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Scouts of China Saturday April 21, 2012 ; Taichung City, Taiwan R.O.C.

Leaders from 3 Scout Councils participating staff training in preparation of hosting "2012 Scout Master Workshop" in 3 locations in the summer 2012 The Counselling Committee designed and organized a brand new 3 days programme for scout leaders who are currently in charge of the scout troops activity. There are 3 themes which cover "Character Building by Exploration", "Troop Sustainability" and "Environment & Nature Education", and the workshops will be held in 3 sites at North, Central and South Taiwan Island with 3 workshops each. NSO designed the programme and provide expert support for the new knowledge, the 3 Scout Council will each host 3 workshops through out the summer. The Staff Training Workshop is to prepare the Hosting councils in running the programme.

After reaching the centennial landmark of the scouting history of Scouts of China, the NSO has strategize a series of updated programme in order to sustain the brilliant achievement and the brand value in youth education among the general public. Scout leaders, especially the active Scout Masters, are the key personnel in providing guidance, leadership, character building and management. Especially with the new environment programme, NSO has diligently seeking resources as partnership in developing WSEB, SWA and SCENES programme. The workshop is designed to provide scout leaders the opportunity to experience as a scout while the 3 themes are designed around the principles of "Exploring, Responding, Taking Action, Measuring Change", and followed by thorough discussion through the form of "World Cafe" which we wish the scout leaders to implement among the adults.

The scout leaders from the hosting scout councils (New Taipei City, Nan-Tou County and Ping-Tong County), not only provide on site administration and support, will also act as trainer in exploration process and World Cafe host. During this staff training workshop, all participants had great fun experiencing the activity and discussion of the programme in great details with NSO staffs and Committee since the local council will be the actual manager for the local

Scouts of China workshops. The new aspects of the this new scout master workshop is the programme designed by newly establish the WSEP Team in NSO. The team will introduce the WOSM environment programme then coordinate with various committees and implement through the organization internally

externally, we are

reaching out in building partnership with governments agency like National Parks, Nature Education Centers of Forestry Bureau and Endemic Species Research Institute plus other NGO's in environment, conservation and social caring field of work.

The environment education will take 50% of time during the workshop, and we will be working closely with professionals from YangMingShan national Park(north Taiwan), Aowanda Nature Education Center(central Taiwan) Shuangliou Nature Education Center(south Taiwan) at the National Forest Recreation Area where scout leaders enjoy modular wilderness educational program and we will also provide information in WSEB and LNT (Leave No Trace).

We are all very excited about the new programme after the one day workshop, and the hosting councils will spend more time getting familiar with the details to ensure the quality and eventually keep the knowledge and experience locally for future implementation.

Process of the World cafe


leaders, especially the active Scout Masters, are the key Saturday April 21, 2012 ; Taichung City, Taiwan R.O.C. developing WSEB, SWA and SC...