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We discuss some of the key priority areas highlighted in the EIS Manifesto and the major Scottish political parties’ stance on each issue.

Setting priorities for education The EIS recently launched its Manifesto for Education. The EIS Manifesto sets out the key priorities that Scotland’s political parties will have to address in the lifetime of the next Scottish Parliament. In this edition of the SEJ, we discuss some of the key priority areas which are highlighted in the EIS Manifesto for Education.

The priorities for the EIS are set out in our manifesto, and are highlighted over the following pages of this SEJ. But we also wanted to know what each political party’s priorities were in four of our key policy areas – class sizes, pupil indiscipline, nursery education, and further and higher education. We asked each of the main parties to set out In what promises to be an their policies, in their own words, extremely tight election race at so that SEJ readers can make an both national and local authority informed choice when the time level, each of the political parties comes to cast their votes on May will be jockeying for position on 3rd. Their answers are published the issues that matter to the side-by-side in this edition, people of Scotland. Of course, making a straight comparison one of the most important issues between each political party will be education. At both national simple and accessible. level – where the education budget represents a huge percentage The EIS is not affiliated to any of the Parliament’s spending – individual political party, and and at local authority level, will not be encouraging members each party’s policy on education to vote for any specific party. has the potential to win – Instead we are simply exploring or lose – many votes. the key issues for Scottish 8 Scottish Educational Journal March 07

education and encouraging members to cast their vote for the party that they feel has the most to offer our education system, our teaching professionals, and our young people.

And the EIS is not just talking to Scotland’s politicians, teachers and lecturers at this important time. EIS members have recently been out on the streets, gaining parental and public support for one of the key EIS priorities – the reduction of school class sizes. The EIS petition to reduce class sizes has been a great success, and this is also highlighted in this SEJ.

Continuing our efforts to keep education at the forefront of the election campaign, the EIS will be launching a major national advertising campaign to encourage people to turn out at the polls to cast their ‘vote for education’.

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