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Appraisal Management Services Springhouse appraisal management is an intermediary that assigns real estate appraisal requests to a nationwide panel of approved appraisers. The outsourcing of this appraisal process insulates our clients from any questions of impropriety concerning appraiser selection and influence. Springhouse services all conventional and commercial appraisal requests and manages all the transactional aspects surrounding the order, tracking its progress and delivery of the report. The scope of Springhouse Appraisal Management is not limited to just appraisal order and delivery. We provide our clients with a solution oriented approach to the changing mortgage lending industry and are prepared for changing product trends. We offer a nationwide network of appraisers qualified to accommodate an appraisal for a variety of scenarios including but not limited to; mortgage financing, relocation, PMI removal, desk and field reviews, foreclosure and REO appraisal, land utilization and commercial real estate requests.

The Springhouse Process The Springhouse appraisal order and delivery process is easy and efficient. Ordering an appraisal and receiving a quality report takes only a few simple steps. Place Appraisal Order Our clients may place an appraisal request by phone, fax or online.

Appraisal is Delivered to Client The quality checked report is then delivered to the Client via email notification and can also be downloaded from our secure online Client portal. Any revisions requested from the Underwriter are communicated to the Springhouse QC department, at which point they are immediately requested of the appraiser. The Springhouse QC department is well versed in facilitating complex requests from underwriters, and helping appraisers meet underwriting requests in a short time frame. We ask our Clients to direct all communication, intended for the appraiser, through the Springhouse staff.

Confirmation of Price Quote The price per appraisal product is agreed upon during Client orientation and confirmed through payment via credit card, pre-pay check or a previously established billing cycle.

Appraiser is Assigned Once the payment is secured an appraiser is assigned according to their primary coverage area and applicable qualifications.

Appraisal is Completed & Reviewed When the designated appraiser completes the appraisal report it is delivered to the Springhouse Quality Control department. The QC department reviews the report for errors and initiates an automated error check. – – – –

3 Appraisal Quality Control The Springhouse quality control department employs two methods of "proofing" the appraisal report before final delivery, an automated PDF review program which is followed by a manual review by a USPAP trained Springhouse staff appraiser/underwriter. The manual review is a 35 step process in which the review staff looks at each report individually for quality of work and thoroughness, to see the checklist they use please see Appendix A. The automated review program, Global DMS, analyzes reports for missing or incorrectly formatted data. When running Global DMS on a report, the data in each field is validated against a set of rules. Error messages are displayed for each field that failed validation. The rules may be lender-specific or generic. The lender-specific application can be arranged so the rules fit the requirements of an individual lender. To proof a report that does not require lender-specific rules we use a generic application utilized for all Fannie Mae forms.

Website Overview The Springhouse website offers a one-stop-shop for all appraisal products, as well as feature friendly tools that assist our clients and appraisers in their everyday operations. Springhouse utilizes automated technology to streamline many of the manual tasks and complexities typically associated with this layered appraisal process. Our clients may access the software through our feature friendly website where appraisal reports are available digitally through a variety of formats including, but not limited to, EDI, PDF and AI Ready. By delivering appraisals electronically, we ensure efficiency in the delivery of the appraisal report. Our clients have the option of being informed, via email status notifications, during each step of the appraisal process. An automated tracking system is updated daily to give real-time access of information throughout the appraisal transaction. This email status notification feature can be filtered by the client, so they receive only the emailed status updates they choose.

AVM Prequalification Tool As a result of growing regulations, it has become more and more challenging for a loan production staff to accurately evaluate the equity position of a borrower applying for a new loan. Springhouse has developed a free Automated Valuation Model (AVM) to accurately and efficiently pre-qualify borrowers for a loan. This AVM technology is compliant with industry regulations and quickly generates the estimated value of a subject property based on data analysis of recent area comparable sales. The Springhouse website frequently reminds our clients that AVMs are a tool used to provide valuable comparable sales data but are not a substitute for a complete appraisal performed by a qualified Springhouse appraiser.

Client Portal As a function of the Springhouse appraisal management service, our clients are given a secure login I.D. and password to access all active orders, as well as archives to their appraisal portfolio (all information is SAS 70 type 2 compliant). This client portal allows for all appraisal orders to be updated and uploaded to one secure place. A client may also choose the emailed status notifications they receive as the appraiser updates his/her progress during each step of the appraisal procedure. The client portal has an accounting feature where the client may view accounts payable, billing history and generate custom reports. This automated system is updated in real-time so a client may access important information at their leisure. – – – –


Compliance Analysis All actions surrounding Springhouse’s appraiser panel, appraisal ordering, status checks, appraisal delivery, accounts receivables and payables fully comply and adhere to: Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Home Value Protection Program, US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), FHA regulations, Federal Home Loan Bank System (FHLBS), Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the Home Valuation Code of Conduct. Springhouse also requires all staff members to be USPAP trained. To assure our clients of our commitment to the Home Valuation Code of Conduct and FHA regulations, we offer a Springhouse Compliance Certificate (Appendix B) to be included, as a cover page, with each completed appraisal report. If you are interested in reading more about the HVCC and knowing exactly what Springhouse does to address each requirement please see Appendix C.

Appraiser Approval Process Springhouse Appraisal Management has partnered with top accredited appraisers nationwide to offer our clients the full scope of appraisal products. The Springhouse Panel of Appraisers are experienced professionals, deemed qualified through a rigorous panel selection process. The following is a detailed outline of the Springhouse panel of appraiser’s selection process.

Documentation Required for the Application Process • • • • • • •

E&O Insurance Certificate Licensure W9 Resume- including at least 3 business references Signed Springhouse procedure agreement (Appendix D.) Sample Reports Appraiser Profile

Once we receive the above documentation, the appraiser applicant is categorized as “pending” and will not be prompted for assignment. Each “pending” application will go through the approval process below before being considered for an appraisal assignment.

Appraiser Approval Protocol 1. Excluded Parties List System ( - This web site is provided as a public service by General Services Administration (GSA) for the purpose of efficiently and conveniently disseminating information on parties that are excluded from receiving Federal contracts, certain subcontracts, and certain Federal financial and nonfinancial assistance and benefits, pursuant to the provisions of 31 U.S.C. 6101, note, E.O. 12549, E.O. 12689, 48 CFR 9.404, and each agency's codification of the Common Rule for Nonprocurement suspension and debarment. If the appraiser applicant is on this list our appraiser approval department will cease reviewing the applicant as he/she will not qualify to be on the Springhouse Panel of Appraisers. 2. Appraisal Subcommittee ( – This website is to verify licensure, certification and good standing. Any improprieties confirmed via checking the Appraisal Subcommittee website result in the applicable appraiser being deemed not qualified to be on the Springhouse Panel of Appraisers. 3. Limited Denial of Participation ( List.jsp) -This website screens for HUD funding disqualification and voluntary abstentions. Any improprieties confirmed via checking the Limited Denial of Participation website result in the applicable appraiser being deemed not qualified to be on the Springhouse Panel of Appraisers. – – – –

5 4. Individual State Real Estate Appraiser Board- The appraiser approval department checks each state board website to be sure the appraiser has not had any disciplinary action reported against them. Any improprieties confirmed via checking the applicable state board website result in the appraiser being deemed not qualified to be on the Springhouse Panel of Appraisers. 5. Review Resume- Each applicants resume is reviewed with concentration on experience as a licensed appraiser and continuing education courses, most notably from the Appraisal Institute. Professional references are also listed on the resume for review, and if there is any question regarding the information listed, references are contacted. 6. Sample Reports – If the applicant’s resume shows less than 5 years experience as a licensed appraiser, trainee time not included, we require 2 sample reports for review. We ask for a sample of a Single-Family Residential and Multi-Family Residential report. 7. Review E&O Insurance – The applicant’s E&O Insurance must be active and have a limit of liability for each claim of at least $250, 000 and a yearly aggregate of at least $500,000. Springhouse requires all of the appraisers on our panel to carry E&O Insurance, regardless of state requirements. 8. Signed Springhouse Procedure Agreement – We must have a signed copy of our Procedure Agreement which outlines the expectations and guidelines of an approved Springhouse appraiser. By signing the Springhouse Procedure Agreement, appraisers agree to our guidelines and are bound to uphold the quality of service Springhouse demands. After the appraiser applicant review processes, all documentation is kept on file internally and in the appraiser’s vendor profile on our website, . Included in the retained documents are copies of the ASC, EPLS, LDP, and State Board search results as well as the appraisers W9, Resume, License, and E&O Insurance. If the applicant qualifies according to the above due diligence, then the appraiser is changed to “active” status and will be prompted for assignment as an approved Springhouse appraiser. Springhouse works diligently with our Appraiser Panel to remain compliant with industry standards and regulations, with special emphasis on appraisal review and quality control.

Appraiser Assignment Protocol Once payment is secured a Springhouse representative, trained in appraiser selection, will assign an appraiser using the Staff portal feature of our website (the Staff feature is only accessible by the Springhouse staff who are given a secure User ID and Password). This portal contains a robust database of appraisers and their corresponding profiles, among other things. The Appraiser Search function of the staff portal is used for each appraisal request and has several queues to assist in selecting a qualified appraiser for a given coverage area. The following is the policy a Springhouse employee follows, in combination with the Appraiser Search function, when selecting an appraiser. Each number below corresponds to a column that appears beside an appraisers name before an order is assigned to them (see graphic for reference): – – – –

6 1. Active status – The Status column shows whether an appraiser is “active” or “pending.” An “active” appraiser has successfully gone through the approval process (above) and is eligible for assignment. A “pending” appraiser has yet to go through our approval process and is not eligible for assignment. 2. Valid Licensure and E&O Insurance – If the Status queue is highlighted in red, this indicates that either the appraiser’s license or E&O insurance has expired, and he/she is eliminated from the selection process. This guarantees no assignments are given to appraisers with expired documentation. 3. Performance Rating – This rating indicates any history of unacceptable performance. The number of “stars” in the performance rating column reflects the level of discipline given. Appraisers are selected and managed according to their performance rating, with a written explanation of removal after 4 “stars.” This policy is detailed in the “Warning and Removal” section below. 4. Open Orders – This column indicates how many appraisal requests the appraiser is currently working on for Springhouse. The appraiser has a daily and maximum workload he or she can effectively handle, recorded in each appraiser’s profile. This daily and maximum number is monitored and changed according to acceptable performance. 5. Appraiser Proximity to Subject Property – The Appraiser Selection feature can also generate a map that pinpoints the subject property, the surrounding appraisers, and their exact distances from the subject property. Appraisers are selected according to proximity, to help minimize travel cost and to assure knowledge of the local setting and familiarity of the subject property. 6. Staff Analysis – after the above scenarios are considered and applied, the coordinating staff member analyzes the appraisal request and makes the final assignment to an appraiser that is best suited for the subject property. All Springhouse order processors are adequately trained in appraisal including, but not limited to, certification via the 15 hour USPAP course recognized by the Appraisal Qualifications Board (AQB). Our trained staff analysis in combination with the Appraiser Search function provides our clients with a selection process that results in accurate and timely valuations. – – – –


Appraiser Warning and Removal Policy Springhouse Appraisal Management holds our Appraiser Partners in the highest regard and continues to contract with appraisers who share in our professional expectations. Expectations that include compliance with all industry guidelines, quality crafted appraisal reports delivered in a timely manner, proper communication throughout the appraisal process and overall professional conduct. In the event that these expectations are not met, Springhouse has a Warning and Removal policy to prevent recurrence of unsatisfactory performance. Springhouse Processors record unsatisfactory performances via a “star” rating system. “Stars” are issued based on the severity and frequency of an infraction and range, in weight, from one to four: Infraction of Appraiser Procedure Agreement (Appendix D.) Noticing Trend Continued Disregard of Appraiser Procedure Agreement= Written Warning Removal from List= Written Removal Letter An appraiser can be “starred” for any number of administrative reasons including, but not limited to, late delivery without prior communication, reoccurring delayed response to revision/status requests, non-compliance or violation of applicable law, unsatisfactory communication, quality errors in a report, and unsatisfactory conduct. Under no circumstance will we “star” or remove an appraiser for properly communicated delays in delivery or value related scenarios. Reports of unsatisfactory performance are reviewed by the Springhouse Operations Manager. If the Operations Manager determines that a star or removal is necessary, a request is sent to the Executive Board who will review the incident(s) and determine if the giving of a “star” is warranted. Instances that we deem unacceptable may result in immediate removal from our panel, regardless of the number of stars issued. Removal from the Springhouse Panel of Appraisers will come in the form of a written letter. Starred Appraisers performance will be analyzed quarterly to determine if corrective actions have been taken and warrant the removal of a star(s). In compliance with the Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC), removal of an appraiser from our Panel for misrepresentation, fraud, gross negligence, or unethical behavior, Springhouse will submit notification to the appropriate state board. Accordingly, if a Springhouse Appraiser Partner experiences any undue influence or appraiser pressure they are asked to notify a Springhouse Customer Service agent immediately or call our Appraiser Independence Hotline at 877-772-1004 ext 0. Objectivity will remain our foundation when dealing with disciplinary matters. – – – –


Appendix A. Springhouse Review Checklist Springhouse AMC Appraisal Review Worksheet File Number: __________________________________________________ Lender: _______________________________________________________ Borrowers Name:_______________________________________________ Investor:_______________________________________________________ Appraisal Use: Purchase / Refinance / Other: ____________________ FHA: y / n FHA Number:________________________________ Appraised Value: $_______________ Contract Price: $______________ Property Information 1 Subject Section Completed? 2 Legal Description? 3 Sales History Reported? 4 PUD ?...if yes 5 Contract Section Complete? 6 Contract Verified? 7 Neighborhood Section / Boundaries? 8 Present Land Use = 100% 9 Census Tract? 10 Predominant Age / Values Reported? 11 Declining Market Marked? ‌if yes are two comps within 90 days? 12 Site Section Complete? 13 Improvements Section Complete? Sales Comparison Section 14 Comparable Sales within 6 months? 90 days in declining Markets? 15 Days on Market? 16 Gross Adjustments Below 25%? 17 Bracketed GLA? 18 Bracketed Appraised Valued? 19 Bracketed Original Sales Price? 20 Explanation of Major Adjustments? 21 Sales History Reported for Subject & Comps? 22 Boxes Checked Match Report? 23 Across the board adjustments, if Yes extensive commentary provided? 24 Sales concessions reported? 25 Do comparable sales appear to be similar in nature and utility? 26 Are the comparable sales located within 1 mile of subject (suburban) 27 Are all adjustments self explanitory or explained in addenda? Market/Competitive Information 28 Certification Info / Company? 29 Comp Photos? 30 Location / Plat / Flood Maps? 31 Interior Photos? 32 Copy of License? 33 1004 MC Form? 34 Clear Front, Street, and Rear Photos? 35 Invoice detached? Total Score:

Reviewed by: Date:






N N N N N N N N # of N's:


Appendix B. Springhouse HVCC Compliance Certificate

SPRINGHOUSE COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE SUBJECT PROPERTY: APPRAISER: APPRAISAL DATE: REQUESTING LENDER OR CLIENT: Springhouse offers this Compliance Certificate to accompany the above-referenced appraisal to put any party reviewing the appraisal on notice of the policies and procedures that Springhouse has in place to do its part to ensure that the appraisal meets the requirements of the Home Valuation Code of Conduct (“HVCC”). The presence of an authorized Springhouse Compliance Certificate indicates that: •

The Requesting Lender or Client has retained Springhouse to provide appraisal management services in connection with mortgage financing for the above-referenced property.

Springhouse has selected and retained the above-named appraiser, using an individual who has been appropriately trained in the area of real estate appraisals. Springhouse requires any appraiser that it retains to provide proof, on a yearly basis, of either licensure or certification by, and good standing with, the applicable state regulating entity. Due to administrative limitations, Springhouse does not monitor whether disciplinary complaints or actions are currently pending against its appraisers.

Appraisers retained by Springhouse are prohibited by the terms of Springhouse’s Appraiser Engagement Contract from engaging in any communication with the Requesting Lender, and from participating in any other communications about the proposed, intended, desired, or otherwise anticipated value for the relevant property, except to the extent required by law or regulation.

Appraisers retained by Springhouse are encouraged to call Springhouse’s appraiser independence hotline to report suspected instances of improper influence.

Springhouse has not provided any information to the appraiser pertaining to the proposed, intended, desired, or otherwise anticipated value for the relevant property, except to the extent required by law or regulation.

Springhouse has ensured that the above-named appraiser has been paid for all services as required by the HVCC.

The Springhouse Compliance Certificate pertains only to elements of the appraisal management process that are within the control of Springhouse. The Springhouse Compliance Certificate should not be relied upon as an assurance as to any third-party’s conduct. Springhouse takes precautions to ensure that the appraisals it manages are prepared in the absence of improper influence, but Springhouse expressly disclaims any ability to control the actions of thirdparties outside of Springhouse’s control.


Appendix C. HVCC Compliance Grid

HVCC Requirements

Internal Appraisal Department HVCC Requirements

Springhouse Appraisal Management Services

Department Segregation

The loan production staff must be independent of the selection and communication of appraisers.

Springhouse independently manages the entire appraisal process.

No Estimated Value

At no time can anyone suggest a target value or loan amount.

Springhouse acts as a buffer during the appraisal process so no value is inadvertently suggested to the appraiser.

Written Policy

Written policies and procedures must be in place regarding the implementation of the HVCC.

Springhouse provides our clients with documentation that outlines our fully compliant appraisal process.


Mechanisms must be in place to report and discipline anyone who violates written policies.

Springhouse has a non-compliance reporting procedure in which unethical conduct is reported to the applicable state appraiser licensing agency.

Annual Audit

An annual audit of all appraisal functions to uncover any non-compliance is required.

Springhouse facilitates an annual audit and will report all adverse findings to the proper regulatory bodies.

Quality Control Testing

Mechanisms must be in place to quality control test a randomly selected 10% of annually accumulated valuations.

Springhouse facilitates quality control testing via our retroactive database of client’s valuation history.

Employee Training

Employees tasked with appraiser selection must be independent of the loan production staff, and appropriately trained in the area of real estate appraisals and HVCC compliance.

Springhouse employees are qualified to review and select our nationwide panel of appraisers

Appraiser Selection & Upkeep

A protocol is required for appraiser selection and monitoring of licensure and insurance.

Springhouse approved appraisers have undergone a layered selection process and a real-time notification alerts us of expired documentation.

Appraiser Compensation

Appraiser payment must be independent of the loan production staff.

Springhouse accounts receivables and payables are in full compliance with the HVCC

Appraiser Independence Hotline

Once the IVPI is established, a telephone hotline and email address must be available for non-compliance complaints.

Springhouse Appraiser Independence Hotline and email is: 1-877-772-1004 ext. 000


Appendix D. Springhouse Appraiser Panel Engagement Packet and Procedure Agreement Welcome! We appreciate your interest in becoming a member of the Springhouse Panel of Appraisers. Please review the following Engagement Packet for details on our management services, our expectations for preparation, guidelines for the delivery of appraisal reports and the additional information needed to become an approved appraisal provider among the esteemed Springhouse Panel of Appraisers. As a management company, Springhouse absorbs the logistical facets of your marketing, client relations and mitigation, quality assurance oversight, risk management and industry innovation, while bolstering the integrity and independence of the valuation process in order to deter any extraneous manipulation that may compromise the Public Trust inherent in the appraisal industry. Springhouse markets to clients both regionally and nationally, which typically occupies a large percentage of your productivity. Once clients register with our website, they may submit appraisal orders immediately. Springhouse then sends appraisal orders to your e-mail address based on your member profile coverage areas, and good standing within our performance rating system. By partnering with Springhouse you can anticipate an increased amount of work-flow. You may accept or decline appraisal orders as your schedule will allow, but we will continually expect a high standard of quality and timely work. Our user-friendly website streamlines the appraisal order process, and is designed to acclimate to complex appraisal requests. Our clients are able to login and monitor the status of all their pending appraisals, so we ask that our panel members establish a free-flow of communication with our customer service department in order to provide notification of possible delays. This will allow us to properly manage delays, update our timelines on the website and eliminate the burden of you having to field calls from agitated clients. If, at any time, you have questions or encounter a problem we encourage you to contact your Springhouse representative immediately. Once you have completed and uploaded all of the appropriate information to our website, the Springhouse quality control department will then proof all of your documentation before final delivery. Springhouse prides itself on the speed and quality of our services, and we are prepared to compensate with high fee rates in return for our panel member’s commitment to this high standard of work. As the real estate industry evolves, so do the complications surrounding detailed methods of appraisal compliance. More than ever before, the need for a managing partner is a key factor in keeping up with current market changes and interpretations. Springhouse is your ideal management solution. Now all your efforts can be directed toward completing quality valuations without the inherent pressures of a changing industry. In order to become a Springhouse preferred appraiser, please follow the instructions on the next page. Thank you again for your interest in Springhouse Appraisal Management. We look forward to establishing a valuable partnership with you in the near future.

Documentation Checklist Please provide Springhouse with the following documentation to complete your Appraiser Profile. You may scan and e-mail the applicable documentation to, or mail documentation to; Springhouse, LLC 150 Breckenridge LN Louisville, KY 40207

 Springhouse Panel of Appraisers Procedure Agreement to be signed by an authorized representative of your company (agreement enclosed).

 Completed W-9 form.  Copy of current licenses/certifications for you and all associates in your office.  Copy of E&O Insurance for all associates in your office.


 Current resume for yourself and all associates in your office. Please include three professional references, their contact names and numbers.

 Two Sample Reports – Single-Family Residential and Multi-Family Residential report. Panel of Appraisers Procedure Agreement Payment Fees are assigned on a per order basis, when an appraisal order is assigned, the requested timeline and fee associated with each order will be disclosed at the time of order. With the acceptance of the order, the appraiser accepts fees and anticipated timelines. Springhouse issues payment within 15 business days of all work completed and delivered. Springhouse will be responsible for all payments rendered.  Because of the complex nature of properties needing valuation, Springhouse will use Fee indexing as the most efficient, manageable and equitable method of establishing competitive fee schedules in your market area. Communication Communication between Springhouse and its Panel of Appraisers is a vital component to providing quality valuation management. Our representatives will keep phone contact to a minimum as all appraisal orders and delivery of completed reports are processed via the web. However, if complications arise regarding scheduling and/or deadlines, Springhouse is to be notified immediately so we may communicate proper time-lines to our clients.  Please be aware, Springhouse issues appraisal orders according to an appraiser performance rating system. Delinquent communication will reflect negatively on your performance rating, and may affect your role as a panel member. Issue of the Appraisal Order The fee being paid by our company, along with the expected delivery deadline, will be stated on each appraisal order. Please review the appraisal order thoroughly, as both the details on the property you are being asked to appraise and our client’s requirements will be outlined. Appraisal orders are assigned based on geographic proximity of the panel member’s office or requested coverage areas with competent experience within the subject market area.  Accepting the appraisal order means you have accepted the fee and requirements outlined in the order. If at any time you have questions regarding your fee or cannot comply with the order requirements, please contact the Springhouse office immediately so we may act accordingly. Scheduling Inspection The Springhouse Panel of Appraisers is asked to communicate the inspection appointment status of each appraisal order accepted within 24 hours of receipt. This communication is important because it acts as the confirmation of acceptance for the appraisal order issued. This also allows Springhouse to communicate the status of the appraisal request to our clients, which is integral in adhering to our high standard of appraisal management. Turn Time Completion and delivery of appraisal orders are expected to be both timely and accurate. 3 to 5 business days from the acceptance of the appraisal order is the preferred turn time. If, at any time, circumstances do not allow you to meet the preferred turn time, please contact your Springhouse representative immediately.  At no time does Springhouse want our Panel of Appraisers to sacrifice the quality of their work in order to meet a previously agreed upon deadline. We understand turn times are often contingent on the complexity of the appraisal ordered. Springhouse will always take into consideration your prompt communication of any possible delays and the requirements of the appraisal order when evaluating your performance rating.

13 Appraisal Report Delivery Once an appraisal order is completed, all documents are to be uploaded to the order page in the form of an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. Please upload all files required in the appraisal report including; digital photos, sketches, maps, signature and copy of license and E&O insurance. Document Security Springhouse is rooted in protecting the security and integrity of all documentation requested in an appraisal order. At no time will Springhouse tamper or willfully manipulate such documentation. Documentation that is received without password protection will automatically be password protected before delivery to the client. License Requirements All Springhouse panel members must be properly licensed/certified and in full compliance with the regulations set forth by the state in which you are appraising. Once your license/certification expires, you will no longer be considered for appraisal assignment until Springhouse receives your renewal. ď ś Springhouse will not accept appraisals completed by trainees. Underwriting Condition If a condition is requested by an underwriter, Springhouse will notify the panel member by e-mail. Please address these conditions with the highest priority. If you are not able to have the conditions completed and delivered within 24 hours of receipt please communicate to a Springhouse representative an estimated time of delivery. Privacy policies Springhouse Panel of Appraiser profiles will remain confidential and are for internal use only. If at any time a panel member is contacted by anyone other than a Springhouse representative regarding information about a specific appraisal order, we are to be contacted immediately. Springhouse does not require our Panel of Appraisers to include contact information on completed reports. The below signed vendor certifies all appraisals completed for Springhouse will adhere to the requirements set forth above.

__________________________________________ Vendor Company Name

___________________________ _ Signature of Auth. Representative

______________________ Date

_________________________________ Printed Name of Auth. Representative

Client Prospectus  

Brief overview of the Springhouse processes.

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