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10 Quick And Powerful Website Optimization Tips

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10 Quick And Powerful Website Optimization Tips

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10 Quick And Powerful Website Optimization Tips

After You Read This Guide… You’ll learn 10 quick and powerful website optimization techniques that you can start using today! You’ll discover: The simple SEO step many internet marketers omit - and why it's worth it to make this your top priority 7 actions Search Bots love you to take - and 7 they absolutely hate even more The best way to create quality backlinks - and it may not be the way you're used to The single worst mistake almost everyone makes, when it comes to filling in these simple website elements 3 simple rules for turning them into SEO magnets (This one "fix" alone can often make you see real results to your organic traffic) Check Out This Available Resource…

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10 Quick And Powerful Website Optimization Tips

10 Quick And Powerful Website Optimization Tips About the author Eirik Vold started his first business with a partner in 1996 and sold it five years later for millions. He used some of the cash to start a second business, with services aimed for Media & IR Contacts, during a period of 3 years served more than one hundred thousands clients, and Eirik ultimately sold that business to a larger international media company. After working as a consultant and marketing strategist for small and medium businesses on four continents, Eirik realized his passion and talent was helping other entrepreneurs be supersuccessful (online & offline) and in 2005 coined the term Marketing Coaching to describe his work. Internationally recognized as a business advisor and author, Eirik has worked with thousands of small and medium businesses whose names you’ll never know, but whose entrepreneurial owners have pocketed a substantial sum in increased income and proceeds from sales. (50% year over year client growth is typical, and 100% sales increases are not uncommon) Thousands more have read Eirik’s publications, cources and reports, including his wildly successful website “No Fluff Reports” has hot little reports with topics and some of the best strategies for marketing your business online as well as offline, to make more profits and serve your customers better. These reports is a must read for anyone in the "biz".

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10 Quick And Powerful Website Optimization Tips

Intro New internet marketers don’t need to be afraid of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The people who holler most about “Google Slaps” and getting their sites shut down are often those who try to boost their sites in the Search Engines by using questionable methods, trying to “get around” the Search Engines and their guidelines and rules. Internet marketers who have no intention of using sneaky tactics usually don’t have to worry. However, there are times when you do something that Google doesn’t like, without ever realizing. If you watch your page rank and position on Google search pages at all, that’s when you find out about it. Rather than scare you with a list of 101 things not to unwittingly do, however, let me get straight down to giving you 10 powerful tips that will make your site solid and “sticky”. So let’s get right down to our Top 10! 1.

Switch To Wordpress

One of the easiest ways to make sure your site is loved by Google: Switch to blog format. Specifically, a Wordpress blog. Not only will maintaining your site in Wordpress format give you your own easy cut-and-paste content management system, you can add plugs in like All In One SEO that automatically set your site up for Search Engine success.

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10 Quick And Powerful Website Optimization Tips

You can go two ways, when switching to Wordpress: You can make your blog mimic a static site – using “Pages” instead of “Posts”, and making a few other minor alterations; or you can add information in real-time, as a true blog. Either way, you can use plug ins and keywords (“Tags”, in WordPress.) One other plug in you should definitely use, however, if you’re planning to go the WordPress route: Akismet. Akismet is a powerful spam-stopper. One of the drawbacks of WordPress, if comments are enabled, lies in the ability of spammers to leave bogus “comments”, stuffed with spam links – many of them unpleasant and guaranteed to get you banned or blocked. However, if you have Akismet enabled and set up, the spam comments are designated as such, and held harmlessly until you decide to delete them. Both of these plugins have to be configured, once installed – but that’s walkin-the-park easy. You can find many useful plug-ins that instantly add functions to your blog website. Don’t overdo the plug-ins, however – they can make your site unwieldy and hard to navigate. Other well-optimized content management systems include Joomla, Drupal, and DotNetNuke


Don’t Ignore Your Title Tags

Title tags are the same text links you see on search engine pages, in response to your query using a key phrase – so why do so many people ignore them?

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10 Quick And Powerful Website Optimization Tips

On your HTML page, they look like this:

<title>Google Docs</title>

To clear up a common cause of confusion, the Title tags are not the headers that appear on your browser display screens.They control what appears at the very top of your browser, like this:

They add significantly to the search engine value attached to your page â&#x20AC;&#x201C; yet people make a number of common Title tag mistakes, over and over again. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d like to create Search Engine friendly Title tags, follow these 3 simple rules: Respect the 65 character limit Change the Title Tag for each page of your site (each page should have its own unique title)

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10 Quick And Powerful Website Optimization Tips

Don’t overdo the keywords – while it’s good to use a keyword as your title, make sure it’s a relevant one, and don’t repeat it too many times elsewhere on the page. Many people who do use static website Title tags properly don’t seem to realize that these rules also apply to blog posts. The Title of your post is exactly the same as what’s contained inside the Title tag of a static web page. Exceeding the 65 character limit is a common mistake seen often, when people use blogs as their websites. It shouldn’t be.


The Loves – And Hates – Of Search Bots And Spiders

Fortunately you don’t have to be a genius, to quickly learn what Search Bots love and hate. Their main purpose is to determine the theme of your website. Search Bots LOVE

Search Bots HATE



Metatags and Doc Type declarations


Properly validated code with no


mistakes Keyword Phrase in Title Tag

Did we mention “Flash”?

Graphics that have ALT tags filled in

Graphics with no ALT tags

Unique, original content

Plagiarism or Duplication of content

Primary Keyword in Title and First

Keyword “stuffing” all through the



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10 Quick And Powerful Website Optimization Tips

How much do Search Bots really hate Flash? Most of them will bounce straight out of the site without indexing it, if they come across a Flash intro.


Submit Your Site To Website Directories

This is a step many people omit – and it’s an important one. It’s like submitting articles to Article Directories; only in this case, you’re submitting sites to Site Search Engine Directories. The most important one every site should be submitted to (once): DMOZ. It takes a while for DMOZ to index you, but it’s well worth it. DMOZ ranks highly in Google’s graces – and each site is checked out by “hand” – that is, a real, live editor reviews it and either accepts or rejects your site. You should also submit your site to directories specific to your website’s slant: For example, you might want to submit an Art website to an Art Website Directory. Just make sure that your site has been validated, has no mistakes, and is properly optimized and complete first. (DMOZ particularly hates those “Under Construction” signs.)

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10 Quick And Powerful Website Optimization Tips


Create Quality Backlinks

The best way to do this is “as naturally as possible”. Do not go for those “1000 links for only X dollars!” deals – this will only result in your site getting banned. The best way to create backlinks quickly is not to post comments in forums (though that does have a strong and valid place) but to submit quality 350700 word articles relevant to your niche to Article Directories like EzineArticles. As in your website content, put your primary Keyword Phrase for the article in the Title and the First paragraph. That’s all – nowhere else, unless it would be really odd not to include it. Make sure there are no links in the body of your articles – but do include a Resource Box that contains a backlink to your website. If you do post comments on blogs, make sure they are highly relevant and contribute to the “discussion” – comments like “Nice site” are virtually useless.


Use Correctly Worded Anchor Text In Your Links

“Anchor Text” are the words you insert between link tags. For example:

<a href=“”>My Great Site</a>

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10 Quick And Powerful Website Optimization Tips

The text that you actually see (underlined) on the page as a link – the words between the Teal text – is your “Anchor Text.” The best idea is to use your keyword phrase as your anchor text. If you want to put your actual Domain Name in as the anchor text, this brings us to our next powerful tip…


Make Your Domain Name Your Primary Keyword

This is one of the best ways to rank highly in Google’s search engine! So instead of calling your site something delightfully creative, like “Purple Dragon Flagons”, do some careful keyword research. Check in Wordtracker, to see what people are searching for – you’d enter the word “flagons” to have relevant phrases suggested. Look in the Google Adwords tool to make sure there is some competition (a phrase with full competition is usually too hard to beat; and a phrase with no competition is usually not worth your while.) You might end up with something like: “” as your domain name – even if your Title (and the large header on your page) still read as Purple Dragon Flagons. (The only exception to this practice occurs when you are on a focused campaign to “brand” your domain name.)

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10 Quick And Powerful Website Optimization Tips


Track Your Website

Do use tracking tools like Google Analytics (and checking the stats in your cPanel) to see where your traffic is coming from and what pages are bringing in the most traffic. This will help you know what to discard, and what to refine and include even more.


Avoid SEO Scams

If you are ever tempted to hire an SEO company, never use the ones who appear suddenly in your email inbox, saying things like, “We noticed your site is not doing well. Contact us for a…” This is pure, unsolicited spamming, and reputable companies won’t do that. If you are considering letting an SEO professional or company handle your optimization and backlink campaign, choose one that does spectacularly itself in the search engines. Ask for references and testimonials. Check them out thoroughly. Don’t work with any SEO company that tries to talk you into questionable practices. 10. Be Creative With Your Keywords Search Engine bots don’t recognize punctuation. This is good for you, if you have an awkward and unnatural-sounding keyword phrase you want to use on a page.

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10 Quick And Powerful Website Optimization Tips

For example, if your keyword phrase was “French cuisine tricks”, you could entitle that particular webpage “French Cuisine Tricks” (this would also go in your <TITLE> tag!) (And you’d be wise to call the page HTML file: “frenchcuisine-tricks.html”) However, if you wanted to make it feel more natural when putting your keyphrase in the body of the article, you could use it in your first paragraph like so:

“Copious amounts of butter” is the most common complaint about French Cuisine. Tricks to cut down the amount of fat include…

(Just make sure it sounds natural!) So there you have it: 10 quick and powerful Website optimization tips. Pick and choose as you like – but at least now you know what your choices are; and why certain SEO decisions are good or bad for your website. If you implement even a few of these, you’ll be far less likely now to find your site suddenly sliding (for no apparent reason) from the pages of Google.

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10 Quick And Powerful Website Optimization Tips

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10 Quick And Powerful Website Optimization Tips

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10 Quick And Powerful Website Optimization Tips

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10 Quick And Powerful Website Optimization Tips

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10 Quick And Powerful Website Optimization Tips

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10 Quick And Powerful Website Optimization Tips  

Ever wondered if adding a few quick, easy SEO “fixes” would make much difference to the amount of traffic your website really receives? And...

10 Quick And Powerful Website Optimization Tips  

Ever wondered if adding a few quick, easy SEO “fixes” would make much difference to the amount of traffic your website really receives? And...