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Facts about martial arts Ain‘t that a kick in the head Martial arts are a big part of our culture all around the world, from greco-roman wrestling to ninjutsu, there are as many martial arts as there are fighters. Martial arts were commonly used by nonmilitary members who weren‘t allowed to use weaponry and therefore had to resort to using their own bodies as weapons, although many martial arts practice the use of weapons such as kendo which is a japanese form of fencing using the katana samurai sword.

The histrionic history of fighting It is impossible to tell when and where martial arts were first developed, but the earliest martial arts were purely practical and meant to be utilized in combat most likely involving primitive weaponry. As time passed and meditation became common in the east, so did the idea of martial arts as a path to inner peace, where the mind was as important an aspect of martial arts as the body. Although these martial arts still exist today, new more practical martial arts are developed and practiced, such as MMA and krav maga.

Martial arts can very different in nature and philosophy, e.g. boxing only utilizes punches, whereas Taekwondo uses kicks almost exclusively. Some martial arts focus on strenghtening the tibia also known as “shin bone“ by kicking heavy bags or even hitting it with a stick, eventually hardening the tibia and increasing ones pain threshold. Some shaolin monks can boil the water off towels placed upon them, by using their “chi“ to increase their body temperature. Chuck Norries is the first caucasian to reach 12th Dan in Taekwondo and “The Handsome One“ “The Spider“ ones fought off a couple of would-be Sebastian “Bas“ their Rutten wassoborn in Anderson Silva was born in São Paulo, muggers, breaking arms badly Netherlands 1965 throught Brazil, he lived in poverty andbroken was thatTilburg, their bones poked mainly raised by he‘stheir aunt and youth uncle.he suffered from asthma In skin. he‘s

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Bruce Lee Born in San Fransisco, USA 1940, Bruce Lee was perhaps the greatest fighter who ever lived. He studied Wing Chung under the guidence of Ip Man, but later decided to use the useful aspects of all martial arts and considered himself a man of no particular martial art. As well as being a martial artist, he was also a very popular actor in he‘s time, starring in movies such as “Enter the Dragon“ and starred in TV shows such as “Kung Fu“ Bruce Lee‘s career was put to a tragic end at age 32 when he died of cerebral edema.

I chose my subject because I have always had a great interest in martial arts of all

kinds, although I am most interested in practical martial arts such as Krav Maga, Keysi, Muay Thai and kickboxing, as I do not like the “artistical“ part of martial arts, I consider the aspect of rules and artistry to be complete bullshit, rules and flamboyance will not save your life, training under unrealistic circumstances might give you the delusion that you can easiliy disarm an armed opponent using bullshit techniques and ultimately injuring or killing yourself. A martial art is supposed to be simple, effective and flexible. Things will go wrong and you need to be able to compromise with ease.

Ensku Verk