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• Trust Empathy:

• Provide efficient and pro-active advocacy

• Capacity building & entrepreneurship promotion

• • •

results, and accountability Ownership: Member-driven, bottom-up and independent Service: Member-focus, clear offering and sustainable Collaboration: Shared vision, clarity of roles and respon sibilities Openness: Transparency, frequency and diffusion

• Strengthening membership base • Strengthening communication among Member Institutions • Upgrade PSF execution system for a sustainable Federation.

The chambers bring together business associations with in the sector for assistance in advocacy and business challenges that they may be faced with them. The ten chambers and their Associations that form PSF are as follows:



he Private Sector Federation (PSF)Rwanda was established in 1999 as a fusion between the then Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the employers’ organization. Initially, PSF grouped together 14 associations that were sector specific. The number grew to 23 associa-

Chamber of Agriculture and livestock;

tions representing 17 specific business associations and six provincial business associations. Later on, PSF leadership undertook a restructuring exercise aimed at achieving greater levels of efficiency within all its working sites. Currently the Federation groups together ten (10) pro-

fessional and promotional Chambers, eight (8) of them representing business sectors and two cross-cutting in nature. The federation has representatives in five (5) Provinces and thirty (30) representatives at District level. The chambers are sector specific in nature.

• Chamber of Agriculture and livestock • Chamber of Industry • Chamber of Commerce and Services • Chamber of Financial Institutions • Chamber of ICT • Chamber of Liberal Profession • Chamber of Tourism • Chamber of Arts, Crafts and Artisans • Chamber of Women Enterpreneurs • Chamber of Young Enterprenuers

PSF is a key role player in enabling the private sector to respond to Rwanda’s vision for its future. As the country’s flagship business institution, private enterprises look to PSF to address or facilitate solu-

Advocate effectively and reinforce members’ businesses.

Construction sector Mining Industry Rwanda Association of Industrialists Energy companies Printing companies

Coffee Tea Rice Irish potatoes Cereals Diary Agricultural entrants Hides and Skins Fishery Maize Millers


Membership is open to business professional organizations set as associations, Chambers, cooperatives and industry chains. Our members are drawn from business companies grouped into professional associations all committed to addressing the challenges associated with developing Rwanda’s private sector

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Advocacy Working to create a pro-active business environment that encourages private sector investment and job creation

Study Tours We help our members to identify areas that need improving and assist them acquire expertise through trainings

We facilitate training of members that they may be lacking specific business skills

Chamber of Tourism; Hotels and Restaurants Tour Travel Agencies Tourism and Hospitality Driver and Safari Guides

Banks Insurance Companies Micro finance Institutions Forex Bureaus Insurance Brokers

occurred early 2012 to come up with the new three-year PSF Strategic Plan (June 2012- June 2015), with the following vision, mission and values.

Exporters International Transporters Importers, wholesalers, and Retailers Importers of Petroleum Products Public Transporters Motorcycle Federation Concessionaire de marques Automobile

Golden Circle

Capacity Building

Chamber of Financial Institutions;

tions to business constraints that they face and represent their interests during dialogues with the government. To align the Federation’s work with dynamics of the time, a review of strategic plans


Chamber of Industry;

Chamber of Commerce and Services;


Chamber of ICT;

Access to International and Regional Markets

Software developers Internet service providers Telecom solution providers IT equipment resellers ICT capacity building Broadcasters

We facilitate our members with information and participation to international trade fairs to enhance the competitiveness of members towards the increasing sales and markets share

Chamber of Liberal Profession ;

Chamber of Women Enterpreneurs;

Chamber of Young Enterprenuers;

Chamber of Arts, Crafts and Artisans;

Accountants Bar of Rwanda Clearing services Consultants Clinics Engeneers

Tourism Finance Commerce Industry Liberal profession Crafts Agribusiness

Association Imanzi Young Economic Chamber Association of young agronomists Young Enterpreneurs club COJETAR Christian Workers Youth

Vendors and exporters of Handcraft products Isoko arts Rwanda Iriza art Ingoma Music Photographers Carpenters Garages Producers of Juice, non alcoholic and Alcoholic drinks Producers of handcrafts products

Profitable businesses for a prosperous Rwanda

Twitter: PSFRwanda1

The Golden Circle brings together business champions, captains of industry and like-minded business leaders to network and exchange ideas on matters of current interest with other strategic enterprises and partners. The Golden Circle platform provides a perfect opportunity for constructive dialogue. Members in this category seek to discuss and champion, among other things, issues to do with doing business environment, necessary investments (public private partnership), policy reforms, regional integration and regulatory framework requisite for business growth. In various ways The Golden Circle members champions private sector’s role in implementation of Rwanda’s development agenda. The Golden Circle seeks companies that have invested in innovative solutions that are beneficial to Rwanda’s economy as they tackle job creation for the youth, develop gender sensitive programs and champion innovation hubs. This is the kind of progressive partnership that PSF is seeking, a mutually beneficial partnership to grow the Rwandan economy. Annual subscription fee to be part of the Golden Circle is minimum 5,000,000Frw only

Golden Circle Member Benefits Personalized Service Members will have access to Top executives to ensure timely advocacy on business challenges. Access to a dedicated Golden Circle Account Manager for priority & personalized service

Priority on Invitations to Special Events Golden Circle members will have access to high level business and public events including; Invitation to Golden Circle Presidential Forum and Invitation to topical business networking meetings

Marketing Opportunities Golden Circle members will have priority access to our marketing opportunities such as events/ road shows/ meetings/ workshops including: • Free flighting of web banners on the PSF web site • 10% discount on international Expo Stands • 20% discount on The Enterprise Magazine rate card • Free branding rights and display of bro chures at PSF organized events • Access to information on local and International business related matters

Networking We work in coordination with outstanding business people and enterprenuers both regional and internationally to create a networking platform for our members as well as stakeholders

CATEGORIES OF OUR MEMBERS Private Sector Members are grouped into categories according to their capacity to easily address their issues and serve them best. The categories are: Golden Circle, “Indiashyikirwa”, and Ordinary members.

The Golden Circle

The ultimate business network 02)6!4% 3%#4/2 &%$%2!4)/. 27!.$!

Facebook: Private Sector Federation Rwanda

End Of The Year Gala Dinner This is the premier business event of the year not only in Rwanda’s calendar but will also attract attendance from the East African Business Community. It will receive regional & international publicity and will feature a yearly Publication of who’s who in the Private Sector - “The Profiler”. This publication will be distributed in all Rwanda Embassies including in-bound & out-bound high level trade missions thus facilitating more business opportunities.

Indashyikirwa “Business Champions At District Level” Following a successful formulation and operationalization of Golden Circle, the same idea was replicated across the country at the district level to ensure an evenly distributed private sector participation in Rwanda’s economic development. The brand name for the districts outreach of this program is “Indashyikirwa” a connotation in Kinyarwanda for “Champions”. Districts have developed ambitious development master plans that are aligned with Economic Development Programs. They, too look up to private sector in their respective localities to elaborate those (ambitious) master plans. In such a case, they need a favorable private public partnership (PPP) platform through which they can elaborate their respective investment agendas. Any developmental plan at district level, they become the number one target group.

Annual subscription fee to be part of “Indashyikirwa” is minimum 200,000Frw only

Indashyikirwa” Member Benefits 1- Access to Business Development Services such as entrepreneurship skills; Business counseling; business health check, business plan development at a discounted rates 2- Benefiting from the funds available through the Projects managed by PSF. The various products/services include: Training of individual enterprises, Business Plan Support, grants and collateral programe

3- Enjoying discounted rates on fee based activities: trainings, seminars; conferences; exhibitions 4- Involvement and participation in various business forums, sector working groups on policy and other concerns affecting the private sector. 5- Given high priority in involvement and elaboration of developmental plans that benefit their Districts 6- Getting regular first hand information and business opportunities locally and regional markets 7- Participation in PSF networking meetings and member activities where you share ideas and experiences with other PSF members



Hotline 2233


ORDINARY MEMBERS These are business sector specific groups who do not belong to the Golden Circle and “Indashykirwa� categories. Membership fees depend on the level of your business. Ordinary members have access to the general benefits provided by PSF such as Advocacy, Trainings, Study tours, networking events, and access to information. Specific benefits to this category are;

ASSOCIATION / CHAMBER APPLICATION If you are a professional association willing to become PSF member, you need to write an official letter applying, and to that letter attach your notified statutes as well as the list of your members. After receiving your application, PSF will direct it to the appropriate chamber and the chamber will get back to you after having analyzed your request.

1- Access to Business Development Services such as entrepreneurship skills, business counseling, business health check, business plan development.




How To Apply For Psf Membership 1st step: Identity business activity 2nd step: Fulfill the membership ap plication form 3rdstep: Attach your company profile and certificate of registration 4th step: Pay membership fee based on the association that you belong to. 5th step: Submit your forms with bank slip to the nearest PSF office. 6th step: Get a membership card and experiences with other PSF members

2- Getting regular first hand information and business opprtunities in Rwanda

PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP / DLOGUES Recalling the importance of having an effective Public-Private Partnership in economic transformation, the Government of Rwanda through line Ministries in partnership with the Private sector regularly conducts dialogue on different important issues aimed at engaging private sector and increasing

their participation in Rwanda’s Economic Development agenda. The government’s set targets will largely be attained by ensuring a robust private sector that drives the economy. For that matter, an array of support has been aligned by Government and development partners,

including; access to competitive financing opportunities, export promotion and market access opportunities, economic policy and legal reforms, infrastructure development etc. Private sector too has to rise to the occasion, play their rightful role not only in trade and investment but also in other strategic programs elaborated by the Government.

The Public Private Dialogue aims to achieve the following:

3- Participation in PSF networking meetings and member activities where you share ideas

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For more information contact us at:

• Provide an opportunity for the business champions from all levels in Rwanda to exchange ideas and to

P.O Box 319, Gikondo Kigali, Rwanda Tel: 2233 or +250 252570650 Email: Twitter: @PSFRwanda1 Face Book: Private Sector Federation Rwanda Web:

The Rwanda Private Sector Federation (PSF) is a professional organization dedicated to promoting and representing the interests of Rwanda’s business community. It is the umbrella organization and voice of the private sector.

share key messages on specific government programs with Government officials in an open and honest manner thereby raising the confidence and ownership by the Private sector. • Provide clear understanding of what is expected and from who in the developmental programs. Clarify on critical interventions and public investment that private sector could leverage • Strengthen the culture of dialoging for economic leading to inclusive governance • Provide a platform to get feedback from private sector members on challenges that hinder business growth and need urgent attention • Use this dialogue as an opportune moment to create accountability in Government officials to engage Private Sector in Economic Development programs implementation and thus increase Private sector participation in economic development.