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INTERIOR DESIGN Portfolio Produced for the College of DuPage contact:

Residential universal


Universal Design • • • • •

36” doors 44” corridors 5’ turning circles roll-in shower accessible appliances

South Elevation Scale: NTS original scale 1/2”=1’-0”


furniture plan

Scale: NTS original scale 1/8”=1’-0”

East and West Elevations Scale: NTS original scale 1/2”=1’-0”

Plan created in Autodesk AutoCAD Rendered in Adobe Photoshop Perspective rendering in SketchUp

walnut full overlay cabinets offer a natural feel

contrasting white gloss cabinetry with stainless pulls completes modern, clean-line aesthetic

ADA compliant oven and cooktop

herb wall humidifies and improves air quality

Chicago luxury condo

Concept: wwEllatum pratia? Ut imus ortem hos Contemporary City Chic with a nod to nature as the nurturer. Panoramic views of Lake Michigan and Chicago’s skyline from this post-modern, glass facade building were fused into this peaceful, modern oasis in the sky. Provided space plan and complete construction drawings and schedules for this 3,000 sq. ft. project for an active, aging in place couple who worked from home and had a son who utilized a wheelchair. Green design and low maintenance finishes and materials were specified throughout this living space. Maximizing the view from all rooms, including the master closet, set the overall plan for this home. Sustainable design elements: • improve air quality • minimize resource consumption • give new purpose to discarded materials • provide daylighting Accessible comfort for all, including: • a barrier-free lavatory with ADA compliant roll-in shower with seat and grab bars that are beautifully functional • pocket doors for unobstructed access to laundry room • five foot turning circles at all intersections • accessible kitchen appliances Scope: 3,000 sq. ft. actum

South Living Room Perspective

Retail branding


North Exterior Elevation Scale: NTS original scale 1/4”=1’-0” movable modular display

merchandise schematic

large grouping table with drawer cubbies

East Elevation Scale: NTS original scale 1/2”=1’-0”


reflected ceiling and lighting plan Scale: NTS original scale 1/8”=1’-0”

Naperville dog boutique


wwEllatum pratia? Ut imus ortem hos WOOF’s flagship store will offer custom designed products and home spaces for the pampered pooch and discerning dog owner. Classical pediments and a cornice on this traditional building meets today’s reclaimed sophistication in this highend shopping experience in historic downtown Naperville. A unique, dynamic storefront where dog owners can sit and enjoy a treat with their companions or meet up with other dog aficionados will entice passersby to enter the store. Designed with an organic, linear circulation path and ample space between fixtures allows dog owners a comfortable buffer to browse merchandise with other dogs in the store. Cleanability was key when opting to repurpose already existing concrete floors. A fresh coat of paint ties the exterior brick to the interior and results in substantial cost savings. Unexpected, high-end LED chandeliers and modern merchandise fixtures set the stage for a luxurious shopping experience. Sustainable design elements include: • salvaged, white brick walls • repurposed concrete floors • energy efficient LED lighting • VOC free paint This store is accessible to all: • five foot turning circles • a roll-up cash wrap

Southwest Perspective Plans and elevations created in Autodesk AutoCAD Perspective rendering in SketchUp with Podium V2 Rendered in Adobe Photoshop

Scope: 2,600 sq. ft.

Office adaptive reuse

design - 1 lounge

co-working to evening retail 15,000 sq. ft.

touch down storage

quiet zone work stations

office workshop



reception conf. room

kitchen comp. room

block schematic Scale: NTS

East Elevation - Quiet Zone Work Stations Scale: NTS original scale 1/2”=1’-0”

Dallas co-working to retail space

Concept: wwEllatum pratia? Ut imus ortem hos Social Station is a first-of-its kind, social retail business for entrepreneurs. Located in a historic building in the West Elm Marketplace of Dallas, this 15,000 sq. ft. space originally housed a candy company and has been repurposed as a co-working office and meeting space through adaptive resuse--a key factor in land conservation and the reduction of urban sprawl. Social Station has a social conscience as all FF&E and materials have green components. Air quality is enhanced with a two-sided green wall. Reclaimed wood is used for wall partitions. Existing brick on exterior walls was sand blasted to bring it back to life and to capture the true, historic nature of this building.

Northeast Perspective - Co-Working Stations by DAY

Vintage pulley LED lights artfully marry old and new technologies and shed light on circulation paths. High-functioning co-working and meeting space by day for entrepreneurs to create their products. After 5 p.m., Social Station’s First Office Staks benching transforms into tabletop retail space for displaying tenants’ retail products for sale to the public. Continued...

Plans and elevations created in Autodesk AutoCAD Rendered in Adobe Photoshop Perspective renderings in SketchUp

Northeast Perspective - Retail Displays by NIGHT

Office adaptive reuse

design - 2

1 2 3 4 5

Materials by Design Tex chosen for eco-friendly business practices and green certifications 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Yucca (pinon) Samba (green briar) Pop art (wintergreen) Barque (charcoal) Annex (juniper)

power, voice, data plan Scale: NTS original scale 1/8”=1’-0”

Dallas co-working to retail space

wwEllatum pratia? Ut imus ortem hos Social Station’s uniquely shaped space allows for daylighting to interior spaces through office windows and interspersed open spaces.

P 1

2 W






Concept: Power, voice and data plan specifies, for example, floor cored/floor mounted outlets in co-working to retail space to allow flexibility in this area so workstations can serve a dual-purpose.


Finish plan and schedule identify all materials used on walls, floors, countertops, doors, and display walls. All materials are VOC-free and are manufactured by companies who adhere to green practices. An eclectic blend of clean-lined, midcentury modern furnishings against a backdrop of historic rusticness complements the attention to tenant health and well-being in this socially engaged, socially conscious, co-working retail experience. I had submitted this project into the IIDA Red Awards competition.

Plans created in Autodesk AutoCAD

finish plan

Scale: NTS original scale 1/8”=1’-0”



waterfall feature green wall

One-Point Perspective - North Section

Two-Point Perspective - West Section


axonometric drawing Scale: NTS

South Elevation - Sculpture Wall Scale: NTS original scale 1/2”=1’-0”


Chicago luxury condominium lobby

wwEllatum pratia? Ut imus ortem hos In the City of Sustainability stands a residence of distinction--Healthy Living Condos. A perfect blend of biophilic design (bringing the outdoors in) and city elegance. A residence that inspires, nurtures and supports a healthy, prosperous lifestyle. Residents and guests are greeted with a living wall--a natural air purifier. This organic wall brings nature into this environment and also helps with sound attenuation in the lobby. Hemp wall covering and reclaimed materials are used throughout the lobby and common elements. A waterfall feature provides natural humidity while the sound is reminiscent of a stream and is soothing to the soul. A bioethanol fireplace burns clean and creates a cozy environment for relaxing and visiting with guests. Southwest Two-Point Perspective

Scope: 1,900 Sq. Ft.

Local Artist - Recycled Metal Sculpture Maya Romanoff Knotted Hemp Wallcovering • • • • •

processed by hand no chemicals or machines hemp fiber transported via foot and bus air-dried portion of proceeds to Aid to Artisans

EcoSmart Firebox • • • • •

stainless steel bioethanol fuelled effective heat source flue-less construction flame creates a striking focal point

Plans created in Autodesk AutoCAD Perspective rendering in SketchUp with Podium V2 Rendered in Adobe Photoshop



1 - bubble plan



3 - loose plan Scale: NTS

Scale: NTS


2 - block plan Scale: NTS


4 - final plan

Scale: NTS original scale 1/8” = 1’-0”

Construction desk drawings

Concept: The process of design is exciting. Design is not a straight line or a direct path, but instead it evolves after many twists and turns into exactly what it needs to be. The schematic design examples provided show the process of transforming programming data for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo, which includes space requirements, adjacencies, circulation paths, etc., into diagrams that tell a story. With each iteration, sketched diagrams include more programming details until all client specifications are incorporated.

reception desk - plan view 2 Scale: NTS original scale 1/2" = 1'-0"

desk - rear elevation F reception Scale: NTS original scale 1/2" = 1'-0"

Construction drawings for a reception desk document the location of the desk on the floor plan. All materials and dimensions necessary to construct the desk are shown in elevations and section view. Elevations and sections give the contractors the blueprint for turning these drawings into a viable desk.

Plan, elevations and section created in Autodesk AutoCAD

desk - front elevation E reception Scale: NTS original scale 1/2" = 1'-0"

desk - section 3 reception Scale: NTS original scale 1" = 1'-0"



- ideation to...

Family Room

Living Room to Art Gallery


Hinsdale project implementation

Master Bath

Master Shower

Mud Room

Powder Room


wwEllatum pratia? Ut imus ortem hos A top to bottom 4,000 sq. ft. redesign, this 40-plus-year-old treasured home was infused with a transitional, contemporary vibe throughout. The kitchen, family, living, dining, three bathrooms, mud, laundry, sun and four bedrooms, along with the foyer, hallways, basement and garage were touched with new style, lighting and functionality. All oak floors and stair railings were restained and/or painted to meld with the overall new, modern, tranquil color palette of the home. Millwork was completely replaced; French doors were added to the kitchen. The space between the living and family rooms was enlarged to complete the open-concept lifestyle. The living room became a gallery to showcase clients’ artwork. Accessible luxury took center stage in the master bathroom with a walk-in tub equipped with LED chromotherapy and ozone sterilization for easy, chemicalfree maintenance. Shower was relocated under skylight and doubled in size from its original footprint. The sunroom received barn-style sliding doors--a solution to two, too many doors swinging into the sunroom. The powder room became a modern, earthy oasis for all to enjoy. B

Mid-century to contemporary

Living Room

Master Bedroom


Laundry Room

La Grange Park kitchen modernization

Concept: wwEllatum pratia? Ut imus ortem hos Built in 1952, this mid-century modern style home in LaGrange Park was in desperate need of a turn-of-the-century facelift.


Kitchen Dining

Contemporary, with a touch of glam, was the design aesthetic. The once overpowering stair banister was replaced by a custom metal and poplar railing system that sits in the room as art. Stylish two-tone, maple cabinetry in white and espresso, breathed new life into this kitchen. Red oak flooring ties the kitchen seamlessly to the adjacent living room. Denim insulation, energy-efficient lighting and appliances, along with zero VOC paint, were used throughout this home to improve air quality and reduce power consumption, resulting in peace of mind for its owners. B

Aging in place


Classy toilet paper holder/grab bar and shower grab bar



Non-slip river rock


Industrial chic in-law suite

wwEllatum pratia? Ut imus ortem hos We are never too old to hit the reset buttons on our lives. The same holds true for our humble abodes. This 800 sq. ft. suite surrounded by nature was designed for an in-law to provide a combined office/kitchen/living space, and an accessible bathroom and bedroom. The space was transformed into an industrial modern blend--a home that feels like a luxury vacation retreat in Aspen.

Stylish and energy-efficient lighting

Before - Kitchenette

Sustainable plank flooring runs throughout the home, providing a seamless transition into the bathroom and low-maintenance living. Cabinetry is American made and feels like furniture in the multi-purpose space. An industrial light fixture/ceiling fan is beautifully functional while hiding the typical fan blades. An architectural chandelier adds a touch of class to the bedroom.

Metal shelving unit to be fabricated. Nature inspired bedroom

After - Kitchenette/Living Room/Office

ABOUT THE DESIGNER I love how beautiful and functional spaces make us feel. That's my driving force, and who doesn't want to feel good in their homes? What started out as a lifelong hobby has become my dream career. I received my Interior Design degree from the College of DuPage in Spring 2018. After renovating many homes and achieving the goals of numerous clients while working through school, I am excited to officially launch Eileen Solt Interiors, LLC. I am passionate about solving design dilemmas using environmentally-friendly materials, helping people through the renovation process to minimize stress, and providing clients with spaces that make them feel comfortable, peaceful and inspired at home! Thank you to my amazing husband, mom, and friends for understanding the many hours I spent locked away working on homework projects. I remain grateful for your love and support. Thank you, to you, for taking your time to review my portfolio and for reading this note! I look forward to hearing from you. Interiorly yours,


Eileen Solt Interior Design Portfolio  

Thank you for viewing my interior design portfolio!

Eileen Solt Interior Design Portfolio  

Thank you for viewing my interior design portfolio!