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Welcome ‌ join us on our journey through exotic lands, spices and flavours. Where beautiful ingredients, sourced with care, are transformed through artisan techniques to produce elegant, harmonious, and memorable taste experiences. Whether for a gift for another or oneself, these foods will soon become a regular, sought after moment of indulgence.

S H O P O N L I N E AT W W W. E I C F I N E F O O D S . C O M

Fine Foods

Fine Leaf Tea From journeys through mist kissed Himalayan foothills, Pacific Volcanos active and dormant and Sri Lankan rainforests come Oolongs, Orange Pekoes, and muscatel Darjeelings, brisk Assams, smoky Lapsangs and fragrant Jasmines ‌ developed and curated by our tea master by working directly with planters and tea estates to bring the finest teas together into our tea library of over 140 distinct and distinguished teas. Visit to see our extended range.

S H O P O N L I N E AT W W W. E I C F I N E F O O D S . C O M


First Romance Black Tea

Fruits and flower petals brought together and balanced with a mild black tea to create a moment capturing the delight and spark of a first romance.


Jasmine Pearls

Silver Cloud

Black Tea

Green Tea

White Tea

Deep and rich body from its rainforest roots, similar to teas from Assam, accompanied by a unique clean flavour characteristic common to fine Ceylon teas

Made from handpicked lu-cha green tea leaves, scented with Jasmine blossoms, hand rolled to combine aromatic florals with lively young tea buds

Grown where the heavens touch the earth, this white tea has lingering notes of honeydew and is famed for its distinct character and body rare in white teas.

Milk Oolong

Thousand Year Red

Pomegranate and Hibiscus


Flowering Green Tea


Creamy and smooth, with a light, clean finish perfect for a first introduction into the world of Oolongs

Handpicked from the finest white needle green tea leaves, and stitched to hide a vibrant red globe amaranth, which blossoms on infusion

Natural hibiscus flowers and pomegranate add equal touches of sweet and tart to our creamy Oolong

Blend No. 68

Silver Dawn

Custard Apple

White Tea

White Tea

Green Tea

One of our Tea Master’s favourite blends, with white tea, hibiscus, rosehip and orange peel, which brews to a natural pink colour. Perfect for iced tea cocktails

A traditional Persian tea recipe of utilising saffron with a unique East India Company twist – the delicacy of white tea allows for the saffron to come through, while retaining its body

The addition of Sri Lankan custard apple (soursop) gives this green tea a sweetness and green apple notes

S H O P O N L I N E AT W W W. E I C F I N E F O O D S . C O M

Rainforest Lumbini


The tale of tea and The East India Company are deeply intertwined. First introduced by The Company to Britain as a gift to the King in 1664, tea soon became an inseparable part of British culture. Each blend is crafted to have its own unique East India Company signature – rediscover favourites such as our Staunton Earl Grey and Royal Breakfast, and journey into gunpowder, jasmines, and mint. Visit to see our extended range.

S H O P O N L I N E AT W W W. E I C F I N E F O O D S . C O M

Signature Tea Caddies

Staunton Earl Grey Black Tea

A tribute to George Staunton, an East India Company officer who first documented the Chinese manner of scenting tea for the western world. Surprisingly different with a touch of both neroli and bergamot, The Staunton Earl Grey has a unique and vibrant flavour.


The Campbell Darjeeling

The First Estate Assam

Black Tea

Black Tea

Black Tea

The original full-bodied breakfast tea blended to provide a rich, robust tea. First presented to King Charles II, so beginning a long Royal tradition of tea drinking

A light and fragrant second flush with a signature muscatel flavour as well as a fruit and earthy note

Full-bodied with a rich malty flavour and a strong and bright colour. Inspired by the first Assam teas shipped to London by The Company in 1838

Director’s Blend

Royal Flush

Governor Aungier’s Bombay Chai

Black Tea

Black Tea

Black Tea with spices

A lively and fresh blend of teas have been selected. Ceylon for aroma, Kenya for colour and Assam for its rich body

Created to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond jubilee from bushes planted by HRH Prince Philip on their first state visit to Ceylon in 1954

This vibrant blend infuses black tea with spices selected by our Tea Master and blended by hand – fragrant cinnamon, clove and cardamom. A lively and exotic blend to tickle the senses

The Forbidden City Jasmine Blossom


The Prince Sultan’s Gunpowder and Mint

Green Tea with jasmine flowers

Herbal Infusion

Green Tea with mint leaves

A fine Chinese green tea delicately flavoured with jasmine flowers. Floral and fragrant, calming and irresistible

Made from the finest English Mitcham black peppermint, fresh, pleasant and invigorating

Natural mint enhances the delicate flavour of this gunpowder green tea

S H O P O N L I N E AT W W W. E I C F I N E F O O D S . C O M

Royal Breakfast

13 S H O P O N L I N E AT W W W. E I C F I N E F O O D S . C O M

Biscuits Interesting ingredients, textures and flavours from around the world distinguish our delicately prepared biscuits. Still made in small batches in traditional British and French bakeries to traditional methods. Visit to see our extended range.

Seville Orange Marmalade Sweet Biscuits

Melt in your mouth biscuits with dollops of our orange marmalade. Richly textured and tangy, a perfect accompaniment for tea.


Cherry, Chocolate Chip, & Chilli

Caramel and Sea Salt

Sweet Biscuits

Sweet Biscuits

Sweet Biscuits

A traditional rich shortbread made even richer with real clotted cream. Perfect with afternoon tea

A surprising fusion of flavours, spices and textures, combining fruit, rich chocolate and the slow developing heat of ground chillies – for adventurous souls

Our best seller, contrasting flavours of sweet caramel and coarse sea salt with each bite of these delicious butter biscuits

Twelve Spice

Black peppercorn

Admiral’s Reserve

Sweet Biscuit

Savoury Biscuit

Savoury Biscuit

Perfect on a winter morning with a warming cup of Royal Breakfast tea. Combining cinnamon, ginger, cloves, nutmeg with hints of coriander and mustard, for an exotic, warming biscuit

Real peppercorns give these smooth butter biscuits a subtle, yet distinct flavour – ideal with creamy cheeses, soups or with our Mango Chutney

Capture the rich and creamy flavour of a traditional English biscuit. A natural complement for cheese, chutney and a glass of wine

A la Provençal Recipe

Cheddar Cheese Cheese filled nibbles

Cheese filled nibbles

Herb, tomato, and cheese filled parcels with a fresh flavour and accents of Rosemary

Surprisingly delicate thin filled nibbles with a nice crunch and a light filling of delicious Cheddar cheese. Perfect with a glass of wine or where sophisticated nibbles are required

A delicate crisp flaky shell that gives way to a surprising centre filled with a delicate and intriguing Indian spice blend

Cheese filled nibbles

Indian Spices

S H O P O N L I N E AT W W W. E I C F I N E F O O D S . C O M

Butter Shortbread with Clotted Cream

Chocolate Our own signature dark and milk chocolate couvertures, tempered, mixed, and spiced to surprise. Chocolate bars infused with our signature teas, coffee and exotic spices; thin discs of chocolate that melt on the palate and evoke that savoured moment when one indulges in their first sip of tea; or fruits, nuts and espresso beans enrobed in Belgian chocolate.

S H O P O N L I N E AT W W W. E I C F I N E F O O D S . C O M


Staunton Earl Grey Milk Chocolate Thins Delicate milk chocolate infused with our popular Staunton Earl Grey tea, with its hints of floral neroli and bergamot.


Green Tea with Mint

Blend 68

White Chocolate Thins

White Chocolate Thins

Dark Chocolate Thins

A mouth-watering blend of whole strawberries and creamy white chocolate. The tart notes of the strawberries in harmony with the sweetness of the white chocolate

Our mint infused Prince Sultan Gunpowder Green Tea combined with white chocolate for a balance of tannin notes, vibrant mint and smooth sweetness

Our signature fruity Blend 68 white tea, with its hints of rosehip, orange peel and hibiscus has been combined with a rich 68% dark chocolate

Murray River Salt Flakes

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee & Cardamom

Fragrant Pink Peppercorns

Milk Chocolate

Milk Chocolate

Milk Chocolate

Salt from Australia’s Murray River is prized for its thin flakes, giving each bite of this rich milk chocolate a sparkling surprise

One of the most exclusive coffees in the world, renowned for being mild and smooth. Combined with our classic milk chocolate and cardamom to deliver a clean, subtle sweetness

Pink peppercorns have just the right amount of heat and muskiness to excite the taste buds, allowing for a controlled burst of flavour and intensity balanced by our classic creamy milk chocolate

Governor Aungier’s Bombay Chai

Sri Lankan Ginger

Blend 68 Tropical White Tea

Milk Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Our Governor Aungier’s Bombay Chai tea infused to release sparks of cocoa laced with cinnamon, pepper, ginger & cardamom

Hand picked Sri Lankan ginger added to our dark chocolate couverture for a touch of heat and spice

Our deliciously fruity Blend 68 tea, with its hints of rosehip, orange peel and hibiscus has been infused into a rich bitter sweet 68% dark chocolate

S H O P O N L I N E AT W W W. E I C F I N E F O O D S . C O M

Strawberries & Cream


Using only natural fruits, peels, speciality nuts, and select coffee beans specially roasted to match chocolate, our range of enrobed chocolates makes luscious ingredients even better by covering them with rich, indulgent chocolate. From delicious strawberries enrobed in white chocolate, perfect for summer, to dark roasted Costa Rican peaberry coffee beans enrobed in fine dark chocolate, this range offers items for gifting or personal treats.

S H O P O N L I N E AT W W W. E I C F I N E F O O D S . C O M

Enrobed Chocolate

Enrobed Strawberry in White Chocolate

Real strawberries, freeze dried to seal in their flavour and texture, then coated in our finest white chocolate, for the perfect combination of cream, sweetness, and tart berry. Enjoy with ice cream, coffee, or on their own.


Strawberries in dark chocolate

in dark chocolate

Real raspberries, sealed in our finest milk chocolate, for a distinct texture and bite

Real strawberries, freeze dried in luscious dark chocolate

A wonderful combination of orange zest and the bitter sweetness of dark chocolate, ideal to both cleanse and delight the palate after a meal

Caramelised Pecans

Salted Almonds

Macadamia Nuts

Caramelised Georgia pecans coated in Gianduja and enrobed in Belgian milk chocolate with a sprinkling of cocoa powder

A wonderful combination of warming spices, salt, and milk chocolate

Meticulously selected macadamia nuts enrobed in fine milk chocolate and dusted with a sprinkle of luxurious cocoa powder

Espresso Coffee Beans

Latte Coffee Beans

Cappuccino Coffee Beans

Dark roasted Costa Rican peaberry coffee beans, enrobed in fine dark chocolate

Medium roasted Costa Rican peaberry coffee beans, enrobed in fine milk chocolate

Light roasted Costa Rican peaberry coffee beans, enrobed in fine white chocolate

in milk chocolate

in milk chocolate

in dark chocolate

in milk chocolate

in milk chocolate

Orange Peel

in milk chocolate

in white chocolate

S H O P O N L I N E AT W W W. E I C F I N E F O O D S . C O M


Coffee Once coffee came to Britain in the 1650s, The East India Company helped fuel the London coffee house boom and, with it, the City of London. Today we offer rare and select coffees from around the globe. Red Dragon Mocha Java, The Tiger of Mysore – Mocha Mysore, Kona from Hawaii, the rarest Kopi Luwak and the legendary Jamaican Blue Mountain (pictured below). Visit to see our extended range.


Director’s Blend

Red Dragon Mocha Java

Enjoyed since the late 1600s, this classic combination of two of the world’s oldest coffees is both light and well-bodied

Enticing notes of fruit, chocolate and spice, a full-bodied blend of Mocha, Java, Columbian and Brazilian beans

Deep and rich combination of Mocha and Java beans. A tribute to ‘The Red Dragon’, the East India Company flagship on its first voyage in 1602

Bali Happiness

Kilimanjaro Mountain

Nepal Mount Everest

This gourmet coffee, grown by traditional methods on volcanic soil, is sweet and silky, with good consistency and bold flavours

Grown in the fertile volcanic soil of Mount Kilimanjaro, a deep, luxurious coffee with hints of bittersweet dark chocolate

The only coffee to be grown in the foothills of the Nepalese Himalayas, smooth and delicate with overtones of chocolate, vanilla and a hint of hazelnut to finish

Galapagos Enchanted Islands

Legendary Kopi Luwak

Hawaiian Kona

Grown in the perfect micro-climate of an organic Galapagos Island estate, this truly unique and exclusive coffee is in a class of its own

The rarest of coffees with low acidity and luscious caramel flavours, for a rich, smooth, earthy flavour with far less bitterness than most

The famed dense bean grown on the Big Island in Hawaii, brews to a creamy smoothness and deep flavour of roasted Macadamia

S H O P O N L I N E AT W W W. E I C F I N E F O O D S . C O M

Tiger of Mysore Mocha Mysore

Cordials The East India Company’s officers returned to Britain with stories of exotic drinks and flavours. One such recipe was the Hindi word ‘Paanch’, meaning ‘five’, and referred to a drink made of five ingredients: water, fruit, tea, sugar and alcohol. The recipe would enter the English language as ‘punch’ and our favourite summer elixir used to escape the heat, or a winter warmer to keep the cold at bay. To pay homage to this heritage we have introduced a range of cordials perfect for punches, iced teas, or evening cocktails.

Hibiscus Poppy Rose Orange Blossom Lavender

S H O P O N L I N E AT W W W. E I C F I N E F O O D S . C O M


Preserves & Condiments

Accustomed to fine British fruits and the traditions of conserve and jam-making at home, the possibilities of eastern spices soon caught the British attention in the East. Ginger (a favourite spice) went famously with rhubarb. Strawberry jam blossomed if you added a tweak of pepper or champagne. And the ultimate in luxury was Fine Cut Marmalade with Gold Leaf, served when the Maharajah came to breakfast. Visit us online to view our extended range of preserves and condiments.


Victoria Plum Extra Jam

Rhubarb & Ginger

An invigorating combination of vibrant pepper and soft whole cooked strawberries. One of our most popular preserves

Named after Queen Victoria, this well set jam is finished with fine tangy pieces of plum skin

Combining the warmth of ginger and the sharpness of Classic English rhubarb in a chunky preserve

Fine Cut Seville Orange Marmalade

Thick Cut Seville Orange Marmalade

Rich and dark, with coarsely cut Seville oranges for a luxurious spread

Rich and dark, with coarsely cut Seville oranges for a luxurious spread


Lime Pickle

Apple & Mint

Contrasts of sweet mango slices and plump raisins for the perfect blend to relish

Known commonly in India as ‘Nimbu ka Achaar’, The East India Company’s pickle has strong vinegar and spice flavours with a touch of tangy citrus

Classic English Apple chutney made in small batches from a combination of fresh mint, raisins and apple

S H O P O N L I N E AT W W W. E I C F I N E F O O D S . C O M

Strawberry & Pepper Jam


From the spicy Bulldog and smoky Lapsang to more creations of traditional English, French and Anglo-Indian recipes. Regional ingredients and influences such as basil, mirin and chillies bring to life a unique collection of specially blended mustards. Bulldog Mustard

Lapsang Souchong Mustard

Mrs Clements English Mustard Roman Mustard with herbs Strong Dijon

S H O P O N L I N E AT W W W. E I C F I N E F O O D S . C O M


33 S H O P O N L I N E AT W W W. E I C F I N E F O O D S . C O M

Sugar & Salt Season for flavour. Whether your taste be sweet or savoury, select from a range of salts and sugars to satisfy the most discerning palates. Natural salts in different colours from lands as diverse as Persia, Hawaii and Australia. Unrefined sugars specially selected from fine Mauritian cane for delicate teas, to Reunion Island Demerara for rich coffees and special chocolate sugar for everything else ‌

Hawaii Black Pearl Pacific Persian Sapphire Blue Australian Murray River Salt Chocolate Island Cane Golden Island Cane Vanilla Island Cane

Gift Hampers Every gift has a tale to tell, a personal story from one to another. We offer a truly bespoke gifting service, where every hamper can be customised. Select from our range of fine teas, exotic coffees, artisan biscuits, delectable chocolates and other surprises to offer a gift tailored to an individual’s palate. Whether you are looking to delight a friend, thank a special client or surprise a loved one, rest assured that you’ll find them the perfect present at The East India Company.

S H O P O N L I N E AT W W W. E I C F I N E F O O D S . C O M


Remarkable Connections Granted a Royal Charter by Queen Elizabeth I in 1600, The East India Company was founded to explore the mysteries of the East. In the process it mapped trade routes, discovered exotic goods and established trading ports which would grow into the cities of Singapore, Hong Kong and Mumbai. It changed customs, tastes and ways of thinking, influencing the very fabric of our lives today. London was the centre, a vast global warehouse stocked with treasures from around the world. Precious cargos of fine teas, coffees, spices and silks from far off lands were available in the same place for the first time. Unexpected and often remarkable connections of ingredients, flavours and materials were suddenly possible, enriching and revitalising everyday life. A truly global endeavour, The East India Company connected the East and West through tastes, cultures and ideas. It is this pioneering spirit from which we draw inspiration today. We hope to improve our present by knowing our past and learning from others’ cultures and customs, connecting them with our own. Through the exquisite flavours, materials and skilled craft of artisans, we hope to share our passion with you and invite you to become part of the journey.

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