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FAQs NOVEMBER 2016 - EIDE, industrial clutches and brakes manufacturer What applications does a SEE electromagnetic clutch have? A SEE electromagnetic clutch, composed of an inductor core coil, applies to many different sectors: the textile industry, the cable industry, the industry of graphic arts, machine tools, the packaging industry, and cleaning vehicles - where security is a fundamental aspect. What application does an FZ electromagnetic brake have? The FZ electromagnetic brake is specially designed to be used on horizontal axes and machines with excellent heat dissipation. It applies mainly to the textile sector, as it is ideal for dry running and requires to have a high degree of reliability and a high response speed. How should a SEE electromagnetic clutch be mounted under construction 1.1? A SEE electromagnetic clutch under construction 1.1 is directly mounted on a pulley or chain sprocket. The 5-6 pieces must be mounted based on the screws themselves and without being carried out by restraint. It is also necessary to make some holes 30% larger than the rivets (No. 7) to retract its presence.

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Faqs November 2016 - Eide, Industrial Clutches and Brakes Manufacturer  

Frequently asked questions about industrial clutches and brakes by Eide.

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