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Intergrad : Our Russian Section Starting in September 2015, The Victor Hugo School and Intergrad will be offering a brand new curriculum taught in three languages – English, French and Russian. This unique program has been specifically designed for Middle School Russian or Russian-speaking students (aged 11/12 to 13/14) who wish to follow an international curriculum while learning Russian literature, history and reinforcing their cultural identity. At the Victor Hugo School, they will be able to follow the finest international curricula (Cambridge and IB, in particular) and benefit from the strengths of the Russian educational system thanks to highly


qualified teachers. This unique curriculum will be a key asset for students applying to the best universities worldwide. The programme’s timetable will be as follows: 50% of the classes will be taught in English, 25% in French and 25% in Russian. According to students’ English level (which will be tested upon arrival), two different versions of the programme will be offered: a normal schedule and a intensive English schedule. After this 3-year programme, students will join the usual curriculum and prepare for the Cambridge IGCSE examinations and International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Brochure The Victor Hugo School  
Brochure The Victor Hugo School