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Welcome to Zine Columbia Fall 2013. This publication is the continued collaboration of Columbia College Chicago’s Art+Design Graphic Design Department. It is a collection of visual stories that share a graphical relationship between the text and the image. This is our 17th issue. Each issue is officially named Zine Columbia - (then the Season and the year ). But they are best known for the imaginative names selected by each of two Publication Design classes for their respective halves of the publication. Earlier issues have been subtitled Strange Brew I / Strange Brew II - Spring 2003, Worldwide Weird / Off the Wall - Fall 2003, Out of Order / Avant Garden - Spring 2004, Dreams Carnival / Ferschmuckled - Fall 2004. (From Spring 2005 until Spring 2007 the dual Publication classes produced MADE: More Art and Design Enterprises.) Meat / Tweek came out in the Fall of 2007, Static / Nudes and Boots was published in Spring of 2008 followed by Steeze /Peep Show in the Fall. Spring 2009 saw our first offset issue - The Dreaded Biscuits / Thumbs and Knuckles. The following issue was our largest at 132 pages, half an inch thick - Bom.Bom. / Rusty Clutch / Confidential Mindmap and Inky Ruins, four pubs in two covers. Following that issue was a slightly smaller Spring 2010 Moustache Safari / The Pompous and the Doomed. Winter of 2010 we published Pickle Stitch / Butter Bound and the Spring of 2011 - Reckless Cowboy / Fuzzy Pucker. Carnie Milk / Dank Fever came out in Winter 2011, Spring of 2012 was Nomadic Radiator / Elastic Lumberjack and Spring of 2013 was Puddle Punchers and Blazing Pigeons. The most recent issue Zine Columbia Fall 2013 goes by 26 differnet names.

This issue belongs individually to 26 different designers. Each designer titled his or her zine, designed the cover, designed the TOC, wrote and designed a two-page zine feature. Our small early issues were made possible by the advent of indigo process printing which looked like offset but was actually computer generated printing. It was good for short runs of 40 to 60 copies as it was financially expedient. It was used through the Fall of 2004 but proved to be too costly for longer runs. In the Spring of 2005 through the Spring of 2007, with the advent of MADE magazine, we employed offset printing for the several thousand copies for each issue of that publication. It wasn’t until Spring 2009, that we used that same offset printer for 1,000 copies of The Dreaded Biscuits / Thumbs and Knuckles. In an attempt to reach an even broader array of readers at a reduced cost, the publication turned to the Art+Design Department’s newly purchased, state-of-the-art Canon C1-Plus Printer, a printer that gives the publication an offset look but with a digital cost. Starting with The Dreaded Biscuits / Thumbs and Knuckles, each subsequent issue has been designed for print and for the internet. Text and images are rigorously repurposed to use and view on a class web site. In keeping with earlier issues, nothing is the same. Designers, writers, illustrators and photographers all change. Each issue is a snapshot of the creative efforts of 30 - 90 different Columbia College Chicago students from six different classes in three different concentrations. What stays the same is that each semester’s writers, designers and illustrators all work feverishly to lure greater numbers of 18-24 year old readers to the publication. We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed producing it. Craig Jobson Columbia College Chicago Art and Design Faculty Zine Columbia - Fall 2013

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