larger percentage of the team that are upperclassmen. This gives the teams enough time to train with their coaches. With only weeks before the official competition, the coaches are doing last minute drills that make the athletes stronger and faster. Practices consist of weight training and running on the track. Williams said this about his coaching staff; “The coaching staff is great. They’re very young but enthusiastic and they keep me on my toes. The athletes respect two things about me: I’m fair and I am a dominant bowler. Everyone wants to be on my team at our bowling competition during state.” Aspen Anderson, junior at FRHS, said

Junior Aspen Anderson strides it out in a challenging long distance run. Photo courtesy of Aspen Anderson.

about her long distance team, “The distance team is really close and its nice to run for a team that works hard, but has a fun time doing it.” The long distance team has been together for a long time because most of them run cross country together. Junior Ethan Leonard who competes in high jump and long jump, said, “I enjoy being with my teammates, especially because we cheer each other on and we are really supportive to one another.” The coaches try and put an emphasis on understanding that teamwork is what these competitors need. Jumpers have to do a lot of leg work and they need to run so they can get the right height and speed. The team works out every day after school. Junior Annie Layden said “The Fossil Ridge throwing team is super close and we work well together. It is a very chill environment but we also push each other to improve.” The throwing team works out in the weight room and they occasionally go out and throw shot put or discus. Overall they are all one team. The whole team of track and field works hard every doing the sports that they love. Williams proclaimed his goals to be “Conference and state championships. I believe we will have the opportunity to accomplish them if everyone has their top performances at the right time.”

ATHLETES to watch Seniors: Jace Horak Ed Cleary Landon Ecker

Ethan Leonard Koree Willer Jenice Whitehead Rhianna Williams Aspen Anderson Taylor Nelson Emily Cleary

Upcoming Events: March 3rd Baseball Scrimmage v. Silver Creek & Erie March 6th Track and Field Scrimmage v. Poudre March 8th,9th,& 10th Baseball @GrandJunction March 15th Baseball v. Westminster home game

J and J in The Morning jjbissell

Should College Athletes Be Paid? One of the most controversial topics in college athletics is if the athletes should get paid. The NCAA has regulations saying that athletes should not get paid or bribed with money, cars or other valuable things. Top athletes are now complaining about how they need to get paid to play at their college or to stay there, because people close to them have been telling them not to go to school and go professional and make money for their talent. Are they stupid? They are getting paid; it’s called SCHOLARSHIP! They say they need money or benefits to stay there, really? They are the ones that signed their name on the letter saying they will go there for the next few years, and if they are good enough then they should just enter the draft to become a professional athlete. A scholarship is only a one year agreement, so if the athlete performs well then the scholarship after the first year can be changed by talking with the sports program. It is really the coach’s decision to decide if the athlete has performed well or not. If an athlete is a top performer in their sport, then it is more likely that they are on some type of scholarship that is paying for their education. If an athlete on a part-time scholarship feels that they need more money, then they can bring it up to the coaches who will negotiate with the college about a new deal, but if the coach doesn’t feel the athlete deserves it then nothing will happen. Everyone that wants more when they already have a full-ride is just being greedy. That is why you see so many top athletes go to college for one year then they are off to the pros. That is ridiculous, if they go to college it should be for the education, not to get their name out there more so they go higher in the draft. People that go to college are there to learn in order to get a degree so one day they can get a good paying job. But the athletes don’t take advantage of that, they go for one year and then leave without a degree. To be honest, college athletes don’t need to get paid so they have spare money. They should have some money, from all they saved through out their lives if it was to go to college or just for life savings, and with getting a scholarship that money can go for what other expenses that are left or can go into life savings so if they don’t make it to the pros they have something to start with after their education is done.

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13 sports Guest article:

Fossil Girls’ Swimming Team Wins State haleyosborn and chandlergould

Screams engulf the racers as they ascend onto the blocks. It’s loud. It’s blaring and then suddenly there’s nothing but the sound of your beating heart and the thought of every grueling minute spent training for this dash of a lifetime. No one expected them to be there. They were the underdogs; the Fossil Ridge Girls’ Swim team was unknown. Months of painfully early morning practices, where there weren’t chatters or giggles, but only the sound of thousands of splashes as 30 high school girls chased the walls. It all paid off on Saturday, February 11, 2012, when the FRHS swim team won the 5A State championship by one point. Everyone knows the scores; everyone knows the names, the times and the places but not everyone knows the story of the girls behind this extraordinary victory. Before a single race had been swum or a single title won, the FRHS Girls’ Swim Team met to set their goals for the season. Most of their goals were centered on winning the league meet, but as they were setting their goals, Coach Mark Morehouse said something that took some by surprise and encouraged others to greatness. He told the team that taking into account the talent that the team possessed and the talent from other schools, the FRHS Girls Swim Team has the opportunity to win the state title. “The Fossil team believes,” said Jazmyn Markel, a freshman who competed at the state meet. That is just what all the girls did; they believed that if they put in the commitment and hard work, the results would be satisfying. But it wasn’t just believing that set these girls up for success, it was the bond that they created with

each other and with their coaches. The team is like a big family of sisters. “We formed a team and supported and challenged each other,” Coach Morehouse said. No matter how tired, no matter who it was, at every meet, every single girl cheered their hearts out for their teammates. They celebrated their successes and comforted them in their losses. They were the exact support system that this team needed to succeed. At the Jefferson County Invitational, during the diving break, the team met outside to discuss what they expected for the finals of the meet. This discussion turned into a team circle. This team circle consisted of each girl saying something they were proud of about themselves and something they were proud of about a teammate, by passing an oversized frog stuffed animal to each other. “It should be expected from every team but I think we portrayed that sense of sportmanship and committment the best,” Markel said, very proudly of her teammates. The FRHS swim season was full of close calls this year. They barely won the Jefferson County Invitational, went back and forth with Loveland at the Front Range League Meet and won State by one point, but it was that “every single one of the girls on the team came to all the practices, showed up to all the meets and cheered at every event,” as Markel said, that was the driving force for the team. That strong bond brought all of those girls to the state meet. Whether they were on deck timing, screaming up in the stands or watching online at home, every girl supported the state team. Everyone could feel the nerves and jitters for the state team radiating off every FRHS swimmer. Walking into Edora Pool Ice

Center, where the state meet was held, every swimmer was mentally going through every turn and every breath for their races. State didn’t start with event one, it started when the swimmers arrived. They were in their zones. CHSAA officials told timers that the only thing they could ask is their name; nothing else to distract them. Prelims set up the entire meet. How a girl performed and raced in prelims determined if she moved forward to finals and the amount of points that are possible to score for her team. The finals were full of pressure and prelims were just as jam-packed. The FRHS girls knew this and came into state knowing that this could be their state meet, but only if they did everything they could. Of course the coaches understood this: Coach Carolyn Fries wore a four-leaf clover necklace and she didn’t bring a spare change of clothes in case the team jumped in the pool so that she wouldn’t jinx it. Coach Morehouse wore his green sparkling sequined tie with pride. “Prelims was the proudest moment of state,” said Morehouse. So it was no coincidence that at the state meet the entire family was present to watch. “It was great knowing the whole team was there supporting us and believed in us,” All-American winner, Rhianna Williams said. “We came in with mindset that we would do our best,” Markel said. And do their best is just what they did. It wasn’t only the members of the FRHS family that could feel the connection, but also the members of the crowd could. It was really a competition between Fossil and Cherry Creek and once the crowd realized that, a large majority of the crowd be-

gan to cheer for Fossil to win and beat the six year champions of Cherry Creek. “Honestly, [when I was swimming] I was just thinking it was going to be another point for the team,” Markel said about her swim at the State finals. When it all came down to the final, 400 freestyle relay, every person in the arena was on their feet because this team believed and they believed as a team. “Morehouse told us we needed to get second to win state,” Williams a junior and anchor leg of the 400 freestyle relay said. After the last race was over and it was clear Fossil had pulled ahead and won by, yes, one point, the joy rushed over the girls. “I think the entire relay was in shock that we had actually done it,” Williams said. The swimmers, timers, and coaches all gathered together in one large huddle while the girls in the stands rushed around until Dr. Dierdre Cook, principal of FRHS, got them onto the deck. The huddle was packed with tears, hugs, and “I can’t believe its.” The screams of joy were silenced when the announcer began to say the final scores. As soon as the sound had left they erupted again as the final score of 244 and that Fossil Ridge had won first place, was announced. Coach Morehouse said that every single team member needed to accept the trophy, so the girls lined up one-byone and held hands all the way to the award podium. “We were able to win because of every girl’s contribution to the team,” Williams said, “Whether they were swimming, watching or there supporting they put their whole heart into it.” United as one with tears in their eyes, they screamed in unison “We are Fossil!” to the cheering crowd. “I think our girls

Shell-Shocked Adventure

are proud to be apart of the team,” said Coach Fries. The state girls ran back to the other side of the pool and the state trophy was gingerly set down near the announcer. “[The trophy] was heavier than I thought,” said Emily Campbell, senior at FRHS. After more picture taking and a radio interview, the girls again held hands and lined up on the bulkhead near the diving well. The swimmers, coaches and administrators all screamed and jumped into the pool; many in their clothes and only a select few in swim suits. Everyone scrambled together and screamed the signature swim cheer, trying to stay afloat. Peeling themselves out of the pool they raced to the camera crews. During a 9 News interview Emily Campbell, senior, was asked how the team would celebrate and when she replied, “We are going to Disney World,” it sent the girls into a screaming frenzy. More pictures were taken and more cheering from the parents amplified the celebration. “It was cool to be able to represent the team and let everyone know how hard all the girls worked,” Campbell said with a smile on her face. The team, connected as one in both pride and commitment, decided to celebrate and go to dinner as a family. The season began as just a normal girls’ swim season, and ended with a feat that topped off the year for all the members on the team. It was a season that none of the girls on the team will forget because not only did they win a state championship, but they gained 40 sisters. They never stopped believing that they could do the unthinkable and it took every single person in the family to do it.


Editor’s note: Fins on the Fly is a new column by Sophomore Jacob Ruthven on fishing, hunting and other outdoor pursuits. You can read more fishing stories by Jake at his blog: The stage was set - snowy weather, sunny skies, and a plan to meet at 9:30 that morning by the river. As the brakes squealed and both cars came to rest, anticipation hovered above like fog, and friendly handshakes were exchanged as Sanders and I shivered violently in the frosty morning air. Slightly torn waders and trusty wading boots were slid onto my frozen body, and an overflowing hip pack was strapped to my waist as it tightly hugged the oversized wooden net also known as the ‘Pig Stick’. Worn laces were cinched tight, and a few weapons for the day were selected from the diligently organized rows of my fly boxes. The moistened knots were then drawn tight, securing the meal courses to the tippet. Approaching the water, flows became a concern whether we said it or not, but determination drove us forward without looking back. A mere fifteen minutes into the day, I dropped to my knees as I screamed “Holy cow Sanders, We got a 25 inch fish right here!” What usually spans the course of 20-30 minutes of presentations took only a single cast as the fish turned without hesitation to slam the easy meal. A smooth lift of the rod resulted in intense runs, but after around 45 seconds the big male brown was brought to net, and we both stared in disbelief. The colors were astonishing, and my day had been made. After a series of photos, and a dramatic increase in morale, the beautiful fish was released, and we knew that Sanders’ turn would come next. Continuous searching resulted in few fish, so a swift decision was made to proceed to the next area, giving us a shot at different fish. Rods were loaded into the cars, and off we went. Upon arrival, it appeared that every person in Fort Collins had decided to try fly fishing that day, seeing as there were exactly two spots left in the lot. Crowded water resulted in minimal fishing, but as fellow anglers left whistling the signature Super Bowl anthem, space became plentiful. As the afternoon midge hatch entered full swing, a single fisherman sat perched right in the heart of the action. Sean and I tried above him, and quickly brought three fish to hand. Frustrated, the man left the perch, giving us a shot at a few fish. A single rise was spotted and after a few refined presentations, the dry fly was slowly tugged under, and what seemed like a 12 inch stocker at first suddenly showed itself as an 17 inch cutbow thrashing below the surface. Directing the fight while chest deep in the river with the net, I watched as Sean bravely battled the fish.

A few minutes later, the chance presented itself, and the gorgeous fish was scooped into the net. Sean’s face lit up like a kid in a candy store - an image I will never forget. Sean proudly hoisted his biggest trout from this particular watershed, and after many pictures, the camera-friendly cutbow was carefully released.

Jake Ruthven, sophomore at FRHS, hoists a quality brown on Superbowl Sunday. Photo courtesy of Jake Ruthven.

EiS 03.02.12

opinion 14

“Maturity” and “Courtesy” at the High School Level katymorrison

Disclaimer: This is not a persecution of the entire school’s population, only the small pockets that cause the most damage to our school. The entrance into high school is most generally thought about as the next step in life, including advancements in knowledge and maturity. Frankly, maturity seems to fly right out the door when some students come to school. As I walked around the campus during my off period during Valentine’s Day, there was a slew of trash, gum, candy and flower petals all over in the hallways. What’s more, I witnessed several students wadding up the newspaper and discarding it onto the floor. Maturity? Common courtesy? I think not. Yeah, I get it; you want to be cool for your friends, right? Disrespecting people’s property, putting them down and trashing the establishment which is FRHS is totally cool. Well, here’s something people may not have told you: Being immature and purposefully offending others for your own personal gain isn’t cool at all; it just makes you a jerk. Our school newspaper is created during a class period, just like any other class during the day. But it also takes time out of school, and is a detailed process to organize. It disgusts me to see how little people care for the feelings of our staff and our hard work. Personally, I don’t care if you read the newspaper or not. But we distribute them around the school so people who want to read them can. And if you don’t want to read it, then don’t. But is it really necessary to rip it in half and toss it in the garbage can? Or throw it on the floor? Believe it or not, there is no black cauldron at the end of a magical rainbow filled with money for us to print our newspaper either. The same concept goes for any sort of activity you may participate in. Say you are a member of

the football team, and you have a big game coming up soon. You’ll want to encourage people to come support you. And even if not everyone does, that’s okay. But would you not be angry if someone replied, “The football team sucks!” Though creating a newspaper and being on the football team are two different things, when I see our newspaper that the entire staff worked so hard on ripped or crumpled on the ground, it sends the exact same message. Because the United States is obviously a free country, you are most certainly entitled to your opinion. I am in no way saying that you need to suddenly love and appreciate everything anyone does. Instead, I have a commonly used phrase in mind: “If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.” And as cliché as it sounds, actions do speak louder than words. Even if you don’t say anything directly to the person’s face about what you really feel, but instead trash them in an indirect way, you are still sending the same message. Another thing that I find disgraceful is the respect and treatment of our school and its property, as well as the staff by some of our students. Sure I’ll admit, I hate school just as much as the next person, but a lot of work is put into maintaining the school the way it is. Your teachers go home each night grading piles of paper and creating lesson plans to increase your knowledge so that you can go somewhere in your life. Your counselors provide you with college information, career help, schedule planning, all for your benefit. The janitors stay late hours cleaning every inch of this school so that you can have a clean classroom when you arrive the next day. Our Lunch Ladies provide us with food so that we will not be hungry. So tell me, what is so cool

about being immature and disrespectful to the people who work so hard to better your education? Did you even stop to think that the wrapper you just threw on the floor is yet another to add to the already monstrous pile of trash which our janitors have to clean up? Or did you stop to think about how the people who serve us food are in fact people, and should be treated as such? They were not hired to be our personal maids. Some students may argue that “it’s their job,” but these people are providing us with a service. When you go out to get a job (or already have one), do you appreciate rude customers if you are taking their order or talking with them over the phone? Or how about people who leave their trash lying around for you to clean up after them, or just expect that you do that already? Our school’s staff appreciates it as much as you do, which I assume is not at all. The mentality that everything will be handed to you in life will not become a reality after high school. Weaning yourself off of dependency on other people and progressing towards independency will launch you a lot farther in life. Simply because those who work at FRHS are working for your benefit does not automatically make you entitled to expect that they give you what you need. Part of growing up is learning how to take care of yourself. Unless you inherit of a large sum of money, it is highly unlikely that your parents will continue to pay for your phone bill, your car, money for your electric and water bills, etc. I realize that if there was no disrespect and immaturity in the world, it would be impossible to define what is considered to be respectful and mature. The same goes for being courteous and not. But if we all start to do our part in appreciating what is given to us and respect those around us, that would be an excellent place to start.

Public Service Rant --

MTV’s Distortion of American Reality With Regards to Spring Break


Cancun. Miami. Palm Beach. Los Angeles. In simpleton terms, basically any place with a warm coast and an endless supply of alcohol (not to mention the endless supply of girls). Publicized and promoted from the brilliant minds behind MTV Networks, this is the American teenager’s viewpoint on what a good Spring Break truly is. From the Jersey Shore to the Gold Coast, teenager’s wants have, unfortunately, been distorted by this television network. While one percent of teenagers may go on a vacation to Mexico, Florida or California, the other 99 percent are going to stay at home and weep to their hearts content because they can’t live up to MTV’s idealistic “norms.” I am the 99 percent. And I am not weeping. MTV stands for Music Television. So I am begging the question... where is the music? MTV, owned by Viacom -- the world’s fourth largest media conglomerate -- has created a reputation for broadcasting absurdities that are generally accepted by the American public (think Jersey Shore, Road Rules and every other low budget reality show that is or has been loved by millions). The modern ideas of partying and sex have been stealthily publicized over the past decade by this media giant. MTV invented the dance move, as some consider it, called “grinding” and has shaped the youth’s ideas of what it truly means to party and how that correlates into having fun. In the 1980’s and the 1990’s, someone could flick on the tube to MTV and catch a quick, visually appealing music video from whomever the world’s most famous musician was at that time. In today’s world, that is not the case. MTV has starved America’s youngsters with a generation that unfortunately lacks a television station full of quality music videos (no, Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush and Disney’s Hannah Montana videos DO NOT count). These music videos were MTV’s original intent. However, the network has steered away from such productions and veered into the realm of blockhead programming that is as Ludacris as it is Slim and Shady. MTV used to portray current, popular music. Now it just portrays Guidos and drunken college kids. While people have always had a thirst for sex, parties and fun, MTV created a culture that merged all three of those activities into one event. This event, commonly referred to as the American Spring Break, depicts America and its citizens as sex hungry, drunken cretins who only want to be on the beach and party. While this may be the case for a large number of college and high school students, it is not the case for all of them. MTV has created a shallow view of the American youth for the rest of the world to scoff at. And I don’t like getting scoffed at. MTV’s Spring Break is not what Americans do. No matter how much that 99 percent wants to go to Mexico and “party like it’s hot,” they simply don’t. MTV’s distorted images of American culture leads me to beg the question: why do Americans report on these absurd stories that aren’t relevant and sometimes aren’t even true? Unfortunately, it is because people watch that crap. In fact, they not only watch it, but they love it. Considering that, lets take that question one step further... Why can’t Americans see through the media idolized hog wash that we call prime time television? Rather than sulking in the fresh sun that had been cooped up all winter, Americans

choose to sit at home and watch the sun on TV. Rather than hanging out with friends and having fun, Americans choose to sit at home and watch other people have fun on TV. While MTV may have brought the artificial party to America’s living room, America chose to welcome that party into their homes. And boy did they welcome it with warmth and prosperity. And this doesn’t just apply to Spring Break. This is America in general. Look at the people who watch Jersey Shore. Need I say more? Some say that YouTube has killed the radio star, or in this case, the television star. I disagree. YouTube has created a great, easy to use outlet for music videos, but they have not destroyed televised music. Look at DirecTV’s channel line up from 800 to 900. All of these channels are simply radio stations. While MTV fails at keeping one station tailored to music videos, DirecTV can keep 100 stations playing music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This astounds me. To set everything straight, I do not oppose MTV. In fact, I admire its original ideals. However, I do not admire their recent choices in programming. MTV used to be a positive outlet for popular culture. It unfortunately is still an outlet for culture. However, its current rhetoric is on the complete opposite side of the spectrum when compared to their original ideals. Now there are several ways that MTV can win back my admiration. They can: 1) go back to broadcasting only music videos; 2) go back to broadcasting only music videos; 3) go back to broadcasting only music videos. Unfortunately, in today’s world, that is not going to happen. The Jersey Shore’s ratings are too high for MTV to simply abandon it. While this is an unfortunate truth, it is a real truth. Curiously enough however, the cost for producing reality shows such as the Jersey Shore is about ten times less than producing a real TV show such as The Office. Hence MTV’s lack of actual programming. However, with the pre-reality show MTV, music companies and MTV had a pact of mutuality towards payment. What this means is that MTV provides free advertising on their station while the music companies don’t make MTV pay to broadcast their videos. So in reality, it was more cost effective to air countless music videos, as opposed to countless Guidos. But music videos do not bring in the high ratings that are offered from reality shows, such as the Jersey Shore. While high ratings have led to the success on paper for MTV, they have not gained my respect back. They will not gain it back anytime soon (unless of course they choose one of my three unlikely options listed above). Until then, they will continue to distort young American’s viewpoints on life. MTV will not positively influence our culture. MTV will not portray a realistic viewpoint about the American youth. However, they will continue to produce one heck of a show about Italians in New Jersey. And they will continue to clump sex, party and fun into one category through masses and masses of scripted, casted audiences. Much like the 1980’s and 1990’s, there needs to be a television station that only programs music videos. I guess I could try watching VH1 sometime... Who am I kidding? Even I’m not that desperate.

15 opinion Letters to the Editor In Response to “Love Stinks” by Anthony Galliano Dear Editor, Blog is defined by as “Web site containing the writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observation, opinions, etc.” Might I add to that definition: “a venting place to escape one’s reality.” Anthony Galliano took full advantage of his literary opportunity to post a blog in the form of the article “Love Stinks.” “Love is simply this: the feeling you get when you want to have sex with someone. Falling out of love is this: not wanting to have sex with someone anymore.” Sound like a vent? Poor childhood experience anyone? Or perhaps he encountered an experience generic to most high school relationships. Now, psychoanalysis is not my specialty… but if I didn’t know any better, I would sense a serious need for attention by Galliano—if this were the actual reason for writing the article, it’s surely a success. Way to go Mr. Galliano. Yet, attacking the foundation of happiness we call love seems like quite a pathetic attempt to gain attention. Being this a rather serious issue, I see the need for a real argument. There seems to be a sickness about the earth. Just as the medieval times twisted justice to a perverse state, just as the Greeks mistakenly valued self-pride, so too has our time abused the word love, molding it to the lines of relativistic views. These views state that people should “live and let live,” “you can believe whatever you want to believe and I’ll do the same,” and “so long as you believe something, that is good.” But this ideology falls flat on its face, because in the process of denying an absolute truth, it is making an absolute claim there is no absolute truth. Hence it contradicts itself; there must be an absolute truth. You see, there is a need to state what is right, what is true. Personally, as a Catholic, I know that I cannot buy into this sickness of relativism—and I encourage anyone who has any belief to resist this as well. We MUST be loving and humble when doing this, and grant everyone their rights. But we also MUST speak against falsehoods and misconceptions. I say this all because I see this mentality in every aspect in my life; and this mentality is at the very core of Galliano’s claims. When he says that you should follow your instinctive desires, that you should live based off of animalistic feelings, he’s making you your own God—he’s denying any sense of deep connection and any existence of an objective morality for whatever you make it to be. What he’s done is confused freedom for relativism. So when I say marriage must be kept a sacred union between a man and a woman, that abortion is prejudice in its darkest light by murdering the most innocent, that contraceptives are one of the greatest detriments to our generation’s moral fiber, that love is something that goes past the physical, I say it objectively. I am not afraid to tell you that these all are wrong, that these all are things you should NOT do. I am not afraid to claim an objective truth. I only hope that those who agree with me are not afraid to do the same. Galliano’s beliefs hinted in the article, and blatantly stated in previous articles, support abortion, contraceptives, the pill, pre-marital sex, etc. The sanctity of natural birth and death are things that must be kept strong. I could go into the emotional trauma and lasting psychological effects it causes, but I will stick to what is philosophically true: that, since everything is caused by something, at the beginning, there must have been an initial Creator who was not caused; i.e. this Creator just is. And since this Creator created humans, and life as we know it, we must respect this Creator; we must not be prideful by making ourselves our own creators—our own gods. Although there may be hardships that people go through when they deal with having kids, I have two things to say: 1) That actions have consequences. There’s a technique known never to have failed to the common human… it’s called abstinence until marriage. 2) That murdering is not justifiable to simply avoid suffering and misfortunate circumstances; you are never justified in doing something with evil means—because, if you are, there is no absolute truth, because there would be no inherent goodness in anything, as one value overrides another, overrides another, ad infinitum. Consequently, there would be no ultimate truth; and, as has already been established, absolute truth can be one and only one. Galliano has left out these consequences in his evaluation of these issues, such as sex, claiming that you are you’re own god. Or perhaps he just forgot that they are in fact, just as real as the actions themselves.

Which leads me to my next point—a point that many, including Mr. Galliano, are unaware of in today’s world. The opposite of love is not hate; the opposite of love is using another. This is so because you give absolutely no inherent dignity to the person— they have become an object for your use; while, when you hate someone, you at least grant them some significance, as they are worthy of your hate. When someone becomes a means, an object, they have lost their very identity in being a person. Adolescents growing up seldom here this; instead, we are told to follow mainstream media’s idea of life. For guys, it is to get as many girls as possible, to look cool, and ultimately to use women. But that is the most dehumanizing thing you can possibly do. To be a real man, to be masculine, is to do the opposite—to love women by conquering yourself for their sake, to protect and cherish them, to put yourself on the line, to show them real beauty goes far beyond the physical realm (as Galliano would like you to think in “Love Stinks”). And women, I know that there are so many social pressures put on you, which result in lower self-esteem for women than ever before. But I also know you long for something more than to be an object in some guy’s life—if your heart desires true intimacy, you are only going to find that with a man that is willing to wait for marriage, and lay down his pride for your soul and your true happiness. If you desire to be loved, you must first love yourself. Don’t get me wrong: sex is one of the greatest gifts mankind has been given, but, like everything, it has its true place. Instead, sex has turned into a toy. It is used when wanted, but heaven forbid that toy breaks, and she tells you she’s late. Next thing you know, you’re walking down aisle 5 in Babies R Us. Before you know it, there’s no more Guys’ Nights or Girls’ Nights, and graduation becomes a figment of the imagination. However, despite the common health class that talks just about physical associates with the P word, there is more that goes on during sex. Past the supernatural bond, there are hormonal bonds that are formed in sex. After sex, the hormone vasopressin gets released in men, telling them to stay and protect that woman, making him jealous for her. Then, after time, the man’s testosterone levels never reach the same level as they were before, because they are hardwired for fatherhood. After sex for women, they carry cells from that partner the rest of their lives (called microchimerism), though they may not carry the affection of their sexual partner for even half that time. And, judging on the basis of most high school relationships, you’re lucky to have such emotions for a month. We are not in a place to say that you are “in love” and therefore sex is justified. That feeling is caused by infatuation—a feeling that lasts for anywhere from 4 months to 4 years. But the real, deep love, that married couples that have been together for 40, 50, 60 years possess, comes from the release of opiates called oxytocin. It is a calmer love, but a monogamous one. Life is about more than pleasureand self-satisfaction. And to deny this would be to deny anything beyond the physical, including religion, philosophy, poetry, art, music… love. It is human to desire a deeper relationship with someone, a deeper friendship, a deeper kinship, than surface level relationships. Humans want more than to simply be occupied with video games or with TV. That is not enough. We don’t establish “rules” to make everything harder; rather, it’s the harder that results in a need for rules. Think of it as a football game—if there were no rules, there would be no game, because there is no standard on how to play, and therefore no enjoyment in it. The same goes for life: we need these rules to better life, not to take away from it. Therefore, when it comes to love, standards should also be applicable. Set them for yourself. Sex is not love; love is not sex. Include companionship. Believe in the beauty that love has to offer, and believe in your own value as well. Real connection is not between bodies, it is between souls. Sincerely, Kevin Roerty (Sarah Bruce contributed to this piece)

Dear Editor, Hello my name is Andres Jimenez and I am a freshman and Journalism 1 student at FRHS. I am writing to the newspaper about the article “Love Stinks” by Anthony Galliano. I realize that Anthony may have been going for humor or satire but through my eyes and the eyes of many other students I have talked to, the article is just wrong. The article literally starts off talking about sex and how love is not real. High school students do not want to read about this kind of stuff. When reading a school paper you expect to see articles about academics and things that pertain to the students. Even the articles about politics and relationships and gossip, that is all fine, but this article was just over the top. As a guy I found pretty much the whole article wrong, inappropriate, and stupid. The article makes the paper look bad. I understand that the paper has the right to publish whatever they want but my suggestion is that you tone it down a little bit. Anthony does not have to be so extreme or over the top. I am sure that there are other stories that can be written about and published that appeal to a much larger reading audience. I am not trying to tell you what to write about or publish, I am simply trying to give you suggestions for the newspaper. Thank you so much for taking your time to read my letter. I really respect the paper and you guys are doing a fantastic job. From, Andres Jimenez

EiS 03.02.12 To whom it may concern: Etched in Stone is a student run newspaper at Fossil Ridge High School. With that being said, the editors on the staff have specific jobs consisting of proofreading articles, laying out pages and being leaders in the class. All of the articles written for Etched in Stone, regardless of the category or subject matter, reflect the views of the individual writers only and not the views of the entire Etched in Stone staff. We have heard the voice of the readers and understand where you are coming from. Respectfully, The Etched in Stone Editorial Staff

The Controversy Over Controversial Issues amberbaack Inappropriate material should not be put into the FRHS newspaper. Period. What classifies as inappropriate though? Is it swear words with ****? Is it sexual references? Is it insulting a certain religion, gender, political party or person? Is it even just bluntly stating opinionated views without consideration to others of the student body? This has been a raging topic in the Journalism room since the beginning of the year. But recently, there has been a decision regarding how to deal with these topics such as how they are presented and written. Personally, in a student newspaper that is distributed to a high school and a community, there should not be material that is controversial yet presented in an unprofessional way. This does not mean that controversial topics can’t be brought about. The main purpose of a newspaper is for people’s voices to be heard. The Opinion section would be empty if those issues couldn’t be written about. But the presentation of those issues needs to be professional and considerate. In the past couple editions, articles on prostitution, censorship and abortion have been released. While these topics are of some necessity to discuss were they presented in a professional enough way to be

run in our publication? Yes, some people will be offended regardless of how an issue is presented. But, by simply toning down some words and making statements in a gentler way, a larger percentage of students wouldn’t be appalled by our publication. High school students are thoroughly exposed to all of these issues anyway. This statement is constantly brought up by the opposition that believes inappropriate material is actually appropriate for Etched in Stone. Yes, high school students swear and are exposed to drugs, sex, violence and controversial issues in the world. Movies display bloody scenes and drug busts. Magazines are constantly reporting on celebrity drama and sex scandals. Video games are filled with violence. Swearing becomes second nature to students by the time they arrive at high school either through family, peers or the media. So why isn’t it okay to blatantly write about these things in our high school newspaper? Think about it this way, do teachers constantly drop cuss words and discuss drugs and partying? Does the administration casually talk to kids about abortion and sex? No. And what is Etched in Stone exactly? A newspaper Article continued on page 16

GALLIANO’S RESPONSE Dear Fossil Ridge, I realize that my column, Love Stinks, in the February 14th issue of Etched in Stone, has caused some controversy in the community. I have never been afraid of controversy nor is it something that I avoid or dislike. The press has many functions such as that of being a “watchdog,” but as one of my editors said, another one is “to spark discussion.” This does not mean to senselessly shock or be crude for no other reason than the fact that you can, it means to make expressions or write pieces that provoke thought. I think Love Stinks has provoked thought. Let me be clear, I am not apologizing for Love Stinks, I am merely explaining it. Love Stinks is satire -- which is a literary work holding up human vices and follies to ridicule or scorn. There is a serious point expressed in the column but it is revealed by exaggeration, irony, the devil’s advocate position, and several other tools used by satirists. Satire is something than cannot and should not be taken literally. I am using tactics in Love Stinks that satirists have been using for centuries. Take the great Jonathan Swift, who in his famous, A Modest Proposal, wrote that eating babies would solve the issue of famine in Ireland. Mr. Swift was not serious; however he was making a serious commentary. Just as I am commenting on the conflict between human nature and monogamy in the 21st century by taking positions I don’t agree with to show something that I hold true, being ironic, and by exaggerating things. Now, I would like to acknowledge some criticism from the letters we received. Mr. Jimenez thought that my article reflected poorly on the paper and makes the paper seem “stupid.” It should be noted that my views do not reflect the views of the staff or the school. All of us here at Etched in Stone have different perspectives and we all express those perspectives in different ways. I’ll actually have you know most of the newspaper staff hated Love Stinks. I would encourage everyone that strongly agrees or disagrees with an expression made in Etched in Stone to write a letter to the editor. If you feel strongly about something in our paper, exercise your first amendment rights. But just remember, that means that you can express yourself, not censor others. Sincerely, Anthony Galliano

EiS 03.02.12

opinion 16


: l a v i v r u S l Abbie High Schoo abbiehanawalt Dear ladies, Sometimes it feels like we are on an emotional rollercoaster. One minute we are totally happy with no worries, and the next we can find ourselves balling. This quote from the movie 17 Again really displays my point, “When you’re young everything feels like the end of the world. But it’s not; it’s just the beginning. You might have to meet a few more jerks, but one day you’re gonna meet a boy who treats you the way you deserve to be treated. Like the sun rises and sets with you.” I love this quote because it’s true. Sometimes we do feel like it’s the end of the world. And one thing that I have found to be true is that it is better to let your emotions out than to hold them all in. 1. Write down how you’re feeling in a journal. Let it all out. 2. Talk to someone who you trust. They may be going through something similar. It’s better to talk about how you’re feeling with another person. 3. It’s okay to watch a movie with a big carton of chocolate ice cream and eat all of it. 4. It’s okay to cry. We are experts at it. 5. Take a walk and look around you. Try to find something that brings a smile to your face. 6. Sad music can be a good way to let the tears out, but it’s not good to constantly listen to it when you’re sad. I know it’s tempting. But you need to trick your brain into thinking that you’re happy by listening to upbeat songs with positive lyrics. 7. Go sit in a place that is special to you- a place where you can just escape from reality for a little bit. 8. Smile. It takes more muscles to frown. 9. Be active. Don’t just let yourself sit around in the house all day. Go for a run or take a dance class. 10. Be creative. Creativity can help you find something out about yourself that you may have never known before. Remember, no matter how bad the situation may seem, it’s not the end of the world. You have people around you who love you and want to see you happy. Don’t let the blues get you down. It’s okay to express your sad feelings, but don’t focus on them. Keep fighting to keep that smile on your face because it’s beautiful.



eric steven

High School has many many perils that come with it. Some are located in the lunchroom, some in the classroom and some in the hallways. They lurk in the darkness waiting for you to come into the area that looks all warm and inviting and like a Venus flytrap catch you and eat you like a little fly. But in the classroom you have an extra hurdle to jump over to make it in the jungle that is high school. A project is the bane of all our existences and is a major issue that resides in the classroom. Projects can be as simple as class work with a group all the way to building a launcher for Physics. One may think that the projects of this jungle are an easy thing because you simply team up with the reliable people and you’ll be fine. Wrong. When the projects role out of their little cages in the staff room, they have a hunger


for sorrow and sadness and the teachers are under contract to feed this hunger. This is where the term “assigned groups” comes from and its purpose is to feed these little monsters that are named projects. You will have better luck if black cats walk under ladders, mirrors break, and Firefly comes back on TV. Plus, if you procrastinate the SOPA, PIPA, and OPEN bills will pass and now you can’t research. Isn’t that just lovely? Oh and FYI the teachers have a large purple spotted snorklewacker, that feeds on fear, the teachers are given at the start of the year for projects. Now if you manage to get the project done on time, you still have the grading to get through…… but if you don’t turn it in on the Friday the 13th deadline, rifts in space will occur and other end of the world stuff like meteors, boiling seas and Barney the dinosaur singing to you all day every day. Now if you are not swallowed

up by the purple spotted snorklewacker, which will come after you for the missed deadline in place of your project of fear it would have fed on, you will be graded. Now since you made it through the bulk of the monster, you will have just the utter pain of defeat to feed the snorklewackers. The teacher is however not contracted to feed the snorklewackers at the time of grading, but it just depends on the mood that they are in to feed on them or not. So if you need to make it through a project make sure you have three things: A black cat, some pliers and a giant can of glue solvent and you will make it through relatively unscathed. I make no guarantees though, so I am not legally responsible for anything that may occur like rifts and purple spotted snorklewackers-or say the resulting F on a project for taking the time to read this when you should be working on a project.

Flounder jongalliano

Join the Dialogue

We are lucky enough to live in a country that protects the rights of its citizens to speak their minds. In order to honor and utilize those rights, we, the 2011-2012 Etched in Stone staff, feel it is our mission to provide a forum for dialogue about issues of interest to our staff and readers; therefore, we invite our readers to join that dialogue. We will not shy away from writing about the issues that shape our school, community, nation and world—even if those issues are controversial. We believe that through shared dialogue about the issues that affect us, we can come to a greater understanding of those issues and affect positive change. Consider becoming a part of the conversation by reading the opinions expressed on our editorial pages and responding either in a letter to the editor or by submitting a guest editorial. By exercising your rights as a citizen of this country you strengthen the foundation those rights are built upon.

Editorial Policy

Controversy About Controversial Issues continued from page 15 through FRHS. If our newspaper is promoted by the school, should we be running news and articles that offend many members of the student body? High school is intended to be a safe place for students to learn and feel comfortable with their views. While sometimes this isn’t possible, the administration and staff strive to achieve this goal. The leaders of FRHS only promote safety and a quality education for the students. If Etched in Stone is through the school and it is threatening student’s views and

causing them to no longer feel safe in their learning environment with inappropriate articles, should it even be printed at all? The newspaper is a place where everyone should belong and have an opportunity to have their voice heard. The constant issue with controversial content that is inappropriately presented to our student body has created issues within the staff and has offended many students in the student body. The swear words should be eliminated. The profuse references to sexual

content should not be printed. Statements that are hateful toward certain people should not be allowed. The staff of Etched in Stone has recently been able to institute new policies such as the ones above and hopes that these will improve the overall publication. This newspaper should be a publication that the student body looks forward to reading because of the interesting topics. It shouldn’t be something that many put down because even the titles of some articles are too much for them to bear.

Etched in Stone is a public forum student news publication at Fossil Ridge High School that strives to report general news and school events with truth, accuracy, objectivity, and clarity. Etched in Stone will also comment on issues of interest to its readers. The purpose of this publication is to report the news to the Fossil Ridge High School community and to provide students on the newspaper staff with practical newspaper experience. Letters to the editor are welcome and should be limited to 150 words. Letters should be signed and include a home phone number or email address. Send to: Amber BaackOpinion/Editorial Editor at Columnists express their own views and not necessarily those of the Etched in Stone staff, FRHS faculty or administration. No expression made by students of Etched in Stone newspaper shall be considered an expression of the Board or Fossil Ridge High School policy. Furthermore, Poudre School District and its employees are immune from civil or criminal action based on any expression made or published by students. The Etched in Stone newspaper staff reserves the right to edit anything.

EiS 03.02.12

17 opinion RACISM - A PREJUDICED FOSSIL RIDGE? While working after school on this issue of Etched in Stone, the editorial staff burst into a discussion about prejudice and racism – what constitutes and defines the differences between them. Most people would agree that racism can be seen to some extent in almost every aspect of our academic lives; from walking down the halls to deciding where to sit in the lunchroom. They believe that racism is evident all throughout Fossil Ridge and the campus surrounding it. But is racism actually the correct word to use? Webster’s Dictionary defines racism as “1: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.” Webster’s also defined prejudice as “1: injury or damage resulting from some judgment or action of another in disregard to one’s rights.” With that being said, I find it hard to believe that there is still true racism taking place in the halls of Fossil Ridge High School. Rather, there are coherent prejudices that have been accepted by our very own culture. Racism means that you think your race is better than others because of the color of your skin, size of your nose or curliness of your hair. Prejudice is causing damage – such as excluding a student from an activity or potential friendship – just because they don’t look like you. People believe that there is a thin line between being racist and being prejudiced, but in actuality there are huge differences between the two. American slavery was racist. White Americans thought that Africans were lesser than them. Whereas refusing to hire someone because they have a tattoo is not racist. Rather, it is prejudice. Both racism and prejudice are the actions of stereotypes; racism applies to thinking lesser of someone due to unchangeable physical features, whereas prejudice deals more with exclusion due to changeable features. The man has the democratic right to get a tattoo… should he be judged for that? While this is an unfortunate truth, it is a real truth and has affected the lives of many between the thin walls of Fossil Ridge High School. Most people are not racist here and those that do feel tensions towards a certain group of people are prejudiced. People subconsciously judge others. Everyone does it; it is human nature. If you meet someone who says that they don’t judge others, science has proven that they are lying. I wish that there was no prejudice at Fossil Ridge, I really do. But that is just how life is sometimes. With that being said, there are still things that you can do. If you see a loner sitting at his own lunch table, invite him to sit with you. Regardless if he wears the same clothes, has the same hair cut or even speaks the same language as you.


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Dog Food Saved My Life

The Hypocrisy of the Religious Right’s Agenda and “Small Government” “

anthonygalliano I’m completely in favor of the separation of Church and State. My idea is that these two institutions screw us up enough on their own, so both of them together is certain death.” -George Carlin Almost all of the Republican presidential candidates have taken a socially conservative position on an issue, which means that they believe, in one way or another, that the government should have the right to dictate how people run their personal lives. That includes things like who can get an abortion and for what reasons, and who has the right to marry whom. But it seems so hypocritical for them to support such a large and intimate role for government, because they claim to hate government and the “bureaucracy” that it represents. They’re the ones that believe that our government is intrusive and burdening and that we should starve it and make it smaller. Ronald Reagan was the one who proclaimed that “government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.” But Ronald Reagan didn’t really govern by that. And neither do any of these Republican candidates. Because like Reagan, most of these Republican presidential candidates are socially conservative. And many social conservatives believe that their religious values should be legislated. That’s both constitutionally questionable and a form of big government that is larger than anything we currently have. Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum is perhaps the most socially conservative out of all the candidates. His beliefs consistently conflict with both the nonintrusive government ideal and the Constitution that he claims to be fighting for. For example, Santorum believes that a woman should not be allowed to have an abortion even in cases of rape, because, as he puts it, they should “make the best out of a bad situation.” Bad situation? It’s not losing a game of Yatzee, Mr. Santorum, it’s rape. And the fact that he thinks President Obama’s support for Roe v. Wade is “radical and extreme” is ridiculous, since it’s been the law of the land for nearly forty years. But if you do want to overturn a Supreme Court ruling Mr. Santorum, how about Citizens United? You don’t want to do that, of course, because it will actually affect you, instead of a whole gender that you are not a part of. And that’s the problem with the Republican Party claiming that they believe in small government—it’s selective. They want less intrusive government when it comes to regulating the finanical industry, taxing corporations, and setting clean air and water standards—you know, the little things. But they’re all in favor of intrusive government when it comes to social issues like women’s reproductive rights or samesex marriage. The basis for these hypocritical attitudes is religious beliefs. When we couldn’t have stem cell research under George W. Bush, it was because of religion. The reason gay couples can’t get married everywhere is because of religion. The reason Rick Santorum supported anti-choice legislation as a senator is because of religion. And that’s a large and unnecessary role for government and, arguably, unconstitutional. The question is whether legislating based on religious beliefs violates the principle of the separation of church and state in certain cases. For example, why do people whose religion tells them that homosexuality is immoral get to decide whether gay people can marry? This is not to say that you can’t believe whatever you like. If you don’t like gay marriage, don’t marry someone of the same sex. If you’re pro-life, don’t get an abortion. It’s fine to practice your religion in that way. But don’t try to take away our rights as Americans because of your religion. Practice it all you want, but don’t force it on others through the law. And Rick Santorum makes it clear that his political views and his work in the Senate is based on his religious beliefs. He acknowledges his lack of respect for the constitutional principle of the separation of church and state. Here’s what Rick Santorum thinks women with pregnancies that are the product of rape should do: “accept what God has given you.” This guy wants to be president and he’s telling women who were raped to accept their pregnancy because it’s from God? That’s how he justifies his political viewpoint? Well, Mr. Santorum, accept it when women don’t vote for you. By the way, not to scare anyone, but this guy is one of the Republican front-runners. For you to really understand how ridiculous this is, picture what would happen if it wasn’t Christians, but Muslims or Jews that legislated their religious values. For example, in the Jewish religion it is considered immoral to hunt for sport. Imagine if we made it illegal to hunt for sport. How do you think all the gun advocates in the Republican Party would react? They would freak out—as they should. Or maybe we should make it illegal to not circumcise newborns. Or maybe we should start enforcing Sharia Law. Could you imagine the outrage there would be? So if we don’t enforce Judaism and Islam, why do we enforce Christianity? And why do we act like it’s not the actions of an intrusive government?

EiS 03.02.12

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