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Art is known to give way to emotions. But what about art that gives back? Lennie Gray Mowris has created a movement centered on cultivating the fusion of

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conscientious design and aesthetic. She harnesses a mix of design theory and branding strategy paired with compassion to create meaningful relations between people and their culture, society, economy and environment. Through her nonprofit organization, Lenspeace, a Decatur-based printmaking studio, partial proceeds of art prints go on to serve a slew of fellow nonprofits she and her collaborators are passionate about. Last year she launched A Year in Giving, a collaborative letterpress art project where each print is themed and designed for a specific Atlanta nonprofit organization, with a minimum of 50 percent of proceeds donated to benefit the cause. Participants have included The Giving Kitchen, Trees Atlanta, WonderRoot, Plywood People and the Southern Center for Human Rights. -Sophia Jactel