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Elementary Introduction of Furniture Hardware

Overall of Furniture Hardware Common hardware accessories can be divided into functional and decorative hardware. We know that cabinet often set in the damp kitchen, so it must bear the smoky environment, be able to withstand corrosion, rust and damage. Functional furniture hardware is hardware accessories used to achieve certain functions, such as door hinges and drawer slides. Hinge should withstand the test of time, it must not only open and close the cabinet doors, but also bear the weight of the door alone; in addition, the drawer slide cannot be ignored, it is fixed on the side panels and drawer, bear the full weight of the drawer, the high-quality drawer slide can pull the drawer with a little strength. Therefore, the choice of these small metal parts must be of good quality. It would be better to use stainless steel or aluminum hardware accessories.

Tips to Choose Door Hinges Buy functional door hinges, first ,you have to carefully observe whether the appearance of it is rough, then use your hand to test it for several times to see if it’s sensitive, whether there is abnormal sound; The second, you should check the material, the use of the material should be

relatively good, the door hinges manufacturer should have a longer operating history as much as possible and have a high degree of credibility. In addition, as for the decorative door hinge accessories, you should consider the matching problem of the hinge with the furniture color and texture coordinate. The hinge of the door should not use the solid wood hinges, otherwise, it is easy to be out of shape in a wet environment. Solid wood hinge can choose the antique old-style stainless steel hinges or the aluminum hinges, some of them are engineering aluminum molding repression, the pattern of the surface are very meticulous and delicate, and they are surface processing finished, it is completely possible to match with the wood furniture, the effect is very good.

Significance of Good Hinge Selection Many users often see the hinges as very ordinary furniture hardware accessories, so they are easy to ignore the selection of good hinge parts products and accessories, not to say more emphasis on the supporting and coordination of hardware accessories for the whole furniture, and they are easy to neglect the prior knowledge of the basic hardware accessories, nor do they tend to the door hardware wholesale market, and buy the hinge that does not match with the furniture hardware, so that it brings some trouble for the future use and maintenance.

Elementary Introduction of Furniture Hardware  
Elementary Introduction of Furniture Hardware  

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