Edinburgh International Film Festival 2016

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best of british The Library Suicides (Y Llyfrgell) Euros Lyn/UK/2015/87 min Cast: Catrin Stewart, Ryland Teifi, Dyfan Dwyfor, Sharon Morgan FRI 17 June 18:20 Cineworld SAT 18 June 15:45 Cineworld PRICE: £10.00 (£8.00 concs) Bloody revenge is planned in the quiet corridors of a Welsh library. A stylish, playful and enjoyably offbeat Welsh-language thriller, The Library Suicides (adapted from Fflur Dafydd’s bestseller Y Llyfgell) stars Catrin Stewart (a cult figure from her role as Jenny in Doctor Who) as twin sister librarians Nan and Ana who plan revenge when their author mother commits suicide, with her final words suggesting her biographer murdered her. Set within the stately National Library of Wales, director Euros Lyn (who directed episodes of Doctor Who and Broadchurch) has made a gem of a thriller. [15]

WORLD premiere

world premiere

EUROPEAN premiere

Macbeth Unhinged

Moon Dogs

My Feral Heart

Angus Macfadyen/UK/2016/89 min

Philip John/UK/2016/90 min

Jane Gull/UK/2015/83 min

Cast: Angus Macfadyen, Taylor Roberts, Kevin McNally, Harry Lennix, Seth Numrich

Cast: Jack Parry-Jones, Tara Lee, Christy O’Donnell, Denis Lawson, Shauna Macdonald

THU 16 June 20:35 Odeon 4 SUN 26 June 18:15 Filmhouse 3 PRICE: £10.00 (£8.00 concs)

FRI 17 June 20:50 Cineworld SAT 18 June 15:40 Cineworld PRICE: £10.00 (£8.00 concs)

Cast: Steven Brandon, Pixie Le Knot, Shana Swash, Will Rastall, Eileen Pollock, Suzanna Hamilton

A punchy, modern day retelling of the classic Shakespearean tragedy.

A stylish and sexy Scottish coming-of-age story.

Drawn in crisp black and white, Angus Macfadyen’s bold, strongly realised reimagining of the revered Scottish play transports Macbeth to the back of a limousine prowling the grimy streets of New York City. A striking aesthetic makes for intriguing parallels between the source material and the contemporary setting. A gripping, claustrophobic noir, Macbeth Unhinged offers a fresh take on the timeless study of greed, corruption and ensuing descent into madness. [12A]


uk premiere

A wonderfully sustained feature debut from Philip John (who directed episodes of Downton Abbey and Outlander), this anarchic comingof-age story makes the very best of some stunning Scottish locations. It follows the misadventures of two teenage step brothers (Jack Parry-Jones and Christy O’Donnell) as they head off on a road trip across Scotland, with their relationship challenged by Caitlin (a charismatic Tara Lee), the free spirited and enigmatic girl who comes between them. Cameos from Denis Lawson and Shauna Macdonald and Anton Newcombe’s soundtrack add much to the film. [15]

FRI 17 June 18:10 Odeon 4 SAT 18 June 18:05 Filmhouse 2 PRICE: £10.00 (£8.00 concs) A warm-hearted yet hard-hitting tale of tragedy, honesty and the power of unforeseen friendships. A sudden bereavement throws Luke, a fiercely independent young man with Down’s syndrome, into a daunting new environment where he finds unexpected support from his feisty, streetwise carer and a local heir dealing with his own demons. As friendships bloom and long-buried secrets are revealed, Luke verges dangerously close to disaster. My Feral Heart is a beautifully realised, understated character study bolstered by strong performances, distinctive cinematography and a deeply evocative score. [U]

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