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Mark Anthony shows us some wonderful fashion, from the minds of some of the best designers, at the spectacle that is

London Fashion Week People from all walks of life gathered in London for the past couple of days at London Fashion Week. As expected, many people in the front rows were the epitome of glamorous, while others went a little more out there. When it came to the shows, the designers were no different. With so many weirdly wonderful creations, LFW was nothing short of entertaining. London Fashion week has built up a reputation of invention and creativity over the years, and with 83 designers showcasing their Autumn/Winter collections, and models lurking in every corner - there was certainly nowhere to hide. Vivienne Westwood called for a green future through her presentation of the human race on the catwalk. There are no surprises there that the designer was once again using fashion as a political statement. Over the past couple of days LFW has proven that it is not immune to foreign themes. You can see this through the 16 EILE Magazine

increasing amount of social ideas being showcased by many designers. Some designers have even challenged their customer base to throw away those staple pieces and get yourself out there. Some even daring you to be retro. This year I have followed all the menswear fashion weeks in London, Paris, Milan and New York and as a male fashion blogger, that’s to be expected. I don’t enjoy women’s fashion as much as I would men’s. However, you could see the expectations were high throughout London Fashion Week. It was very exciting to see so much young talent and fresh ideas and how daring some were with their innovations.

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