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Business Size c. 10,000+ employees worldwide

Country or Region EMEA, Turkey

Industry Enterprise Application Software

Customer Profile SAP aims to help companies of all sizes and industries to run more effectively. As industry leaders in applications and services SAP enable over 248,500 customers worldwide. SAP works with businesses of all sizes from smaller back offices to large enterprise companies, and warehouses to retail sites. Flexible in their approach, SAP can provide onsite installations, on-demand deployments and access platforms via mobile devices. From smaller back offices to large enterprise companies, from warehouses to retail sites. SAP aims to help businesses operate profitably, adapt continuously and grow sustainably.

SAP required the ability to grow its channel in regions of Turkey outside of Istanbul. Aiming for high growth targets, SAP required motivated and committed new partners, who were aligned with their business goals, in order to help drive incremental revenue. The quality of commercially available data for VAR’s in Turkey is currently sparsely populated, so SAP required a partner who could custom build data and contacts for partners in selected regions.

Challenges SAP carries a wide product portfolio, of which a large percentage is sold through the channel. SAP identified the need for partner coverage in Turkey, as an emerging market – a geo in which they had already established a presence. The SAP Channel Manager had built up a number of prospects and partners but the company was keen to expand their market share in Turkey, despite their limited bandwidth to do so. Introduced to EIMS by EIMS’ sister company UBM, SAP was searching for a scalable solution in native language, primarily to find partners for their SAP Business One offering. This would provide the SAP Channel Manager with a consistent flow of prospective partners to on-board. Although SAP knew the desired profile of the potential prospects, with a requirement for a particular geo, they didn’t know precisely who the potential partners were. SAP therefore needed to source the right data in order to successfully connect with the targeted market segment.

Solution Upon engagement with SAP, it was important for EIMS to fully understand SAP’s business goals, as well as gaining an understanding what type of partner they would need to recruit in order to achieve those goals. By examining SAP’s value proposition EIMS were able to identify the potential benefits for new partners. As a result of running previous successful campaigns for SAP UK, EIMS were able to steer the project from the beginning, and with prior knowledge of SAP’s product portfolio EIMS could effectively allocate resources with previous SAP campaign experience to enable a reduced ramp-up curve.

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The next step for EIMS was to source the data based on SAP’s target partner profile and specified geography. Because the target audience was so specific, buying data off-the-shelf was not a possibility. In order to ensure success of the campaign, EIMS commissioned their own team to hand-build a highly relevant database from scratch, which was a significant advantage for SAP as every prospect provided by EIMS fitted SAP’s criteria. This increased the likelihood of conversion from prospect to partner, creating a significant saving in time, resource and budget. Once the data set was compiled and quality checked EIMS were able to start contacting the prospects. The campaign objective was for EIMS to provide a shortlist of suitable partners, and secure enough appointments for SAP to be able to on-board a minimum of 8 new partners.

The team who worked on the campaign brought tremendous experience. They are knowledgeable about the business and know how to execute these campaigns efficiently and effectively.

Following EIMS’ handover SAP’s Channel Manager reviewed the prospects business need and allocated them to the most relevant value proposition within SAP. Although the campaign was primarily launched to feed qualified partner prospects to the SAP Business One unit, due to SAP’s broad product portfolio, any prospects that were not quite right for SAP Business One were shared with other departments, further improving the campaign ROI. The SAP Channel Manager would then engage with the prospect to discuss the SAP Business One plan and agree the partner’s objectives, available level of committed resource and marketing plan.

John Scola VP Global Channel & Build, SAP

EIMS was able to clearly identify the key locations for new partners in Turkey.

Once the EIMS agent had identified the potential partner as a suitable fit for SAP, EIMS then went on to work on creating excitement around SAP’s value proposition, as well as educating the potential partner on the process moving forward, which helped to aid prospect buy-in. EIMS created a warm handover process to SAP’s Channel Manager in order to maintain momentum with the commitment of the prospect. EIMS were responsible for directly booking the appointment on behalf of both the prospect and the SAP Channel Manager at a mutually agreeable time.

Benefits EIMS’s partner recruitment solution meant that SAP was able to identify, reach out and talk to potential partners in selected regions in native language. This was all done from a centrally located team, working closely with the in-country Channel Manager. This provided an in-country feel, but with all the benefits of having a centre of excellence executing the project. EIMS were able to increase SAP Turkey’s channel team’s capacity without distracting key execs from their core responsibilities. EIMS exceeded delivery of partner appointments by over 3½ times the target, providing 29 potential partner meetings, against a target of 8. Additionally, the custom-built database of over 300 highly relevant potential partners is now owned completely by SAP and SAP only. This gives SAP the ability to share this data with different business units within the company to drive further channel recruitment, as required. As this data cannot be bought commercially, this gives SAP a unique advantage over its competitors in Turkey.

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It is important that EIMS had run similar campaigns before. I like to see case studies, success stories and examples of fulfilling similar projects for other customers. EIMS fit the criteria 100% and all our information needs were provided for...


Benefits Overview • EIMS was able to converse in the required native language giving a local feel with a centralised expertise. This enabled the team to make more meaningful and more successful connections.

EIMS is really proactive. EIMS’ project management was perfect, the communication was efficient and EIMS quickly understood what we were looking for. Gokce Ozen Channel Sales Manager,

• SAP could expand headcount through EIMS without committing to lengthy recruitment processes internally, saving money on HR overheads and enabling SAP to work more economically on the short term campaign. • SAP now owns a unique hand-built, high-quality potential partner portfolio, built exclusively to match SAP’s requirements which will enable SAP to further drive channel recruitment. • EIMS exceeded delivery against expectations, providing 3½ times more potential partner meetings than initially requested.

” About EIMS Established in 1996, EIMS was formed by a team of sales and marketing professionals, working for major enterprises in the technology industry who identified a need for a high-quality, multilingual marketing and business development agency, specialising in the high-tech marketplace. EIMS works with global blue-chip corporations to deliver multi-lingual sales and marketing services with exceptional results. Offering outsourced lead generation, channel management and inside sales services which helps leading technology companies grow their revenues across EMEA, APAC and the US.

EIMS exceeded expectations delivering 21 more potential partner meetings than the minimum requested.

Global Operation

Sales and marketing solutions for technology companies.

EIMS Ltd Global HQ 12/14 Dean Park Crescent, Bournemouth, Dorset BH1 1HS, United Kingdom

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