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Photo taken of a snowflake

HOW TO MAKE A MACRO LENS FOR YOUR CELL PHONE: You can take close-up pictures with your phone camera that capture incredible detail with your own attachable macro lens. Phone macro lenses can be a bit pricey, but they are easy and cheap to make with items you can probably find around your house — a laser pointer, a bobby pin and tape. Take the top off the laser pointer, and you will see a piece that protects the lens. Gently take out the lens so as not to scratch it (using pliers or scissors). Place it between the sides of the bobby pin, then situate the lens over the phone’s lens (make sure it is directly on top). Tape the bottom of the bobby pin to the phone, open the camera app and start shooting!

HOW TO REMOVE A SPLINTER WITH BAKING SODA: Sometimes tweezers alone won’t do the trick — especially if your splinter is tiny and has disappeared beneath the skin. Instead of digging, wash and dry the affected area, then apply a paste made from a little bit of water and about 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda. Cover with a bandage. Over the next 24 hours, the baking soda paste will cause the skin to swell, helping to push the splinter out. A day later,

remove the bandage, and if the splinter is sticking out or visible, you should now be able to easily remove it with tweezers. Repeat the method with new paste and another bandage every 24 hours until the splinter is gone. (You may have to repeat the method a few times every 24 hours before the splinter becomes loose enough to remove or falls out.)

HOW TO USE YOGA TO SCULPT AND TONE FACIAL MUSCLES: If spending countless dollars on facial creams and surgical lifts doesn’t appeal to you, consider finding the fountain of youth in the ancient art of yoga. The solution may be as simple as dedicating five to eight minutes a couple of times a week to a facial routine of stretching and toning away the wrinkles. After age 30, skin and muscles begin to lose significant collagen and elasticity, muscles become longer and ropier, and skin begins to sag and wrinkle. Muscles in our body require targeted movements to improve circulation and increase oxygen flow. The principles of yoga that are effective for toning and shaping the body can also be applied to the intricate muscles of the face. Yoga instructor Annelise Hagen believes that just like the large muscles in the body can be trained, so can the facial muscles, which led her to author a book and new DVD called “The Yoga Face.” Hagen maintains that targeted muscle training for the face can actually create a lifting and minimizing effect on sagging skin and wrinkles. Realizing the benefits of those simple routines led her to refine her technique of facial yoga. Hagen teaches her students that, “it is important to not give up, you can sculpt and reshape your face naturally. We are ageless inside and out, we need to let go of the fear of growing older.” If this sounds like another workout that needs to be added to an already busy schedule, do not stress. These exercises can be done anytime, anywhere. That morning cup of coffee or afternoon commute may prove to be the perfect time to wage war against wrinkles.




Popular Facial Exercises: If you want to attain fuller, firmer lips, just practice “The Marilyn,” à la icon Marilyn Monroe blowing kisses at her idolizing fans. Stick out your lips, press them against your palm and repeat. “The Lion” facial yoga pose helps tone the muscles in your neck. Inhale through your nose while squeezing all of your facial muscles. Then exhale through your mouth and stick out your tongue, stretching it toward your chin, while opening your eyes wide. Repeat.

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Spring 2014: Behind the scenes of Chrisley Knows Best, offstage with Young the Giant, the slow fashion movement, industrial design, Sophia W...


Spring 2014: Behind the scenes of Chrisley Knows Best, offstage with Young the Giant, the slow fashion movement, industrial design, Sophia W...