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At EIB-The Victor Hugo School, students gain admission into colleges and universities all over the globe, including North America, Asia and Europe.

Welcome to our world – where a dynamic mix of young people from over 70 different nationalities come together, enriching our coursework, projects, events, and, simply stated, daily school life.

High School grade 9 to 12

From the beginning of our school day until time of departure we cross paths in the hallways and staircases and exchange, with such pleasure, small signs of understanding and encouragement. We share open and positive communication. We build relationships. We consider both well-being and learning as equally important. We are proud of our approaches to teaching and learning, allowing us to include strategies that go beyond the classroom. The journey of discovery includes frequent outings throughout Paris, annual integration trips in selected regions of France and curriculum-based field trips in Europe.

Middle School grade 6 to 8

Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint

Preschool - Primary grade 1 to 5

Cambridge Primary Checkpoint

As you leaf through this brochure you will understand how fortunate we are to be part of this truly culturally-diverse community, within Paris, where language acquisition is nurtured, where traditions are valued and shared and where international-open-mindedness is ever present.

France Ponsart Head of The Victor Hugo School

OUR INTERNATIONAL CURRICULUM from Preschool to High School (3 to 18 years old)


International Baccalaureate (IB) IGCSE and A Levels SAT I and II & Advanced Placement

Brochure The Victor Hugo School  
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