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april 2011

SILVER SCREEN PIXEL PRINTS Have you seen the movie poster for X-Men: First Class? What a piece of shit!!! Peter, Stephen and I suffer from post-traumatic stress deriving out of brain malnutrition these studios hammer unto the public with their blend of decapitated heads and rehashed ideas. We get more mileage from stale pretzels and watered-down Mountain Dew at the theaters than we spent looking at the promotional material out there, nonetheless, the exception always exist from mainstream studios, and of course, some independent films. But there is an unfortunate perception on the decision-making parties which think we are culturally broke, yet it is the dead seeds they sow. I believe they understand the emotional experience the fans receive; sad thing is their marketing outcome does not show.

Smaller movie houses recognize the connection we make with the occasion and care about the print presentation of their product. Therefore, commissioning designers to create original one-sheets for their special showings enhances the event by injecting endorphins into our memory and the movie poster becomes the commemoration of that moment.

For our second collective work as 8am, we took the direction of interpreting some of our most sought after movies utilizing mixed tools such as pens, pencils, spray paint and sweat. We hope you enjoy our poster children as much as we love the flicks.

Bust a move! Soria 8am


garden state 2004

taxi driver 1976

city of god 2002

slc punk 1998

el mariachi 1992

pan’s labyrinth 2006




MORE AWSOME THINGS and hallucinations

8am ZIne No.1 Issue  
8am ZIne No.1 Issue  

Our first zine dedicated to our favorite movies!