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design with a mission In your hands, you are holding the new De Vorm catalogue. We are proud to present our interior collection, suitable for the individ­ ual and commercial market. Thanks to its strict lines, colour design and hidden features, our furniture design is contemporary, timeless­ and quite unique. The central aims of our design are comfort, quality and durability. We are bringing high-quality Dutch products on the international marketplace. This range is designed not only by our team of desig­ ners, we also produce some furniture which has been designed by other young talents from home and abroad. We always try to main­ tain a strong awareness for people and the environment, whilst creating and producing our furniture. Made in Holland Because of our innovative approach to production methods and the willingness to constantly improve them, De Vorm is able to produce all products predominately in the Netherlands. This enables us to limit the production process to the bare necessities. We are proud to contribute to the preservation of the old craftsman­ ship, in our own country. The combination of old craft techniques, allied with modern methods assures high quality. Moreover, the production in the Netherlands means no long transportation routes and therefore less environmental stress. Environment The mission of De Vorm includes various fields in which the envi­ ronment is an important factor. In recent years, the environment has become an ever more widely discussed topic. During the foun­ dation of De Vorm in 2005, nature has been not only an immense inspiration to us, but also forms the origin for our furniture designs. Real environmental friendliness starts at the origin. De Vorm sources as many environmentally friendly materials as possible­during the production, packaging and transportation of our products. For example, the coating, we are using for the wood, is based on water and the production waste is directly recycled in our studios. Most of our products are easy to dismantle, which enables a minimum of en­ vi­ronmental stress. First of all, small parts mean less product volume during its transportation. Secondly, it’s easy to replace just one part, in case of a damage, rather than the whole product, which avoids an entire new production process.


Durable character We at De Vorm, are producing durable Furniture with a minimum of environmental stress. Thus, we are only using wood for our wooden furniture that has been marked with the FSC quality label (Forest Stewardship Council). That means, our wood is coming from well administrated forests, where ecological and social effects are valued. Furthermore we are using the best construction methods, foam qualities, springs and high-quality fabrics and leathers with high abrasion resistance. After all, furniture is only durable if it actually has been around for quite a while. Young, external design talents The collection of De Vorm mainly consists of our own designs to sustain and maintain the key values. However, for a few years now, De Vorm also welcomes other talented, young designers and is happy to increase the collection’s overall diversity. The Pebble collection by De Vorm was the first collection created by a young, external talent; the English designer Benjamin Hubert. Benjamin has already won several awards with his designs, including the EDIDA award 2010 for Young Designer of the Year. His increas­ ing popularity makes him a highly coveted designer on the market. Dutch designer Jorre van Ast, Owner and Art Director of Arco and member of Okay studio in London, is another star on the design sky, who is creating for De Vorm. He won many prices and awards and his career is definitely running on the fast track, since his graduation from the Royal College of Art in London in 2006. Our third and most precious talent is luckily not an external one anymore, since Sebastian Herkner, winner of the Designpreis Deutschland 2011 for Newcomer of the year, got appointed Art Director at De Vorm in the same year. His young and fresh ideas created the fabulous Clip Chair collection and continue to contrib­ ute greatly to the entire mode of operation at De Vorm.


Jorre van Ast

Sebastian Herkner

Benjamin Hubert




by Benjamin Hubert The Pod is a large privacy chair and is perfect for breakout areas in offices or residential projects. The chair’s ergonomics allow the user to work comfortably whilst feeling relaxed and separated from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It’s almost a little room-in-room solution. The shell of the chair is the largest form ever produced utilizing pressed PET felt technology. This felt allows a distinctive aesthetic as well as containing sound dampening properties to increase the sensation of privacy.



By Sebastian Herkner Keeping the philosophy of De Vorm in mind, the Clip Chair has been designed environmentally friendly without wasting any ­mate­rial during the production process. The result is a classic, detail-oriented and solid chair made of selected, high-quality ash. The Clip Chair is a refined design with a distinctive feature. The idea behind the ‘Clip’ is the colouring of the attachment between the back and the legs of the chair, whereas the colour stands in direct contrast to the wooden ele­ ments. The charm and the beauty of the Clip Chair lies hidden in its functional simplicity.



by Jorre van Ast Clamp-a-Leg consists of a wooden furniture leg threaded into a simple metal clamp, allowing people to quickly transform any flat surface into a functional work surface. The Clamp-a-Leg uses less material than a trestle and is easy to ship, store, and assemble so the legs are a more compact alternative to trestles. The legs come as an individual set of four to match any surface.



by Benjamin Hubert The Pebble collection is the first collection designed by an exter­ nal designer. Designer Benjamin Hubert was inspired by the flat, smoothly rounded stones, also called ‘Pebbles’, that are washed ashore. The Pebble is designed with the ambition to guarantee high comfort, a broad range of applications, minimal environmen­ tal impact and, as all furniture by De Vorm, the production in the­ Netherlands. To ensure a minimal environmental impact, the Pebble can be completely disassembled. Thus, all components are easily recycled and the transport volume is reduced to a minimum. De Vorm has selected polyethylene, one of the cleanest types of plastic, for the seats. Both at home and in working environments, the Pebble offers a fresh and timeless addition to the interior. The Pebble chair is available in 5 colours.



by Benjamin Hubert In addition to the Pebble chair, Benjamin Hubert designed a range of stools. The Pebble stool has the same height as the Pebble chair so they can be combined. The Pebble barstool is 64 cm high, which is the ideal height for a position at a kitchen bar countertop. The Pebble barstool XL is 78 cm high and therefore a real barstool-sized one. The stools are available in 5 colours.



by Benjamin Hubert This vintage-style table reminds one of the fifties. The Pebble table has a tabletop of MDF with a HPL finish. The design of the oak legs is identical to the legs of the Pebble chairs.The MDF and the oak have the same colour finish. The Pebble table is available in several sizes.



The Upside Down is more than just a couch. Apart from the ultimate comfort and nice asymmetric lines, this couch also has a surprising feature; a multifunctional armrest! Its upper side is soft and can also be used as head support, but can also be turned upside down and serve as a little side table. While designing the Upside Down, we paid a lot of attention to its backside. Many couches leave no other option than being placed against a wall. The Upside Down has been designed with a back that displays a constellation of lines, which makes it just as interesting as the front. The Upside Down is available in several sizes and colour schemes and as an island version, supplemented by a stool.


During the creation of the Wood Me chair, we were looking for the strain between an as-thin-as-possible frame within constructive boundaries. The result is a refined, solid chair made from especially sorted European oak of the best quality. For the upholstered Wood Me chair, the seating and back can be covered with wood veneer, fabric or leather in a wide spectrum of colours. In its sim足 plicity and clean array of lines the Wood Me chair is the perfect supplement to the Wood Me table.



The Wood Me lounger is the lower brother of the Wood Me chair. Its clean lines and airy construction ensure that the Wood Me lounger doesn’t dominate the room, but adds a special something to the interior. The lounger is available in solid oak, with a colour finish. De Vorm only uses especially sorted high-quality, European oak. For the upholstered Wood Me lounger, the seating and back can be covered with wood veneer, fabric or leather in a wide spec­ trum of colours. The Wood Me stool completes the lounger.



While designing the Wood Me table, De Vorm was inspired by the ultimate family feeling that a massive oak table provides but also by the love for a clean and simple design. The bottom of the construction is completely shaped to the tabletop, which supports the table’s strict lines. The oblique position of the legs under the 4 cm thick tabletop achieves a playful and transparent effect. As usual, only the finest European oak is used. Apart from the standard sizes and versions, the Wood Me table can also be tailor-made.



The Daddy’s Chair, a bold armchair radiating a warm feeling des­ pite its clean and sophisticated look. It was designed to embrace its user, when he sits on it and to catch his eye, when he walks into the room. The chair offers the highest seating comfort, because of its optimal angle and the choice of high-quality foam and springs. The massive 5 cm thick armrests add a robust and static character for the finishing. The Daddy’s Chair is available in several types of fabric and leather and a variety of colours. For a complete set, it’s also possible to create a couch by attaching two or more Daddy’s Chairs to one another or to add a Daddy’s Stool.



Mr & Mrs Bubbles, a feisty, self-confident couple of side tables. Due to its thin foot and single leg, Mr Bubbles has the possibility to slide under a couch or armchair while having the table above the seat. The single leg gives Mr Bubbles a bolder appearance than elegant and filigree Mrs Bubbles. Mr & Mrs Bubbles are made of powder coated steel and available in black, white or pearl grey.


Annet Neugebauer The Tumbly, a striking, egg-shaped ergonomic object that is as functional as a stool. A cheerful tumbler that moves if you touch it, but is constructed in a way that it always comes to a stop upright. Because Tumbly has a standard height of 48 cm, it will also fit perfectly at the dining table or a desk. The smaller version, Mini Tumbly, with a height of only 38 cm en­ ables also the little ones to enjoy this lively tumbler. Tumbly and­ Mini Tumbly are available in a variety of colours. The Tumbly Glow in the dark is a sitting object with a light that does not need power or a battery. This special Tumbly ‘charges’ under artificial or natural light and has a magnificent glow effect in the dark. Tumbly Glow in the dark is available in both sizes and in two colours.



Upstairs is a cabinet with integrated stairs. It’s not unusual for children as well as adults to stand on a chair or the like to reach the top shelves, which can be dangerous. Therefore De Vorm was inspired to provide a solution with the design of Upstairs. Integrat­ ed stairs in the cupboard ensure that all shelves can be reached, while the stairs themselves can also be used as bookshelves. The cabinet has a modular design consisting of cubes with two dimensions resulting in endless design and combination options. The staircase is available in 5 sizes and any RAL colour of your choice. The cubes are MDF black coloured, with ­a finishing of laminate available in white, light grey, transparent or aluminium.



products Mini Tumbly Annet Neugebauer 38x36x36 cm

Tumbly Annet Neugebauer 48x46x46 cm

Pebble stool Benjamin Hubert 47x40x40 cm

Pebble barstool Benjamin Hubert 64x40x40 cm

Pebble barstool XL Benjamin Hubert 78x40x40 cm

Clip Chair Sebastian Herkner 83x43x52 cm

Clip Chair Sebastian Herkner 83x43x52 cm cushioned

Clip Chair Sebastian Herkner 83x43x52 cm cushioned

Pebble chair Benjamin Hubert 84x46x55 cm

Wood Me chair 81x44x52 cm

Wood Me lounger 70x54x70 cm

Wood Me hocker 41x54x41 cm

Wood Me lounger 70x54x70 cm cushioned

Wood Me hocker 41x54x41 cm cushioned

Daddy’s Chair 73x68x96 cm

Daddy’s Hocker 42x58x40 cm

Daddy’s Couch 73x126x96 cm


Upside Down 79x205x91 cm

Upside Down 79x235x91 cm

Upside Down 79x265x91 cm

Upside Down island 52x185x84 cm

Upside Down island 52x215x84 cm

Upside Down island 52x245x84 cm

Pod Benjamin Hubert 130x103x83 cm

Clamp-a-Leg Jorre van Ast clamp: 76x6 cm, with or without table top table top: several sizes available

Pebble table Benjamin Hubert 75x145x95 cm several sizes available

Wood Me table 76x200x90 cm several sizes available

Daddy’s Couch 73x184x96 cm

Mr Bubbles 49x54x36 cm

Upstairs 189x288x36 cm, modular

Upstairs roomdivider 113x144x36 cm, modular

Wood Me chair 81x44x52 cm cushioned

Mrs Bubbles 49x54x36 cm


materials Pod | ash

Tumbly | plastic


light grey

army green

sagge green




Mini Tumbly | plastic







Pebble chair and stools | plastic


light grey

sage green

army green








grey painted

pearl grey

Tumbly & Mini Tumbly Glow in the dark | plastic

Daddy’s Chair | nut

Clamp-a-Leg | ash & powder-coated steel


clear finish

oiled leg



Mr & Mrs Bubbles | powder-coated steel

stone painted


pearl grey

Pebble table | HPL & MDF

Upstairs | laminate

white top


stone painted core

light grey

light grey

white clamp




Clip Chair | ash Fabrics and Leather De Vorm is using the following high-quality fabrics by Kvadrat: Coda, Divina 3, Divina Melange 2, Hallingdal, Hot, Molly, Remix, Sunniva, Tonica, Tonus 3. oiled

grey painted

As for the leather, De Vorm is using: Ohmann 1012 and Misto collections. The 1012 series is practically made for intensive use, while the Misto series is very luxurious, for people who love and care for leather.

Wood Me collection | oak

For more information, please visit our website: Contact us at or +31 (0)313 696 158 clear finish


clear oil



dark soft touch

stone painted


de vorm Jeroen ter Hoeven

Sebastian Herkner

Nienke ter Hoeven

Theresa Kriese

After graduating in Tropical Farming, I joined our family business in 1996, specialised in interior planting of company buildings. The suc­ cessful sale of our business enabled my father, my brother and me to found the Ter Hoeven Group in 2001. The group comprises diffe­ rent businesses and in 2005, I started our youngest firm De Vorm. With our Tumbly, we explored the market and in 2008, we kicked off our first collection. Since I was little, I was intrigued by design. As a self-educated person in the area of design and technical proces­ ses, I have good ideas and know how to convert them into concrete products. On top of that passion, is a desire to find new techniques while preserving traditions and I very much enjoy creating. That’s also why I want to give new talents a chance. In the future, De Vorm shall become a design platform in the centre of Europe; Arnhem!

Sebastian Herkner, born 1981, studied Product Design at Offenbach Design Academy. During his studies he did an internship at Stella McCartney in London. As early as 2006 Sebastian Herkner estab­ lished his own studio and has since then been involved in freelance projects for various companies and institutes. Alongside the design of exhibitions and trade fair presentations his second focus is on designing everyday objects. He is influenced by his observations of people and their actions. In spring 2010, his occasional table Bell-Table was presented in New York in the collection of Spanish manufacturer ABR, which also re­ ceived the red dot award 2010. A year later, he won the prestigious Designpreis Deutschland and officially joined the league of young, high-class talents. Sebastian is the Art Director at De Vorm.

In 2007, I graduated in Notary Law from the Radboud University in Nijmegen. During the last years of my studies, I became rather anxious about the idea of working as a notary for the rest of my life. I missed a sense of creativity, which I obtained naturally from my father; an architect. Through my partner Jeroen, I picked up all the latest developments of De Vorm and was therefore always affected during my studies. It didn’t take me long to decide to join De Vorm and I got in, fully dedicated and very excited. I do feel like a fish in the water, when I can keep myself busy with structuring and organising. At De Vorm, I thus visit customers and make sure that things run smoothly.

After meeting my boyfriend Joris in Summer 2010, I spontaneously decided, a month later, to move to Holland. I had just graduated with an excellent Bachelor of Science in IT and Economics from the European university network Nisa University and wanted to take a year off before starting my Master studies to get some work experience. I found the perfect company to do that with De Vorm. Previously, I have worked for the Politikfabrik e.V. Berlin, a students agency for political communication and for Fremantle Media in Potsdam. I love creativity, freedom, writing and social media marketing and De Vorm is giving me the chance to work in an exciting environment as a translator, creative writer and social media marketer.


Uitmeentsestraat 19 NL - 6987 CX Giesbeek T +31 (0)313 696 158

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