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The Gwen Mayor Trust Supporting arts projects for children

The Gwen Mayor Trust was established by the EIS in memory of Gwen Mayor, the primary 1 teacher at Dunblane Primary School who was killed alongside 16 of her pupils in the 1996 tragedy. The purpose of the Trust is to advance education by providing financial support for projects in connection with the arts, culture, music or sport. Gwen Mayor’s daughter and a former colleague from Dunblane Primary School are among the Trustees to the Fund. In this special feature, the SEJ looks back at some projects across Scotland that benefitted from the support of the Gwen Mayor Trust over the past year. We also highlight the details of this year’s successful applications, following the recent annual Trustee meeting where all applications for assistance were considered.

Gwen Mayor Trust awards 2017/2018

The Gwen Mayor Trust recently announced its awards for 2017/18. 11 projects from across Scotland have been successful with amounts ranging from £300 to £1000 being awarded. A total of 7,382.23 has been awarded from the Trust fund this year. Amount (£) £700

Total Cost of Project (£) £900



Croftcroighn Primary School, Glasgow

To create a piece of mixed media artwork for display in the two secondary schools Croftcroighn feeds into, to act as an environmental reference point for new secondary pupils.



Alves Primary School, Moray

To teach Primary 3/4/5 class to play ukulele.



Uryside School, Aberdeenshire

To enter the I-Rock Competition, a junior version of the popular Rock Challenge.



Nether Currie Primary, Edinburgh

To plan, organise and run the ‘Easter Extravaganza’ performance.



St Ignatius Primary, North Lanarkshire

To form a ‘Forest Club’ which will support the maintenance of the wooded area within the school.



Castlehill Primary, Glasgow

To create a sensory garden within the school grounds.



Balornock Primary, Glasgow

To develop the infant playground and create opportunities for outdoor learning.



Saint Mary’s Primary, South Lanarkshire

To start an after-school photography club in early 2018 for P4-P7s.



Auctertool Primary, Fife

To set up football and netball clubs.



South Morningside Primary, Edinburgh

To raise pupils’ attainment in PE focusing on Sportshall Athletics.



Buchanhaven Primary, Aberdeenshire

To create open reading spaces throughout the school.

Total number of successful applications = 11 Total amount awarded = £7,382.23


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