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USES NOVEMBER 2016 - EIDE, industrial clutches and brakes manufacturer Brake for Wind Turbine Eide, always committed to safety, also designs brakes for wind turbines in response to renewable energies. These brakes are specially designed for elevators being part of these wind turbines and industrial safety brake models applied. They are the following ones: 

EC centrifugal safety brake  ideal for a controlled descent without any engine and if the locking brake is faulty. In wind turbines with considerable heights, this type of brake does not allow any uncontrolled acceleration.

FPC safety brake parachute  supporting a maximum load of 9,000 kg, the FPC safety parachute brake is designed to prevent any accidental fall in motorised lifts operated by rack and pinion. The enclave is damped. Clutch for Strapping

Strapping machines are mainly used in the packaging industry. Eide, which always takes into account the needs of its customers, and considers that a good presentation is the main card of a company, has designed five types of industrial electromagnetic clutches, each with its characteristics: 

SEE single disc electromagnetic clutch  , with core and coil inductor, and compatible with most manufacturers.

SER electromagnetic clutch  formed by an inductor core and a coil. It is self-supporting and does not need to be mounted in any machined surface. It works with a standard voltage of 24 V.d.c

NEF pneumatic clutch-brake pneumatic  compact clutch unit and antagonistic brake with a spring reaction. It is powered by compressed air radially and has a minimum air consumption. The air pressure regulation allows for control over the machine acceleration.

GEF electromagnetic clutch-brake  the clutch and brake are mounted on a framework, which makes it self-supporting. It allows up to

17 different versions depending on the desired assembly. Both also work according to the power they receive. 

EFE electromagnetic clutch-brake  very close compact, safe and practical response unit. As it has a shorter length, it can be installed on cantilever axes, which provides control of commissioning with an easy installation and a secure service. Brake for Wind Turbines

The commitment to the environment favours Eide's exclusive design of brakes for wind turbines. In this case, we are talking about an FN pneumatic brake and an FPC parachute safety brake, which is also used in the lifts for wind turbines. The FN pneumatic brake is designed to stop masses quickly and safely. They consist of a large heat dissipation and very low inertia, so it works well in an environment of high speeds and with a high rate of connections. Clutch for Packaging Machine Packaging machines are likely to receive Eide's electromagnetic and pneumatic clutches. All with their special characteristics: 

NE pneumatic clutch  compact unit formed by a pneumatic clutch and declutch activated by reaction of springs. The cylinder is powered radially using compressed air. Its performance is optimal, and the air consumption is minimum. Besides, the cavity consists of a chrome sleeve. As a result, there is full control over the packaging machine acceleration.

EFE electromagnetic clutch-brake  as it is free of slip rings, it maintains the electromagnetic group with a self-shielded radial bearings set. This makes these rings independent from the clutch-brake assembly. It is designed in a single version: for dry running.

NEF pneumatic  clutch-brake to obtain a quick response, it is advisable to mount the electrovalve on the clutch-brake. This allows the suppression of the exhaust valve fastly.

GEF electromagnetic clutch-brake  as a rule, it works under a standard voltage of 24 V.d.c, although other voltages are also possible on demand. This allows a reduction in response times and the work can be performed at very high cadences. There is also a bracket version that can be adapted to engines designed according to the CEI's standards and the Common Market.

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Uses November 2016 - Eide, Industrial Clutches and Brakes Manufacturer  

Useful information about Eide's industrial clutches and brakes.

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