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NOVEMBER 2010 NEWSLETTER COATS, GLOVES, CAPS, AND NO SHORTS: As the weather continues to become colder, parents are encouraged to help their children dress appropriately to attend recess. Students should bring a jacket everyday. As the temperature continues to drop, students are also encouraged to bring gloves and hats. Shorts should not be worn during this time of year, however if your child comes in shorts, skirts, or dresses they will be sent out to recess. Outside recess will take place any day a frost bite advisory is not issued. Students who come without a coat will be calling home to obtain one to attend recess. If you are in need of a winter jacket, hats, or gloves please contact the office immediately at 815-844-3924.

SCHOOL CANCELLATION PROCEDURES: It is hard to believe, but it’s that time of year when the weather is changing and snow may be right around the corner. School will close on days when weather conditions are such that a major portion of the students and staff are unable to attend school or when a breakdown occurs. A “NO SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENT” will be made over WJEZ-FM (98.9), Thunder-FM WTRX (93.7), WBNQ-FM (101.5), WHOI Peoria TV Channel 19, and on Cable TV Channel 13. Parents are requested NOT to telephone our schools. If a radio announcement regarding cancellation or dismissal does not occur, then it should be assumed that schools are in session.

REMINDER OF DROP OFF AND PICKUP TIMES FOR STUDENTS: Lincoln School opens daily at 8:00 a.m. Students should not be dropped off or walk to school prior to 8:00 a.m. Breakfast is served from 8:00-8:20 a.m. Unless a bus is running late, breakfast will not be served to students after 8:20 a.m. Students arriving after 8:30 a.m. will be considered tardy and will need to sign in and acquire a pass from the office. Students riding the bus will start loading at 2:15 p.m. daily. If you have a transportation change for your student who rides the bus, please call the office (844-3924) by 1:30 p.m. This will allow us enough time to communicate this change to the teacher and your child. Regular student dismissal is at 2:30 p.m. daily.

Accelerated Reader Party! Lincoln School held an AR celebration for students who met 25% of their goal on Tuesday, October 26. 114 students or 46% of the student body attended this celebration. Students who attended enjoyed an extended recess with popcorn and music. Congratulations to those who 1

made their individual reading goal! To those who did not attend, keep reading! We hope to see many more students attend the second quarter AR celebration in January! Don’t forget: You can go to to see if any books in your home or the public library are part of the Accelerated Reader program.

The Eye Doctor is Coming to District 429 (2 different services offered) Last year, was our first year to bring a mobile eye exam/glasses unit to our school. We are again bringing this service to our district. This is not to replace services that your child may already have, but to bring services to children who have Medicaid insurance. (Medicaid insurance only is accepted for this program.) This mobile unit comes from the Vision Care Center of Peoria. Dr. Fitch is the optometrist. It will include an exam by Dr. Fitch and if needed, he will order glasses for your child. The glasses will be sent to the schools and can be fitted to your child’s face by our local Wal-Mart vision center, free of charge. *If you received a letter from District 429 this fall stating your child failed the vision screening at school and needs to be seen by an optometrist, this is a great way to fill this request. This is also a way to meet the State of IL eye exam requirement for kindergarten. The dates are as follows:  Tuesday, December 14, 2010 at Central. This is for children who were not seen at Central/Lincoln last year and/or have not been seen an optometrist in the last year.  Tuesday, January 18, 2011 at the JH/Washington Schools  Tuesday, February 8, 2011 at Central/Lincoln Schools. This is for the children who were seen at Central/Lincoln last year and would like to be seen again this year. *If the response is big, more dates will be added. Paperwork needs to be filled out for your child to assess this service. You’ll be seeing these papers in your student’s book bag the week of Oct 25th. Please turn at least one month prior to the date your child will be seen. Questions, call Shelly Murphy, nurse at Central/Lincoln schools. The second service is our partnership with Sight for Students. If you do NOT have Medicaid insurance or any other vision insurance and you meet the financial guidelines on, please see the nurse at your child’s school. We do have free vouchers which will pay for an exam/if needed, glasses by in-town providers.

The Two Best Ways to Fight Colds/Flu The two best ways to fight colds and flu are with hand washing and covering sneezes. Most children will get multiple colds every school year; however, we all hope to avoid the flu. Students with influenza need to stay home till fever-free and feeling better. Symptoms of Fever


FLU Yes 2

Aches Chills Tiredness Onset Coughing Sore throat Chest discomfort Headache

Slight Uncommon Mild Slow to develop Productive cough Common Mild Uncommon

Common Common Common Rapid onset Non-productive Uncommon Severe Common

Mrs. Shelly Murphy, School Nurse

School Store: The school store is now open to students. Mrs. Fenton and Mrs. Starker offer the school store during recess on selected days of the week. Students are able to buy a variety of school supplies, including pencils, erasers, paper, glue, and folders.

Mrs. Fenton’s Class: I would like to extend a big thank you to County Market for donating pumpkins for each student in my classroom. The students were able to clean out and carve their own pumpkins. We then cleaned some of the seeds, baked and ate them.

Second Grade News: November all ready??? Reading: The Mouse Houses were a wonderful addition to our hallways! Thank you so much for the extra effort at home and sharing your creativity with us at school. We are really moving along in our reading. The kids are really improving their reading fluency so remember: The more you read the better reader you become!! Reading website: Spelling: The students have worked very hard on their spelling words. Each list contains six words that relate to our spelling rule, two words that are from our word wall words, and two words that are considered challenge words and also relate to our spelling rule. Continue to practice the words at home. Remember: Spelling tests do not always fall on a Friday. Assignment Sheets: The students are doing a great job returning assignment sheets with a parent signature. Please make sure students are reading every night. Math: In Chpt. 6 we will be working on number concepts and patterns. The students will learn the difference between repeated and growing patterns and they will also work with ordinal numbers. (1st, 2nd, 3rd ‌) Math website: 3

Conferences: Wow! Conferences were very successful this year with 93% participation. Thank you for attending your child’s conference and helping to make a difference in their education. Thank You Bev Long: Bev Long from the University of Illinois Extension Office worked with our students again. Thanks for the fun pumpkin activities Mrs. Long! Websites:

Third Grade News: We have been very busy in third grade. Everyone has been working hard to meet their AR goals. 25% of the AR goal was needed in order to attend the AR Party. Many students met the goal, but for those who didn’t, all is not lost. Those students who reach 25% of their goal after the first 9 weeks deadline will get to attend the AR Party for the second 9 weeks. We have also been working hard on subtraction. Regrouping (or “borrowing” to us old schoolers) has been our focus recently. We will be taking the chapter test on regrouping early next week. Please check your child’s homework, to see that they are comfortable with the concept of “regrouping”. If your child is having trouble, please try guiding them as they do their math homework. It was good to meet many of you during conferences. Thanks to those who took time out of your busy schedules to discuss your child’s progress in school, help figure out ways that we could better meet their needs. Please continue to help your child memorize basic math facts. We do Rocket Math here at school to help in learning math facts, but it never hurts to quiz your child at home. Thanks for all the help you provide at home. When you take an interest in your child’s schoolwork, it shows them that you think it is important that they do well. Mr. Dunahee, Mrs. Gschwendtner, Mrs. Metz, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Waldschmidt

P.E. News: In Physical Education for the month of October we worked on hitting balls off of the batting tee. We used prompts such as “batter up”, “swing batter” and “go” to run and get the ball and put it back on the tee which was really an orange cone. We also threw overhand at crates to see if we 4

could earn points for our team. One point was earned if we hit a crate and two points were earned if the ball stayed inside of the crate. The prompts we used this time were “feet together, step and throw” not as many like to do it- step, stop and throw. It was fun to pretend to be the pitcher by turning our shoulders to the crates and getting a good rotation with our shoulders and hips. This last week we played the Pumpkin Candy Store Game. Ask your child how we did this. Also, please help your child to remember to wear tennis shoes on the one day of the week that he or she has p.e. This is very important for your child’s safety as well as all of the other students in the class. Mrs. Bray


Lincoln November Newsletter  
Lincoln November Newsletter  

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