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Teacher: Sonia Lรณpez I.E Colombia February 17, 2017

The story of my life Einy Orlas Tรกpias 1001

THE STORY OF MY LIFE My name is Einy Orlas Tåpias, through this writing I will tell my life, all the beautiful things and not so beautiful that I have spent a long of these 16 years. As life has taught me to be a strong person, full of values and skills that help me to be a better person every day. I was born on December 15, 2000 at the Prado clinic in the city of Medellín. My mom; Ana, says it was a very beautiful pregnancy and full of joy and hope to be her first daughter. When I was little I was very short, had blond hair and a little curls, and green eyes, was a very restless girl, very cheerful but very bad class. When I was 6 years old, my sister Samanta was born, she was very similar to me, only with darker hair. All my life I have studied in the Colombia, and I have always been with the same companions, and I have good relation with many of them, with others not so much. I live with my mom and dad, but both are separated, because their relationship did not work, but I have to thank my mom for everything, she has known how to get along with my dad to not bother me or my sister. My mother is my role model, she is a strong woman, a fighter and a person with a big heart, she has managed to never miss anything, and for that I will be grateful all my life, and I will never tire of Tell her how much I love her. When I was 3 years old I spent three months in Manizales because of my dad's work, I do not really remember much, but I know that it was important moments in my life that would define the state of my parents' relationship. Every day I thank God for having my family by my side, they are people in whom I will always find great support, and a positive vibe that gives my life some happiness. Since I was a little girl I've been very cheerful, I like to laugh a lot, I'm very direct when facing a problem, no matter what. I protect my friends when I see that a person is being bad with them, I do not tolerate injustices and I am very supportive. But since everything can’t be

good, sometimes I get carried away by laziness, my impulsiveness and my temper. As for the physical I am a small girl, I have brown hair very clear and my complexion is white, my eyes are green and I have the hair at the level of the shoulders. Leaving aside the quasi description of myself, I will talk about everything that has been of my life, for the moments that I have had to go through, for the sacrifices and for the good things and people that have come into my life, Some are, others are unfortunately gone or simply are no longer for things of destiny. One of the anecdotes that I remember most is that in the first communion, a while before going to church, I fell against a table and hurt my ugly lip, which is why I still have the scar on my lip. When I was 9, I attended painting classes, and I had many friends, it was a wonderful experience that I still have in my memory, and that the people I met there, some of them are still by my side and I love them very much. One of the things that has marked my life was the death of my cousin, I remember the exact moment I passed, my whole family was in shock, no one could believe, he was a wonderful person, fighter and kind. Actually I do not know why all this happened, but it is one of the facts that has marked me, not only me, but my whole family. I remember that many years ago, in my house we were in an economic crisis, and seeing my mother making sacrifices to give us everything she could to my sister and me is something I will never stop thanking her, because I know that being alone and keeping Two little girls with a minimum wage should not be easy, nowadays thank God we do not have problems, but I hope when I grow older help you in what I can. I have always had problems with people being so direct, so "unfiltered" with other people, is something that I have improved, but the reality is that I like to be like that, because I prefer to tell people things directly to them, Regardless of how they take it, I do it this way because I do not like to speak badly of people behind their backs, I prefer to tell them personally if something bothers me about them.

I can not say that I am the best in the studio, because no, I am not, but I have tried to improve, because I know that study is very important in people's lives, if I want to be someone in life, I must improve In my weaknesses, and not to be carried away by

laziness, because it is the worst thing that I can do in these moments of my life.

All my life I have been very close to my cousins. They are excellent people, and I know that whenever they need them they will be there. I always go out with them, have fun, and feel safe, because I know they are people who would never hurt me, because we have always been united, and I love them.

A moment in my life that I remember with great emotion was my fifteenth birthday party, I remember that day in the morning my aunts came to my room crying because it was already very big, everyone congratulated me. Days later it was the celebration, I remember that day I felt so good, I felt happy, I felt that the people who were around me worried about me, I felt like every word, every action had a meaning, I never stop thanking them all Those who were in that special day for me, because it was really a unique, beautiful experience, and that will always be in my heart as one of the most beautiful things they have done for me. Two years ago I had an excellent trip with my whole family (cousins, uncles, etc.), went to Guatape, I know it's no big deal, but that day was very special because we all agreed to share it all, we did not need to Being connected to social networks, we were just all, telling stories, enjoying and living together as a family. You can say that I have a broad social circle, but not all I can call friends. Many of these people who call you their "friend" someday, fail you or have failed you, so I am so cautious when selecting my friends. However, there are people in which if this word fits, they have not failed me, they have not left me alone, and they support me even in the most difficult times. My closest friends are; Silvana Padilla, is in 1101 and is a great person, funny and always has something to tell, if you talk to her you will never miss a topic of conversation, Yulieth Alvarez, is a very cute, respectful and kind girl, Sebastian Orlas, etc. etc. . There are many people that I love too much and I am glad that they are in my life. any of my friends have started because at first we did not get along well; I remember last year, at 1002, my previous degree, some new girls came from a different school. At first not connect very well with any of them,

especially with Dahiana Madrid, I did not fall for anything right. After a while we started talking and realized that all three are excellent people, who are people who support you, and give you extraordinary confidence, with which I started to get better was with Sofia, in fact, I never thought that I I do not know how to get along so well with her, because we are people with different tastes, but we have both got along very well, and one learns from the other, today I can say that she is one of my best friends, Does not necessarily always leave with me or is always in the same place as I will always be when I need it. Last year I met my best friend, her name is Susana Cadavid, she and I at first we could not see the faces because we did not get along very well, but one day we went out together and realized that there are many things in common, She is an excellent person, she is kind, cute, tender and very affectionate with her, although she has fought sometimes, she always looks for the form of what solves, I am very proud and I never do anything to be solved, it is something What I must work and change. The person I never thought would be my closest friends is Sara Nieto, she and I at first did not connect much because our personalities are very similar, and we had as a rivalry between both, I remember that I was going to take advantage of a Situation to "get information" on some problems we had, and I spoke, but only for interest, the rarest of all is that once when we were talking, we both confessed that we had talked about interest, that is, that she simply I was going to talk about what I was talking about. A lot of time has passed since that happened, and Sara is a great friend, although many people do not notice and believe that she is "unfriendly" or "bad" is a very good person, but even if she does not seem to be very shy. David Vega, or as we say "ToĂąo", is the most funny, sarcastic and friendly person I've ever met, will always get you a smile with the least you say, no matter if it's an outrage, although we've all fought With him for his imprudence, we always end the day with him, whether talking about the least foolishness, he is an excellent friend and a great person. To all these people I have taken a great affection, today I can say that I love them and thank you for being in my life, and I hope this is so for many more years. I would not know what to do without them. I have always had a great passion for psychology, I like to advise people, and notice a change in them. I would love to get out of studying and taking psychology as a career because it is something that I would love to do, because there is nothing better than doing the things you like and receiving something in return.makes me happy.

I also really like to know weird things, like; Secrets of the state, the Vatican, the universe, etc. I find these topics very interesting and fascinating. Last year I lost it (10) it was a very hard time, since I had never happened, but, I must confess that last year I was irresponsible and I relax a lot, and I focus on other issues, leaving aside my study, That now that I think about it, they were not very relevant things, but they did mark a part of my life. his year, I consider that I started my studies very well, I have made a commitment and dedication to get good grades, to learn to have the necessary skills to do advance promotion to grade 11, and to be able to graduate with my friends and colleagues, it would be great And I know that I will succeed if I am perseverant and trust myself. When I pass the eleventh grade, I will put all my efforts, I will pay attention in class, and I will try not to be haughty with anyone, I will avoid all kinds of bad behavior that compromises the neglect of my studies, because I want to improve, I want my mom to be proud of My, I want to be a person of values, good and of course educated and educated.

My family is very big, we are many cousins, their names are; Yury, Brayan and Paulina, those are the closest to me, we always spend a lot of time together, we can spend hours talking about anything and we never tire of doing it. They are really special people, amazing and dedicated with the things they love, and optimistic. We are always one for the other. My favorite singer is canserbero, I consider that some of the lyrics of their songs are excellent. Regarding the kind of music I like, I listen to all genres, less rock. In the short term I see myself (with God's help) promoting to grade 11 with my old classmates and graduating, with good grades and I hope to go to college. And in the medium term, I see myself studying at university, pscology that is what I would most like. In the long run, I have become a woman with education, with a good job, who has to be able to please me and my family. The most important of all is to never lose hope, always persevere, that no matter how many ups and downs you have to go, keep your head high, God will always be with us, and we must show him that we are strong, honest and extraordinary people, is a Advice that I should not only take into myself, it´s for all people. My name is Einy, and this was my story, my past, my present, and the person I hope to become in the future.

Einy Orlas- The story of my life.  

Einy Orlas Tápias 1001 IE COLOMBIA 17-02-17 Profe: Sonia López. English work.

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