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Hey hey!! Summers finally arrived and here is the first of our edition of the Eio / Rakes & Strays digital magazine. This is all quite exciting as it gives us chance to compile everything that’s happening with the us into one document.

We don’t often get chance to use all the photography that we get from our photoshoots or have the opportunity to expand on various pieces of news and new projects that we’re doing. So this allows us a bit more freedom than the blog or different areas of the site presently allow. We hope to develop the digital magazine so it becomes more interactive, more informative and includes various offers, promotions, news, video’s, playlists and anything else that we think may be of interest. So it should be a very cool resource and hopefully a good read! We hope you like it and any thoughts or ideas regarding it please get in touch. Eio / Rakes

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Free Returns for all UK Customers

One Page Checkout

We’ve mentioned that this service has been We’ve been making further improvements to coming in several recent newsletters. But this the site this month. The latest introduction is a week has seen the launch of our Free Returns one page checkout. for all UK customers. This is a great feature as it does exactly what You’ll now be able to return any exchanges it says on the tin, which is allow you to go through all the usual checkout steps on just or garments you’d like refunding at now extra one page. cost to yourself. This cuts down the present payment process This will also be a hassle free process, you just by about 4 further steps, so it makes it alot need to attach the returns label to the package quicker and hassle free. and pass it over at the post office. Simple!

Spotify on Facebook

New Eio Range Coming Soon

We’ve taken advantage of Spotify’s new app that allows playlists to be shared via Facebook. So if your a friend of ours you’ll now be able listen to all the playlists that we’ve compiled.

The next set of designs that will be hitting the website is a new collection of Classic Eio.

Gift Wrapping Service

New Garment Cuts

We’ll be adding a new section to the site for these and we’ll be developing it over time so the Classic’s section becomes an extensive arIf you’re not already a friend of ours you’ll chive of all your favourite T’s. find us at the following friends page - excess is ok. Or our fan page, which we’ve just start- This ranges new releases have already been ed , which is - Eio / Rakes & Strays. decided, but if you do have any suggestions about designs that you’d like to see brought back just send us an e-mail.

If you’re buying a garment as a present you We’d like to make Eio / Rakes the authority may like to have your order lovingly wrapped on premium quality T styles, materials and in our custom designed gift wrapping paper. designs. Our garments are already wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with an Eio / Rakes sticker. However this service will allow you to give your orders that extra special touch if its for a special occasion.

We presently have a cross section of different materials within the collection. Now we’re looking to add some different cuts and styles.

The next addition to the range will be a deep neck T. This will have an far looser neck that We’ll be starting this service in the coming the present T’s and add another option to collection. weeks   excessisok | Rakes & Strays  5

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The Eio and Rakes & Strays philosophy is to produce premium quality men’s t-shirts that are exclusive, original, affordable and delivered with customer service that is second to none. Our limited edition designs are only printed in small quantities allowing us to retain exclusivity and meaning that when you purchase an Eio or Rakes & Strays t-shirt you will receive a garment with the highest quality tailoring and attention to detail. Sold entirely through our own website, we create design led t-shirts that are not available on the high street, in shops or any other online outlets, enabling us to keep tight quality control of every aspect of our garments, from pricing through to buying experience…and most importantly customer service. We see this as a real point of difference between Eio and Rakes & Strays and our competitors; we pride ourselves on our customer service, rather than hiding behind the veil of anonymity, we are as interactive and accessible with our customers as possible. We invest a large amount of time, commitment and passion into the production of our artwork to create inspirationally designed t-shirts printed on the highest quality fabrics, manufactured in Portugal and printed in the UK. We could produce our garments for a vastly cheaper price in other countries, but this would go against the ideals of both brands. We pay a premium to ensure that fabric qualities and print production are the best available, setting us apart from other companies. To talk to us about any aspect of the business or if you have any problems simply click on the ‘sales assistance’ link on our menu and we’ll be more than happy to chat. Alternatively, you can also send us an e-mail. 14  excessisok | Rakes & Strays

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The Asylum T New this summer The Ayslum T-shirt is so called as it is the garment that you seek refuge to. Whether it’s the day after the night before, or the night before the morning after. It’s the garment that you always feel comfortable in and reassured by regardless of the occasion. The T-shirt that always maintains it shape, look and feel, no matter what treatment you put the poor soul through. We released this T as we wanted to produce that ultra soft summer T-shirt that you can throw on at any point. It certainly doesn’t need to be well presented, washed, ironed etc. to look good. Due to its materials it’ll never lose its shape. It’s made from Micromodal, 93% Cotton, 7% elastane 120g. This blend give it a silky soft feel and small percentage of elastane gives it the slight stretch that allows it to allows maintain its shape. It is an slightly oversized fit, the same dimensions as the Rebel T-shirt. It has a low cut neck, raw cut sleeves and waist hem. The length comes down to just above the Jean pockets. It’s had a great reception since its launch, so we’re just in the process of sampling new colours. The heather grey is the first that we’ve produced it in. We’ll be developing this style to incorporate over heather blends and alternative cuts. If you have any suggestions of colours or cuts that you’d like to see us develop please get in touch.

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There’s nothing worse than a T with a tight neck and a thick ribbing. The Asylum T-shirt has a has a 5mm neck ribbing and loose fitting neck opening.

Detail of material composition of the Asylum T-shirt. This is the first season that we’ve released a Heather colour. We’ll be releasing more of these in the Aylum T-shirt and also 100% cotton versions in the Rebel T-shirt.

Stitching detail from the Asylum Tee. This simply gives you an idea of how the workmanship on our garments. Buying online can sometimes be difficult to get across the quality of the product. The attention to detail on our Tees is very high and we pride ourselves on manufacturing quality garments.

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The Rebel T The T-shirt with a resistance to change, control or authority. Its the T style that that never goes out of fashion, the 100% cotton, lightweight T that can be worn endlessly. The more its worn the better it becomes. The same style of T thats worn by people with a good attitude throughout the ages. The classic thin 100% cotton T. A good friend! Is the garment that sits between the Asylum and the Classic T in terms of garment weight. The Rebel Tshirt is produced from 100% cotton,weighing 120 grms. Thinner than the Classic T, its designed to be lighter weighted garment, perfect for anybody that prefers a bit more of a vintage/rockier look. It’s a larger fit than the Classic T-Shirt. It is broader across the shoulders, lower in the neck and the length comes to just above the pockets of your Jeans. It’s loose fitting and extremely comfortable. This sizing is worth bearing in mind when buying as you may take a smaller size depending on how you like it to fit. Has raw cut sleeves and waist hem. We’re just in the process of developing a T based on the Rebel that has a lower scoop and wider neck. We presently offer a cross sections of materials with our T-shirts, but we now looking to extend the style of cut and fit. These should be hitting the site sometime around August.

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The Rebel T features the same neck as the Aylum T. A 5mm neck ribbing and loose fitting neck.

The material composition is shown here. It’s 100% cotton and like all our T-shirts manufactured in Portugal. All of our fabrics and garments produced in the EU so all health, safety and human rights are protected and promoted.

As on all of these individual T-shirt pages, we’re showing the details of each of the garments to give you an overview. Above is a close up of the Rebel T stitching an raw cut hems.

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The Classic T This is the original Eio T-shirt. This was the first born of the family and holds a special place in our heart so this is therefore called the Classic. It has more of a street look to it than the Rebel and Asylum T-shirts and is a slightly slimmer fit. With all our Tees we try to give a cross section of materials depending on your taste. The Classic T, is perfect for all year round, heavier than both the Asylum and the Rebel T-shirts. It’s produced from 100% esmeril cotton, weighing 140 grams. The cotton is combed to give it a luxurious hand touch and really comfortable feeling when wearing it. This is one of the highest quality and softest cottons available. It has a slim fit and the length comes just below the belt. It has raw cut sleeves and waist hem. This style of T-shirt has been featured alot in our range’s over the previous 3 or 4 seasons, but hasn’t in the current season as we’ve released many Rebel T’s and now the new Asylum T. We will be releasing a new range of the Classic T after August with a new range of colours to choose from. This should be a really good second part of the summer which will see us release the new range of classic T’s together with a new lower neck Rebel T and new colours throughout. Should be good!

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Details of the Classic T neck. This is a slightly smaller neck that the Asylum and Rebel T’s. With a slightly thicker neck ribbing of 7mm.

The Esmeril material is a combed cotton, its basically brushed with a giant comb at the factory, which gives this amazing hand feel. Its a totally different quality to the other two T’s in the range, describing the Classic T as luxorious is an accurate description. If you own one you’ll know what we mean!

Again, here is just a small example of what the waist and sleeve hem’s look like on the Esmeril T.

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Big thanks to Photography Luca Deasti

Steven Dodd & Josh Dando

Models Rebecca Michael Max Shelly Niklas Adam Model Agencies Marin Vain


Stylist Filippa Smeds

Music Stefan Oudalov

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Eio / Rakes Spring Summer Magazine  
Eio / Rakes Spring Summer Magazine  

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