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My probation year in Mill of Mains Primary School, Dundee Terri Lloyd, a new teacher who recently completed her probation year at Mill of Mains Primary School in Dundee, shares her perspective on the teacher induction scheme. Here, Terri explains how the support and mentoring she received from colleagues and the local authority helped to smooth her journey from teaching graduate to fully qualified professional teacher. When I heard that I was going to do my Probation Year in Mill of Mains, I was absolutely delighted as I had spent some time there during my training and had become good friends with many of the teachers. Also, as I knew the entire staff, the school layout and many of the children, this did reduce the anxiety (a little anyway) I’m sure everyone faces when going to a new place of work.

telling, voice management, psychology, craft, ICT – to name but a few! During the week when you were at school, you were still given a day out of class to widen your experience. I did so many things during this day and really appreciated being given the time to explore. I made sure that I spent time with all the teachers within the school to glean ideas from their teaching. I visited another school within the cluster to observe a P6 class, again looking for ideas to try with my P6. I went to a Resource Base, visited an Offsite Provider and observed a Specialist Unit. My Mentor and the Management Team were so helpful in enabling me to organise these meetings. I also spent time going through the cupboards as you tend to find the main resources quickly but there are some fantastic little gems found elsewhere in the school! My Probationer Year was just brilliant, yes there were highs and lows but I was really lucky that I had the support of the most patient, innovative mentor anyone could have wished for. Everyone in the school was supportive and always on hand for advice. Also, the Local Authority appointed a designated person that “looked after” all the Probationers and Michelle was the Facilitator at our together days and always at the end of the line if you need a chat.

Everyone in the school was supportive and always on hand for advice.

Mrs Tipping, the Head, informed me that my Mentor for the year was Mrs Whyte. As I had worked with Carolyn in my Early Years Placement, I just couldn’t have been happier. Whilst a very experienced teacher, this was Carolyn’s first mentoring position and it was great to be able to share our learning experiences.

As a Probationer, in Dundee anyway, you are given one day each fortnight when you come together with other Probationers at the Local Authorities Education Centre. This was a fantastic time to meet with peers, share experiences, get ideas and share concerns. The Local Authority arranged for many specialists to visit us and this gave us a great insight into a whole range of subjects i.e. story-

My advice for anyone either in training or in their Probationer Year is just to put your heart and soul into the job. Yes, things may not quite go to plan but reflect and ask yourself why they didn’t work this will give you a great starting block to try it differently the next time. If you do have a problem, speak to your mentor. I always liked to try and think of a few solutions and then we’d bounce ideas around until we had the best one. I was asked to give a short talk to the Probationers this year and my best advice to them was not to stand on the side lines but to get into the game. Relish the challenge (as it is one) as it is only a few short months until they become the main player in the classroom.

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My advice for anyone either in training or in their Probationer Year is to just put your heart and soul into the job.


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