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True Handshake Quality. More than 50 years of expertise for trade and industrial companies.

FĂ–RCH at a glance Company:

Theo FĂśrch GmbH & Co. KG




320 million EURO


more than 2,400 worldwide


200,000 worldwide


70.000 for workshop requirement, installation and fastening

Sales branches:

24 in Germany


18 in Europe

FÖRCH – Group

Welcome to FÖRCH. International orientation and yet regional roots. Most advanced with regard to technology but down to earth at the core. Our strength is based in the linking of these contrasts.

The story begins in 1963 – Theo Förch founded a company in Neuenstadt-Kochertürn, Germany. With assiduity, foresight and a feeling for the needs of his customers he leads the company to a stately size. Today, more than 50 years later, FÖRCH is one of the leading direct selling companies for workshop, installation and fastening products for trade and industrial companies. With all the success, however we have never lost our down-to earth grounding.

Our sales representatives speak your language – and they are always happy to take time for you. In order that you can concentrate on the main things, FÖRCH has quite a lot up his sleeve – or in his stock – about 70.000 articles for example. Our product range includes consumables, tools, workshop chemicals, workshop requirements, diamond equipment, construction chemicals, fasteners, pipe insulation, roof ventilation and many others more.

Internationally successful. Healthy growth and always focused on the customer needs. The story of FÖRCH shows that international orientation and down-to-earth grounding are not opposites but the basis of its success.

Carefully and with respect to the national and international individual characteristics – this is the principle according to which we open up new markets and inspire customers all over the world. 24 sales offices only in Germany, 18 subsidiaries, as well as 2.400 employees (more than 1.500 working as sales representatives) are today available to service trade and industrial companies in more than 50 countries. Nowadays the annual turnover is approximately 320 million Euros. This is something we are really happy about – and this also gives us a lot of motivation to continue on this path – down-to-earth and personal – as always.


Ireland Great Britain Belgium Luxembourg France Switzerland


Subsidiaries Distributors Spain Tunisia

FÖRCH – Group

Further distributors worldwide:

Norway Sweden

Armenia Australia Bosnia Herzegovina China (Hong Kong, Shanghai) India Indonesia Japan Malaysia Philippines Singapore South Africa South Korea Taiwan Thailand Tunisia United Arab Emirates Vietnam

Finland Estonia Latvia



Lithuania Belarus

Netherlands Czech Republic



Poland Slovakia


Hungary Slovenia Croatia




Serbia Bosnia Herzegovina Kosovo Bulgaria Montenegro Macedonia Albania



Turkey Armenia




Logistics that works. A business which accepts 40,000 customer order requests daily, needs nimble hands with a high logistics capability.

To ensure everything runs smoothly all cogs must mesh perfectly and precisely – as this is the case in the ultra-modern FÖRCH Logistics and Distribution Center, its high-tech picking warehouses that are unrivalled with its more than 100,000 containers controlled fully automatically at any time. Operating units guide them at cyberspeed and one of 70,000 articles ends up shortly afterwards just where it is supposed to – just as it should be! Best technology that serves the people and not vice versa. This saves time, avoids stress and reduces costs at the end – for all of us, FÖRCH partners and every single customer.


Fully automated, for most rapid dispatch and delivery.

Controlled by hand, reliably and safely on its way to the customer.

Perfect Handling. Almost unbelievable what is going on every day in the FĂ–RCH Logistics Center in NeuenstadtKochertĂźrn, Germany. Altogether 78,000 containers are waiting in our small parts warehouse for articles to be taken out and sent to you as fast as possible.

10,000 parcels, 300 freight deliveries and 40,000 items per day speak for themselves and for absolute perfection when it comes to processes, technique and employees. With an average order lead time of 20 min. this can be hardly done any better and any faster. We know that you and your company need the workshop, installation or fastening articles as fast as possible, within 24-48 hours in the ideal case. Our more than 200 logistics professionals – starting from material reception over storage and commissioning, up to quality control and handing over to reliable delivery partners ensure the best possible service. We guarantee highest reliability for all aspects. You can also rely 100 % on the diligent Quality and Environmental Management certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and 14001.


Logistics Facts

.... .... ..

Delivery rate / Service level:

> 98,5 % 8,000 / day

1,9 m. / year

Order items:

40,000 / day

9,6 m. / year

Number of packages:

10,000 / day

2,4 m. / year

Number of jobs:

Employees warehouse / logistics:


Insiders in the Field Service. The hallmark of a good sales representative is not just pure outward appearance; motivation, customer focus and competence are the qualities that count. Therefore you will not recognize our sales representatives because of suit and tie, but because of the fact that they know what they are talking about.

What do 200,000 customers from automotive, metal and construction trade companies, as well as industrial and maintenance workshops have in common? They will profit – apart from our product quality – from the unique consulting expertise of FÖRCH. Which means for you: We are talking to each other being on a par – and what is more important – we speak the same language thanks to our widespread industrial knowledge which is often achieved by own practical and professional experience. Thus, expert advice and assistance are never a matter of luck with FÖRCH, but we see it as important part of the full FÖRCH package. Regular training on the latest developments and trends is also included such as the regular exchange with you, our customers, and many other trade professionals. It’s especially those impulses that make us what we are: a strong, reliable system partner on the pulse.

Field Service

Your contact persons

.... .... ..

more than 1,500 sales representatives worldwide more than 70,000 product data – always up-to-date conditions updated daily worldwide on site for you personal advice and assistance

Automotive Trade

Perfection in no time. Time is money. This is true everywhere but especially in automotive repair shops. Customers want to be quickly back on the road and therefore automotive specialists need flexible and innovative solutions in order to act and react quickly.

Hardly any craft sector is as fast-paced as the automotive industry. Always new models and new technologies require a lot of flexibility and willingness to adapt from the professionals. Only those who are always on the cutting edge will be able to meet customer requirements quickly and optimally which makes FÖRCH with its own high quality standards your perfect partner. We have a wide range of products of great quality fitting perfectly the needs of the automotive trade. Our service is prompt and reliable. Our sales representatives are competent, personal and up-to-date partners. You don’t just have our word on that, but also our handshake. For utmost customer satisfaction – in your company and at your customers.

Everything from a single source. All you need is a vehicle with two, four or more wheels, two hands and the right equipment!

The fact that tools, workshop equipment, consumables, chemicals, electrical components and many more are provided by FÖRCH does not only make the situation easier but also better. Great choice, good quality and optimum efficiency are not accidental. We think in solutions that always fit exactly to your requirements. This also explains the considerable portfolio of high quality products which grows literally with the demands. Special sectors are always a special concern to us. A real highlight within the big variety of products we are offering is the FÖRCH TRUCKline – specifically developed and brought to perfection for commercial vehicle companies the FÖRCH TRUCKline brings our partners to the fast lane.

Automotive Trade

Product range for automotive trade

.... .... ....

Bonding and Sealing Vehicle Maintenance Car Body and Paints Lubricating Cleaning Drilling and Cutting

.... .... ....

Sawing and Grinding Soldering and Welding DIN- and Standard Parts TRUCKline Automotive Articles Automobile Electrics

.... ....

Workshop Requirements Tools Workshop Machines VARO: VARiable Ordering System

Metal processing in the best hands. Regardless whether it’s trade or industry – your demands are our motivation. They inspire our product specialists every single day to meet also with unique expectation profiles, offering a wide variety of customized products. As you, the specialists for metal construction, are not looking for products but for solutions.

Consumables, tools, chemicals or work safety – the professional products of FÖRCH prove their value especially under toughest conditions. Our superior expertise combined with years of practical experience allow us the continuous development of our product range for metal processing, one of the oldest manufacturing crafts in the first place. Given the optimal tuning for the demands in heavy and light metal construction, as well as the uncompromising demands for precise metal design and construction technology, you are in best hands at FÖRCH for many different aspects of metalworking.

Metal Trade

Your hands can do everything – just give them the right tool. It is necessary not only to know your elaborate and various duties but to make them easier in the first place. Thus the demands for our innovative and high quality product range are obvious: safe, precise and economically efficient – with the spark of inspiration jumping over.

Whether cutting, thread cutting, bending, sawing, filing – only those who take the cutting-off machine in their own hands know on which products they can rely on. Milling, drilling, welding, folding and creasing or soldering – we take new impulses out of the practical use and implement these impulses in form of innovative solutions for your application. Our target is to be your long-term partner with practical advice and help – just as you can expect us to.

Metal Trade

Product Range for Metal Trade

.... .. ....

Chemicals Drilling, Milling, Thread Cutting Cutting, Grinding, Sawing, Surface Treatment Soldering and Welding DIN- and Standard Parts

.... .... ....

Wall Plug Technology Diamond Technology Electrical and Electronics Workshop Requirements Manual Tools Electrical Tools

.. ..

Compressed Air Technology VARO: VARiable Ordering System

Handcraft needs hand work. C-Parts Management with FÖRCH. In times of global competition all company sectors must aim for maximum efficiency – especially the purchasing.

At FÖRCH we made the necessary arrangements to allow your purchasing department to work as economical, simple and well-arranged as possible. Therefore we see ourselves not only as a simple supplier for different products but as a crosssector provider for overall, individual and modular systematic solutions around everything that is called C-parts. There is a large potential for efficiency and productivity increases in the procurement of small parts, DIN- and standard parts, workshop chemicals, consumables, as well as drills, grinding material and tools, as those goods have a low value but by the enormous proportion of the total procurement volume, they create significant process costs in the purchasing department – especially in case of frequent order transactions. Due to the large discrepancy between the value of goods and the process costs, it is important to optimize the purchasing processes. C-parts management should be a strategic subject in the hands of the management to balance an eventual mismatch between administration or process costs and the actual value of the article. The right balance between merchandise value and acquisition costs is crucial for a successful C-parts management in order to use the existing savings potential.

C-Parts Management

Our flexible services extend – according to what you want – from providing advice and assistance up to the complete takeover of your preferred procurement process. One of the main components of the C-parts management is our variable ordering system VARO, especially conceived for this service in order to support perfectly the handling of C-parts. And you can fully concentrate on your core business.

Results due to C-Parts Management

20 %

80 %

process costs merchandise value

. .. ..

individual combination of articles from our wide range of C-parts consistently high quality of the articles fast and reliable deliveries consistent coverage of your basic needs sustainable contribution for process cost optimization

VARO. Optimally organized in no time. Each constant success is accompanied by different variables.

FÖRCH's VARO-system (abbreviation for VARiable Ordering system) stands for a simple storage and supply system within your company. You can adjust it flexibly with regard to size and storage type to the requirements of each individual company or workshop structure – independent of your sector of activity or your company size. The VARO-system consists of special elements that can be combined in a demand-and-consumption optimized storage system. And what is best: you don’t have to buy your VARO-shelf system but you rent it at low rates. As long as you like, as many as you like and as fast as you like.


Your VARO advantages

.. . .. .

Optimum use of space Individual and space-saving design in your workshop Modules are adapted to our packaging Easily expandable

Clear storage Individual modules for the different product groups Uniform labelling of the bins

Low rate No financing costs



Chapter 1

Chemical Products.

ASK Windscreen Adhesives

Windscreen Repair Set

Bonding, Sealing

Adhesive Tape, Soundproof Panels

Underbody Protection



Floor, Cavity Protection

Marker Colour

Vehicle Care Products



Technical Chemicals


Sanitary Products


Brake Fluids

Chapter 2

Chemical Products for Construction.

Sealants, Adhesives

Wood-Float, Glue

PU Foams, Stairs Gue

Window Fitting

Quick Cement

Boiler, Burner Cleaner

Cold Glue

Wood Repair


Chapter 3

Drilling, Milling, Tapping and Threading.

Metal Drilling

Metal Core Drill

Tube & Sheet Taper Drill, Step Drill


De-burring Tools

Tapand Die Sets and Tools

Carbide Coated Burrs

Drill Chucks

Cooling Agents and Lubricants

Drill Rig Accessories

Wood Drilling

Stone Drilling

Holesaw, Bit Crowns

Stone Chisel

Chapter 4

Cutting, Sanding, Sawing and Surface Treatment.

Cutting and Grinding Discs

Dry Abrasive Paper

Grinding Blocks

Abrasive Belts, Abrasive Block Sponges

Fleece Backing Pads, Flap Fans, Abrasive Bands

GSV – Grinding Media System with Quick Release Screw

Grinding Pencils and Caps

Wire Brushes, Hand Wire Brushes

Hub Grinders, Abrasive Nylon Fleece

Polishing Accessories

Body Saw Blades

Jigsaw Blades

Recipro Jigsaw Blades


HSS-Bi-Metal Cutter, Holesaw

Circular, Plunge-Cut and Segmental Saw Blades, Reversing Blades

Chapter 5

Soldering, Welding.



Induction Warmer

Welding Machines

Welding Wires and Rods, Electrodes

Welding Accessories

Welding Rods Autogenic, Hard Solder

Welding-Protective Equipment

Plasma Cutting

Welding and Cutting Set

Chapter 6

DIN and Standard Parts.

Screws and Bolts

Sheet and Drilling Screws

Wood Screws

Mounting Elements for Construction

Screws for Drywall and Window Construction

Other Screws

Threaded Rods, Pins and Nipples


DIN Packages

Washers and Rings

Sealing Rings

Other Fixing Elements

Rivets and Rivet Tools

Hose Clamps

DIN and Standard Parts Stainless Steel A2, A4

Chapter 7

Fixing Technology.

Application of Fixings

Universal Plugs

Impact Anchors

Frame Anchors

Lightweight Building Fixings

Insulation and Scaffolding Fixings

Frame Anchors Metal

Cavity Fixings

Metal Dowels

Heavy-duty Fixings

Composite Anchor, Injection Mortar FIT

Chapter 8

Diamond Tooling.

Application of Diamond Blades

Diamond Blades DIAMAX for Dry and Wet Cutting

Diamond Cutting Blades PREMIUM for Dry and Wet Cutting

Diamond Cutting Blades STANDARD Dry and Wet Cutting

Diamond Cutting Blades PREMIUM FS for Wet Cuttings, Joint Cutter

Diamond Cutting Blades STANDARD FS for Wet Cuttings, Joint Cutter

Diamond Cutting Blades BS for Wet Cuttings, Stone Cutting Machines

Diamond Grinding Cups

Diamond Tuck Pointing Blades

Diamond Tile Bit Crowns

Diamond Countersink

Core Drilling Technology Diamond

Chapter 11

Electrics, Electronics.

Electric Installation

Cable Ties, Fastenings


Cable Connectors

Multiple Plug Housings

Heat Shrink Tubing, PVC Insulating Tubes

Insulating Tapes, Grommets, Sealing Plugs

Electric Tools

Automotive Fuses


Battery Accessories

Multifunctional, Voltage Tester

Automotive Lamps and Bulbs

Plugs and Sockets

Chapter 12

Vehicle Products.

Numberplate Holder, Fixing Parts

Workshop Organisation

Rubber Boots

Exhaust Clamps

Oil Change Valve Screws

Wiper Blades

Fuel Line Repair Kit, Hose Connections

Brake Lines and Accessories

Warning Contacts for Brake Pads

Balance Weights

Tyre and Wheel Assembly

Tyre Repair Kit

Mounting Parts

Repair Kit for Window Lifter

Alloy Rim Repair Kit

Chapter 13



Vehicle Cleaning

Securing of Load

Accessories for Tarpaulin and Repair

Tyre and Wheel Assembly

Wiper Blades, Tachograph Discs, Thermopaper Rolls

Fuses, Starter Cables, Charging Devices

Mirror, Rear Reflectors, Lamps

Plugs and Sockets, Cables

Markers, Protective Equipment

Compressed-air Lines and Accessories


Truckline Special Tools

Filling and Bleeding Devices

Core Drills-Metal

Chapter 14

Workshop Requirements, WorkshopDevices and Working Security.

Cleaning Products

Batteries, Lamps

Extension Cables and Accessories

Packaging Accessories, AdhesiveTapes

Paint Accessories, Protective Foils

Warning Signs, First-Aid-Kits

Tool Bags and Professional Tool Kits

Fall Arrest Systems, Ladders

Jack, Washing Devices and Oil Extractors

Hand Pumps, Measuring Cans, Funnels

Exhaust Gas Extraction, Brake Bleeding Devices

Gearbox Lifter, Hydraulic Press, Cranes, Headlamp Aiming Devices

Air Conditioning Service

Safety Glasses, Ear and Respiratory Protection, Protective Clothing

Gloves, Knee Pads, Constrution Helmets

Safety Boots, Working Clothes

Chapter 15

Hand Tools.

Socket Wrench Systems

Torque Tools

Tyre and Wheel Assembly

Double-End Ring Spanners, Combination Wrench




Sheet Scissors, Pipe Cutter, Knives, Files

Impact Tools, Hammers, Chisels, Axes

Measurement and Testing Tools

Automotive Special Tools

Construction Tools

Pipe Machining, Sanitary Tools

Tool Kits

Chapter 16

Electronic Tools.

Angle Grinder

Hammer and Impact Drills, Sheet-metal Shears

Impact Wrench

Wall Chasers, Stirrers

Grinding Machines

Vacuum Cleaner

Heat Guns, Detachment Tools





Chapter 17

Pneumatic Tools.

Impact Wrench

Torque Wrench

Drilling Machines


Welding Spot Cutter

Chisel Hammer


Grinding and Polishing Machines, Decal Eraser

Paint Guns

Blow Guns, Measurement Devices for Tyres

Compressed-air Fittings

Compressed-air Hoses, Retractor Drums, Spiral Hoses

Maintenance Units, Compressed-air Pipeline System


Staplers, Nailers

Chapter 18

VARO Shelving and Stocking System, Workshop Lorries, Assortments.

VARO Shelf and Storage System

Safety Cases and Assortments

Perforated Panels and Hook Systems

Storage Racks and Boxes

Box Range

Tool Trolleys, VAROsoft System

Workbenches, Windscreen Supports, Vices

Barrel Racking, Collecting Trays

Socket Bar System and Tool Boxes, Roller Stool

Accessories VAROBOXX

Assortments VAROBOXX


Assortments VAROiBOXX

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