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M. Butler M. Butler is a writer and editor, with a keen interest in human and civil rights, and has also studied philosophy and psychology Scott De Buitléir Scott is founder and Editor-at-Large of EILE Magazine. He is also an author and poet from Dublin, but is now based in Cork Lilian McCarthy Lilian is US-based, a sophomore and Comparative Literature Major, and Editorin-Chief of Smith College’s Soapbox Undergraduate Journal of Government Lisa Reynolds Originally from Co. Meath, Lisa is a fashion industry student, now living in Bray, Co Wicklow, with a great interest in media and celebrity Brian Rochford Brian has studied health, exercise, and nutrition, with a special interest in controlling pain in rheumatism and arthritis Brian Rochford also writes our fashion column at EILE Frances Winston Frances Winston is EILE’s resident film buff, a writer, and has contributed to many other publications, such as The Irish Independent and Irish Tatler

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Highlights July/August 2019 Are You The One? - P. 26 Come One Come Most is an in-depth look at MTV’s attempt at a reality series on sexual fluidity - Come One Come All, by Lilian McCarthy

Pitched Circus Fest, Hillsborough Castle, Open House - Pps., 58, 66, & 68 Cork Pitched Circus Arts Festival, Hillsborough CastleLGBTQ Tours, Open House Fest

Health - P. 36 Brian Rochford looks at taking a general attidude to health which will stand you in good stead for your future well-being

Music - Pps. 6, 10,14, and 18 Gay singer-songwriter Tom Goss features in this issue, as well as US-based Amy Guess, Crimson Apple and Myoa

Men’s Fashion - P. 22, and Lisa Reynolds - Pps. 36,62 Brian Rochford looks at men’s layered fashion for the colder weather, and Lisa Reynolds reviews Queen and Mae West

…plus film reviews, news, travel, and much more!

Volume 6, Issue 04 Editor-at-Large: Scott De Buitléir Editor: MKB Contributors: M. Butler, Scott De Buitléir, Lilian McCarthy, MKB, Lisa Reynolds, Brian Rochford, Frances Winston Photographers: Ben Duggan, Emex Focus, Vijat Mohindra, Ashley Osborn, Lorelei Rubik, Nick Rufo NB: All images in this publication are either under Creative Commons licence, or used with permission. Image credits, where necessary, are printed on the corresponding page(s) or photo(s). Any queries can be made to Special Thanks to MKB for all her hard work, dedication and support. Web: Contact: Twitter: @EILEMagazine Facebook: Note: All opinions expressed in this issue are the writers’ own.



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EILE July/August 2019 Edition! Welcome to the July/August 2019 issue of EILE Magazine We have a wide range of features for you this issue! Our music section features gay singersongwriter, Tom Goss, US-based Amy Guess, Hawaiian all-girl band Crimson Apple, and West African singer-songwriter Myoa. Lilian McCarthy writes about MTV’s latest show Come One Come All, an LGBTQ version of Are You The One?, which attempts to deal with sexual fluidity. Cork hosts the Pitched Circus Arts Festival, and Open House Design Festival. Hillsborough Castle has launched a series of LGBTQ tours, and Frances Winston writes on film, Dublin’s recent Comic Con, and Kinky Boots. Brian Rochford tells men how to layer clothing to still look stylish in colder weather, and also writes about Health this issue. Lisa Reynolds retro-reviews the Mae West documentary, and Queen’s ‘Night at the Opera’. Even more news, views and entertainment complete the issue, so find a quiet nook and enjoy reading our July/August 2019 edition of EILE Magazine!

Scott De Buitléir Founder / Editor-at-Large

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See our film reviews by Frances Winston

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Tom Goss EILE catches up with Tom Goss, a polyamourous gay singer songwriter, who has recently released a new single, QUAYSIDE This edition, EILE is delighted to feature gay man and Wisconsin native, Tom Goss. Tom is a veteran singer-songwriter, now LA-based, who has recently released an atmospheric, hypnotic new single, Quayside, from his forthcoming album, Territories. A college wrestler-turned-Catholic seminarian-turned polyamorous gay troubadour, Tom sings about the joys and struggles of modern love, disillusionment, desire, and hope, in a universal, recognisable way. He has shared a stage with performers as diverse as Andy Grammer, Martha Wash, Taylor Dane, Adrianne Gonzalez, and enjoys a particularly strong following among the LGBT community. A prolific writer and performer, Tom has released seven albums, and played thousands of shows across the US, Canada, and Europe to dedicated fans. He has been compared to Twin Shadow, Mat Kearney and Wye Oak - but with a distinct perspective shaped by his unusual history. Tom’s songs have been featured on ABC, HBO and Univision, and his inventive music videos have been viewed more than 12 million times.

 EILE Magazine

EILE Magazine 

He was raised in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and went to college in Missouri on a wrestling scholarship, with plans to become a schoolteacher. A year of student teaching changed his mind, but he still wanted to make a difference in the world - so he decided, to the surprise of family and friends, to become a Catholic priest, moving to Washington DC to enter the seminary. Frustrated by a series of #MeToo experiences, Tom found his voice in songwriting and performing. After a decade in DC, he moved to Los Angeles in 2015. Tom’s forthcoming album, Territories, was written over the course of a year of separate travels with his husband, and a newly-found lover. Slated for release in October 2019, it tells the complex story of a changing marriage and a new relationship, through songs named after the places that inspired them. It’s a stunning evolution of substance and style for a proven performer, who has embarked on a thrilling new journey. Tom’s forthcoming album, Territories, is due for release in October 2019.

-M. Butler For more information on Tom and his music, visit:

 EILE Magazine

Photos: Nick Rufo Lorelei Rubik

Album Art for Quayside

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Crimson Apple This unusual four-piece all-girl band, who hail originally from Hawaii, are all sisters, and have just released a great new single called Somebody We have a treat in store for you on EILE's July/August edition - a four-piece, all-female, all-sister band called Crimson Apple! Hailing originally from Hawaii, Crimson Apple, aka the four Benson sisters - Colby Benson, lead vocals; Shelby Benson, guitar; Carthi Benson, bass; and Faith Benson, drums - formed a pop/electronic, Kpop, Jpop band, and moved to LA. Their influences include such diverse artists as Imagine Dragons, Twenty One Pilots and Taylor Swift, but they write all their own original material. Their 2015 debut album, Hello, has earned them critical acclaim in the music world, and the year of its debut, the sisters also earned nominations for Alternative Album of the Year, Most Promising Artist of the Year, and Group of the Year, at the Na Hoku Hanohano Awards, Hawaii’s equivalent of the Grammy Awards. The Benson sisters grew up in a paradise in Hawaii, surrounded by a loving family and community, who nurtured their talents. Their hometown was a Garden of Eden, but just over yonder, big-town success gleamed; the shiny juicy apple of LA called out to them. In 2015, CRIMSON APPLE relocated to California to pursue their musical career.  A great decision, as since the move, the band has performed in numerous venues and festivals across the US. The sisters write from their own experiences and emotions, as they pursue their different dreams and ambitions. The band’s aesthetic is a vibrant mosaic of influences, including pop, electronic, alternative, K-pop, J-pop, and indie-pop. Since the band’s inception in 2012, CRIMSON APPLE has shared stages with such venerated artists as All Time Low, The Plain White Ts, Switchfoot, One Republic, and Hawaiian music legends, HAPA. Their latest single, Somebody, is a great track, at first a pared-back sound, beginning with just

EILE Magazine 11

a lead voice and a rhythmic beat, and then rising to a full sonic landscape of instruments and voices afterwards, you’ll be left wanting to hear more of this amazing all-girl band. -MKB You can catch up with Crimson Apple by visiting:

www. crimsonappleband/ us/artist/crimsonapple/1037102397 crimsonapplexo

Images: Vijat Mohindra, Ben Duggan

Album art for Somebody

12 EILE Magazine

Image: EILE Magazine 13

Myoa US-Based west African singersongwriter, Myoa, chats about her powerful soulful new single, Star Power

EILE’s music section is spoiled for choice this issue, as we also feature the wonderful singersongwriter, Myoa, originally from West Africa, but now USbased via the UK, who has just released her great new single, Star Power.

“I used to organise mini singing concerts with my sisters and write poems on the blackboard in our dining room.”

The neo-soul track, Star Power, has a very jazzy atmosphere, very reminiscent of Sade in my opinion, and Myoa’s powerful voice soars over an exquisite laid-back instrumental, which would be perfect for late-night listening. Myoa, which means ‘God brings joy’, feels she has a special purpose in life - to create music and bring joy to her audience.

Although her deep-seated desire for a career in music continued, she opted for a traditional career path, and headed off to pursue a college degree.

Currently residing in Houston, TX, and quickly amassing a local following, Myoa performs live with her band at many acclaimed venues, including The House of Blues, and Fitzgeralds.

It was while studying at the University of Plymouth, in South West England, that she honed her songwriting and keyboard skills, and discovered her individuality and purpose.

“I was created to inspire and impact certain truths and to give joy to people who listen to my music. [...] My voice and my music comes from God, and there’s no sense in trying to sing songs that don’t speak to me or reflect what’s in my soul.”

“I spent a lot of my spare time in my room writing music on my keyboard, when I wasn’t around the social circle. I became comfortable and confident in who I was, and who I wanted to be.”

The eldest of three, Myoa began singing in school choirs, competitions and concerts as a young child, penning her first song at the age of 9.

Upon graduation, Myoa pursued a career in finance, and settled into a lifestyle filled with stability and structure, but lacked what she loved most - her music. Feeling there

14 EILE Magazine

EILE Magazine 15

was more to life than number-crunching as an accountant, Myoa opted for another path. Resigning from her job, she packed her bags (along with her Master’s Degree; Chartered Certified Qualification in Finance) and decided to explore opportunities to study music in the USA, the sunny, palm-tree riddled streets of Los Angeles CA to be exact! Enrolling at Hollywood California’s heralded Musicians Institute, Myoa dived in head first, learning the art of vocal performance and music production, and landing a highly coveted internship at the world’s largest music company, Universal Music Group. The rest is history... Myoa sees greater benefit in creating her own lane in the music business, rather than in trying to imitate the journeys of today’s pop and R&B superstars. “I can’t be someone that I’m not. My voice and my music comes from God and there’s no sense in trying to sing songs that don’t speak to me or reflect what’s in my soul.” She is often compared to the likes of Basia and Des’ree, both of whom enjoyed worldwide success. Her latest album, Beautiful Journey,  is co-produced by herself and other acclaimed producers, including Nigerian musical genius, Cobhams Asuquo. The record is also co-written by Myoa, who believes that recording her first album “validates all my hard work as an independent artist.” Sure the business is changing, but Myoa loves to take risks. “Music has been embedded in me and so it’s hard for me to imagine life without listening to music, singing or writing. I usually tell myself to keep going; it will all be worth it. I call it faith, and that’s what drives me.”


16 EILE Magazine

For more on Myoa, visit: MyoaMusicSings/ Images: EMEX FOCUS

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18 EILE Magazine

amy guess EILE is delighted to feature Canadian, alternative/rock singersongwriter, Amy Guess, who has just released her exciting new single, ‘Lay Low’, a dark, emotive track reminiscent of Evanescence’s ‘Bring Me To Life’. Speaking about the single, she says: “When I was writing this song it was definitely about taking a needed break from relationships that felt toxic to me...” As you might imagine, Amy cites Evanescence, Garbage, and Portishead among her influences, and you know from listening that she favours the raw rock sound over the manufactured pop of so many of today’s unoriginal artists.

create and express herself as she chose. With a natural talent for infusing catchy pop hooks with an emotive alternative rock edge, Amy has forged a unique balance in her music, cultivating a universal appeal that is both deeply personal and wonderfully relatable. Spurred on by the likes of Evanescence, Portishead, and Garbage, Amy quickly developed a passion for strong emotive vocals and dark, industrial sounds, using their influence to colour her own dynamic style. With a natural talent for crafting shimmering, lavishlytextured songs, her music is bold, brave, and brilliantly personal, balancing progressive electronica with profound human moments.

Now, with the release of her Her fiercely independent style has sophomore EP on the horizon, Amy earned her over five million streams has come into her own, striking out to date, and if you listen to Lay Low, with a developed sound that feels you’ll know why. more herself than ever. Set to be an all-encompassing expression of Amy is one of a new breed of artists, her musical journey, the release is who write music that reflects raw an ode to the path that has lead her human emotion, pushing aside the this far, making it one of her most sugary-sweet mainstream in favour exposed and instinctual projects to of dark, cathartic energy. date. A dynamic talent from Las Vegas by way of Calgary, Canada, Amy Guess was born into a musical family, where she was free to

An indelible voice for a new generation, Amy is an independent talent like few others. With an unrelenting charm and

EILE Magazine 19

unapologetic style, she has carved her own path through the current musical landscape, earning over five million streams to date. Fiercely original, she is a new style of icon, who is determined to break limiting genre boundaries, and while her list of accomplishments speaks for itself, Amy is keen to show that she’s just getting started. amy-guess/id533422340


To catch up with Amy, and her music, visit: AmyGuessOfficial/

Images: Ashley Osborn

Album art for Lay Low

20 EILE Magazine

“When I was writing this song it was definitely about taking a needed break from relationships that felt toxic to me...�

EILE Magazine 21

clarks/ raeburn

22 EILE Magazine

wrapping up warm for autumn/winter Brian Rochford writes on how to stay stylish in the cold weather Summer’s almost over, and it’s getting colder, so it’s time to wrap up in style! Here are some stylish items that every style-conscious man should have in his wardrobe - fashion items that are essential, so that you are always looking your best, especially during the dark, drab, cold Autumn-Winter days. One jacket that rarely goes out of style for the cold weather, and that is always on-trend, is the ever-popular Sherpa jacket. This comes in a range of styles, colours and fabrics, including faux fur and a denim version, so you will be spoiled for choice, whether you go for a designer garment, or pop into the high street shops. Still popular, and very functional and casual, is the black hoodie. This can be worn with fitted jeans to complete that stylish street-look, and also serves as that comfortable outfit that, when paired with tracksuit bottoms, means you can relax at home in style.

sandy liang

If you feel you want to go for a more dressed-up look, why not try a good quality dress-shirt and tie? Because the weather is colder, you can layer this look with a fitted sweater, and again, a black fine-wool version is very versatile. This can be layered further with a good woolen blazer-style jacket - checks and hounds-tooth patterns mean you will be on-trend for the season.

EILE Magazine 23

Or why not contrast this look with a casual parka jacket, giving an edge to the more formal office-commuter look. Be sure that, when you are putting your outfit together, you colour co-ordinate your choices. Getting this wrong can take you from cool to chaos faster than you can say Cosmo. One item that is a must for the season is the turtle-neck jumper. It’s a must-have in any man’s wardrobe, especially when the temperature is on the way down, and you need to keep warm. This item is really versatile, and can be paired and layered with so many different styles of jackets, and looks good with jeans and also smart-casual slacks. If you find an item that looks really good on you, a good tip would be to buy more than one of them. It can be in the same colour, or a different one which still tones with your wardrobe. This can make life easier for you, as you will always look good, and spend less time shopping. Unless, of course, you really, really, really like shopping!

isabel marant

24 EILE Magazine



clarks/ raeburn

EILE Magazine 25

Are You the One?:

Come One Come Most — What is Missing in MTV’s SexuallyFluid Reality Show? By Lilian McCarthy An in-depth look at MTV’s attempt to introduce a sexually-fluid version of its ‘Are You The One?’ reality show - Come One Come All MTV recently decided to morph its Are You the One franchise into a ‘sexually fluid’ experiment. In the new season of the show, coined Come One Come All, sixteen people live in a mansion together, in an attempt to discover who is their ‘perfect match’. At the end of the season, if all eight perfect-match couples are together, they share a prize of one million dollars. However, in this new season, each of the 16 people identifies as bisexual, pansexual, or simply fluid, resulting in each person having fifteen possible perfect matches, rather than in the previous seasons, based on a cisgendered heterosexual model, where women only matched with men, and vice versa. When this new show structure was

26 EILE Magazine

announced, the LGBTQ+ community was thrilled. I myself was excited and intrigued—I stay away from reality dating shows because, as an LGBTQ+ person, the televised heterosexual world feels so foreign to me that it rarely entertains me. Indeed, as this new season has continued, my LGBTQ+ friends frequently live-tweet episodes, share theories about who will be a match, or swoon over this or that person. In many ways, the show has lived up to expectations. It is a large group of LGBTQ+ people living in a house together, declaring their attraction to one another, sneaking away from the group in pairs (and sometimes in groups larger than pairs) to the ‘boom boom room’, where they have sex while everyone else gossips. It continues the essential aspects of a reality dating show, but with LGBTQ+ people, and that is certainly an accomplishment in itself.


And it does so with around a quarter of the contestants being white; all other contestants are people of color. Having never seen the seasons before this LGBTQ+ one, I was impressed by this ratio; I don’t think of reality dating shows as having the most inclusive diversity policies, as there has been, for example, one black ‘Bachelorette’ in the history of the franchise. I want to be clear, however, that this does not mean I checked a box for racial diversity, because there are not as many white people on the show as I expected. I am noting it because I was surprised by the show’s attempt to include people from a range of racial backgrounds, along with its main goal of producing a ‘sexually fluid’ show. Where MTV falls short, in this season of Are You the One, is in the representation of multiple gender identities and expressions in

their group of contestants. There is a single trans-masculine contestant, who describes himself as a “queer, transmasculine, non-binary human”, who has “[pursued] biological transition”, and uses he/ him/his and they/them/theirs. In addition, there is another self-identified non-binary person, who is flamboyant in their colorful, patterned, and sequined fashion choices. They are the only one who expressed their preferred pronouns to be only they/them/theirs. The remainder of the contestants are cisgendered folks. The cis men do sometimes walk around in skirts, dresses, or sports bras, play with makeup, and one of them has a remarkable head of long hair. The women, however, are a different story. There is one woman with a pixie hair cut, and she presents in a strongly feminine way; that is as far as MTV went to look for a more

EILE Magazine 27

masculine-presenting, dare I say tomboy-like woman, for the show. All the women express themselves in a highly typical, classically feminine manner.

gesticulated with his hands, and, in a twist of events, it was while this contestant was partying as this persona that she cheated on her strongest relationship in the house.

Beyond this, there are only two women who could, in any sense, be classified as ‘curvy’, and, interestingly, both of them are black women. The other women are quite thin, and all are petite in height, except for the woman with the short hair, who is taller than most other contestants.

The furthest that this ‘gender-bending’ prom went was for two people to go in classic drag getup, for a few cis men to wear dresses, and cis women to put on baseball hats and speak in low voices. This party scene raised many questions for me and for my friends watching along with me. If there had been a more masculine woman on the show, how would the ‘gender-bending’ principle work for her? If the trans-masc contestant had not been out on a date, what would he have been expected to do in this situation? Would the cis women have changed their approach to their different gender presentation during the prom, if the trans-masc contestant had been there, for fear of looking like a parody of him, and the gender expression he fought his whole life to embody? Would the cis women have changed their approach if there had been a butch-presenting woman on the show, again for fear of parodying her? What would a butch woman be expected to do in this ‘gender-bending’ scenario, when she lives in a ‘gender-bending’ presentation every day? Why did not a single one these hyperfeminine contestants never leave behind their carefully-constructed femininity to dive into a masculine drag as intense as the other contestants, who went in full feminine drag?

There is not a woman on the show who is not typically slim, classically beautiful, and feminine-presenting. These various types of gender discrepancies came to light most powerfully in episode 4, wherein the contestants remaining at the mansion, while six others go on group dates, throw an LGBTQ+ prom. Many of them express, to each other, and in individual interviews, their excitement to attend a prom for the first time, or simply in the way they wish they could have when they went in high school, still closeted or rejected by their peers. I was excited for this episode—I wish I had my own LGBTQ+ prom—and looked forward to seeing how everyone would dress. One cis male contestant, and the contestant who exclusively uses they/them, decided to go in drag, and together put on intricate outfits, layers of makeup, and doused themselves in glitter. The remaining men, all cis, decided to do a clothes-swap with the women, and went to the prom in stretchy dresses drawn tightly across their pecs, along with a dash of eyeshadow or lipstick. Some women decided to wear an oversized button down, or a backwards baseball hat, and one of them created a male character to be her drag persona; he spoke in a low voice,

28 EILE Magazine

Finally, these questions led me to see that, once again, the definition of acceptable femininity is still one that includes only hyper-femininity, and ignores the possibility of genuine, feminine gender expressions differing from this model. Women in masculine clothing are welcomed on the show, only if it is a costume, performed along with a slim, feminine frame adorned with long hair and eyeshadow. The non-binary contestant’s transness is


used as a weak substitute for exploring gender-non-conforming femininity, and simultaneously plays as the show’s attempt to sensationalize this person. Where is the LGBTQ+ woman with short hair, who wears swimming trunks on group snorkeling dates? Where is the LGBTQ+ woman whose thighs rival the most buff of the cis men on the show, who isn’t a size 0 to 6? Where is the LGBTQ+ woman who, on dressing up for the match ceremony, doesn’t put on a skin-tight mini-dress, but throws on her khakis and blazer? And, perhaps most importantly, where in the world is the trans woman? Where is she? Once again, the trans woman is left out of the LGBTQ+ narrative. Would the cis women have changed their approach for this third reason, for fear of looking like a parody of a trans woman, who presents in a more androgynous manner? Would she have been accepted to the show only if her body was also fitting with the slim frame of the other female contestants? With this being said, I know that MTV is still a huge network-sharing media with millions of people. This is the first season of this LGBTQ+ scenario, and the average viewer of

a reality dating show will not want to watch people hook up who are not ‘classically hot’ in a cis-het system. The fact that this show exists at all is a huge step forward for the LGBTQ+ community. So is the fact that there are two non-binary people on the show, and that the other cis people enjoy playing with their gender expression. I acknowledge all of this. But I want to take the next step and ask for more. Give the LGBTQ+ community more. Let us see ourselves on the screen for the fun, sexy, interesting, and whole people that we are—all of us. Note: Despite my many years in the LGBTQ+ community, I continue to encounter a lack of agreement on who can be called butch. Most people around me have said that butch, although originally only used in the lesbian community, can now be used across the queer community. I have gone with this interpretation in my article. I apologize sincerely if I offend or invalidate or devalue anyone’s identity because of my use of the term butch, or because of any other term I use improperly. Please share your thoughts with me on the subject - I always want to learn.

EILE Magazine 29


Mae West Intimate Portrait Documentary Review by Lisa Reynolds From 1990-2005, Lifetime created many documentaries, in a series called Intimate Portrait, in which they looked at the careers, lives, and achievements of some of the most successful women in history, and in the present. One of these documentaries was about the iconic Mae West, and tells viewers her story, from her childhood to rising stardom as a legendary actress and writer. It also looks at how she was a driving force in the Women’s Liberation Movement, via her subtle sexual innuendos, in both her acting and writing, at a time when it was thought that women couldn’t possibly have such feelings. The documentary, hosted by Meredith Vieira, uses archive footage of West, in her movies and outside her movies. There is also commentary from Rona Barrett, Rex Reed, Loretta Swift, Herbert Kenwith, and Kevin Thomas. It is a very interesting documentary, and West comes across as a woman who was way ahead of her time, but who had the strength and determination to be herself, battling through any fears she may have had about how she was perceived by the more conservative sections of the

30 EILE Magazine

audience, and of course by the censors. She seemed to have had a lot of spunk, and came across as personable and creative too. The program begins by talking about her childhood. West was born in Brooklyn, New York. Her name was Mary Jane, which she later combined together to create her stage name, Mae. When she was actually born is not set in stone, though we are told that most have decided on August 17th 1893. Her mother’s name was Matilda Delker, known as Tillie, and her father’s name was John Patrick West. Her mother encouraged her into amateur theatre, and by 1901, at just seven years old, she had won a competition in her home town, after rewriting the words to a song, which showed great creativity and initiative at such a young age. West began from early childhood taking part in vaudeville shows, and didn’t have much time off from the showbiz world. Though she seemed to have a happy childhood, it did seem as if she didn’t get to experience much time away from work, which was evident in the fact she only got to spend time with her sister, Beverley, and brother, John, from the age of twelve to the age of fourteen, before it was back to work again.

Image: Youmustrememberthis

EILE Magazine 31

There was a certain amount of sadness in that, because I imagine she would have liked to have spent more time with them. The documentary tells viewers about much of her early work, such as with the Gregory Brothers, and her performances in A La Broadway. We also hear about her 1926 play, Sex, for which she was put in prison for ten days, and fined $500. However, the publicity from this helped launch her career, and soon after she had success with Diamond Lil. This, in turn, gave West a start in Hollywood, and soon she was working for Paramount Pictures. She was well on her way to leaving behind a legacy of great classic films, including Night After Night, She Done Him Wrong (based on Diamond Lil, and the first movie starring Cary Grant, whom she discovered), I’m No Angel (also starring opposite Cary Grant), Go West, Young Man, The Heat’s On, My Little Chickadee, Myra Breckinridge, Sextette, and Every Day’s A Holiday. She also took part in much radio work with Perry Como’s radio show, and due to her savvy business side, she was reported as being the highest paid woman in America at that time. The documentary also shows the sad times in West’s life, and her heartbreak at the deaths of both her mother, whom she was extremely close to, and the death of her close friend for many years, James Timony. In West’s spare time, she liked to hang out and chill in her home in California, which was called Ravenswood. She moved here from New York, after signing the contract with Paramount in 1932, and never left. She also loved all things

32 EILE Magazine

psychic, and even held readings. West was married once in her life. She married at 17. Her husband was 21-yearold fellow vaudeville performer, Frank Wallace, whom she married in secret. The marriage didn’t last in the long run, and by the time West had achieved her success, Wallace was long out of the picture. She had a brief romance with lawyer, James Timony, but for years after their relationship became a friendship, and a working relationship. But the love of her life was Paul Novak, whom she lived with. He was one of the performers in her Adonis show, which she began in 1964. Everyone commented on how good to her he was, and they just seemed to have a beautiful relationship together. It was a great watch, with wonderful music by composer, Louie Lino. Viewers get a great insight into West’s career and life. After a long life filled with achievements, 27 years of love from her soulmate, Paul Novak, and much love from family and friends, Mae West passed away on November 22nd, 1980, from a stroke. She was 87. Mae West’s Intimate Portrait documentary is available to watch on YouTube at:

Mae West - Image:

Image: mental Mae West and Cary Grant Image:

EILE Magazine 33

Galway: New Event! Let’s Have A Kiki – Upstairs at the Róisín Dubh – FREE Entry!

There is a faboulous LGBT+ event happening in Galway, upstairs in the Róisín Dubh, every Wednesday night. Join the Queen of Galway herself, Kiki St. Clair of GASS, in the upstairs bar of the Róisín Dubh, Dominick Street, Galway, for Let’s have a Kiki night, full of pop, camp hits, and disco floor fillers. This is a weekly event, every Wednesday night, and it’s FREE entry! “Lock the doors, lower the blinds, fire up the smoke machine, and put on your heels, ‘cos we know exactly what you need… Let’s Have A Kiki“. 34 EILE Magazine

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General Guidelines for Health Brian Rochford writes about the general need to be vigilant about our health, even when not on the latest fad diet or exercise routine Men, in general it would seem, are less inclined to take care of their health than women.

all that you need to stay in good health, and improve your chances of longevity. It may sound simple, but something as basic as washing your hands regularly In contrast to women, men are inclined can help keep you safe from disease to smoke too much, drink excessive and sickness. amounts of alcohol, avoid regular visits to their GP, and participate in risky Some diseases and illnesses do not behaviour. always have symptoms that are immediately obvious, and, as a result, It is important to recognise health can mean that you are at risk of stroke problems that are preventable, or even a heart attack. So listen to your regardless of the fact that you are ill body, and take some practical steps to at present. A medical professional can ensure that you stay in shape and good be of assistance here, especially if you health. are experiencing symptoms of anxiety, or even depression, or an increase in Keep a regular check on your bloodbody weight. Your doctor can keep pressure and weight. Exercise regularly you up to date with the most recent to keep off those extra pounds, and improvements in disease and illness stay clear of fad diets in general, prevention. they are of very little value. Prostate protection is very important as men It can’t be said enough: Say no to age. You may know that as you grow tobacco, and reduce your alcohololder your prostate grows also. That is intake. A common-sense approach is why it is so important to eat a low-fat, 36 EILE Magazine

Image: Harvard Gazette

healthy, nutritious diet. Some medical practitioners encourage us to get at least 7 to 8 hours sleep at night. This can be very significant in the fight against stress. Many use meditation to relax, and improve overall mood. Another technique that is very useful in overcoming daily stress and anxiety is to cultivate a positive mental attitude.

get older, we lose muscle mass, and in some cases as much as 3-5 percent after 30 years of age can be lost. Mobility, balance, and even stamina can be affected. This can result in a greater risk of frequent fractures and falls.

Be certain to check with your doctor before you start a regime like lifting Some studies suggest that keeping your weights. However, lifting weights or sunny side up can help you feel less using weight machines is a fantastic stressed, tired, and anxious. way to improve your physical strength, stamina, energy, and overall health. It has also been suggested that as we EILE Magazine 37


HALONG BAY – HOLLYWOOD’S BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE 'KONG SKULL ISLAND' In the blockbuster movie “Kong - Skull Island”, Ha Long Bay, Ninh Binh and Quang Binh in Viet Nam have been selected for important scenes. This first Hollywood blockbuster movie licensed to film in Viet Nam takes two-months filming and the last spot is Ha Long Bay. With the spectacular scatter of islands, dotted with wind-and wave-eroded grottoes and ethereal beauty, Halong Bay is unsurprisingly northern Vietnam’s number one tourism hub. Rising from the shallows of the Gulf of Tonkin are thousands of limestone islands, widely known as Fighting Cock Island, Finger Island, Virgin Grotto, etc. Several of the islands are hollow, with enormous caves, or the abundance of lakes, others support floating villages of fishermen. The incredibly serene emerald waters and incredible feat of nature almost never fails to impress. The procession of pinnacles, islets and islands continues all the way to the Chinese border, with a seascape just as striking. This is Bai Tu Long Bay, but much less visited. There are much fewer cruise trips, so the karst views are not as often obscured by other boats. Geologically an extension of Halong Bay, the limestone islets and towers of Lan Ha Bay can be easily accessed from Cat Ba Island. Cat Ba island has more to offer than a beautiful seascape. It is adventure capital – whether you want to climb it, bike it, hike it or kayak it. The Cat Ba national park is home to most of the world’s remaining golden-headed langur population. Moreover, this island’s cliffs have become one of Southeast Asia’s top learn-toclimb destinations. Insight Asia Travel customizes and creates products, itineraries and experiences as requested by clients. Day-by-day programme is flexible, personalized, and creative. Insight Asia Travel have many tour offers, e-mail or visit the website

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Ha Long Bay - IMage: Lonely Planet

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Travel Plans with a difference! Shaza Hotels open highly anticipated accommodation at Al Badayer Oasis

Stay at an Oasis! Shaza Hotels have announced the opening of the highly anticipated Al Badayer Oasis – Sharjah Collection by Mysk on 1st October 2019. Owned by Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq), Al Badayer Oasis is a picturesque desert retreat set against the sweeping dunes of central Sharjah. Mr. Simon Coombs, President & CEO of Shaza Hotels, stated: “We are delighted to expand our presence in the UAE with a unique property like Al Badayer Oasis and a partner like Shurooq and look forward to delivering unparalleled experiences to guests. It is a superb addition to our growing portfolio of hotels in the Middle East and will be the perfect choice for travellers looking for novel and immersive experiences in the midst of wilderness. This latest opening, that joins two other fabulous properties namely the Kingfisher Lodge and Al Faya Lodge in the Sharjah Collection, creates a unique 3 in 1 travel circuit for visitors to discover the culture, traditional Arabian hospitality and natural beauty of the emirate of Sharjah.” Al Badayer Oasis is primed to be a sanctuary

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of relaxation bringing to life meaningful connections to the surroundings inspired by ancient caravanserais. Featuring 21 rooms and 10 tents, adorned with Arabian culture and ornaments reminiscent of a bygone era, Al Badayer Oasis is designed for glamorous camping. Awaiting guests is the attentive welcome evocative of an Emirati home. Here, travellers get to experience the feeling of living like a Sultan in an empire hemmed in by the golden sweeping dunes. Included in the facilities are an Emirati restaurant offering authentic Emirati cuisine and street food with rich influences of the destinations on its trade route, an all-daydining restaurant, two meeting rooms, indoor pool and state-of-the-art gym. A spacious amphitheatre in the heart of the Caravanserai will host intimate live events under the stars. Al Badayer Oasis is also a popular destination for 4x4 trips, quad biking, horse riding, desert safaris and camel tours. Unmarked mountain routes and purposebuilt trails mean both novice and experienced mountain bikers can explore Sharjah’s territories on two wheels. For more information please visit

Al Badayer Oasis

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Frances Winston on Movies Directed by: Quentin Tarantino – Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Emile Hirsch, Margaret Qualley, Timothy Olyphant, Austin Butler, Dakota Fanning, Bruce Dern, Al Pacino, Kurt Russell, Luke Perry Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or completely avoiding all entertainment press) it can’t have escaped your notice that there’s been a little bit of controversy about this movie – namely that the female lead, Margot Robbie, seemingly has extremely little dialogue. I will admit this filled me with a bit of trepidation before the screening. After all, there are few enough female roles on offer, without making them silent. Robbie plays Sharon Tate, the 1960s actress who was one of the victims of the Manson Family. And this entire movie is set in the buildup to that fateful night. Yet it is predominately told through the eyes of 1950s western TV star, Rick Dalton (DiCaprio) and his best friend and stunt double, Cliff Booth (Pitt). By the late 60s, both men’s fortunes have changed, and Rick is reduced to guest cameos on popular shows, while Cliff is working as his

driver. Rick also just happens to live next door to Tate and her husband, Roman Polanski. This basically follows the pair in the months prior to the slaughter, as Rick scrambles to find quality work and Cliff keeps encountering the same intriguing young woman – who just happens to be a member of the Manson family. Meanwhile, Sharon is wrapped up in the bubble of her recently-found fame. The conceit of Tate and the murders merely serves to frame what is definitely Tarantino’s love letter to 1960s Hollywood. He has faithfully recreated classic shows and movies, which are interspersed throughout, and is completely faithful to the era. There is a particularly poignant moment, where Robbie as Tate watches herself on the big-screen, but it is the real Sharon that we see – immortalised forever on celluloid despite her tragic fate. Everything here is a tribute of some sort to the medium Tarantino loves. There are a couple of ill-advised moments. The appearance of Bruce Lee is disappointing, as is Damian Lewis as Steve

McQueen. And there are some references that may go over the heads of all but the most ardent movie-geeks. But there is plenty here to love. The cinematography is fabulous, there is some stunning sound-mixing, the story is surprisingly thoughtful (given the gory premise) and there are definite ‘did not see that coming’ moments. Of course, there is the epic bloody fight scene – it wouldn’t be Tarantino without it. But again, it’s not what you’d expect, and it has a huge amount of humour. So, to address the Robbie thing – no she doesn’t have much dialogue. However, when you see the film it actually makes sense. As a female reviewer, I understood why her character was handled as it was when I saw the ending (which really isn’t what you’d expect) and I wasn’t put out by it. She does a great job with or without dialogue. Meanwhile DiCaprio and Pitt should be paired up all the time. They are a great double-act. There’s a serious bromance there. Many other Tarantino regulars make appearances, some in literally ‘blink and you’ll miss them’ moments, EILE Magazine 43

scary stories to tell in the dark 44 EILE Magazine

Frances Winston on Movies continued...

Directed by: André Øvredal – Starring: Zoe Colletti, Michael Garza, Gabriel Rush, Austin Zajur, Natalie Ganzhorn, Austin Abrams, Dean Norris, Gil Bellows, Lorraine Toussaint Halloween may seem eons away (it’s not though) but with the darker evenings creeping in, there is definitely an autumnal feel in the air, which makes the timing of this release somewhat appropriate. Based on the bestselling, and much-loved, book series of the same name, writers Dan and Kevin Hageman have selected a handful of the stories for this offering. Interestingly, they have resisted the temptation to do an anthology-type piece, a la Creepshow or similar, and rather thread them all together through a common narrative. Set in 1968, this sets itself up as a haunted house story. Aspiring writer, Stella, and her friends decide to prank a friend by taking her to the creepy old home of the Bellows family, who helped found the town. Inside, they find a book of scary stories

that belonged to Sarah Bellows, who was removed from all the family photos. When Stella takes the book home, she discovers that it starts mysteriously writing new stories. Troublingly, these all appear to come true, and soon her friends are disappearing. Realising that the spirit of Sarah is to blame, Stella must try and reason with the entity, before everyone she knows is gone forever. This is very much targeting the tween audience, as well as those with nostalgia for the source material. Given this fact, Øvredal therefore can’t throw the kitchen sink at it, but he does try and push the envelope as far as he can, while also making it suitable for younger eyes.

However, younger horror fans will love this, and it will be a good introduction to the genre for some of them. Older fans of the book will simply delight at seeing the stories come to life. Overall, this is a bit of fun – the movie equivalent of telling ghost-stories around the campfire – that delivers some frights in the build-up to Halloween.

In Cinemas Now!

This is low on gore – that probably would have upped the rating – but that doesn’t mean it’s not a fright-fest, and it has plenty of jump out of your seat moments. Yes the CGI is a little ropey at times, but that almost adds to the charm. Some of the stories don’t really feel like they’ve had proper justice done to them , given that they are incorporated into the bigger story, and not all fans of the book will be satisfied with the choices.

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Frances Winston on Movies continued...

Directed by: Alexandre Aja – Starring: Kaya Scodelario, Barry Pepper, Ross Anderson, Anson Boon This film is probably hoping to do for alligators what Jaws did for sharks (and Sharknado did for ummm…Shark Tornados) – turn them into figures that instil horror at their mere mention. Set during a category 5 hurricane (an Alligatornado perhaps) this finds a father and daughter (and their dog – just for the awwww factor) trapped in their home, which has become overrun with alligators due to the flooding. Conveniently, the daughter, Haley (Scodelario) was an aspiring champion swimmer, before an accident made her too nervous to compete anymore. But of course, being a strong swimmer is still a useful skill to have in a situation like this. Unfortunately her skills are of little use to her father, Dave (Pepper) who is unconscious and wounded. So, with the alligators on the loose, and the water rising, they have to keep their

wits about them, and attempt to navigate a safe passage out.

a whole new respect for the species.

Cinematography-wise, Yes, this is cheesy. this is very dark. VERY The whole premise is dark. I appreciate that ridiculous. But you know there is supposed to be a what, it works – probably storm, but it does make because it doesn’t take it difficult to see what is itself too seriously. Back going on at times. This in the day, this would has become something of have been the type of B a trend in horror movies, movie creature-feature and it’s not a good one. that Saturday matinee It would be nice to see audiences lapped up. what is going on without Former Skins star, squinting. That aside, Scodelario, gamely gives this works because it is it her all, even when the completely self-aware. story hits new levels of It knows what it is, and ludicrous, and she proves it sticks to its premise. a very grounding force Yes, it’s cliché-driven, here. Which is just as but it doesn’t matter. It well since she is in nearly just wants to give you every scene. a couple of hours of escapism. And in that it Pepper has little to do succeeds. except be stoic – and it’s nice to see a script that If you like your creaturehas the women taking features cheesy with a charge – but he does have side of cliché, then you’ll a good presence, and has enjoy this. Just don’t take some lovely scenes with it too seriously. Because Scodelario. it certainly doesn’t tale itself seriously! As for the Alligators. Well, they are very In Cinemas Now! convincing, and indeed they are suitably terrifying when needs be. They’re not quite up there with Jaws. And you won’t find yourself afraid to go into the water (or the basement) but you will jump out of your seat at times, and perhaps have

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Never Grow Old

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Frances Winston on Movies continued...

Directed by: Ivan Kavanagh – Starring: Emile Hirsch, Déborah François, John Cusack, Danny Webb, Tim Ahern, Sam Louwyck Although they used to be a huge moneymaker, Westerns are not the most popular of genres at the moment, and they can be tricky to pull off. Done badly, they become clichériddled, and even done well they can generate calls of sexism, since the protagonists and main cast tend to be men. This American-Irish-French offering from Irish director, Kavanagh, was actually shot in Connemara of all places. However, the setting is very much the old American West. Irishman, Patrick Tate (Hirsch) and his family had moved to a small town with the intention of moving on to California, but they became a settled part of the community, and stayed. It’s a peaceful spot, albeit one without much in the way of enterprise, since the local preacher has banned drinking, gambling, and whores. That is, until Dutch Albert (Cusack) comes to town. Taking over the local tavern, he quickly makes his presence felt by reinstating all the sinful acts that had previously been disallowed. Before long, the town is a lawless, feckless state, and Patrick’s undertaker business has never been busier. But a falling out with Dutch finds him forced to defend his own and his family’s lives. If you’re a fan of westerns, you will recognise every single shot that Kavanagh has used here. It’s like Western 101. Even if you’re not a fan, there is a familiarity about it. They’re not trying to reinvent anything here. Cusack is constantly shot from underneath, with the shadow of his hat brim falling across his face, to make him appear more menacing. He is even rocking that cowboy essential, black eyeliner, to ensure that he looks as malevolent as possible.

Meanwhile, François as Patrick’s wife, Audrey, is almost ethereal. This would be fine if the characters were properly developed, but they aren’t. They are written almost as caricatures – which does give them a familiarity, but also means there’s not really anywhere to go for them. Cusack’s bad guy in particular is completely one-dimensional, and he has no shades of light to contrast the dark, making him a rather tedious character after a while. Hirsch, meanwhile, continues his Hollywood rehabilitation, and while he is gifted with a (slightly) more well-rounded character than Cusack (well, we know he’s an immigrant, so at least he has some sort of backstory) his Irish accent is extremely dodgy. It’s not quite Tom Cruise in Far and Away bad, but it is somewhat grating. Meanwhile, François has little to do except look pretty, until the closing scenes. When she finally does get involved in the action, it is actually one of the best bits of the movie. It’s just a shame it takes 90 minutes to get there. Indeed, while it’s always great to see Irish movies hitting the big screen, it would also be nice if they included some Irish actors, and didn’t ship in Hollywood talent. After all, part of their funding came from Screen Ireland. The Irish cast here have little or nothing to do. Extremely bleak and dreary, Never Grow Old is not the movie to go to if you want some cheering-up. Also, the women don’t come out of this well – they are pretty much all either puritans or whores – which will be agitating for some people. Never Grow Old will be enjoyable to fans of the genre, but if westerns aren’t your bag, this isn’t going to change your mind. In Cinemas Now!

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Event Review - Frances Winston

Dublin Comic Con 2019 the convention centre 50 EILE Magazine

Frances Winston reviews this now bi-annual event, which sees some big stars in attendance Dublin Comic Con The Convention Centre Dublin: 9th, 10th and 11th August From humble beginnings with a small event in Swords in 2013, Dublin Comic Con has now become a biannual event that welcomes tens of thousands, and sees some of the biggest stars on the con scene show up to meet fans. It was a couple of years since I had attended this, simply because the dates always clashed with something else, and even in that short period of time it has grown hugely. Just a quick glance at the calibre of the guests, and the different vendors, proved that. This year saw living legend, Lou Ferrigno, aka The Incredible Hulk, joined by Buffy and Angel Star, Charisma Carpenter, Charmed star, Holly Marie Combs, the voice of Joe in Family Guy, Patrick Warburton, and Guardians of the Galaxy star, Pom Klementieff, amongst the guests, offering autograph and photo opportunities to fans. However, the photos available for signing at the autograph desks didn’t prove popular with many, complaining that the paper was cheap and the pictures had huge white borders. General consensus seemed to be to bring your own item for signing. Many people were also surprised at Warburton’s price of €50 for a photograph in the official booth (although he did have a selfie option available for a cheaper rate). There were bigger names there charging less, and it did seem a bit inflated (the Con didn’t set the rates lest you wonder). His sense of

worth aside, this was a solid line up that had something to satisfy most attendees, and the guests were almost as excited as the fans. Speaking on the Friday evening preview, Ferrigno, Carpenter, and Combs all admitted that they were grateful to their respective shows for opening up this world of conventions to them, and that they enjoyed meeting the fans and seeing how much it meant to them. What was extremely noticeable was that the Cosplay aspect had come on leaps and bounds in recent years. I’ve attended a lot of cons, and I can honestly say this event saw an extremely high standard of costume from attendees. While there were many variations on Spiderman and Deadpool, and a fair few Batmen, I found ‘bro Thor’ especially hilarious. Also kudos to the child who dressed as Bumblebee from Transformers, in a costume that actually allowed him to transform into a car. As you would expect, there were several Game of Thrones inspired costumes. There was also everything from horror icons to comic book legends, alongside some gaming and anime characters, and people really did go all out. It was great to see families dressing up as a group, and really getting in to it. This really added to the atmosphere, and gave a real sense of camaraderie to the event. Some of the best things about any Con are always the panel talks, and as well as the special guest interviews, there was a huge variety of topical discussions on offer, here including Horror in Manga, and Japanese Pop Culture, Games in Education, Cosplay, Conventions and Consent, and Smartphone Filmmaking. Whatever you were into, there was a panel to tick your box, and these proved extremely popular. In an ‘it shouldn’t be amusing but it was moment’, Halloween attraction, The Nightmare Zone, also had a space in the

EILE Magazine 51

vendors’ hall, with people in character, and I’m not saying they were convincing, but I did see one child running away crying when confronted by one of their ghouls! Thankfully, his mum saw the funny side, and he was soon appeased. Controversially, the Church of Scientology also had a stand in the vendors’ hall, where they offered children a chance to create a drug-free superhero as part of a competition. I was surprised to see them there, and I saw many other people commenting on and complaining about it. This probably wasn’t the best idea on the part of the organisers, and perhaps they should leave the religious organisations out of it next year. That aside, Dublin Comic Con was a roaring success that attendees are still raving about, even after it’s over. Many met their idols, many got to try out new costumes, some just bought a really cool piece of cherished merchandise, but whatever they went for, everyone I spoke to really enjoyed it. Time commitments this year meant I didn’t get to dress up, but watch out next year – I’m breaking out the Doctor Who and Wonder Woman costumes!

DCC Cosplay - Image: Facebook

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Dublin Comic Con 2019 wrestling panel Image: Facebook

Ron Marz talks writing Image: Facebook

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A Night at the Opera By Queen Retro Review By Lisa Reynolds A Night at the Opera (1975) by Queen was the band’s fourth album. Named after the Marx Brothers movie of the same name, the album was recorded between August and November of that year, and released on November 21st, 1975. It was produced by the band and Roy Thomas Baker, and included what has become Queen’s signature track, Bohemian Rhapsody. The video of the song has recently become the first pre1990s music video to reach one billion views on YouTube. The album opens with Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To …). Freddie Mercury’s vocal on this track is filled with edge and passion, so it isn’t surprising to find out the backstory to this track, which Mercury wrote. It is about, and dedicated to, the band’s former manager, Norman Sheffield, whom the band didn’t feel was supporting their careers in the most productive way, and with whom they had parted ways before A Night at the Opera. It has a very honest quality to it, and it’s a very catchy song. Equally catchy, but very different, is the track which follows, called Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon (also written by Mercury) which has a very fun and vaudeville vibe to it. It kind of questions

54 EILE Magazine

the whole meaning of ‘ordinary’, and I quite like that. The third track, I’m In Love With My Car, was written by Roger Taylor, and was the B-side to Bohemian Rhapsody. The track, which is about boy racers, was dedicated to, and inspired by, Queen roadie/sound guy, John Harris, who loved cars. It’s a very easy-going song, which paints a great picture and atmosphere. The following track is the beautifully romantic You’re My Best Friend, which was written by John Deacon about his wife. It has this lovely flow to it, and is beautiful with a great hook. Very memorable lyrics. ’39 comes next. This was written by Brian May. May, who studied Astrophysics, called this song a ‘sci-fi folk song’, and the storytelling in this song is brilliant. It’s like a mini story. Sweet Lady follows. This track was (also written by May) had a riff of 3/4 instead of 4/4. The song is about relationships between people, and is quite lively and explosive in a gentle kind of way, which is quite different. The seventh track on the album is Seaside Rendezvous, which was written by Mercury, and has a ragtime, vintage, and theatrical feel to it. The song is based on the old days of the 1930s, when seaside adventures were the height of fashion.

Queen - image;


EILE Magazine 55

Next on the album is The Prophet’s Song. Written by May, the song was inspired by a dream which May had about the Great Flood years. Though it has religious connotations and a ritual vibe to it, the song is not really about religion. It is a song about people showing kindness to each other in a general sense, and is a call for people to be more connected to one another. It’s a very uplifting track, which has an anthem quality to it. There are slight gospel undertones to the song as well. Starting the second half is one of my favourite tracks on the album, Love Of My Life. It’s actually one of my two favourite Queen songs in general, and both of them are on this album. The other is Bohemian Rhapsody. The song is gorgeously romantic and understated. It’s so beautiful and Mercury’s vocal on is gorgeously breathtaking. I love this song. The track was written by Mercury, with guitar sequences by May, and the story behind it is about the breakdown of a relationship affecting a man more than his other half. It has a melancholy romantic feel, and it’s stunningly crafted. Good Company comes next. The track is written by May, and is about appreciating life, having your priorities right, and not taking the people and the things you shouldn’t be taking for granted for granted. It has a nice melody to it, and a very relaxed feel. Clever and thought-provoking. Bohemian Rhapsody follows, which was written by Mercury. There have been so many possible meanings of this song that I’m not entirely sure what it’s about, but I guess that adds to the mystery of the track. If I was to give my own thoughts on what I think the track is about, I would say either literally about a man who is taking the blame for his mother killing a man, or as a metaphor for Mercury coming out as bisexual. Whatever the meaning behind the song, it is one of the most gorgeously crafted songs in the

56 EILE Magazine

history of music. It is unique in its length for a mainstream track, and in the overall vibe and transitions in the track. Mercury’s vocal is outstanding and storytelling. Like most people out there, I love it. I’ve listened to this song since I was a child, and it is simply timeless. A classic. Following on from Bohemian Rhapsody is God Save The Queen. The song is fully instrumental, and is May’s take on the British National Anthem. It has a very soothing vibe, and the sounds coming together are fantastically put together. This track ended the original album in 1975. However, A Night at the Opera was remastered in 2011, with extra performances and versions of some of the songs on the album included. The first of these is Keep Yourself Alive, and listeners are treated to the retake of the track. This is followed by Bohemian Rhapsody’s operatic section, and the backing track mix of You’re My Best Friend. We then get to hear the guitar and vocal mix of I’m In Love With My Car, and live performances of ’39 and Love Of My Life. The former is from Earl’s Court in London in June of 1977, while the latter took place in June 1979 in Argentina. It was nice to hear all of these extras, as they give a slightly alternative version of these songs, and the live performances really help give listeners, especially listeners like myself who weren’t around at the time, a flavour of what these tracks were like live. The fact that every track on this album was written by at least one member of the band shows the immense amount of talent here. There’s not one bad track. It’s a stunning album. This is a classic, and deserves its place in music history. It’s fantastic. I loved it. A Night at the Opera by Queen is available to listen to on Spotify.

Image: wikipedia


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Cork - Pitch’d Circus Arts Festival 20-29 Sept 2019!

Announcing the third edition of



Pitch’d Circus Arts Festival, presented by the Circus Factory Cork, returns for its third instalment Friday 20 to Sunday 29 September, bringing with it new and exciting Circus acts, Street Performances, Aerial arts, Comedy, and workshops, for all ages.

Friday 20 – Sunday 29 September 2019 Various venues, Cork City and County

58 EILE Magazine

The theme of the 2019 edition is Exquisite Corpse; a method by which a collection of words or images is collectively assembled to create a new image, text or form. Festivals are a time for artists to come together, share, create and collaborate, and Pitch’d Circus Arts festival will see multiple new forms, connections, and ideas, come to life in this exciting eclectic 10 day programme Festival action kicks off on Friday 20 September, Culture Night, where Dare Devil acts will take over Skiddy’s Plaza, North Main St, a Teen Circus Disco takes to the streets, followed by

EILE Magazine 59

Inferno Fire Performers who light up the Coal Quay with their exhilarating show, Fire Storm, from 10pm. Headliners include Lucy Hopkins, who will bring her award winning contemporary clown show, Le Foulard, to St Peters, North Main Street, on Saturday 21, as part of an afternoon of free circus and contemporary clown shows suitable for all ages. Le Foulard has been shown over 160 times across 6 different countries, in English and French versions, to enthusiastic response from audiences and critics alike, winning Prague Fringe Creative Award, Bedfringe Pick of the Fest, and Best Theatre Performer Adelaide Fringe. Other main events include: Darragh McLoughlin’s third feature performance, Stick Man – an encounter between Man, Stick and TV. Man and Stick engage in various improbable feats of balance, which transform the body into a variety of different images. This work is a circus piece on the surface and a tragedy at its core. Break out the popcorn for the festival movie night with Bathroom – The Movie, a feature length dystopian sci-fi lo-fi circus comedy movie, all shot in a real bathroom in East Belfast, directed by and featuring Ken Fanning and Angelique Ross. And, the pièce de résistance, featuring a top-class line-up of Irish and international performers, come and experience high level acts in Contemporary Circus, plus just-as muchfun comedy, music, burlesque, and more, at the annual Pitch’d Gala Cabaret on

60 EILE Magazine

Saturday 28 September. Pitch’d Circus Arts Festival also aims to promote access to Circus training for all ages and levels, with workshops for youth and adults, including a Youth Workshop at St Peter’s on the morning of Saturday 21. There will be Adult Circus tasters at Circus Factory training centre on the afternoon of Sunday 22, plus get silly with Lucy Hopkins, who will be teaching a 4-hour Clown Workshop earlier on the Sunday morning. Circus Masterclasses will also feature during the week, with further intensives available with Lucy Hopkins, and have your world turned upside down in the Aerial Masterclasses, with special guests Simon Wood, Kathleen Doherty, Alexandre Duarte! The programme also features two special commissioned shows at Circus Factory on Centre Park Road: Time or Place – taking place on the eve of Saturday 22 – is a site-specific performance, developed as part of a collaborative process with a selection of circus, physical theatre, and music performers. Creative training and engagement will be led by Elaine McCague and Jonah McGreevy, from the award-winning modern Circus company, Loosysmokes, music direction by Caoilian Sherlock (The Shaker Hymn) and Elaine Howley (The Altered Hours), with artistic direction by Festival Director, Cormac Mohally (Lords of Strut). Pitch’d festival action will be closed out with a Circus Factory community show, Exquisite Corpse, devised by Circus Factory members, and directed by Noelle O Regan on Sunday 29 September.

Over the course of the festival, and in true collaborative spirit, Pitch’d will also take their antics on the road to bring street performance acts to Macroom Food Festival on Saturday 28 September, and the following day, the crew will be clowning around with Douglas Street Autumn Festival to showcase some of Ireland’s finest and upcoming talented street performers, with the hilarious Von Drip Duo, Síolta Collective, and for the first time this year, Circus Factory younger trainees will be giving a Mini Circus Parade, showing off all the super skills they learn at their weekly circus classes throughout the year. Galway Community Circus / Wire Crossed will also be set up on Douglas Street with tutors in tightwire, where people can try out the art of funambulism (tightwire walking with balancing pole). Wires Crossed is a four-year European project on circus arts and well-being, focusing on funambulism with ten circus school partners from across Europe, and is one of the anchor projects of Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture, produced by Galway Community Circus, which aims to train some 400 people in the art of funambulism.

and wide, having a huge party to celebrate our diversity and making new friends along the way. Hope to see you all there.” For full programme details and booking visit: You can also follow all the action on pitchdcircusartsfestival and Pitch’d Circus Arts Festival and Circus Factory Cork acknowledge the generous support of Arts Council Ireland for their continued support of Pitch’d Circus Arts Festival.

Festival Director of comedy duo, Lords of Strut fame, Cormac Mohally said: “I have had the pleasure of performing around the world with Lords of Strut, and I aspire to bring a bit of that weird and wonderful world I get to be part of to the streets of Cork during Pitch’d. From “weird clowns” to high skill circus performers, with free and ticketed shows, it’s got something for everyone. But my favourite thing about the festival is the coming together of our circus community, from far

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Design: Anthony Zagariko, exclusively for EILE Magazine

62 EILE Magazine

Quality LGBT News and Features – Produced from Los Angeles Available via podcast on our website ( or on iTunes, and on 200+ Radio Stations Worldwide! | Twitter: @TWORadio Overnight Productions (Inc.)/”This Way Out” Post Office Box 1065 Los Angeles, CA 90078 U.S.A. EILE Magazine 63

Musical Review: Kinky Boots – Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, Dublin (until 31 August) Review By Frances Winston

on the science though).

Kinky Boots

Like all the best stories based in fact, you really couldn’t make this up, but you can however embellish it somewhat and sprinkle some added glitter, stardust, and lip-gloss on it just for good measure. And while you’re at it, employ an 80s music icon to write the soundtrack. Yep, none other than Cyndi Lauper is responsible for the songs – all of which are are infectiously catchy. You will be singing some of them for hours after you leave this.

Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 7.30pm nightly until 31st August Matinées 2.30pm Thursdays and Saturdays Tickets from €21 In the spirit of full disclosure, I have to confess that I absolutely adore the movie that this musical is based on. And I am also a big fan of Billy Porter, who originated the role of Lola on Broadway. So I was extremely excited when I learned that Kinky Boots was finally going to hit Ireland. This is actually based on a true story, whereby a North of England shoe factory managed to avoid closure by manufacturing shoes for drag-queens. Yep, that is literally the storyline (apparently a regular woman’s shoe can’t necessarily take the weight of a man, so they adapted the manufacturing process to compensate for this – don’t get hung up

64 EILE Magazine

Perhaps it was because I was familiar with the story in advance, but all the characters appeared really well-rounded. Lola (aka Simon in day to day life), the drag-queen who inspires the Kinky Boots of the title, is larger than life, except when in his male persona, and Kayi Ushe does a brilliant job of bringing both sides of this complex personality to life. While I appreciate he is an actor playing a role, I’m pretty sure he could feature on RuPaul’s drag race if he wanted. Joel Harper-Jackson as Charlie – the owner of the factory who thinks desperate times call for desperate measures, is great. He manages to make you laugh

Review by frances Winston

one minute and pull at your heart strings the next. And the chemistry between the two is brilliant. The other actors all do a fantastic job, and special shout out to Lola’s ‘Angels’, who are an absolute hoot. I’d actually go to see these guys doing a drag show – that’s how good they were. I have to say I felt the one weak link was Paula Lane – formerly of Coronation Street fame (she played the tragic Kylie Platt). When she is acting, she gives a great performance as Lauren, the soon to be love interest of Charlie, and she is hilarious in her mannerisms. However, her vocals leave a lot to be desired, and even glossing over them as a comedic character doesn’t compensate for the fact that she just doesn’t have the chops for these songs. I thought it might be just me nitpicking, but talking to other people at the show I attended confirmed that this was popular opinion. That aside, there is some amazing choreography. There is a scene that utilises treadmills that is absolutely amazing (and honestly dangerous if any cast member were to miss their footing). You will watch it with your mouth agape. The set is simple but effective. Touring sets can traditionally be hit and miss, but here they have magnificently utilised one central stage piece that works as the office of the factory, the backdrop for Lola’s stage, the bathrooms, and much more besides. Kinky Boots manages to be OTT without being offensively camp. The characters never feel clichéd, and the gay characters are treated respectfully and thoughtfully. It manages to deal with homophobia and acceptance in an organic way, rather than ‘shoving it down your throat’. It is a toe-tapping romp that is a huge amount of fun. Some dodgy vocals aside, Kinky Boots is completely feel-good, and will have you dancing along and rooting for the characters. It has a nice balance of humour and pathos (clearly they have someone employed to cut onions in the audience – that’s the only explanation for the eye moisture) and has more heart than any show I’ve seen in a long time. And any musical that loudly and proudly shouts: “The Sex is in the Heels”! is OK by me!

EILE Magazine 65

NI - Taking Pride in the Past – Hillsborough Castle LGBTQ+ Tour Hillsborough Castle and Gardens has announced it will host its first LGBTQ+ tour. Launching Saturday 31 August, this specialist tour explores the evolving attitudes and fascinating stories from the Castle’s past.

Commenting on the launch of the new tour, Kris Reid, Creative Programming and Interpretation, Hillsborough Castle and Gardens, said:

Visitors will learn the diverse history of Hillsborough Castle and Gardens, a place of political evolution, challenge and change, reflected in the collection of paintings and objects on display.

“By exploring this history, it is our endeavour to reflect the tapestry of lives associated with Hillsborough Castle and Gardens and to reflect our modern world in a more inclusive way.”

The curatorial and interpretation team at Hillsborough Castle have undertaken extensive research to unravel the hidden stories from this elegant estate’s past. The tour delves into the impact of the LGBTQ+ rights movement in Northern Ireland and Hillsborough Castle and Gardens’ connection to it, uncovering 300 years of the past, when perceptions of gender and sexuality were ever-changing.

Booking is strongly recommended for the tours, which will run on the 31 August, 28 September and 26 October. Further topic specific tours will be coming soon, including royal themed tours and art tours.

66 EILE Magazine

“From royal relationships and public scandals to political activism, Hillsborough Castle and Gardens’ connection to LGBTQ+ lives has existed for centuries. We are excited to share this rich history. Despite always existing, these fascinating stories have often been excluded from the conversation.

Tours are included in your combined castle and gardens ticket. You will have all-day entry to 100 acres of world-famous historic gardens, including the 18th-century Walled

Garden, the Granville Garden, Lady Alice’s Temple, and the Lost Garden. Hillsborough Castle and Gardens has been completely transformed by independent charity, Historic Royal Palaces, after five years and a £24 million investment – supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and other generous donors. Greeting visitors upon arrival is a new visitor centre, complete with café and shop. Meanwhile new access and learning facilities will host schools and community programmes reaching out to the widest possible audience. Tickets available at:

EILE Magazine 67


Design Festival Various Locations, Cork City Friday 4 October – Sunday 6 October 2019 68 EILE Magazine

Open House is a design festival which runs in over 40 cities across the world, celebrating the best architecture each city has to offer. The Cork edition, Open House Cork (OHC), will return to Leeside this year, from Friday 4 October to Sunday 6 October. This is a city-wide celebration of the buildings, places, and neighbourhoods where people live and work. Over three days, a programme of FREE events will see buildings of all types and periods open their doors to the general public, guided tours by architects, designers and historians, as well as talks and exhibitions. Open House Cork will showcase the wealth and breadth of Irish architecture, from the splendour of Georgian Cork to the breathtaking contemporary spaces and places created by national and international

Cork: Open House Design Festival returns 4th – 6th October!

architectural practices. The full programme of family-friendly events will be launched in September.

For further details visit Stay up-to-date with the festival’s news, events and photos, by following the OHC’s social media: Twitter: @OpenHouseCork #OHCork Facebook: Instagram:

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Homophobia rises in European countries without gay marriage Homophobia has risen in European countries that do not legally recognise same-sex relationships, while acceptance of gay and lesbian people has jumped in states where they can marry, research released on Wednesday showed. Most European countries saw a rise in acceptance of same-sex relationships between 2002 and 2016, according to Hungarian researchers who analysed results from the European Social Survey, carried out every two years. However, Russia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland, and Ukraine all saw acceptance of gay and lesbian people decrease over the 14-year period. “I think it is very important that we can unlearn prejudice,” said Judit Takacs, a researcher at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and one of the study’s authors. “It’s a very serious message that you can learn to be … open minded, and you can learn to be intolerant,” she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation. Same-sex marriage is legal in 16 out of 48 European countries, according to ILGA, a Europe-wide LGBT+ advocacy group, while 21 European countries do not allow samesex marriage or civil partnerships. The European Social Survey asked participants to rate their agreement with the statement “gay men and lesbians should be free to live their own life as they wish” on a scale from 1-5. Russia scored the lowest in 2016, with an average of two, and the highest scores came from Belgium, Spain, Norway, France, Sweden, the Netherlands and Iceland. Spain and Portugal, where gay marriage is legal, and Cyprus, Italy and Greece, which

70 EILE Magazine


allow same-sex civil partnerships, saw the biggest positive changes, according to the analysis of 334,000 survey answers.

Hungary allows same-sex couples to enter a civil partnership, but not to marry, or jointly adopt a child.

The study did not show whether legalising same-sex marriage caused a decrease in homophobia, but Takacs said legislation could help to normalise same-sex relationships.

Yuri Yoursky of the Eurasian Coalition on Male Health, a group that campaigns for better HIV treatment and prevention for gay and bisexual men and transgender people, said he felt safer after leaving Ukraine.

“It highlights the role of the state. It’s a great responsibility of our politicians how they lead us, and what kind of messages they sponsor,” Takacs said. “You can see how for example, in my country the Orban regime they organise this propaganda message about migrants or against gays and lesbians. And it works.”

“Moving to Estonia where there is a law of civil partnership, I feel more secure, more respected,” he said. Megan Davies @megdvs – Thomson Reuters Foundation ( 22 August 2019)

Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, opposes equal rights for same-sex couples, while also advocating for gay and straight people to co-exist quietly.

EILE Magazine 71

Information and support for women who need someone to talk to

DLL – Phone: (01) 872 9911 (Callback facility available) 72 EILE Magazine

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Unicorns In TechLaunch of world’s first LGBTQ tech app

UNICORNS IN TECH, the global LGBT+ Tech Community, has launched the world’s first tech app for LGBTQ people, as well as straight allies. It is a meeting place for LGBT+ tech talents who are interested in current technologies such as AI, Machine Learning or Big Data. The UNICORNS IN TECH community has so far 4,000 members who have also been invited to be part of the app. The app is available free of charge in the App Stores, and as desktop version UNICORNS IN TECH. 200 users from different nations already

74 EILE Magazine

registered for it. They have the opportunity to network with each other, and find current tech events in their city. Members can use the platform free of charge in the app or in their browser on desktop. The app is primarily aimed at LGBTQ people as well as straight allies who are interested in Tech and IT. The UNICORNS IN TECH community has so far 4,000 members who have also been invited to be part of the app. Among these are students, young professionals, entrepreneurs, and experts such as developers, software engineers, product owners or UX designers. The community has created a network that brings LGBT+ tech talents into contact

with businesses and investors. Additionally discussions about the latest technologies are encouraged, and the techies get the chance to exchange their personal skills, experiences and stories. They can do this through monthly GetTogethers, which are organised nationwide in cooperation with tech companies since 2014. “To bring this community even closer together, we’ve thought about developing an app for the tech talents. There, users will not only be able to exchange information about the latest technologies, but they will also be able to use them in a professional context. The demand for talent from the IT industry continues unabated. The VDI (Association of German Engineers) recently published alarming figures. For every 100 unemployed computer scientists, there are 557 vacancies. Therefore, in the near future, there will be a job exchange in the UNICORNS IN TECH App only for the tech sector”, Stuart Cameron, CEO of the UHLALA Group and founder of UNICORNS IN TECH, proudly announces. Currently, users have the opportunity to get in contact directly with each other, discuss on live feed and inform themselves about current tech events. The group function allows users to exchange information on specific topics such as product development or VR, or to get in touch with local LGBT+ technologies. For the growing proportion of women in the tech sector, there is also a special group where they can exchange ideas. In September, UNICORNS IN TECH will present the Berlin LGBT+ Tech Week for the first time.

Further information about the Berlin LGBT+ Tech Week available at: About UNICORNS IN TECH and UHLALA Group: UNICORNS IN TECH is a global LGBT+ tech community with over 4,000 members. The network, consisting of students, young professionals, entrepreneurs and experts, brings LGBT+ tech talents into contact with companies and investors. They can discuss the latest technologies and personal experiences, find new inspiration and start new projects. The UHLALA Group is a leading LGBT+ social business, with its brands and projects such as RAHM, STICKS & STONES, UNICORNS IN TECH or PANDA. Since 2009, the UHLALA Group stands for the networking, further education and empowerment of LGBT+ People in their working life, and connects them with LGBT+ friendly companies and organisations. The UHLALA Group’s goal is to reach equal chances and opportunities for LGBT+ People in the working world. LGBT+ Business & Networking App: ( 21 August 2019)

This will take place from 9th to 13th September 2019, in the German capital. Further information about UNICORNS IN TECH available at:

EILE Magazine 75

New Zealand: Speaker makes parliament more parent-friendly (Reuters) – As New Zealand lawmakers vigorously debated fuel prices in parliament this week, speaker Trevor Mallard called for order while feeding baby Tūtānekai his bottle. The six-week-old son of Labour MP Tāmati Coffey and his husband, born via a surrogate mother last month, was being cuddled by his father in the debating chamber on Wednesday when the speaker offered to hold him. “There are times when I can be vaguely useful,” Mallard told Reuters, adding that he tried to help care for lawmakers’ babies when possible. The newborn joins

76 EILE Magazine

many other babies in the legislature after Mallard relaxed rules in 2017 to make parliament more child-friendly.

Trevor Mallard wrote on Twitter:

Normally the Speaker’s chair is only used by About a dozen MPs Presiding Officers but have had infants in a today a VIP took the chair parliamentary baby with me. Congratulations boom, and Prime Minister @tamaticoffey and Tim on Jacinda Ardern last year the newest member of your became New Zealand’s first family. premier to take maternity leave and the world’s View image on Twitter second elected leader to Tania Te Whenua, a Māori give birth in office. lawyer who is working on a case for New Zealand’s Her daughter Neve Te largest union, the Public Aroha made headlines Service Association, in September when she alleging discrimination accompanied Ardern to the against indigenous Māori United Nations General women employees, said Assembly in New York. she had felt hostility in previous workplaces over But worker rights her young children visiting advocates told Reuters her at work. that few New Zealanders “The ability to have, get the same rights to nurture and raise children balance caring for their is a celebrated aspect of families with work, and Māori culture….and to be they hope the high-profile made to feel as though parliamentary babies will that is frowned upon in the bring a wider change in workplace leaves Māori working conditions. feeling like the outsider,”

Tim Mallard - Image: Twitter

she said. She expressed support for the parliament speaker’s family policies. Mallard, a political veteran, and father of three adult children, with six grandchildren, hoped more employers would follow his lead. “What I’ve found is that it adds to the positive atmosphere of the workplace,” he said, adding that he regularly encountered babies in the halls of power, and even the indoor parliamentary swimming pool.

Their presence provides a boost to morale, evidenced from the eagerness of official messengers to swap their usual document deliveries for the task of taking an infant into parliament instead, he said. “When there’s a baby to be carried in…. there’s a fair bit of competition to do the job,” said Mallard. -Charlotte Greenfield ( 24 August 2019)

EILE Magazine 77

China - Parliament rules out samesex marriage (Reuters) – Limiting marriage to a relationship between a man and a woman will remain China’s legal position, a parliament spokesman said on Wednesday, ruling out following neighbouring Taiwan in allowing same-sex marriage, despite pressure from activists. Taiwan’s parliament passed a bill in May that endorsed same-sex marriage, after years of heated debate over marriage equality that has divided the self-ruled and democratic island. China, which claims Taiwan as its territory, has a thriving gay scene in major cities, but there has been little sign the ruling Communist Party will legalise same-sex marriage. Asked at a news briefing whether China would legalise same-sex marriage, Zang Tiewei, spokesman for parliament’s legal affairs commission, said Chinese law only allowed for marriage between one man and one woman. “This rule suits our country’s national condition and historical and cultural traditions,” he said. “As far as I know, the vast majority of countries in the world do not recognise the legalisation of same-sex marriage.” Individual Chinese legislators have occasionally in the past few years proposed measures during the annual meeting of the largely rubber-stamp parliament every March to legalise same-sex marriage, without success. There are no laws against same-sex relations in China, and despite growing awareness of LGBT issues, the community has been the target of censors in recent months, fuelling fears of a growing intolerance. Activists have asked people in China to propose amendments to a draft civil code en masse, though they have admitted they see little chance of success. The parts of the code relating to marriage are expected to pass into law next year. The code makes changes on issues such as sexual harassment, divorce, and family planning, but does not further the rights of the LGBT community, drafts published by parliament show.

78 EILE Magazine

Chinese Parliament - Image: Reuters

Zang said the marriage section of the draft civil code maintains the bond as being between a man and a woman. Prominent gay rights activist, Sun Wenlin, told Reuters he was disappointed in the comments, but not surprised. “I feel that my partner and I are sacrificing our happiness for the country’s legal system,” said Sun, who three years ago had his application to legally marry his partner rejected by a Chinese court. “They are undermining our life plan of choosing to marry the person we love.” He added: “I feel I am being excluded, and am absolutely not a consideration for policymakers.” -Ben Blanchard, Gao Liangping, Beijing newsroom ( 22 August 2019)

EILE Magazine 79

80 EILE Magazine

Information and support for women who need someone to talk to

DLL – Phone: (01) 872 9911 (Callback facility available) EILE Magazine 81

EILE Magazine

Amy Guess Ashley Osborn

82 EILE Magazine

Profile for EILE Magazine

EILE Magazine - July/August 2019 (Vol.6, Issue 04)  

EILE Magazine - The LGBT+ Magazine for those who want another view - Tom Goss, Crimson Apple, Amy Guess, Myoa, Pitched Circus Arts Fest, fil...

EILE Magazine - July/August 2019 (Vol.6, Issue 04)  

EILE Magazine - The LGBT+ Magazine for those who want another view - Tom Goss, Crimson Apple, Amy Guess, Myoa, Pitched Circus Arts Fest, fil...