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November 2010 400 Morrow Street Pontiac, IL 61764 815-844-3687 Principal: Mrs. Judy Donze Asst. Principal: Mr. Josh DeLong

The second quarter of the 2010-2011 school year is off to a great start! We currently have 280 students enrolled at Washington Elementary. We thank you for being our partners in your student’s education because you play a critical role in your student’s success. Thank you so much for showing your student how important school is by attending a conference! It is always great to have so many families in the school for conferences. If you were unable to attend conferences you may contact the school and we will be happy to set up an appointment for you to meet with your child’s teacher. Thank you to the PTO members who provided a delicious meal for the staff during conferences! We all really appreciated so many parents contributing to the meal. If you would like to help with any PTO activity and have not been contacted please call the office or email me and we will add your name to the list. We were fortunate to be able to provide a Scholastic Book Fair during Parent Teacher Conferences again with the help of Mrs. Lisa Martin, Mrs. Thompson and many other parents and teachers. Thanks to all of the families who supported the Book Fair. Proceeds will be used to provide additional books for our students in classrooms. Providing a safe school setting for our students is a top priority. Therefore if you wish to help in any way at school by working with students, supervising field trips, working at the Book Fair, please be sure that you have completed a background check. This does not need to be repeated yearly, only once through our district. If you still need to have a background check completed, you can pick up a fingerprint card at the school office and have it completed at the police station or you can call the PJHS office (815-842-4343) and set up an appointment with Officer Gilliam and she can complete it at PJHS. I hope that you all have an opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving with your family. This is a perfect time of year for all of us to count our blessings and I truly count all the Washington Elementary students, staff and families among my blessings. Mrs. Judy Donze

In this ever changing world bullying continues to be more prevalent than ever before. However, the way it exists is much different than any of us remember. Cyberbullying isn’t just something that we hear about on the news or read about in the papers. It’s a very real issue that is happening every day without most of us ever knowing it. We deal a lot with issues at school between students that is the result of something that was posted on a social media site or was sent through a text message. We are working right now on getting a speaker to come in to the school for students, staff, and parents. We encourage you to get involved with your child’s online activity. Know what they are posting and sending to others. Parents that have a good handle on these situations have their students’ facebook passwords and check their texts and calls on a regular basis. We also encourage you to check out some of these useful sites that have good information regarding cyberbullying and internet safety.

Veteran’s Day Assembly School Dismisses at 2:30 p.m. Progress Reports go home November 25-26th: No School

November 11: November 24:

Happy Thanksgiving

This month the school book store is proud to donate $100.00 to the PBIS fund. This money will be used for prizes or in celebration for good behavior. Thanks to everyone who buys their school supplies from the school store. It is terrific that the profits can benefit the students at Washington School.

The 4th graders at Washington School have had many unique learning experiences during this past month. Early in the month, we traveled to the 4-H Park for the Ag Expo. Students traveled with their class to different educational stations. The stations students visited highlighted concepts taught in the Science curriculum. The Birds of Prey presentation and the LiveWire presentation were definitely highlights from the day. It was a great hands-on learning experience. We greatly appreciate the Education Foundation for providing transportation for this trip. Another great interactive learning experience was the Dairy Fully Fueled Tour that visited our school on November 2. Students learned about the importance of eating a balanced diet. The students loved this experience, and many lasting memories were made. After all, it isn't every day that you get to actually climb a food pyramid at school! The 4th grade is very grateful to Mrs. Lee for making this event happen.

As always, we greatly appreciate all you do to support your child's education. Please continue to encourage your child to read, so he or she can continue to earn AR points. If you ever have a question about whether a book is AR or not, you can always look it up on With Math, we have been working on addition and subtraction with regrouping. If your child has trouble with his or her math facts, a great site is This site allows students the chance to practice their math facts with arcade style games.

4th Grade Team Mrs. Adcock, Mrs. Green, Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Vaughan, Mr. Verdun

The 5th grade teachers and students would like to thank both the PTO and the Education Foundation for supporting our field trip to Springfield. Along with parent donations, these two organizations each donated money to help cover the cost of transportation. We truly appreciate these organizations for all that they do for our students. The 5th grade will be hosting a canned food drive during the week of November 15-19. In our Reading series, we learned about a young girl named Dwaina Brooks who volunteered her time to help feed homeless people. She is a positive role model for young children as she promotes this great act and is overwhelmed by her peers support. We too would like to work together as a team to collect nonperishable items (cans, boxed foods) for the local food pantries. Please help out if you are able at this time, this is strictly a volunteer event. Donation boxes will be inside the front door of school. Teachers will be there from 8:00-8:20 to give students one Washington buck per item for their positive role model behavior. All donations must be turned in by Friday, November 19th and all Washington students may participate. Thank you! This month we will continue with our science units and soon be coming to chapter assessments. In Math we will touch on algebra, variables, and properties of distribution. In Social Studies we will continue to explore life in the Thirteen English Colonies as we travel through time. Please continue to promote reading at home. Each month your child has an Accelerated Reader goal and Book-It minutes to meet. Accomplishing one goal works hand-in-hand with the other. As you read your minutes are adding up and you are on your way to completing books for AR.

The 5th grade team Mr. Aplington, Mrs. Fraher, Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. Robey , Mrs. Wright

During October the students were busy with a variety of activities. They ran the mile for their Fall scores. They worked on their quarterback, center, receiver with one defender for their football skills. Students got their aerobic exercise by kicking a soccer ball around our course for 2-3 laps. Some worked very hard and completed 4 laps. We started our Run for Your Life game that we will play throughout the year. Just ask your child how we play this game. Also, please help your child to remember to wear tennis shoes on the one day of the week that he or she has p.e. This is very important for your child’s safety as well as all of the other students in the class. Pat Bray Elementary Physical Education Teacher







1 Chicken O’S Steamed Corn Chilled Applesauce

2 Macaroni & Cheese Little Smokies Broccoli Fresh Apple

3 Soft Beef Taco/ Cheese Lettuce Salad Fresh Grapes

4 McRib/Bun Potato Rounds Chilled Pear Halves

5 Grilled Cheese Tomato Soup Baby Carrots Chilled Peaches

8 Totally Taco Max Snax Green Beans Chilled Strawberries

9 Deli Sandwich/Bun Relishes Bag of Pretzels Chilled Applesauce

10 Homemade Chili/ Crackers String Cheese Baby Carrots Chilled Pear Halves


12 Fiestada Fresh Lettuce Salad Wild Cherry Frozen Pure Fruit Cup

15 Corn Dog Steamed Peas Chilled Applesauce Sugar Cookie

16 Chicken Nuggets Green Beans Fresh Grapes

17 Nacho’s(HamburgerCheese-Chips) Lettuce Salad Chilled Pears

18 Chicken Noodle Soup W/ Crackers String Cheese Baby Carrots Fresh Apple

19 Hot Dog/Bun French Fries Chilled Peaches

22 Turkey Roast Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Dinner Roll Cinnamon Applesauce

23 Soft Shell Fajita W/ Cheese Salsa Fresh Lettuce Salad Chilled Pears

24 Cheese Pizza Steamed Corn Chilled Mandarin Oranges



Pumpkin Pie

29 Chef Boy-R-Dee Ravioli Peas & Carrots Chilled Fruit Oatmeal Cookie

30 Cheeseburger/Bun Fries Fresh Apple

Sausage Gravy Biscuit Sausage Link Potato Rounds Fresh Orange Slices








1 Choice of Cereal Graham Crackers Choice of Juice Milk

2 Choice of Cereal Graham Crackers Choice of Juice Milk

3 Choice of Cereal Graham Crackers Choice of Juice Milk

4 Choice of Cereal Graham Crackers Choice of Juice Milk

5 Choice of Cereal Graham Crackers Choice of Juice Milk

8 Choice of Cereal Graham Crackers Choice of Juice Milk

9 Choice of Cereal Graham Crackers Choice of Juice Milk

10 Choice of Cereal Graham Crackers Choice of Juice Milk

11 Choice of Cereal Graham Crackers Choice of Juice Milk


15 Choice of Cereal Choice of Juice Graham Crackers Milk

16 Choice of Cereal Graham Crackers Choice of Juice Milk


18 Choice of Cereal Graham Crackers Choice of Juice Milk

19 Choice of Cereal Graham Crackers Choice of Juice Milk

22 Choice of Cereal Graham Crackers Choice of Juice Milk

23 Choice of Cereal Graham Crackers Choice of Juice Milk

24 Choice of Cereal Graham Crackers Choice of Juice Milk



29 Choice of Cereal Graham Crackers Choice of Juice Milk

30 Choice of Cereal Graham Crackers Choice of Juice Milk

Choice of Cereal Graham Crackers Choice of Juice Milk




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Washington November Newsletter  

Washington November Newsletter