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Watermark Winter/Spring 2020

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Watermark Winter/Spring 2020






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EBC Reports


As I write this, Melbourne is experiencing the dreaded “second wave” of infections, this time based on community transmission. Melbourne and surrounds have just entered its second lock down period. This time Melburnians must reside at their “Principle Place of Residence”, but as a positive, regional areas don’t face the same constraints. These regional restrictions effect about 80%+ of our members, and once again we see ourselves as a marina with boats - but no members! These are very unusual times! “Unprecedented” is the catch-cry.


Watermark Winter/Spring 2020

By the time this article is published I will be approaching the conclusion of my first year as Commodore of our EBC. As I reflect on the year, it has been a period like none that any of us have experienced as a community. It has thrown up many varied challenges for all our businesses and personal lives. My thoughts are with all our members and extended families who are struggling at this time, whether that be through social isolation, financial hardship, job loss, family pressures or indeed illness from COVID-19. Victoria is having its own battle, we are all finding new ways to live with the virus and associated evolving restrictions. Australians are taking the advice of the Government respecting stay at home restrictions, social distancing and hygiene advice. These measures are making a difference and for that we should all be proud. On behalf of everyone at the Club, I want to also take this opportunity to sincerely thank our members who work in professions that are very much on the frontline of this pandemic. We thank you for your efforts in keeping all of us safe and cared for. I know some members and their families have been directly affected by COVID19, and our thoughts are with you. As you would have heard so many times, these unprecedented times have presented many challenges to businesses as they navigate the new normal. EBC has not been immune to this either, and the club’s management team, together with your Board, have been diligently working to mitigate the impact the pandemic is having on our boat club. Our initial focus in the early phase of

this crisis has been on the health and safety of our staff and members. As the crisis moved into months, your board reviewed the financials and cash positons, wound back capital expenditure plans, trimmed costs and services where possible, and at all times worked with the authorities and followed the (ever changing) regulations.

2021 FEES As you are aware, EBC was again able to hold membership fees with a nil increase (for the 4th consecutive year). This will apply to both Membership and Mooring Fees for the 2020/21 year. I am pleased that EBC is in the sound financial position to be able to take this action, while continuing to offer a premium service to our membership.

NEW SUGARLOAF RAMP & INFRASTRUCTURE While Victoria was under Lockdown Mk1, the new Slip Ramp construction commenced and reached completion. Ably led by earth mover Tony Volders, his team of generous volunteer members and external contractors, they moved a mountain (well a hill at least!). Tony’s team built a monument of the biggest and best boat ramp at Lake Eildon, and the only ramp on the lake of substantial size with a constant gradient. By the time you read this article we anticipate our tractor and 24m trailer are in operation, safely slipping boats. Not resting, the board has moved on to build new state of the art slipping sheds to slip the new larger boats. This will enable the maintenance of boats at the water’s edge, inline with most quality marinas around the world. We ambitiously hope them to be complete in 2021.

This project was one of the three biggest capital works projects EBC has ever undertaken, along with the building of the clubhouse and the current slipping sheds and trolley. Purely funded by EBC members direct contributions, not a single dollar came from member’s fees, nor any tax payer funds. A huge debt of gratitude to all the members who in their own way assisted this great project to be built. Refer to the article in the magazine on the ramp construction and Stage 3 New Slipping Sheds on page 46. After consultation and voting from the generous donors of round 1, I am pleased to unveil the name of the new ramp and hardstand – Sugarloaf Ramp and Sugarloaf Hardstand. Other areas of Anderson Harbour have also been named. Over lockdown, we have also taken the opportunity to tighten up on security and access to EBC, with all contractors being reviewed and a new annual approval criteria put into place to protect your assets in your absence. Over the coming 18 months we expect an influx of the larger G boats into EBC, and will float our third G marina. By the time you are reading this, a further 50m of all important breakwater will also be floating. The board and management are also conscious that the roads are deteriorating badly, particularly in some areas. You can expect to see improvement in this area over the coming 12 months. We are currently seeking permits to build a significant number of speedboat dry storage sheds to satisfy our long waiting list. We hope to have some built later in the year. Progress continues on our new Fuel Barge design, with further details available at the coming AGM.


EBC Reports

WELCOME AND THANKS I would also like to welcome our new member families, who have joined at a very unique time. Thank you for choosing EBC, I’m sure you too will enjoy the benefits that come with the privilege of being a member at our great club! Special thanks also to members for the ongoing donation of time, material and services to EBC. In addition to the c.$800,000 donated in cash, labour or equipment to the construction of the Sugarloaf Ramp, there are other donations, such as Willson brothers asphalt tailings and 1Breadcrumb app; Barry Lucas (Carte Blanche) has promised to help us revegetate the club surrounds, which is greatly appreciated. It is wonderful to see the generous Club spirit alive and well! On behalf of all members, thank you.

AGM & BOARD The EBC AGM is to be held on Wednesday 21 October. It is scheduled to be held at the Clarion Hotel in Forest Hill, DHHS restrictions allowing. However, given the potential social gathering restrictions it is quite feasible that it will be held via Zoom. If so, the format we would adopt would be similar to the Easter Meeting, with the meeting held in stages over a week, to allow time for member questions, responses and voting. The EBC office is able to provide technical Zoom support in advance of the meeting, if you require. More information will follow closer to the date. Hope to see you there in person, or online!


Watermark Winter/Spring 2020

The Board and management have continued to work diligently on our purpose to: n Safe storage of member’s boats; n Premium service, the marina of choice; n Retention and engagement of membership n L  ong term Infrastructure planning, “shovel ready” programs; n EBC vision is both now and next generation. I am pleased that your Board and Management have continued to live our values to be; Inclusive, Honest, Communicative, Consistent, Transparent and Team. I am proud of what they have achieved, and on behalf of members I thank them for their time, effort and dedication to steer your club. I am pleased to welcome Brad Horwood to the Board. As a relatively new member, Brad with his wife Deb and sons own Eze, and have fitted into the EBC fabric very quickly! Brad is a guy who “calls a spade a spade”, and with a wide circle of contacts already, we are confident he will bring the energy, leadership and objectivity required to add value and represent members in this important role. Remember, that the EBC Governing Articles call for a constant renewal of Directors from our membership. While not for everyone, if you are interested to contribute and assist to steer EBC to its bright and exciting future as Eildon’s Premium Marina, do contact our GM Matt, or a current director to discuss and explore further.

IN CLOSING The big event on the EBC calendar is the annual Sailpast. After the record turnout for last year’s (wet) Sailpast, do come and join in the frivolity to celebrate the opening of the season on Saturday 31 October. Dress up your boat, or yourselves, or just come and join in the fun for the family (see page 42 for details). When we go to print, winter will be behind us, the days getting longer and warmer, and hopefully COVID restrictions will be easing nationally and internationally as we adjust to the new “COVID Normal”, and we can again partake in the things we hold dear; our boats, the lake and our friends. Members can again continue to support the local community, many who have very much missed us! I know Matt, Kirsty and the EBC staff are looking forward to welcoming us back! We wish you all well at this unusual time, continued good health, and safe boating. Please remember to adhere to the social distancing and hygiene policies in place at this time. See you on the water!



EBC Reports

GENERAL MANAGER of resource allocation, which requires considered strategic resource planning to maintain and sustain the clubs infrastructure and assets.

The new Sugarloaf Slipway and Hardstand project is a great example of the value proposition this new piece of infrastructure provides to its members and is the basis of what EBC was founded on. The success of this project is testament to the finely tuned personal skills among our people, with the backing and financial support of our members has created something we will all marvel over for the rest of time.

A lot has happened since the release of the Autumn Watermark, Celebrating 70 years of EBC. As we move through winter and head into spring in our 70th year at EBC, I am happy to report that we have continued to pave the way for a bigger and brighter future for our Club. The impacts of the Coronavirus on all Victorians reflects the scale of the social and economic disruption of COVID-19. It is likely that businesses will be doing it tough for the foreseeable future, with the specific impacts of the measures put in place being felt by the majority of our EBC membership and families. We can only hope that things do normalise with some haste and that our members are back on track in their businesses and frequenting the Club once again. It’s very different for the Staff up at EBC not having a regular member presence. EBC has a pivotal role in the local community and possibly a broader role than what we have historically been used to through leadership and innovation. As EBC continues to refine process, match technology and build new infrastructure, there is a new sense of commitment by the Board and Management to engage with our members, key stakeholders and community on a variety of social and economic issues. 10

Watermark Winter/Spring 2020

It’s fair to say that back in the day when the Anderson Trolley Slipway was built, the feeling would have been much the same around the Club, showing enormous pride and great sense of achievement by members that worked together on this project. An absolute credit to the members and longevity of the asset that is still in use today.

While new initiatives are often put ahead of aging infrastructure and repair/replacement programs, making provisions for renewal and realising new opportunities are also of vital importance to future proof the growth of the club, and deliver continuous improvement of services to our membership. There has been significant progress this year in the renewal and upkeep of the Club. The ongoing support of the members, especially the Board (Flag Officers and respective Committee Members), EBC Management and staff has ensured positive results and progression in the space of our work programs and financial commitments throughout the course of this year. Our routine maintenance programs do extend capital expenditure forecast projections, relieving some of the capex cost burden. The Club has an amazing asset and community infrastructure to support it. The challenge remains in meeting the ongoing costs of maintaining these assets and working together to ensure we set achievable goals that deliver sustainable outcomes and valued services to our members.

PERFORMANCE REPORTING The number of strategic projects that the Board are keen to progress this year has kept management and staff extremely busy since the AGM in October 2019. Management performance reporting on all strategic and operational programs are provided monthly at the EBC Board Meeting.

EBC BUDGET The 2019/2020 end of financial year means that our priorities are focused on the previous year accounts ready for our annual audit period, which staff are working on during the month of August 2020. I am confident that all is in order and the flow on from this process is the preparation of the Annual Report for what has been another solid year financially for the Club. I am happy to report that the last 12 months have been very successful from a financial perspective, resulting in a positive impact on the Clubs liquidity. The EBC 2020-21 Budget has been reviewed and approved by the EBC Board at its July 2020 meeting, which will be presented to members at the AGM in October 2020. The challenges of ageing infrastructure is always a delicate balance in the overall consideration

ORGANISATIONAL RESTRUCTURE A comprehensive review of all indoor and outdoor positions across the entire organisation has been carried out to determine appropriate changes. The process has identified some new positions, including some positions that will be redundant in the new structure. This process is ongoing and further updates on the organisational restructure will be provided in the weekly newsletter as we progress through this review.

LEADERSHIP & CULTURE As the General Manager of EBC, I have previously shared some of my values and beliefs that have held me in good stead throughout my career and that I bring to EBC. The notion of strong family, work ethic and helping others to succeed, are very important to me. Being fair to others is probably top of my list. Leading the staff at EBC and ensuring staff are happy, and experiencing a sense of fulfilment in their respective roles is worth significant investment of my time. It is also an attitude (of gratitude) and a work ethic that empowers individuals to do their best, which is what we want members to see in our staff. High levels of staff morale results in better performance and lower turnover. The combination of shared values and behaviours as outlined above, reinforced by a willingness to accept change will ultimately see a positive shift in culture at the organisational level.

New Members Welcome to Eildon Boat Club Gabrielle Canfield Full Membership PBO Evie-Ann Warwick Chai Social Member Rohan Chipperfield Full Membership PBO Tony Falvo Full Membership PBO Exile Trent Franks Social Member Shaun Halit Full Membership PBO Wyndarra Julian McDonald Full Membership PBO Moondancer (arriving Sept) Dean Morrison Full Membership PBO Mac The Kanga Jennie Newland Social Member Amanda Strode Full Membership PBO Martini Jason Werner Full Membership PBO Polaris


EBC Reports

Accepting that we have willing and able staff that are generally happy and proud of the work they perform, developing a better understanding and appreciating the benefits of shared beliefs and values for the organisation. This will ultimately create improved alignment to the unique social and psychological environment of the business at EBC. It is very important that we strive to leave a legacy through the achievement of others, rather than focussing on personal advancement.

PROCESS IMPROVEMENT A continual review of our processes, within the administration function of our business has commenced. This initiative is also promoting a change in thinking with respect to our processes, identifying the low hanging fruit, and mapping out the tougher aspects of what we do are all necessary to create efficiencies and deliver better service outcomes to our members. The steps include identification/selection, analysis, and implementation of the improved process. As part of the identification step, we are already working on the following: n Technology review – All EBC systems and processes n Works Request Form has been developed to track all member requests n A new Slipping Booking Form, which is now being used by maintenance contractors n Marina Movement Application Form (internal) Pen movements / incoming and outgoing n Houseboat Acquisition /Deposition Form (strategy to implement with Houseboat sale agents) – Track boat movements, will also place requirements on agents entering the club to provide an EBC information pack & Introduction of new boat owner to EBC Management


Watermark Winter/Spring 2020



There has been a lot of work occurring around the grounds over the past couple of months.

There has been so much work carried out in this space from the initial concept phase, permits and project coordination. Operationally, the staff at EBC have done an extraordinary amount of work to accommodate all the contractors and members who have also worked tirelessly since the commencement of these major projects.

n The drains around the club have been cleared of debris n Road repairs have continued around the club and a full independent assessment of our road infrastructure has recently been carried out. n Everyone will notice some new landscaping and planting around the club upon their return, due to a generous donation of high-quality trees and ground covers. n Cleaning up inside and around our work sheds was well overdue. New donated shelving made light work of this task n Shed occupancy Audit has been completed during July 2020 n EBC House Audit has been completed in July 2020

MARINAS & BREAKWATER Despite the consistent Lake levels of late at 52%, there is still a lot of work that goes on checking marinas and ensuring members boats are securely moored within Anderson Harbour. During COVID-19 lockdown, the harbour master and operations staff have assisted members with many requests in respect to their boats, which has been necessary, and much appreciation shown by our members. A file has been created to capture relevant Land and On-water information around the harbour that will be shared with members once all the data is collated. Information like at 42% the lower road below the clubhouse disappears. At 46% marinas 5,12,13 & 16 are right to be put into their correct location within Anderson Harbour. At 50% the lower road to the G marina disappears. An audit of all our marinas has been carried out and a number of recommendations have been made to improve some of the inconsistencies that have evolved overtime. Members will be notified of any proposed changes and encouraged to provide feedback on any relevant matters.

Our Commodore, Rob McGeary and Flag Officers, Lindsay Barber and Dave Kelleher, have worked extremely hard together on our special projects and invested countless hours ensuring no one deviated from a plan that has already delivered great results for our Club. The entire EBC Board have also contributed in many ways in support of this grand plan. While these projects are inclusive of so many members that have given of their precious time to operate machinery, shared knowledge, and expertise, there were of course some stand outs from start to finish and along the way. Notwithstanding the huge financial support from all respective members that created the realisation of the project, this has truly been an awesome experience for all involved. Thank you to everyone for your collective efforts, and let’s all make sure we remain positive and focussed on greatness of what has been achieved. There is still a little way to go! Please refer to the special tribute in this edition of Watermark on page 46. It would be remiss of me not to pass on my gratitude and special thanks to Stephanie Dixon, who behind the scenes has done an extraordinary amount of work to assist the Board and Management in keeping track of all business activities, which at times has felt a lot like a never ending rollercoaster ride. Steph has felt every pressure point along the way and put an enormous amount of effort into the coordination of all the respective committees and sub-committees. Steph is responsible for our Board administration and works tirelessly making sense of the plethora of committees and subcommittees we currently have on the go. Steph never complains, and is on standby for all zoom conferencing calls

and she never fails in delivering the technology advances in this new communique medium, always with a smile. Thank you Steph.

GOULBURN MURRAY WATER – SUPPORTING EBC & ACTIVATING LAKE EILDON MASTER PLAN GMW Manager (Storage Operations South) Scott Wikman, has worked closely with EBC to ensure our Sugarloaf Hardstand and Slipway construction continued seamlessly. Scott has ensured a collaborative approach was achieved between GMW and EBC on this major Slipway and Hardstand Project, which will future proof slipping requirements for all Category 6 Houseboats and address an infrastructure gap that existed for GMW. Scott and respective GMW staff are also to be commended for their advocacy and documented support detailed in the ‘Activating Lake Eildon Master Plan’. This important Strategic Planning Strategy has already delivered some great results and opens up new opportunities for Lake Eildon and surrounding communities of Lake Eildon.

EILDON BOAT CLUB MARINA MAP 2020 A new map of our marina has been created to assist everyone with the important Landmark locations of the Club’s land and on-water assets. Please refer over page for all the detail. In closing, I would like to thank all my staff across all aspects of the business, for their continued support and effort in making our Club great. Kirsty and I have dearly missed all of our members frequenting EBC, especially the Friday nights up at the Club. The staff at EBC are here to support you and we hope that members and their families remain safe and well during these most challenging times. Matt Parsons GENERAL MANAGER


EBC Reports



Club house:

Amenities Block: Houses: Key:

Dry Storage Sheds: Club house:



Amenities Block:

Wash Houses: Bay:


Dry Storage Sheds:



Entry/Exit Wash gate: Bay:


Ramps: Hardstands:


Entry/Exit gate:

GMW Worner Point: Hardstands:

Sugarloaf Rd: GMW Worner Point:


AccessSugarloaf Rds: Rd: Access Rds:

Tennis Court:

Tennis Court:





Point House



Welcome Jetty



Gate House

GMW Ramp

Welcome Jetty

Anderson Ramp


GMW Pt Worner

Spit Ramp Anderson Trolley Slipway

GMW Pt Worner




Point House


GMW Ramp

Anderson Hardstand Managers

Spit Ramp Residence

Anderson Ramp

Anderson Trolley Slipway

Gate House

Anderson Hardstand Managers Residence

Stewart Insurance Group is a Corporate Authorised Representative (No: 321281) of McLardy McShane Partners Pty Ltd AFSL No: 232987 ABN: 14 064 465 309 and a member of the Steadfast Network


Watermark Winter/Spring 2020


EBC Reports

TREASURER I am responsible for the overall financial governance as Treasurer of Eildon Boat Club (EBC). 2019/2020 been a solid year financially for the Club. The bushfires, low lake levels and Covid-19 have not been able to damage our overall strong financial position. PROFITABLE We have unaudited financial accounts for the year ended 30 June 2020 and currently we have the auditors ‘in house’. It is pleasing to note EBC has attained profitability above budget over the past financial year. EBC procured Federal and State Government support to assist us through Covid-19 pandemic with subsidies

A new tractor and trailer were purchased to slip the bigger boats on the Sugarloaf Slipway. There will be a detailed analysis of the 2020 financial year accounts and the 2021 budget and infrastructure plans

like ‘JobKeeper’ and ‘Cash Flow Boost’.

at the Annual General Meeting in October.



EBC’s liquidity is critical to the ongoing security and success of the EBC and as such is closely monitored by the Management and Board. I am pleased to advise that the EBC year ended cash balance was in line

The Board has approved the budget for 2021, with a more modest profit, considering the economic uncertainties as of 30 June 2020. Capital expenditure is also more modest, with adequate breakwater 2020/21 capex will focus more on security, access and road maintenance funded from EBC’s General Revenue, plus a third self-funded G Marina. The Board’s intent is to further improve the working capital position by year end.

with last year.

BALANCE SHEET Preliminary figures indicate that the EBC Balance Sheet is sound. This fact is a great result given the capital works completed, but only possible due to member contributions.

CAPITAL EXPENDITURE The primary role of EBC is to protect and safeguard the valuable assets of the EBC members. Accordingly, most of our yearly profits are directed to improving the infrastructure of the EBC. Taking direction from the members, the EBC Board follows a five-year strategic infrastructure plan to direct the capital expenditure allocations. During this 2019/2020 financial year, capital expenditure was at the highest levels in history being at almost $1.5m. The member funded slipway the main project, in addition to completing 50 metres of breakwater, the


new work jetty and creating two additional hardstand spaces adjacent to Anderson Ramp and the new Sugarloaf Slipway.

Watermark Winter/Spring 2020

LEFT TO RIGHT BACK LINE Michael Willson – Past Commodore, Infrastructure Michael Gallagher – Honorary Treasuer Cameron Dwyer – Retired Ex Commodore (No longer on the board) Matt Parsons – General Manager

LEFT TO RIGHT FRONT ROW Tim Mepstead – Secretary and Governance David Kelleher – Rear Commodore, Off Water & Water based Assets Rob McGeary - Commodore Lindsay Barber – Vice Commodore, Membership Pam Cook – Communications

The board is also working on a proposal to build maintenance facilities on the new Sugarloaf Hardstand, and will also be seeking much needed government support to build the necessary facilities. Finally, the challenge of COVID 19 restrictions has weighed heavily into our work and personal commitments. However, we have kept your boats safe while retaining our staff and staying profitable. I look forward to providing a detailed explain the audited financial accounts to members at the AGM Meeting on 21 October 2020.

Michael Gallagher


EBC Reports

ANCHORAGE HOUSEBOATS Factory b, 11 Eildon Rd, Eildon (03) 5774 2705 office@ahboats.com.au anchoragehouseboats.com.au



Watermark Winter/Spring 2020

Watermark Autumn 2020



From the Club

SOCIAL REPORT Due to the current world pandemic, unfortunately there isn’t much to report on within the social scene at EBC. Be rest assured that this has given your social team time to brainstorm, think up some new ideas and fantastic ways to come together once again and enjoy our wonderful Club.

an event, help out or just simply get involved, please contact Dave Kelleher or Jennie in the office for a chat. It’s a great way to meet new people, and for the young kids to meet and create life long friendships within EBC. Our famous Family Fun Day will have a totally refreshed format this year and we are looking to have some new members come on board to bring some fresh ideas to life. Stay tuned and keep an eye on our weekly newsletters and Facebook Social page for all Social updates and announcements.


With the drive day planned pending for September, we hope to see some hot rods, new and old coming along for a show and shine followed by a drive to a destination to be advised.


This year we look forward to having Travis Mepstead lead our fishing competition event. The comp will take place the weekend of 9th and 10th October which is a positive as the weather should be improving and the water temperature more ideal for snagging the illusive cod.


Watermark Winter/Spring 2020

EBC Drive Day

Annual General Meeting The Canterbury International

OCT 24

Sailpast is looking to be very exciting this year, with three amazing options pending the current restrictions and how they play out. Be rest assured, EBC will turn it on either way with our exciting theme “Fire & Ice” (naughty & nice). As we lead into Spring, we would like to extend our Social committee and are reaching out to members who enjoy the social aspect of the Club to jump onboard. Most platforms are already set however, if you’d like to take lead of


AFL Grand Final

EBC Fishing Comp

OCT 30/31

OCT 21

OCT 9/10

Sailpast Weekend


Due to the rapid and ever-changing nature of the global COVID-19 pandemic, changes or cancellations to events may be amde at any time.


Regional News

CFA REPORT The current virus management condition has given us the opportunity to undertake some serious maintenance on the fire boat including new livery, take a look when you can, it’s a very pretty boat. For those of you who have not been able to get up to the lake, please note that the brigade and the lake is still here and travelling very well. As I sit here writing this and listening to ABC news, I hear that two people have died in a yacht fire at Geelong. If you have not been up here for a while, please check everything before heading out. For a little bit of topical maritime history, you may find the following interesting and a little intriguing. It is set in the mid1600s and the great plague in London. Most of us have heard the expression ‘Dutch Courage’. A year or two ago while visiting London we undertook a guided walking tour of the Thames riverbank. The guide took us to a place where, it is alleged, in 1665 to 1666 during the London Great Plague Dutch sailing ships would travel up the Thames at night and drop off food on the wharf and collect gold coins left as payment. It is said that the Dutch were the only outside help as no other people were brave enough. At this point, I should point out that the London plague was caused by bubonic bacteria (bacterium Yersinia pestis), it was spread by rats and accelerated by poor hygiene. Here today we have a serious and infectious Virus that is a sub microscopic agent that replicates only inside the living cells of an organism, we are the organism.


Watermark Winter/Spring 2020

An old silver-grey hair & bearded sailor once told me:

“ships are very smart, if a ship is operated by fools and miscreants it will abandon them to the sea in short order” … so we all hope and expect to enjoy many long years with our boats.

Well, research would indicate that the above brave trading by the Dutch could not have happened as the Dutch Navy was at war with the Royal Navy and had been for a number of years. Against this however is the known fact that elicit trading by miscreants between the English and the Dutch occurred through all their wars across the English Channel. The other hypothesis about the Dutch Courage saying is politically incorrect and insulting to the Dutch. It is one of about six sayings us by British soldiers in the mid 1600’s to insult Dutch soldiers when they were being beaten by the Dutch, this occurred regularly. The sayings are a reference to the fact that the Dutch soldiers were give an alcoholic spirit called ‘jenever’, distilled from fermented juniper berries before they went into battle. Needless to say, the English got hold of this new alcoholic drink and used it for the same purpose as the Dutch, it was anglicized to the name that we know now as GIN.



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Tim Fogarty 94645200 0418 108 358 www.timberoncabinets.com.au 24

Watermark Winter/Spring 2020

Timberon Cabinets

Fire bookings essential

Sailpast 2020

friday 30th oct




*Due to the rapid and ever-changing nature of the global COVID-19 pandemic, changes or cancellations to events may be made at any time 25

Regional News

LEHIA When writing this Newsletter, it is still in the depths of Winter and with everything happening in the world, Spring seems to be a long way off.

Now with Greater Melbourne & Mitchell Shire in lockdown again the phones have gone quiet, yet activity on web sites has been encouraging.

Our thoughts are with all families and businesses, especially small businesses, that have been impacted on by the Coronavirus Pandemic. This is most difficult times.

In talking with friends in Regional Real Estate, they have experienced very good sales of recent times, whilst Melbourne has been sluggish. The messages coming through is that people are looking for homes and holiday homes out of Melbourne, due to people feeling they are in a safer environment as well as International Holidays being off the agenda for a couple of years and the State Borders will be restricted for Victorians for some time; possibly six months. This will take us into next year.

It has been a difficult last 6 months with the secondary impacts of Bushfires in January, then the Coronavirus hit with the Lake being locked down over the Easter Holidays. During this time, LEHIA actively advocated to Ministers and Government Authorities, including GMW, on behalf of its Members and the Houseboat owners. LEHIA greatly appreciated the support of the BIA Vic, as the peak Recreational Boating Body in Victoria for its advocacy to Ministers. Hopefully, everyone by now has paid their Annual Houseboat Licence Fees to GMW. If you have not, you are strongly urged to please make contact with GMW. As a result of LEHIA’s advocacy, LEHIA was made aware of the GMW Hardship Policies which GMW will try and assist Houseboat Owners with. It is important to note, the Houseboat Licences are only for one year and you have to apply to GMW to renew them. If you have any concerns, please contact GMW. It certainly is unprecedented times as well as unpredictable times. During the Lake Lockdown the phones were quiet; when the Lake was re-opened activity has been good for houseboat building, maintenance and sales. 26

Watermark Winter/Spring 2020

With that being the case, I could not think of a better place for families to be next Summer than on a Houseboat on magical Lake Eildon. Hopefully, a vaccine for the Coronavirus will be produced sooner rather than later. The Victorian State Government Regulations governing Houseboating on Lake Eildon were last set in 2013. These Regulations will sunset in 2023. A new set of Regulations will be developed to replace them. In a letter from the Minister for Water, Lisa Neville, over coming months DELWP will begin consultation with key houseboat stakeholders

to determine the best way to engage the industry and community in the development of the replacement policy and regulations. LEHIA looks forward to being engaged and representing its Members, during this process. LEHIA participated in the BIA Vic Melbourne Virtual Boat & Fishing Show in late July. It was most pleasing to see the Four Marinas and some of the leading Houseboat Businesses working together to promote the Lake Eildon Brand to prospective clients.

Working together, even though we may be in competition with each other, we all win.

Murrindindi Shire Council together with another local business also exhibited to promote our wonderful district. With Greater Melbourne in lockdown at this time, it was a great opportunity to put Lake Eildon front of mind to many Melburnians. Working together, even though we may be in competition with each other, we all WIN. Our real competition is not each other, but the other holiday areas seeking to attract visitors. Covid19 provides us with a real opportunity, as this area has so many pluses to tick off as to why someone would invest here. Keep well & keep safe and we look forward to seeing you, your families and your friends (Yes, please bring your friends up too) at magical Lake Eildon soon. I cannot think of a better place for Melburnians to escape to. Love Lake Eildon





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On November 3rd 2018 Andrew had organised his parents and my parents to visit Eildon for the weekend to celebrate the opening of ski season. Little did I know that there were greater things at lay here.

Able to operate in some of the roughest seas on Earth, and easily able to withstand the ripples of a passing wakeboat with uninterrupted reception, KNS antennas will ensure you never miss a game. VAST and Foxtel ready.

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After a fun day of skiing, we headed to the boat club for a family dinner. It was a gorgeous sunny day, so we headed out to the balcony to enjoy a few drinks before dinner. I thought Andrew was trying to impress dad by purchasing a bottle of Veuve, however I was wrong. I received my glass of champagne and something sparkly caught my eye at the bottom of the glass. On that sunny evening, Andrew proposed to me on the balcony at the Eildon Boat Club, a moment I will remember forever.

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As a child I remember special trips up to Eildon to visit the Boat Club for lunch, it was always treated as such a special place. I started to frequent Eildon when I met my husband Andrew in 2015. His family

Marine & Offshore Excellence


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Contact Daniel Biggs AMI Sales - Victoria M: 0419 958 118 E: danielb@amisales.com.au


Relax after a day on the lake

had also been regular visitors to Eildon for the last twenty-five years with a permanent onsite at the Eildon Pondage Holiday Park, to which is now ours. So as you can see there are many ties to Eildon!

Once a few weeks passed, the decision was made to have our Wedding at the Eildon Boat Club on March 21st 2020, how could we not with all the family history at Eildon? I then took the next step contacted Jennie Brady (Events & marketing) to begin organising our special day. All the staff in the lead up to the wedding were absolutely amazing and dealt with all my bridezilla moments brilliantly. 29

…a fairytale ending to our day!

Our special day, eighteen months later on the 21st of March 2020 finally came around after months of stressing and planning. Just as I thought I was on the home run with planning and organising our wedding day, COVID 19 arrived and put a dampener on the organising and everyone’s stress levels increased dramatically! Luckily our guest list was always under one hundred so that wasn’t to be an issue, however the night before the wedding, the square meterage ruling came into effect and our stress levels went to a whole new level. Just like the Griswalds, we all piled into the hired minibus and an urgent panicked reconnaissance mission up to the EBC occurred Friday afternoon. Jennie and Sam dealt with Dad and myself and to great relief, there was more than enough room for our sixty guests. The night arrived and it was more spectacular than I ever could have imagined. The venue looked stunning, the food was outstanding and the alcohol was definitely free

flowing. The stand out of the night was the scrumptious grazing board. I may be known as the platter queen at home, but this was by far the most beautiful grazing board I have ever seen. The night went off without a hitch (well not that I was aware of anyway).

We would like to say a massive thankyou to everyone involved in the office at EBC. It was a fairytale ending to our day! As we go to print Steph & Andrew have announced that they will be welcoming a new addition to their family due early 2021. From all of us at EBC we wish you all the best and look forward to another generation up at EBC.


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OUR STORY BEGINS WITH Kerrie and Tony Volders

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That Ramsey Rebel was a great success but also a monumentally false sense of boating, as we sold it for a profit 3 years later, having never put a spanner on it! Fast forward a couple of years after enjoying some Christmas holidays and famous New Year marina parties with Graeme and Lois Davis, we took the plunge along with our 2 children Sarah and Emma and bought their boat “Tinkerbell”. We remember motoring out of the Boat Club to calls of -“look it does have an engine”. Our girls grew up and we sold Tinkerbell we moved off the water at Lake Eildon for a couple of years, whilst house boating at Mildura with friends who now also have houseboats at Eildon. In 2012 we bought ‘No Limit’ -coincidentally a boat we had seen brand new in the club at a marina party- along with a new Tige RZR and began to try to tame a surfboard behind a boat. Embracing wakesurfing as a great low impact sport for more mature persons, our summers began to revolve around house boating


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and in 2016 we were fleet owners, purchasing ‘XFactor’, a boat we had much admired. Three years later an expanding family (grandchild Teddy and now Charley) and the launch of a new class of boats, together with a successful business retirement enabled us to order a new G boat, “Aprés”, French for “after”. As with most builds, what seems like a large space shrinks rapidly when cramming in lounge rooms, ensuites, bedrooms and the all important bar, to the point where Kerrie was agonising over 20mm, in a layout created specifically by and for us.


Status Luxury Houseboats built us a beautiful boat. Our brief was “simple but elegant”, with the inside styled by Kerrie as Coastal - relaxed. Space, air conditioning, floor heating etc and a quality build truly makes Aprés a luxury apartment on the water, with the Eildon Boat Club being the premium choice for berthing and now maintaining a houseboat.


Member Profile


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Name: Adrian Panow Family: Annie, Andy, Liam and Sasha Joined EBC: February 2020 Boat Name: Wakeboat (Axis T22), tinnie and kayaks Occupation: Director, Deakin Energy, Deakin University – whole-of-university role to deliver large scale energy projects and research in solar, microgrids, batteries, energy efficiency and hydrogen. Board Member, Wannon Water Corporation. Why did you join EBC: For the social aspects and facilities.


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0419 108 828 jmmengineering@bigpond.com

What do you love about the club: The range of members we’ve already met, the office staff who’ve been so helpful and welcoming, and the clubhouse as a place to have a nice meal. How long have you been on the lake: Since the late 70’s. Two people you’d most like as guests: Just our friends (but can’t only have two!) Best boating experience so far: Seeing our daughter get straight up on a surfboard. Best mishap so far: Going vertical in a diveboat through the breakers at Wilsons Prom. I wasn’t at the wheel which made it feel much worse. If not the Lake then where would you like to be? Our house in Taylor Bay or camping at Cape Conran.







Sailpast at Eildon Boat Club occurs every year on the Melbourne Cup weekend and is the official opening of the Summer Boating Season. With the weather transitioning from Spring to Summer, it provides an ideal opportunity to come together with our fellow members and friends, to celebrate everything EBC.

This year we are very hopeful that COVID-19 restrictions will be relaxed enough for us to kick off our Summer in true Sailpast spirit and fashion by dressing up our boats to the theme of ‘FIRE & ICE’.

At Eildon Boat Club, rather than an admiral, we have our Commodore, Rob McGeary take the salute in the form of our members exchanging three cheers as they sail past our Welcome Jetty.

We are confident that we will find a way to ensure our boat procession goes ahead, which may require some minor tweaks to the format of our annual program closer to the date.

The Sailpast procession is led by the Vice Commodore, Lindsay Barber, with the Rear Commodore (tail end Charlie), Dave Kelleher, being the final boat of the parade.

Last year we had 25 boats dressed up to the theme ‘TRAVEL DESTINATIONS’, and we are keen to entice more participants to parade their boats for our 2020 boating season opening this year, marking EBC’s 70th Year Anniversary.

The theme FIRE and ICE offers a lot of scope for the imagination. From heaven and hell to lava meets the ocean, angels vs devils, to the more simplistic ideas of desert, volcanos, Antarctica and the many movies capturing this Fire & Ice theme. We would love to see every member making the effort to join in Sailpast this year and showing off your creativity.

Traditionally in the world of ‘Sailpasts’, vessels sail past their admiral, dipping their colours in salute with their captain also saluting and the ships company standing at attention.


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Prizes will be awarded for: Best Overall Boat, Best New Owners Boat, Random Sailpast Boat, Best Family Boat, Best Cruiser, Can’t believe you did THAT and Commodores Award.




Friday 30 & Saturday 31 October - Melbourne Cup Weekend -

More information will be provided closer to the date of our Sailpast program. Keep this weekend free and start planning your Sailpast celebrations!!



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Business owners, directors and managers could be forgiven for thinking that our current pandemic is responsible for the most difficult Directors’ & Officers’ Liability (D&O) insurance market in over a decade. The reality is these issues have been building for more than 18 months, and are shaking up the industry. Through to the end of 2017, clients were contending with an easy market, with flat premiums and ease of capacity. At the same time however litigation levels and corresponding settlements were growing exponentially, and insurers were simply holding an unprofitable class of insurance barely together. By the end of 2018 a hard market was forming, with withdrawal of insurers and tightening of guidelines and onerous conditions. Premium increases were common and this has continued through to today. Additional factors such as the banking royal commission have added a layer of risk to continued underwriting losses, and now potential risks from Covid are seeing insurers become even more cautious. To achieve any sort of result, insurers are demanding copious levels of information, reducing their participation, reducing their capacity (sums insured), increasing premium and being considerably more selective. Insurers are also demanding higher excesses amongst a legal environment where individual directors hold 650+ individual obligations including legislation/regulation around corporate prudence, occupational health and safety, privacy legislation etc.

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Wording by Mimi Cullen

BIGGER, BETTER, BOLDER Our new slip ramp and hard stand have cemented EBC’s position as the premium marina on the lake – and there’s more to come.

The rest of the world may have slowed down in 2020 as a result of coronavirus, but here at Eildon Boat Club, we’ve been busier than ever. As this publication went to print, we were wrapping up Stage 2 of a major works program that, when complete, will put EBC far ahead of the other marinas on the lake. The centrepiece of the works is a new slip ramp that’s bigger and better than anything Lake Eildon has seen before. A small army of members and contractors has spent the past few months building and concreting the ramp, which is due to start slipping boats any day. We’ve also acquired a tractor and trailer (on which we have built a 100-tonne cradle to adapt it for slipping houseboats), and prepared a new hard stand which will soon be home to multiple sheds for boat-building and repairs. This is the most significant project we have undertaken since we built the clubhouse 20 years ago,” says Commodore Rob McGeary (R&R). “It means we will have the top facilities on the lake for the foreseeable future – and the


Watermark Winter/Spring 2020

best part is that we haven’t incurred any debt in the process.” The reason for the works program is simple: our members’ boats are getting bigger. “As has always been the case in my life-time on the lake, our members are building bigger and better boats each year. Now, many of them are taking advantage of the regulations that Murray Goulburn Water brought in five or six years ago which allow houseboats on the lake to be larger than previously possible,” says Rob. “But when boats become bigger, they become heavier and more difficult to maintain. Our existing infrastructure was no longer able to slip these new G Class boats.” In 2018, the club generated a plan to excavate part of a hill to create space for three G Class boats, but this was always a compromise:

moving dirt uphill was difficult, the ramp was not ideal, and there was no plan for slipping sheds. “Reflecting on this initial space, it occurred to me there may be a more suitable location for our bigger boats which would solve all the problems,” Rob recalls. Planning for the new slip ramp and hard stand started about 18 months ago. It began with a suggestion to move soil from below the waterline to facilitate creating the largest possible hard stand (for slipping sheds) along with a ramp at a constant gradient, which is key to the safe and easy launching and retrieval of large boats. Rob then identified part of the harbour that was shallow enough for this to be feasible. In conjunction with a civil works engineer, the board developed a site plan that was taken

to the Annual General Meeting in October 2019 for consideration. In January 2020, a formal proposal was brought up and approved by members. We were away. By March, construction had begun. The board decided to create a dedicated subcommittee to oversee the project. They worked diligently both to fund-raise and to co-ordinate the work itself. The Commodore invited Lindsay Barber (Amethyst), EBC’s Vice-Commodore, to serve as its chairman, and Tony Volders (Après) to lead the on-site team as project manager. They were joined by Michael Willson (Meridian) and David Kelleher (Toy Kingdom). All sub-committee members agreed that work should start as soon as practicable. “Before we began, there was only one truck and trailer on the lake that could move G Class boats,



should any money be borrowed. Says Rob: “We knew that most of our members and their families didn’t actually need the new ramp to slip their boats, so it was important not to impose any cost on them.”

Engineering for a boat cradle for the trailer has been undertaken by Quantec Engineers in Wangaratta. Through a clever design, the boats will be able to be slipped at a 5 per cent to 7 per cent incline (on the 10 per cent gradient), and the tractor and trailer (on which we have built a cradle to adapt it for slipping 100-tonne houseboats).

Instead, the club sought donations from those members with larger boats. “I believe all the current G Class boats on Lake Eildon bar two currently reside within the club,” says Lindsay. “There’s about 35 of them.” Within a matter of weeks, the sub-committee had raised $480,000, selflessly donated by the vast majority of these members.

“The concreted ramp currently runs from full water level down to roughly 40 per cent capacity, which was the lake level when we got the funds to start the pour,” says Tony. A clear objective of the committee was to plan for the lowest water levels imaginable. When the water inevitably goes down again, the ramp will be extended on the same gradient to roughly 20 per cent capacity to ensure the club is never without slipping facilities for its entire fleet.

Says Rob: “I’m particularly pleased that we were able to raise all the money internally. We haven’t incurred any more debt – we’ve raised this money thanks to the generosity, commitment and passion of the members.” Work soon began in earnest. “Our original plan was to complete Stage 1 this year and move on to concreting the ramp and obtaining the tractor and trailer in 2021,” says Rob. “But, believe it or not, we’re currently running 12 months ahead of schedule! That never happens!” and it was run by a commercial enterprise on a public ramp,” says Lindsay. “We wanted to have a 24/7 response for emergencies and be more in charge of our own destiny by having not only our own ramp and slipway but also our own tractor and trailer to facilitate such works.” The project would also return revenue to EBC and its members rather than going to external businesses and marinas. Before work could begin, though, it was the sub-committee’s job to raise funds for Stage 1, which consisted of the earthworks for the ramp and the hard stand. It was agreed that member fees should not be used for the project, nor


Watermark Winter/Spring 2020

Much of the credit for this must go to Tony Volders, who kept the project moving even while parts of Victoria were entering a state of coronavirus lockdown. “I was on site supervising every day from dawn to dusk, for eight or nine weeks,” he says humbly. “I had some contacts in the earth-moving business, which helped matters. In the end, we moved about 100,000 cubic metres of dirt to shape the ramp up.”

donate again. “The board was very clever and

With Stage 1 complete, the sub-committee realised the project had momentum, and turned its attention to raising funds for Stage 2. The board recognised members were unlikely to

Fellow member Daryl Bradford (007) had

came up with a scheme to pre-pay slips,” Tony explains. “Enough people took up that option to enable the concrete to be poured.”

A notable piece of infrastructure such as this shouldn’t be without a name, so Rob recently arranged for the ramp to be christened. “I wanted to engage with the members, so we went back to the people who donated the first time to invite them to put suggestions forward. The sub-committee then created a shortlist, which the board endorsed. We then went back to those same members and asked them to vote.”

Impressively, the total raised for Stage 2 was in excess of $350,000. Long-time member Graeme Davis (Palazzo) heard of a trailer – previously used for carrying railway carriages across the country – that might be suitable. access to a suitable tractor. Both have been purchased and are currently being modified to suit large houseboat slipping.


Regional Feature News


The winning name, Sugarloaf Ramp, is a reference to local landmark Sugarloaf mountain, which forms one of the pillars that retains the earth wall that holds up Eildon Weir. “Like the mountain, this ramp is part of the fabric of the lake now,” Rob says. Long-standing club member, local resident and former boat builder Ian Kemp (Elysium), who dedicated many days driving an earth roller during Stage 1 of the project, credits Rob with generating enough enthusiasm to get Stages 1 and 2 done ahead of time and under budget. “If you’d said a year-and-a-half ago that we were going to have a ramp and a hard stand area of the magnitude we have now, I don’t think anyone would have believed it, to be honest,” he says. “But Rob was brave enough to say, ‘We need this infrastructure, let’s get it done now.’” “Then the members really stepped up,” Ian adds. “It’s pretty amazing to think that, in this day and age, people are prepared to chip in and help as much as they have.” Planning is now underway for Stage 3, which consists of concreting the hard stand and constructing several sheds. According to Lindsay: “We’re looking to build five main sheds with maintenance of our member’s boats a priority. We’ve already contracted a surveyor to lay out the most appropriate position for them to maximise the available turning circle of our new trailer and tractor.”


Watermark Winter/Spring 2020

Funding for Stage 3 has yet to be finalised, but Rob and Lindsay suggest one option is to offer long-term leases on the sheds to commercial boat builders currently operating nearby. “A number of them have already expressed interest in taking up the new facilities within the club grounds, closer to our new ramp,” says Lindsay. “That could potentially cover the entire cost.” “Slipping and maintaining large boats at the water’s edge just makes sense – that is what is done at great marinas all around the world. EBC is now in that category,” muses Rob. He says the enthusiasm with which members have contributed to the works project so far has motivated him and his fellow subcommittee members to push ahead with Stage 3 this year, rather than waiting until 2021. “We’re not going to rest on our laurels,” says the Commodore. “It has taken a huge amount of time and effort, but it is a worthwhile investment. I have been thrilled with how the members have rallied together to contribute to turn an idea into a reality. Member involvement has saved the club about $500,000 on this project. Their support and passion has been fantastic.”

It took a real team effort for the club to achieve so much in such a short period of time. First and foremost, thanks must go to all the members who chipped in financially to make Stages 1 and 2 a reality. The work would not have been successfully completed were it not for Tony’s team of extraordinary volunteers on the ground: Lyndon Joslyn (Entourage) and Adam Parkinson (Xbox), who contributed valuable equipment; Chris Sleigh (Satisfaction Guaranteed) and Ian Kemp, who contributed man hours; and Graeme Davis, Cliff Smith (Manhattan) and Alan Gray (Nirvana), who each contributed significant equipment and hours. Also worthy of praise are the members of the sub-committee – Lindsay Barber, Rob McGeary, Tony Volders, Michael Willson and David Kelleher – who negotiated fundraising challenges, council regulations and an emerging pandemic with aplomb. Overseen and supported a daily basis by EBC GM Matt Parsons, Harbour Master “Cabbage” and Admin & Support Steph Dixon.

He adds: “This new and necessary facility promises to be the best on the lake for decades to come – long after I’m gone, and when our children are still enjoying the lake. That’s something the entire club can be proud of.”



TRAVEL FEATURE To be sent here was to endure 23 hours of solitary confinement a day. The other hour was spent alone inside a walled yard, blinking out the sudden blinding sunlight or chilled by the Tasmanian night. Even inside the Separate Prison’s chapel they were partitioned into separate cubicles. For all the painful punishments –the floggings, the leg irons –and the torture of jobs such as dragging logs bare-handed from the bush, the greatest of their own artistic talents that might never go beyond these walls. If death at times seemed a better fate, there was no dignity there either. Visible from the penitentiary was a tiny island, little more than a kilometre offshore, that became known as the Isle of the Dead. Between 1833 and 1877, more than 1,100 convicts, settlers and soldiers were buried there.

WITHIN THESE WALLS It’s one of Tasmania’s most popular tourist attractions, but the story behind Port Arthur is anything but easily digested, writes Andrew Bain.


It operated for more than 40 years, in the most remote, furthest-flung piece of land known to the English. Escape was almost impossible, with a line of vicious dogs guarding theonly way out, a 100-metre-wide strip of sand at Eaglehawk Neck.

For Port Arthur’s convicts, there must have been a bittersweet irony about arriving at the southern end of the world –transported across the globe to a place of immense natural beauty, and yet imprisoned in one of the world’s harshest penal systems.

The convicts’ first glimpse of Port Arthur from the water would have been dominated by the industrialscale penitentiary. If they felt like commodities before, it would have been confirmed by the knowledge that they were now sleeping among 500 or so other prisoners inside a former flour mill and granary built in 1843 –a processor of food transformed into a processor of people.

Pinched between a stunning protected harbour and the bush-smothered hills of the Tasman Peninsula, Port Arthur was the most notorious of Australia’s convict settlements.

More chilling than the penitentiary, however, was the prospect of the Separate Prison behind it. Here, suitably situated beside the asylum, stood wings of single prison cells.

Watermark Winter/Spring 2020

ordeal might have come from the setting. It took just steps to leave the prison section and enter a scene reminiscent of an English village, but they were steps that convicts would never take. Across green parkland lined with deciduous trees stood a row of cottages, known as Civil Officer’s Row, that housed Port Arthur’s senior officers including the chaplain, accountant, medical officer and visiting magistrate.

The free settlers and soldiers were buried across the top of the island, and honoured with ornate gravestones, while the convicts were disposed of on the island’s lower ground, buried in unmarked graves. You can cruise around the Isle of the Dead when you visit Port Arthur and, as you hear stories about the convicts buried there, it’s impossible not to feel at least a little haunted by the horror and hardship that so many endured at this remote post on the edge of the world.

The only time most convicts entered this picture was as they headed to and from church each Sunday. The church stood at the end of the row of cottages, and many of the convicts who crammed inside it each week knew it as a place they’d built themselves, stone by stone. For the child convicts of the Point Puer Boys’ Prison, the decorative stonework was a reminder


SPY BOATS We have been club members for over twenty-five years and have enjoyed every minute spent on the Lake with our three daughters. The girls, now adults, still have a love of the lake and EBC and spend their holidays on our houseboat.

Spy Boats has been our passion and we are very proud to be a part of a fully owned Australian built and designed ski boat family. Spy Boats is the joint venture between skiboat specialist Peter Webb’s Performance Marine and multi award-winning boat builder Whittley Marine. The winning Spy Boats combination of Performance Marine, Whittley Marine and JW Marine gives Spy Boats a mixture of design and engineering capabilities unmatched in the skiboat market. With the only Australian skiboat design using industry leading CAD technology. Automotive design cues and the latest marine engineering technology have been integrated to give the boats a high-tech edge in both their sharp styling and sophisticated construction. The Australian designed and built Spy boats was launched in 2007 and has been a winner with all its models with the Australian boating public. Spy Boats won the prestigious “Ski Boat of the Year” at the AMIF (Australian Marine Industry Federation) awards. This is the third “Ski Boat of the Year” award won by Performance Marine. The Spy team have created 7 different models of ski boats and with all its emphasis on family have created a large range of boats for all facets of waterskiing from 21’ skiboats to 22’ wake boats. Our flagship Spy RX22 is a true cross-over boat and is the perfect Eildon family skiboat. A soft riding boat that has a great wake for skiing, barefooting, wake boarding and surfing. Performance Marine sells new and second-hand ski boats as well as servicing and stocks all parts for Australian and imported ski boats.

Remember Spy Boats are “Licenced to Thrill! 58

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Local Hero

TONY KEDDELL Wording by Jim Darby

There’s no doubting Eildon’s appeal; it reached out to Tony Keddell’s family in 1972 when he was just 12. The owner of Eildon Outboard Service has never left. The family was originally from New Zealand, the Hanmer area just north of Christchurch. Their first destination was Melbourne, but Tony’s father, Max Keddell, found work at the Boat Club so they moved up to Eildon, living on the Club grounds for a couple of years. Max was also a mechanic, working for Inland Marine as it was then known, which had a workshop below the Clubhouse. After that stint, Max set up a marine workshop at Jerusalem Creek then started building boats in Eildon at the Masonite factory, he moved to the Boat Harbour for a few years, then left the area. “Everyone else left, and I’m still here,” Tony said when Watermark spoke to him recently. “I’m almost a local!” Tony started his apprenticeship as a marine mechanic in Eildon in 1977 and took over Eildon Outboard Service in 1986. Their base was at the Harbour until 1999, when they moved to the new premises on Sugarloaf Road; where they are today. His community connections run deep, Tony was a local ambulance volunteer for 25 years and is still on the local Alexandra District Ambulance Station committee. He has been a CFA volunteer for the last 10 years. He’s one of the drivers for the EBC rescue boat, as well as the CFA’s rescue boat.


Watermark Winter/Spring 2020

The connections between Eildon Outboards and the Club are also strong, not just with the supply and maintenance of motors and other items for Club members, but also through salvage operations – more about that later. “Mercury is our main brand, we’ve been a Mercury dealer for a long time now. We probably sell more MerCruisers and sterndrives than outboards. “There have been huge changes over the years. The motors have really come of age with four stroke, fuelinjected outboards. They’re great motors. “Same with these sterndrives, they’ve gone from strength-to-strength, now it’s all turnkey start, just like your car. They’re a lot easier for the operators and a lot more reliable.” Motors and accessories have also become increasingly sophisticated and complex in their electronics. “Yes, they’re all computer-controlled, these engines now, as are the navigation systems and auto-pilots and other equipment.”

That means in a business like Tony’s, they need to keep pace with their own training and equipment.

Tony is a qualified SCUBA diver and that’s another asset when it comes to salvage work out on the Lake.

“Our technicians do quite a bit of training. Some of it has to be done off-site but a lot of it now is web-based, with virtual classrooms and exams. Now they probably only go to Mercury in Dandenong once a year. There’s a lot to keep up with, the electronics in boats now are pretty specialised.”

“It’s not a big part of our business, but it’s a necessary part when it’s needed.” They have a small crane boat which they can use for runabouts and small craft, but for larger operations, like houseboats, they’ll also bring in a larger crane and make good use of the EBC larks, Hercules etc.

One advance in outboard motors has been the virtual elimination of two-stroke motors; few if any are manufactured now and that’s a win for the environment and a win for efficiency.

“It would probably average once-a-year for a houseboat salvage. Speedboats you might get half a dozen a year. A lot of it, especially in speedboats, is having them unattended and that sort of thing.”

“The four-stroke motors are heaps more fuel-efficient and you don’t have the problems with fouling or things like that that you used to with the little twostrokes,” Tony says.

It tends to work in waves. “You might have nothing for eight months and all of a sudden you get three speedboats go...”

“They’re a lot quieter – everything is a plus with them and they’re so good on emissions, so we’re looking after the waterways as well.” There’s a nine-strong workforce at Eildon Outboard Service and that includes Tony’s daughter Anita, who is now the manager and has been with the business for 10 years – Anita is most peoples’ first point of contact. There are also some other long-term staff members, a mark of stability in any business: John Cujic has been with the business for 25 years and Greg Papst 15 years. On the bigger industry picture, Tony is a committee member for the Lake Eildon Houseboat Industry Association and he’s also a firm believer in the apprenticeship system. “We’ve probably had 20 apprentices over the years,” with always at least one in training and sometimes more. He says the shortage of qualified tradespeople is a real problem in Australia.

As for his own time house boating on the lake, Tony is “between boats” but still likes it whenever he can get out there. He’s been a member at the Eildon Boat Club for just under 25 years and only recently sold his houseboat. “We’re working on getting back out on the water at the moment.” Tony’s wife, Dianna, has taken over Houseboat Sales Lake Eildon, located at the same site as Eildon Outboard Service. There’s also a boat storage facility onsite, so they have things pretty well covered in the boating business. They tend to spend their time on the Lake at inlets nearby, or around Woolshed. With their work, when the lake is busy, so are they, but Tony says “it’s still good to get out and have your own time out there.” Until they get another boat, they still have access to the family runabout. And what’s the motor of choice there? That’d be a MerCruiser sterndrive.




Spring 2005

March 1988


Thanks for the memories!

March 2000


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March 2000

March 1994


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March 2000


Member Profile

Harold’s first boat build

GAY & REX HARTLEY 1982 Old Commodore Ivan Hipworth & Harold

Gay and Rex have been official members of the Eildon Boat Club since 1983 when they purchased Sundowner and joined as an independent family. Gay first came to the Lake as a baby in 1958, with her parents, Jan and Harold Sleigh, and Rex came later in 1976. After purchasing “Sundowner”, they then built “Capricorn” in 1987, and now enjoy “Revelation.” They both love the calm and peace that Eildon offers, the vastness of the bush and surrounds, and exploring the many coves and inlets. Rex and Gay have two sons, Clinton and Joel, who have both married – Clinton to Claire, and Joel to Rachel. Clint and Claire have three beautiful boys – Judd, Marty and Micah, all enjoy the Lake, so the four generations have enjoyed Lake Eildon. Gay’s parents Harold and Jan Sleigh began Eildon holidays in a tent in Fraser National Park, where they enjoyed many Long weekends there. Harold was one of the original seventeen fishermen that fished around the Goulburn River in the 1950’s. Jan and Harold also built a home-made speedboat, “Capers.” This speedboat was made by Harold of wood, and an old Holden car engine from a mate’s wrecked car. The hot water for Gay’s baby bath was taken from this speedboat’s exhaust.

Harold & Jan 1984


Watermark Winter/Spring 2020

Gay arrived at Lake Eildon in 1958 in a bassinette. Rex joined Gay in 1976 when his whole family were invited by Gay’s parents to the Lake; Rex fell in love with the Lake and with Gay, and they now own “Revelation”, a Neil Little built luxury houseboat.

One day Geoff (Gay’s Uncle), offered Sally (second cousin) and Gay a $2 prize to the one who could ski the farthest. He did not account for their determination to win that prize, or what it would cost him in fuel! Sally and Gay slalomed their single ski ride behind Geoff’s Caribbean speedboat, with 50hp outboard, from the Boat Club, down to Chinaman’s Hill back up to Big River. On the return from Big River, with Sally and Gay still in tow, Geoff decided to stop them and give them both $1 each! This was a small fortune in 1968! Chris, Gay’s brother and also a long term member of EBC, Sally, Sue and Gay became quite accomplished in crossing under each other’s ski ropes, and would spread out past the boat wake, and then careen toward each other, ducking under the ski rope at the last second.

to stick out of the top bunk window of “Vialima” the much-loved cruiser, Harold decided to build one of the first houseboats to grace the Lake. “Carousel” was launched in 1968; the first houseboat with house sized windows to take in the beautiful Lake views. Harold and Jan were innovators, always striving for excellence in design and practicality in their boats. “Carousel” 2, and “Carousel” 3 followed. “Carousel” 2 was inspired by “Joyrider”, owned by Bill Marchiori, EBC Commodore at the time. Rex & Harold building Capricorn

Jan was keen for Harold to progress to building a cruiser, “Vialima,” meaning “the meeting of the fast waters”. Vialima was a sturdy diesel, that could cruise the Lake on the smell of an oily rag. The shower hot water was heated by the engine, so you had your shower only when the engine was cruising somewhere! When Gay’s feet began


Member EBC Reports Profile

Working Bee

Harold made a few upgrades on his build to include an ensuite upstairs complete with upper front and back decks. All three “Carousels are still going strong on the Lake, the third one was bought by Charles Land and renamed “Splash.” Many happy Christmas and Easter holidays were had up on the Lake, complete with Birthday celebrations on a picnic mat in Collier Bay (Gay was born at Christmas) and the Annual Easter Egg Hunt for chocolate eggs hidden on the shore. Working Bees at the Club were cause for Social Celebration, and Gordon and Cathy Austin would be amazing Chefs all day on the Barbeque, producing copious amounts of sausages in bread and coffee! Projects, such as the Rotunda, which was originally under the Old Clubhouse, Search and Rescue boat, steps in concrete to each marina, the Sliprails and Winch, and the Slip Sheds (which Harold Sleigh purchased from a farmer in Pakenham for $27,000, demolished it and brought it to Eildon Boat Club and with a huge working bee, re-assembled it). When there was a spate of vandalism of many EBC boats, the need for a Youth Club within EBC was foreseen by Lyndon Dean. Lyndon’s parents were EBC members and Lyndon was a young student bartending at EBC as a holiday job. Lyndon met many young people who were bored as he worked behind the bar, so he suggested to Ron Faulds, who was the Social Committee Chair at the time, to start a Youth Club. Ron was a people person, and excellent at leading and delegating, so he asked Rex and I to start this club. We, together with Lyndon, started “Yabbies,”- an acronym for “Youth And Boating Bountifully In Eildon.” Or “Youth And Boating Best In Every Situation.”


Watermark Winter/Spring 2020

One event we started was The Eildon Iron Man/ Iron Woman Day. (Thanks, Grant Kenny and Lisa Curry!) The track was around the Boat Club, which was cleared of cars for the day so we could run the 10k around the Club to Number 13 Marina, then swim across from Number 13 Marina to Number 1, then Water Ski from Number1 out of the Harbour and back to Number 1 to finish with 20 push ups! Rex and I had the privilege of winning this event and the original trophies are in the Club showcase with the winners and year on them. With the experience of these events, Ron Faulds approached a group of us including Ron Coleman of “Polaris” and Ken Taylor of the boat “Shilo” to start the EBC Family Fun Day. The first was in McDiarmid Bay, where we estimated over 80 houseboats came, experienced the journey and had a great time. For several years the event was held at the northern end of the Lake, including at the Sleigh property at Woodbridge. Iron Men and Women event, sailing events and the many kids events (egg and spoon race, sack race and 3-legged race – open to all of course). The Family Fun day kept growing with more and more events. The Boat club provided more support and even sent the LARC all the way with supplies. The LARC was the ideal craft as everything came right up onto the land where we needed it.

organising working bees, financial accounts, conflict management, boating skills and CB licencing. Rex and I progressed from “Slo-Komotion” , an old cruiser Harold had brought for the permit and allowed Rex and Gay to dress up for Sailpast in 1984, to “Sundowner” a half cruiser, half houseboat, and it frequently held 30-40 youth during the day. The good thing about “Sundowner” was that she was a high displacement hull, so we never sank it to the gunnels if we had too many people on board. Time flies and Rex and Gay have had two sons; Clinton and Joel. They have experienced all of what Eildon can offer; wakeboarding, water-skiing, jet ski, canoeing, dinghy races, motor bikes and campfires with pot roasts. Clinton and Joel extended these skills to tying hammocks between two trees across the water in JULY to sleep overnight. Gay would worry that they’d either fall out of these asleep, or turn into popsicles by the morning! Neither of these things happened.

Sailpast 1984

Yabbie’s First Committee 1982

Both our daughters in law, Claire and Rachel, love Eildon, and are avid waterskiers/wakeboarders, campfire chefs and love the bush. Clinton and Claire are now teaching their three sons to biscuit behind the dinghy and swim. We now have four generations that have enjoyed Eildon Boat Club immensely. Clinton, Joel, and their cousins, Ben and Matt are carrying on the Eildon Farm, and are all Family Members of Eildon Boat Club. We hope they can enjoy many happy boating years on the Lake as we have.

Sailpast Winner 1985

Rachel has only recently (2019) joined our family, and quickly found the life at Eildon amazing.

Harold’s mishap

In 1984, Harold (Dad) became Commodore of the Eildon Boat Club. Harold followed Ivan Hipworth in that role. As a family, Chris, Jan (Mum) and I were happy for Dad to take this role, because we believed he had something to offer, building construction experience, managerial business experience,

Rex and Gay, together with like-minded passionate people (Anthony and Sharon Cheeseman, Drew and Wendy Gormlie, Matthew and Laura Robinson, David and Sharon Yardley), have started L’Arte Central, a Café to train and facilitate job opportunities for people challenged with mental illness. Gay and Rex have a passion to see people in community and in business, to reach their full potential to be the best they can be.

Gay & Chris Sleigh

We hope to have many more happy, fulfilling years on the Lake as a family, and are so thankful that Jan and Harold introduced us to such a wonderful place.


Kitchen EBC Reports & Bar

LET’S EAT & DRINK Okay let’s sta rt

Risotto, the perfect warming winter dish with the addition of seafood to bring freshness and zing, bringing out those warm sunshine feels of Springtime. If you’re after a dish that leaves you with a mouthwatering end product, then give this Pumpkin Prawn Risotto a go. Enjoy it as a fancy dinner or simply as a special treat – either way you won’t be disappointed! While you’re stirring that Risotto, fill your glass with a drop of Kendall & Jackson 2017 Vintner’s Reserve. A beautiful wine stocked at EBC from a vineyard on the cool coast of California. In sighting flavours such as pineapple, mango and papaya, with a citrus burst that explodes in your mouth. Aromas of honey and vanilla create depth and balance with a hint of oak and butter to round out the finish. The perfect partner to the perfect little dish.

Pumpkin P

rawn Risot



Vegetable oil

2 tbsp

Butter 2 tbsp Onion 2 tbs Garlic 1 clo Pumpkin 1

finely chop

ve, finely ch o

Lemon 1 rin

d grated

60ml, dry Vegetable stock 600m l, Prawns 200 g (large praw n cutlets) Parmesan 4 0g, grated Parsley 1 tb sp choppe d Salt Pepper

Watermark Winter/Spring 2020


50g, dice o r, chopped Arborio rice 200 g, for ri sotto Bay 1 leaf White wine




Heat the oil and 1 table spoon butter in a w ide shallow pan. Cook the o nions and g arlic until so add the pu ft, then mpkin and arborio rice cook, stirrin a nd g until the ri ce is translu cent. Add the ba y leaf and le mon rind. Pour in half the wine an d cook unti l absorbed. Repeat the procedure with the remaining w ine and sto ck, adding ladleful at a a time and co oking until absorbed b efore addin g more. Continue u ntil all the s tock is used rice is cook and the ed, but still with a sligh t bite. About 5 min utes before the end of cooking, stir in the p rawns. Remove th e bay leaf a nd lemon ri nd. Add the ch eese, parsle y and rema and season ining butte to taste with r salt and pe pper.


Spotlight EBC Reports on Staff




Name: Udi Role: Head Chef Nickname: Years of Employment: 1 year Celebrity Crush: Celine Dion What song do you sing in the shower: Sri Lankan songs Cricket or footy: Cricket – New Zealand, Sri Lanka & Australia Summer or Winter: Winter Rice or Pasta: Rice Would you rather every shirt you wear be kind of itchy or only be able to use 1 ply toilet paper? Toilet paper

Name: Don Role: Sous Chef Nickname: Woody (Last name Woodward) Years of Employment: 2 Celebrity Crush: Jessica Alba What song do you sing in the shower: Telephone Lady Gaga Cricket or footy: Non Competitive – no team Summer or Winter: Neither. I prefer Autumn or Spring as the temperature is generally better. Rice or Pasta: Rice Would you rather every shirt you wear be kind of itchy or only be able to use 1 ply toilet paper? Itchy shirt

Name: Neil Role: Chef de Partie Nickname: Narayan Years of Employment: 9 months Celebrity Crush: Jennifer Lopez What song do you sing in the shower: Old Town Road Cricket or footy: Nope Rugby - FIJI Summer or Winter: Summer Rice or Pasta: Pasta Would you rather every shirt you wear be kind of itchy or only be able to use 1 ply toilet paper? Toilet paper


Name: Camilo Role: New Food & Beverage Manager Nickname: Milo Years of Employment: None, but many to come! Celebrity Crush: Megan Fox What song do you sing in the shower: How to Make Gravy by Paul Kelly Beer or spirits: Spirits Summer or Winter: Summer by the lake Parmi or Burger: Parmi, always a parmi. Would you rather every shirt you wear be kind of itchy or only be able to use 1 ply toilet paper? You can get way with an itchy shirt but can’t get away with 1 ply toilet paper.


Name: Annie Role: F&B Supervisor Nickname: Years of Employment: 2 Celebrity Crush: Russel Crowe What song do you sing in the shower: A Soft Place to Fall Allison Moorer Beer or spirits: Beer Summer or Winter: Summer Parmi or Burger: Parmi Would you rather every shirt you wear be kind of itchy or only be able to use 1 ply toilet paper? Toilet paper


Neil 72

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SIMPLE STEPS FOR HUGE IMPACT CHECK ALL FUEL SOURCES Check all fuel soures are in good condition & good visual appearence. Call or refer to the appropriate tradesperson to repair or rectify the problem

BATTERY POWER House batteries & engine crank - batteries are topped up with distilled water & terminals are clean & secure

TIME TO CHECK Ensure fuel tanks & batteries are correctly mounted & cannot become dislodged, including fuel filler points, filler caps & hoses


Know if your engine is due or in need of servicing so you have piece of mind that you won’t break down over your holidays (Murphey’s Law and all!)


Check & change your smoke alarm & carbon monoxide batteries & ensure fire extingishers are in correct location & in working order. If you don’t have a C02 monitor it’s a good idea & a cheap investment to make

INSURANCE Ensure your insurance policy is up to date & EBC has a copy of your certificate of currency


Local Fishing

FISHING REPORT With the weather improving and the water temperature rising as well as the lake levels, it all adds up to a fantastic time fishing for all species that are in this beautiful area that we all love to enjoy. TROUT


Trout both Brown and Rainbow will have finished their spawning runs up the numerous creeks and rivers that help fill up our lake and they will be hungry. The best method and easiest is to slowly troll Tassie devil lures behind your boat and yes your house boat is a great start as you are looking for your spot of serenity. Larger diving lures or the use of caravans to help get down deeper also work well. Scrub worms and Mudeyes (DragonFly larvae) under a bubble float when your setup out the back of your house boat will also work.

Yellowbelly will become more predominant as the water temperature rises and they can become very aggressive feeders that will take lures, jigs, worms, yabbies and soft plastics around the rocky points and fallen timber that is everywhere along the edges of the lake. Look for large fallen trees with the root system in the water, in about 3-5 metres and you should find the schools , or just sit back on your house boat and dangle a line off the back.

REDFIN Redfin should have finished their spawning also and they will take yabbies and worms off the bottom around the timber, bobbing for them with jigs is also a fun and an easy way to get a lovely feed of what is called Wimmera whiting due to their firm white flesh.

THE PONDAGE The Pondage will have had the annual stocking of the stonker Rainbow trout ready for trout opening and if it’s anything like last year there will be some monster size fish to be caught. Powerbait and lures in pink Tassie devils, Wonder krocs and Rattlesnakes are the choice to target these monsters.

MURRAY COD Murray cod are starting to take over the lake with more and more reports of 1 meter plus fish which is great to see. Most large cod have paired up by now and have built their nests, so find their nests and they will be aggressively guarding so the strikes will be hard and fast. The juvenile smaller cod will be like the yellowbelly and feeding up after being somewhat dormant over the colder months and diving lures, spinner baits, larger soft plastics and bait will produce fish, remembering that there is no closed season in the lake for any species but there is catch and size limits on cod, yellowbelly and trout.

Murray cod caught early morning and areas where to target these great fish

Trout off the back of the house boat, slow trolling


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The Lake at a Glance

LAKE EILDON STORAGE LEVELS Highlights years from 1983 - today

% Volume 100% 2012 1989


2020 2019


2018 2015 2014



80% 70%

2012 2011 2007




2006 2003 2002





2000 1996 1990 1989


40% 2019



30% 20%

2002 2006
































2 0 8 M c I n t y re Rd , S u n s h i n e N o r t h , V I C 3 02 0 ( 03 ) 935 6 4 2 02 s a l e s @ m e l b o u r n e m a l i b u .co m . a u

/m e l b o u r n e m a l i b u


CHART COMPILED BY: Dave Dreveman Watermark Winter/Spring 2020

/m e l b o u r n e _ m a l i b u


EBC Reports





03 9465 4555 | peterwebb@spyboats.com.au



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Watermark Magazine - The Eildon Boat Club Experience  

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Watermark Magazine - The Eildon Boat Club Experience  

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