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“My daughter Horacia joined EIB in nursery school and is today in 12th grade. For us it was imperative that our child be offered a bilingual education, but public schools did not offer foreign language instruction at an early age. EIB provides an openness of mind. Its serious structure and support in Primary School allow a child to truly develop in Middle School. Today Horacia has been admitted to Queen Mary in London for matriculation next fall.” Sofia, Mother of Horacia, 12th grade

OUR MISSION STATEMENT Excellence & Success

EIB-The Victor Hugo School aims to prepare its students within a supportive community for a lifetime of learning through cultural appreciation, global understanding and diversity awareness. Grounded on strong academic standards that foster intellectual autonomy and critical thinking, our school strives to promote individual endeavor and to enable students to become responsible for their learning. The success of EIB Paris is largely due to 3 commitments that we make to our students and their families:

“The teachers and staff make utmost effort to accommodate different needs and requirements for the students ranging from nursery to Grade 12 who are from over 60 different countries with diverse academic / cultural background. It`s not an easy task and their enthusiasm to reach this goal is simply amazing. We`re so impressed by the fact that our head mistress goes out of her way to come out to escort young children at the morning drop off time! Mme Ponsart is so approachable and always willing to communicate with parents. For the safety of pupils and also for the security point of view, it`s very sensible that school took prompt action such as constructing the pedestrian pathway, car gate and limit access point etc.“ Ai Kaye Parent Association


An accredited international education that leads all students to the best universities worldwide At EIB Paris, we welcome students from all curricular backgrounds and nationalities at any given level from Preschool to High School, helping them obtain French and international qualifications and diplomas. An international environment and a specialization in languages Every EIB campus welcomes students and teachers from all around the world. Thanks to our exclusive language programs and over 60 years of experience in bilingual education, we offer as of preschool outstanding language instruction in English and in French, and at least one additional language as of Middle School. Customized teaching EIB Paris adapts its teaching to each student’s educational needs. We reach excellence through language proficiency groups, immersion programs, differentiated methodologies in Mathematics and unique national and international academic opportunities, as well as individual guidance. We also take advantage of our unique and privileged location in the city of Paris to associate cultural enrichment in our teaching.

Brochure The Victor Hugo School  
Brochure The Victor Hugo School