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that it costs £66 pounds to be a member of Lighter Life! These poor men and women are effectively paying to be malnourished of extreme proportions. Finally do not even get me started on those pointless cereal diets! You know, all that Special K waffle about “ two bowls, two meals, two weeks and drop a jeans size!’ No. Before out of sheer desperation, you jump into this what appears to be failsafe weight loss plan, think about it. Cereals contain an obscene amount of sugars, which send your insulin levels into haywire and before you know it, you’ll end up with an unsightly layer of wobble on your belly.



iquid diets consist of replacing meals, often the most vital one breakfast , with measly milkshakes or bland soups and only eating a practically microscopic dinner. As much as these diets encourage rapid weight loss, the loss is never permanent. Your body becomes too used to digesting liquids that when you eventually eat real food again your stomach acids struggle to digest solid foods. Resulting in your metabolism being slowed down to a virtual standstill and voila, here comes your worst nightmare, rapid easy weight gain. The two main liquid diets on the market are the milkshake enforcing Slim Fast and weight watchers for water fanatics Lighter Life. After having a few Slim Fast shakes as a meal on the go, I would not recommend them to any dieter! Repulsive, far too sweet, exceedingly gloopy like your Nan’s bad


Every year, more and more fad diets are flooding the market. Promoting a quick and easy weightloss to eager dieters. However these fad diets are not as wonderful as they initially appear. Here at BE HEALTHY we expose the truth behind the the quick fixes. Lighter life dieters are restricted to a mere 530 calories per day.

gravy and thick, yet still leaves that unsatisfied gaping hole in your stomach.

loss plan. This diet consists of its participants consuming a measly 530 calories a day, just over a quarter of your recommended daily. Instead dieters are told to drink

Oh and of course if you feel peckish after an unfulfilling milkshake or flavoured drool marketed as “YOUR BODY BECOMES soup, there is always SO USED TO DIGESTING the new “Slim Fast Snacks” to compliment LIQUIDS THAT YOUR the depressing diet plan. METABLOISM REACHES A You have the ‘delightful’ STANDSTILL” options of either some pretzel flavoured salt to up to four litres of water a sink your teeth into or a day, again two litres over repulsively chewy , pint sized the recommended daily chocolate bar. Having tried intake. The dieters are kept and tested the Slim Fast diet, on this crippling regime for I can safely say it’s a bout as a maximum period of 12 effective for weight loss and weeks. This is sickening. healthy living as a McDonalds binge. You crave nothing The Lighter Life diet has more than solid, filling meals been held responsible for instead of the sickly fluids the tragic deaths of some of you are putting into your its participants due to excess system. Slim Fast? More like water consumption causing Slim Fail. swelling of the brain and overly excessive weight loss The second liquid diet MUST causing heart failure. be avoided at all costs is the What is utterly barbaric sickening ‘Lighter Life’ weight about this specific diet is

Also as a naïve dieter who once followed this method, the cravings you get for even the simplest savoury meals instead of these sugary bowls of bland are unreal. You end up binging on bread once you’re off the diet and before you know it you’ve gained two jeans sizes instead of loosing one. Cereal for breakfast ? Fine. Cereal becoming your new best friend? God No. Weight loss is not rocket science, however these capitalist money grabbing diet schemes seem to make it out to be. We must all take a stand and boycott these ridiculous schemes once and for all. Fad diets can just about pack up their nonsense weight loss schemes and do one!


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09 BE HEALTHY BE HEALTHY Every year, more and more fad diets are flooding the market. Promoting a quick and easy weightloss to eager dieters...

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